Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 24, 1956 · Page 24
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 24

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1956
Page 24
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PAGE tWENTY-FOUR ALTO:,' EVENING TELEGRAPH WJdDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24,1956 BIG BfcN BOLt John .Culleti PISKT AT ? 1 SOT A WOTlOM 1 DECISIONS / HU 1 DON'T ST/MPISH fcACK IW PETI?OIT 'BCWT ClCTEEW YE4CS/SO. TH47 HIM ? nrrfS^ESS? SO. MK *T WfcS* ST4VP.5W THE'STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE nor By Wilson Scruggs IIMJ ( H«VTV# is suwsftf OH.IT'S AU. nsHT, cinr ex? Vc CAPER/L AT aocEt? mu THENIE\TMO<rM5,.,BHF CHANCE- BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin V.OOK& TO UVE SOU V\\G>Wr THE SMITH FAMDLY BlVfefS By Geofge_8jxte TONIGHTHBOH Mf SK! HOW ABOUf ~ (A NICE ^ >p -¥*$> RIVETS, TIIE BERBYS By Carl Grubert MAMA TELLS ME THAT YOU HAVE BEEN NAUGHTY . I HATE I I wOULOfr K/TYSELF' I'M A SAY THAT JACKIE.. WE ALL HAVE FAULTS' ITCHING TO FEEL TME FALM OF VOUR HAND ALL DAY' WILL YOU PLEASE OBLIGE•?' BUT I'M NOT IMTH'MOOD! By Walt Disney DONALD DUCK ! TOLD >OU (__T' COULDN'T' "' THINcSfO DON'T WEIGH AS MUCH IN MATE?... .. . . S IT T'CuE?^ (WELL >fiS JttslTivoPatches! Just tuo patches—easy (o piece. Takes so Illlle lime to m*!<e a quilt you'll be proud to display! iVIake it the thrifty wiy—by using sr.raps of m;my different fabrics. • Patiern 711: Clmrt. directions, pntlern of Uv<> pntdifs. Yunl- nues for single ami double-bed By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith HENRY ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hainlin OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE MOST y<30 PLAY E THE £AME OLD GOEASV LAST VOL) ItAGATTHE PORK CHOPS WITH USUAL FALL-ON-^ ,^ -,., PI . M ..,._. THE-BAU. TE047/\CROVJD iA^^ MlQQE,A<A,IOR/f </OUR€ELF' V YOU STARTING .__>\ SACK X> en . O,\T TO FEEL r>^(fJTO y^,? 01 LAST YEAR'S' '' VO012 PAJAMA6 THE 5/MPLE FACT 16 1 HAD A /.Afi?£3E OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams PUT fT BACK OUT OM TH 1 PORCH TILL THEY COME BY A<3A,IN.' THAT'S WHAT COMES FROM 8EIMS COOP THEY SWIPEP THOSE AMP THERE'S MO PlFFERENCE BETWEEN SWIPING AMP STEAUMS.' FR.UIT AMP A,a HALF BORN THIRTY VEAK6> TOO 6OON FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosscr Yes, Bun- WHAT ABOUT oue. CAR— STAKT? Nor A TO WOKI^y ABOUT.' FE6CKLES AMD LA(?P SPENT ALL /iFTEpNCXDN , TuNiM6 ir UP; t> '«* t>> "" &•"<»• I"* T.M'D.J U«. P« OH CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner WHAT'S y MR UAGEN WAS KNOCKED .MISTER?/ OUTANPROBBEP; I'LL CAUL STOP.' / THE COP I SAW JUST AROUND H6Y, WORRI6, QUICK ...^TOP TUAT \ I'M GO I NO GUY' HE CAME BUNNIN' OUT Of Jf09. A COP WAGEN'S PIACE LEWME J2H HENRYl C<LL WE ARE HAVING- GUESTS TONIGHT, SO BEHAVE ~T YOURSELF Send '.'.T I'enls In ruins for th1« piillcrn—add tlvi- ci-nt-s lnr i-arh pntlern fyr llrsl-rlnss rnailine. Send 1(. Alton Tplpcrapl'- « fl i XeeilleenUt l)ept.. V.O. Box Ifil, Old <"liols.-ii Stutlnn. New York 11, .V. V. Trint plnloly I'nttcrn XniDlicr, jour Xiiine, and Ad- iln-sN. Our < s 'ifl lo you- two wonderful patterns for yourself, your hoire _:--printpd in our Laura Wheeler By Carl Anderson ! Nrwllccraft T^ok . . . Plus <WI ens of ollipr new dpsicrv^ to order I— erocbet. knitting. enibroider\', j iron-ons, novelties. Send L'."i cents ' for your ropy of this hook no\\ — i with' Kilt patterns printed in it! •Sizes Up lo 50 rTODAY'S ASSIGNMENT FOR-.. JUNIOR EDITORS CARNIVAL By Dick Turner THE AGE OF CHIVALRY - 3 , A Squire A boy who hoped to become a knight left hla home when very young and was admitted to the castle o/ a nobleman. Until he waa 14 the boy served the lord and lady of the castle as a page. At 14 he became a squire to a knight. He looked after the knight's urmor, helped him to put It on and to mount his horse. U the knight was wounded In battle his squire came to his aid, and led him away from the field. When he was 21 the squire would himself become a Use your crayons to color this picture, and paste It down on cardboard. Cut out the parts carefully, and fold the right panel forward and the loft panel back on the dotted lines so the squire will stand. Cut the allta on elthdr sldeofbothhands. Then the squire can carry the knight's sword In his right hand. Fold the tab at the top of the shield and push It Into the slot on top of the squire's left hand, Fasten the banner to a long thin stick slipped through the holes at the edge. This can then be slipped Into his right hand. (The Junior Editors $10 award goes to Ellsha Rosanova, Honolulu. T H for suggesting this Idea first. Send In your Ideas care of this newspaper. Violet Moore Higglns; AP Newafeatures). 10-24 "This is my daughter Edith! I figure some good combat training now may save her serious injury later on!" True Life Adventures] ^M»^^M^^^^^«narv ^MU TMyaK^rr—<•« jragr^ri Tomorrow: A Queen FUNNY .BUSINESS By Hershberger CAMPAIGN HEADQUARTER "You two on the right will go along the streets kissing all the babies—anil you, Fuzzmush, will Kiss the poodles!" -rue MAN6ROVE % TREE ARE 'STAV-AT HOMBS . THBV FAU- FI^OM THE PARENT TKEB, BUKV THEMSEL.VES HEAVV IN THE MUt7, AK117 SPROUT. Sixes up to 50 will enjoy th« good looks, comfortable fit of thi» new sleep-time style! Dress- length or long-length nightie, pretty trimmed with lace and bow! Easy-sow a whole slumber wardrobe from this pattern-vary neckline and sleeves for year 'round woar! Pattern 4807: Women's Size* 36, 38, 40, 4'.', 44, 4G. 48, 50. Sizs J6 takes 454 yards 35-inch fabric, This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is "tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions, Sent! 35 pouts in coins lor this pattern—add five cent-H for eat'h mtlcni for lirsl-clnss mailing. Send to ANNK ADAiMS, care ot Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 243 \V. 17th. St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Name, Vddfess, Size, and Style Number. ivvi^-sw-i •rP r » < ?». J SSS-;^"-'- ~ - X f%^F^ B " T OTHSRS 1K*C 1 ' LAOJMCH THeM6El-VB5 "' v " ON THE TU7B6 AMP OUTT06E^ MONTHS LATEK, UROM LANPFAU-, THEV E6TASU6H • "tiOUONIES <9F OP PHOM HOME 6HOKS& Pickpockcl Does Clean job on Victim CHICAGO (A-A piukpofkel did a cleanup jpb on a retired liquid soap manufacturer Monday night. George L. Simmonds, 63, told police a man bumped into him as he was walking to his near North I Side home after parking his cur. i Simmonds discovered a soapy .substance had been sprayed on his suit, apparently, police the orizcd, from a toy pistol. The stranger was apologetic anc wiped oil the suit with a handkerchief. When Simmonds got home ho discovered his wallet contain ing $215 was missing. Sixty-five per cent of Amer ican workers drive to work in automobiles. LITTLE LIT OKU«| \ • Patience is the art of losing your temper a little at a time. Comedy Catch OMAHA JP — A jeep-load of police crashed through a Missouri River willow jungles into a clearing where an alleged dice game was in progress. What happened nexl, said Morals Squad Sgt. Walter Wilson, "was better than a Hollywood comedy." "Everybody was running and so were we," he related, "We would grab a couple, handcuff them to a big willow and start running again, "When 1 slopped for breath and looked back, there were guys on trees all over the place. When the paddy wagon cume we had a heck of a time finding the right keys to get them unhooked.

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