Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 26, 1963 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 26, 1963
Page 4
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4 - Wed., June 26, 1963 Redlands Daily Facts Census shows Redlands Negroes segregated Negro housing in Redlands is totally segregated within one northside census tract according to the detailed reports of the Federal census o{ 1960. The report on population and housing substantiates statements by John H. Coleman, a 33-year- old Negro social worker who charged in a speech Monday a "ghetto condition" exists on the north side of to«-n. The last U. S. Census fixes the 40 and 8 parade heralds Legion convention The some 600 delegates and alternates whooped it up with a cannon-booming parade yesterday as the American Legion's 40 and « group converged on San Bernardino to start tlie week's convention festivities. And tomorrow, San Bernardino will truly become over-populated with American Legion delegates when an estimated 8,800 arrive to register at the National Orange Show grounds for their annual slate convention. There will also be simultaneous conventions of the American Legion Au.xUiary and the Sons of the American Legion, starting Friday. One of the big events of the week will be a huge parade through downtown San Bernardino on Saturday at 4 p.m. It is expected to stretch for blocks. The various Legion components will be using facilities of the National Orange Show plus a number of school auditoriums in San Bernardino and the Mission Inn in Riverside to conduct their business sessions. number of Negroes in Redlands at 528, or about two percent of the total population. Virtually all '512) of the Negroes lived within census tract 80—an area bounded by the Santa Fe railroad tracks on the south, Tennessee street on the west, the Santa Ana wash on the north and Church street on the east. In terms of elementary school districts, the ".Negro area" in; eludes Lincoln and Lugonia schools. On the junior high school level, Lincoln school students attend Cope, while Lugonia students attend Redlands Junior High. Since there is only one high school, ail students in the Redlands Unified district attend Rediapds Senior High. The following table, compiled from census reports for the past tfu-ee decades, shows the Negro population in rdation to the total population: .No. of Total Vear % Neero N'ecroei PopuUtion 1930 1.]% 154 14.177 1940 1.3% 180 14,324 IS.'iO 1.3% 232 18,429 I 19r,0 2.0% 528 26,829 These figures show that the local Negro population increased only gradually during the 20 years between 1930 and 1950, but in the following 10 years more than doubled in number. During the depression and war years, about 1 in 100 Redlanders was a Negro. The ratio is now approximately 1 in 50. Judge Hilliard's wife suffers severe burns A fire at the home of Superior Judge and Mrs. Carl B. Hilliard, 3405 Valencia a^'enue in San Bernardino, yesterday damaged a chair and a rug and burned Mrs. Milliard's arm and hand, according to the Fire departmait. Mrs. Hilliard's injuries included 2nd and 3rd degree bums on the left arm and right hand, the Fire department said. The fire broke out at 7:30 a.m. but two engines and a truck company had it out in 40 minutes. The cause of the fire had not been determined. 1 A rOX WtST COAST THtATIt • lil Cojoo Strut . pr. 3.4331 , Week Days Cent. From 7 P.M. Sat. & Sun. Cont. From 2 P.M. Marlon Brando — in iHieUGLY AMERiCAIir Also — Ian Flemmings "DR. NO" cot James Bond (AGENT 007) Special writing course offered at Valley College San Bernardino Valley College Summer School will offer a special writing dinic and crash program for students with WTiting problems. The class will begin Monday July 1st and will continue for four weeks from 8 a.m. to noon, Monday through Friday. The course will be taught by Jfrs. Helena G. Allen, author of the grammar text "Grammar and Writing" and co-author of t h e "Writing Better," both published by William C. Brown of Dubuque, Iowa, the world's largest text-workbook publishers. Mrs. Allen will also incorporate in the teaching of the course her new system of programmed-workbook grammar and writing which will be published in book form in the spring of 1964, also by William C. Brown. The course is designed especially for students who are preparing to pass the English Attainment Test, a prerequisite for regular college English and public speaking, but will be of value to any students having problems in writing. As a "crash" program it will meet four hours a day and will offer individual attention to specific problems students may have in writing acceptable college English. The course number is 33 (English 51 > and will be given at Valley College. Registration is now open in the registration office in the administration building. Mrs. Allen is a regular Evening Division instructor and has taught at the University of California at Berkeley and at the University of Redlands, as well as being a national free lance writer. Mexican Players of Padua HiNs LOCATED 3 MILES NORTH OF FOOTHHX BLVD. C1.AREM0NT "La Llorona Del Rio" ENDS JULY 20 Jamaica After Each Performance THEATKE—Wfd.,Thnrj.,Frl., S»t. Il:.10, Wtd., StU SM DINI.VG ROO.M — Dmlljr eicepi Mondar Reservations advisable NAiional 6-12S8 SAN GORGONIO INK Famous ... For /fs Fine Food OPEN DAILY DAILY MENU RELISH BOWL APPETIZEnS FRUIT OR SHRIMP COCKTAIL . . . TOMATO JUICE . . . CHICKEN SOUP . . . CHOPPED CHICKEN LIVERS . . . SALAD BOWL ENTREES GROUND ROUND STEAK- VEAL CUTLET WITH CREAM SAUCE- ROAST BEEF . RALNBOW TROUT SALMON STEAK HALIBUT STEAK JUMBO FRIED SHRIMP- GOLDEN FRIED CHICKEN HALF GOLDEN FRIED CHICKEN— HALF BROH.ED SPRING CHICKEN- BROILED FILET MIGNON- . 1.35 . 1.35 . 1.35 . 1.35 . 1.45 . 1.35 . 1.35 . 1.25 . 1.75 . 1.75 . 1.65 . 2.95 . 3.25 . 1.95 VEGETABLE AND POTATOES, HOT BISCUITS. HONEY AND BUTTER, HOT APPLE COBBLER, ICE CREAM, SHERBET. CHILDREN'S DINNERS Special AHenHon Given to Parties for Brunches, Lunches, Bridge Parties, Banquets. Exquisite ani Colorful Decor Far Every Oeeulen. Serving Parties 20 te 200. For Reseryatjons Call !^fJ^J\^J\'i^^^;}f}}^^^^,^ COCKTAIL LOUNGE BROILED TOP SIRLOIN STEAK- BROILED N. Y. CUT :— LOBSTER TAIL WHAT BIG FEET YOU HAVE, JOHNNYl — Unaware that he is causing any special attention is this tiny six-week old kitten who holds the distinction of having seven toes on each front paw. "Johnn/' is one of two kittens born to "Pretty Puss," pet at the V/. O. Goodart home, 1375 Olivine avenue, Mentone. His sister, "Caroline," can boast no such distinguishing feature. "Pretty Puss" is thought to have some Siamese blood, Mrs. Goodart explains, and she understands that six-toed Siamese are not at all rare. If the seven toes wera inherited from papa- cat's side of the family is impossible to determine — he's "Unknown." People's Column Betderf of the Facts are Invited to iCDd their thovihti en qneatlona of pnblle Intercat fer nie la the People's Colamn. Pleate be brief. Tho writer's troe name and addresa must accompany each letter thonch pen names are permitted at tho editor's discretion. Privileged to give Pledge of Allegiance, "under God" Editor Facts: Regarding the recent letter from Eugene Krusz>'nski, no one should argue the point that as a citizen he has the right to e.\- prcss himself as he did. However, I believe that every resident of Redlands and of the outlying areas should thank their lucky stars (under God) that in the 1961 school trustee elections the voters saw fit to cast so few votes for Mr. Kruszynski that he ended up at or near the bottom out of a total of 11 candidates. I resent the inference that I am coerced into pledging allegiance to the flag or that the words "under God" are forced upon me. I am privileged to salute our flag, and gladly accept the repeat "under God" because I believe in God and believe that these two words should be in our flag salute. The Facts editorial contained a valid point, namely that we should examine carefully the background of all candidates for public office, and as Mr. Krusz>'nski has indirectly reminded us, right down to the candidates for local school trustees. It is comforting to know that my three children will not be attending the San Bernardino public, school system where Mr. Kruszynski, as a teacher, is helping to produce enlightened young citizens. B. W. Perry 834 Nottingham Drive Citrus product mechanization under scrutiny MIAMI BEACH (VPl) - Mechanized and by-product use of citrus products have come under the scrutiny of agricultural engineers. The two phases of citrus growing were topics today before the convention of the American Society of Agricultural Engineers meeting here. Dr. William Grierson of Food Industries Research and Engineering told the conventioners that mechanizmg citrus packing in Florida had presented "some of the trickiest problems in our experience." Grierson said problems resulted from a marketing pattern calling for packing several types of citrus in different types of containers. This, he said, "often makes nonsense of ordinarily sound concepts of mechanization." He said such complexity resulted in high costs and resistance to new methods, but that both must be overcome to maintain a sound marketing structure. TRAILER LIVING NEW YORK (UPI) - About 3.5 million Americans are now living in house trailers, according to the Mobile Home Manufacturers Association. Last year factories shipped one trailer for every 13 bousing units started in the country. MEAX Yucaipa office issued $734,397 in b/dg. permits A San Bernardino County Building permit totaling $134,397 was issued recently for construction of 13 dwellings in the Yucaipa area. The large permit was issued to the Vern L. Miller Co. Inc., 2250 North Arrowhead, San Bernardino. The homes will be constructed on Ninth street and on Avenue F in Yucaipa. Other Yucaipa area permits included the following: James L. Wilson, owner, a $10,405 permit for a 1266 square foot frame and stucco dwelling on Avenue F. Yucaipa. Wilson Const., builder. Clarence L. Pierce, owner and builder, a $14,804 permit for a frame and stucco dwelling with 1647 square feet at 12986 Lcith Way, Yucaipa. Bob Hayhurst, owner and builder, an $8,632 permit for a 923 square foot stucco dwelling at 12577 17th street, Yucaipa. Paul and Lola Lawrence, owner and builders, an $8,660 permit for a 958 square foot frame dwelling at 35391 Avenue G, Yucaipa. Jay A. Roach, owner and builder, a $4,102 permit for a 547 square foot frame and stucco dwelling addition at 35010 Avenue G, Yucaipa. Elmer B. and JIamie Hazie, owners, a $2,880 permit for a 384 square foot frame dwelling addition at 12394 Eighth street, Yucaipa. Geo. Owen, builder. Pat Adler, owner and builder, a $9,815 permit for a 1100 square foot stucco dwelling on Palm Drive, Yucaipa. Calimesa Plaza, owner, a $2,772 permit for a 12 by 28 foot masonry Shoe Repair shop at County Line and Calimesa Boulevard, Yucaipa. Smith Construction, builder. Yucaipa Valley Board of Realtors, owners, a $2,680 permit for a 300 square foot office at the comer of Avenue B and California Yucaipa City, Yucaipa. Wilson Construction, builder. Peter Hucko, owner, 1265 Pum- alo Road, San Bernardino, a $3,675 permit for a 490 square foot dwelling at 33246 Cienega Drive, Yucaipa. Ernest A. Brewer, builder. Cliff Martin, owner, 11006 Bryant, Yucaipa, a $19,807 permit for a 2215 square foot frame and stucco dwelling on Oak Glen Road, Oak Glen. Russ Skyberg, builder. Virgil Strawn, owner, 22917 Grand Terrace road, Colton, a $13,787 permit for a 1685 square foot frame and stucco dwelling at 12806 Eighth street, Yucaipa. Austin Bros., builder. F. K. Ellsworth, owner and builder, a $9,690 permit for an 880 square foot frame and stucco dwelling at 33476 Body, Yucaipa. John Haycock, owner, a $2,800 permit for construction of a swimming pool at 12616 Fremont Road, Yucaipa. Thunderbird Pools builder. Riverside County Building permits were issued for the following structures in Calimesa: R. B. Stewart, owner and builder, an $18,000 permit for a 6,000 square foot wood working shop and storage facility at 634638 Avenue K, Calimesa. R. B. Stewart, owner and builder, a $3,000 permit for a 1000 square foot body and fender shop at 630 Avenue K, Calimesa. The building will have a metal roof. SHIP HITS WHALE NEW YORK (VFl) — The luxury liner Bremen en route from New York to Cherbourg collided with a 75-foot whale Monday. North German Lloyd Line officials said the liner's skipper, Capt. Guenther Roessing, reported there was no evidence the hull was damaged. The captain did not mention the fate of the whale. History being made ... era ends Trustees of elementary schools conclude with final meeting History was made last night. There was no fanfare. Only a few people were present in the audience. The time was 8:50 p.m. The place, the Redlands school board room. Robert E. Kahl was presiding as president of the board of trustees of the Redlands elementar}- school districL There was no further business to come before the board. And, as he bad done many times in the past couple of years, he banged his gavel for adjournment. But he added, "You all realize that you are witnessing a milestone at tiiis moment, for the Redlands elementary district is now defunct." Thus, perhaps appropriately, does a school district which goes back 85 years end its life. And in the year of the 75th anniversary of the community itself. Historians may not agree on the specific date at which the elementary district as it was known in present day came into being. But its barest beginnings do date back to Feb. 8, 1877, when the first public school district in Redlands — the Lugonia school district — was split off from the Mission school district. The name "Redlands district" did not appear, however, until 1884 when it came into being as a split from the Lugonia district. The first school was taught in a private home by Miss Belle Robbins, but in 1888 the Redlands district built the front half of a brick building which they named "Kingsbury." Meanwhile, the people of Grafton were also interested in schools and the Crafton school district was split from the Lugonia district on Oct 7, 1882. The first frame Grafton schoolhouse was built on the present site of Crafton school on Oct 8, 1888. These smaller districts continued to operate until 1907 when all were consolidated into what some historians might mark as the date of the formation of the Redlands elementary districL Later, the Greenleaf district in East Highlands-Greenspot, established in 1893, became part of the Redlands district as did the old Railroad district In the early days, the Redlands district had only six elementarj' schools. The 1888 version of Kingsbury lasted until 1925 when it was demolished to make way for the present building. The red brick McKinley school was built in 1903 and was used until Nov., 1937. The present build- uig was started in 1938. The first Crafton school building was used from 1888 to 1929 when it, too, was demolished and the present buildmg erected on the site. Lugonia school's first building was erected in Oct., 1877, at a cost of $400 and was located at the comer of Church street and Lugonia. The Lugonia building at the northwest comer of Orange and CAB CUTS SUBSIDIES WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB) says a plan to reduce federal government subsidies to U.S. commercial airlines will be completed by June 30. Alan S. Boyd, CAB chairman, told a Senate appropriations subcommittee Monday that "the program contemplates a stdjstantial and continuing reduction in subsidy" for the carriers. SELL IT TOMORROW With an inexpensive Classified Ad Lugonia was erected in 1908 and the kindergarten unit now used as a board room was added across the street in 1937. The old Franklin school was built in 1903 and was replaced by the present structure in 1925. The old Lincoln school building was built in 1906. Added to the early day elementary schools in recent years were Mentone, Smiley, Kimberly an;l Cram. For a time, Redlands also took in the Dunlap .Acres school but this area annexed to the Yucaipa district several years ago. The Redlands Joint Union High school district, as it is now constituted, will also become defunct on July 1 although Trustees will hold a final adjourned meeting tomorrow at 5:45 p.m. The high school district, as an entity, will continue, however, with a board meml)€rship consisting of residents of the Mission and Fallsvale elementary districts. The Redlands Unified school district will consist of all 10 elementary schools. Cope, Redlands and Clement Junior highs and the Redlands Senior high. The Redlands Unified board, elected in January and functioning in a limited capacity since that time, will officially reorganize at a noon meeting on Monday, July 1. STRAWBERRIES U-Pick BRING CONTAINER per I V basket 28214 E. 3rd ST. HIGHLAND JACK and JILL SHOP 115 E. State St.. Redlands COLOR PORTRAIT Of Your Child or Family Group NO LIMIT TO AGE or NUMBER IN GROUP WITH THIS ADVERTISEMENT 96 THURS. —FRL —SAT. JUNE 27-28-29 10:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. A LARGE 5x7 (not wallet size) Only One Coupon to a Family Please give your family the SOLID SECURITY o/a^i Arrowhead Savings account Security means many things to many people, but ail agree a savings account is solid security for the future. Start today. Insure your future with an Insured savings account at Arrowhead Savings. Keep your money safe, while It earns. Earns interest at a higher rate than many financial Institutions pay. Don't lose money any longer. 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