Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 12, 1926 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1926
Page 6
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I I ,1 - ed ed: call CITY (toilinued from page 1.) e the re: lutlons committee, offer- foflowbig whtcb'was adoiit- ly'th« cdnvention witli practl- una imons sentiment I tior Road Call.! < ^6 re« jinraend'and-asH' for the adoption Qf the following .resolu' tlon: ^ ; Resoly<^d, That the |!ran(i Council -Instruct the sub(£dinatc councils to name ^ committee OB good roads '.'consisting Of .one member who shall report to ihe chairman of the (Jood Roads Co|nmittee of the Grand Counfcil once each month. And we further recommend the foUowfiig: |J. ('. Oorrclt, Muniuiltan, (iriind ConncUcir. i "ncsolved: Tlidt the Crand Goum'il of Knnsas endorse tlio Stale System of Iligliway ConstrniMiou as putli'iied by llie Kansas CJiambcr o^ .Commerce aiid offer our undivided supirorl to tlio program of BJittinK the. lef^islature to meet in special session to. present to tlie people an amendment to the Constitution allowinK the tjtate to construct highways." ' ne'»gates to the national council United ' Commercial- Travellers which meets at Columns, Oliio during the week of i Juno 20, are as follows: E. C. Curtis, n. C. JIc- Dowell. E. E. Hawley, Joe Murray, E. A. Carriher, C. J. Carrelt. E. p; Bernardiu and John Cochran. The alternates chosen arc: Ed F. Moore, Hutciiinson; ;W. A. HoUingsworih. Topeka and J. J. .Scnhouseu, Leavenworth. . " OLA DAILY REGISTteR. SATDRDAY EVENING; JUNE 12, 1926; I I. The Begf!«tniU«ii at tAe COBTCntlOB CONVENTION IN A SOCIAL WHIRL . (Continued from I'agc 1) ' public has learned t(i expect from the Methodist ladii^s, was the sing, .Ingof .Miss I-aVon (irahani, of Pittsburg. .Visfj . Craham liys a rich nieZi ^o soprano voice of, rare • timbre and nuilHy. which has been rultlvatcd, until It is ii really W(m- -Werfiil instniihcnt, and' the; Iwo KongK she sai^K to-the 2(i<l diners lar.l evening ' werel tunuiUii()ii.sly ai)planded. 1 Harvard University dldn*t win the bnnual eastern Intercollegiate track nn* flcld meet this year, liut It performed a rather unusual feat by copping tb* ihrcc long running races, the half, mile and two^miJe. In the above layoM we find "Red" Hnggerty (left) .breasting the tape In the-mlle, with Willafd ribbctts (right) taking the twomlle. In the center. '"Soapy" Watter* la . J ^ • winning the 880 In a thrilling flnUh. i J. A. Worleji, topeka, Retired After Six Years Member Ex. Cora. j Mr. K. M. Stockcr." formerly of j lola bdt now a resident of Yates ; Center, was the toastuiaster but I very niotjcstly limited his own '• spooch-niaking to the. introduction' of the one speaker of the evening y\r. Chas. F. S«itt.. Mr. Scott sjiokd briefly, welconn'ii .i; the visitors in behalf of all the-:citizens of lola, rnnKratulatlng , them upim their good fortune' in having the iiriv- ilege of doing biislness in such a country aa outs is, and pointing out the responsibility that rested upon tl'iein in tibeir relations with their custoniors; The final'' .«opial events of the convention will'take, place tonight when a'danrc wSIlbe given in EJks ball and admission will be by ..badge only. - I Miss Wils6n ..for trra>urer. Thc' . announcement that .Mi.<s Frances A. .Wilson w^II be a candidate before the Rciiublicau 'iri- mary for the pffiqe of County Trejisurer ugnln brings into .public notice a most remarkable Career. A^ay back an the 90s .Missi Wilson served as .fJeputy Treasurer, making. so good an impressioh(upon the voters whom she* met tjiiit In ISfl.S she became t» candidate for the-office and was easily elected. . Sne assuna-d the dutioXot the 6ftioc • in IS'i^. and two y^ars later was . re-elected, serving the four years to which, tlie" law limits the c(in- secuiive holding of the office j of County Treasurer. Since that time Mist Wilson's expert' knowledge tif the duties of the officclVave been rennisitioncd by several treasurers so altogether she has been In the olfico twelve years of tlie twenty that: iiavc intervened since her own terni e.\pircd. She now becomes aVcaudidate upon the suggestion, of many | friends who know her viual^fications and .would like to sec her once mor# holding the • office in'which she has spent so' large a part of her life. Use Register Watts lor reatUU. •'x- - Silver Lear. (Mrs. Fred Utiffey.) Mr.anil Mrs. W. V. Bell of Iqla were Sunday afternoon visitors at J. L. Ivotfs. Mr. auil .Mrs, Jolin Busley and son were supper giiests of Charley Wray/s Friday ovciiing. Mrhand .Mrs.) John Bowers and granddaughter. Betty June .of Bronson Klient Sunday at the' home of Ills niece, Mrs. R. D. Smith. .Mr. and Mrs. C. C. Ea.itwood Hiniit U<'Vi>ralloii Uay at Neosho I-'all .H. .Mr. and ^\xv,. M. A. Ke.nd^r spent Sunday evening al tho It. D. Smith luuue. • F . Mr..and Alr.s. J R lOastwood were Sunday dinner guests at thc C. C.^ E.'i .-itWooil home. Mr. and Mrs; A. T.. Dugan of Uronsoii-spent Snhday afternoon at the home of their daughter, Mrs, It. 1). Smllh. • \ .Mr.s. Ilocketl and family of Clia- niiie visllecl at the Ben Grieve home tjunday. c Mrs, U. I). S.niilli picked cber: rie .-»1at Iter mother's last Monday. • .Mr. Reuben Remsberg and Miss I 'aulyne Englo were married at :!:."id! Tuesday afternoon at the Mitchell liome in LaHarpe, and lelTt imnUMlialely Itor Kansas City, Topeka and Lawrence on their honeymoon. The community joins in. extending to them congratulations and best wishes for their future liaitpiness and prospierity. MIS!$ Hilda Brown has as guests the Misses Alice and Rosaipond Jones''ot Kansas City. The H, and N. club -met with j^Irs. M. A. Fender June 10. Mrs. Everett Rogers and son of Bron- sdn of Bronsop and Mr3 ,.-Schad of Lallari». former membcra of the dub were present, and Mrs. J. Lott and daughter and Mrs. Aloss of Oklaho'hia. were visitors. |Mrs. lien Grieve became a member.] All enjoyed themselves and planned to meet witii Mr.< J. B. Knepp in lola. Mr. and -Mrs. Geo. Rembberg were callers at -the. Duffey homo Sunday evening. •• . '• •: Mr. and Mrs. S. E. Shup and daughter. Alildrcd, and Mr. and .Mrs. John i Twine and two sons of Salina spent Decoration 'Day at .Mr. and Mrs. .M. A. Fender's, j i, .Mi .><ses Anna and Milda Brauni of Kansas City spent last w^eck with their brother, Herman Braun and family. ' ' Roy Smith spcn^ Sunday nigiit and .Monday with his grandiiarents, -Mr. and Mrs. A. T. Dugan of Bronson. ' . -Mr. and Mrs. Eyerttt Manklf and children called on Mr and Mrs. Al. A. Fender Friday evening. .Mr. and: Mrs. A. W. Strabl of lios A.ngctcs,, Onlifornla visHed at the Butcher home last week. They were von their way to Chicago,-to sjwnd thc.summot. -Mr. and airs. E . Kindig and .Mr. and .Mrs. ir^uy Oliver and daughter of lola. »'(jre callers at F. Duffey's Sunday, evening. Won A' yictory. (i:y .the A.s.soi -liileu I ' London, Jiine l2.—Mrs. - Annie Br.sant. president of thc Theosopl- cal 'Society.. won a signal victory today when the organization - in cdnvention. at Queens Hall, voted 600 to 3. to accept the young In- oiari krishnamurti, whom Mrs. Besant has been heralding as a new World teacher." , KEITH CLEV,i;|X(iEK HUKT, nrlvlntr When A.sleep Brln(fn "Ser- lous Injurletj. \ The Neodesha Register has the following report of an accident that occurred to Keith Clcvenger which will he read with interest in lola where .Mr. Clevenger la known to a great many people: "Keith Clevenger, publicity director for the Empire Uas and Electric Co. of Bartlesvllle, was quite seriously Injured last Friday afternoon about •1:.')0 when ho drove his ear Into tlic cement abutment of (lie culvert on the south turn just above llund'/i hill. Coming from Fredonla to Neodesha Mr. Clevenger was not driving at a speed to exceed about 20 miles an hour but had apparently fallen Into a light sleep, yind fulled to make the turn. His car, a Dodge sedan, de luxe, was considerably damaged. * The radiator, engine and transmission were badly wrecked, but the body of the car escaped. ".Mr. Clevengcr's.' injuries were more or less severe.. His lower lip was cut entirely through, and his chin badly lacerated and bruised. ^Several of his lower teeth were loosened and had to be pulled, but it was not thought the jaw >)one was fractured; He was brought to town by Earl Gibson, who had been driving just ahead of hlin. and his injuries werc^ress- ,edi The Empire offices at Bartles­ vllle were notified and a car was sent to Ncodeslm a.nd Clcvenger was taken to Bartlcsville last Fri- Iday night." • BASEBALL (Uy the A.isoclated Press) American Lea^e. Washington 000 000 Chicago - 201 001 Johnson and Rttel;. Blankenship and Schalk. ^ llairen and Jones Win. Moor Park, England. June 12L— Walter Hagen and Bobby Joiies defeated Abe Mitchell and Cyril ToUey, four up arid two to play in their international four ball match here today. Philadelphia ^000 000 Cleveland : 000 000 Groves and Cochrane; Smith and Myatt. Boston ^000 0 Detroit __-00d 23 . Wingfield, Foreman .and Blshoff; Wells and Manion. • >aUonal LeaKue. Pittsburgh .„..010 500 002—8 8 1 Philadelphia —000:100 001—2 7 4 Songer and Gooch'; Carlson, Dean and Ilenllne. Chicago -000 000 100—1 6 1 iBoston -OjOO 401 Ox—5 12 1 Root, Blake and Gonzales; Coo- neyjand J. Ta.vlor. THE fEAJT STANDINGS Cliiclnnati Leads* (lie >aUonal Leainie, and Milwaukee Heads the American Association. (By the ..Vs.soclateU Preiis) ' New York. June 12.—Official standing of the National League, including games of June 11: Team Won Cincinnati —i. .—31 Pittsburgh _„ 27 St: Louis ^^—29 Chicago . 26 Brooklyn 24 New York ._2: Boston __2( Philadelphia li Lost 21' 21 25 - 23 25 28 28 30 Salina—Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Howe, Mr. and Mrs. Ed E. Holly, Mrs. C. H. Gamble, L. C. Webb, J. B. Carr, Mr. 'and Mrs. D. E. Ricb'ards. Hatchlnaoa—B<r. and Mrs. D. E. Dichfii -ds, Mr. and Mrs. J. M. Cowan, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Nile i, Mr. and Mrs.' Ed Moore, Mr. and Mrs. J. L. Howard, Betty klice AItc4 Howard. Walter Howard, R. J. Ha'us, W .'H. Haladay, X C. Johnson. Wichita^Mr.. and Mrs. Geo. Blodgett, Mr. and Mrs. R. L. Calver, Mr. and Mrs. M.. L. Wdoley, Mr. Md Mrs. Ward Burley, Mr. and Mrs. P. J. DiUan, Mr. and Mpi. C. E. Ferguson, Mr. and Mrs. yi. W„ BrowTj, Mr.. and Mrs. C I«. Henry, Mr. aiid Mrs. J. M. Roton, Mr. and Mrs. ^. E. Hatfield, Mr. and Mrs. W. C. Shanks, Mr. and Mr. E. Nance. Mr. and Mrs. M; E Nan(;e. Mr., Merle Kance, Mr. John Nance, Mr. W. H. McColn, Mij. and Mrs. Harry Allen, Mr. and Mrs. I. T. Michaclson, Mr. and Mrs. H.j C. Hcnsley, Mr. W. W. Whlt- inaro, Mr. 8. S. Carter, Mr. and Mris. K. T. Steele, Miss Helen Stciolc. Miss Helen Steele, Mr. Chiis. Steele, Mr. Harry Nance. Mr. nnil Mrs. E. F. Hancock, Mr. and Mrk J. W. Sinclair,-Mr.-and Mrs. W.j<J. Marlow, Mrs. W. C. Long, Mrs. Evelyn Townscnd. Topoktt—Mr; and Mrs. John H. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. . Ralph A. Covey, Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Miller, Mrs. Alma Harper, Mr. Rinebach, R. jT. Kricpe, W. L. Harper, Mr. and iMrs. John Worley, A. J. Whlt- nlore, J. E. HInchle. R. M. Williams, W. A. HoIllnesWorth. . Parsons-Mr. and Mrs. Otho Alexander, Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Reinhart, Mrs. and Mrs.; B. B. Shive, Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Foresman, Mr. and Mrs. E. F. Lutz, Mr., and'Mrs. Fred Chapin, Miss Mary Chapln, Miss Marguerite Pember, Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Stacy, Mr. arid Mrs. B. L. Gregg, Mr. and Mrs. Robert Richmond, Mr. and.. Mrs. J. F. Roberts, Mr. and Mrs. Edward Currigan, Miss Edith Currl- gan. Miss Florence Veal, .Mr. and Mrs. C. A. Byers, Mr. and Mrs. Paul McConnclI. Mr. and Mrs. WUbur Kanitz, Mrs. IL L. Brisco, Mr. and Mrs. Geo. Thurston, Mrs. I. II. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Brannsdorf, Mr. and Mrs. F. JV. Kelly, Mr. and Mrs. Joe Allen. Mrs. IJ. E. Bwln, Mr. E. P. Bernandln, Wr. J. T. Currigan, F. H. Scheiber, Harold; Conway, J. F. Roberts Jr., J. P. Currigan, Mr. T. Kelley, Harold Johiison, Carl Hunter! Atchison—J. H. Weatberford. Norton—-N. J. Spencer, T. M. Hcaton. Wlnfield—W. C. Benner, W. C. Warner. * . Ottawa—Mr. and Mrs, R. B. Bnbta- onp, Mrs. O. A. Tlranaman, Mr. and Mrs. .L W. Cochran, .Mr. and Mrs. Ben Wright, Mrj_ R. E. Lancaster, .Mr. arid Mrs. C. C. Vlckers. .Mr. and Mrs. Wi P. Brooks, Mr. and .Mrs. W. L. Pickering. Mrs. W. G. Cu- Rlck. .Mf. and Mrs. C. E. Blumo. .Mr. and Mrs. C. L. Mlquette, Mr. rind Mr8.,J^ E. Larson. Mrs. C. J. Fisher, Mr. C. J. Fisher, Mr. and Mrs. J. E. Durst, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Burr, Harold Barr, Mrs. Fredia Johnsonj Mr. and Mrs. Geo. iFeller, ('arol Feller. R. B. .McConaliey. J. C. Oldroyd, K. H. Thompson'. R. B. Irfincnster, J. D. Kelsoy, Percy .Molse. ir". B. Atkinson. •Coffeyrille^Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Watkins,' Wllma Watkins, L. M. Burris, L. H. MaUils. Kansas City—.Mr. and Mrs. Ed^ win C. Curtis. Mrs. Lena Rayson. Mr. and Mrs. W. D. Melborn. J.'M. Wllbclni. W. D. .Mowry. Joseph Riding. M. C. Onsen. James L. Guinn. E. L. Wilhelm, R. .M. Roberts, Floyd Hunter. Chanuto—Mr. and Mrs. Unruh, R. J. Unruh, .Mrs. G. F. Boebm. ..Mrs. J. W. Hemlnger, Mr. J. W. Hemingcr, Mrs. B. J. ^dgerton, .Mrs. Ben Beadford, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Mosler, Mr. and Mrs. W. S. Wible. Mrs. W. A. Hoffnagle, Mr. and .Mrs. J. C. Penney, Mr. and Mrs. R. B. Redfleld, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. .Mclntyre. Mr. and Mrs. Ed Smith. Mrs. E. W. Davis. Mr. and Mrs. L. J. Zwlssler, Mrs. Chas. Berthot, Mrs. Floyd Hunter, Mr.A. E. Trfnpane, Mr. WJ A. Hoofnagle, Wcridle Smith.. Mr. G. B. Shonber. Arkansas City—M. L. "White. Dodge City—L. E. Pendleton, W. I. Lyon. Dallas. Tex.—Marlon S. Zachary. Mayfield, Ky.—J. R. iDulaney. Jr. Independence—Mr. and Mrs. E.- li. Ferguson, S. C. -Varner Leo Watt, Mr. and Mrs. H.'B. Herlsler, Miss .Mabel Hertzler, F, E. Butler. C. W. Staffon. Cl.ay Center—Mr; and Mrs. R. C. McDonald, . Mr. . arid Mrs. H. P. Campbell, C. J. Brown. Fort Scott-Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Carriher. ,; Leavenworth—Mr. E. E. Brewster Geo. J. Soitz, George Heavy, J. j. Scnhanon,; Robt. Gi West. Pittsburg—Mr. and Mrs. M. 0. French. Miss Elizabeth Cornelious, T. H. Thlcksten, Miss Helen French J .Mr. and .Mrs. Albert Abbott, Mr. and .Mrs: H. E. Oertle, Miss Lavon Graham. Miss Viola Lochrie, Miss Martha Wimp, Mr. and .Mrs. H. F. Bonder, Mr. and Mrs^ G.. M. Love, Mr. Reggie Carter." S. H. "WhlUQarder, .Mrs. T. J. Calvin, Mrs. Perry Biles; .Mrs, 0. M. Spencer, Mrs. Frank Robinson. Emporia—Mr. and Mrs. C. R. CODlUVCROIL CHICK HASH A balanced chick starter- containing oat meal and bat- terinillc. For sale by A. E. Barker Prod. Phone 65& 512 West St. Payne, Mr. J. P. Clapp.vMr. Ed. Fesscnden, W; H. Vertoon. Harry Oldridge, C. V. Berry, H. W.^ Farrow| A.. A. Studebaker, U. R. Relber. - Manhattan—Mn- and Mrs. C, J. Garrett. Miss Alberta Garrett. Mips Ruth BardweU, Mr. and Mrs. Le^is ^nrk, Mr. and Mrs^ Matt Witt; Mr. and Mrs. Ed Stailes, Mr. and Mrs. J.L. Riley. • lola:—Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Lam, yiT. and Mrs.: c. K. Henry, Mr. aiid Mrs. j. O Majors, Mr. and Mrs. R. W. Copening, Mr. and Mrs. Neil Toedman, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Randall. Mr. and Mrs. H. C. Bishop. Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Wilson, Mr. and Mrs. Will King, Mr. and Mrs. J. B. Kersey,. Mr. and Mrs. C. 'C. Hite. ttr. and Mrs. ^. V. Robert^ JWr. and Mrs. R. Y. Harrison, Mr." and Mrs. S. M. Sifers, Mr. and Mrs. L. G. Bowkerj Mr. and Mrs. P. W; Anderson. Margaret Anderson, Francis Anderson, Mr. and Mri>. M. H. Wilson. MrL and-Mrs. J. W. Hudson. Mr. ai»d Mrs. C. W. Hubl|ard, Mr. and Mrs. R .rW. Copening, Mr. and Mrs. J. C. Glass, Mr. and Mrs. C. M. Jewett, 'Mr. and Mrs. O. Q. Marsh, Mr. and Mrs. Chasl Roehl, Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Lowe. Mr. and Mrs. W. L. Cox. Mr. and Mrs. A. B. Wood, Mr. and Mrs. H. R. IIcss. Mr. and Mrs. T. O. Cianatstey. Mr. and Mrs. F. S. Canatsey,, Mr. and Mrs. O. R. Neil, Mercedes Neil. Mr. and Mrs, C. R. Banta, R. H. Bushgens, Mr. and Mrs. C. J. McClelland. Mr. and Mrs. S. «A. Bixby, Mr. and Mrs. ito'oert McCoy, Mr. and Mfs. 0. A. Reid, Mr. and Mrs. E. ABTS IN JiEWBPSISESS. Widely Known (Jarsge Blan to Distribute Motor Parts. | With the leasing of his garage repair department to Roy jCrews and the formal turning to- Mr. Crews the possession of this department to the lessee today. Mor- W Birdsai:. Mr. and Mrs. B. H. Achter, Mr. and Mrs. F. M.Stocker, Mr. and Mrs. AI. L. Laude, Mr. and Mrs. J. D. Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. R. S. Brooks,: A. M. Dunlap, Wm. H. Achter, Russell Major,; Hovrard Copening. A. Grant, Alice Syra- nies. Julia Irwin, Ethel Grant, Bemadina Johnston, Rubiefern Hudson. Roberta Biprant, Springfield, Mo. rls H. Abts, widely known garage man, today anilounccd that Jie had retained the auto parts business K of the South Street Garage /anU.Jr that he would continue the busi-' ness. • Mr. Abts will ;develop the distribution of auto parts, accessories and this section and will be represented on th^ road by. Mr. Joe Shannahan. - The public will be Interested in -Mr. Abts's plan becalise of a long • iand favorable acquairitance I with him as oa-ner of the South Street girage. The wish will be also th^t' the lessee, Mr. Crews, will enjoy a successful business in the location where Mr. Abts has so long sfenred the public. —Phone your Want Ads to 18. a great dear about keeping odr boys, at home. What, besides talk, are we de>^ -voting to accomplish this? \ Remember youth goes where opil)ortunity looks the brightest. Remember the Dollar is one of the. values-think. Not only world's greatest builders willyour liome merchant of opportunity. Are you sending velopin^ comrdunities, making them better places in which to live and work. Do you want that building to be at home or away? When the peddler tells you his fanciful story of savings and super your do as well for yoii but- ^ Think of the bigger sav- dollars where th^y can ings brought by dolJars help build home business, help stimulate local enterprise and community opportunities? In a word—are you spending your money at home? Somewhere the manydoUarsyou spend will be at work. Some- • where those dollars will be building opportunities. Somewhere they will be de- U. S.* Censbs figures show a constant drift of population, towards the large cities. More than half of the people of the U. S. are now classified as city residents. More and more this drift to the large city; has restricted the opportunity for independent business careers. Prosperous, vigorous small towns afford the greatest opportunity for independent business.: They have thc most direct influence on the values of the farm land immediately about them.. Mone^ spent with peddlers builds no valiies that can help you, and the only opportunity that nioney helps to create is the opportunity for your boy to spend his days working for some one else in some distant city. spent at horne. Think of the dollar energy you are conserving for the upbuild­ ing of your home community-an upbuilding that will mean bigger and broader home opportunities. Opportunities make the tie thgl binds: They will keep the hoys at home.

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