The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 17, 1981 · Page 10
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 10

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, November 17, 1981
Page 10
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P«g« 10 The Sallna Journal - Tuesday, November 17,1981 NFL Standings NBA Standings American Contar^nea fast W L T Pet. PF PA Miami 7 3 1 .6(12 260 222 NY Jets {. 4 1 .591 249 729 Buffalo 650 545 217 192 New Enqlond ? 9 0 .197 7JO 257 Baltimore 1 10 0 .nil l.':3 377 Control Cincinnati B 3 0 .777 ?<>2 203 Pittsburgh 650 .545 713 719 Houston 560 ..155 I lift 736 Cleveland 560 .455 I'll 229 Wed Denvpt 030 .727 27>'i 154 Kansas Cily 740 636 .'63 211 Snn Dingo 650 .545 315 791 Oakland 560 .155 17.1 18-1 Soottlr! ,170 .16.1 1''6 219 Mrllonal Conformed East W I r Pel. Ff PA Pllilodnlphin 920 .nil! VP7 1 32 Dallas n 3 0 777 265 222 NY Giants 560 .45 r i ?I9 200 Washington 560 ..JS.'i 7T,' 767 St. louis .170 .16-1 ?i;i 303 Eastern Conference Atlantic Division W 1 Pel. Philadelphii 8 1 .UR9 Boston 8 1 .089 Washington 3 '. ,<!?9 New York 3 5 375 New Inrsny 2 7 277 Central Division Milwaukon 6 7 750 Selroil 5 3 675 ndtano 4 5 . 444 Atlanta 3 4 .429 Chicago 4 6 .400 Cleveland 3 6 .333 Wnslern Conference Midwest Division W I Pet. Son Antonio 7 1 .875 Utah 5 3 625 Denver 3 5 375 -louston 3 6 .333 Knnsos Citv 2 6 .750 Dollas ' 1 II .111 Pacific Division Portland 7 3 .700 Los Anarlos 6 1 .600 Control "Phoenix 5 4 .556 Minnesota 740 .636 25') 731) Tampa Bnv 560 .--iYi 1HO 1«7 Green Bay 5 6 0 155 1\7 749 Detroit 560 .455 760 747 Chiroqo 3 3 0 .27.1 16" 752 West San Frandsixi n 3 0 !T! M7 i B3 Atlanta 560 .UK 2"': 773 las Anquli.". 550 45'- .': / '33 New Orleans 380 .77" !'.'-• 777 Sunday ? Results Philadelphia M Baltimore IJ St. Louis 74. Puflalo 0 Grenn Hoy 71 Chicago 17 Cincinnati 74 los Anqolps 10 Minnoso'n 70 f>l"w Origin*. ID New York Jot'. 17. New fncjlnnd 6 Oakland 33, A^iami 17 Pittsburgh 34, Atlanta 20 Denver 24. Tampa Bay 7 Kansas Cily 23 Houston 10 Cleveland 15, San Francisco 12 Detroit 27, Dallas 24 Washington 30, New York Giants 27, OT Monday's Results Seattle 44. Son Diego 7.3 Sunday. Novombor 22 (All linos CST) Donvor at Cint'nnoti 17 p.m. Detroit at Chicngo. 12 p.m. Green Boy at 1-impc Coy, 12 p.m. New England at Buffalo, 12 p.m. New Orleans at Houston, 12 p.m. Golden State 4 4 .500 Seattle 3 4 . 179 San Diego 2 5 . ")6 Monday's Results (No Gcimws Scheduled) Tuesday's Games (All Times CST) Kansas City nt New York. 6:35 p.m. Houston at Indiana. 6:35 p m Milwaukee at Washington. 7:05 p m. Boston at Chicago. 7:35 p.m. San Antonio at Dollas. 7 35 p.m. Wednesday's Gamos Houston at Boston. 6:30 p.m. Milwaukee rit Philadelphia, 6 35 p "' Phoenix nl Mlonta, 6.35 p.m. Detroit at Cleveland. 7:05 p.m Seattle at San Antonio, 7:30 p.m San Diego at Donver. 7:35 p m. Los Ancfplos ot Utah. 8:30 p.m. New Jnrsoy at Golden Stole, 9:35 p.m. GB 4 4 ' ''i 6 _ 1 2V, 3 3V, GB 2 4 4", 5 6V, ._ 1 IV, 2 2V, .1'., NHL Standings Bv United Press International Wales Conference Pclrlck Division WIT Pts. GF Now York Giants at Philadelphia, 17 r .m. NY islanders IU 3 4 j« ov Pittsburgh ot Gotland. 12 p m. ™> '° de 'P, h ' a '° , 1 ?I « St Louis at Boltinr-rn T p m Pittsburgh 8 7 3 19 65 Seattle at Kansas CitV. 3p.m. NY Rangers 7 10 1 15 60 Miami at Nrw York Jots, 3 p.m. Washington 2 1 .1 1 5 47 San Diego at Ooklond, 3p.m. . Adorns Div! S1 on San Francisco at Los Angeles. 3p.m. Montreal 10 3 4 24 92 Washington c. Dallas. 3 p.m. Boston 10 4 4 24 7, Monday, November 23 Buffalo 8 4 6 22 62 Minnesota at Atlanta, 8p.m. Quebec 10 9 1 2 39 K larttord 2 B 7 11 bl Campbell Conference Norris Division City FOOtball StatS Minnesola ')T Y'l "23 1o Chicago 7 5 6 20 97 Winnipeg b o I Ib t>/ Detroit 7 7 4 18 74 SACRED HEART St" Loui- 7 9 2 16 74 I9B1 final Statistics Toronto 5 9 3 13 75 10-1 Ovomiv 4-0 Uogup. District 3-0 Smytho Division Edmonton 11 6 2 24 97 3HHS Opp Vancouver 8 8 3 19 64 First Downs 159 120 Yards Rushing 475-2231 -121-1201 Los Angeles 8 10 0 16 81 Calgary 3 12 4 10 57 Colorado 3 11 3 9 44 GA 58 71 69 75 72 43 56 56 89 67 GA 43 81 75 69 75 78 76 61 90 9; 87 Yards Passing Com.-Att.-lnt. Fumbles-Lost Punts-Average Penalties-Yards 1367 850 74-162-11 57-153-20 28-16 49-22 32-29.9 47-28.1 94-907 49-412 Individual Statistics RUSHING Humphrey 195 1285, Long 1 15-667. Spurlock 42-145. Barnott 16-101, Tim Bull 9-38, Junk 7-18, Poague 1-13, Murray 7-8, Schoen 1-7, S.Windholz 1-6, Koetting 1-5. Faorber 2-3, Mai 20, Cook 14-1-28), Simonoou 32-( 37). PASSING — Simonoau 62-1275 1227, 15 TDs; Cook 12-35-6-140, 0 TDs. RECEIVING - Schoon 27482, Barnett 22-475, Long 12-200, Portor 4-82, Humphrey 3-63, Cook 257, Counts 1-6, Spurlock 1-4, Junk 1-4 Simonoau 1-1-6). SCORING - Humphrey 90. Darnell -!2. Schoan 40. Long 38, Porter 31. Simoncau 24, Cook 12, Junk 6, Tony Brt: 6, Tim Betz 6, Luna 6. Scorn by Quarlors Sacred Heart ' 69 137 46 49 — 301 Opponents 7 49 21 52 — 129 Season's Results Sacred Heart 32, Solomon 7; Sacred Heart 39, Lindsborq 12; Sacred Hc-cirt 3-1, Uo'oit 6: Sacrnd Heorl 27. SE-Saline '„. Sacred Hrnrl I-I. Cloy Contor 12. Sacred He'iit 28. Minneapolis 0: Socrocl Heon .12, Ellsworth 7; l-ncred i4, Abilene 6; Saoed Heart 3V Chapmen '); Snirnd Heart 36, Clay Center 30; We!l'mn,!cn •'.'5. Socied Heart 0. (Tap four in each division qualify for Stanley Cup playoffs.) Tuesday's Games (All Times CST) New York Islanders at Quebec, 6:35 p.m. Edmonton at St. Louis, 8:05 p.m. Winnipeg at Calgary, 8:35 p.m. Wednesday's Games Toronto at Hartford, 6:35 p.m. Buffalo ot Chicago, 7:35 p.m. Philadelphia at New York Rangers, 6:35 p.m. St. Louis at Pittsburgh, 6:35 p.m. Colorado at Washington, 6:35 p.m. Detroit at Los Angeles, 9:35 p.m. Minnesota at Winnipeg 8:05 p.m. Bowl Schedule OjMOTObK.'M: Transactions By UniloH Press International Nnmt-rJ Rill V.onhouquottc. New York (ML) pitching coach. Milwaukee - Placed swinginnn Junior Cridgo- man on injur*j.J li c a 1 -your conliacf. Sontllo Sir],in contract. CcMvge -- Tiroa football couch Sonny -;iqned foiwarcJ 'jcott May lo enter Jack Siknin to a 3-yoar Montcnn Sti Lubick. Narfhyrn /Vrizona Fired f'jotbi'jl! coach Ovvain Painli;r. Football Houstnr, Woivud qua; torbacU John Ruavos; cluimo'J wide receiver Billy Brooks on woivurs from Snn Diego. Now C-nglanH Claimed dofonsive end John Loo on wuivcrb from San Diego; placed defensive lineman Steve Clark on injured roservtj. Sea til <3 --- Waivod defonsivo bock Will Lewis; activated running back Horace Ivory. Hockey New York Rangers — Called up left wing Claude Laroso and right wing Torn Younghnns from Springfield of the American Hockoy League; assigned center Lanco Mother/ to Springfield. Philadelphia - Sent defensnman Roid Dailoy tr r Maine of the American Hockoy League. By United Press International (All Times CST) Dec. 12 Independence Bowl At Shrevoport, La., 7 p.m. Dec. 13 Garden Stoto Bowl At fast Rutherford. N.J., 11:30 o.m. Dec. 10 Holiday &owl At San Diego, 8:00 p.m. Dec. 19 California Dov/l At r-ru^no, Calif.. 3:00 p.m. Tangerine? Bowl At Orlando. Fla., 7;00 p.m. Dec. 26 Sun Bowl At El Paso, T.JXI*. 1:00 p.m. Dec. 28 Gator Bowl At Jacksonville, F!a., 0:00 p.m. Dec. 30 Liberty Bowl At Memphis, Tenn., 7:00 p.m. Doc. 31 Bluebonnel Bowl At Houston. 7:00 p.m. Hall of Famo Dow! at Birmingham, Ala., 12:00 p.m. Peach Bowl At Atlanta, 2:00 p.m. Jon. 1 Cotton Bowl At Dallas, 1? 00 p.m. Fiesta Bowl At Tempo. Ari?... 12.30 p in. Orongfi Bowl At Miami. 7:00 p.m. Roso Bcwl At Pnsadona, Calif., 4:00 p.m. Sugar Bcwl At Now Orleans, 7:00 p.m. NBA Leaders Coin & Stamp Show Baseball Cards November 21-22 Holiday Inn 10th & Madison — Downtown Topeka . Gervin, SA Dantloy, Utah Malone, Hou. Abdul-Jabbar, LA Roundlii'ld All. English, Den. Brewer, SA Thomas, Del. Williams, Sea. Erving, Phil. Scoring leaders By United Press International g fg ^ p'« 59 49 167 93 JOS 99 8 9 10 7 59 72 78 66 70 H6 66 65 53 51 47 32 51 16 29 252 275 251 169 191 180 184 157 201 avg 33.4 31.5 30.6 25.1 24.1 23.9 23.5 23.0 22.4 22.3 HOLY COW! Caray to broadcast for Cubs CHICAGO (UPI) — White Sox broadcaster Harry Caray has decided to take his famous "Holy Cow'' to the other side of town and become the new broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs. Carny said Monday he signed a contract with the Cubs and t;nve up the White Sox because of their commitment to cable television. "They're talking about going into 50,000 homes," Caray snid. "I kept thinking about my people, the bartenders, the taxi drivers, the post office guys and people who can't afford cable TV. "I'd be without something that made this job worthwhile all these years — the people." Caray signed a two-year contract with W(.iN television and radio. Details of the contract were not disclosed. The nnnounccmpnt was made by Jack Brickhouse, retired Cubs broadcaster. "It was a delightful assignment," Brickhouse said in making the announcement at a news conference. White Sox co-owner Jerry Reinsdorf said he "was not surprised" when he heard about the signing. "I just hope the White Sox fans realize that we made an effort to keep Harry. It was his choice," Reinsdorf said. "We wish him well and we'll be disappointed to lose him. "Caray was, indeed, concerned about losing exposure on cable TV," he added. Caray said he was still negotiating with the White Sox when Stanton R. Cook, publisher of the Chicago Tribune, which recently purchased the Cubs, visited him in his apa:-,ment during the weekend and "swayed me." "I have never looked more forward to a baseball season," Caray said. He predicted "it will be a lot of fun on the North Side." A Cub spokeswoman, confirming Caray will no longer broadcast White Sox games, said the White Sox were talking to Caray and several other people about the broadcaster's Job. "Apparently Harry didn't feel that he was in their plans for next year and signed with us," she said. "I understand he's very excited about Dallas Green and the new Cubs, so he came over to our side of town." Asked what he will say when a home run is hit, Caray responded with his famous "Holy Cow!" Cubs general manager Dallas Green said he hoped Caray's enthusiasm and flamboyant style would spill over to the players on the field. The Cubs could use "a little pizazz, a little juice, a little drive," and Caray might help provide that, Green said. ies hoping for bowl berth COLLEGE STATION, Texas (UPI) Texas A&M Coach Tom Wilson, who startled his team by sobbing uncontrollably in the locker room following his team's 10-7 loss to Arkansas last Saturday, said Monday his team will receive a bowl bid if it defeated Texas Christian next weekend. But Wilson, whose emotional condition prevented him meeting the media following last Saturday's loss, declined to be drawn into a discussion of his future at A&M. Wilson was asked if he will return as A&M coach next year. ''I would like to come back," said Wilson. "But that is not up to me. That decision will be made in the next couple of weeks by other people." Those who saw Wilson in the locker room following the Arkansas game said Wilson broke down and cried, causing concern to close friends and players. Several players stopped by Wilson's office as they left the stadium to check on the coach. A Dallas newspaper reported Monday that after filming his television show Sunday morning, Wilson told a close friend: "It might be best for all concerned if they did fire me." The story in the Dallas Times Herald said Wilson was late for the Sunday morning taping of his television show and that one of Wilson's close friends on the A&M Athletic Council came to the studio to make sure the Aggies' coach made it through the session. "I saw Tom last night (Saturday night) around 10 p.m.," Dr. Bill Romane told the Times Herald. "He still wasn't in good shape then. That's why I'm here. I'm worried about him." Wilson's job has reportedly been in jeopardy all year and the setback against Arkansas may have been the final blow. The Aggies still play TCU and Texas but on Wilson seemed cer- tain of his team's chances for a postseason apperance. "If we win Saturday we will definitely get a bowl bid," Wilson said. "Our goal this year has always been to get to a bowl game. We're a young football team and it would be great for our football team to get the reward they deserve. "I am disappointed with the loss because our football team deserves better than what they've gotten. They've given all they had all year long and I couldn't ask them to do anything more than they have already done." Wilson was quoted in the Times Herald as saying he did not want to concern himself with worrying over his job security. "I don't know what is going to happen and right now I'm not concerned," Wilson said in the Times Herald story. "We have two games left and that's what I want to concern myself with. What happens after that, I don't know. What my future holds, I can't tell you." Texas coach-AD found shot ARLINGTON, Texas (UPI) - The head basketball coach and athletic director at Texas Wesleyan University was found shot to death Monday, slumped over the wheel of his car in a parking lot at Lake Arlington, police said. Police said John Monroe Howerton had a gunshot wound to the head and a .38-caliber revolver in his hand. An Autopsy was scheduled Tuesday by the Tarrant County medical examiner's office. Friends of Howerton, who had been scheduled to coach his second game of the season Monday night, said he had been despondent over his second di- vorce, which became final last month. The fisherman who found the body told police he saw Howerton about noon sitting in his parked car in an isolated part of the parking lot. About 45 minutes later, the fisherman told police, he heard what he thought was a gunshot, went to the car and found the body. A spokeswoman for Texas Wesleyan, located in Fort Worth, said Howerton had been on campus earlier in the day but failed to show up to travel to Belton, Texas, with the basketball team for a scheduled game against Mary Hardin-Baylor University. Capers, Gaylord earn Big 8 honors KANSAS CITY, Mo. (UPI) - Kansas wide receiver Wayne Capers was named the Big Eight's Offensive Player of the Week Tuesday for his 131 yards and two touchdowns in the Jay- hawks' 27-0 triumph over Colorado. Capers, the league's leading receiver with 33 receptions, caught five passes including scoring strikes of 62 and 15 yards from quarterback Frank Seurer Saturday to help Kansas keep its postseason bowl hopes alive with n 7-3 record. "Before the game I thought he was a good-looking receiver," said Colorado Cadet places sixth in fencing tourney Ron Kinser of St. John's Military School took sixth place in the novice division at a tournament sponsored by the Kansas Division of the Amateur Fencer's League of America recently in Kansas City. Kinser advanced to the finals of his division, where he placed sixth out of 23 fencers with a 6-9 record. coach Chuck Fairbanks. "During the game he proved just that." Missouri tackle Jeff Gaylord was named the league's Defensive Player of the Week on the strength of Ms 12- tackle, 3-fumble recovery and 1-sack performance in the Tigers' 19-14 upset of Oklahoma. The Missouri defensive tackle said he knew that this was going to be his week. Prior to the Tiger's victory over Oklahoma, the 6-3, 225-pound senior said he had a premonition he would recover five fumbles in the game and be selected the Big Eight's defensive player of the week. SEATTLE (Continued From Page 9) their last four games, were victimized by four turnovers and costly penalties, including two on interceptions deep in their territory that set up Seattle touchdowns. Facing the prospect of missing the playoffs for the first time in three years, San Diego coach Don Coryell tried to sound optimistic. "We're going to go out and win five. We're going to make these playoffs yet," he said. Efren Herrera got Seattle on the Scoreboard first with a 25-yard field goal in the second quarter and later added field goals of 30 and 23 yards in the final period. Trailing 7-0 after one quarter, Seattle took the lead for good with a 24-point burst in the second period, highlighted by Smith's touchdown. The Seahawks lined up for an apparent field goal attempt at the San Diego 18. But Zorn, lining up as the holder, took the snap from center and shoveled a short pass to Smith, who swept around right end and bowled over a couple of San Diego players at the goal line to give Seattle a 17-7 lead with 5:56 left in the second quarter. After the kickoff, Muncie took a handoff from Dan Fouts, slipped a tackle at the line and raced 73 yards for his second TD to get the Chargers close again. But it was rough going for San Diego the rest of the way. The Seahawks scored once more before halftone on Brown's 1-yard run. r QE5 Many who confront grief for the first time are surprised at the intensity of their feelings. Grief is most often associated with the death of a loved one but it can also result from divorce, loss of bodily function, moving or from a child growing up and leaving home. Hecausc grief is poorly understood, those who have not experienced it personally can be poor helpers. By learning about grief ahead of time we can more capably How can I prevent difficulties from grief? assist friends in their time of need and can more readily understand the intensity of feelings when death affects our families. Take time to read and inquire about grief and learn ways to assist those in need of support. RYAN'S 137 North Eighth National Bank of America • Sdlina, Kans<. . s A family serving families for three generations "We want to help you save money on homeowners insurance." And offer you the outstanding service State Farm is famous for. For a real homeowners Insurance value, call any one of us. FRED ROTHE 221S.SANTA FE 827-1707 JIM O'BRIEN 158 N. EIGHTH 825-2281 FRED COUNTS 256 S. SANTA FE 827-8600 RAY HOWEY 1927 S. OHIO 827-9&91 DIXIE HADDOCK 1927 S. OHIO 825-499S BOB LEONARD 1023 GREELEY 825-0555 Member F.D.I.C. Like a good neighbor, State Farm is there. SIAIl fAIM STATE FARM FIRE and Casualty Company t Home Office Bloommgton. Illinois *

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