Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 14, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1926
Page 5
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\- THETIOLA; DJILY BiEGfeTER, MONDAYEVE^fING^ JUNE 14.1926. PAGE FIVE THE llARKETS BY WIRE Stocks i Continde Tlifli" rpward TrMiil Df*ipltp IntMnlttent ProYtt Taklnjp. (By tji- A?<->-l;iJ'il Sr -fSI- N'ew Vork. June 14.:—* -broaden- ine demanij frjr Htooks charaMerl- 7 .nl thp resumption of the Biwaril irovfiU'-nt in loday's market. Foars • h<'ary oollini; in anticipation of ir.comp tax payments Isad not niat '?rializeil bj ParlV. aftfrno<>n. •i.Uil-.lipIiari-ntly litlle aitcniion wan l.niiJ- to ihp furlhor ilptline in Kri-ncli frahos to arouDil.tbi- lowest !• v .l on ifc'oril. * TrailinK wa.s In larKC- -.volumo. averagint; ovor 100,- I'lMj sharfe .-j a.n hniir. TI K ; cIOKini; was firm. Th« tip- •*ar»l'tr'f-nci wa.H malnl.'umil in th(; l;it>-tradiiiK ii'-n >itc 'inicrniil l<-nt profUliiklnK: A-lvanc-H o{ 2 to n . (I/A JMS ALLOWED polntMin .Monl«..m ..ry Wanl. Cal-lj.y I'.oanf of County Commfs- iiDrnia I'ai kirs:,' aii.t l>'os;i!im ('< r<-al j ,sio„erH af tli« Aiiril. ;l'92fi. meellnK: ,r.rK-,i-<l nn inc r. astil |l..iiian.l for , i,,.". p. .S. .Mju li.-ll. Comm. tl;.' Ill' ixli.-uuli.iiiiK anti loixl FhareH, I Lun. \vn\. John T. \Voo<l..$ '.vliil.. ilMi -ral .Motors mnUmi':'] to j I^r. It. (). ChriMlian. same— "p.i th- p:..- lor tlK- aiitoiiK .ljil.-; H. (J. (•luisiinn. Comm. Lun. \\y. Tcjtal .*ali-s aiiiiroxiiiiaiod kan^la^ ( ify l.ivestorfc. ; K.iii.-as City, .lum- .11 (rnitefl| i .'^tatvH i)»-i)jrtinf-nt of .AKriouJturp* MilU.- Il.oiw: calves .slow; :li>ff sffT!,- ,anii •yearliag-; mo.-itly ist'-ady: h<iavy .si<'»:rs i 'J.T-'); year: i!t:i^s il 'i; Ijuik ftd offerings fs.ha :'•/:<.T .'i; • h** stnck :•'e::iiy; l)u'lis'are Utrotjjf to l.V- liichf-r: calrerj un- MI.-R^ .Vliller - I^-nski, .^aiiie (;. K. Cani. CViun.sel Lun. In<i. niond Miiler Amiiroso Wlllit. witneH.s Lun. In(|. Wend .Miller Fred J. .M( K-.veii .".anie n. W. rihathvirk. Comm. Lun. Inri: Uebccca K. Youngs.. P.i'S. Mitchtll. aa:a« -L J. C. Kilianls. Coun.selI .4jn. In(|rRehei-<;a K. Youngs.- 5.«W r..ou .'i.flO .••.00 .. •.v:i. wf-ak to .".lie lowi-r: inp veal.s ;f!<-o. .Youn!;^-. witne.s.s Lun. i,:!'!:;:. .arly: --r.irk(>:^ anrl f. e^l-{ Inq. .l;el.f< .-a K. Youngs.. : ir'^ si >-ar !y :'«l)ulk »>;.2r.''i T.'o. [Mrs. i^cti. Youngs, same — L li.ogs l.:.i)uo; ran.-ily I.', to, i.'.c j Ariiuir .V..-e(e. .same !.<\(.-i' :i::.-n KaMnl^iy.s av.r.ign: lop .Mrs. T. A. Brown, same _-. iH.'.-i ou iKHi .id.-: hulk of .saltSvU. L Garliugbouso. ^ame^.. >:i:r :.":<i n.i-'.: d.-^ir.ihi .'.iT" to 210; KM. ^. XUXUUH. I'. O . J UV. 1..'inds il i'(.V .I II.:;.".; W ^w^ lighi.-5 ] (V.urf .Mary Floreni:e Bt-nt- •(.. i\\'<", w-i<iirii.-r <.':j''-rint.-f i b-v , il'ill; paikint^ sows ilJ'fi ll '.'io; t Dr. C. Stephens, exam. >;tf;<'k s!'.ady to wiak.. $1 l.T.vfi'1 Juv: Court Mary i:. T .I. . ;' • ! Florenie Bfentley .-ii»-..p' <i)i"); lambs g'^neraliy 2.". o. j,. Whitake'r. JJ P. State vs. ;-) '.'i,; low.r; i ,lf uiore; top; .\|r.s. W. d. ^t<!wart • -Colorado's ilfi.t."; Arizona's Jlii.;!-'': Ira U. Kelb-y. jtifDr State vs. b.-tt>ir, gr;id-s of nati.t.s largely Mrs. W. S. Stewart ri.'..;;.".'''! K; c'll-; jr*..'.'f/ ID ; sheep p. j. MoKenna. t-ame arr)]i:i'! J.'..; lowf-r: t-xTss w.thers Ray IJell. same; <.'irry;u£c a .m: of'br-Mkers ; iJaiiT Bust,-frii, same l^y'^ri. , I Lee BowJus. .same ' !.\. D. Morri.s, same K )in>a< tity Hay. |C. L. Whitaker. J. P. State Kans.i.s City. Ju:!.' H. —liny ."i'>c , vs."^K. R. Reeves hii--h.-r to r.;'< iow^r. r.;ceipt.<? N. Phelps.^ Cons. State . vs. E. II. Reevi^ Timothy Na. 1. $2.1; .standard 422 " a. stroup, salary and T;l'2.,.t: No..'. ^2of/21..-,o; No. :!. j ;>x„pnse , 3.-.S.70 il>.,-,o/f, 1;, .V). |(^,. xoftzer same 260.60 • l-rani- No: 1. JlOfj IT..^,..; ..So. 2i<„,, <-,lsen sam. Jli-ol.V.-,..; .\'... ::. ,<l-ol:;..-,o. 7,.,,,.^n. .Ufalfa^h.o.-. J!, ...... l'...:..i:.\o.,,- Harnliart. 1. flU'ol.; H ff l.>..>0 ; , if -.u ^rts 's No 2.'*12.,i::...|: No. Z, *>^-;U^y. i 1 'it SnS%a fleo. Tippin, labor i S. K. AVJ1.SOII. labor - I2."..l»0 W. ». Ling labor ... .17.'>0 James R. Bauer. labor 27.00 J. C. Harri .son. labor Io0..-!1 BenJ. H. Bacon, labor 22..".0 Harry Ceyer, labor G."-" Leo Fredorirks, labor . h.l.l 'J John' Hart wig, labor .">l..'.9 Logan Frame, labor :'.0.00 F. H, Liidecke. labor ...J.. L.'.O K. K. W (Kid. labor • 2u.2i .Mark J. Percy, labor .">.0T J. H. McMurray, labor L2a A. Oliver, labor 7.70 .John K. C.riff!ifi. labor .... 565.23 State Savings Bank, labor, assign. ... 1 3.20 " a.OoiJ. H. Park, labor r .S.7.-. Ilola Plumb. Co.. labor .'/J.SO 1 .".Oi-Jean Long, .labor •'2.Si) t r.i ! C-,1 tlilrn. I'.hni- ^. 2.So 5.00 1.5Q L5t> G.OO 5.00 \.^xy.?A .Milne labor 1.50 ! K. C. Long labor 47.60 1 So i D. Sehomerus. labor ; S6.J0 1 .-,1) ; L. Stewart, labor . 2S .O0 ' F. -t>. Kratz. .is.sessing lOS.oO Jay Hall, .same 1 Sr ..'''0 J. V. Slack, same ^ 125 .0o P:. P. BrrgUaia, same ...... 104.(iO R. .v.. Cunningham, same— 101.00 .M. H. Sehmidt. same ...r.. loS.ilO j D. -M. Dimomr same luS.O'i C. C. Ausherman. pame ... lOS.OO Isaac Decker, same .135.00 1 .00 i Dell Adams, a.-isessing and 100! pauper md.-'e. . 1. 147 .00 1 .00 ' Bowersoek Mills & Power l.M I Co., sand ....l.-.i ' 3.";.22 1 .00 , Richaril.° & Conover. steel —1 .0 (I.S.7G F, O. Lawyer. r;ep.airs •"•7.25 United Iron Works, blue _ ^ .| , ,.- n .rniinst.n. prints ...i '"•'••-•"" CIobe.M '-rr. Co.. same'.. J. J. Thoma .sEf .n. ofl and gas 14r(.>2 ; , \v> s.nme Pee'nless Oil & Ref; Co. oil | ( p p .-nn -v .".). same 74.1.^ 1.50 4 .00 l.Oo 4 .90 19.55 '•|iii.-r-!nij.'ci Ii;,-i:t. Nh. 1, i$21.'t f 21 .'.o ; .No. 2. % 1'•/ i2o .'.'1. kan-a-. K ily Market ( |o»p, Kiii-as r;ty, .la:i<- II. 'a'.l).;;iart:.n.n: i>0 A^ri. uit ur'- 1 Ole Olsen same Daviil l.aniJon. same ^—, same .. same same W'm. .\. Hes.s. same ... L. V: \Vil5on, same C. II. Sti-phens, same . _ 119:4:5 S2.00 — 10G.90 li)f).80 — 1.-.0..-.0 .. 11S.32 273.88 . 204.05 Kl -'irrni i. H. Round. sa,rae-. 152.54 d. Fr-eman. saiiie...- 160.SI , \V S. Lytle same 49.0S ,c:..sifiK ..irtl- qiio^anoris, f.d <)ff.rr- j;s,.vmour .sal. and exp. int'-' •losing fully > lop all : ^'..^g •.v.M-'itr, -iniluiilng mi.xtrd-.vearliugs . fi'.. r,,i..rad..'s f 'M ;-.',r:i TSi; fe<l ' '' 'l'-.\,,is TiX.iS gr:issej-.s glow. m..-.o r Ha'.is. .s^I, exp. and jail . board L -- 712.66 ;() l."i< .. , »^ ... i .Marv W.'bs'er. salary ::;os.iy | u ^.rotna M. Freeman, sal.— ,, , 1- ; Lf^anor Keith, salary^.l:— -L,f|/^ ...pound butehors at;!;!;;^^; ^mtO. salao ^'-'""' -\ ' !.K.hel'Shively. salary 50.00 75.00 100.00 125.00 60.00 lOO.UO 76.00 141.67 50."0 7.24 Use It Like Your Cook Book, Mrs. Housekeeper. When you ncctl .some partii-iilar culinary infomna- tion from your conk book, you turn to il.s alphabetical indi.'.x to find what you want. . ' Tliat'.s ea.s;y—and you do it all the time. *• And when you want some'particular information about buying or .-iellinj^ opportunities—when you have differejit need.s of everyday life to Jui satisfied— : Just turn to the alphabetically indexed ad.s in the Cla.ssification that specially you in th«rA-B-C Cla.s.sified Section. . The Classification.s are conveniently jrrouped and in '"l-^-S" arranjjenifcnt—and every ad under each one i.s lifted in "A-B-C" order. You'll find this .service just a.s n^es.sary arwl as helpful—and to—as your cook book. G6t it every day! The A-B-C f las.sified A^s Always the Same—in Seftlce Ainays Different—In Opportonity A<lv>>rti.-i;iiS npIiTcl for i,-rc:tul:ir In- Ri -ri .i .cs t.ik's fh>- '.ii'- lim-*-. ; N" 'nrt t.:kf-n fur I MMH a ba.«r* i.t thr.'-»* liii.^. - \ rilrj.VK TOfP. <.7 .ASSIFfF:D \ TO JS An A.I Tak^r will «I;..lly assi.-t yr„i if. U.-sir. il. s»j titil .tli»* (-'»py for ymir .-i.l is»*<l in ..<u. h a- rnanror as i .i til- r-solts. fijr y..j. SfH'.' r:ite.< fiir y»'arly ji.IVertixlr.;?.. 4 *ar»-fiil alt.-nii .in ^jv.ra to m.tll '«r- d»'.ra whirh must I>»r a-i-h with order. fV-AP-SIKIKfi JiATKS DaUy rate per line for oiusecutlve in.-"<fr£ions; Ch.irge Cash Six li.Ty-i Te Co -Three days 'M: ?.• fJuf <lay Mi: \»c. Mi.'iimum f liars-. im any ad. .Minimum lasli. .I'tc • <'<nint fiv.- wi.ri" to^ .a lln". .V.KW STAR CAR.S—Also pv,„.l n^ed oars; 1 Chevrnio? coup.-: 1 . Kl. ar touring: 1 Chalmers rf.ii! .'e;-; 1 Ford tont^in'.;. Be-kf? c;nr:;.r.>. OAKLAND: SIX—i.''24 s;,.-.rt ?o;]r- B;.VI»I.Vf; iTWI .NK fleniiine Ply- molit'i hin.iini twin". Hobart- S;e<b- .Moti .T f'o. ' . , , ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals ing. diico, rf'.OflKS - 15 Vol. Tiie i:o.)k of His\ t'^ry and rrrrnVilefo s.i of The Book •01 kno.-.;..!::,•. \'.'rit.- C,.. \V. Curl, Humboldt, iil'.ciri'- yyl. ifinish. I'ke n-w, ; «-:-."ei ; brakes, etc.; 1*26 P'ord eoiiK-. likej new; 1921 Old.stmohile 6 touring. ^ xKW V.'ATFil cooLP^'iri- Refris- cheap::1919 Oakland tourinsr, goal! Vr::? .-s. lar.e size: also 'i-e er^am condition: Biiick six tourin:.; 1 f rf...;; H.-niiii)i,'er'.s Furniture c-heap. New .Miller ?My.'> eord lire.; j::^.. llii \V.'..Maiiison. heavy diftv. Hobart-Steele Mo-,i •—'—^ : tor Co..^ • ' :; SPKCLVL—F.:- harv.:-st. hulk cijp pcrea.-"*^..- F ^.T -jns yonr own containr Anto Accessories, Tires, Tarts l.*! ; er. B .SoMnrc Service Station, 423 North "\Vashin;iron. . Barter and Kvolijintre PL'R-O-LATpR—Cives el. an oil to, your motor at all tin;' 1;-. no obligation. .McCarty Battery =—.. Station. . ; . CKOCPZRY— And general merchan- ' '•—I dise .'•lock ti> excli.-inz'e-for lola'. CORDS — Ku'l "sized; pro:>rri:.-. First class stock and .NOXICE—-Anyone caught fishing or hunting on my fafin one mile east of Prairie Dell s<:hool house | will be prosecuted to the full' exr tent of the la-w. J. C. Butcher. ri -;?'!r '-s. .S-e \\. \. S.hl -iek. Farm Kqnipnient .Strayeii, Lost. Foond 10 Mrs. Nova Wilky. snm.> C. T. Harri.», same B. R. Tiiay.-r. same . Wm{ lOLA RUMBLINGS (By J. P. Bell.) 2;!::;-<[ 4.30' 51.41 and gas : ciias. Osser sam- j ffai kijey dt Son. san lola City Oil & Supply Co.. oil and gas 1 Ralston Store, same . IS'i^ Blaker Lumber C.u remeut. 291.26 j., j;,„j,t,_ same, NV.rthriip Lbr. Co..l.cement .-• 51.99 jj^^, ivniiington. .-.nia' Mrs. \. V. Howland, gravel. 15 .20 f. y Sinclair, sain.- BILL FOLJ3— r »st containing $22. $5 reward. Return to Register. , PORTAC.R .lOvin's (Seiherling built" .TT mni! order prices. See them at li. T.;: Barber's Oarage 209 West .sfreet. | Phone .>!.->. MOWING MACHLNE—New Emer- TIRES—New cords. n2xt. -$21: • soC-Brnnt:n:rliam standard Tn». .lOx.T'/i. Sll-25: limited supp'ry. fola • chine. 5 ft. cut. Hobart-Steele Anto Wrecking Co. Phon>-- 7 .^2. MoTor Co. Repairing—Serrlce Station:; AUTO RE^".A.I-RING—Welding a.'-.d storage. City Garage. F. B. Gaod- BABY ROMPERS?—White, embroidered in bine.; Finder re-1 ale. 214 N. -Teff. Phot!a-T7'2: turn to Ragi.ster office. ^ew.ard.V LICE.NSE TAG—Found Monday | = west If river bridge. Owner may 16 CiiAlN BINTlER—.W-w 7 ft^ 'Mc-'cx bin-l'-r. -?2n less than new pricr-. C;;lt'iit .Mien County Im- pleni'-nt anl Hardware Co., 207 Soii''n Jefi'.-rson. f ^ K'. .Marsh, l.ini.' Martha E. Chri.sty. gravel.. M.SO R. ,\. Finney, labor and exp. G6 .OO \i„ran .M-r.-. Co.. .saiii'- ... K. C. Plumb. A Klec. Co.. \V. Aml'rs.n, saiu- labor and supplies 25.5S ^•..^ ^ \V. H. Root labor anil-fep.. U .6a j ^^ Mciniin<-y vam- t - Jos"idiine Grant cleri" al ; 1^1 ^ y f;ro(cry. s.nine . Mr. Glen Croley. who has been ^ j luialile ro.'oe at Work at thti I'nited "* -' ! Iron Works for the past two wt.-ek.s. "il 'i"-' of an acciilent to his •'••'••*! 1. a; the plant, is .so far recov- , rd as 'o be ai)le to ri'tum to '.viirk lliis i.'vlondayi morning. .\Ir. A. Howoy of 16 South Ken-i •'"""luckv, drovo to.Kansas Citv with hi.s^!-^''CTtO.V—Will soil at public sale BUSINESS SERVICE Business SerrJres OfierA! 1^ have same by identifying and pay- j F .\RMERS ATTE-VTIO.N '—Gr-t your' ing for ad. : ^ ;!.binder^ canva.s repaired, now. rea- "sonable prices, at^ HeiL ->-!i 's. , ; AUCTIONS Aortinns lOA MnTin?, TfurkJnir.'Storase i"» H.\Y I'i;[:SS --\r.r! .\rtior. with engine. T. v.. Davis. '6 mile.s south r,f .Moran. Kans.. phine 1:^15.- HARVKSTKR AND THRKSHER-r- Internatii ' (-..mainaticn..--har­ vester an-.l thr>.-r.rr. .g'.od condition. Lf-a;^h Portland : Cement C.). fo 'n. Kansars. . t w <irk ^•'^''1 Willl.-i-m S.ymour, same Inu.oO, F.- A. Wilson, same ; Hfl.oi. Hugh. Gnu ery. : am.' l;anis:iy s. sam.; A. R. Sb-'-p'-r. p :iiip. til for T- C;i»y (l.,«e. T'- A- Stewart. s;tlary ... Kansas Cit.y. .lun.- :.i4._Close: Wargaret C. Fife, salary w(i..-at. .^uly .il.:^>k: s-ifa. $1 ::o!-^ • ' ^'•'*'^>''^' salary.. I)!-.-inli-r fl.:;<.-%. "ISkelty Oil C^.. supplies^. I ..p.'i. .^ulv Tic: Se;.;; 7.1 -„c- De-' Tire Repair 'Shop, supplies^ 21.74 |C C. .M(farty. supplies 42.67 =- j Somerville Garage, sup 2.01 Kan-ias ( ify (.'rain. . -f- D .Adams Co.. sup. ..... lSo.15 Kansas Citv. June 14.-^Cash Mounting Hdw. & Mach. Co.. r.-iiiber 72'""4C-.,--jpts .i:;o cars; un/;haiig- ^d to Ic lower. No: 2 dark hard .supplies .^1 ^ 1— .Marr Auto Sup. as., sup— H. Kerr, supplies n .-.6'51 ..^S:INo .3 darkJiard $1..54ffl i\\V. H. Kerr, supplies l.r .6: .No. 2 hard |1..55 ^/!l .57: .No. 3 i :5 '.-phensnn Oil Co.. sup.— -nard $1 .5 ?.fi 1 551-,, : >-o; 2 rod $1.47: Brickler Oil Co. sup. .-. -- - — • .^Kansas Highway Comm.. Til.4«: No. Z red $1.44^1.46: Corn l'~ to 2c lower: No. 2 white 'Til-'!; T 2»HC : .N O JV whit»f 70>-jfi' 7J'-je: .Vo. 2 yt-!Iow. 74'?t74>t!C: No. ?. V "H 1 I OW 71'j'F/ TOC; .N O. 2 mixed j 71 •f) 72c; -No. .1 n^.ied 7oV.fi71c. [ Humboldt ..\uto Supply'Co., 'Oai>. unchange>i. ;1white 43 I supplies <'/44c; .No. .1 white 42•!( I2'!~:0. s-upplies :—-; .Moratr Filling- Station. sup .L Rath Bros., supplies X. E. Cole, .supplies 21.0Q 2.63 31.39 19.54 4.55 a.fio 10.56 . 1.S5 5.00 L. M. Kratz. same I""'"" f Slate Sana' \fary K. Hound, .same . 41.'.'-j pauper far" \ Luella Vamer, same "2"fM w. T. Thomas. s.,ni.. L. . Lizzie Allaire, blind car.-.. 12.50: „ ,, .s:rii:|,. same ... I.ola Greenhouse, shrubs ... - Ga.Oe Uj. j^. j.^yj,.- same Minnie Lundy, work at the ' ! p s: jjaK-oni -:im.- County Farm -,.21 .00,,,^ g .Mh.v.ich. sam.- .. Bes.sie .M. Avery, same ... 31.o.i,f. j ..nj^j.n, ..;;,.r s:im-.. 1 Mamie Itir.-haTt. same' r -'.'jWm. .Vicnievfr. saniv .. ... '••'jL'! Pet'-r Dahl. pa:i;,«-r r.^ii'.-. i ;'"^li44Aa'k last Friilay after a load of • !i.,u.'<"hoId goods for a .Mr. iKes- •^'-'^S Uijnger, who • lia .s rented [a ifarm ^'i With fif towrl JTr.^o-.yej-ial .so •'^IJPofe 'fo PrTrolia lu.vr^ couiilf of ''^ijfirses which he ti.-.»k to Kin <:aid in '"^iLs triirk Sunday. 2.: (to j ,\ ;.r,-at ma.iy ihanges are tak- iiag place ill this ilay and age.. ["Some p.-opb- move away from oth- cj" towns and people from other fffwua tuove to .lola. We can iinder- ns ny e another CORR TRANSFER : CO.- I'a<:k;ng .storage. long distan.-e hauiing. Rjeasonable rates I'hon - 1 Ilousehnlil ('londs Professional Serrlres 28, s»;.60 1:; ."«.o «n "S^ 8"'''' P'opl.! from other town T'-m jpovc to Jola but w.- fail to see an; M^nm t^^^ peo;.le should hav Tuesday. .lune 15, al 1:30 o'clock jit y\7. N. Ji-f ft^ruim : one dresser; one china closet; one bookcase; office desk; one parlor suite.' ,, ~ ' good; Z ro,kers; one ffa.s range., SURGERY -lIodi.:ne, x -ray. Dr. extra good: 2 hearing .stoves: yard! „ LH^'^ swing; high chair: chiffonier; 2; "-esidence, n.26\\. rtznor.s, extra feood: 2 tables: one j SURGERY— .:Vr,d consultation. Dr. baby pen: 6 new dining chairs;' (;. S. Lambeth. Office nhone 25--;: 2 rugs. 3x12; lots of other articles.: residence phone GlaJ.Hours. J:::0 This stuff is extra good. A..C. to 5:30. IfK f'.rj>C"uS,- Vud nfrigi-rators. ;go<.'; oi :e.-:, [>tii-.l r.) s-U. 219 -V. .I.^fff -rKon. Tirys -M F!;rnif .:ire Store. VI anted Xu Bny !;ij.VT sir .V. \V,--::::g L-0G.I :.n. or Jioar. Call :.!;.,1IS3J. (Jliver. .\uctioneer. AUTOMOTIVE E.MPLOY.MENT desire to move to Jake- Kerr, same ----Elma Fredericka Beal exp. J. N. Phelps, expense lola Laundry Co.. laundry.. 1 .75 Southwestern Bell TeL Co.. telephones '.J. 2o2.11 J. N. Vkkers, Insurance _. 22.50 W. A. Wheeler, Insunance.. lo.50 ^•^«?2i «iwn. as lola is one of the very Mrs. D. H. Brown, same — J. .F. Knoi tf. same C. L. Whi'akt-r. h.One . — .Mr.s. Terrill G. Honn. sani.-. J. O. Thnnipslin. same — I. I). same ^_^_i.M. C. d-l. !.a:ip'r coal —r - General Road F'in:l transfer '.\\T.\~. j- 1 i.7....>.. • 3^,, -'rough neck" tnot even in Alex R. Stroup. pay roll 1'' f 1' K.-ist lolai aiid f;:.'hfs and but A. R; Stroup. pay roll 1-'**--^-.' very li'ile infraction of the law. .^lex R. Strou;i. pay mil. 19^-7.. .^y^^. come to lola. you who O. H. borsett. supplies 16.31 Ry,. sSc. ; Barley 6'>!f3 62c. Kafii^'SI.25fill;2';. .Milo maiz.- $1 .29Ti 1 .30. ' |f hirago Grain. Chicago; June 14.— CI O.J.-. Wheat. | Hall-Lithographing Co.. .sup. ' July f l .;'.>3 .4 ;• Sei.t. :$l.:'.4"s: Deccm-I Kil. .Morris, supplies b..-r $1.37'=. Corn. .|i:l>. 71 S<'; December 76'!sc. ' ijals. T!Tty 41»ic; li.'cember 43?'4c. , i Ry^; Jiily '.n\r; .Sipt. Sl'sc; Dt- <•mbe'r 97 %c. Sept.. 7C%c; .42%c: f C. J. \Varser. supplies ' 32.25 B. .M. t'outant. supplies — .9.0 Biown's Drug Store, sup.—" 1.25 Evuins Store, supplies 20.70 Htimboldt L'nion *up. 2.75 Daily Regi.ster .sup... 438.95 33.00 1.00 46.06 .CD Crane & Co:, supplies H. H. Cobleniz. supplies... Wallace H. .\nderson, Rec, • suiJplies .:j. - Wi.shard. Hdw. & Seed Co.. supplies -I : . Cook s Drug; Store, sup. — Wheat, cMseii. unsettled at the I wiU H. King, supplies same -JS PatunJay's finisji fif \<: (iff. corn l"-<c !b 2-'S,^ .down, oats -ho«ing "s<- to:l>4C del line, and ;.rov:sionh unchaotjed to 37c lower. T. li. Shapn |in 'Co.. sup. Shannon Hdw. Co., sup. .:— liloal icarage. sup; ..\rchie Wo<«il, supplies Sl.tndard, Oil Co., sup. , Fred RoWdeh. supplies McCarthy Motor Co.. labor. 7.10 10.20 40.S7 90.50 20: s5 12.08 18.69 20.39 87.71 3.15 7.90 26,40 Ed. Henninger. stove City of lola. -gas. ; water and "electricity ... lS'j.47 .\llen County Cow Testing Ass'n.. Fees L 21.O0 j C. C. McPherson, sen$<e3.- 14.00 J^o S. Gish. services .1 .S..".0 Hill's Taxi, services liGa Travis Morse 'legal serv 300.00 lola Milling Co.. mdse. .... 103.75 J. V. Merchant, attending cloek J 25.00 George E. Thornton, condemned anijnal 37.50 Martin Igel. "same 55.00 Allen County Farm Bureau. appropriation i 359.10 I p.,,;^^-, f-juV, expense Clerk of Dist. Court, service 5S .0:> i \jij,„j„ wix, G. ' -M. Reynolds, pauper I , ' 2.5.22 1 Total ! .iuy '""^:itst resi.knce towns in Kansas. Ill eo i-iiprf. j.^ mu(;ii less lawlessness in lola than in the majority of towns " i ihe size of lola. There i .s more • iiarrr.ony and .good will to others •J Than you are lik--Iy to find in most The average citizen of more conlent.-d with his lot than i- the average citizen of liiost Antomoblle Aeencles BI.'D WHtTE MOTOR CO.—Hudson-Essex-Chrysler sales and service. 219 S. Washington. Pho. ISO. I Help Wanted—.Hale •'•:' I towns, lola is 3.00 ticvn.-. You will finil more better- l"^-^' ilres.sed and prettier girls in tola I-' DODGE BROTHERS CARS—Graham Brothers trucks. Sales and service. Elli.s-Swonger Motor Co. (;RAN D' MOTOR CO.—Hupmobile- WillysrKnight-Overland sales and sei^ice. Dependable n.sed cars. FCRNfT'';:;; -•.•I 'anrfMl. Kird's new aad sii..i.; "r;;:r.d -'o :-f. . tium-! bold; i.::c::.- IT': or tola Ii:;SW. FL'R.N'ITiii:K-Of ail kimfs for cas'i. v.j.- s-:i on payment.-'. Sea • :;s brrni-i.- .a; buy or sell. W'e a'.so :'!o lira;, ing and plumbing. Phone Sfj:!. Chimney Sweep Store. WANTED; TO BL"Y-r-FuiTiiture of all kinds. Wc will, pay highest some capital, interested in op.^n-' cash price. S«;e us before selling, ing a retail store, catering to Bishop .Sa"=es.Pavilion^ Phone 367. farmers' trad'?5 Ideal !o( :it;on.. Write Box 63 Tola.' Kans. P .\RM HAND—Wan- eri. c iir ra;!'s west at foot PMjua Hill, .sini'h -id" road. W. F. Kennedy. Tola R. 3. : JIA.V— Wanted, iive. energeti.^ with R003IS AND BOARD TWO .ME.N—Y'oii,Jig. single, tr.iv.l , Rooms for Honsekeephtsr \ 69 trans-_ ^^jthan most towns can claim. T 1 t^Sii.Oii' -'rough neck" tnot eve There ;.VA3H MOTOR SALES ven in i and service. .Sec our line of used IP nserc^s f'lli^a""./"'"- he.smbitiotJs.:p,,f,^.,3j ,^.n ROOMS -I le , cars. (.-^^.^ ajl jnformat.ion concerning ^.^pr^^.z P'loro- I' M- Q -.s C0.--Salc3 ; Good future. E.v ellenr pay. Writer r"-"- S—For house-' <jr 117.3. 22s -Li cars, open . and closed models. Alex .R. .Stroup. pay r.Jl ^"'-2:' are locking for a" better place in .\lex-R. Stroup. pay roi; :;j7.3 :t' H. Mynatt. • labor: Chlcjuro Lhcifock. (."hicnao. Juni- ill. dniied States Ii-'.itr;menf of .Aigrirultun-.j-.Hogii ^i. i;. .\tilier. labor ._ •I'.eiKi; mostly 10 to 20c lower; :o;!iiir wtighl show iniuimum de- J_ . __._„__ . .I::..-, bulk de.sirabi,. pounds '5 -RECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS • 'ii .Asi ^I4,."."jffl4.6r.: pr/i<itical top JltT'c, niajfirity 240'ti :i25 pound b.;'i i:.;rs , iir,.f>T,';t li.-t>: j packirtg i iq:rg. !y $12.60TrlL>.<;|i2j sorted ' Ki ;i ;!isr ;ings $14 ..'>0e 14.S»f: Jjeavy- . •v-igli;' buys in.en -V; 14.3.*; medium •• -n '11 14r-r.i light $l.T35ra 14 .70; / larht light $13..S5<rr:14.iO:l jiacking SOWS' J12 .;;5c, 12.90#" slanghler pigs 414.25fili.Se. Cattle' 22..i)iici'; fed Steers ti :ade. uneven: mostly' s.teady: desirable yearlings incliuiiiig heifers ftilly steady; spotjj strong; severAl loails of Kan.saaJ^d steers^ scaling 1.298 to 1,349 pounds fiv.ijo: a part, of these on a special onVer: fat she<;k iteady:'more ijrassr cows nn sale: huU.s stron,E; vcalfcrs SIOC/ lI_,mostly- few up to $12. Sheepi l'5.0ou: fat lambs market , practically at a standstill: early bids .sharply^ Inwer, with iaereased sorts dtjmandea: "best native lambs hel<|_ around $17; fewi ^axly sales - niuve ewes/at $6@6.o0; about steady. J merchandise McGannon Groc.. .same Taylor &" Laughlin. same — 1 4s.00 J. G. .Mitfelbach, same ' 5.10 Olson Merc. Co., same 19.97 L. E. Foster same 1 62..S0 J. B. Knepp, same . 10.00 Schultz Groc.' Co., same 16.13 P. C. Pope, same 35i34 Ben Caldwell, same ... 5.10 Bolton Grocery, same ..—. 3.oo Humboldt Groc. Co.. same.. 20.39 E:cononiy Shoe Store, same. 6.00 K. E. Wright, same ... 14.00 Wm. P. Feeney. same .- S.59 C. L. .Miller, same 1.70 Ki. Harvey; same 13.40 Guy Roberts, same 1509 Star Shoe-& Clo. Co., same. 6.97 J. A. Fryer, same .. 108.0't J, C. Porter, samef .... 11.25 J which to live'/ .Mrs. Kd!:ar Sexton and children. :'.6.32 . jjy^._. I o„ .jp,] j,,an. who have been ol^?- , ••'isiting their parents, grandparents and aunt, .Mr. and .Mrs. G. W. Brin- ''*•.!- er and .\lis.s Ed.-,a Rriner of 103 '.'^ _So:nii Fourth stre-t, left "Sunday .on the 1;;!7 afternoon Santa Fe for ^•.1", their h. me'in Topeka. ' .Mrs. F. B. Logan n;tnrndd home to Mer-vin." .Mo.. Sunday after a "I-';.State of Kansas. .Mien Cuuntv, ;s.s ..j^j. ,.„uple wepks in lola '.vith I, Geo. Seymour. Coiin'y Clerk.: j;er father. .Mr.-C. J. .Malo'ne. ofi W. O. Roush. labor C. .\f JI(Clung. labor .\. P. Riggs labor Geo. labor Edwin Fr.rsman. labor i' Automobiles for .Sale 111 .Mr. She^han. 2'2 J'Ni:r;h Creep pt'p.xrsHED ROO.MS — Kitchen" Street Chicago. . - -— - ' privi!e:;es modern hou .sif. close in.„ . . , - , \-. double garap'-; 301 N. Waahing- nelp-^tale and Female ton. Phone 793. FORDS—Several extra good Ford! MIDDLE .^ GF:D —.M.m and, wif*^ TWO ROOMS—In mofJern house.,sedan|i at low prices. ^T^Jpie^SIo-. wanted, until Sept L to work 011 n:,.eiy'fin-niiihe^. VialJ 609 .North "t tor Co.. used car dealers since 1913.1 farm, or elderly lady ui do gen.^ral . ^-T ^fCiji-rfn^" Phoite sV6 —: j housework for t'.'o men while — FORD. C.\R3—1925 Ford touring: woman is away. '-M- REAL PiSTATE FOR'RENT 1924 Fordor sedan: 1924 4-pas-j care Register. _ ' ' - ' Sanger cc^pe: 1923 Ford coup4< ; 1924 Ford .sedan; 1924 Ford toiir-j ing; 1924 Ford ton truck; Ford speedster;" one Ford roadster; Ford touring with traveling top. j. C. Butcher. in and for County, do h.-rdiy ; 1016 stre.'t. certify the above anjLf.regoing to, ' : . the a true and .-orr-ict statement of' HutcUinson-The 1926 .sheep and ,, , . 11 • • • . -^'ine survey conduct^il through all<:!aims allowed :n tae amount- .j j.^.,,^^ ^^^^^ ^^^^^.^ and for the purposes as above spf< I-1 part ^j.jjj will start early in June, fied by. th'i Boanl of County Com-: R ,ir;.i mail carriers are given ini.s«lnnerr-, at the Aiiril, 192i;., hiank cards which they .ask ten meeting. i fanners on their route to fill in. Witne.«s my hand .and seal this .' —: 30th day of .Snril, 1926. j GEO. SEYMOCR. f Seal) IFORD COUPES—2 1924 both have new paint, one has natural wood wheels, both have good cord tires, motors 'Doth; in Al shape. ^Vlao some extras! Thes<i coupes are guar.-inieed. ^ Small payment down. 12 months to pay on balance. McCarthy .Motor Co.. 212 South Washington. Phone S93. I-awrence—Beta Gamma Sigma. , jnatifjrril h-inorary businosa /rater- County (Jerk. has'chariereil a chapter at the ! Cniversirv of Klnsa.4. The - new Sna!::~hot photograp-is taken u.i-fj^f ;„ state., has der water are now b'^ing use.i for ; twelve < barter members four • of the stiiiiy of the rolling ships. [thi-ni profes.s'or:^. GOOD USED CARS—Thonsanfls of unu.sed miles. In open and closed model.s. Cash, terms, trade. Marr Auto Supply Co. .Situations IVanfed—Female 3.B Apartments and •VlAt<i - TWO GIRUS—Age 13 and want work assisting in housework. Phon» S73W. FINANCIAL .\P.\RTMENT-;3 room . modern,; clos--; in; nice'cool r.ootri;^. ..Phone ' 1396. 210 EZa-w street. BnsinesH Flares for R«>nt 75. Xoney to lojin—Mortcaees . FARM LOAN'S— Quick service and reasonable . rates. A. D.' Haw--1 thome. 213 S. "Washington. [ •TT-STORE ROO.M—.Xdjoihing. Kranse il Cafe. Will renr part or all. of "k. ~ .>eo W. F. K. Kra.Jise. HnU '<es for Rent 77 IfOt'SE— 5 room, partly njpdcrh. FARM LOANS—3% i base rate. 3,; zarxien; sp. t, cirner lot; rent-by 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option.; year or >or sale. Phone U43J. : Stew^art b Fun]:. HIGH GRADE USED CARS—At attra.'^tive prire .s; tei-ms to .suit. Used C?r Exchange, 212 S. Jeff. • : HOUSE—.=even room modem, with FARM CITY XOAN3—Rase j^arage. e,asf front, large laWn. rattf on.lfiS'ms' S%, city S'v,. Long \ ^V. Anderson. .302 N, I or short time. R.-.M. Cunningham s ^con 1 st.-er^r. MO.XEY—To loan 03" farm and _f-n,,.rn ;..hed or partly' city p/operty. Jafckson Realjy Co., ovdr Brown'.s Drpg Stor'*. fiirnis'ned 7 room modern, garage' and garden: refert-nce required.. Call 2Ii» .\. Colborn or phone 19.3. : .M.VDLSO.V. \V. 406—Will be for • 'rent after July 1. Inquire 402 West .Madi.son,' : ; WAL.Vt:T. 3. 21.3—Eight room mod. ern '^'sidence. for'rent.- Inquire Kelley-Horet. : ' REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Farms and r .and for Sale 85 y 1160 -ACRE—Farm on cement road. I - clear of In.'run-.brances. paving'tax i paid, priced'to .sell. Jinhn :Reuther. Houses for Sale 1 I FIRST. X. 209—Five—room, "ivater and electricity, or will trade. Seis .Tohn Rentfcer. To., Exchanse—Real Estate • 8? j COTJAGEI^^For sai* or excbazige;. danSy modem, basement and garage: also partial modem cottage; best terms. Dr. Mitchell.

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