Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 24, 1956 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1956
Page 17
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Section 2 Pages 17-28 Established January 15, 1856 ALTON, ILL., WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24, 1956. 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press 24-GA. GALVANIZED SMOKE PIPE S INCH 2-Foot Lengths 9 INCH 2-Foot 10 INCH J-Foot Lengthi Pei Ixmjrth ....'1.20 ....'1.30 '(.60 90 GALVANIZED SMOKE PIPE ELLS —. 2* GAUGE — < INCH KLLS I « 19 9 EVCH ELLS I i35 10 INCH ELLS .„ I.SU 45° GALVANIZED SMOKE PIPE ELLS — Z4 GAUGE — 8 INCH ELLS 89C 8 INCH ELLS 96C 10 INCH ELLS ...... lilU SO GAUGE BLACK SMOKE PIPE AND FITTINGS Per Length 6 INCH PIPE, QQ» 2-Foot Length ODC 7 INCH PIl'E. 3-Foot length 30 Gauge Plain Ells *8 EVCH ELLS 4fcC 7 INCH ELLS 48C 28 Gauge Adjustable Ells 55c 59c 6 INCH ELLS 7 INCH ELLS WARM AIR HEATING PIPE Per Length .... 92c ,...'1.08 ....'1,10 8 INCH 2-Foot Ix'iigth 9 INCH 2-Foot length 10. INCH 2-Foot length 90° WARM AIR HEATING ELBOWS 8 INCH ELLS 98 C 9 INCH ELLS 10 INCH ELLS .... 7*S *I|I5 1125 DRAFT CONTROL Fits 8 or 8 inch Smoke Pipe $4.95 SHUTTLE AUTOMATIC $|E, , IV DON'T MISS THRIFT'S BIO FKIIMY! SATtiKOAV! MONDAY! DON'T FORGET USE OUR EASY-PAY PLAN *5iOQ Down "5.00 Month SHOP FRIDAY AND MONDAY NIGHTS TILL 9 P. M.! ALUMINUM COMBINATION DOORS ALL THESE SIZES LV STOCK 2 < 8»x6'9" 2MO"x6'IO" 3' 0"x6'9" Pay Only $5.00 Month $ 39 .95 All aluminum frames and screens. Perfectly sealed against weather and insects. Fully adjustable. NEOPRB-1E GLAZED STORM SASH ' % AIL *!& ALUMINUM ? " ^ FRAMES $ V _;AND SCREEN^ SELF-STORING ALUMINUM COMBINATION WINDOWS "Good for-the Life of Your Home" 16 .95 Pay Only $5.00 Down Easy to Clean! No Storage Needed! Never Need Painting! Will Not Rust! Saves On Fuel Bills! Easier than Hanging a Picture New Improved SHELF HANGERS DRAIN TUBS with *i 77 Stand I • I I Drain tubs of first quality galvanized steel. Comes complete with stand on rollers for ease of handling. Rubber drain hose. Only 69c Pair Makes shelves up to 12 inches wide. AH hangers are alike. H'F easy to get all the shelf (pace you need, with easy-to-initall Ellbce rust-resUtant shelf hanjfen:' Use one (lair or dozens . . . build sturdy shelves in cellar, attic, garage. factory . . . wherever shelves are needed' Better, faster, more economical than any shelving you can buy or build! Made of Vi" steel Reg. $59.95 STEEL SINK and 2-DOOR CABINET Homemakers—You'll- like this new style acid-resisting white enamel steel sink and 2-door steel cabinet! It }ias the large back ledge that will give you ample room to store things as well as work! 5/1095 49 ONLY ^^I^HI a* Less Trim Buy It tor Only $5,00 Down GENUINE BLACK and DECKER HN. UTILITY DRILLS Never before has such a famous brand drill been able to be iolrt so inexpensively—Order now for thut Christina* present. Only 18,88 The handiest tool In the home. Ideal all-around drill far wood, metal, plastto, Drivel low cost attachments lor landing, polUhlng and cleaning. Compact, light powerful, see them today «t thli ipecial price. DELUXE "WELLEJi NEW WEUER SANDER ANP POLISHER • 25 iqugre inch sanding plat* • only 2"/<4' high—f)h under light placet • positive straight-line action—no bucking; sands with the groin; gcei all the way into corners • powerful reciprocating motor THf THAT fOOi DOCS IT Enjoy Comfortuhle Warmth. With the New Nesco AUTOMATIC ELECTRIC ROOM CONDITIONERS NOW J OFF Keg. $29.05 .... &. $39.85 .... S 15.95 19.95 No chilly bathrooms, bedrooms or recreation rooms when there's a NESCO AIRERYTE heater in your home! Just touch the dial— There's wonderfully comforting warmth! Buy it on our E-Z Pay Plan! Protect the Entire Chimney with HIGH QUALITY ALUMINUM CHIMNEY COVERS '6.33 *7.22 '6.44 '7.44 CLAMP OX . 9"*13" CEA.MP O.V . S"x9" CEMENT ON »"x1S" CEMENT O.V SPECIAL SALE! - WINDOW UNITS 1 [1 ^ Opening ril"x3' 2' 3"x3' 2' 3"x4' / „ -',.- P7 ! L I 1 SINGLE WiNDC Size 6" 6" 2" 2' 3"x4'10" 2' 7"x3' 2' 7"x4' 6" 2" 2' 7"x4'10" 2'x7"x5'10" 2'H"x4'10" 3' I"x4'10" y 3"x4'10" f/T y/ -A - ~/ E== "a *W UNITS Glass Size 16"xl6" 20"xl6" 20"x20" 20"x24" 24"xl6" 24"x20" 24"x24" 24"x30" 28"x24" 30"x24" 32"x24" Assembled $2.00 Per Unit I|jl J 4 Sale Price $10.95 $11.95 513.95 $14.95 $12.95 $13.95 $15,95 $12.95 $16.95 $13.95 S18.95 TWIN WINDOW UNITS Opening 4' 7"x3' 4' 7"x4' Size 6" 2" 4' 7"x4'10" 5' 3"x3' 5' 3"x4' 6" 2" 5' 3"x4'10" Glass Size 20"xl6" 20"x20" 20"x24" 24"xl6" 24"x20" 24"x24" Assembled $4.00 PICTURE Per Unit Sale Price $25.95 $29.95 $31.95 $27.95 $31.95 $33.95 WINDOW ASSEMBLY 2-Litc — Including Center Lite Opcnine Size 7'10'/2"x4'10" R«g. Price $62.57 Assembled $6.00 Per Unit Sale Price $58.95 SPECIAL! B BRASS _ CHROME WOOD _ WROUGHT IRON FURNITURE LEGS! Be your own interior decorator. Build your own furniture just the way you \\ant it. Make a brand new chair, sofa, table, desk, bookcase or Rive your old furniture a smart new contemporary look with these handsome chrome, brass, wood or wrought iron legs. Limited stock of some sizes. See them now! Brass Hairpin Legs SET . .$2.22 . .52.22 ..S2.77 ..$3.77 t , ,tf ji^*..,. M<*.i^->-*. fc v.*aa"- «-<v.^ PLYWOOD For Table Tops, Etc. AXV SIZE AVAILABLE 6 in. Reg. 53.75.. 9 in. Reg. S3.75.. !•> in. Reg. S4.93.. 16 in. Reg. $5.75.. 22 in. Reg. SB.25 S3.77 28 in. Reg. S6.75 $4.44 Wood Legs With Carter* 12 in. Refr. $3.98.. 16. in. Res- $4.98.. 22 in. K<>R. $5.98.. 28. in. Kvg. $8.98.. SET ,..$1.99 . ..$2.53 ...82.99 . ..$3.33 Chrome Hairpin Legs SET 22 ill. Res. SB.25 S3.77 28 in. Reg. $6.75 S4.44 Wrought Iron Legs Straight SET 12 in. Resr. $3.49 S2.22 22 in. Reg. $4.75 $3.83 WOOD LEGS With Brass Tips SET 12 ill. Reg. S2.98 $1.88 22 ill. Reg. S4.98 S2.22 28 in. Reg. $5.98 §2.77 ••S EASY DOES IT PLASTIC STORM WINDOW KITS 39c. ONLY A complete DO-IT-VOURSEU kit featuring a new weather-proof, waterproof plastic that keeps heat in ... cold, rein, snow, sleet, wind, out! • I'iti alt ttandard window* • Durable . . . ihatterproor . . . Ilex. Iblc! • Al»o Ideal at protective covert for: chair*, mattreitek, kitchen accrttoriri, wall*, table*, outboard entities, and other utet! Reg. $31.95 "B" Grade TOILET OUTFITS $97 QQ Li:ss & I lOO SKAT (Fully Guaranteed) Dress up your bathroom with this good looking, long lasting toilet outfit of stainproof, vitreous china . . . with positive washdown at-tion. Buy now and save. Pay only 55.00 down. Reg. $5.49 ENAMELED COLORED TOILET SEATS $4.44 Sparkling colored one-inch toilet .seats with new pattern chrome hinge that will fit any bowl! A fine quality seat. ATKINS 96-Inch 8 or 10 Point HAND SAWS liug. $0.95 The right sawc for any carpentering job. Finest quality — easy to handle. Hardwood grips. BKONZE WEATHERSTRIPPWG TRASH BURNERS 4,44 Resr. ¥ 1 Oft I ifcU 17-Ft. Hull Reg. * $3.39 1,99 SEE US FOB ALL TYPES OF WEATHERSTKIl'PING. Heavy .jvlre construction. The pi'rtfct tiling (or burning Irtish, Knives.. Wire zipper top to prevent spillage. Uncono'i' tionally Guaranteed Double Thick Balsam Wool INSULATION ROLLS 50 Sq. Ft. 10" & 24" Widths I ' EK KULL RADIATOR HUMIDIFIERS S1.29 99c Designed to add moisture to home or office Jicat ing—a necessity for healthful, uniform and comfortable efficient heat. 14"x22" RUBBER WELCOME MATS Self cleaning, won't warp— keep your home clean during the bad weather. 1.00 4x4 COTTOX CORD MESH PLASTIC GLAZING 36-ln. wide 6c sq. ft. Keep, warmer this winter — make storm doors out o£ your screen doors with a plastic covering. Can be washed or wiped clean. 9"x9" BLOCKS LINOLEUM TILE Reg. 15c if |%_ I'er per block A V V Block The toughest tile you can buy! Quiet, resilient, easy 10 keep clean — easy to lay! Wears for years and years! 21"x32" Porcelain DOUBLE WELL STEEL SINKS Complete with All Kitting!) $44.95 18"x32" Porcelain DOUBLE WELL STEEL SINKS $42,95 INCLUDES: Slx'12 or I8"x32" heavy porcelain double well sink. Chrome 6" center iet. 2 basket strainers 1—l*j" P trap 1—IVi cominuoui waste 1—Stainless steel sink rim. SOLDERING GUNS 4' "bPl" homecraft Irol *i (be price of au grtfl. nary. lolUerlnr. Iron! Compact — rttoi gypr 100 w»tl«. Ui»( In ft irooiid». Pu»l ip 9 t- iwUcb. I7.UJ . i«td«rlnf tip*. Your "Do It Ypurjelf" Headquarters IB Allen ^^^B ^^RW ^R^P MMP IR^^P ^^^^ ^jfj^^^^^ ^^^p ^^RV W HPHP IRHI mHI VPmHIMIB 500 BELLE ST. PHONE 5.5568 Everything From Fpundatipn To Roof 4-LIGHT PONDEROSA PINE COMBINATION DOORS • Galvanized Screen Wire • Clear Glass 2' 6"x6' 9" COMBINATION DOORS $14.95 2' 8"x6' 9" COMBINATION DOORS S15.95 2'10"x6'11" COMBINATION DOORS SU.95 3 1 0"x6' 9" COMBINATION DOORS $16.95 3' 0"x7' 1" COMBINATION DOORS 517.95 IN ALL THE MOST POPULAR SIZES! STORM SASH 2-Lite Windows, Toxic Treated Buy Now and Save! l'B"x4'7-l" $3.75^ |'IO"x3'll!" $3.60(1 2'0"x2'lll" $3,70] S3,95 ! $4,35 $3,60 2'4"x3'3i" $3.75 2'4"x3'll£" ....$4,35 2'4"x4'74," $4,69 2'4"x4'Mi" $4,95 2'4"x5'3i" $5.40 2'4"x5'7 Other Sizes Available 2'0"x3'lli" 2'0"x4'7J" 2'4"x2MK" " $5,65 2'6"x3'3|" $4,29 2'6"x4'7|" 5,19 2'8"x4'7i" $5,39 STEEL BASEMENT SASH Custom Built — Will Xot Hot, Warp or Swell! Do away with excessive fuel bills and dampness in your basement. All steel—Easy 10 ck-an. High quality workmanship — welded corners — absolutely weather and water tii;ht. Not exactly as pictured. 2-Lite Unglazed $0" 15"xl2" Glass Size U ;{Sfj"xl4 : ;.," overall 15"xl6" Glass Size 38!-i"xl«V overall. 15"x20" Glass Size 33!a".\33-l»" overall 5433 $^66 OVERHEAD GARAGE DOORS Featuring • Simplicity of hardware for easy installation — trouble- free service. • Adjustable power springs do all the lifting. • Styled to harmonize with any architecture. 8'0"x6'8"xl'/ s " ... $50.95 9'0"x7'0"xl%" ... $76.45 SECTIONAL DOORS 8'0"x7'0"xl%" ... $69.95 9'0"x7 l O"xl 3 / 8 " ... $89.95 aioe the Full Size Working Sample on Our Flour. LIQUID ROOF COATING Repair your roof now before the really cold weather strikes. Roof coating is ideal for any scaling job. Save money on fuel, be comfortable all winter. Gallon 5 Gallons $3.49 ASPHALT COATED ROLL ROOFING Tile heavy roll roofing that is so easy to put on. Each roll covers 100 square feet of roof ami comes complete with and nails. 2,35 . $ 2.89 $ 3.I9 . $ 3J9 45-I'OUND KOOFINU &5-POUNU HOOFING liS-I'OUNU HOOFING 90-I'OUNU HOOFING 26 tittuge 5-lneh O.6. Guttering .. S'lnch Alumingm Guttering In 10-Foot Lengths. ( 2' 5S15-LI). THREE-IN-ONE HEAVY ASPHALT SHINGLES 7,68 PEfi 100 SQ. *T. Thoroughly saturateq with pure asphalt and surfaced with colored real slate cWps . , . Fade-proof colors . , . meet U. S. Qovcrniuent »pe- cificatlons , . . es

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