Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 15, 1926 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 15, 1926
Page 2
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PAGE TWO THE-iQLA DAILY REGISTER. TUESDAY EVENING. JUNE 15. 1926, Teleplioiie 18 .TILVE, yes, All ":ne Is the Month of Roses; -.' and hime The Mtfflth of jMarriagos! pleasant sights And scents, tlie fruBrance 6t the blossoniiiig vine, The foliage of the valleys and the ; heights. . line are the longest days, the loveliest niKlits; The mower 's scythe niakes music to my car; . ' i am the mother of all dear dc- liKhts; . I urn the faitoat daughter of the year.. —tAjngfellow. 1 : ElfrlTtT-eSffhth lUrtiiday Heniilon , Mr. Thflinias Riitic<lKe celebrated his eiKhty-elglitli Birthday on Monday. June 14, with a family reunion in lIUi -tMiniir of his daugliter, Mrfi. W, (•:.. Ayllng. at 002 South Syi-amcji-e |i*(rcei. ' The routimri Is au annujil affair marked by (hi- liiinn'conilng of Mr. HUIICIIK(.''H ciilldri-n , and grand-; ililMrcn, thirty-two n -lutlvcH hi-lng' jcsciit at thirt iiclohratlwii. Dinner: A^iLK. Hcrvcil at niinii and tlio (|iiy' •.vriK iilcaaanHy Hpcnt in a tiocial •vv ;-y. . - 'rnosH presi'iit were: ..Mr.i and Mrs; 'r. K. AvIiJig and children KIlK .ri Ayllng. Wllllc Ayllng. Jeff Ayli.ig and^ Mari'diiic Aying; Mr .TTifi Mm. Otis .AylJnp. .Mrs.. Belle trild.TlHon, Mr. and .Mr.'!. Lawrence iiilf'dgo. .Mitts .Moi -lc .lenlilns. Miss •r< h Knrd, .Mr. Lasater, . and -Mrs. \V. K. Ayllng. Mr. n. M. Aylingj Miss- .Mattic' Ix )is ling, all of 'Tola: .Mr. and .Mrs. (IS. Ayling, of ("haniite; Mrs. trie Strceter, of Scott City; '.Mr. 1. Mrs. Frank Kullotlge and sons, 'i Ayling and .Marion .\yHng. of i:ina;..MrL Jind .Mr.s. Carl Oliphaiif J son. Billy Dean Oliphant,-of liauutc: Miss Vera At en. of Chaiitn: .Mr. Olln ^utlcdge. of St. -oujs and Mr. Harry -Vyllng, of I 'a -kell. Okla. i • • •> ! ..teriain Y<ir Bridal I'alr •Ir. a'nil Mrs. Ualph-Shorrill, re- iitly married, were honor guests I'.(lay at a dinner, given by Mr. rrilTs paront.s .Mr. and Mrs. '•./;ni Shcrriir; .sAithcasi of lola._, ; Thoise iirescut jwere: .Mr. ant^ -rs. Jason .K. , Sher'rill. Mr. and '•]:?. Floyd F. Khcrrill. Mr. and Mrs. 'l.iifp Conover, JMr. and Mrs. Stove f I 'oinseiul, Mrl and Mrs. Oeorge Preatty. Mr. and .Mrs. li.W. Kylor, Mrs. \V. A. BaksPtt. the Misw-s .\Iyr- tfe Town.send, .May Heatty, liuth B-'atty. Reita Sherrill "and the .:«'.=sr.s. Forrest Sherrill, Ervin liorrill and Harold Townsend. • • <• ' cleliralion oS Htrthdny i .\ nilliibpr of thi! ueiVjhbors wcni ' T tlia'iionie of .Mrs. Anna MeWir- . .md. SOS Soutli Chestnut strej-t. ist nJ[j;ht ^to Biirprise her in honor - her sevt-nty-'seveiiiir bri'tircfay ah- iiiversa 'ry. .Mrs. McFarlimd is a s:iiit -lp and her friends took flow; gifts and refrcHlimcnts to her. I'hose present were: • Mrs. P. S. n;:y. .Mrs. ('. K. lleiiry, Mrs. fl.onier iiigan, l^ylvia Uufh Dusan. ' Mrs. —Jf. I .ilehfield. B<rvf,-rly Kitchfleld ; d Mrs. John Burns. t hlldrpn's l»aj a( V. fi. (Imrdi The Children's Day prograni . (viii at ilie morning hour Sunday the Unit<jd JlrcUireu church was • follow.s: Song. Ueiiiember Thy Crcalorr: 'iinday school. .Scripture lesson. Hraycr and offering. , A'jcrlin solo—Harold Dugghn. Heading. A Welcflmc — Elbert \yling. '• ^ Violin solo-^Virgil Wjlson. E.xcrcise iujd d lowers Said-fTeu •ill. I A\-hat igirli" the ecru lace arid carried a bouquet of roses, snapdragons and ferns, and the bridegroom wore a suit of gray. After tbe -wedding, Mrs; W. E. .\yling, mother of the bridegroom, served refreshmente. Those who witnessed the \ycddlng arc,as follows: .Atr. aind Mrs. W. E.~Ayling, parenis of- the; bridegroom; Mr. Thos. J. RiJtledge, grantffatber; Mr. Ucnrlc Eaiit, Miss Marie Crcviston Mr. Harry.Ayling, 6t Haskell. Okla.: Miss Loi^ Ayling, Mr. Kenneth Lrfisslter, Mr./and -Mrs. Elbort Aylingvand family; Mr. and Mrs. Lawrenc(i Kutlcdge; Mrs. Carrie A. Strectch. of Scbti City; .Mr. and .Mrs. Otis jAyllng and the Rev. and .\Irs. A. c; Tudor. The bride mfide her home with her sister In Miiskugee,.(Jkla.. and for tfie past year has been cm- ployed in llio Wolf Beauly I'arlor. The' bridegroom was graduated from (he lola High Schoid with the claHK of'1D20 and Is at preselii employed by the I'et .Milk l.'oii- dfliiHOiiy. ; <• • • A meelliig <\f the King's -Ciuards. (he Junior (lep^rdiient of (he HOIIK! and Foreign .illKMlonary SoclelleH of (he First Mi'tiliodlst church, was held yesterday afternoon In the social rofim of theChlin-h. This HO- Cloly Is undi.r the leadership of Mrs. Cljas. K. Keilzmali and .Mrs. p. B. .McCarty. The year's work was closed at this meeting by having tin aitcr- Doon of hand-work consisting of drawing maps and clay-modeling. The mite bo.xes were opened and thg sutn contrjbuled was ?4.0I. I' • - • , -i^J. B. Kemp, i)aperbaiiging and Interior dcco^-^ing. Phono COS. * •> • '.• (Jupsts From Pennsylvaiilii. Mr. and Mr.s. J..uther Foust,' of Wlllianisporf, I'jii, are the guests of Major Oscar"Foust and family, of 42f! East. Jack,son avenue. Mr. Luther Foust ls,-(lie youngest brother of Major Foust and has visited litre many times. • Return from Yoqni^r People's Cany) . Mr. Harry .Marshall Lamer. Jew- COLONY Sits. MART \-6uk», A FORMES KESIPI^XX, 1)1E8. Colony Folks on Tno Weeks' So> Joiirn lit Lak^ Taneycoirio in file Ozarkti. C'OIX)N.Y, APhlL. 15.—Mr.-, audi Mrs. Lester' B. Miller, were down; from Lawrence yisillng homo folks over Sunday. They express them-; -selve^i as delighted with their new location. ' i , Mr. and Mrs. Urban Whitaker and Mr. and .Mrs. Charles MIze returned Sunday from a week's outing spont ip the Ozarks. ' • Mr. and Mr.s. Harry Denton, Miss Alice and Jack, Mr. anil3irs. Frank Denny un<l Dwight Payton left Sunday lor southern Missouri, where: (hey.expect to enjoythc delights .of camping and fishing on Lake Taneycoino for u couple of weeks. • Cecil Browii, , Dud Murray and IA'O Sculley are working In Wichita. ; Juik "Turner, who attends Culver uilJitary academy at i'ulver liul., is hero for (lie surntner vacation. Carl, Bert and Jess Wilson motored lo .Moraii Siiiiilay wlierti Carl pitched for Moraii. In u game .igaiii.'it Kincald. The score was ltire<' (o (wo in Morun'H-'iavor. Mm.'.1. C. .Vewlpii nnd Miss Daisy .N'cwlon were gucstM Monday, at tile home of ttiL-lr soji a id brother, Frank .N'ewlon. i .Mrs. .Mary Yoiing.' f<ir nitiny years a r.e3^delll of (Colony ami who always kept IIHI> affection for the town and her circle of friends here, rlicd at (he home" of he'r daughter, .Mrs. J. W. Jhish'In Kansas City, and her rciiihins were Interred In (hi! Colony cemeiery Sunday, by the side of her husband^ who died licrej- scver.'il years ago: • Mrs.. Young and her husband. operaLed what Is now the nuriieft liotei : hnd after his ileaih she continued . in until ahout fourteen yoars ago. .She was an active worker here lu chuivh and social. circles and. her old friends gathered at the cemetery where a .short service was conillicteil liy Rev. Mr. Kilox of the .Methodist church and,an obituary riiaiLhy Senator Smith Jackstm who had known Mrs'. Smith from boyhood. The- relatives here for the burial were: Mrs. J. "W., Mr. and Mr.s. Wari-en Champion of St. Louis. .Mr. ami ."Mrs. Fred. Wheeler Only Woman RaflwG^ Prmden^ Ifi The U. S, 'But She KkowsHerm self..doiing; the greater part of her ovn honsewprk and haying a ser- Titnt onlr occBsionaily. '•• She rides OB street cars, as she and her has- bflnd did tbi-onghout theilr married U|fe , An anecdote they tell of her shows her unassuming ways; A few years ago,'befbrc-her-husband died, a group of several hundred' New Orleaiis business men were giiests of Kr. £3denborn on a trip prer the railroad. The party was crossing the Mississippi on one of the line's ferries when', snppertirae came. Down into the steaming kitchen went Mrs. Edenborn, 'to work for hours with two negro maids slicing chicken, ham and bread for sandwiches and loading iip -huge platters of food for the hungry guests. 1 Miss Marian Turpie, the new champion of tWe Southern Women's Golf Association, learned .the game under the tutelage of her father, who is a well-known professhmal at one of the New Orleans clubs. Council Grove—One man patrols have proved more efficient ilian any other method In keeping'up the conditV^n of the roads In (his county. It Is agreed, jpacb. patrid- man has an average of nine miles lo 1<ccp up. IULTBTEES ,2:00 p. m. \ I | IT" 7:]&-9n$ p. m. Home of Better rietnres— Hnslc Br Elite Oniw |fiim JLast Times 7:15 and 9:15 p. m. MAE MURRAY - . . and great cast in * ) "THE MASKED BRIDE" ^ Aesop's Fables—^Topics of the Day—Sennett C^edy, two acts, "From a Cabby's Seal" Matinees 10c and 20c; Nights 10c and 30c IVrdnesday—Entire (Change of Pri>graUi Mar}' Alden In ^.k WomanN Woman" Alberta VauKhti in "Figiitlng Hearts" LAST B I 'T XOT LEAST ' Harold Lloydf in "Now or Never" \ .Matinee lOc and:^Oc;.iMgiit 10c and 25c I Coming Friday .Vattnce aiidMgitt ' .MI.SStHin EI) .MILLKIl I.V PKKSON :. Last sutti^nr of the ,lessc .lameM (<anir. He tells you fke l^lgriie J story of the pang aiid Jettsc JamcH Jirs. .Sik'nb Edenlioni ell Lamer, and Miss Bcrnic* Hutch-! and wile.'.Miss 'Millie Bush and ^•->-"• --• <••-" •g.ji.i £j.,^^.^„„ City. . ins(m. .Miss' Helen! Ishell and Wil- Song, The Teeming Fields Clrii.lren. Reading, I Can't ahd I Can—Ruth' Gobkntz. ' Song. The Father Remembers Yoit—-Children, j . Exorcise, 1 Wibh—Six. girls. Reading, ;Thc V i o 1 o t—Ruth Tweedy. i Reading. The Young of the Flock —Hilda Shelby. Readiiig. What a Heaven—Helen Robert.^. i i Song. Smiles and Sunbeams i. Children. ' • Reading. A Smile—Fayc Shelby. I - Reading,_aeven Tithes Seven— _i'Florence Bou'lin. Bong. Everyl)ody Ought to LoCo Him—r:ilHYt,. WUlio and J ^'ff Ayl- ins..- " A — Snug. Q(\»\ Bye to June—Chll- i droll. - ; . Bi 'iio<licllon. ^ "~ • •:• IMcnlc anH FUhing PafI) .MI. and .Mrs, Chas.r Keilli. Mr. ml Mrs. W. A. Long and .Mr. .•did C. ('. Hamilton motored Snn- y to. .Ni'i ^tilin. Falls where tlii 'y il a iili'iilc dinner In th<: park .1 flHlied 'at Circle Lake. • •:• • • '•nhlnx-^Vyllntr' \ ' The marrliiKe of MIMH Eva Merle: ... .i^nWDH and \U. Wl.lllam M. Ayiingl 'iiiic jdiiee Mitnday, June M. (it :• i -,'lit o'clock lit the i -veuliig. at i.'^'oiitb Sycamore street, (he Rev. i \. (1. Tiidor of (lie Church of the rmtod Bnthren In Cbrisl offlclat-: ' ' iir with .the ring ei 'i;emnny. Miss .l.nis Ayling. -nLmer of the brido- ./•cotn. played.'the wedding march.. The bride was gowned In tur-f 'I 'loisc blue georgette trimmed in lard Bollinger, of! Fort Scott, returned home ."^louduy afternoim from Topeka wliere tlioy were in attendance uponilio young peoples convention camp "of the .iipiscopal church at Camp Wise on the Ik-tli- an>- College grounds. The convention Is held annually and (he girls are housed in the Bethany College dormitories' and the boys in tents oir the campus. Lectures by various leaders J^i the young peoide's field are given daily. Men'talk to the boy.s and women leaders to the girls with sometimes joint nieotlng«<. Atliletl ev<!lBts flfV to "?rn who iwlsh to compete. The camp is well- liked by cveTybody. 11 Is i :|osed !ach year by a corporate coHnmiin- ioii of the boys and girls aii'd at 11 o'clock im -«irtiday tiiorniiig. (he flosliy; day. a service" for the'orill- iiiitlon of soiiipone to (he priesthood is held. This year (he Rev. Early IVilndexter.- of Kiinsns Cjly, Kan- ,sas. was ordained."Chief among the Jeaders at,the camp this year were Dr. Sturgis. flelil secretary of ,tbe JiatioUHl lounrll; Dean Ludlowl of he cathedr'al and Mr. .Mi-Pljerson. field socreta'ry of the Brotlierhood of St. Andrew. i Each tentful of five ffoys 'tvas under a counsellor who looked after them nhd Bishop Wise gave his personal attention (o the welfare of the delegates. The absence of .Mrs. Wise, who has been in the hospitjil, was greatly regretted, as" she is deeply interested in the camp with its hundreds of visitors. , .\EM.\ NEWS. (Cleii V. Delaven.) Mrs. Mabel .Mo.^ier spent Monday afternoon with .Mrs. Bertha West. .Mr. and .Mrs. Jl. D. Morris and sou. William Jewell, spent Sunilay with .Mr. .Morris 's 'mother, Mrs.- Rebecca Morris, of Bronson. • ^ M'i .'is Thelma Orbison of the Pleasant Jtiilge neighborlipod visited with Mrs. (iarrett Howarter and other' friends in (his vicinity this weolr. Frntik Retigah «penL, Wednesday For a: Healthy, Ilonoriible, Natural ' Old Age. . •—Keeping the borly in go'od physical repair is the best.-possible in- suranctf'.for a healthy, %>njoyable.. natural old- age. Kidney ailments arb esprecially to be avoided, not only for the jialn, distress and^ weakness suffered, but because (he lurking poisons left in (he system by impaired kidney and bladiler a<;- tidn are a froqueiit .ctiuso of other p.iinful disorders. Foley I'lll.s. a diuretic stimulant for the kidneys, are a reliable, 1 valuable medicinf'. that promote healthy normal act Ion of kidiieys and. bladder. Satisfaction guaranteed- | The Time to prepare hot breakfast now 3 to 5 minutes RUB-NOMORE WASHl.VG POWDER J Q .UICK QUAKER, savory and dc• lidous, takes less time to prc- parc'than plain toast Thus pravidcs a liot and nourishing breakfast in a hurry. That is how every ^y should started. • i \ Started tv-ith the ideal food t>alance. of protein, carbohydrates and vita-' mines—plus thp 'Tjulk'' to make laxatives Jess oftcii needed—tliat leading dietar>' autiioris/es now so widely urge. Start your days and your children's «i that wiay. No heed now, simply to* time, to deny them the supreme strength food of the world. Get Quick Quaker today. <^ick Quaker A, eve..,g wail. :Mr.. and Mrs^», road^U^^^^^ ^^^^ "Oiandma" .StorrcK of Oklahoma, \A visiting at the Isaac Evuns home at tills time. : .Mesd.inies Lawrence Aloore and Roy Owens of Bronson were iliii- iii;r guests of Mr. and Mrs. Dee Smith Frldny ami in (be afternoon they. ac-(-oiiip,-inlC(i by .Me.«idames |)ei; and Harry Smith', wimt l<i Mapletoii .•iiid spent the (evening with ..Mrs. Kventt Hainmon's. The Liidies' Aiil will give an Ice er"am social at Xonia Thursday evening. June 17. ICverybody-'i-omc. Misrf Edith P:vans and Finis O'Hiir.i were injirrlcd in'Fort Scott Tuesday. Their • friends extend congratulations' and best wishes. '.Mr. and'Mrs. Harry Killion and children of Winterset. Iowa, vi/it- ed friends bore several daj-s (his week.. ^jelen Stewart spent Sunday aft- eriiooii wiUi Dorothy and Maud Chiimbers. 1;he Ladies* Aid met Thursday afternoon anil the following officers were elected: Airs. Elmo Lunccford. president and Mrs. (\mes Ross, secretary and treasurer. By >EA Service Xow Drloans. Juno 15 .Meet ^\m. Sarah Edenborn'. only woman lent of a railroad in tin- rnUed States! I Mrs. EiUnbiirn is not only the resident ol the Louisiana Railway a .\avi;,ali()ii (N). slie'.s 'Jt's hole owner, as well. I Fiirtbermore. she kilows fest about all there is lo he kn^'n jibout its VO(i miles of track:i.i;e.^ifs big (l•ilns-.Mis.'-i^:^'ipJli ferries, 'j'its big (l•ilns-.Mls.'-i^:sipJli ferries, Vrts (erniinals and -slmp.s and i'oj|nd |ious"es.' The title of president? Is hlad pros J:O cnipty o "ne; it ini .-aiis (hat Hdciiboi'ii is actively tit the of the railway's affairs. K The railr .iad. which runs f§>m .\r-w Orleans lliroUKli Sli 'revegnrt (o McKiiiiiey, 'I 'e .x.. was built iittire tlian a sconr of .vears ago. Will^un Erieiiborn; li '-r li\isli:ind. hud ^invented a (irocess for m:ikinl; barfied virc_and had accumulated a yast fortune. He Imilt the niilr 'iarl \1im- |*elf. withoiil a d(dl:ir of bonds, ilelieiil ores or other iiideUlediress, i.nd the liiirliyinl and wi!'.-;iiad*of- ticBHfide by^sjOfi. riiauipg fcJw <ill- road (ogethir. chattily discusses with them the roiad's business. . The workers say that she knows every foot of the line as well as the track" inspectors and maintenance of way men know them. She knows ca^b repair shop and engine hohse; ito staff and Its -work, as well as the individual foremen and superintendents knows them. Lives Very Simple. Despite-'her great wealth -r -her fortune is estimated at more than ?50.000,000— Mrs. Edenborn lives very Kim ply in a modest suburban cottage on the outskirts of New Orleans. She keepsj hcjnse for iher- In qujJity—-always tbe same in leavening strength—always tbiesamein purity—always tfie same inresults— tasty^whcdesom^nutntiousbak^ THE WOmjyS OBEAilSST BB «TBTnST SALES 2Vs TIMES THOSE- OF jm mOSL BBAWB The microscopes of today will reveal a particle the half-mlllionth jBf an inch in diameter. 'I'he size of an atom may be judged when it is said that such'particles prob- Uibl.v__coutaln'at least six million atotns. Not long ago he diedi leaving Mr.s. .Eden lioni his sol<' lieir. All ct (he silhiifliiljifi' offieiai.s of (lie read; asked .\;rs.'Kdenlinni lo take (he '))resi(le |'<-y. She ilid ii, ;ini| her co -workeis vow there Is no Itiore effielent, iailWiad e.\eeutive in the cotfiitry. "I oimlir-fo know the railroad" she says modestly. "I've lii'en workin'.; at it iill'my life, with j my hiisbiind. I litiv been over every foot of the ira>ti. not once ,1 ut many tiiiies." Slie knows personiilly .-ill of its lesser staff of v .orkcrs and of the ".gan;i;s" in the shops and on (he sections. She rails them by tlicir liri-:t iiamc -s. innuires about their families and <liiidren and AVE YOUR;^-^:^^ VA,LrE YOrU EYKSKJHT.' If so take care of it. Dont let pride or the cost of gla.s.'^es prevent your wc'iring llieiii. For professional aid aiiX (lepi'iidable service we liirpe our name is all the guidc^ you need. FREE BRICK ICE CREAM FREE BRICK ICE CREAM COOK'S SECOND ANNUAL On Wednesday, (tomorrow) we away a of Bennett's Ice Cream absolutely FREE with each purchase of $1.00 or oyer. there are no strings attached. Simply come iii, make a purchase of $1.00 or more of anythmg: in this store and WE WILL GIVE YOlJ FREE ONE Sbc BRICK OF BENNETT'S ICE CMAM. auc x>«,iv.ii w We do this oilce eachyear so that we«an acquaint you all with the fine flavor and high quallity of Bennett's Ice Cream. -/ DRUG STORg 'J/Te Re /XxaXt Store P. S. WE CANNOT BELIViai ON THIS SALE, ..Jl

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