The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 16, 1974 · Page 1
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 1

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 16, 1974
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Ji^^ Honor Mrs. Richard Lowe with miscellaneous shower niftg 28 friends and relatives w«fe entertained ai a miscellaneous afiower for Mrs. Richard Lowe, Eagle Grove, 1ft the Social Room of Lake Lmhefan Chur«h. Mrs. Robert Oppedahl Ihtrodu&d Mrs. Richard Brad, Humboldt. Ellis Macha left Monday to go to Pensacola, Fla., oft a tour of duty for National Guard. • Raymond Larson underwent major surgery Thursday in Trinity Regional Hospital Lowe and Mrs. Gale Lowe and West, Fort Dodge. Mrs. Betty presented each with a k ue hn and Kathy, Oelweln, corsage. Tho mother of Mrs. Richard Lowe was unable to attend because of illness. Mrs. Lloyd Swanson read devo- ' tions. Mrs. Robert Oppedahl gave two readings and Mrs. Arnold Bjorklund and Miss Sandi Deppe sang two numbers. 'Mrs. Sharon Reed, Eagle Grove, was in charge of guest on how book. Refreshments were served from a tea table decorated in the brides colors of red and white with a floral center piece. Mrs. Gale Lowe poured and Mrs. Gary Lowe dipped punch. Mrs. Gary Lowe and a friend of the bride assisted at the gift table. City, were with Mrs. Larton Wednesday and Thursday, , Rev. Gordon Swedberg, of the Iowa Fall* First Baptist Church, spoke iff Renwlek arid First Baptist Church, Corwith, Sunday and Rev. Ralph Benson spoke in First Baptist Church, Iowa Falls, f&f pulpit exchange Sunday, Examine forward pricing methods Mrs. Olaf Kleveland returned home last week from Trinity Regional Hospital West, Fort Dodge. Tuesday evening supper guess in the home of Mrs. Florence Block were Mr. and Court Record 1-26, Sorensen, Arvin J., possession of a controlled sub., transferred to district court. 2-1, Rojohn, Dennis L., speeding, fined $20 and costs. 2-5, Nerem, Gerhard, speeding, fined $20 and costs. 2-2, Crawmer, James L., resisting an officer, transferred to district court. 2-2, Crawmer, James L., concealed weapon, transferred to district court. 12-16, Thorn, Robert G., improper muffler, dismissed. 2-4, Anderson, Karen L., improper change of lanes, fined $10 and costs. 2-7, Reigelsberger, Dale F., speeding, fined $10 and costs. 1-25, Scott, Sharon Mae, c.onsume beer on a public highway, fined $10 and costs. 2-1, Siddall, Russell F., speeding, dismissed. 1-3, Kelley, Norbert J., improper passing, fined $20 and costs. 1-24, Grause, Daniel R., all windows completely frosted, fined $10 and costs. 2-5, Anderson, Mark D., speeding, fined $20 and costs. Bob Wisner says depending n farmers assess the current world economic picture, they may want to spread 1974 crop marketings over the next eight to 12 months. They may even want to consider starting their marketings in a limited way this winter or spring through either Hedging or contracting. The Iowa State University (ISU) economist explains the difference between the two main ways of forward pricing grain and how they work. "Hedging involves selling futures contracts through a broker on a board of trade such as at Chicago. Contracting involves an agreement between the farmer and a local elevator or grain processor. The elevator manager or processor then hedges on the board of trade or contracts with a third party who hedges." The principle that allows you to set a price with the futures market is based on the fact that cash and futures prices move up and down together, Wisner stated. If something affects the futures price, it also affects the cash price. To use this relationship for setting a price, a hedger takes opposite positions in the two. markets. For example when an elevator buys grain from a farmer, it would sell on the elevator rather than hedging is the exact price received. With hedging, you are" not sure of the exact price being locked in, particularly with the difficulties experienced in the grain futures market during the past year. You could possibly miss your target hedging price by 10 to 20 cents or more per bushel. Another advantage of contracting is that you get away from the 5,000 bushel trading units that are required in the futures market, the extension specialist noted. Farmers usually can contract at the elevator or processor for an amount equalling the number of bushels they want to sell. Then too with contracting, farmers get away from deposits of money required by the futures security, for their transactions. This money is left with the broker , .as assurance the trader can cover losses in the futures market, if any should occur. If you have losses on the futures trade, the broker may ask for additional deposits so that you always have about the same amount of money on reserve with him. Wisner adds the main advantage that hedging offers over contracting is. greater flexibility. If you decide you've made a wrong decision by pricing the crop ahead of harvest, it is fairly easy to lift Mrs. Ralph Benson and Chad went to Sioux City Saturday to be with her ffiftthef, Mrs., ftfehafd De- LashffMt, ,who fe, in the hbspitai and to ht4p Mrs. Befrsoft who is recovering ffOffl fin IllnCSS. DlnHer guests Sunday in the hoftie of Mr, and Mrs. Ll6y-d P"6ol were Mr. and Mr*. Howard ba$eh. v Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Harold Fitch visited in the home of Mr. artd Mrs. Victor Pitch, fitohka. Mr. and Mrs. Roger Thompson returned from an eight day Caribbean cruise sponsored by the bid Gold Seed Corn Co. Mr. and Mrs. Mike McBermbnt and Lisa, Lti Verne, stayed in the Thompson home while Mr. and , Mrs, Thompson were gone. Saturday evening Mr. and Mrs. Norman Oberhelman were guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. August Huschka, Duncan^ Saturday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Maynad Waltz were Jerry Schnetzer and boys, Humboldt. Mrs. Schnetzer was at Ladies State Bowling Tournament, Waterloo, Saturday and Sunday. Memorial H&pltfii to SisWs ' Ambulance Calls 75 Feb. 13, 9:30 a.m., William Schumacher was transferred from Sisson's to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. . 75 Feb. 13, 8:66 a.m., Mrs. Grace Schuneman was taken from her Humboldt.home to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. 73 Feb. 11, 9:43 a.m., Gladys Stonebrook was trans- Wffliaffit pelrtfrntcher m» transferred ,/frjsm Humbwldl County M-miffel Hospital t* Sisson's CaMCtentre. 71 Peb. 9, f |.6o p.m., Mary Johnson was transferred from Humbofdt ,®6tifily Memorial Hospital io;the South Cars Center, < .;;; 70 Feb. §, ffigg a.m., Henry A. Lennlnf s^., was taken from his' HtrfWbbldt home td Humboldt Cdttnty Memorial Hospital. §9 Feb. B, 6il2 p.m., Mrs. Rosie Micheli was transferred from Hufribbldt County Me-' morial Hospital to . the Spencer Hospital. 68 Feb. r g» ; 4:39 p.m., Mrs. Rosie Mtchels was brought to Humboldt. .County Memorial Hospital frojfn an . accident scene. 67 Feb. 8, 4:39 p.m., Clayton Brown Pricher was brought to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital from an accident scene. 66 Feb. 8, 1:16 p.m., Petra Nyby was transferred from Humboldt County Memorial Hospital to North Care Center. 65 Feb. 8, 10:59 a.m., Harold Demory was transferred from his Humboldt home to Trinity West. 64 Feb. 8, 10:43 a.m., Paul F. Ernst was taken from Humboldt County Memorial Hospital to Trinity West. 63 Feb. 8, 8:34 a.m. Paul F. Ernst was taken from the scene of ' an accident to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. 62 Feb. 7, 9:47 a.m., Gladys Stonebrook was transferred from Sissons to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. 61 Feb. 6, 2:16, p.m., Martha Larson was taken from a Hardy house to her home. C: 60 Feb. 6, 9l47 a.m. Osmund Stensland was transferred fwtt ffmltjf Wist id swstft, Cane Center, Hirtfboltii* Fetr. 5, ilstift a.m., Whfpple was f . — . „_. - ••*»• »t,0W| IV to ml* 1J G<IBJ bU llllf futures market. The elevator -y OUr hedge> Contracts with operator is buying in the cash elevators or processors, how- market so he does the opposite — or sells..— in the futures market; L5tier;.when the elevator sellsf*the ttsh grain it would buy back the futures contracts to close out its hedge. These opposite transactions even out the net price received. If you lose money in the cash market over a period of time, you make a profit in the futures market, he noted. .And if you make money in the cash market, you have a loss on the futures transaction. Wisner stated one of the biggest advantages to farmers for contracting at the local ever, are generally written with the idea that you are not, ' T aSTarJI|er4 originajy hedges for harvest-time delivery but later decides he wants to retain ownership of the grain beyond harvest, his hedge can be moved forward to the following summer. • Another way that hedging gives additional flexibility, according to Wisner, is that you are not tied to one particular cash market".' Hedging gives you the opportunity to shop around and compare cash prices at several markets. What size small car?l A special opportunity to apply for the outstanding Farm Bureau Health Care Plan, More than 130,000 Iowa Farm Bureau members have Blue Cross and Blue Shield protection equal to the best enjoyed by industry. If you are a Farm Bureau member or become one before February 22,1974, you can apply for this same "breakthrough" coverage subject to health statement. Coverage Blue Cross and Blue Shield benefits, plus major medical coverage and prepaid-prescription benefits, for post-hospital drugs. No waiting periods for accepted health conditions except maternity. Coverage effective March 1, 1974 at rates that have remained stable since June, 1972. But time is short. You have only until February 22, 1974. Find out today if you qualify. Contact your local Farm Bureau office or attend open house in your area. With health care costs what they are, it could well be the most important thing you do this year. OPEN HOUSE DATES Feb. 19 TIME 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. PLACE Farm Bureau Bldg. Humboldt City an DIRECTORY Your Ford Team can help you make the right decision. You'll find one of America's largest selections of small cars at your Ford Team. There are ten models in all. Including wagons. You won't find such variety at mosl other dealers. For small-car luxury, the Mustang II is in a class by itself. It's small, so it's economical. But there's more luxury than you'd expect. At less than you'd expect to pay. And, Motor Trend Magazine just named Mustang II 'Car of the Year.' Or how about a family-size compact? Then take a close look at the 74 Maverick. It's a dependable compact with plenty of room for a family of five to relax in. Then, there's the Ford Pinto. It's the econom- ical subcompacl trial's been helping people get 'back to basics' for years. Pinto gives you a lot of miles on every tank full. And on regular gas, too (like all the 74 Fords). A small-size car from your Ford Team Is one way ol getting better gas mileage. There are other ways, too. You'll get the facts from your Ford .Team on how things like radial tires, speed control options and different engine sizes can help Improve your car's gas mileage. Your Ford Team wants to help you make the right decision about what small car It right for you. See them today. See your Iowa Ford Team today, Garrison Ford Hwy 169 Humboldt DR. E. P. HANSEN Optometrist 9 to 12, 1 to 5 Daily Friday evening? to 9 Closed Thursday Afternoon Phone 332-2281-Humboldt WARREN H. SMITH, BROKER Real Estate-Insurance Farm Loans Telephone 332-1071 AcrossfromHumotaTheatre OLSON ABSTRACT CO. Enid S. Day Phone 332-1593 - Humboldt OR. K. G. PRIDE Chiropractor Of. Ph. 332-1504 House Calls Of. Hours: 9-12, 1-5 Daily Evenings: 7-9:30 Tues.&Fri. No Office Hours Saturday Neurocalometer & X-Ray Service No.2-3rdSt.North-Humboldt SISSON CARE CENTRE "Where earing makes the difference" 24-Hour Nursing Service Phone 332 1525-Humboldt BEN MILLER Loans Insurance Legion Building Phone 332-3812 DR. DAVID W, HOYT Chiropractor Closed Thursdays Office 332-2755 Home 332-2660 •105 Sumner, Humboldt Hours 9-12 a.m.-l:30-6 p.m. RODNEY B. AMLIE Banker-Financial Specialist RFD 1, Humboldt Phone 332-1083 Representing The Farmers National Bank, Webster City Commercial State Bank, Pocahonjtas .., taken , Metnotlal Hospital (& SstitB Care Center. 88 Feb. 6, 4 a.m., Offifcf Mftflship ftas taken Hmfobfjidt ht«ft« ta West, 5? Feb. 4, §i08 Osmund Steftstafid m& teem his Thor home td Trinity West. " Se Feb. 4, 3iOS p.m., Martha Larsdfi was taken from her Hardy home to Trinity West. „ 66 Fej). 4, 11:34 a.m., Madge Gardner was taken from his Humboldt home to Hiitnboldt County Memorial Hospital. v, , . .64 Feb. 4, Ifcd9 a\nV ! Ella Howell was transferred from North Care Center to trinity West. 4 63 Feb; 3, 9:31 a.m., -Mary , Stiles was transferred from North Care Center to Trinity tksV 51 FeBi It „ f, , .. Mby wflS IftRett tf&K nmii- bttWt County Mefftof fftl tto*pi- tal t» th»iew*,«3fiy Hospital, ' 62 Feb. 2, 11,18 a,ffr. ( Isflbelie Tlertiey, ftas taken fretft 'ftet HtfmMdt Raffle t» Tflhlty ,Wfst. 80 FUb. i) itSS «»fft.i Vetfla from .Huffib'oidt Coiiftty Me- ffioriat Hospftal fd South Cafe Center, 49 Feb. 1,-H:18 a.m,, Clara Nordquist was x transferred from Humboldt County Memorial Hospital to the South Care Center. 48 Jan. 8iv 8188 p.m., Mary Johnson was transferred from South Cafe "Center to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. V 4'f Jan. 31, 12:14 a.m., Marjorie Fuller was taken from Humboldt County Memorial Hospital to Trinity West. . 46 Jan. 31, ?:S8 a.m.,* ''. timothy fttyws, ion tf !.„. MI! Mrs. Clyde fteyte af HffllttboWt, r IHSftttfrV "•" ' perning the philosophy and and ftow scfenee tout help sbtvTg these problems during the January Interim at Westmar College. Sufficientr scientific background has been developed ft discuss problem's relating to energy and the environment. Readings were assigned to participating students, «oi»' Marjorie Fuller was taken from her Humboldt hoifie to Humboldt County Memorial Hospital. ? I 46 Jan. 20,8s04 fliimV, fiertfia Medlang was transferred from South Care Center to Trinity West.;' ^ : Name for hotton at Yaitidfon >, Humboldt Bounty students nantifid- to -mff Dean's • 't* Honors list at Yankton College* S.O., fof academic achievement first semester this year include Robert Miller, Humboldt, Miller, son of the C. T. Millers, was named to the Dean's List. Avoid the Spring Rush! Discount During February On All DRAPERY CLEANING We will come to YOUR HOME Take Your Draperies Down, Dry Clean and Press With Soft Decorator Folds, Return and Re-hang Them for Youl Call us for FREE estimate today. Call 332-1342 for FREE PICKUP & DELIVERY or use our convenient Drive-In Window •MIHM ^Bk ^_ ^^^ It s about the confusion. . . We will be closed, Monday, February 18, in honor of Washington's Birthday Regular banking hours will begin Tuesday, Feb. 19. Fbic The Humboldt Trust A Savings SAVIN6S AND 10 AI ASSOCIATION «l I FUST AVENUE NOITH HUMKX0T, IOWA

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