Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 24, 1956 · Page 21
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 21

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1956
Page 21
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24,1956 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE OnW! WEDNESDAY EVENING 6:00—(4) News - Kd Keath (5) Weather - Puppets (36) Rev. Oxendinc 6:O.V— 15) Sports - Jngham 6:10—(4) \Vea1her - Carrnichael 6:15—(4) Les Paul & Mary Ford (51 News - John Roedel (06) News - John Daly 6:20—(4) Political - Republican 6:30—M) Pick the Winner - Walter Croukite narrales. (Til Kddie Fisher ('.'fit News and Weather (i: 10—i.'ifii Rowling News - Laux B: ir>—(.1) News - John ('.. Sway/ft (3GI Political - Democratic 7:00—(4) Arthur Godfrey Show (COLORi (.")) Hiram Holliday - Wailey Cox stars. In order to elude the police and foreign spies after a slip of paper Hiram finds. he poses as a trape/.e artist and an Apache dancer in Paris. <!Vi College Math (3Hl Movie - Jackie Cooper flnd (lair Storm star in the drama "Where are your Children'.'" 1 7:30—15) Father Knows Bes! — Newest TV Sensation! YOURS ONLY FROM PHILCO Horizontal Contolet with SOUND FRONT at Table Model Prices! The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart John /V. Jonet Father and Mother teach Belly thai Birthday parties are no! primitive customs as she thought. | rather they are an expression of love. 7:-15— i9i Ancient Greek Civili/a- tion - "Greek University Lift'". 8:00—(4) The Millionaire - The check that is received by an Iowa waitress lakes her on a grand tour ot Europe in the "Story of Virginia Lrnnarl". <r>) Kraft Theatre (COLOR) A school teacher who lakes' passage on a freighter headed toward Lisbon, subtly changes and alters the lives of each person aboard. Eva Gabor stars. 8:15—(36) Sports Car Club News 8:30—(4) I've Got A Secret— Garry Moore. (fl) Here Is Your City — "History of St. Louis". Charles Van Ravenswaay. j (36) Mr. and Mrs. North—j "Target". | 8:.Y>—(1) Political • Republican: 9:00—(4» U.S. Steel Hour - II- j legal Mexican immigration isi shown in the story "Wetback | Run" starring Rip Torn. i.M This is Your Lite — Ralph Kdward-; (!)) AirK'rican Album - The' b->M (if "Omnibu e " serins "Chit- • divn or the I'N" and "The Ad-' WEDNESDAY KS» (NBO) 650 HC RXOK (ABC) (Mil Kt RM()\ (CBS) Kt H\VH (MHS) I38U HL M. 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 News; uaw Business; Mftftln News Notebook: Hits Ballroom News Spnrls Digest Lowell Thomas Mrjt Five Revut N«'.v< NPWS: Snorts Mnn on the Gt> Morgan Bcaltv One Man's Faml ly Bob & Ray Show Ballroom New* SporK Bill Crabl* News: Queen f\oy Qiitcn Bob Burnei Ed Murrow Robert Q. Lcwll Pick the Winner r'lut rive Music; News X Minus One People Are tunny BUI Crable filrt-tlon; Huntley Htalter; Orch. Js?,7 Man Blups News Night Mustc News Boxing Top* In Music Ballroom Sing Crosby Wiuhington AT World F.JCH of Faith Amos 'n Andy Musical Hour Sportr A Urn Dave A Urn Si'drU News; Header Gabriel Heattcr Gang Buster First Five New* World New. Harry Fender Gil Newsnmt Melody lime News 6 7 8 9 lu i'!i?i Boxing On-., ,I(,iin - From Port-; UK',man mr-o!s ; :n a 1(1 round which .lark 10 Coroehiand hear "the difference! Don't srtle for an old-Btyl* •et wit b i ipeakw on th* »<)«. ONLY 1957 PHILCO TV GIVES YOU... Sound Out Front in all models—Picture* at much a* 60% brighter with new Diamond D Power Plant- Automatic Top Touch Tuning-—4-Way R«mot« Control — New TV-PhoDORJ-aphj _ Startling new ma*t*ry of Sight ind Sound! 11:00—(4) (5) 11:10—(4) MODB 4KM, SHOWN AAOVI VHP $22995 MAJOR ELECTRIC CO. Tliomat St., lUivHiia. Dial 4-5661 For Fast TV Service Bring your *et to our shop In the morning. 1'iek up before 6 P. M. Square Deal Shop 720 E. Broadway I'h. 5-9411 When Friends Inquire Recommend the SAVOY HOTEL Opposite Llneoln-DougUi Square DIAL 5-877.1 POPULAR SAVOY CAFE It. CONNECTION WE REPAIR Anr Make of RADIOS, TV«. WASHERS. DRYERS GAS *nd ELECTRIC RANGES. Flit mid nrptndablt Service. H> Are A« Closf At Vonr Telephone. DIAL, 2-7511 WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES *SO» STATE ST. ALTON P H 3 3 5 0 0 CALL 3-3500 Television Service ALL MAKES EXPERIENCED TECHNICIANS Guaranteed Parts and Tubes Milo Wells, Inc. 2518 8t8t« P H 3 3 5 0 0 ALUMINUM Storm Window*, Doort, Air M»»ter TIU-0-M»tlo ALUMINUM • Julouile Door IV Thick VOUCH KNCLOSUHK Jalousie Double II ant Window*. Free K»llm»l»i OHNAMENTAL IRON RAILINGS—COLUMNS ALUMINUM AWNINGS N* Dewo Payment. »U Mot. CPX'I Home Supply Co. Nurtb Alton la Ibe H'odle hfavyw eight bout I);T»S report ing, ' $:'-"> —OH Political - Democratic j 9i.'lO— i;'») I Married .loan - .lim j Backus and .loan Davis slar. I "Mab'e's Dress". i (Hi AmirhairAmbassadors "The I'.V of lh.» Future". D: ill—Cifii Political - Republican j 9: .to—Cfii News and Weather—j Brticn Ilaywaid 9:r-i5—'4i Political - Republican 10:00—<4i <)//> arid Harriet — The Nelson family discovrrs a "hiddf-n panel" in their bouse 1 after living in it for many years, j '.">i J Led Three Lives— ! Richard Carlson stars as FBI • Cotmti'rspy Herbert A. Philbncl;; <!.»' My Favorite Reading— I Hriimeta Hani Bulus from, French West Africa, is guest. ' OS) Million Dollar Movie—: Ramsey Ames. !>>«? Bowman are starred in the mystery movie: "The Lie". [ 10:30— tit Famous Playhouse j Mystery. | (5) Studio 57 - Joanne Dru t is starred in the drama of a i beautiful young widow in Palm I Springs searching for & rich hus-} hand in the story "Palm Springs j Incident". News - Ed Brown News - Bob Hillie Weather - Dave Allen j (5) Weather - Cliff St. James U:15— (4) Movie - John Carroll and Vera RaJston star in the drama "The Flame", (5> Notre Dame Highlights Highlights of the Michigan State game. (36) Weather - Mclntire 11:20—(36) Nitecap - Norman 11:45—(5) Movie - Robert New- km ajid Sally Gray star in the j English made mystery "The Hid- j den Room". 12:45—(5) Weather 1:25—(4) Thought for the Day THURSDAY, OCT. Mth A.M. 7:00—(4.1 Good Morning — Will j Rogers, Jr. (5) Today — Dave Garroway. 8:00—(41 Capt. Kangaroo 8:T>"»—<4i News 9:00—(4i Garry Moore (51 Ding Dong School (!)) In School Program begins and continues until 3:30 p.m. 9:30—14) Peter Lind Hayes (5) Bandstand 10:00—(5l Home - Arlene Francis 10:30—(4) Strike It Rich 11:00-(4) Valiant Lady (a) Tic Tac Dough 11:15—14) Love of Life 11:30—(4) Search for Tomorrow (5) It Could Be You 11:45—(4) Guiding Light THURSDAY AFTERNOON Noon—<4) Recallit & Win (5) Charlotte Peters 12:50—15) As the World Turns 12:45~(4) News 12:50—(4) Comniimity Album 1:00—(4) Our Miss Brooks (5) Homcmaking 1:30—(4) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernie 2:00—(4) Big PayoII (5) Matinee Theater — (COLOR) Irene Ryan stars in "One of the Family", A girl who has helped to build a successful talent agency is disturbed with the idea that she has to do all the dirty work. 2:30—(4) Bob Crosby 3:00—(4) Brighter Day (5) Queen for a Day 3:15—14) Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Edge of Night 3:45—(5) Modern Romances 4:00-(4) Gil Newsome (5) Russ David 4:30—(4) Fred Moegle (5) Playhouse - Frank Love joy stars in "Act of Decision". 4:150—(4) Look, Listen, Learn 5;OQ-(4) Mickey Mouse Club 15) Wrangler's Cartoon (3(i) Movie - Johnny Mack Brown stars in "Frontier Feud". 5:30-15) Wild Bill llickok- "Blake's Boy". 11 Newi Night Mune New* Sign Oil Music Hour News, SporU News; Fender Harry Fender Rh.i them Suite Smooln Sailing Thought for Day THURSDAY John Roede) Art's Notebook lodav« Almin»e AP New« World N«w» Weather. Tempo* Tune Ut> Now* Early Show Weather Early Show New? Country Journal Salute Ozark Variftlet Weather Jack At Jerry New» Brace H»yw»nJ Weather Bruct Hayward World News News; Rex Davit Clockwatcher Sportj Jack & Jerry News Kd Wluon News Newn Sports Art's Notebook Bandfland Bruce Haywtrd World News Clock Watcher World New» Breakfast Club Arthur Godfrey Ed Wilson News Ed Wilson News BantL'tand N'eus; Hr«!tT V.rlnur/- Art'v Notebook Carl Mclntire True Story dri Marries Whi-p<-ring Street Top thirty Arthur Godfrey Kiu-hcn Club Howard MiUcr NCWE: Wilson r.ti Wilson Bands-land Hevut Wairen; New* Helen Tr«nt Song c ; N'eu-s Ne\vs nevxie Bandstand Revu* News 12 p. M. 1 Bruce Hayward Playhouse Party News; Headline! Ma Perkins Dr Malone Our Gal Sunday Jack A: Jerry News ! Who Caught Largest. Fish i tn Illinois? j SPRINUFIELD. III. i.Ti — Who ] rauelil (ho lart-pst fish rvp.r landed j anri rrrorrlrd in Illinois? Appa| rctiilv It \\-iis a \ouns man who i \\pit;lii'H only 10 pounds more than ; : ihr pri/r v. hirli lir rofln ralhr-r : than siiai-pfl. i Mil' plt.vsljoni \\-n- thf SCIMIP (if ilius caidi. It cliallpimns that of : ihr unknown fishfininn who the jsiatp conspfvafinn department ; IcnlHlivi-ly namrd as the achiever i of lht> liiu caliph !il Alton. Who- I c\rr IIP WHS. in 19)7 IIP bnmshl in a llfl-pound flathcad calfiyh. ; Nc»\spapcT files have stories of i the Murphysborn achievf.Tiient: A; ! l:'ij pound shrnrlbill catfish laUen | 'in 111'!! by a ynunK <-!rand Tower] jfishemiHn from Curbon Lake at! ; the 1 South Miirphysboru City limits.' i Thp lake's water level was. j lowered to remove undesirable ] species of fish. Fishermen then pulled in a 120 pound shovclbill. along with five or six others, all weighing over 75 pounds. The fishermen aJso reported j that a larger underwater creature j had ripped their seines and escaped. The following Sunday, Carl Quails. 20. weiahiii;,' 11.~> pounds, saw Ihe creature swimming near his boat. He leaped and straddled the j lisl-i. rode it underwater, uuirk'd ! it back to the surface and helped I other member'- »l the Quall.i ' triinily to brini; il in. The 1!l"i pound shn\e]bill v,;is 6 i fen .1 incites lona;, and mea.siirerl ! !_"; inches around the giil.s. It i had a tail spread of 16 inches. Seek Retired Army Officers As Tearhrrs Retired Army officers are be-1 ing sought to relievo the acute! shortage of teachers resulting; ,rom increased college enroll-; ments during recent years, sir-i cording to Illinois District Military headquarters al Chicago. Teaclr r recruitment centers mainly in scientific and allied tpchical fields wherein demands of industry and defense organisa- tions are greatest. The Ad.iulanl (ietieral. I.'. S. Aimy. has offered full cooperation to colleges and universities in efforts to meet the problem of an anticipated educator shortage. Double tin- present student en- n.llment is anticipated by 1%,"). Canada's province of Ontario has :>..'!OO.UO(I people in 412.582 square miles. No Coronation I No coronation ceremony is | i held for the reigning sovereign of The Netherlands. The king of queen is inaugurated,in accordance with the nation's constitution. Head Telegraph \V*;nt Ads Daily Kailua Kona, peaceful Vacation retreat on the largest of th« Hawaiian Islands, was the first landing place of American tnis- sionaries to the mid-Pacific. There are 44t,912 members of Parent Teacher societies in New York state. NO PARKING I'KOBMSMS AT ROXAXA THKATRK Tonite, Thurs,, Fri. •Joseph Cotton — IthoNcJn KJomlnit — \\rndell Con-.v "THE KILLER IS LOOSE" fl:ln Tony Martin — I'eta'ie C'aslli- "QUINCANNON" FRONTIER SCOUT" Color — 7: In Selected Shorts YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN Open* at ci:3l( SHOW STARTS AT TONIGHT and THURS. - 2 Exciting Hits fT DANTONSNOWDEN-WILLIAMS SYLVIA SIDNEY Plus Cartoon—Kiddies Free—Free Playground Pl»> house ^ Queen lor a Day Bruc* Hayward Right to Happine&a ^Ind Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack k Jerry 2 40 .15 JO M JJ JO .43 5-St»r Matinc* Hilltop House Youns's Family Woman in Hous» Mary MoBrid* Carl MclntJre Bruct Hayward Strike » P.lch House Party Phil Stevens Ed Wilson News; Wilson F,d Wilson Ballroom Phil Stevens Matinen Ed Wilson New* .K . X .B I Carl Mclntire Arf! Notebook Carl Mclntire News: Bonn« Ballroom Matinee News: Matlne* Matinee First Five Revu« '» *• M Newt Los Angelc? ("ouiily Population Lj> LOS ANGELES /V—Los Anpoles County population has swelled by 50.000 persons in the lasts year, the Regional Planning commission estimates. This brings the county total, as of July 1. to 5,.".-12.755. IMS Angeles city, which added 18.157. now has 2.277.997 residents. TV Offers 10 Hours of Variety \ This Week Ry CHAKI.KS MKRCKR NEW YORK uv-ln this presentj woek the three major television; networks are offering 10 hours of j evening'"variety" program*, j These hours do hot include the.j activities oJ Today, Home. To-t night, the Garry Moore and Ar-j thur Godfrey daytime festivities, and countless other programs presenting a variety of guests. They] do include the night-time shows of j Ed Sullivan. Steve Allen, Walter Winchell, Perry Como, Jackie Gleason. Arthur Godfrey, etc. ! What is a "variety" program j anyway? Obviously it's a variety} of entertainment—n little music, a | little dance, a little talk. It's aj series of beads strung together by j one person, the master of cere-! monies. i TV shows have reached a new j high in numbers, and parts of, them are constantly flying off to) help form the whole of still other i variety shows. Thus if you miss! Giselc MacKenzie on one show she'll shortly appear on another, j Multiply her by downs of other entertainers and by a process of| geometric progression you have, the age of fission in variety shows, i Even the hardy neutrons them-1 selves, the masters of ceremonies, I fly of! to other variety programs.; Ten hours of variety in a week j dulls the senses. Try as you will! to shake off weariness of spirit \ and dullness of perception from j this surfeit, it becomes increas-; ingly difficult to pick the better, "~ Wood bur 11 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" AVoodburn Xoles WOODBURN — Billy Wimberly, is home on leave from the naval base at Formosa. Sunday callers at the home of his parents. Mr. j and Mrs. Francis Wimberly, were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Wimberly and daughter. Robin Ann, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Barnett. Mr. and Mrs. Henry Oglesby of East Alton, Mrs. Alice Traliam, and Billy's grandfather from Lynchburg. Va. The Rev, Julius Appleton ol St. Louis delivered the sermon al the Congregational Church Sunday in observance of lay-men's day, and in the afternoon moderated the business meeting of the church. Mr. and Mrs. Ben Jones visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Everett Sheets and family of Alton. Mr. and Mrs. Rallard Brown of East Alton visited Mr. and Mrs. Frank Hopper Friday afternoon. David Lee Raymond visited with his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Giles Raymond, over the weekend from \ Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. Mr. and Mrs. J. 0. Ray of East j Alton, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hurley and children of Meadowbrook.' and Mr. and Mrs. James Ray and' daughter. Helen, of Bunker Hill visited at the home of Mr. and. Mrs. John Ray Sunday. ' Always 2 Color Cartoons •£• Kiddies Always Free 2 CINEMASCOPE HITS ENDS TONITE SQLDfEU tfFORTUNE RODGERSiHAMMERSTHNB BIG DAYS * THURS., FRI., SAT . . FEATURE PROGRAM . . Borne in Touch ; Young of the opossum are born incompletely developed and live constantly in their mother's: pouch for nearly two months after birth. New Guinea matrons along the Sepik River sometimes use ashes and lime for make-up. Head Telegraph Want Ads Daily Wide Screen FAMILY NIGHT Adults 25c. Kiddies 3 for 2Sc Shown at 8:20 P. M. GARY' COOPER in "DISTANT DRUMS" Shown at 7:00, 10:00 P. M. "When Gangland Strikes" Thurs, - Fri. • Sat, Halloween Show A Real Movie Treat 10 GALA CARTOONS Shown at 7:0(1, 10:20 Plus Gala Comedy "NIAGARA FALLS" Shown at 7:35 P. M. Shown ut 0:03 P.M. from the good in these variety shows. Thus \ve come to an llth variety hour in this current week—Washington Square, starring Ray Bolger, which bowed in Sunday afternoon on NBC-TV and will reappear every other Sunday. IOH NESON'JOT MORROW-JACKIE LOUCHEFY _ KKN MSM8TI ASItS KOQttKUD -.tSlOfr SSlKM-m.ur.» fW CJ.S •M*i»*> utiA i xxsa.tev.4vMC* t*^x : «, > ; iUHr C»W ~ HUES VAN KUSOi ' LEATHER SAINT PAUL OOUGUS -JOHN DEREK JODY UWRANCE-CESAR ROMERO K U«IVER5»t-l«I£RNH0iAl PICTURf TW1LITE MATINEE SUXDAV ( Proud and, Profane Wm. Holdcn DcDorah Kerr Plus "Xaked Dawn" OPEN DAILY 12:45 STARTS TODAY! THE LOVES OF THE BOLD THE GLORY OF THE • : WE'NDEU MICKEY DON 2:50 6:10 9:33 EXTRA! CARTOON 'DAFFY DULY' PLUS 2nd BIG H!T! Cavalcade of Spectacle! , THE BABYLON 1:05 4:25 7:30 It explodes ALL NBW Across the. Movie Screens Late Feature Fri. • Sat. "ROCK ISLAND TRAIL" TONIGHT ENDS SAT.! A UNIVfRSAL ! 1NTERNATIONAI RE-RELEASE JOHN PAYNE JOAN CAULF1ELD DAN DURYEA.^ SHEUEY WINTERS. OPEN DAILY 12:45 50c Till 5 Then 65c. Child 15c 4 DAYS DOROTHY HART PATRICIA ALPHIN 1:25 4:45 8:00 TOP & THRILLERS Extra! Cartoon Bugs Bunny "BUGS BONNET" 3:00 6:20 9:35 COMING FRI.! HALLOWEEN MIDNITE SHOW!! 11:30 P.M. BUD ABBOTT & 'LOU COSTELLO The Monsters of Menace Vs The Masters of Mirth! OPEN fi:80 Matinee Saturday 1:30 NOW! 4 NITES -CROWLEf TliRNiV • CA8RADINE * MANSFIEIP

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