The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 18, 1949 · Page 11
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 11

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Monday, April 18, 1949
Page 11
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WONT)AY, APRTI, IS, 194» HT,YTHKT11.T,T! (ARK.) OUT OUR WAY Pv J. R. Williams Our Boarding House with Maj. Hoople EGAD,eo-VS,AU_ FWISHED.' 1^ ORDER TO FILB MOR& ENTRIES l*i TH6 CONTEST,' I'V'E DITTOED OP THETOOTU PASTE ^LOGAWS X COINED, 1fc> EACH MEM8EC OF THE HOUSEHOLD — THE PRIZE VJILL STILL COW6 I TO Me. OF ICOORSt/ OOHH, WHV DOES ROUNDUP TIME HAVE TO COME IN SPRING AM 1 FALL WHEN) HAVE TO 86 IW SCHOOL? OOWN AMD GI\)E we JUST PROPRIETOR. TOOTHPASTE SLOGANS iNe SOT MORE SLOGftM 80V, DON'T THAT'VIP- VIP- YEErV SOUND FREE AS A, EA6LE FREE AS _ •WIMP BORM THIRTY YEARS TOO SOON) ^ - — is forgiven. Keturn home at once You will ncvci again be late for an appointment end lose youi job. We promise to buy on accurate new Bvitova at DREIFUS Jewelers :Ufi West Main St. Blylhcville "Mee( Di-eifus—Wear Diamonds" Elizabeth R. Roberts LODGER COfTIIGUT IT GtCtNIEKG PUH.ISHK MSTmUTU IV WtA «1V1CL IMC flltt STOHll !!'• warlltur «i«iJ Mr. mmA Hr*. RubrrU of <:rrn[ Kail*. S1o»(.. inkr in lodftrm,. '1'hclr flr*l and »1nr buurdrr. Uuffrr ihr l.uUitfr. nurft thf Itohrrt* huuir t« 11 1 u MM u nicer ( rn I ii i UK « V I'otn < - nuni, Wbrn be KOI-J» oft far •ehaitJ, »ir rllo PRESCRIPTION SERVICE Phone 4601 Nichols Drug A STUE FOR tV«Y HOME . . , A DESIGN FOR EVERY OPENING DEAL'S PAINT STORE 10Q East Main I 1 hone «69 Inlo ihr mnld'» In tfcr faaxrnieMt. \c*l l.irnlvDnJil N'lckcry nntf hi* lirlilr vuvc- I MI* Ik? Knr»t runiM. AlthuuRJi the «lx nrvr K"* 1 " 1 ^ bring prnhlrrai. nil *f t h t- rit i !»*;«- 1 h r r I • n ti I I kr »rul>] P-M XIV AT ARCH came in like a lion, and so did Roger, as though he'd been gone three hours instead ot three months. As usual. 1 was getting dinner when the phone ran^ and a blillie voice said. "How's conditions?" Like an Oriental, 1 deprecated our humble abode, our humble service, our humble fare. I said the house was full of people, four in the basement, two in the guesi room. "Bill home?" he ashed, "No. nol yet. But we're expecting him." Roger drew BIT easy breath. "Thai's perfcLl. Be right clown," I appealed to Hob. "Don't worry Toots," he reassured me "We got an exclusive listing in the oflice today on a furnished house, I'l cinch U for Roger." I made ROD phone the owner right away to tel her it was rented. 1 [ell saved When Roger drove up in a staf car, chaufleured by a Wac, I wa almost cordial, "It's good to be home." he boomed, with an admiring ey* on iiis officer's cap. Lie hung it witl his coal in the vestibule closet earned his bags up to Bill's room and spent a minute chatting witl Sonny and Sally who had com' out in the halt to see what alJ th racket was about. He told then how pleasant il was to have ther aboard. He called on the boys ii the basement, welcoming them t his old quarters, and invited them to join us upstairs after dinner. Robbie went over to the pian to play, but before be struck ole, he remembered about the ousc. "Oh, Roiicr. I've got good e\v& for you. A vsry cotnfoilnblc mushed house was listed with s today." NSTEAD of Icupinjj into Uic air and Celling "Whoopee!" ns we xpected—houses of any kind, specially furnished, were piacti- ally non-existcn(—Hoycr leaned orwaid, gazed t.houghUully mio 'ie tire, look plenty of time lo r eigh the matter, then uskod unrdotlly where the house was lo~ ated. Robbie gave Ihe address, toger sank back in his chair and milcd loleranlly. "Wrong side of own." "\Viuii" side of town, my foot!" lob barked; "There's no such hiug now a$ a wrojig side ol o\vu. A house IF a house And you're lucky il the rool doesn't, eak." "I'll take it," John s.iid. with .he eagerness we had hoped (or 'rom Roger. "You forgot," Roger said pa- UenUy lo Rob, ignoring the others '1 have iwo young ejhildren. 1 * "Babies!" Rob roared. "Wha difference does it make where they live?" 'Th ese a re f ormali ve yea rs,' Rogei reminded him. "II make: a very gieal deal of diflerence, "U doesn't to me." John said I'll rent n stghl unseen." "'You'll be sor-r-r-ry." Sally sail lo Roger. "That's an explode 1 ! fallacy thai environment is im portant. Never forget, you but tered your bread. Now you'll hav lo lie in il." John got the bouse, and we stil got Roger. Our M.C., aware no doubt of th slump in Rogt-'r-Iioberis solidarity Jooked out of the window and re marked that il had stopped snow ing and that he- proposed all th men go out and clear the walki. A LL the men worked excepl Rol Aiways allergic to work, h nursed his grouch by Ihe bre whi ally nnd I busied ourselvcF In ie kilrhcn. I sliced tiormiidit nions thin and put thorn lo soak i Kront-li dressing. Later, Sonny, king a bile ot n snndwirli. pr What hove you (((trie lo these nions?" "Marinated them.* "You know, iSunny, whnt people o on Sunday lo clothes thn( ore be w»5hcd iw Monthly," SalJy xphiinctt. The men didn't return (iom hoveling and Sally filially foutul in the alloy. Roger wouldn't ct them quit until they hnd leared behind Lhe H'irafic so the ars could be backed out. "To- noi row'll be Sunday/ 1 he cx- ilained archly. "So what," the vanquished Rob napped, "Be-kind-to-Lee-day. I'm invil- g you lo the Club lo dinner. Should lend variety to your lives." t did. "Better let me drive," Koflcr •uggestcd as we climbed into the 'cctan the next day. "It'll be easier getting past the sentry." We wound up the highway to ore Field and made the riyht- •\nftle turn otito the army rond. A ptow had cleared a lane, piling Lhe snow high up on either side. Roger Insisted upon letting us out at the Club driveway entrance. Lt was his first appearance at the Club and our first KB his guests, and we wailed for him lo make tiis grand entrance. He described a wide arc as he swung the car out onto Uie main road. One minute we saw the car. The next we didn't ft wasr't nn entrance he made; it WAB a fadeout, Roger, on hands and kneea like an Eskimo coming out of his tgloo, burrowed through the snowdrift and up onto the road. "Bad spot, that," he said amiably, indicating the place in whirh the car reclined on i!s side a Hi wart the ditch and hidden by the snowbank. "I'll have to call il to the Engineer's attention in the morning.** "Oh, yeah," Rob stormed. "And what about the car tonight?" "Oh, that! I'll enU ih* motor pool to pull it out," "And how well they'B how," I muttered. (To Be Continued) Helpful Helicopters Helicopters can be towed in the air hundreds, oi' even thousands, of miles for use in rescue operations nL a remote disaster, such as a phine crash. Constant growth of our business has made it necessary to increase our telephone facilities. This necessitated changing our number. Our telephone number is 812 / ate on* too/ Think o/ An Apple KI-TECTIVE APRIL 12, 1DI!) UNITED INSURANt.E AGENCY "The Friendly Insurance Service" I'Mvsl & Main — Ingram Building We Insure Everything WE Make All Type LOANS "Did you fcnow that P. J. started his business on a shoestring? He got a loan on his car from GENERAL CONTRACT PURCHASE CORPORATION!" COTTON FARMERS Chemically delmted cotlon »«cd germinate quicker, ptiint and plow the same week. Reduce chopplnr expense and produce more cotton per acre. STATE CERTIFIED VARIETIES AVAILABLE U. 4 P. L. No. I!, per 50 Lb. Bat HO.OO D. A P. L. No. 15, 1'er 50 Lb. Bag 1U.OU Stoaeville 'i B, Per 'M Lb. Bag 10.00 SUme.ille Z C, Per 50 Lb. Bat >0.0< KoHden 41-B. Per 5« Lb. flat 10.011 H»!( A Half Illibred). Per 50 Lb. R*n 10.00 Cokrr's 100 Wilt Resistant, Per 50 Lb. Bag 10.00 Pmla. Per 50 l.b. Bar 10.00 Empire. Per SO l.b. Bait 10.00 Come in ami place four onlrr or get tour supply today BLYTHEVILLE SOYBEAN CORP. Photic 856 BlyLhcvillr Ark. Phone KM Branches: LeachviHe, Ark., llnrni-rsville, Mo. and Sennth. Mn. .STUDEBAKER, CARS and TRUCKS You'll Be Proud to Own 1917 Studebakcr Land Cruisur . . . licauliful blue, an ideal family car. 1912 Buick l-tionr . . . drive this car for a bargain price 19-10 Plymouth -1-cloor . . . gi.od Ures new paint . . . and offered at a real pi ice. I9!i9 Chevrolet 2-<liM>r . . ei|ui|ipcd with radio & heafer. 1917 Studebakcr I'/j-Ton Tmck with new paint nnd a good body. I9!7 Studebaker I'/ 2 -Ton Cab and Chassis . . . tires and beater . . low .uileage. 1912 Dodge 1'/t-Ton . . . new uainl, new motor, and a good Army body. Chamblin Sales Co. "Your Friendly Stud«bak«r Dealer" Railroad* Ash Phone 2195 •STUDIBAKER MtECKM'IS & HIS FRIENDS By MEKK1LL BLOSSEB '.S All We Got FRtrCW.eS, MCBE, WIIL ANSWER ) If 7R(S 1 TUr Irvj,. WUI4 GUM-IONS . i MUST SAVE / RftWO S DISC JOfXtV ' MY VOICE TOK MV POOIIC/ PKOGWMS 1 VWS AS«f? CAU.BO TSen TO stLtcr W :^H*/T\\ TUE'C PICK OH J SI4AOYSIDE Ano tic CHOSE . \ wat.,Mor \ YOUR rwrND HCKF." I tvCiiY--- ) -- ftur THE OTHER Five GlMS WCRC TIED UP/ "Most of my ancestors wore doctors, bankers and Inwyors —Undo Henry liore was tho only one who ovor did anything worth mentioning! He WHS a cowboy!" I'KISCII.LA'S !'<»> Bin re Tliiui Mot-Is (lie Kye Ky AL VERMEER . GOSH/ I HE PELT THAr WAY V ABOUT 1-HM' JU'jT LOOK Ar HER, HA7EL SHE'S EAT IMG HUR .ITTl.E HEART OUT.' M'liilc the Krisli Is On Hy ftllCHAKL O'iMAM.KY mid KALPH LANK ( i * 8 was wondering why Fog Channel ludri'l sliown <it Ilii own parly, when the doorbell rang END Of THE LINE, EH. FOG 1 JIGOtR JACKSON WOUIO NEVER Of IEFI WHAT YOU'RE LOOtOtf V rOK IAYIN' ACOUND IN A OK AW EC YES.MR.AND MRS. POND ABE HERE, HWNY BOY, ftNO YOV CAN M4Vf IUEA1J ?. A IttAN NAftVCD R055U(V1 PICKED US W. i MR. CHANNEl'5 ORDIR5.1O BRING WE THUMBED IT. MRS. POND. DIOYOUGET OMR.OWNNEL'S PEEBIESJKARBBOXE DOWN. WASH TUBUS .BSUE TURNER I!IKJS BUNNY By FHEI) HARM AN :VE SEEN S-OYPPE0.1 rllS IS NO REA.U WNTCH/ IT'S A LITTLE /VJK/^ODAYA EXPECT SUNDIAL/./FEKTWENTV-FIVE ,,-fCENTS.,. SOMETH1N' WITH CHIMES ? I'M IN A> HOT RACKET.., SELL1N 1 WRIST G-GOSH, \VMAT/ A, PLEASURE, DOC I'LL T-TAKE. WON'T NEVER TELL TIME,. FEB. A QUARTER Readjustmcnl Is On By V. T. HAM LIN. IT UP; 60NN'<\ RULE ME.' wue. BYTH' MIGHT Of t-K3O. HA5 RETUEN6P TO RECLMN" OF LEM... JiV OOP S MENTALLY .vvl BACK IN THE &K00VE... FOK HIM. THAT 15. "HOOTS ANI» HRK liUODlKS Hy EDRAR MART1H j so EAGER.

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