The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1935 · Page 9
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 9

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1935
Page 9
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"*"} 3HT NT-Vi$eceiver of Hemlock State Lf Bank Secured Order /- " - From Court. NEW JUDGE QUALIFIES FINAL CIPHERING Former Students of Moot Team of Thai MATCH. Jackson to School. Earl Foster, teacher of the Jackson school, announces that the final ciphering match of the season, will be held atj the school Friday evening of this ^ceek, starting at 7:30 and the public is invited. . i There will be a !free-for-all match and those wishing to try their skill are welcomed. Old timci cipherers are invited |o compete j with grade students iof today.' Many times the remark is heard that the students of today do not get the training they did in' former years. Mr. Foster says this will be an opportunity to prove LEAGUE ACT John F. Crousbre, receiver for the State Bank of Hemlock, secured an order from the Howard circuit court Wednesday to distribute an additional 5 per ; dividend and payment will start ^ Monday morning, April 22 at the j schoo , aml t ,, 0 m tp;]m nnd i pact bank. ' ' the truth or falsity of the statement. j The main match of the evening ! will be between foniK-r students ' j and graduates of the Jackson Dictator "Hit the Roof When Informed of Official Rebuke. MAY CALL ELECTIONS Annual Event at Cl rlstian Church Christian church. A very beautiful program will be'offered by the ladies of the missionary society assisted by the junior choir. 'This early Easter service! has become a most popular arid appreciated i custom of the community as:well| as the church sponsoring it annually. The public at large will feel not only welcome -lout possessed of equal right with! the sponsors in its enjoyment. I : ! Following the Sunrise Service Berlin, April IS. — German of- | a ])reakrast will bc scrved at 7:00 On Sunday o'clock the annual ice will be held at t 1Mb:, and Mrs. Robert Switz Get Freedom in French Espionage ^Trial. WILL BE EXPELLED Paris, April IS.—Robert and finals last night said Conova'a re-1 O . clock sl)arp for tnose who have M , arjorie Switz ' yo " n » American buko to Adolf Hitler's program either shatters ly or impairs s> riously hopes of ry | made reservations." This breakfast I c ° u l> le ' were freed y«terday at the eompleu-| ls open to tho pnw ,l on tne same | e " d " f France's greatest espion- " f 'basis with the members of the lo- age trlal getting Germany imo any peace, j ca , church u js a convenienceand lightning like calculations (-• witnessed. Judges will In 1 chosen on llif evening of the match. Hitk -The five per cent dividend will j w ,,, mean the distribution of .?:;.682.70 among the common creditors of the bank. The first general dividend to common creditors was distributed December 31, 1934'at which time' Jll.OOO in preferred claims against the bank were paid, clean- Ing up the preferred payments. The first dividend was for 5 per cent and in February another dividend of 5 per cent was paid. The bank was clused July x. 1932 and its affairs have been' _ ... , , . slow in being straightened out. jFormer Landlady of '-Thin One of the heaviest creditors of i Man" SajS He Wag With the general depositors was Taylor | Youngster, township, and this township win! receive $1.508.(ill of the monry' distributed Monday. 'BOY'S DEATH FEARED Taylor township has an actirm i pending against the shun holders | of the bank who signed a guarantee for the safety of the township's funds. The action pending in the Howard circuit -court has been dragging along for some at h's Bavarian j mountain retivat, prepared what officials -.'.vpn-tccl would lie an oiil- spolcc n r< ply to the League of Xalions council's action. litlle prospect was seen her.^ that C!er- inany would participate in future international conferences concerning si curity. The aniibiun "onfi-ronce to b 1 ..' held at Itome next month and the proposed larger confcr.-nce growing out of tile Italo-.\np!;>-F:-e;i.-h an opportunity for j those 'Who wish to attend the Qarly service. PLAN ATIAGKED at Stre.-a, ofiieials 11101 tin both are now out of the question.! Ucports reaching here said the i I (I'Tmait fuehrer "hit the roof"} j when word of t.lie -:'imueiTs action I j was lakon to him. I Seemingly daxi d and stunned i j-it the KeiKva diiV«.'!opm,-.-nls. the'HOUSE more so lierans" fler- | _____ . | iiiany's official friend, joined in j ' voting for the tri-power resoln- | Chicago. April IS.---Stipe] vi'.;-1 lif1 "- ""' Wilhc-lmstrasso iing Police Captain Thomas Con-!" 1 " whole probh-m in said. iPatman Intimates Compromise Will Be Bitterly Fought by MAY REFUSE i dumped! Washington, April I IS. — Hitler'.-! bonus advocates yesterday Cash Confessed leaders in an international espionage gang, they won their freedom under a clause in the penal code which permits leniency for defendants whoso confessions implicate others. .Both were found 'guilty at the final hearing'yesterday in the 13th correctional court, but their sixteen months in prison, the judge said, covered the sentences they should serve. It was expected that both would be expelled from the country at once. ' There was considerable weep; ing in the court room when sentence was passed on the other defendants. The two woriien who gave birth to babies in prison were sentenced to three years each. •Mine. Lydia Stahl, 45-year-old "master spy" who was alleged to have bee~n the brains of the gang, and who told exactly inbthing dur-> ing . the trial, was sentenced to five years in prison. Ben Bercovitz, who claimed to Parade' R» ite for District Meeting j. IS Announced, t i i; Tho Red .Men parade, scheduled to open the Red Men powwow to be held in the local, hall tonight, will form at 7 o'clock In- front "of the Elks home, headed by Mon- gosia Tribe No. 267 of Miami. The line- of march for the parade will be as follows: East to Court street, .north to- Jefferson street, east to Independence street. wesMo Main street, south to Jefferson street, west to West street, south to Madison street, east to Main street, north- to Jefferson street, and east to the Red Men's hall. «* » Is Very Low. There is no noticeable improvement in the condition of Mrs. Anna Behymer, who has been con- filed to her bed at her home on ourt street, for the past three weeks. She is carrying no tem- lerature. but is in a very weakened condition following an attack of bronchial trouble. She is also suffering from a weak heart. She is under the care of an ex- >erienced nurse, who is assisted >y Mrs. Behymer's niece, Mrs. lOdell Bower of Frankfort. ' time withaittle being done. Jud;;o don announced last nifiht thai J Joseph lioihe. :ifi years old. in-j mate of an insane asylum, had | It was expected that ith'M- would call general j the compromise proposal draft-jd llitl-TJ l>y Senator Harrisonl (D-Miss) •lei--j thoroughly hostile reception. gave i be a naturalized Canadian, and was said to have been co-leader with Switz, was sentenced to five years. His wife, who was ar' I been identified as th«- "i.hin nnn"i :i " nM '" shw "'" world Germany Representative /oe Herron disqualifying for th"j lai , t sren wilh ,. v , :l ,.. llUl Hjchanl I wi » "•<'<• «'-' >1> I>! th- lrag,,c-'s accu- reason that he was ivpn-st-min-v M;1X Vcrri , t wlu . |I ,,„. , Joy ,,,-...„, 1 ration er issae a stinging mani- one of the parties when he as- i „„„,„, ,-,,..,„ ,„-„ , foui-fen i f " sl "- :><'< it with a sumed the duties of judge. Wednesday, Harvey Cole. Peru attorney, assumed jurisdiction of the case and heard arguments- of attorneys on motions to strike out portions of the plaintiffs' r •ply to the answer of the shareholders to the complaint. The signers of tho guarantee j are asserting it is not binding .the reason it was exe-'iit :i v-i:!i- : out compensation. The other si i< alleges they can not pl.-'.id tint defense as they were r<-mp n.«at"cl by securing the use of the town-' iahip's . .Tudsr f'i;Ir wi!!. make his ruling in a f.-\v d iy.-. I peared from STATE EXI'EM)ITfI15-:s. of Expenditures in Indi- in Last' I'isral y,- : .r. Indianapolis. April 1S.--A ;<>- 'tal of $SO, r i w:;s expc-lid- ed by the Indiana slate govern- m'ent during '.he last fiscaf year IrVhich ended June :iO, 1934. a<:- cordlng to an analysis completed days ago. | 'ic-ry address The Captain said .Mrs. ROH<; j'- rs lnr havin Sparr, former landlady of Itothe.' -P°nsibiliiy made the identification yesterday Versailles treaty when 'she confronted him at the state hospital at Elgin, III. Hot ho. who escaped from th" ai'.ylnm i several years ato. was .seized April S for ciuest inning in nection with th- missing hid hut was frc.-d April '.i when ofli-ia!;-. | were tinaal..- to i-onni-ct him with i the case. Condon reported Mrs. Sparr had sitn lloihe get. <>u a stiv--t '.car las! April ! with a -1-ycar- I old boy dressed in a ftroi-n sui; land a leathi r hclmc-t—the'cloth- ling worn by little Jl.vhard tiiat 1 day. j "I hope my sun i:; si ill-alive." I Max 1'errot. the father, said. "i:>i; ! I hardly think lie can b,-." i j Uu tne possibility t}i;>i young i Richard. \vho had bot-n mute since. • liirth. had been slain, the search I transferred to th" wood;>d : lin.- rebuking the pow- j shoved all the r.v • accept for violating th« i posal. The Pntman (D-|rested with him in, b5_cember, author of thej greenback j 1933, as they were abdut to flee bonus bill approved by the house, i the country, was given ! one year.i asserted the ex-service men would i » • • — — rather lose their batjtle than to j StTlREXDERKD TO COURT. Moptin-j Tonight. the Mississippian's pro- on to Germany and assuming none themselves. WORK-REUKF PROGRAM. bill provides jfor redemp- j lion of the service certificates in negotiable bonds and would dat-3 the interest bearing period of the rertificates back to Armistice Day | Former Indianapolis Bunker Will Go on The Sons of the American Legion will meet tonight at 7::iu o'clock" at the armory. A full attendance of members-is desired. ROBERT SPAY, Captain. L ^ > > HOGS ARK STEADY. Xc*_ OliuiiBe in Prices Indicated at Indiniiiiiralis JThursday. Indianapolis, April IS. — Receipts on hogs. 4.500; held over, ISO; cattle. 700; calves, 700; sheep and lambs. 1,800. , Hog prices early today in the local live stock mark-it were unchanged with the top. $.9.25, for best selections; pigs arid li^ht weights. 100 to 160 pounds, eold at $7.00 to $9.00; 160 - to 200 pounds at $9.20; 200 to 300 pounds at §8.95 to $'9.15; over 30 pounds. $8.65 to 58.S5; and sows at 5"-7-'> to $8.35. Cattle were . steady to strong, calves were : steady at $9.50 down and lambs were steady, wooled kinds up to $8.50; clipped, $7.50 down. •on- (President Roospvoll Report Prog- instead of 1925. Is Made. Chicago, April 1S.S—Receipt.-, on hogs, 8,000, including, 3,000 I*, 1 **; l< Al-illi» u . , -, , • i r^ • ; ^ i» uat wi*iiijjaii^ iiv:i^, oui i en- t \m cv-i. LU |IUI<IVC;IE n.vs IN .u.nii. Experts who aided in drafting ,. . . , ' , r.nn- i,Wc ihnnt , . , . 1 • , dered in criminal court yesterday t'•*"'• Ulds at)oul tne measure said, hqwever, ,thu, f ; -r ' do\nr -cattle, 5, V hin"'ton" i "C I n" < Ts- Presi ' !)il1 wo " 1(1 '» a![c jt ^ M "" e ™ " i" iTc ,= vnT^"^ *'?' ° 0 ° : >Sheep and ' ashin^ton. Apul IS.—Presl- ^, fi L,,« ,^1.1, I Provided 815,000 bail and was Local Grn dent Roosevelt yesterday reported rapid progress in the administraT lion of his $-1.880,000,000 work- lelief program. Mr. Koosevelt. who with his rides, has been steadily carrying forward the plans, for spending the unprecedented sum to relieve unemployment, revealed that tlie :v:l-up would encompass two ma- ..;>r fralures. These foaluvcs will he; 1. Allocation of funds, the filial ; nalysis resting with the presi- veteran with a certificate which would mature under the present law at SI,000 in 19-15 to eith'ir obtain negotiable bonds for which he could get ?770 .cash, or hold his certificate for ten years and get ?1,215 inytcafl of SI.000. Indianapolis, April IS I' — Mark V. Rinehart, Louisville formeri vice president and director of the defunct Washington Bank &. Trust Company herej surren-j direct to packers; held over, 2.- steady at S9-15 000; ca'ves. 2,lambs, 12^0,00. Local Grain Market • released. ; Wheat, No. 2, 90c; No. 1 91c l yesterday by Albert E. Di.-kens. j ]i ne statistician in tlr- state board ci' 1 accounts. Included in this total was tin- {disMbution of $ir..S-12.-lon.l J in •'federal funds. v The total actually rpcut In operation of the staie government Shown as S33.39S.Siiti.-J2. • near the end the street ,,.! dent. Under Harrison's proposal, if j veterans did not desjire' to turn | their certificates over to the gov- \ eminent and receive jbonds, they j -..ould hold them. an(l at matiir-j ity date would obtain! interest at' ( per cent compounded annually from Armistice Day. 131S, or th'iy could continue to operate uridor Dr. A. E. Burkhardt of this city was at Indianapolis Tuesday and Wednesday attending a state | medical meeting of the tubercu- I losis association. O:itpli' To Defend XRA. .Washington. April IS. — With is life of NRA in the halar.-:-\ aid Richberg yesterday, nr- to appear before the sn- court to plead for the acy he has helped direct sines; pearliest blue eagle days. BF¥ Don't Put Off ' Longer Owning ; Eefrigerator You've -Always Wanted" ^ffs 1 -, - .. , " •.T?r^ir,,T3-j- '^ f *»KJ^ IK-lphi, April IS.— Mr. and 51rf \V. A._Osb.-)ii <if Freeman I:;'; wer-<> rt leased last night from th Carroll rouiHy \jail where Ihny ! lll ' al wlth .work-relief hav? been held ,a w.?«k paiidins a i' "nsideration will bo 2. Carrying out of those functions after study in round tabla discussion. The president, speaking of allo- i rations, said that the round tahl.s . discussions would he by all agen- • rios of the government that will, Mrs. C. A. Wade, [Mrs. Ralph] and that Lambert. Mrs. Dallas Burkett, i jihe old law if that proved best to lliem financially. i : ! —•—r- On Raptist Mission. given tho grand jury investigation of tho ? mall death of K-?nnei!i Roth, 21 years old. 1 project where it is meri- and Mrs. S. A. Gordon spent Wednesday morning in Indian- AUTO POLISHES CLEANERS POLISHING CLOTHS TOP PUTTYj and DRESSING FARMERS OIL & TIRE |0 Phone 102. Oats Corn, per 100 Ibs. _ $1.15 Local Produce Market. (Moore &- Moore) Eggs, per dozen . 19c Iniliannpoli." iToauci- Prices. Eggs—Indianapolis jobbers of- S fer country shippers for strictly I fresh stock, ISc a country points; •IDc delivered at Indianapolis. ; Poultry — Jobbers paying for j:heavy hens, 16c; Leghorns, 14c: : jlbroilers, 2 Ibs. up, 20c; Leghorns.' •:& Ibs., 17c; icocks and stagsj Sc; j ?geese, 6c; ducks, 9c; guineas,: 15c. i !: 'Butter Fat—Buyers paying 30cj I a pound delivered at Indianapolis. Court Ruling. Indianapolis. April IS. — Tho right of employers and employe ; to enter into contracts prohibiting the employe from taking °us- tomers with him when he joins anbther business was upheld by the .state supremo court late yesterday. 1 •» terions as well as the large one. apolis at the Baptist State head- Meanwhile the president re- quarters where they Secured ma- U'ealed that as one of the steps I terials for the missionary work (toward employing the jobless white collar workers, the government had under consideration thu Corn-Hog Contracts. for tho coming year.] While there they cjilled at the Methodist hospital and visited plan of employing them in tho i\j rs Lamkin, widow j>f a Baptist taking of a complete census of; n ,i n i s ter at Vincenne^, and also | visited Mrs. Don Hadley and daughter. Mrs. Hadley is n sister of Mrs. Burkett. I the unemployed. Tho president hopes that within two months the program will be swinging into action on all fronts. He indicated that loans as far as possible would be made instead of grants. Lafayette, April 18.—Final tan-j ulatlon shows that 65,283 applications for the 1935 corn-hog production adjustment contracts were signed by Indiana farmers In the recent campaign carried on by the AAA. : ICE ,, tj . . We are ninlring our Ice delivery dally." ,Hang out your foij'iiroinpt Bervice. Buy * " ' r new refrigeraton on m payment plan. $& POLISH DISORDERS. DPinonKtrntions .Agnlrist. Gc-iiii.-in Xuzls 'Arc Continuing. (By;United Press). .Danzig, April. 18.-V-The Polish majority inj the Polish corridof continued its attack against the German -minority today, especially through the "shock troops" o^ the Sokol organization. Sokol members were reporte to be enter! ig German homed an destroying furnishings. However, there was no rene Arc Improving. The -two children' o '. Mr. : and Mrs. Charles Mettlen ot West Madison street who '• have been quite ill are reporter to be i improving, but both are still under tlte care of a physician. Mrs. Elizabeth De vault is in the •hime assisting in the care of the Children. s< u WEATHER -j- Moitly clojidy, probably rain in extjrems portion tonight ! ana, central and north north SEE— I la* Brown at SLATJTER'S for Your Easter Permanent S iht; no niid Wayne Cunningham Chevrolet Co. Used Car Prices Slashed! Tipton's Finest Selection of USED OA^S. All Cars Displayed at 214 TBast Jefferson •34 vora qoach ' ' 'S4 Ford Coupe ' ' • '31 Ford Coach '•• '31 Ford! Truck j *84 Chevrolet Master (Coach I '83 Chevrolet Coupe 'S3 Chevrolet Sedan ;• ; . 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Phone 168 138-I4O East Jefferson Tipton QUICK DRYING GLOSS ENAMEL A KURFEES PRODUCT and Clean Up This is not a wildcat scheme for making money. It's just a -matter of housekeeping' judgment. You can sit down with this newspaper . . .. relax . . .and make money. Maybe you need a vacuum cleaner ... or a washing machine . . . soap . , . cleaning brushes ... kitchenware, china or pottery. How about your rugs and draperies? Now is the time to invest. : • ' , . " You can trust stores that advertise in this paper. The plain fact that they advertise proves it. Only fly-by-night; vendors dare not tell about themselves, with written words. a^ ... i The advertisements in this paper are here ''••."' , ihelp and guidance. They are NEWS . . . just as as the front-page headlines are news! T " <£; pverytHi Job Printin§^ I ung from an to a Tiwo-color s>_»

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