Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois on October 7, 1953 · Page 23
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Galesburg Register-Mail from Galesburg, Illinois · Page 23

Galesburg, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 7, 1953
Page 23
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'•Ml fffte Daily Register>M4il Galesburg, 111. Wednesday October 7, 1963 ; IfHSW YORK (UP)-Stoek tnar , lit midday tficeS AM diem 66 Aid St 3?':, Allis Chal *m Afnelfada 152VJ ABCtf>mt 14 Ajnti Can 35-16 Irtt Nick Int T&T 14V* Kenneoott Keys! Sl'/s Kroger 42V4 Lockhd S3% Loews 10 a /4 Amn ft&SS 123,6 Man Dvp 16V4 Amu Smelt 2 ?M> Monsanto 82V& Amft T&T 154% Mont Dak W/B Amn Tob 74 Anaconda 30 Armour 8% Atchison 8916 Bendix 5714 Beth StI 46V4 Briggs 2914 Budd 11W» Burroughs 14V4 Calittee 6% Case 15W Catplr 46»4 Celanese 20V6 Cerro' 21V* C&O 3314 Chrysler 64% COca Cola 109 Nash Kejv 18 Nat Avrf 20V4 Nat Dairy 59% NYC 19% Nor Pac 54V6 NW Airl 9% Ohio Oil 51V* Owens 111 74 Packard 4V& Pan Amn 8 7 /s Penney 71% Penn RR 18% Pepsi Cola 12V& Phelps Dge 30% Phil Pet 50 RCA 23V4 Rem Rand 14V6 colum Gas 13V4 Rep Stl 43 Com Cop 35V6 Reyn Tob 47 Cons Cop 7 Cont Can 55V4 Cont Oil 49V4 Corn Prod 71V4 Curt Wr 7V4 MARKET REPORTS TODAY Deere 25 Dome 25 Douglas 68'/4 Du Pont 99% Erie 17% Firestone 57% Flintkt 25% Gen El 74 7 /s Gen Fds 54% Gen Mlrs 56'/i Goodyear 46% Ghm Pg 1V4 Gt Wst Su 17V4 Grum Air 20% Homestakc 34% Howe Snd 9% Hudson 11% 111 Cent 67% Inland Stl 38% Int Harv 25% Safeway 37% Schenley 22% Sears 56V4 Sinclair 31% Socony 32 Sou Pac 37Vi Std Bds 26% S.O. Cal 49% S.O. lnd. 66% S.O. N.J. 68% S.O. Ohio 31V4 Studebaker 22^4 Swift 37% Texaco 51% Tran Am 24% Un Carb 65% Un Oil 39% Un Pac -101V4 Utd Airl 22% Utd Corp 5 U.S. Gyps 105 U.S. Stl 34% West Un 42% Westghse El 43 Wilson 8% Int NLICK %—%Woolworth 43% Int Paper. 51% Woolworth 43% Int T&T 14% Yng Sh&T 35% Kennecott 62% Zenith 70 CHICAGO PRODUCE Bv UNITED PRESS LIV EPOULTHY: Steady. 25 trucks. Poultry Board price changes: Leghorn 18 lb.; Capons 7 lbs. and up 39; under 7 lbs. 37. Turkeys Hens 36. CHEESE; Single daisies 41-42c lb.; Jonghorns 41'.i-42; processed loaf 3941 ti; Swiss A 44-45; B 42-43; C'39-40. BUTTER: 671,668 lb'.s Steady. 93 score 66',4C lb.; 92 score 66; 90 score 62\'*-V*; 89 score 63 3 A. Carlots: 90 score 64; 89 score 62Mi. EGGS: 6,491 cases. Steady to firm, white large extras 60-69.9 per cent A and over 64c doz.; mixed large extras GALESfttJRG HOG MARKET C B St O Stock vards Market 50c to $1 lower. Early top 421.80, late top $21.25 down.* 200-260 ....i. S21.00-S21.50 270-300 f20.50-S21.00 Sows - $18.00-?21.00 Overnight hogs delivered Gaiesburg by 4 a. m. sold 26c above these quotations. Wit ton k Co., Santa Fe Yard* Market 50-75 lower. Top $21.50. 180-200 $20.75-$21.25 210-240 $21.50250-300 .. • . $20.75-$21.40 Sows steady to 75 lower. 270-500 $18.00-$21.00 TOMORROW'S ESTIMATES CHICAGO (AP)—USDA— Estimated salable livestock receipts for Thursday: HOGS 8,000 CATTLE — — 3,000 SHEEP 2,000 BUSIINELL LIVESTOCK Estimated receipts 1,800 hogs. Market active 15 to 75 lower, top $21.75. Most 210 to 260 lb. $21.50-$21.75. Sows 50 to 75 lower, top $21.50. Cattle, weakness evident, bids slightly lower. Lambs, not fully established, bulk selling $16.50 down. ST. LOUIS LIVESTOCK By UNITED PRESS HOGS: 8.000; fairly active; barrows and gilts 50 to mostly 75 lower; sows 25 to mostly 50 lower; choice 200-250 lb. $22.25-$22.50; latter paid for several hundred head mostly choice No. 1 and 2 lots; majority $22.25-$22.35; most 170-190 lb. $21.75-$22; 150-170 lb. $20.25-$2t.75; few to $22; sows 400 lbs. down $20.25-$21.75; heavier sows $18.50$20. CATTLE: 5,000; calves 1,500; opening slow on steers and heifers; a few sales good and choice steers and heifers about steady at $22-$23.50; <eows dragging and opening sales mostly 50 lower; utility and commercial $9-$11.50, few to $12; canner and cutter cows $6.50-$9; vealers and calves steady, although less active demand for utility and commercial grades noted; few prime vealers up to $27; good and choice vealers largely $17-$24. SHEEP—2,300'/a undertone weak to lower, but not enough done to establish price trend; small lots choice to prime wooled lambs $17-$17.50. CHICAGO LIVESTOCK (By UNITED PRESS) HOGS—10,000 salable: late and elos- jng sales $1 $1.25 lower; sows weak to as much as 75c lower; most choice 190230 lb. butchers $21.25-$22; bulk 230260 lb. $22-$22.40;; top $22.50 paid sparingly; most 300-550 lb. sows $20-$22; few lightweights $22.25. CATTLE—16,000 salable: calves —400 salable; few loads average prime to high-prime 1,099-1,328 lb. steers $29.50$30; top $30 for two loads: bulk choice and prime steers $24.50-$28.50; good to low -choice $19.50-$24; load high- prime l',125 lb. heifers $27.75: bulk choice to low -prime $21.75-$24.75: good to low -choice $17.50-$21.25: utility and commercial cows $9.75-$13; bulk canners and cutters $8-$9.75: utility and commercial bulls $11-$13.50; few choice and,prime vealers $22; bulk commer- 60-69.9 per cent A and over 63; medium 60-69.9 per cent A and over 51; standards 53-55; current receipts 45; dirties | 42; checks 40. GALESBURG GRAIN MARKETS Centum** Grain k Supplf (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) CORN. No. 2 old $1.30 CORN, No. 2 new $1.29 OATS. No. 2 .67' SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.42 DeForeal Feed 4c Seed Co. 1 Galesburg-Ahlrgdonl (Grain bids at 1:30 p. m.) WHEAT, No. 2 $1.77 CORN, No. 2 $1.30. OATS. No. 2 .66 SOYBEANS, No. 2 $2.42 Galeibufg Soy Product! Co. (Bids at 1:30 p.. m.) SOYBEANS, No. 2 yellow .. $2.46 FINAL GRAIN REVIEW CHICAGO (API—With soybeans setting the pace, grains advanced in fairly active dealings on the Board of Trade today. Soybeans rose more than two cents at times, reflecting continued light receipts of cash beans at terminals, persistent export inquiry and additional firmness in soybean oil. Crude soybean oil sold at 12','a cents a pound, up '4 cent. Wheat and corn also were aided by light receripts of the cash article. An additional factor helping wheal, particularly the distant contracts, was continuation of the drought in most of the Southwest. Oats lagged. They sold off following news the government would make hay abailable to farmers in drought striken areas, but recovered slightly before the close. Carlot grain receipts were estimated at: Wheat 10, corn 124, oats 7, rye 3, barley 20 and soybeans 72. clal to choice $15-$21; cull and utility $8-$13. SHEEP—2,000 salable' most good and choice lambs $17-$19; top $19: cull to low-good $7=!a$16; load 83 lb. good and choice shorn lambs $15.50; load 93 lb. good and choice yearlings $14.50; cull to good slaughter ewes $4-$5. WHITE ROCK SPRINGS We still have on hand a few plump springs at 30c per lb. Lots of 6 at 28c lb. live weight. Will dress at 50c each on due notice. C. R. CONNER On Route 167 in Victoria BART'S CABINET SHOP Custom built cabinets, furniture re- siyled, reglued, repaired and re- iinlshed. Antiques a specially. PHONE CAMERON S2 ON 14 or Mall a Card to E. GLENN BARTLETT Cameron, 111. FREE PICKUP AND DELIVERY COAL Phone 4531 People's Fuel & Coke Co. CHICAGO GRAIN RANCH By the Associated Press CHICAGO m — High Low Close Prev.Close Wheat Dec Mar May Jiy Corn Dec Mar May Jiy Oats Dec Mar May Jiy Rye Dec Mar May Jiy 1.92% 1.91V* 1.91% 1.90%-% 1.95% 1.94% 1.94% 1.94%-V* 1.96 1.94% 1.95% 1 .94%-% 1.92% 1.90% 1.91% 1.90%-% 1.43% 1.42% 1.43% 1.42%-% 1.40% 1.45% 1.46% 1.45 3 /*-% 1.48 1.47 1.47% 1.47-46% 1.47% 1.46% 1.47% 1.46% .74% .75% .73'4 .69% .74 .74% .72% .68Ta .74% .74%-% .74% .74% .72% .72% .69% .69% Soybeans 1.15 1.12% 1.13% 1.1342% 1.20 1.17% 1.18% 1.18% 1.22 1.20 1.21 1.20% 1.23%" 1.22 1.22% 1.22% Nov Jan Mar May Jiy Lard Oct 15.77 Nov 13.80 Dec 12.80 Jan 12.30 Mar — May — 2.64% 2.62% 2.63% 2.61%-V* 2.66% 2.64% 2.65% 2.63%-% 2.66% 2.64% 2.65% 2.64-64% 2.64% 2.63 2.63% 2.62%-% 2.60% 2.58% 2.58% 2.58% 15.35 13.30 12.32 11.87 15.75 13.77 12.80 12.25 12.15 12.15 15.25 13.27 12.30 11.82 11.77 11.80 WANTED Man to Operate Portable Hammer Mill. Schwilck Milling Service* 1426 W. IOSEY ST. —Call After 5 P. 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Use the Norge Time-Line Washer and Dryer in your home for 30 days. Then, if you are not completely satisfied, we will take them back and refund your money. Only Norge makes tbis unconditional money-back guarantee. New Matching NORGE time-lino Automatic Dryer guaranteed to safely dry all washables 4, (including delicate synthetics) or your money back! Also available in automatic gas model 239 (automatic elecfrlf model) mil A beautiful/ all-purpose "Laundry Maids" Apron is yours for the asking! Come In© the N0RCI Time-line "Laundry Maids" change wash days to wash minutes at BLACK BROTHERS MAIN and SEMINARY PHONE 4822 NOTICE Of CLAIM BAT ' Notice is hereby given to nil persons that Monday, December 7, 1053. is the claim date in the estate of HARRY A. SHOVER, Deceased, pending in the County Court of Knox County, Illinois, and thai claims may be filed against the said estate on or before said date without issuance of Summons. STANFORD R. SHOVER, Administrator Joseph V. Toohill, Attorney. Farmington, Illinois 10/7-14-21 READ THE WANT ADS SPOTTED POLAND CHINA Boar and Gilt Sale At the larm 2 ml. S. of Win Held Sat. Niqht, Oct. 17, 1953 At 7:30 P.M. Selling 40 Boari and 40 Olltl. Earl Kellogg & Sons WlnHald, lows PEORIA trvrisfoat (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESSl . HOGS—2,500 salable; butcher M-*l lower: top $22.10; sows 25-50 lower; best sows $21.75. CATTLE—500; largely steady, few loads choice steers and mixed yearlings $23.S0-$25.50; canner cows down to $7. Calves 100; vealers steady to 50 higher; choice and prime 150-225 lb. $20-$23; odd head $23.50. SHEEP—300: lambs around $1 lower; choice to prime slaughter lambs $17$17.50. CHICAGO CASH GRAIN (By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS) Cash wheat: none. Corn: No. 1 yellow* I.48»-i-4fl; No. 2 1.47 a .'«-49; No. 4 1.45-47 3 .i; No. 4 1.43-45; No. 5 1.43; No. |4 n«W t.W-M; Wo. • VMH; .ChteniW; W*. I IS? florthwe* Mite. sample grade 1.80-30. Oats: No. 1 heavy tr * e , " i°' . IH„«T 110-flO- feed white sou: No. 1 white 7W; No. ^^^^^^ pkw heavy white 79 . Soybeans: No. 1 yel-ji ng : while clover B.00-50; redtop 57 .50- low 2.60 Indiana origin track Chl-|5B.50; alstke 1«-«°$J7JW; tfnr-tothy 11.8* cago; No. 2 2,61 Illinois origin track 1 12.00; red clover 24.00-25.00. Dr. H. O. Conn OPTOMETRIST — Formerly of Monmouth —• Now located Room 407, Bond) Bldg. Galesburg, III. PHONE 23604 FOR SALE Hampshire Boars — $75 Ready for eervlce. Eligible to register. Breeding Mom Max Piulf- grove's February Sow Sale, Gllion. Merlyn Parkinson c/o Fred Parkinson, lVi miles WeM and 1 mile North Wataga, 111. TELEPHONE BILLS arc no* du*. Thtf arc payabta at th» Compan? Offica. 100 If. Charrr. or at tha CONSIGNMENT AUCTION CORBIN'S AUCTION HOUSE — 639 S. Cedar St. Thursday, Oct. 8 # 1953 - 7:30 P. M. The following furniture will be sold: 2-pc. living room suite, matching studio and chair, rocking chair, occ. chair, console radio, magazine rack, maple bridge lamp, drop front desk, glass door cabinet, 6 dining chairs, child's rocker, waterfall design desk and chairs, 2 portable typewriters, Warm Morning heating stove, mantle clock, 16 ga. 3-ihol boll action shotgun like new, 12 ga. shotgun, 6-pc. dining room suite, antique brail hanging lamp, 2 B-B guns, bedroom furniture, 8-ft. Frigidaire electric refrigerator, white porcelain electric washer, table model electric mangle, dinette set, gas stove, dishes, pots, pans, and other articles too numerous to mention, including new Beacon blankets. CORBIN AND KENT—AUCTIONEERS. PHONE 1-1413. H. Whlicomb— Clerk Anyone having merchandise to sell, bring it to the auction house or call 8-1433 before Thursday noon. FOR THE BEST IN READY-MIXED CONCRETE CALL 1050 Monmouth Blvd. tete Phone 1050-6 Stackers, Feeders and Calves for Sale! - ON HAND 150 good to choice Hereford Feeder Steers, weighing 800 to 1025 pounds. 350 good to choice Hereford and Angus yearling steers, weighing 600 to 750 pounds. 75 good to choice Hereford fleshy feeding heifers, weight 660 pounds. 100 Hereford steer calves, 370 to 450 pounds. ARRIVING WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 14 400 choice steer and heifer calves, weighing 375 pounds, from Raton, New Mexico. LOWELL WIER CATTLE CO. C. B. & Q. Stockyards Galesburg, Illinois Office Phone 2340-6 Collect-Night Phones 1281-4 or 6775-9 Collect. F1SH . GNATS • MOSQUiTOES ROACHES • TERMITES - SILVBR BELIMINATE RATS H THIS EASY, LOW-COST WAY I ARWELL SCIENTIFIC METHODS ARE SAFE... SURE... GIVE POSITIVE RESULTS] Get rid of rats snd mice! Act NOW! These dangerous disease carriers cause untold damage to food and property—cost you money. Let the Arwtll jerviceman rid your premises of these pests. Don't delay! Thousands of industrial plants, institutions, stores, homeownerj and municipalities depend on Arwell service. FRIE f STIMATEi Ask your local Arwell serviceman to survey your pest problem now. No cost or obligation! FOR FAST, EFFICIENT J A \1R SERVICE, €AU I PUtS • SUVERFISH • GNATS WILL YOU HAVE TO PAY YOUR 1952 TRUCK TAX BALANCE! WILL YOU GET A REFUND IF WE WIN OUR LAWSUITS? WHAT CAN YOU DO ABOUT YOUR 1954 TRUCK TAX? WHEN THE ILLINOIS COMMERCE COMMISSION TAKES OVER TRUCK REGULATION ON JAN. 1, 1954: WILL THE CATTLE THIEVES RUN WILD? WHAT WILL YOU BE ALLOWED TO HAUL? WHAT WILL BE YOUR FATE? ALL THESE QUESTIONS WILL BE ANSWERED CHARLES F. B MANSFIELD, General Mgr. • Agricultural Transportation Association AT THE FOLLOWING MEETINGS: Oct. 8, 7 P. M.-Princeton High School Oct. 9, 7 P. M.—Monmouth Courthouio Oct. 10, 7 P. M.-Morton Civic Center (U. S. 150) Bring Your Illinois Truck Act Pormil Tell other truck owners to come with you Executor 's Sale Of REAL ESTATE AND PERSONAL PROPERTY By virtue of the power vested In me by decree for sale of real estate and household end kitchen furniture ordered and decreed by the County Court of Fulton County, Illinois, in the Estate of Ida M. Miller, deceased, I, Floyd W. Miller, Executor of said Estate, will upon the 10th Day of October, A.D. 1953 beginning .at the hour of 1 :30 o'clock P.M., sell at public sale at the residence of the late Ida M. Miller, now deceased, In the Village of Falrvlew, County of Fulton and State of Illinois, the real estate described as follows! to-wit: Beginning at e point 348 fact North of a stone which stands 20 chains West of the Southeast corner of tha Northeast Quarter of Section 33 in Township 8 North of Range 3 East of the Fourth Principal Meridian, thence North in the middle of the road leading from Falrvlew to Knoxville 90 feet, thence West 2 chaint and 73 links, thence South 90 feet, thence East 3 chains and 73 links to th<< place of beginning, being a part of what is known as Mill lot, in the Village of Fairview, in tha County of Fulton and State of Illinois. Said real estate is well located with a good house thereon, with seven rooms in good condition, good basement, and stoker-fired furnace, with frame four car garage, same being semi-modern, with electric lights end water. Sale subject to taxes for year 1953 due and payable in 1954. Also at said time and place, I will sell at public sale, household and kitchen furniture which belonged to the said Ida M. Miller, In her lifetime, and being described as follows, to-wit: 1 table kitchen cabinet; 1 electric refrigerator; 1 telephone; 1 electric range; 5 rocking chairs and I occasional chair; 1 buffet; 1 bookcase and writing desk; 1 studio couch; I library table; 1 radio; 1 bed and dresser; 1 bureau; porch furniture; 1 9x12 rug; 1 12x12 rug; • number of throw and linoleum rugs; 2 beds; 2 dressers; 2 tables; 1 antique dresser; 1 dining room table and • sat of dining room chairs; and divers other articles of household and kitchen furniture and other articles too* numerous to mention. The real estate above desribed will be sold on the following terms, to -wfti to the highest and best bidder therefor, 23 per cent of the purchase price payable on the day of sale, balance within thirty (30) days on delivery cf deed, possession given to purchaser on payment of purchase price in full and delivery to purchaser of deed of conveyance. The personal property above described to be paid for In cash en day of sale and no property removed from the premises until paid for. Sailer Not Responsible for any accidents should any occur. For further Information and for opportunity to see and examine the property, call upon Floyd W. Miller, Executor of Said Estate, Fairview, Illinois. lewis Marks, Auctioneer Russell Catron, Clerk W. S. Jewell, Lewistown, Illinois Attorney for Estate. Don't Dig Up Your Sewer kOTO-*OOTIft FOR CLOOOID TIWIRS. A DRAINS PHONE 7789-6 IF N9 ANSWER. CAll 5716-t Hampshire Boar and Gilt Sale Friday Night, Oct. 9,1953 7:30 P. M. In Mason's Sale Pavilion in Aledo. 35 Boars - 26 Gills Sired by Purple Sage, 1952 Indiana Junior Champion. A real meat type offering bred to please the commercial buyer. CHOLERA IMMUNEI BANGS TESTEOI Ralph Farwell ALEDO, ILLINOIS BEAD THE CLASSIFIED ADS REGISTERED SPOTTED POLAND CHINA HOG SALE CARL SEILER, ONEIDA, ILLINOIS -40- BOARS -10- GILTS FASHION ACi All pigs vaccinated for cholera and erysipelas. All bangs tested. Bangs Free. Plenty of new blood for old customers. Have just purchased the 1953 Grand Champion Bear of Iowa, Missouri and Spencer, Iowa, Fairs. See him sale nightl Tuesday Eve., Oct. 13 1953 SALE STARTS AT 8:00 P. M. 1953 Held at KNOXVILLE SALES BARN, Knoxville, Illinois Auctioneers-Luke Gaule (Springfield, III.) Holland Lindsay, (Woedhull, III.) Clerk - Loren Johnson (Oneida, HI.) Write For Catalogue i Lunch by Youth Fellowship of Ontario Congregational Church.

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