Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 14, 1926 · Page 2
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 2

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, June 14, 1926
Page 2
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•I i -1 >_ \ PAGfE TWO THE JOLA'DAILY REGISTER. MONDAY EVENING. JUNE 14.1926; 9!elepboii(i 18 OLD GLORY. ' Sag of thfe heroes who left us their iglory,] _ • i I Ikirne through their battlefields' jhtind|sr and flame, • n-.i^'cned lin song; and illuinined in -tory,' "-i • jve o'er us all who Inherit iheir :.faine! : 1- ith our banner bright, i'linkled with starry light, '[ t s; read its fair emblems from luouiitaih to shore, •lie through the sounding sky ! oud rings the Nation's cry—. ' on and Liberty! One Evermore! ight of our' firmament, guide of our Nation, Pride of her cWidreh, and honored ]itar, _et the ^ide beams of thy fall constellation. Scatter each cloud that- would . darken a star! Empire unsceptred! What foe shall . , I assail thee. Bearing the , ty's van? Think not .the God of' thy fathers shall failitiiee, Striving with nien for the birthright of man!' Lord of the Universe! shield us and guide us, i , . Trusting Thee always, through ^shadow arid Siin! Thou hast united- us, who shall divide Us? ; „ . Keep-ns, ioir, keep us the Many in One! , Up with our banner bright. Sprinkled with starry light. Spread .its fair emblems from niouu|ain U> shore, While thrpugh the sounding sky. Loud rings the Nation's cry— Jnion and Liberty!'One Kvermore! —lOliver Wendell Holmes. Sunday at ibe Baptist Temple "The morning hour wjus devoted to a Children's,J)ay exercise, "A Child Shall Lead Them," along missionary JInes. The storv in of one, Jim Boardnian, who does not care for religiouB things. Amy. his little daughter, succeeds in getting liim to go with Jier to the Children's Day exercise. Here he learns aboucAlic enlarged" life. After this~time the family lid: of the Boardman's is much changed. On ills way to. prayer, n/eeting, .the pastor calls sind instructs tho family in the privileges arid duties of the Chrislian life, showing that all the good things-they posse.'is come from God and'lhey aro'llius nuule stewards of time, influence and money; and for tlie use to wliich these are piit, thpy are accouni- able to God. Mr. Uoanjman professes his faith in Clirisi. and the wholo family comes into tlie churc'^i. .; . At^ tlic evening scr^jico the It';v. Dr. Sowerhy pr<fachi'd on "Tlu Obedient. Life"'and based his address on Paul's itatonient to King Agrippa: "Wlii'lefor.'. O Kiiiji A^rippa, I was riot disobedient In standard of Liber-$the heavenly vi?:iori." T\\'o persons were baptized into l!(f iinni- bership of tin- church at t le riose of, the service. i •:• • •:• Henderson Circle NT Mi-vts The rcguljtr,i|ieeting of Henderson Circle No. 1>I7 of illie I;:ulies of the G.' A. n. \Vas li'elil Saturday afternoon in heiidquarfer.s in .Memorial Hall, .-iiiss EII;i Ball, llic- presiilerit, was in chargo ot ,1 lie ritual .work. 'U-TinrU-'eu inenil)ers were i)reseut. •• - Enlertain wl'h Birlhdaii- Dinner Mr. and .Mrs. M. A.' Hauniau entertained Willi a diniier ye.sterday in honor of liio Ijirllida.V" of .Mrs. Haumau's niojlier. .Mrs. .1. H. Koiind, at wiiicli four gentniUoiis were present. 1 There were coverK fdr: .Mr. ;!iid Mrs. .1. ir. Roih!id,,.Mrs. A.'.l. Ander- .sdn. -Mr. and .Mrs. W. .1. .'Mwer and sons. Warren .\IiTer-:iind .Monroe Alger: .Mrs. (Wo. A. llVifer and eiiil- dren. iCleanor Holer. - (^corgaMne Hofer ami William .\adrew'- er; Amos .1. Uolirid.' l-'retl Malcome, .Mr. and -Mr.s. .\. j::iunian !Jnd daughter, .Mar.v lianman and -Miss Florence 11. Koiind. • •> •:• Uonorhi^f .Mrs. Anna .laro Uelatives including OK? cliildreii. grandeliildren aiicl gre.-it gtandciiil- dren honoi'ed .Mrs. Anna .lain, of Xenia, Kansas. ye;;leid:iy wllli a surjiriwt dinniir in colebratiun of her Kuveiify-nlnlli liirlliday. 'i'lifv giiests arrived at IUKIII and prepared u r:ifet' rl.-i dinner. Tlie liirlhijlay chke wa$ iiuinnied with .seventy-nine red ; (aiiilleH wliicli .hOdren 'N Day at I Irst M. E. Church , . I Children's Day at the First '.Methodist Episcopal ' church was 'celebrated in the evening with .a iiprogram and pageant given by the .'children. The rostrum was beautifully - decorated \yith a background of -• dnk rambler roses and there was fence ajid gate at. tho front of !ie nostrum .wliere -jflowefH also •ere used. i " The pageant was "INerrot r ,,Iglits he Torch," a story of the clilldn-n's day fund of tliu Melliodist lOpisro- IKili clnirch. "J'lerrot"^ representing tliei heart of youth who came to help the children of the world. The climax of the pageant was a song by .MiHH Pa'niftie Uillbe. The jirogra^i opened with a.pre­ lude |)y tiu! junior orchestra and the primary pupils gave a very impressive prbceHslunal. "Welcome Song" by tho Iieglnners' was training throughout the entire program, ; , i Those who iriadc the enterain- nient the success that it was, were: Mrs.' U. B. McCariy, Mrs; ' Walter Maudlin. -Mrs. C. A. Keid, Miss-Roberta Warner. .Miss Irene Menzie: chairman of-the costume committee. Mrs', .lohn rBrazee; chairman of the 'decoratirig committee, airs. v. If. Burtnett; and Mrs. C. W. Boulsop. leader pf the • •. 'hostra. V feature of the morning wor- 1) was a vocal isolo by ifiss Clara 'iwn. who will be onfe of the - OQl supervisors of music i next -- r. The morning sernipii was lilh and Life,'! preached by the or, the Uev.^"C. 1. CoidsiriitlT. organ numbers by Mrs. 'R.~K. ison were "Meditation" by :; • ker and "March," by MlcFarren. • • • —J. B. Kemp, paperhanging and :erior decorating. Phone 698. • • • it the First Preshjlterlun Church Children's Day exercises took the • ilnce of the regular morning, ser- cjB yesterday at-the First Presbyterian church. The program was atttactiv^e and a credit to those taking part and tliose who gave their liino in training tho children, and was heard by an aurtleftcr;, that filled tlie church. . The program was ;is follqws: ' ! Songs. All for Christ, aiidll'ray-; er Song .-„.i--J.Scho61, Tlaiitlsin of infants.' Hong. Calling the Cliildri'n. School A l-'resh JioUQUot for CIllIdieM'n Day -.• BegliiiierH and Primary iijrecled by AIIHM Ella HoHtwlck. Hong. How .1)0 You llo ..Uunlors Directed by MJMH Kulh Pai^Ml. Jtecilatlon. A Kinlle l.iicllhi Hiliilh liAo, How Beautiful Upon llitt Rbmninirm .MIMH Ellmabelh 8lfern • Our'lUiUidiiy. a »iliiHliiiiary:dr«tiii.i- ir/nthin . .lunlorn IMreded hy .MIHH IliUhEw'Ing. Offerlory,' Organ nolo . j... . Mia. .1. K. Cornish .M'liig.. Wn U'lll nciiieinher ,S(diool MiHiiedlcliHti, The cfilldren baptized . weni . iiticis Marlon Marsh. Claud Hler- liMg LownUller. Jr.. Blllle Elinor llhayer. Alfred Itay Enfield. Jr., and John JnliiiMton Ford. Mr. George .Marsh, chorister of the Sunday school, led thi? singing by the school. Th<.' accompanists were .Mrs. J. R, Cornish. Mrs. Leo Tweedy and Miss Helen Green. Everyone was delighted to hear Miss Klizalu'th Sifers. who recently has returned froni a year's-stud.v -with Mad.iriie Arndt of the Sherwood School of .Mrisic„ Chicago. The offering at this service will go to the siipjiorl of the Sunday school nii.ssiori^ry. Mr. W. V>. Ilimebaugli, of Phoejiix Arizona. The church was prettily decor- ated- with garden flowers by the ladies of the" First Division of the General Working society. The phristiqn Endeavor meeting , in the evening was led by Owen Paul, who Jised ' the topic, "How to Get Things Done." The pastor; the Rev. H. G. -Mathis, D. p.^ preached in the even- Mrs. Jaro was .'it^ked in blow <int bcfiiri' the plates'• wi i<'-servi-d, a feat wliieir !ilie gracetiillv aeeoni- pllHl) :d. I'M relatives present Were: Mr. aiTolliSr prelty retfu^n -.TlIeTTTn^ '"^ .MrK.-^J^rP-.'PnHmmTW. of- Kan- displaylng the result of excellent sas City: Mr. and Mrs. K. E. Kelly. Mr. and .Mr.'^. C. (J. Stevenson. .Mr. and Airs. Cha.s. rendersnu. .Mr. and Mr.s. Wni. Newman anil .Mrs. .loliii Freel. children: Mr. and .Mrs. Stanley ;Sellman, ."^Ir.'and ."Mr.;. .Ies«e Turner. Mr. and:.MiK. ICnnneth Kiig- eri, .Mr. and .Mi-s. Walt'-r. Maudlin. smith, Jiir. and Mrs." Royj A. Aiders and sons, of MiUred; Mn and Mrs. Frtd Goyett and-daughfeSrai of Elamore; Mr., and Mra. Earl Cheexem and childrea. of Bayard: pnd Mr. and .Mrs. L. N. Ctaeezem and daughter's, of-Chanuter Services at'Trlnlty MeUiodlst The pastor, the Rev. J. C..Wiikon,j delivered a'missionary sermon atj the Sunday school hour yesterday at Trinity Methodist Episcopal church. The subject of the'dla- coiirse was "The Dynamics of the (iospol" and tfe used Paul's declar- aUon that the gospel is the power of God. The Rev. Mr. Wilson said in part: "Specific phases of God's power are delegated to creative purposes in tho physical universe,, and the KOH|)el, is one specific phase .of Cod s Irower given to the purpose of saving men and creating Chris^ tiau empires. 1 :"Tlie gospel is the; power of God set in motion, anff it Is radiating and penetrating In iits effect, so Jesu.s .said 'the klngdbm was like leaven which a woman took and liidin three measures of meal untH the whole lump-was leavened.' "The gospel acts through human agencies and is carried to the ends of the earth, and through the in- fiiiential touch the world ofmen feels its Kavin'g power. So Jesus said 'Co ye into all tlie World arid preach tho go.spel to every creature.' ^ The Eiworlh League dieriihers at the ilevoticfual hour^discussed'the iinpurtance of a college vducation. About forty young 'tfeople • were present and many of them gave interesting talks on tlie subject. .\ >pleii<liil Children's Day pro- grani was given at the eight o'clock lionr. Nellicj Thompson had liie training of tha children and deserves much praise for the successful way the program was presented. A liberal offering was 're- eeiveil for the "Children's Day edu- eatlonal fund.. • • • .Sentcov at County Farm The Rev. H. L. Uornbaker, pastor of the United Brethren churcli ill; tlie country districts, gave Uie senium yesterday ahexnoon at the serviies which were held at the •oiinty farm under the auspices of I he Women's l,!hristian Temperance Union, using the subject "The llainhow iif Promise" from the le.xt i"()iind.rin flen. 9:13-1S. Mrs. r:inl Bustard led the opening song seiyiee and Miss Lois E. Harris sang a solo. It was an Interesting iiieeling. ; • • Quiirterly Birthday Dinner , Th(< (inarterly birthday dinner >\as held today in the grill room III .Memorial Hall by the ladies of I lie Woman's Relief (!orps and the ivienilicfrs of Mi:(;i>ok Post. G. A. R. 'I' having liirthdayH In the last iiireir iiiontliH were: The Rev. and .Mrs. A. C. Tudor, Mrs. Sarah J. fi.liiilil, .Mrs. J. H. FoHter, Mrs. .\iiiiii. Illood and Mrs. Hazel Boyd. The. t.'ibles were decorated with ranilder ro««'s=. and garden flowers •lid alic.iil fiftr-five plutcH were ^. IVMI. Cnnirade J. H. Huff gave i!ie Ml vocal Ion: In (lie afternoon a'Flag Day'pro- iiiani Wits ijiven. "AnierlcaJ' was by the honor guests. Miss Mar ;'leriie Huff sang a solo with The O^^i^n City's Prettiest Bevcrl}^ L.OU Kfllhniz (s the prettiest baby In Cincinnati, according U> a coniniltlce of judgoji compn.scd of doctors, artlsta and cbUd^ welfare wjork- era. Slib was chosen from IDOO children, all bctwEcn one aiTdxtwo years of age.! NEWS OF HUMBOLDT .lOHX SQIIKE IS .SEKI(H;.SLY LOSIDX. .New Peerless Filling .Station, One of Finest Auywhert^ Opens fur Business. Mr. and Mrs. Ghas. .NVwniaii and Mr. Walter Freel. grandcliililren: arid EarlAIaudlin. Walter Maiidlin. Jr., Bertha. Peifderson. Ida Riggs. Homer'Turner. Carol Betli .N'ewnian and Floreen Kreel. great grandchildren. • •> • Wedding Anniversjirj- (oi'l Mr. Geo. A. Ilofer motored li'M-e from Kansas (;lty yesterday. :ft- riving last niiiht with ii ni-w Flint car as a gilt for .Air.s. Ilofer in honor of their eighth wediling ;yi- niversary. which occurred on Jm>e 10. Mr. Holer will visil a lew days in the home of .Mrs. Hofer's parents. Mr. and .Mr.s. J. H. Round, and Mrs; ITofer and their children and Mrs. Roun;l will accomimny •him to Kanslis City wlinre they will witness the gradual ion., of .Miss .lef- terkonette Round, which will take place Friday night Jujie IS. at lite Horner Inslitute wh<Te she has been a student in draiiiatic expression and art. • • Surprlw Dinner Mr:-!. F! 11 re 11 1 e J. Siiiilh, ea^t of the city, was given a siiriirise din- iM'r ye.'-tiM'day in: IIOIKIV Of lier blrlli'diiy. tile gneiiis arriving witli W(dl rillid bask.Is. Those present wefi': Mr. amy .Mrs. ,1, A. C)iee/.em, Mis. iK'tly 24 Pairs Fielder at the piano, the latter also, playing a piano number .^^rs. 'A.;C. Tudor gave the principal .-iddress. Miss Monelta Peterr yon idayed a violin solo with Miss Celeste Griffith as accompanist Miss Mary'Donlca'entertained with a reading. ing on "The Unseen Presence' the anthem by the choir was lOngdom Come," by RunyOn. and •Thy • . 1 « Pronio'.te: Secreliiries. Salina. Kans.. June 14.—Three priTati,^ secretaries for governors of Kansas have been produced by the .Salina Journal. One of them, CInirleJi P. Beebe. now Is private secn-laj -y to Governor Paulen. The other l|-o—Henry J. Allen of Wichita, fofiiierly governor, and Joseph L; Bristow. formerly United .states senator—served as secre- i ;nies for Governors Stanley and .Morrill, respectively. All three were members of the Salina Journal force some . thirty ye :irs ago. Mr. Bristow was the editor. .Mr. Allen the <;ity editor and .Mr. Beebe the "devil." Later. .Mr. Beebe wa.s city editor while the future senator and future governor were editors. * The youngest of this "dynasty" of gubernatorial secretaries has .-inei,' become an editor l^i his own ri^lit. publishing the Neodesha Sun. Aleiinwlille. All'. Allen has jnir- cliased tile Wichita Beacon and .Mr. Iliistow has dispo.sed of jils Sa- lln:v iiewspiipi^r. Siiiei> tiiking Up his duties In Hie e .\ecullve office, Mr. Ileebe ha.H deiei 'iiilned that he will not follow rurllier In the footHteps of ,Mr. Ilili-low and.Mr. Allen and hecoine :i cnveriiiir or Heitatiir. I diin'l like piilitlcH." the .Veode- HIIU editor leiiiurked . recently. "There i» iiol eiiouKh iii'llon lo II. I Wiiiil iininelhltig lo do ull the Hnie. I know how lo kei«i>'hiiHy III .1 IK WMpapi-r offloe but 1 flinl, It II great effort to kee|7 up my enilinxliism lit, a public office, TIIIK Is niy flint political Job, and nlno iny l.'isl. 1 HIUIII try lo get along wltlioiH my flrKi love nulll the ehd of Governor Paulen's jircspnt term." r A wUman in London conducts a railier iioveVfchooI for the pur- IHise of ijeaching jiarrot.s how^ to talk. Instead of straining her throat and 'consuming valuable lime in i-epeating words for the parrot to practice on. the woman sets a phonograph gpin^ and leaves the instrument to db all the teaching. Mfss Mary Lawson of Arkansas City. Ark... has Just bought among other things. 2i pairs of shoes. She is Xo be the bride of Allen B. White oC Grove City, Pa., and will leave with him Immediately after the ceremony for Talara Nigrltlos, in Peru, 'wh^re he 'll be- stationed by the Intematibn- al Petibleum Company. So eho's . laying In a three years' wardrobe. No More Shiny Noses A new Erendi fmoess powder that is i^t affected by |ierq^ratioa—will riot kt an o^y shine come thtoogjb; stays on until yom 'talcB'ft off; fine and pure; makea the pores inviable;' looks like beantiftil. natoral ddn; gives a soft ydvety' complexion.;.Get this new wondetftd Miaty poirdei <!al]ectMeilo-do. . COOK'S DRUG STORB (Francis Culver) HUMBOLDT. June 12.-The new Peerless Filling SlatloiN which has been ili construction lure for the past feW weeks, is now completed and was opened lo bu.siiiess yesterday. This station is among the finest and best looking stations anywhere. Finished witli white >aucco, ornamented wlih reil brick and profusely lighted, it presents a striking appearance. The old Peerless station. wlii(!h was torn down- to make room for the new one. was the first station in Humboldt. The Oil and Ite- fflilng Co. has had a fine business here and will iindouliledly continue this business in il.s new home. •-..Mr. John Day. a long-tiniu. resident of IlumboMt. passed uway .-it his home on North TwelftU-vStreet here yesterday evening. Fiineral Kansas City Conservatory of Music. Alansfield Mills of Emporia came here today to visit his parents. Rev. and\Mrs. C. M. .Mills of this city. He will return to: Emporia tomorrow. REAL ESTATE TRANSFERS • Issued dally from office of • ' lola Abstract Company. ^ ^ June 11 and 12, 1926. H. H. Brown and Maude M. rrot?^ wiir'ne Ht'iit . . Metho-'llst church tomorrot^'aftcr- ii.o<m at 2::?0 o'clock. Burial will be made In .Mount Hope Cemetery. .Mr. Day was. a pioneer ofeJlum- boldt and was one of th&»ldest rMdents in the city. His lutf^^ill- ness. Was &hort, but he had M«p in l)0(jr health for some time,^? Mr. John Squire was i)$|9ouKly burned Friday cvi'ning in an explosion of gas which had formed in an oil well that Air. Squire had been ins[>ecting. He received very serious, burns about the face and hands, and minor ones elsewhere. Dr.'o. Payne was called at once, and this evening -Mr. Squt^ was taken to-the Ch.'inute hospital. Jlis injuries are not considere|l_ fatal tfiongh they are very serioiis. I-Mwin Payne returned herb for the siiinmer frqm Kansas City where he has Jjeen attending the Brown his wife to Sarah A. Brown, jrart of lot Q, Boughton's Aild. to lola. Com. at N>V, Cor. a" 60 ft. E., 102 ft. N. to Mo. Pat'., R. R.. NW. to beg., 11 .00. • i (!has. .M.'>Punk and wife Maude II.. to L. L. Kiser, lots .6 and 7, blk. 1, Taylor's Add. to Moran, $1 .00. G.'R. Seymour and wife, Minnie K.. to William B. Chappell, lot 11, block r..S, Humboldt, }1 .00. Ida Gilkerson. guardian, to Edr win Kelly and Ida E. Kelly. Und. '/.! of NW. 14 of NW. J4-23-1S. ISOU.OO. Ida Gllkeson, widow. to same. Unil. Ml Int.!in game^ ^^""•O"'; —Phone your Want Ads to 18. Noticed I City Water Users —On account of water conditions many people are coriipelled to use city water for washing and are in| convenienced because of its hardness. " , . I To overcome this add pn6 tear spoonful of Rub-No-More Washing Powder (the Original 5c. Water Softener) to each gallon of city water. IT SAVES "SOAP. • Besides its 15 household usages it is the only cleanser -that will clean sinks and tubs..and ::Jlssolve upon rinsing. No sand left to clog drain pipes. OAS CITY NEWS NOTES Mr. and ips. Wright Hosts Sunday In Honor of 3Irs. Russell's Birthday. (Mrs. A. F. Holten) OAS CITY, June. 14.—Mr., and •Mrs. W.- H. Hylton iaijd. Mr; and Mrs. J.,^. Martin, who have been vIsIUng yith .Mr. and Mrs. Harry Hylton. returned to their home in Springtown, Ark. Mr. and Mrs. Dell Adams and cjiildren and Mrs. Gilfillin spent Sunday with Grandma- CoUins in Redfleld. Mrs. Mamie Moore and daughter, Rglierta, of lola,: spent Thursday with Mrs. Cliarlie Fine. Mr. and Mrs. -Floyd Carmean of Arkansas City spent the week-end at the parental Carmean home. Mr. A. P. Holten and family motored tp Chanute Sunday afternoon and while there called^on an old- time friend, -Mr. Albert Erickson and family. Mr. Duval and family of lola visited at the Ira Cornell hpmel Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. B. E. Wright entertained Sunday in honor of '.\rrs. Edward:Russell's birthday the foil- lowing guests: Airs. Alnudc Smith, -Mr. and JMrs.-Tt. S. Goble and .Mr. and Mrs. Edward Russell; The Children's Day program at the M. E. church Sunday evening •was well attended and eiiioye<l by all. xAimEEs pi T MffrT' meiam 2:00 p. jn. 1^ I W^T P 7:lJ-9:i5.~#'in. 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RICHARDSQN'S Remarkable Values Are Offered Every Day,This Week llBforeOays BATHING SUITS VuhK 'M up lo pt .'o, chiitre ,flJ >8 Vii 'ueH lip 1« if .'».(Mi, choice — - •- rhllilreir-* Sulls all wool - linllilnif laps Special . --- Blif .Slni« Hal Hpo«l «l „wh -~ «»« A ilEAl, SURPRISE AWAITS YOU IN 0V^ SILK DEPARTMENT W-iHI Klul IrepeK, lO-lwh WJ*' lfcJ .75 Kiiiic) I'rrmeiMrepes 'KbMlal yard *]M Hdi, IO.Jnrb ISeorjrptles ynril . ...............IW» iRUMllieaiy lO-Jncli Crepe de fhlnea, yard «1*8 Kmlfiim Sllh, janl —- --fL't?! ipUAi Fancy •.•eonfellev yard. :. -V— •8,49 i«l.(Ml F««l I'olor HIiHiiffliHl Ktik, yard . H»c 10 I'er Cent Kediictlon un, lleDderKon ConetM, C'omelettett and GosHiird BraysiercH. We ».l i'eppprell Sheetlnk. bleached, yard - 44c IMlc 51-4 i'ullman SheetlnR In hrown, yard 44c TiOe »-4 lirjiiille lialf bleached, yard . . S7c »-4 Rlce-Slyx Special BlearHedv yard i —«»c !J«c HIeuriied .Mu^-^lln, yard l«c 17c Blearlied .Miislln. y»rd —-— 14c l.>c niearbed .Miislln, yard — l -I 12J4c 18c rnlileached.MuHlIn, yard . UHc 15c rnbleailied Muslin, yftBd liMe V-ie Unbleached. Musllii, yard . : I9c aSc Pepperell Tubin)?, 42x36, yard «8c WOOL GOODS «si5 all wool .V'-Inrh Flannels ipeclal 9£M • i»M all wool «8.lnch Cbarmeen, 8peclal ... $M8 $l.i3 Wool Goods yar«-. Me ijl .69 Sp«irt Flannels yard «9c SILK GLOVES Values up to *2..'V«, choice^'ir fl.47 MILLINERY All Trimmed Hais-V4IiiHs dp to 18.75, Choice .^M Speciial Tomorrow 900 yards 32-inch, good HeBvy Outing Special 9c Special Thursday; 1000 yards Yard wide, ,18c Unbleached Fine and Heavy, Special iOcyard S Tardji to a customer —.-7c 2»c -..44c 27c -Ilic ISHc - - .J»c --..16c -12Mc — 17c —.I»C Extra Special Saturday . 50c Fine Sheer Voile 40 inches wide. Special R I C STAPlieS Hie. Clieetie flolli, yaffl _ 1 .'I .H! KnjcllHh i'rlnls yard, :.««' Fa».i Color Indian Head, yard .*t.'>c (<infchnriis iurM ....... ...... „. •2oe. (ilnKlilinis yii'd . S«c I'lierlol)^ yard ««« Ollliniy Y «Ht color (iliwbnms special '2r,i' Mnen VriinU, yard —- ;— itte iJnen CniHli, yard 1 2.'»c yard wide OutlnifS y«rd ...... i 20c I'crcnies y<fd — y. •J5c I'eirales, yard 1 lOc MA VenthfT Ticking, Npeclai yard 2l)c t'omfort t'lialHes jurd Silk andX'ollon (!repe KayonH up lo *l.;i«, special -.1-.89C - ilM and ¥1.23 Kayons I' color, 30 Inches wide" 8jc ' 7ic new Silk and HroadclolH, speclal.yard CTc 40.1ncli MJK) Voiles yard ^ 8%! [ 4<»-^lnrh Voiles np to «.>, cliolce r 5Sc • 40.lneli Voile* up lo 'AK, yard —^ 89e ' Ke Voiles 40 Inc6e« wide, yard 23c 8 .JC Kayonll, extra special _.— 47c J«c Fine Plain Voiles, yard ^ . ——.. .^33c HERE WE ARE SHOWING iSlANY NEW DRESSES AT ENORMOUS REDUCTIONS 3.» new Tub Silk and Crepe de Cli^ne, values np to.$l3JjO: choice '-.-X .-86.75: . .411 onr new OeofKeltes and Crepes np to $18.75 ^^-10.75 Iteautifnl newJihowIng <;rei>es and Georgettes with slipa In all the new pastel shades. Values up to $29.75 at __.$16.75 YOU MUST SpE THESE NEW RAIN COATS Slickers Alligiitors and fancy cfceeks ralnes np to $7i5ft Your chofcei •_,— i--—1—-__ —.$6^ WHILE THEY LAST, .35c^NDER ARM BA6^ Talnes up to J4-50, choice ^Wifr J )iim ARB S O N S -S L.; ^

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