The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on September 30, 1997 · Page 17
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 17

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, September 30, 1997
Page 17
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SALINA JOURNAL Almanac TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30, 1997 JOYCE JILLSON Creators Syndicate -••• - Inc. . HOROSCOPES • ARIES (March 21 -April 19). Go to the top people for fast, positive results. Deal with your financial mess and your credit is restored. Your love life could use some games, like playing hard- tb-get. A teenager is ready to listen to your advice • TAURUS (April 20-May 20). You needn't get approval for your every move, except from yourself - give yourself the unconditional OKI your artistic talent and win a fan or twol Insist on employers backing up their words with action. •GEMINI (May 21-June 21). Incredible good fortune comes when you reinvent yourself. Forget past strategies at work - something new is your salvation. A great romance requires great self-esteem of each person involved. • CANCER (June 22-July 22). Share your reservations or skepticism with someone who'll listen. You are generously rewarded for going out on a limb. Take love advice from a .v....- » family member. Your social :',:• skills impress a great new acquaintance tonight. • LEO (July 23-Aug. 22). A new approach to art or-business maximizes your productivity. Toy with possible new systems and schemes. Profits arrive in the form of reimbursements or notification of false charges. In romance, the limbo period ends. • :• TODAY'S BIRTHDAY (September 30). This y,ear;.'is a magical journey. Next month, help launching a business is made available to you. Marital ties are stronger than ever in November Singles have terrific luck with Scorpios or Leos. Try a new line of work in January, and make big money by branching out. February closes with a bang - sUdden changes drastically Improve your love life. • VIRGO (Aug. 23-Sept. 22). You'll feel more at ease when you get the chores done. At lunch, offer adviEe without being pedantic or insistent. An innovative technique to make money or start a business is perfect for you. ;_ • 'LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 23). Investments and paychecks are terrifically rewarding. Seek adventure, and opt for the unknown. A would-be love jnvltes you out. Write a letter, send e-mail or call-a distant relative. • • SCORPIO (Oct. 24-Nov. 21). Some time alone a( Home today is all you need to revive your energy. Work on a project you've put off. Your love's disciplined lifestyle inspires you. Singles find that love can develop from platonic friendships. .•_ SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21). A reconciliation with family or friends smoothes the wayv You exude vitality and warmth. Family confusion demands more than lip-service. Enjoy the. attention you receive from new friends and associates. 'CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19). A renewed sense of vitality leads you to conquer new frontiers. Couples solve long-standing problems. Gather loyal'supporters to help you spearhead a new rihov.ement. The ends don't justify the means in human affairs. ^AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18). Your education serves you well. Use' it to help you decide whether orhot to go through with a deal. An old friendship 'undergoes a test. Get menial work done in advance, and you're left to freely create and dream. • ••• '.•PISCES(Feb. 19-March 20). Invite discussion and'a peaceful debate concerning your work or a new idea.,Since you can do whatever you like, take the initiative to travel or relocate. Take a chance, andxestore a young person's faith. WEATHER WOTMniWi BMPWH^V • MMMiVWW^V ViWvM8.W' 87 PEOPLE 55 LOW Today, partly cloudy. High of'87., Northeast wind 5 to 15 rfiph shifting to the southeast in the afternoon, Tonight partly cloudy. Low . around 55. 7:15 p.m. 7:26 a.m. . Today's Sunset Tomorrow's Sunrise Extended •WEDNESDAY: • SATURDAY: Dry. , Mostly sunny. Highs Lows in the 50s. in the upper 80s west Highs mainly in the to the mid-80s east. 80s. •THURSDAY: Dry. , Lows in the 50s to .around 60. Highs in the 80s. , , • FRIDAY: A chance for showers and / thunderstorms central and southeast. Lows , / in the 50s to around ' , , 60. Highs mainly in the 80s. SaHna yesterday , TEMPERATURES Yesterday Normal Record/Year High 86 „ 78 97/1979, Low £.2 52 ,28/1916 '• High and low to 6 p,m , '' , ' ]• ' PRECIPITATION 24-hour to 6 p.m. - None September to date . 3.11 Average September 3.51 Year to date , 20.71 Average year through September 24:43 Average year . • 26.95 KANSAS ROAD CONDITIONS HOTLINE 1-800-585-7623 . Provided by the Kansas Highway Patrol . Showers T-storms Rain Flurries Snow U.S. today 60s 60s 70s COLD WARM STATIONARY PrBseure HIGH LOW SHOWERS RAIN T-STORMS FLURRIES SNOW ICE SUNNY FT. CLOUDY CLOUDY Kansas yesterday U.S. today Belleville Chanute Coffeyville Concordla Dodge City Emporia Garden City Goodland Hill City Hutchlnson Lawrence Manhattan • Russell Topeka Wichita •, 'HI-; § ••• f 87 88 ,86 87 85 89 88 86 87 86 87 85 LO 47 , 52 • •50 50 53 56 45 ' 44 48 50 43 '45^-' • 49 46 54. PBBC; > ," •' ' > . Anchorage Atlanta Boston Chtcaoo , Dallas-Ft Worth Denver Kansas City LasVeoas LosAnoeles New Yo* City Oklahoma City - - Omaha " Orlando Phoenix San Francisco HI 50 83 73 66 95 83 81 92 86 73 81 80 91 100 78 LO 32 54 58 56 69 46 61 67 70 62 51 46 69 79 56 OTLK Clr Clr Cldy CWy Cldy Cfr Clr Clr Clr Cldy Clr Clr Cldy Cldy Clr Gatlin inspires football tearrv ODESSA, Texas — The last time Larrjj; Gatlin's high school won the big gam6j against its crosstown rival, the year was 1964 and the country singer was the quarterback. After the Odessa High School Bronchos ended 33 years of frustration against the mighty Permian High Panthers, Gatlin joined in the cele- - ._. IM bration. GATLIN "Hallelujah ... hallelujah! That's comment on the victory," Gatlin said Sat«5 urday from his Myrtle Beach, S.C., home* Gatlin, a 1966 Odessa High graduate, returned to the Bronchos' two-a-day football workouts last August to meet with the team and ended by giving a pep talk. S Some fans said Gatlin's presence bridged) the confidence gap between victories. •') Writer finds Reed offensive ;! NEW YORK — It was an interview on" the wild side for a British journalist whqi said rocker Lou Reed was so rude she left J "I've never come across someone so, ridiculous and arrogant," Joanna Coles; New York bureau chief for The Guardian, said. "Obviously he's used to behaving terribly and everybody taking it." Coles met Reed last Wednesday to talk-j about a video production of his song "Per* feet Day." As they walked to a cafe, Coles., asked Reed what he was working on. /! "Are you starting this interview? Be!;; cause you've got exactly 30 minutes, 1 ',; Coles said Reed snapped. ;; Reed lashed out at Coles during the in-; 1 terview for asking if he had children^ ("How dare you ask me such a personal^ question!") and for asking if he had been' 1 paid to do the production with the BBC,' ("That's an offensive question!"). At that,; point, Coles walked out. .« ** Alec ready to take on GOP ? ALBANY, N.Y. — In the movie "TheS Edge," Alec Baldwin battles Anthony Hop-2 kins. In real life, his rij; val is New York's Repubjt lican Party. 2 State Democratic Pan* ty chairwoman Judith^ Hope said Baldwin^ wants to help brings down the OOP's Gov£j George Pataki and Sen:* Alfonse D'Amato in nexC! year's elections. £j "He feels very strongly that Pataki cafi«i be beaten and he feels even more strongly!! that D'Amato can be beaten," Hope said. £| Baldwin's interest comes as the strug3| gling New York Democratic Party openedjjj its fall meeting Monday. ~«i i From Wire Service Reports?] ' BALDWIN T ADVICE '•*! * Stnlora M.90 Adulto W.75 OttwTlinMH.tO ,. VWMM Ml w MwiUrAdml •(tuo SAC M ' v *Prlm*HiM ntt.BO . SAC Mwnbtra) $4.00 **Falr ***Good **** Excellent In and Out PG13* rating*-** ('5:30)-7:30 Central • 1 hour 30 mln. Men In Black PG13 • rating*** (•5:25)-7:30 Central • 1 hour 38 mln. The Peacemaker R • rating **'/> (•5:20)-7:40 Central • 2 hours 8 mln. Wlshmaster R • rating ** (*5:05)-7:15 Mid State »1 hour 30 mln. Soul Food PG13* rating ***Vi (*5:00)-7:20 Mid State-1 hour 45 mln. Batman and Robin PG13 • rating** ("4:45)-7:4S Sunset • 1 hour 29 mln. Con Air R • rating *** (*5:00)-7:30 Sunset • 2 hours Fire Down Below R« rating*'/, 7:40 .Central • 1 hour 45imin. , Air Force One R • rating **% •'-. ('5:10)-7:50 'Central • 1 hour 58 mln. The Game JR • rating ***'/> ', ,« ••• • (*5:00)-8:00 . Central • 2 hours 5 mln. •G.I.Jane .R • rating ***'/2 • r •'••>•"•• (*5:OOT-8:00 ''' Central • 2 hours Excess Baggage PQ13 • rating *** (-5:20) Central • 1 hour 38 mln. The Edge R> rating*** "(•5:05)-7:40 Ssrttral • 2 hours 1 1 mln. Virginity for both men and women is back in style! Dear Ann Landers: This is for the 32- year-old man in San Diego who wrote to you a while back and said he was a virgin. When he confessed his total lack of experience to a woman he had become very fond of, she dropped him like a hot potato. Last month, I married a 39-year-old man who had had no sexual experience whatsoever. We had worked together for two years, but his job kept him on the road for weeks at a time. He never developed a relationship with a woman that involved a commitment. Everything changed when he was assigned to home base. After eight months of exclusive dating, the first night Mr. X and I spent together was exciting and ful- ANN LANDERS Creators Syndicate Inc. filling. I had no idea he was totally inexperienced and never would have guessed it. He didn't tell me until'several days later. 1 hope that man in San Diego sees this letter. He needs to know that "experience" is of little importance. Everything will come naturally. — Been There and Done That (Glenview, Ky.) Dear B.T.D.T.: Your letter is most reassuring. Since casual sex is much more hazardous these days, both men and women have become more selective. It appears that virginity for both males and females is back in style. Dear Ann Landers: A while back, someone wrote to you about aggressive drivers. Your advice was simply to pull over and let them go by. That was sound advice because it can be dangerous to fight it out on the road. It does not, however, solve the problem of aggressive drivers, who are mostly men. TV TONIGHT People are ever so polite to each other when they are face to face, but they let out their real feelings when they get on the turnpike, where driving is crazy. Thousands of people are cooped up all day in office buildings, and there is usually only one turnpike going out of the city. This means horrendous traffic jams. These nice, sane folks are half nuts by the time they get out of downtown. Workers in a capitalist system like ours are hotly competitive because there are only a limited number of slots high up in the hierarchy of any business. When people are at work, they must be fairly polite to each other, but that doesn't mean they aren't secretly competitive. Is it possible for them to be less competitive on the highway? I doubt it. About the only time they can express their real feelings is when they get behind the wheel of the car. The bosses in this society can afford to express themselves overtly. The rest of us have to keep our anger and hostility pentW up inside. The "battles" on the highway^ where we let it all hang out, are symptoS matic of the American way of life. — J.Piji in Burlington, Conn. q Dear Burlington: How people behave*; when they get behind the wheel of a car^i tells us a great deal about their tempera,? ment, degree of maturity and ability tcfj handle frustration. jjj Drunk drivers can be arrested, but un5^ fortunately, we have no protections against angry drivers who may be just a#> dangerous. £l There are no easy answers to this oneS Your best bet is to drive defensively. An-^ ticipate, and be prepared for the goofjH and angry driver. ^ ;ti Gem of the Day (Credit Lord Cones4 ford): I have a great deal of sympathy foic! the Americans who were so horrified by:! what they read about the dangers of.! smoking that they gave up reading. '.* 9/30/97 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 10:00 10:30 PBS, Bunker Hill-Hays Nova 60059 Naked to the Bone (CC) 46479 Devil Never Sleeps (CC) 59943 Charlie Rose 52030 MTV Beavls 666382 Beavis 398479 Countdown 826837 Jenny M. ApttF 279905 Oddvllle, MTV Lovellne , Wichita Mad-You 5634 Newtradio 289 Fritter 4382 Jutt Shoot Me Dateline 3363 Newt 2406943 Tonight Show EJlhe Nashville Network Yesterday & Today 794585 Prime Time Country 770905 Ralph Emery 790769 Dallas 793856 FOX, Wlchlta-Sallna Mtjor Lasgut Baseball Playoffs Divisional Round Game 1 •• Teams to Be Announced. 252943 Roseanne Cheers Comedy Central Movie "Throw Momma From the Train" (1987) 4180837 Viva 2808030 Mike-Laugh DillyShow Stein's Monty QCBS, Topeka JAG 75905 Michael Hayes 84653 Dellaventura71189 Ntwt 1700214 Lite 45823672 IB Odyssey Our House 7257818 Testify! Gospel 7266566 Bobby Jones Gospel 7279030 Our House 72561 89 JAccess 6, Sallna Jazz 8565363 Conv.-Qulrtera Scott Hill: State Board of Education 90617 Sallna 66295 Lovewell Institute 96450 N Billiards 932837 Golf Wonderful World of Golf. 632585 Bloopers Sportscenter(CC)931108 |B FOX, Kansas City Major League Baseball Playoffs Divisional Round Game 1 -- Teams to Be Announced. 953295 News 15214 Real TV 91 634 JESPN2 CFL Football: Argonauts at Blue Bombers 8340189 PBA Bowling Senior Tour. 8713837 NHL 3077566 , Wichlta-Hutchlnson Nova 99547 Naked to the Bone (CC) 34045 Devil Never Sleept (CC) 28059 Walt for God Business Rpt GfflThe Family Channel Movie "Never Say Nvr" Cont'd Diagnosis Murder 828295 Hawaii Flve-0 848059 700 Club 818818 fi.ABC, Kansas City Home Imp. Soul Man Home Imp. Miller 98301 NYPD Blue 40837 News 4688127 Roasanne |TNT Before They Were Pros 431924 Before They Were Pros (R) 988498 Before Pros 263450 ABC, Wichita Home Imp. SoulMan6653 Home Imp. Hlller9011 NYPD Blue 57585 News 1784818 Nlghtllne Cartoon Network Chicken Fllntstones Jetsons Bugs 4446092 Torn and Jerry Scooby Doo Speed Racer Jonny Quest S, Wichita JAG 53769 Michael Hayes 39189 Dellaventura 42653 News 1702214 Late 22772011 SCIFI SeaqueatDSV 2535127 Forever Knight 251 1547 Tekwar 2524011 Time Trax 4960635 BPJNBC. Keneae City Mad 314382 Newtradlo Frailer 323030 Just Shoot Me Dateline 587301 News 3556740 Tonight Show QO Animal Planet AnlmalDrs AnlmalDrs Spirit of Adv. Adventure TBA 48905 TBA 81491 AnlmalDrt AnlmalDra pncore Movie "September 30,1955" (CC) 6383721 Movie * *» "Enemy Mine" (1985) (CC) 68306189 5508565 Lifetime Unsolved Mysteries 815721 Movie "Labor of Love: The Arlette Schweitzer Story" 835585 Breaking Through 814092 Movie **« "Mattock: The Trial" (1991) 5321301 Movie * *» "Mattock: The Prisoner" (1989) 9752585 03 CNBC Equal Time Hardball Rivera Live 2313419 Brian Williams 2418063 Charles Grodln 9268540 lcnemax Movie "Braveheart" (1995) A Scottish rebel rallies his countrymen against England. 692189 ** "Broken Arrow" 9062568 Encore Plus Movie "Pure Country" Cont'd Movie ''September 30,1W5" (CC) 5402818 Movie "Enemy Mine; (1965) (CC) 6865030 starzl Movie "The Prophecy" (1995) (CC) 7405672 Movie * * "Kicking and Screaming" (1995) (CC) 60090566 7720108 )The Learning Channel Trauma II-ER 789653 Tarnished Shield 798301 Psl-Files: Real 785837 Trauma IhER 788924 1 HBO Movie * * * "That Thing You Do!" (1996) (CC) 903585 Execution Machine 930479 Oz 933566 )Fox Sports Network NHL 233924 Sports 958721 NCAA Football NFL 238479 Hardcore Football 480905 Boxing 483092 Wild Discovery 572479 New Detectives 581 127 Assassination 561363 Justice Files 564450 Arts * Entertainment Biography 567547 Touch of Frost 570011 Law* Order 566818 Newt 517540 Burden-Proof Larry King Live 127943 World Today 114479 Sports 923214 Moneyllne | Black Entertainment TV Planet Groove 580996 Hit List 130455 Comlcvlew 730699 BET Tonight 580176 09$ X-Files 7379030 NYPD Blue 7355450 Color 1888301 Color 8655479 X-Files 7378301 unlvlslon El Alma No Tlene Color 82837 Alguna Vez 91585 Primer ImpactoNoc. 71721 P.lmpacto Notlclero Unl, . Mgvle Classics Movie Confd Movie *** "From the Terrace" (1960) Paul Newman, Myma Loy. 370160 "The Uwless Breed" 346276 fJB Disney Movie Cont'd Movie **s "Hocus Pocus" (1993) (CC) 27222059 Movie "Northern Lights" (1997) 70045092 usA Walker, Texas Ranger 103363 Boxing Brian Barbosa vs. Antwun Echols. (Live) (CC) 123127 Iklnjjsl Silk Stalkin 102634 d Entertainment LuVtguShowglrit 662547 Newt Dully 671295 Talk Soup Night Stand Stem 468818 Stern 477566 Nickelodeon Secret of Alex Happy Days Happy Days Bewitched Lucy 832363 Odd Couple Taxi 385030, Newhart Showtime Movie "Groundhog Day" (1993) 5313382 Movie * "Marshal Law" (1996) Jimmy Smite. 72707011 Women CHANNELS NOT LISTED: O Court TV, HBMSNBC, Prevue, Home & Weather Channel, IB Education Access, SB Government Access. IE Headline iiirden, BHCnowledgeTV, BBTCI FYI, (DFox News, flBNewsport. JHThe Food News, H3CSPAN, QHome Shopping Network, SJQVC, IE Country Music Television, IflVH-l, HBFItTVI, EBC8PAN2 NetworkTBJ America's Jewelry Store, Q-iBRequest, BPIayboy/Aotlon w $

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