The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 19, 1947 · Page 2
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 2

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 19, 1947
Page 2
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Magic Performance Set ForJInirsday Dr. Raymond ^teirthart to Appear at High School in Church Benefit Dr. Raymond C. Steinhart, magician and minister, will appear at the Hagerstown High School auditorium Thursday at 8 p. m, American, European and Oriental' effects will be used in the performance. r iy-.^w.-w^ s^« .-^ ,~, , , »«> ' » « >.»~ y,^ r . BIRTHDAV PARTY Mrs M. A.'carpenter and Mrs. Robert A. Redmond, 267 - Prospect street, entertained at a birthday party m honor of the Hth birthday of Delores Lowmari on March 13 ,. A f'jSe birthday cake centered *ible and guests included: Barthalow, Joan Brewer, i? h \ L " lc ; olus - D oris Middlekauff, Robert Rodeffer, Ethel Shilling kmus Mummer t, Patsy Bowers', George Whetstone, Rosala Wolf, uiarles Lowman, Robert Lowman, Mr. and Mrs. Robert A. Redmond Mr. and Marshall A. Carpenter, Homer Lynch, Charles Burner ^elson Carpenter and Charles Laytou. The guest of honor was the recipient of many lovely gifts. Couple Married On ROOM AND Wednesday Night Miss Margaret Louise Pugh daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Robert K- Pugh, Summit avenue, became the bride of Jack C. Stoner, this city, son of Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Stoner, in a pretty ceremony performed by the Rev. Dr. J. Edward DR. 'RAYMOND C- STEINHART Dr: Steinhart, who is also an author and editor, is serving as field secretary for Christian Endeavor He has appeared in several Washington county schools, both high school and elementary. This performance is sponsored by the Young Men's Brotherhood of St. James' Brethren Church, and the money will be used to build a aew basement under the church. Tickets are now on sale at R ML Hay's. The greatest corn markets In •he United States are Chicago md Kansas City; outside the Jnited States, Liverpool and Buenos Aires. Hie Shepherdstown Alumnae Chapter of Alpha Sigma Tau, na-- tional sorority, was hostess at a banquet held at the Shenandoah Hotel on Thursday evening, to Chi Chapter of Shepherd College and sorority rushees of the second semester. The tables were decorated with jonquils and snapdragons. Guests were present from this city, Charles Town, Sharpsburg Uerrardstown and Martinsburg. CONFIRMATION CLASS Mrs. Frederick D^yster, 3road- way, entertained the confirmation class of the Christ Evangelical and Reformed Church at a fellowship social last evening. The class is composed of the following.- Janice Spessard, Barbara Spigler Betty. Lou Sinn, Nancy Gordon, Nancy McCauley, Blair Spigler, "" ' Rouzee, Charles Starliper, Gale Fred Rhodes, Constance Ann Royce, Mary Louise Rhodes, Robert Foltz, Richard Cline Mildred Eckhart,. Robert Wantz, J 0 Ann Mowen, John Corbett, Jean Cline, Jane Sealock, Beverly and Barbara Sprankle, Ella Manspeaker and Patricia Sprankle. U WARNER BROS. |\ MARYLAND • NOW SHOWING CONT. SHOWS — f To 11 P. M. HowDr.Edwards' Helps Folks Who Are Constipated For over 40 years, Dr. F. M. Edwards, a noted Ohio Doctor, successfully relieved patients bothered by constipation and its headaches, lack of pep, dull eyes, sallow skin, with his famous Dr. Edwards' Olive Tablets. Olive Tablets are purely vegetable. They work gently but oh—so thoroughly! Olive Tablets pep up sluggish bile now. They act on BOTH upper and lower bowels. Just see if Olive Tablets don't g^ve YOU the most comfortable, satisfactory, more nalural-like bowel movements you've ever had! No griping or weakening effects. Buy Olive Tablets today. Follow label directions. 15£, "" ' * S T A R L A N D | ROLLER RINK I = Security Road g g 1 Block from Pangborn Blvi. = — fi • — | Skating Sessions 1 I 8 -10:30 P.M. I | MONDAYS and THURSDAYS 1 I RESERVED | | FOR PRIVATE PARTIES 1 1 Sunday Matinee 2-4 P.M. | Special Rates to Partiei | *~»«»d byDARRYl f.lAWCK Mr»ct.<J b T EDMUND GOULOING ^ . Saw Hoy b/ lAJMJt TWTTI FEATURE AT 1:00 - 3:40 - 6:24 - 9:10 A WARNER BROS.W ACADEMY if LAST TIMES TODAY + Robert Sylvia Young * Sidney in "THE SEARCHING WIND" THURSDAY ONLY CONTINUOUS tIAJ. to 11 P.M. LAST TIMES TODAY "Ht!h t f wriest picture!* upon the coraic strip SlONDtE" crejled^y Chic Young MR. and MRS. JA"CK C. STONER Harms at the St. John's Lutheran Church, Wednesday evening at 7 o'clock. The double ring ceremony was performed in the presence of the immediate families and a few friends. The bride chose a powder blue suit with a small white flower hat accentuating her outfit. Her corsage was of pink roses, iris and bridal wreath. Attending the couple were Mr. and Mrs. Earl Dorsey, of this city, Mrs. Dorsey wearing a gl - e y and black ensemble, with a corsage of red rosebuds. Following the ceremony, a reception was held in honor of the bridal party at the home of the bride's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Stone, will reside on East Wilson boulevard. Couple Are Hurt In Car Collision Mr. and Mrs. David Franklin Kuhn, of Wolfsville, were injured on Sunday afternoon when their automobile collided with another car on the Wolfsville road. They were both rushed to the Waynesboro" Hospital where Mrs. Kuhn is suffering from a fractured jaw, arm injuries and. other bruises. Mr. Kuhn, who has been, discharged from the hospital, received head injuries and nine stitches were taken in his knee. Mrs. Kuhn is the former Phyllis Smith, daughter of Mr. and Mrs Charles R. Smith, 331 West Washington street, this city. 1750 JOBLESS The Unemployment Compensation Division of the Hagerstown office of the Maryland State Employment Service repor-ted Tuesday that a total of 1750 persons were drawing jobless benefits in Washington county as of the beginning of the week. ' • - Manager D. Lee Staley stated that the decline of 150 from a total of 1900 the previous week resulted from many persons being called back to their jobs at the Victor Products plant which had been effecting a number of plant alterations in the interim. LISTEN, •• IFYUH CAN ANSWER. MUU W DOLE, I'LL GIVE YUH DIS.HLMNERT- DOLLAR B1LLOUTA DAAAONEflGOf FROM DA CHIEF PER. MUH PIG/ NOW, HERES ~ RIDDLE- • JOVE, ANDI'M J GOOD AT ; RIDDLES f : WHAT HAS FEET, 2 MOUTHS AN' UK-WILL VOU REPEAT FT? Hagerstown Has Over 17,500 Active Church Members, Latest Figures Show . ~ , *•* ------- Afc^.*.*v^.w>G \JL this is the fact that the approximate active church membership compiled from reports of the ministers, of fifteen of the larger churches is 17,500, of a total population of 3S.OOO. The fact remains that there are 30 smaller churches which congregations have not been .accounted for, the sum of which would certainly reflect the nature of the majority of the people, considering that the population in- eludes children too young to attend or to join the church. The Lenten midweek services, it has been noted, are largely attended. It has been said that the inclement weather which was encountered at the advent of the Easter season failed to lessen the spirit of church-goers. Several ministers .eel that the attendance thus far this- year has surpassed that of ast. Special services for holiday worship are widely held in this city, nd- claim prestige among actlvi- les, particularly during the Christmas observance. There were larger crowds at the midnight services By GENE AHERN ' Particularly among young people, as announcements occur frequently of scheduled plays, festivals, outings sessions and other affairs. One local minister of a large congregation, cites the return of the veteran as a consideration in the increased attendance at his church I he majority of men who have been m battle want to live in a church-town'," he said, "And will help make it such." IN ROCKET TEST Henry L. Line, aviation radioman third class, Hagerstown, participated in extensive rocket firing .u 111 ? 11 flying maneuvers h eld the Naval Auxiliary Air Station, El Centre, Calif. The pilots of Fighting Squadron 19A proved the potent and effective rocket fire power of the Navy's latest carrier type fighter, the Bearcat, against any kind of target The enlisted men, serving as MANY NEVER ~ SUSPECT CAUSE OF BACKACHES ThU Old Tre«tm«nt Often Bringt Happy Relief. M*ny sufferers relieve nagrtrine btektche quickly, once they discover that the real c»uie 0f ^ ei , r .V rouble ma y be tired kidneys , The kidneys are future's chief way of Uk^^^^!£*»?£™&**U»*. f than in any or _ , ie minister contended, no he recalled the throngs gathered'in his sanctuary Christmas eve. Whether Hagerstown is as rell- gion-crfnscious as it was ill the days of the 1S90' S is debatable, as pros and cons on this statement have been voiced by local people for some years. A general increase in activities of the church is evident, however, The Morning Herald, Hagerstown, Md, WfdiiCMcIiiy, Mim-li 10, 1D47. members of ground crews were kept busy with the essential duties necessary to keep the planes flying during the tests. POLICE TAKE COURSE . Newer members of the Hagerstown Police Department are taking a course in first aid work under the instruction of Patrolman Lewis Blenard, a qualified instruc- tor. The course will he conducted once a week for six weeks, Chief W. 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Get Doan's Pills. «"»« Penny Arthur Anita SINGLETON-LAKE-LOUISE J Orijirul 5 t ferine CMU KJGiisr ee • Erects! ty tBSf BERLIN FRUIT TREES SAFE Last week's warm weather and the return .to winterish temperatures which ensued apparently didn't cause the slightest damage to the, county's fruit trees, County Agent Mark Miller said yesterday There's no doubt about it WE CAN GIVE YOU LOWER MONTHLY PAYMENTS I/ Mother's Friend massaging prcpt. ration helps bring ease and comfort to expectant mothers* M OTHER'S FRIEND, an exquLsltel* prepared emollient, Is -useful In alt conditions where a bland, mild anodyna massage medium in skin lubrication Is desired. One condition In. which -women -or more than 70 years have used it Is an, application for massaging the bod? during pregnancy ... it help! -keep th| skin soft and pliable. ..-thus avoiding ^^^ s , arr di scomfort due to dryness and tightness. 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