The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 18, 1935 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 18, 1935
Page 2
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Entered as second class matter,! Oct. 4, 1895, at post office at Tipton, Ind., under the act ol March 5> 1879. voi.r.Mi-: xo. inn. TIPTOX, I.VDIAX.A, T!U"RS!)AY KVKXIXO, APRIL 18, 1035. THE TOWNS PLAN KILLED IN TIE HOUSE Pension Eil! of S200 Per Month to Old Persons Knocked Out. IS TEEMED 'COCKEYED' Vote Indicates the Administration's Security Bill Will Be Passed. Hail of S::-icl;cn Daxvson Is I'n! ruder (Jiiaraiiline liawsoii. V. T.. April IS. — Wracked by :ui epidemic nf measles .lonely followed by in- Iliienza. (hi:; Yiiluui capital has linked in in'.•'.'. nt tin' spread of pie-ll Mliilli;!. Schools, churches end I heat i i-.-. v. ere .lused after Carl Mai'h. .M'-year-nid miller, died fnini d.Mihle pneumonia. I'lider ih. guidance (if Dr. Herbert Xunii. Dawsiiu's lime physician, li.ilf the population has ti. carry on pulilic services :'iid minister In Hie oilier half v. In. yire in (|iiaraiiKi'e. Wi;h no n. A ,-asi ui measles repelled, il W.IS believed that ill.- epideini,- had reached it.; peuU. hut several cases of pnen- iniinia have developed among inllnen/a palients. Pacific Coast Mining, Lumbering and Shipping Have Strike Threats. Judge Russell Denied New Trial in Case Sent From Hamilton County. . ITEMS OF " as ill tile aii.uiinisi! :.- \ e: •:'•: ill >WM ] 1! ~i III i ;:••• I'ait. -. I'r. ssi. Washington. April Is. Thursday in circuit --oiirt Judge Ilnss.-ll overruled a motion for a new trial tiled in the case of Cerald Adair against Robert Teter which was tried h> r.- some tini" ago. The jury which heard the nee in the damage action Adair. found for bv evidi brought T.ter. The case v lltoll COUlltV growth of a "•'• hi h Adair :iinnenily injur- (1 by a charg" 'in-il from a. gun in th" hands of T - -ter and was asking damages in :!•• Slim of .-' 1 ll.llllil. Kollowin-; the overrnlins <>f ihe motion for a new tria.1. ill- 1 i>l;:i!il_;if prayed an appeal to the appellate court and 12i' day:; v>< ,-.- uiv.-n .i,. tile all bills of ex- ep'ion. Moiid was !ix.-rl ai .-IM'i. Harr -II Fisher a husband ol 'wn months when his wife Manila '"sh.-r bro.ight an action for di•;••<•:•.. \va- b- for-, the court on a leailr.g !'i ;• rupport during th. ;--!ideiicy of lii- action. Tile • r young man v.-ho is 20 years of .!--•• . laieil he had worked but VIOLENCE REPORTED Canadian Coal Miners Fight Bloody Hand-to-Hand Battle With Police. .1 T':vssi. l.V -- Pacific i coast mining, shipping and lum- I hcring were threatened today by I a spreading infestation of strikes j and violence. Canadian coal miners fo'ight a bloody liaiid-to-hand battle with police at Corbin, B. ('. Sawmill workers at Longview, Wash., I voted Io strike May ii. A strike ; threatened a complete blockade • of Canada's western sea traffic ou INTEREST A I»"'i -'• Arson was added at j Portland to bombings and bcat- j ings in the month-old strike of : west caost tanker ship sailors. The labor unrest sharply etched a background for the deliberations of the Maritime Federation of the Pacific, with di legates from .'-V! marine unions in session al Seattle. The .conference opened its fourth session today without having discussed the tanker tieup and its threat of expanding into a gineral strike of all marine crafts nn Ihe Pacific coast affecting :!. r i.(niii workers. Forty-two persons were in- iiired in the Corhin rioting, where -Tin striking miners, and their womenfolk tried to break through a cordon of provincial police protecting strikebr. akers. Squelch Nude Photo Racket THE LEAGUE Encirclement of Germany With Nations Tied Up in Pacts Is Planned. TO PROTECT AUSTRIA Little Entente and Balkan Entente Nations Confer at Geneva. I5onil Puyiuriit in (.'old Is Ordered by Swedi-h Court Stockholm. April IX. — The court of appeals has decided that the Swedish treasury mils', repay its obligations on the Swedish government loan in 1!'--1. issued in denominations of gold dollars, in their s o!ii value at Stockholm. A Stockholm insurance company had petitioned for the repayment of government lean obligations in gold. . The conn declared that the legislative measures recently taken in the Tinted Suites regarding the gold clause- ought not to apply to holders 01 obligations no! domiciled in the I'nited States. It was indicated that the case probably would be taken to the supreme court. IS DEFENOER OF RECOVERY ACT Former Head of the NRA Appeared Before Senate Committee. ATTRACTED A CROWD (Ry I'niti Berlin. April .1 Press!. IS. Prompt action By Mrs. George U. Harris, right, New York socialite, enabled police to nab Arthur UIi«e and Dominick Pillotti in new racket. Other socially prominent ,h:ivo been victimized by racketeers who send photo jjurportin- to bo the victim, posed nude, with rectuest for money to suppress the photo. Ulisse and PiHotti deny ~uilt Heichs- fiiehrer Adolf Hitler, who alyea;!-.- has communicated verbally to Great Britain his strong indignation at the condemnation of Cer- many by the League of Nations, will deliver his formal answer to Geneva on Saturday, his birthday. It was learned he lias summoned for consultation in .Munich the leading figures of the foreign 'office, including I):-. Kun- stantiu von Xenrath, foreiirn minister, and Joachim von Kih- bentrop. his personal international envov. Relief Director for State Offers Investigators in Old Age Pensions. NO INELIGI3LES HERE ain>- here from Hamand was the nut- hunting accident in charg, d he was per- <IJy 1,'nitfil I'r,:-ss). (ienevu. April IS. — Encirclement of Germany with Boys' Glee Cliib Goes to Ft. Good Headway Being Made Wayne and i String En- ; in Installation of New semble to Anderson. \ City Light Plant. plant being installed by the Win- More casualties were feared as ; SUNDAY DATE OF BOTE EXCAVATED SIX FEET .'!>.'(i miners man bed from Blair- j more. Alia.. :!u miles from C-irhin. j _^_1__ ' to reinforce the strikers. Fresh j , dctaehni' nts of police supported Miss Lois Slone. instructor ol" wearied guards around the Cor-j music in the city schools has ar- iiin colU-ries. ! ranged for the high school Boys Th-. riot began wh"ii mine ef- ' Glee club to present ;u fifteen- land, O., are moving along in Jicials mid non-union workers ' niiuule program over radio station good manner and Thursday one started hauling' from the shafts > WOWO at Fort j Wayne Kastei- ,,f the j,ig forms-for one of the after weeks of strike-enforc. d j Sunday. April -1:. beginning at three Diesel engines was ready attacked t::in o'clock. j for pouring cement. On hammers. This is a new: experience for of vibrations these engin absolutely solid and: a ring o: potentially hostile nations -wa; begun today as League of Nations officials proceeded i o form a committee to devise p. nalties for treaty violators. Delegates of Little Knicnte and Balkan Entente naiions. including Czechoslovakia. Kou: mania. Jugoslavia. Turkey aad Greece, i-o.-if- rred Ii-.'iv. Their : conversations were the first steps i toward a series of L'anub'ian j treaties which will inchid" a giiay- vi 1 antee of Austria's ind penden,- 'and political integrity and a si i ri<'s of mutual defense treaties. I Foreign .Minister Pierre Laval of France and For; ign Minister Ma.\im Lilvinov of Russia p:v- Believing that tin- old agi sion law .it l!i:'..'! is bt-ing abused in some instances. W.iyne Coy. director of relief of Indi.ina. h;:.-, offered localities his iuvi sti^;;I-i!'s in'weeding out any ineligible.-;. Kecently Mr. Coy's oiiice made an in .lohnson county and found 71 persons who wen- in.'ligilile. dra\\in- old a^;-pension;;. In Ti'Ho.ii county v.!ier-' there as'.- 147 oi.l a;;" pensioners tiv.- .:;:m1n!ss:oi!, rs liav. Iia-I for -;O:P lim-- the ;,--^isiani-e of I'.ise Sr.p.v- '«!l-. Ilel:'!l Sloli--. Ill !l.\eS- li,:a'-ing ap-iili -ants for c.ld a; pensions, in addition to investigLi- rion-; Made by them.-.elves. la •oiiniy audiror and the fns-lee >-,' , pared to take to their govern- the towii.-hin in ant resides, i; : •;f o.Hchlis that incuts the rough draft of a mili- pensionrr on the loli h-. re is lu ••. The strikers guards with •even davs sine.- his marriage and rocks and clubs, wounding Hi of-i the club, and every member is an- (juire a hasr was willing and wanted to pay if Hcers and six mine ollicials. Po- ! licipating the evein with much lice used their clubs to send '.'.a ' eagerness. Bodies I'oiinil in BnniKl Home Hnins of in Kefii ut U\ . lie had funds. The court took \\i» matt r und-'r advisenieiit. In the divor-C proceedings of Ar.'e Ha Stewart against L. 1). St'-wart tried some lime ago and ialii-n under advisement by th.: eoiirt. .Ind^" Kiisseil grained ilp- •.vil. a divorc-••. granted her alimony in Hie sum of s.^no and t.i\e(! He- cosi:--. im-ludinir the u ife's atim my f.-e I aiil. The divor-e is On the same date. at o'clock, the high! school of til.- attackers to hospitals. Hritish Columbia shipping was affected by the labor unrest when members of the Log Workers I":i- j program over 'radio station ion refused to handle logs intend-1 U'HHC at Anderson. Both pro- i been arranged by Miss, will accompany the excavation of practically fie en-: Uoiimania. tire floor space has been made inland Greece -: ; '' ;l this building to a depth of six feet. 'arv agreement which will b;nt! tie ;n to mi:'i!a! aid in ev. n! "o:' c.n at lack by (lennany. Litviuov and Foreign Minis!- r Kdouard Benes of Czechosl jva!;ei account lo day discussed a similar treaty ri> ", between their nations. The Eliilkan Kiiti nte -nation 4. Jugoslavia. Tr.r'c- y will in'-H at iiticlri- :ii:ri e!:c . ::;.- :•-.! ;>; M|.;IV 111.- Ii I'- ;;1 . ". a max! :ii-.'iUh. Mr. coy si a is at t;. "hed to commission rs bje:: on tin Offered a Few Suggestions to Improve Administra^ tion of Act. (liy I'nit.-d Tress). Washington. April IS. — Gen. Hugh S. .lohnson. fiery -first administrator of XIIA. told the senate finance committee today that to destroy \KA now wouki be "lilce burning down your house io get rid of a few rats in the i attic." I Johnson's appearance drew a I huge crowd. The hearing was j -.nov d from the -committee's own I room io the marble senate caucus room. I The act. he said, should make I dear the extent lu which congress ! intends :to limit price control, pen-1 produ.-tion control and the application of the act to small enter- pris s. Provision for code organization and administration, he added, should be simple. Without mentioning names, Johnson (oss.-d back at some of NUA's critic's their own words. Referring to Sen. Gerald P. Nye, II.. X. 1).. who was partly responsible for the XRA investigation. Johnson cited a bill which Xye introduced in lfl:!2 seeking i') provide ;'.ir trade practice agreements and for establishment of a I'.-deral trade court to correct the • vils which NRA was designed"' 'o eliaiinate. He .-iied oilier legislation introduced KI the same end. In more biting language. Johnson struck at th" Darrow board v.-hich found fault with the NRA. He said it was the "backwash •>:' th-- riri-ef-t'i- -mill" complaints ".•;! i: XKA is adjusting "daily by i- Mat's thai no to boards ol" rs I'.ir having p.-nsion rolls May Io to '.vrile th-- ro'.i-i' At this depth hard pan. was c-n-, draft of a Mediterranean tre.-nv String Knsdmble : will present a countered, insuring a firm foiinda- "f mutual d"f<- a;-- to ;igm d ed for the Orient. A graver crisis unless shippers of I IIP Van- was due April L" accept the demands couver and distri-.-t .ondilion Ihal th a.-lion are paid. Reports on Ihree cKtates wer< filed for the purpose of fixing Mi' inlieri..:inc i Waterfront i the defend- Workers Association for union granted on ' dispatchers and a wage increase costs r,f the. of in cents nn hour. The <t:y 1'iiii- -I IT.- ••' Marion. Ky.. Ajiril Is.—Sheriff Roy .Malcolm said today he has established thai an aged collide found d.-adjn the charred ruin* -,„,.,,.,, Mav ,-.,,, , n |h of tl/eir home near here last night •were murdered by robbers. The victim.; "were Sidney Yates and bis wife. Georgia, both 7. r i. Sheriff Malcolm said the couple was slain and their home burned by Ihe robbers, who evidently sought .-I'I.IMMI hidden in the ruins. union Is pledged to "strike on that day when a 60-day noti"e to shippers expires. All shipments by tax if any and will !>.-> from Hrilish Columbia would estate of I affected. rnntin;iei) on I'aeo 2 | Continued on Page 2. sen be Slone. She tin- nations' named in addition t<- Huge bolts will be embedded in France and Iialv the concrete base so that the en- The Danubian and Mediurran- he bolted down firmly ean treaties will be discussed at Rome conference, now s>-i for boys glee club to; Fort Wayne tn-with no chance Of any play. direct their presentation. i Separate bases are being provid- May 20. Announcement bf Ihe program ; ed for each of the battery of three o n the same day (be league have been sent Ui Hall State engines each having a lOO-'iorse council is to jmet.'anrt will re- Teachers College, i of which Miss: power capacity. The power of reive a report from its" sp"cial i;i nviny instance.; badly 'PP"d by not. !iavi:;'z '""••!! : ' i-- : prop, r inv -i: ::ri ui. I'n'l •;• law beard-; of coi:;;::issi->n'-r have power to hire sp'ch'l •::'• • tirators if th-r..- are mor;- 3HO applicants. In thi;; oain htarty co->]iera!ion which The !'!'•:•; irs"!f. h'^ said, was a "p-'lir ! (-l wailing wall" which ••'•'as "not in good faith" and "recommended Communism." "There wa- not one fair hear- in:: b--fore th" board." Johnson. die!;'I", d. I.lQroiI HOAKI) SKCRETARY. Richard Shirley of Indianapolis Named to Commission. lit'cii i;iven the supervisor lias by (he Fioard. Only i wo'counties in the Slone is a graduate. Borne high '. these three engines can he rea-|- ( . O mmittee on means of'imposing ! are not paying old age pensions. school where she formerly lized by comparison: with the Die- financial and economic penalties! Greene and Clark. All the other.; taught. Alexandria;, and other stir-; sel engine at the Tipton Milling on future violators of, European .', are- paying i-Ithough :e:n-' i.-v a; rounding towns, ajid there should Company's plant which has a 100 treaties. ; i low as $^ per month be quite a large audience on the horse power capacity. | This league meeting, incident-j Persons having air to hear the Tipton boys and Theodore A. Brudick, engineer- Continue nn Pnce 2 iRv I'nitf.l T'r."s=). Indianapolis, April IS.— Richard Shirley. Indianapolis manufacturer, was appointed secretary of the state liquor commission today by Governor Paal ?V. McNutt. He is a Democrat. •• ii-v a; : In announcing the appointment of Shirley, the governor is- property sued a statement in' which he .Bald Merchants of Nation Organize to Act as Unit on the Problems Affecting Business In Serious Condition. New York. April IS.-—Korma-j followed u meeting of nationally tion of the American Retail Fed-: known merchants at the Hotel eration to serve as "the unified Chatham at which final details of I voice of the entire field of distri-[ organization were completed. , I htition on national legislation and, Plans for the federation have Mrs. Roy Fiasey. who has been! economic problems" is announced! been developed at a series of con- confined to her home o,, North! ], orc by Louis E. KIrstein of Wil- ferences In this city during the Conde street for the past twoj]j a m Filene's Sons Company.j last six months, weeks, is reported in a serious! Boston, who has played a leading condition she suffering with ,poi-| ro ] e In the creation of the new son which Jias gone all through j group. her system.. Wednesday she! The federation expects to have passed a very bad night and there | a membership of 'more than 1,was no improvement Thursday. Mrs. Basey has been .in ill health for many months but has only'been confined to her bed The federation, designed to be the spokesman "for the third largest Industry in the country," will be under the direction of Colonel Clarence O. Sherrlll, as 000,000 merchants having an an-i president, and an executive com- nual sales volume of approximately $20,000,000,000. The announcement, made at Mr. Kirstein's offices at 1,440 Broadway,; mlttee of ten. The organization, the first Jin the history of American retailing, -will have its head. Continued on Page 2. girls perform. for the Winton Engine Company, The members o£ the Boys' Glee is personally superintending the club are as follows: Udell Adair, construction work with D. L. Philip Benson, Jatjk Burdge, Glen Thomas of Tipton' foreman of tnei Chappell, James Cpx. Robert Cox, working gangs. Many truck loads Robert Coy, Ralp'h Curry, John'of dirl have been taken to the Continued on Pnee 2 Enneking, John Gray, Mark Kr-i tel, William Hamilton, David Holtsclaw, William Ross, David ; Simpson, Russell Stephenson, Wil-' liam Tolle, Howarjd Tunmer. and' Kmployn , of , Iigh , vnv Department Continued on Page 2. CHKCKIXO TRUCKS. un<l State |>«iic<> Worked Here. I a thing of the immediate future. Don Coy,, accompanied by Edith Ogle at the piano.! The String Ensemble is com-j Wednesday night two state lio- . posed of Judith Bridge, Margaret |i, Ice and Valentino Jung. Les^r luncheon meeting. that politics would not be a factor in the hiring of Investigators for the liquor commission. "Administration of the liquor law, including approval of appointees shall be in the hands of the commission ytithout interfer- New York, April IS.—Twenty- 'said.- "They will not have swim-j- em '° of an >' kind bv anv source." four-hour airplane service be-1 ming pools, it is true, but they! However, final approval of ap- tween the United States and Eu-' will have baths, dining salons.' plications for investigators Is ex- rope in flying boats capable of, small dancing rooms and facilities j P eeted t° rest witn Pleas Greenlee. carrying 75 to 100 passengers is Sikorsky Predicts 24-Hour Ocean Lines, With Big Luxury Piques, in Near Future for showing motion pictures." patronage dispenser of the ad- He de-L-Iared thev would! ministration. Igor Sikorsky told the. Motion, B t rvo to establish still more firm- Picture Club of New York at Myerly, Mary Cqmpton, : John Martin', and Julia JAnn Harting, accompanied at the la Allison. U Is hoped that dents of the city ee possible will tune in' at tbe appc bear both programs by the Tipton students, piano by Dor- as many resl- nted time and Hensley and Bud Longfellow of the local state highway statijm jwere on East Jefferson street lit ithe corporate 1 1 ri e, checking (trucks, as to weights and oth^r jcompllance with thej law. j t Several large 'Vfehkles btopped but BO far .'-- ! The huge planes, the noted designer indicated, would have more than twice the capacity of his S-42 cllppar ships, one of which completed Its flrst flight from California to Hawaii and the . prleut yesterday. '. • Known i;o; ' "Th:ere|[wlll be every t . comfort on these'[ships." Mfi Sikorsky ', •. .1 ~ •-. •! i'i !•'._•..•:" ;, -_ ( •' .. - • ly the position of leadership in I air transport that the United i States had gained. , j Even faster time than that suggested by Mr. Sikorsky for tran:;- Was Operated. Homer Vandevender, wgb,i makes his home with his Mrs. Argus Achenbach west-ri Atlantic flying service was pro-1 Tipton, underwent a "minor dieted-by Captain James A. Molll- son, who. has 'flown the Atlantlo three times. By stratosphere fly-, ing, he said,, regular crossings; ation at the Beechwood Thursday morning. Ha is i to be getting along as slble, having cpni»l't ^ 5%? ^

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