The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 30, 1997 · Page 18
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 18

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1997
Page 18
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BB TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1997 Fun THE SALINA JOURNAL Dilbent Jumble Crossword A NEU) PER50NM CRUSADE. m GOING TO HUNT \ DOWN THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE STRONG OPINIONS ' ON SUBJECTS THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND. THEN I'LL BOP THErA WITH THIS OKDBOARD TUBE. THAT COOULD INCLUDE EVERYONE ON EKRTH EXCEPT YOU AND (At. Peanuts IF I UlERE YOU, I'D BE TOTALLY ASHAMEP TO HAVE SOMEONE SEE ME SITTIN6 AROUND HOLPIN6 A STUPID BLANKET; AND THAT D06 LYIN6 IN YOUR LAP LOOKS EVEN MORE RIDICULOUS.. ur BY HENRI ARNOLD & MIKE ARGIRION Unscramble ihese lour Jurnblos. ono lotlor to oach squato to lorrn lour ordinary worrjs Have your cnrds roady. ploaso Smllhers claims he did \ eli Ihe selling himself ^ \ , WHAT THE MAN PIP WHBN THEV C.HARGEP THEIR PURCHASE'S. I'D BITE HER, BUT I'M FACIN6 THE WRON6 9-30 Yesterday's Now arrange Ihe circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by Ihe above cartoon. . **K 'y Y Y Y ^f "V (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: DAILY CAKED VACANT SLEIGH Answer: Something actors look forward lo A CASTING CALL Cryptoquip Beetle Bailey WHY ARE IF I HAVE YOU STAMPING TO COME UP THERE, BEETLE? THERE, FUR THE GENERAL'S WILL PLY/ WAI TINS/ M and Lois LTZCGZUUO, HKJI DEB HZTCO UZELGZLB 1HGCBEH KZI HD IHZTH TGIIJZE. Yesterday's Cryptoquip: TELL ME, HONESTLY, IS SELFISHNESS ONLY A STATE OF MINE? Today's Cryptoquip clue: L equals G The Cryptoquip is a substitution cipher in which one letter stands lor another. It you think that X equals O, it will equal 0 throughout the puzzle. Single letters, short words and words using an apostrophe give you clues to locating vowels. Solution is by trial and error. The Lockhorns Born Loser*' "YOUR MOTHER'6 A WITCH! YOUR MOTHER'6 A WITCH! AWK! YOU'RE A OERK! YOU'RE A JERK!" wHKTS TKKT YOO'fZE PENDING ~ "WZCONOTH& WOftLP IN 61GKTY PKYS/'PIDYOU EV5P- PP^r? IT -z- For Better or For Worse SOCKHEAP TRe SUPERHERO HgwS SOUNDS Mem Ifite feNUwwe TO THE £fl&Tus. "You're too nice, Mommy. Try to buck me off like Daddy does." GarfleH Blondie BY EUGENE SHEFFER ACROSS 1 Toe woe 5 Links stat 8 Silents vamp 12 Emanation 13 Author Buscaglia 14 OPEC member 15 New York Stock Exchange 17 Chap 181571/2 degrees on the compass 19 Resort destination 20 Emulates Ella 21 William Masterson 22 Scroog- ean cry 23 — fever 26 New Orleans, with 'The" 30 Give — up (help) 31 Irritate 32 Villa d 1 — 33 "So what?" 35 "Nonsense!" 36B&B 37 Caviar 38 Trades 41 Court 42 Circle section 45 Light provider 46 Musical about Huck Finn 48 Peak 49 Pal of Tarzan 50 Admonition to Nanette 51 Churlish sort 52 Nevertheless 53 Be sure of DOWN 1 Chatters 2 Overseas agreements? 3 Incite 4 Bill 5 Braid 6 Re planes 'n' stuff 7 Serling or Steiger 8 Honcho 9 Region 10 Carry on 11 Picnic intruders 16 Algerian port 20 Droop 21 Ursa Major cluster 22 Cornetist Beiderbecke Solution time: 27 mins. Yesterday's answer 9-30 23 Carriage for hire 24 — Baba 25 Command to Fido 26 — canto 27 Blond shade 28 Depot: abbr. 29 Archery- bow wood 31 Johnson or Heflin 34 Type units 35 Deserving aD 37 Man of many words 38 Statue, before? 39 City on the Brazos 40 Magazine articles? 41 Use a sponge 42 Bard's waterway 43 Oddly, it's farther west than L.A. 44 Exult 46 San Francisco area 47 Well fill? 12 e 14 17 9 10 11 24 25 27 2B 29 38 45 48 51 39 40 43 44 o~n iiv/iDcrY?p° r answerstofoda y scrossworcl ' ca|1 O I Ul Vlr L_LJ f 1-900-454-6873 (99 cents a minute) on touch-tone or rotary phones. You must be 18 or older. A King Features Service. Ziggy I ...WHAT ARE YOU I ABOUT? .yOD'VEQOr ONE LDOSV | BOWLFUL,,AND WE'RE STOCK MTH ! 6ALLPNS OF THE- STUFF • WHAP WRAP WHAP 'WHAF 3 WHAP I'M SURE I WAD THE SAME PROBLEM DAD/ CAN VOU HELP ME? I'M HAV/NK5 A REAL PROBLEM WITH SIRLS SIX SIRLS WANT TO , GO STEADV WITH ME AND I DON'T WAVE A CLUE ABOUT WHICH ONE TO PICK Pickles Cathy *^» ^%*-^^«-» \ ^ W»^ ( wooc,tAcue.\ (miu, ^FOR l^?/ ^r- Bex Morgan, M.D, \/cc i l^r ue/ 11-1 T'AI MAS" THE NO- 6USWE&S SUIT WITH fl FLIRTV WCE Cflmi- &OLE PeEKIN&Olfi'THETOP? MOULD fi /HAN mO W/WTS TO BE TflKEN &ERIOU&W &0 TO WORK WITH HIS UWOER- WEflR PEEKING- OUT Of SUIT??...NO? FOR&ET THE LfltE Cflmi&OLEf I'm A SERIOUS, OEDlCflTED PROFESSIONrtL.' I REFUSE TO rWUE UMDERWEAR PEEKING-OUT OF MV SUIT?! NAKED UNDER THE SUlTf /1LSO TRE5 SflUCV f E&PECIALLV If VOU ADO fl STILETCO HEEL WITH TOE CLE/W5E! NO,SHE H/APTO GO OUT... BACK IN ABOUT AN HOUR, . , SHE SAID.' -ggj] ? WELL,1'/V\ SUPPOSEPTO ^ » /MEET HER HE(?E...J HAVE y *L A KEVf- / CV

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