Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 15, 1926 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1926
Page 3
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4 THE lOLA DAILY RECHSTER. TUESDAY EVENING, JUNE 15,1926. ^Dr. 0, Cbx made .» business trip tb -Kansas City yesderday. canvas repSIted— at —Binder Helgele '8.- Mrs. Bislle Davis of LaHarpe went to Blackwejl, Okla., on the noon train today ,Co visit-her isister, Mrs. J. J. Turner. —Dr. Lucy E. Poison. Chiropractor. Northrop Bldg. Phone 326'. Mrs. H. A. Cherryholides of Yates Center ^passed through here today on h«"' way to Humboldt to visit • her aMer, Mrs. Uoyd Schoonover. —Try the Royal Barber Shop. Marcelling: hair bobbins'- latest style. 101 3. Wash. Roy. K«lsey. -M 1 B8 Esther Krat? and-^iiss Florence Pingree of Ottawa. Kansa.s, were here for a short visit with Mra. L. A. Kratz. —Dr. A. B. Twadell, Osteopath. New Globe Bldg. Phone 191. Mtv 0.1 O. Horner, of MedVord, Or^on, is In lola vtst^InK his . mother. Mrs. S. A. Horner of ll't Bottth: Second street. It has been six years since he has visited rela- tlTea here. Mr. Horner was a- Rcp- iater carrier when a boy, about twenty years ago. —^Lewm^n'8 Cafe will he-rlosed Wednesday all day. Oiuin Thursday again aa usual.' , Uiai Gladys Landis. who sp'^nt the week eh/1 with lola friends, left yesterday; on the 4:2S p. m. Sitnta Je tor her home In Kansas City. —For a real meal go to Hart'i Cafe. Chlpken every day. ' \ " • •. — • J' , i Mrs. H. G. Specht ant^ daughter. MIs«'Anne.'who have beipn visitir4; their, son and brother;-Mr, Carl Specht and wife at Piqua, left yesterday for Kansas City to make their home. DE.MOCR.iTS AITEXTIOX. -'The Democrats of Allen coiinfy will hold a conference" Saturday, J:nne .19,; at 2 o'clock p. ra. In Knl^htfi of Pythla .4 Halh rnmer «i North TVashingfon and West street. Ipla, Kknsas, for the pnrpose of inakla^np a coiinty ticket for the cjffiees where there is no candidate now announced, .ill Denlocrats In the connty invited and this means men as well as women. Kemember file tftne, place, day and ilate. FK.i.\K R- FORREST. t'JwIrnian. Mrs. M. B. Melton is reported critically ill": at the home of her daughter. Mrs. Alfred Fawlces of 4|0& North.fCIm street. Mrs. .Melton 16 the.mother of H. Melton of sni .Jji'orth \yashinBton avenue and of Mrs. W. E. Eastwood of near lola. Dance! , —At Crystal Lake pavtlion. Car- lirle, Tuesday and Friday. ^ | I .Miss Gladys Pcrklnq of MIOTen MlileB, , Mo., ^and Mi^s l'aiilin<> i|tarne of LaHarpe w.-rc; pvt rtiiclit S uextH In the home of .Mr. and .'VIrs. jhn TacRart of :t24 S'outh .^i-cond reet. .Miss Perkins ha« Ijx-n Ms- Ing her cousin, .Mr. ami .Mrs. Cuv Fields and her annl Miss I'n'iU'e itnrne orT.AHarpe.^he oxi i :o •ave for Colorado WediK -.-day. : The Tonic oftleanllnfis * A thorough cleansing for your clothes Is an exce.U^nt spring tonic for that (full, drab,, wintry fpeling! Phone .105 Mr. Joe Bratten Is building a new house near St. Johns hospital. Elder Rav L. 'KImbrough and family of Fort Scott, passed throogli town in their car enroute for Colorado, Washington and Oregon this morning, to engage in some camp meetings in those ' states. jElder Kimbrough is editor of. "The Church iHerald and Holiness Banner." Fort Scott, Kans. —Just .like Angel Pood C^ke, Van Hoozer's Bread, 2 for 15c; Miss Ruth Bishop left yesterday on the 4:2S afternon Sania Fe lor Duluth. Minn., to spend the summer with her brother. Mi^, Fred Bishop. Mrs.'Carson Glore of Cha- niite, a sister of Miss Ruth,, came up yesterday and accompanied Miss Ruth as far as Kansas City, on the trilj. " • —Try it once—you will have no other. Van; Hoozer's Bread. ^Ir. and Mrs. T. W. Bronson of Kansas City "returned yesterday on the 4:2S afternoon Santa Fe to K.'insas City after a visit in lota with .Mr. and Mrs. L. F. HalUot 610 North Washington avenue. Mr. Crawford .A^nderson of 141.5 North Cottonwood street Is building a new poultry house this week. • , • • • ! F. L. B. lEATELL, 3L D. • Special attention* given ; Diseases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and Physiotherapy. Oftrce lola State, Bank.Bldg. Phones—147 and 705. Mr. -W-illis PettiL who lives on a Jarm about six miles south of C.aa ('iiy. auffereii the loss of the roof of his tow barn in the wind storm la;ft Sun-lay evening, the roiif being'entirely blown from oft the barn. Tiie loss is- partially covered by" insurance. ! . Mr. Harold Tweedy Is assisting in the Countant hardware, store this week during the absence of the proprietor. .Mr. B. .M. Coutant. —Farm Loans. See us for Farm Loans. R. L. Thompson Agency. A niece of Mr. O. R. Brown, who lives at., Richmond, Kans.. underwent an operation for appendicitis at the hospital at Ottawa yester- <l:iy. Mrs. T. A. Brown returned this afternoon to her home in Leavenworth aftor a visit here with her mother-in-law. Mrs. R. Brown. Mrs. Florence gyverud. home d'^mdn-tratiop agen'r. conducted a nieetinR of the Fairview Farm Bureau Cliih at tJie-home of Mrs. E;irl Hesselllnr-, this afternoon. Ab^eson Tleaners, * [ytr. and Mrs. W .l W. , Banks of •2(11 South Chestnut .street' spent Siunday in Garnett vjsiting Mr. and Mre.-D. J. IMisenhanvmer, the sister ojf Mrs. Banks, and her . husi>and. —Auto tops :eigele'8. and trimming at Mr. Fred Vogle of 210 North Chestnut street is putting a new rppf on his house this week and is also building a new porch on his jsidence. •• I Mr. and Mrs. Ezra Ditterline of liittle Rock. Ark., arrived Sunday ejvenlng itor a visit with Mrs. Dit- t^rline's parentsr Mr. and MES. W. Bell, of 7DS South street. , —Dr. O. L. Cox, Specialist Eye, Ear. Nose and Throat IWADAIFE De .SnOXE . Clalnoyant ' 111 Vif^t Broadway loliu KanNa .s —Tells nil about changes, trips. f'niplr>yflmnt> bHslTieH.s, oil land or invent merits. lawsuits, money lost <ir xtolen goods, buying or selling property, about health and good liifk. oHtateH;- If wife, husband or :sweeihc.Ti"rt Is true, the ones caus- iiTK your trouble, if you will be a widow by death or divorce,-give the (late and if you will marry again. Full Life Reading. »1.00. Hours from S a. m. to 9 p. m. . .Mr.s. E. P. M^Uon of 714 Bassett received word this morning of the .~uddcn" death of her brother-in-law, George. Meats! at Eugehe, Oregon. •Mr. Meats, with his wife and daughter-in -law, was picking cherries when he suddenly became ill with .1 heart httack. dying almost instantly. The Meats family were former residents of Neosho Falls, .Mrs. Meats will be remembered by the older residents as'Miss Alice Oshel. Mr*. Blanch SlcClaln. who owns the property where Jndge J. B. Smith Ilvos, on East. Madlsoia. is having the residence re-roofed this week. Mr. and Mrs. B. .M. Contant and children left yesterday for Kansas City, wherq Mr. Couunt gois on bnslness. They will then dr ve to Topeka, Concordia and other ;own9 before returning home. »EMOCkATS~ATTEXTIOX. -The Democrats of Allen county will iiold a conference Saturday, Jnne 19, at 8 o 'clodc nu )a KnlRlits of Pytkfau HaU^eorBer«f North Wa.«hlngtou and Vest strett, lola, Kansas, for the pnrpoRc of making up a conntj ticket for the offices where there Is no candidate now announced. All'Democrats In the eoanty Invited and this mesins men as well as women. Bememlier the time, place, day and date. FKA>'K K, FOEREST, Vice Chairman. Mrs. Margaret; McCabe, of Janesville. Texas, came yiesterday for a visit with her friend, Mrs. J. H. Brown of 822 North Jefferson aver nue. Mrs. McCabe will also visit other friends while in lola. The old walk along the east side of the Roberts Music Store, which has been replaced by a nice new cement' walk, had done duty for about forty years. —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, lola Laundry Bldg. Phone 138. • — > Mr, and Mrs. T. A. Lee. of Collinsville, Okla., spent last night id lx »la. the .guests of Mr. and Mrs! It. H. Coblentz of 534 South street. Mr. and Mrs. "Lee were driving a new funeral car from the factory in Ohio to CoUInsville, and stopped in! Tola for a short visit with Mrs. Coblentb, who is their niece. Mr, and Mrs. Roy Hazzard and son, Billy, of Newton,, who have been visiting their parents here, motored home Sunday, and were accompanied by Mrs. Hazzard's mother, Mrs. Wm. Dlngman, .who will spend a week with them,- Mrs. G. H. Shaulls, of Republican City, Ncbr., who has been here visiting her si?ter, Mrs. E. C. Walters of 716 East Lincoln street, weiit fo Kansas City this afternoon to visit relatjives. Mrs. Norete Davis,' Grand Worthy. Council.! of Kansas City. Mo., came today to meet with the Cotirt of Cianthe and will be. a guest tonight at a reception in the home of .Mrs. EJina Bland of 514 .Vorth street. She is a guest of Mrs. J. W. Gordon while in the city. Mrs. W. C. Puller and daughter Wilton, who have been visiting their sister and aunt Mrs. J. A. Bowen, of LaHarpe, were visitors in lola this morning on their way to their home in St Joseph, Mo. Miss Mary Ooodner leaves this evening for Des Moines. Iowa, to spend her vacation with her sister. Mrs. Alva 'Crlch and family. She Is taking a two weeks vacation from the Bell Telephone oiflce. Mrs. F. W. Tenney and two children of New York City, arrived on the nodn train today for a short visit in the home of Mr. and .Mrs. Chas. F. Scott She will go to Ljiwrence tomorrow to visit her mother, Mrs. E. Haworth. Swim at HOBVILLE BEACH Children ,under IS years, single swim l.=>c: 10 swim ticket $1.00; season liiket. J2.50. Adult^, singl«'8wlm, 25c; 10 swim ticket. $1.50; season ticket, $."..00. Electric tlgWa .Stay A»t.Lonir ,U Yon Like! «1 At tlic 104th (ommcnce- m^nt exprclscH of Hi. LOUIH I'nl- yeriilty, at which 42S xenlors wcro graduated I &m Uie ' 8('hools of . Medicine, Donflsl'ry. Law. Commerce and JArts. Earl Alexander Fisher of Jola received the degree of Dottor of .DentaJ Surgery.' Mr. Fisher has 1 been prominent in school activities and is represented In liumerous campus organiza- Uons. • j EXPERIENCE OF WESTERN GIRL Foiidd Cannery Work Too •* V Tiring : The fertile ivalleys of Oregon help to suppiv the tables of America. 1 This is possible • thru aie magic loC the hnmble tin can. In one. of the canning establishments. Julia Schmidt was aa- ployed/ It was complicated work because she did sealing and other parts of the l™^-""*- It was strenuous work, and she was not. a strong' girl,: Often she forced Jirfr^ «elf to work when she was hardly able toalt at her machine. At titnes she would have Td stay at home for she was so weak, she could hardly walk. For'Ave years she was in this weakened ctmditlon. -' 8ho tried various medicines. At last, a friend of hers spoke of Lydla K. Pinkham's: Vegetable Cbmpouod. and Mint Schmidt cave it a trial: "everyone says I am a healthier' and stronger girl," she writes. "I am-^ recommending, the Vegetable Compound to all .my friends who tell me how they snlfer and I am willing to answer letters' from women asking about it?) Julia Schmidt's address fs 652 North Front St, Salem, Oiegon. For aale by aU druggUta.' BY SISTFER MARY Breakfast—B^ed rhubarb^ cereal, thin cream, fried breads syrup, crisp toast, nulk, coffee. Luncheon—Cr^/of spinach soup, bread sticks, cottage cheese, whole wh.(4t bread, pineapple sponge, milk, tea. Dinner—Red snapper with shrimp sauce, twice baked potatoes, buttered .green beans, head lettuce with French dressing, orange ice. sponge cake, milk, cbfTee. Soma of the fish without the cinca should be served to chHdrea under ten years of age. With this exception there are no dishes mentioned tliat may nbt be served to children of school age. Red Snapper With Shrimp Sauce Two pounds red snapper. 1 cup boiled and shelled shrtmp. Z cups milk. 4 tabieapoona butter. 3 table-, spoons tnitter. t slice onion. \A eu|t' minced ^reen pepper, t 2 teaspoon eelery salC 3-4 teaspoon salt, l-i teaspoon pepper^' 1 tabIe!«poon totnato catsup, lemon Juice. 1 tablespoon Tlnegar. parsley RemoveVelcln from Osh and tie In a piece of cheesecloth! Put vinegar and Z teaspoons salt Into a. quart of boiling water and add flsh. Simmer for 20 minutes. In the meantime prepare tha sauca as follows. Melt butter witbuui buhhllnq^ ndd onion Qnely mlniTod and pepiwr Sim mer flye mlnutea isift over flour «nd stir until smooth and bubbling Slow ly add milk stirring constAntly Sei son with a.-ilt. pepper and celery a.nit and bring to the bulllni; point Slow ly add catsup, stlrrlnq; vigorouiUy and then the prepared shrimp. Heat thoroughly. Remove . flsh . from cheesecloth to a hot platter Sprinkle with lemon juice and pour sauce over and around. Garnish with sprigs of parsley and serve. (Popyrlsht NBA 5;«r»lc* Ino For .Tfen Who Work Hard. : —Factory' workers, railroad men. farmers, miners, mill-employees, teani.ster.s, and those constantly ex- ibsed to changing weather, who work at hard physical labor, are more or less subject .to kidney ail.- ments and kindred His. J. 0. Wolf, (ireen Bay. Wi.s.. says, "Foley Pills (a diuretic stimdlant to the kidneys) relieved me of a severe backache, that had bothered me for several months. A few bottles fi.xed me up in good shape." Cost little. hnt a reliable, valuable medicine guaranteed to give satisfaction. Ask ^or Foley Pills. , Miss Josephine 'i'oung leaves this afternoon for Oreeley. Colorado where she will attend school this summer at the Teachers College. ' The American Golf' Association of Advertising Interests has _ arranged to holdits annual Spring tnurnament at Cooperstown, N. Y. the week of June 19. The'school Sisters of'St. Francis at Plqna, left this afternoon for Omaha. .Vebr^ where they will spend the summer at Creigbton University. JUrs. Laura Montg;omery, of Neosho Falls passed through here today on her way to Blackwell, Okla., to visit her husband who is employed there in the smelters. Jitrs. Dave Williams and daughter, Cleo, bf Erie, Kansas, were guests Sunday in the hOme of Mr. arid Mrs. William Groomer. , Mr. and Mrs. WlllHaskins, who formerly lived In Iola,_: are' now living In Fredonia wh*e Mr. Has- klns has a shoe shop. The/ reside at 227 North Fifth street- Jn Fredonia and would be glad to have any of their old friends call on them. .j.vj Mrs. Florence K. Beldlng and her-mother, Mrs. A. M. Kent came over yesterday from Pleasanton to bring Mrs. Belding's son. Harper Beldlng, over to go to Ca)»jp Wood with the lola biinch. Wallace Anderson, Jr., and David Shannon, delegates from' the lola High School Ht-Y Club, left this .morning for Elmdale, Kansas, where they wTli attend th^"' ten days .session at Camp Wood. More boys are planning to go later; Mr. Floyd Groomer. who is looking after the Gfoomer farm near Erie, spent Sunday and Monday here with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. GroOmer., • • • • FOR Mr. Donald Remsberg of Kansas City Is spending his vacatioff here with his. parents. Mr. and'Mrs. E. C. RemsbitfTg of 420 South Sycamore street. Miss Rosa Krosec of Kansas City came down on an early morning train to Spend the vJeek here with Mrs. Phila Trout and Mlss^Kather- Ine HammeL Miss' Iva Oman ot Buhl. Idaho, who formerly taught mathematics in the lola HighiSchool, is a guest in the L. H. WIsharil home, 315 South Walnut street and with other friends here. Use Register Wants for results. Mr. and Mrs. Leon Bulgamore of Caney, Kansas and ilr. and' Mrs. W. M. E. Burns of MaxviUe, Iowa have returned to their hooM. after a visit In the home of Mil and Mrs. John Burns of 504 South Chestnut street Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Rosebnsh returned Friday evening from Kansas City where they \-isited a week with her sistej. Mrs. Chas; Buchanan and family. Mrs. Rosebush and sons. Robert and Keftneth will visit another week here with their parents and grandparents., Mr. and Mrs. W..E. Lyons before returning to their home in CoffeyviUe. PAGE THREE " Anna ' Gertrude Siilivan. -the eleven year old daughter of Mr. and Mrs. W. Sullivan ofLaporte, Kansais and niece of M..M. Close of 60Ti' South Cottonwood street this city, was drowned Saturday* afternoon irf a creek near Quincy. Kansas. '• The M. M. Close family and the W. SulIIfan family were in Quincy visiting the family of a brother/of; Mr. Close and Mrs. Sullivan. They had all gone'tp the- creek for a picnic and.swim. The little girl ventured out in too deep water and before aid could reach her'she had gone down. It was two hours before the body could be recovered. * The body was taken to Lapoorte Snndav wfiere the funeral was held and burial made. Count/l Crbve-i-Reports of the prevalence of cinch bugs in Morris cqunty; wheat have been drifting In to the county agents office. | A calcium cynatnldc and oil treatment is being j-fccommended as a preventative. Lyons—A saw mill outfit has jnst' completed sawing out 18.000 feet of Cottonwood lumber on the farm of Sam Pelhers. They w*re planted as switches -IT ycirs ago. nirard—More than three thou- .sand property owners have protested to the Crawford couiity board -of equalization at^ainst m- crcxsed valuations of real estate. Zippy Service Phone 181 We'll Rush Your Order The San Tox Store POWDER Scam Price foroveir 35 ouncesJvrl^ cenii AVky Pay \V^r Prices ? OurQoverrment. jdsed millions impounds ROAD MAPS At the Register Office Kansas Oklahoma Colorado i Missouri 35<^ Mrs. Pearl McCallen. of Tulsa. Okla.. who has been visiting her daughter. Mrs. George Dalgarno. Jr.. and Mr. Dalgarno, of 213 South Oak street and with relatives near Bayard for several weeks, returned home today. Mrs. sr. E, Martindale and daughter, Mrs. Hazel Maxson and son. Reed Maxson. started this afternoon on the Oil Flyer for Boulder. Colorado, where they w^ill spend the suminer. Mrs. Maxson', a member of the high school faculty, will attend summer school at the University of Colorado. One 50c Brick Bennett's Ice Cream FREE!! Wednesday Only; tVith EacH Purchase of $1.00 Or Over At •Onyx ^ ^ i^wi J Company ppintex DRY GOODS-WOMEN'S WEAR-MILLINERY Northmp BIdgr. Formerly Occnpied by Jamea Richardson lOLA'S NEWEST STORE A New Showing of Cool, Summery Bird Hosiery" For Every Occasion At Unusually Moderate Prices $12.95 " $19.75 Distinctive modes for Sports, Strejet, Afternoon and Semi-formal wear in one and two-piece models. Qeorgettes, Chiffons, Flat Oepes and Washable Silk Crepes are the favorite materials. AlLnew summer, colors, and Navy and Black. Sizes from 14 to 46. MID-SUMMER For Every Summer Costume Every New Mode—Every New Color—Many to Choose From $5 to $12 .50 A collection of hat.«i / for every Hummer costume; colorful-or in white, emphasizing the newest, smartest th'insr.s of the sea.son..: Beautiful Dressy Hats—Large Floppy Milans—^Large Hairbraids in droopy styles^ Dreissy. transparent Hats—Grosgrain Hats- Hats for every woman and for matrons THE COOIEST SPOT IX lOI..*. Matinees iOe and 20c^ >«?hts. iJW'and 30c TONIGHT AND WEDNESDAY The screen's lovers in the ffreate.>t mofF- em love story of ail time! Gloriou-s Graii.-^tark will melt your heart with its.touching story of a princess' who loved an American— Norma Talmadge and Eugene O'Brien; in "GRAUSTARK" Come thrill to the clash of swords in royal halls— thrill a.s^beauties of the courts before your eyes —catch the-scent of some subtle perfume wafted thru the air on the wingsof romance that touches your fondest dreams. , ADDED—"Home Cured,"'two reel comedy and . ' Pathe News\ THURSDAY ANI) FRIDAY NOTHING— Could be funnier than "The Cohens and Kellys* You've roared at Hany Lang^don—you've.laughed at the antics of Harold Lloyd and Charlie Chaplin but you've never laughed as heartily as you will v.hen you see— ' . . Hie Cohens and the Kclleys It's the lancrh sensation ni the year-=-^»ne continuDus ROAIt from start toiinlsh with a creat cast Inclnd- inir jf.'eorKe Sidney, Charlie Jiiirrar, Vera (Jordon. The '^Ahie's Irish Rose" of the screen. '/^(NATION-WIDE . INSTITUTION- •^•M^ PEPAKTMENT STORES BRIGHAMBLDG. T SOUTH SIDE SQUARE "Sarinf I« the Diffarenca Between Sacc««s and FailareL" President Cbdh'rf^fe has jwd • that "Every one knows that it is not what b. earned but what<, is saved which raeasures the ' ditferiflce between success and . iailure." Baying inferior goods because they are cheap is not ""thrit'L It is_ wasteful because the service b correspondingly i.»horti The way to decide "where savings are greatest" is first to look into the ability of the store to. buy right; then the reputa- tipn of the store for sellin(r bright. The buying power of this Store is tremendously increased because of the co-operative tmyinjc for all the Stores ot this • Kation-wide Organization. This advantage is ycur advantage j • each time you buy front us. I And paying cash you enioy an added saving. Sennit StravTV For Rea] Style Here's our Sennit atn.vf hat leader, of fine ^tn. im-proved Sennit straw in the f »Tored dimensions for 1925. Satin lined, cushion-fitting leather sweat band and bac3 band, at— $1.98 Dress for Sammer Sti2b or two4nx£toti models for Men: and 7oang Men ia genome Pahn Beach dotb^ gre7,.bn>wn, tea and btae—plain and faoer xtesats ^—mif^ and U» ftif fcaC -mUka^ >W M «rtf«» of •«yW OffierSb SuifB w3k ij ^^1 \ ^1

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