The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on February 9, 1974 · Page 4
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 4

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 9, 1974
Page 4
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Sawday,tfrh Mtinsatid nroviiiom Mid-year .. In tew months most seniors Will have it> give serious thought to their future plans. Some, however, have already had %make those decisions. Fifteen seniors graduated early this year, leaving the Halloaed' ohalls, , .ingenious instructors and decidedly dangerous but dnzzingly, dashing dodgeball games for the more sedate outside $brld. After using coercion ffjid a small amount of armed pif suasion, the following facts have been gathered concerning this band of refugees, clad only in fortitude and determination. •';•••• Randy fiauer, besides cruising in his classic Plymouth, is working for Marvin Kampf Construction Company, . The, high school parking lot will sorely miss the ornate beauty of his machine's fins. Daryl Charlsoh has not made a definite decision as to : "Hey! We made it," exuberates Kurt Stoebe to a bemused but-cooperative Deb Duffy. Cause of this outburst was their mutual appointment as editors—Review Photo. M *'' beginning its plans for graduation which will be Sunday, May 19, at 2:30 p.m. in the high school gym. The busy winter season is winding down. Unfortunately, we find ourselves caught up in a flu crisis which will slow down the activities of many students. Parents are urged to exercise all sound health precautions to help minimize this community problem. Already we have found students returning too soon and promptly sent home with reoccurences of the illness. 1 want to express my appreciation to the Wildcat Review staff for affording me this opportunity to visit with you each week from The Principal's Desk. Delmar Cram, HHS Principal : From the Principal's --»«_. Many of us are quite aware •that what goes on in school and what is actually reported by students to their parents is frequently quite different. • The above statement is not •made to imply that students •deliberately attempt to deceive. Rafher, I would say that they report, most readily, those things that are important to them. Mother and dad, in the meantime, grope in darkness as they •wonder about deadlines, specifics on schedules, class colors, etc., etc. This column is an attempt to open a new door in communication with our school patrons. I hope to use this opportunity to pass out credits for work well done, to answer questions which I feel ,many people would like ansWered and provide important information common to people interested in Humboldt High School. With the final semester '. underway for the Class of M974 much committee work ;:needs to get done. Diplomas land announcements have ; been ordered as have the caps ; and gowns. ; The Ministerial Association ;has announced that, for this ; year, there will be no ; Baccalaureate Service. This ; seemed to be the wishes of ; this year's senior class. ; The Commencement Pro; gram Committee is just NOTICE: Valentine's Day Dance will be held Feb. 9 from 8 to 11:30 p.m. with "Home Grown" providing the music in the HHS cafe- torium. Admission for this student senate sponsored dance is $1.25 per person. Speech eliminations to be held Wednesday and Friday nights Individual speech tryouts will be held next week, announced LaBounty, speech director. The tryouts, which serve as local elimination, will be held Wednesday and Friday night after school in the little auditorium. The judges for this event will be Gerald Christensen, Doug Rossbach, Mrs. Jeanne Raine and Harv LaBounty. his future plans, but has Men working with Bohr .Tree 1 Service. He would like to continue his education. Harold Gibbs works in Hood's Super-Valu in the meat' department. He was unavailable for further comment. Deanna' Humphrey is currently enrolled at the University of Northern Iowa. She is continuing her education in the Spanish language, which New editors aid staff Deb Duffy and Kurt Stoebe were appointed editors of the Wildcat Review effective the first issue of this semester, announced advisor Meredith Case. Miss Duffy will serve as managing editor and will assist editors Mary Hadar and John Riches in make-up at the newspaper office in addition to her other duties. Stoebe will assist in the writing of editorials and the editing of feature stories. Editors-in-chief Gene and Dean Crist stated "We're glad to have them aboard." Bond prepares for trip to Drake A trip to Drake University in Des Moines for the annual Drake Jazz Festival is ,.,planned by the Humboldt High School Jazz Band, according to director Gary Currie. Also in store for members are a pair of exciting concerts by two big-name bands. The jazz band will leave after school Friday, Feb. 8, for the trip, and will return home the following evening. After their arrival in Des Moines Friday night, the band will see a jazz concert given by Buddy Rich and his orchestra. Saturday morning will bring contest time, where the jazz band will play four, tunes, according to Currie. They are ' 'n Easy," "Somewhere," and '.'Soul Lady." That night the band will hear another jazz concert by Thad Jones-Mel Lewis. Foods class covers basics Table setting and manners, time management, nutrition, appetite appeal, tool, equipment and measuring techniques, lab experiences with all the food groups, foreign "cookery, and career opportunities in foods are the basic topics being covered in foods class, stated Miss Smith, instructor. The course is for any juniors or seniors, boys or girls, who have had either Homemaking I or Homemaking II. Because of the rising costs of food it is important to learn money saVing techniques, remarked Miss Smith. Food and nutrition is always important to modern daily living. .The foods class will begin cooking the fifth week of the semester, which will include two cooking labs a week for 12 weeks. she oegan In Humboldt high, in the hopes that she win someday be able td 'artier fluently in a Spanish restaurant, Richard Newttrbugn wtfrks atthe local Farew&y SlOfe 6ft a full-time basis. The school halls are noticeably... quieter after Newtfs departure. Barbara Nostrom will go to Iowa State University in. March. Her interests center around business and finance. Vicki Eversoll is attending - of Iowa afid Wf i> e jjources to Wfiiies. If Vicki's City pWo'rmance hears he* Hnmitl &'fftgh f ec ord, we will hive ft .UStJre for cancer withift tfteyfi«« decade. Jeff OitnoW 'plans to attend Northwest!, Iowa Vocational School ifi Sheldon. He Will train to be a Scott Rodriquez works at Design Homes of Humboldt. He is contemplating joining a probably tfi'e Martna*. 'James SenuKe-maft is ift process of enrolling iff tjffr&ff -' FWce. We all ttWJIfiinWfcui there is noticeably more room" in the halls. Shelly Smith will further her education at Iowa State University, She plans to major in business. Virgil Tewilliger is presently employed with Strut- jienbergs, He was not avail- fftfttftafaAtttiu.. , v^,ie TWtm liM'teM ftf tftfbw n^'Mtte life tmy ; a'««J fsi'tfraMM, 8ol theft,, r/ffife/aty 'feal 'contributions' to society anyway. JhV their haste to desert their, 1 fellow inmates, Erin Burke and Kirby Johnson wefe lost to these roving reporters, The best of luck is wished upon these rtoble(?) pioneers, who will no longer read this trash. - . . i • , Wildcat Review Humboldt Senior High School Bdltorf-ln-Chief.. ^..........Dean CHtt ctrtcf Gene Cr 1st Managing Editors . Mary Hadar, John Riches, Deb Duffy Newt Editor Kurt Stoebe Jack Dreyer Advisor Meredith Case Photographers Randy Rezabek Ms Valentine Day of 1974. She's pictured in one of her typical seductive poses.—Review Photo. The famous Ms. BB has copdecended to be the Wildcat Review's Valentine Day Sweetheart The Rezabek report Parents, you're going to be sorry by Randy Rezabek Welcome to the new semester! For seniors this annual winter event takes a new turn. A? underclassmen they were forced to position their persons in various classes and work their little pinkeys to the bone seven periods a day. But civilization has come to Humboldt High! Those seniors who have not brought the wrath of the administration down upon themselves will be allowed to escape their bondage and leave school after their last class is finished. Now for students who are taking only two classes, for example, graphic arts and PE, this is indeed good news. Instead of sitting in study hall for five periods and being utterly useless, they can go home and be utterly useless. But what about our poor parents? Health officials have announced that they fear there will he a large increase in the number of mental health problems among parents of senior students. This is understandable. How can one pitiful parent bear up unddr the strain of the controlled insanity of the modern American student? At least in school the teachers have a lounge to escape to, but the poor father and mothers are doomed to contend with their creation. Ho\y can anyone be so cruel? For humanitarian reasons alone we must take the pressure off our parents. It is our duty to stay away from the house as long as possible. As for myself, I make it a point on weekends to never come home until long after midnight, thus giving my parents hours of needed rest. Hearts ond flowers I remember, I remember Homenibcr hack in elementary school, to the Displaying their form In the chorus line number of Vo B« Cho, presented Jan. J29-30, are right to left, Jolynn Goodell, Valoyce Wind, and Kethy Kuehnast. Chorus .'line members not included ace Lauri Monech, Michelle Dingman, Jill Benson and fjLinda Burns. Choreography was under the direction of Laura Dunscombe.—Review Photo. The Jazz Band "Gets It On" in one of the skits during the Vo Ba Cho program. The band is under the direction of Gary Currie.-Review Photo. days o!' "See John run" lor were we at the "Sec Sally chase John stage?"), when all your rosy-cheeked graham cracker crumb faced |>als decorated their Buster Brown shoe boxes for their ten-cent Valentines from your friendly and not so friendly peers? And you'd skip light-heartedly home with your treasurered red-heart- w i t h w h i t e la ce- con struct inn paper-Klrner's glue creation full to the brim with angelic cupids and "Will you be mine's"? I remember taking extra time out to find that unique message of affection for that "special" teacher, (hack then we were called "pels", now we're referred to as "brown-nosers"!) You know the one who always had a shinty red apple on her desk and a smile on her face. But as the youth of yesteryear grew up and changed so did tradition. Nui only do we not exchange Valentines anymore at our milk break, but teachers no longer have smiles on their faces! Roses are red, Violets are blue, If you'll be my sweetheart, I'll dance with you. Well, gents here's your chance to proclaim yourself. Now's the time to let that animal in you out. Put on your best tie, carve her initials in the old Oak Tree and swing your partner at the annual Sweetheart Dance, Feb. 9 in the high school cafeteria. You can boogie, or whatever turns you on, to Homegrown, a band from Fort Dodge. Face it guys, this may be your last chance. Your, everyday five foot seven, blond hair blue-eyed sweetheart is hard to come by in these hard times. (There seems to be a number of shortages, doesn't there, Mr. Nixon?) And another thing, men buy her a big box of candy. Don't let her get away with, "I'm on a diet" another year! HwS ^^^^^^^^^^jfti HHHBi^^^^^^ rtarranges 'i.. " * d»E * BtllMVW »»W»«»M»» « — — ^ » ¥J_i.J ±i ItkA IllMlAtitW Ferifyt libTtrfoto, Nfc* books being added to the library Have caused a pfobleffi ol inadequi The Ttfeift series aftd the story ffl6Ved intetbe conference f ooffl t6 er**™™™ 'fniiw any student has difficulty locating books he ihonUi either ask Me or one of the student librarians, and we will help, ..added Miss Perry, Biology starts dissection , dissection is the current project in John Wickett's biology classes. The purpose of dissection is t6 compare the systems of animals and show their complexity, states Wickett, instructor, Classes will begin dissection with the earthworm, to help students learn dissecting techniques. The structures of the grasshopper, frog, and pig will be studied to show the functions of each and how they differ, added Wickett typing III refines skill Developing competency in office typing is the objective for Typing III, stated Miss Darlene Hotz, instructor. She added, "It is the refinement of skills developed in Typing I and I! with more emphasis on individual decision making,"., The class of five girls is involved in a project-that introduces them to office responsibility, Miss Hotz Stated.* Actual business forms are used and time cards will be punched whenever the girls type on the project. She added, this will help them use time wisely and be efficient with materials. Also, grading will be based on ?Office standards, Miss Hotz said, When there is extra time, advanced typing projects will be worked on according to individual areas of interest, stated Miss Hotz. Chemistry studies atoms The arrangement of electrons and how they behave when the atoms react chemically is being studied in chemistry, stated Guy Carter, :instructor. Included in this unit was the study of the shell of the atom and its division into many energy levels and subshe'lls. PACE 10 was finished Feb. 5 and the class started PACE 11 Wednesday, reported Carter. The new PACE is entitled "Modern Model of Atoms in a Combined State" or "Electrons Do Their Thing." Music chosen for concert Music for the Winter Concert has been handed out to the choral groups of Milo Hall. The songs are to be memorized for the concert to be given Feb. 26 at 7:30 p.m. in the HHS cafetorium. A variety of music will be presented, according to Hall. Some of the songs presently being prepared are: "American Trilogy," "Faces," "Ain't a That Good News", "A Man's Gotta Be," "Awake My Soul" and "Reach Out and Touch." Woodworking is project Industrial Arts III classes will continue working on their woodworking project this quarter, said instructor Mason Maach. Maach stated that he was happy with the way most of the projects are progressing and said that most will be done by the end of the third quarter. He added that when the students are done with the projects they are now working on, that they will start on new ones. Class assumes importance History courses in Humboldt High School have attained a new importance due to recent events in our nation, particularly in the government, says Edward Bakker, teacher. "Look at what is happening in our government now. If there had been enough interest it wouldn't have happened," Bakker said. He plans his course with the objective of promoting student awareness, of both past history and today's events. Bakker stated that his history classes are "above average" in interest and concern. The history course Bakker teaches is basically the same in content and coverage as in previous year.s. The period studied is from 1865 to 1974. There has been more emphasis on some topics Bakker feels are important, such as the stock market. English studies vocabulary Vocabulary is now being studied by sophomore English classes, stated Doug Rossbach, instructor. Rossbach said students are working with spelling and word structure and will continue working on the vocabulary for the rest of the semester. After completing a memory writing project, the classes will read the play "Inherit the Wind," stated Rossbach. Ag prepares for contest Parlimentary procedure will begin in Vocational Agricultural classes, according to instructor Milan (Pete) Petras. This years state and district competition will be competing in this area. After finishing the work on parlimentary procedure, Petras reported that he will begin to teach some of the fundamentals of wiring and using electricity. Algebra concept related Using basic number properties to solve problems is what makes Algebra II different from any other course, stated Rodney Hakeman. instructor. Units now being studied are systems of equations and problems in two vsriflblcs. The main objective, outlined by Hakeman, of Algebra II is college prep quality. It will a l so be helpful in advanced technology, stated Hakeman. Class discusses hypnotism Hypnotism and ESP were the topics discussed in Calvin Muller's psychology class. "The discussion on hypnotism was better than usual, because we were privileged to have in our class someone who had actuallv been hypnotized," said Muller. * Uy Teri Polley recounted her experience to the class. Miss Polley seems to have suffered no ill effects from the experience, Muller pointed out.

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