Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 24, 1956 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, October 24, 1956
Page 9
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WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 24,1056 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SAVE After CaiTolltoti Fire V Lifetime Porcelain FRIGIDAIRE DRYER Stays gleaming white. Porcelain will not scratch, fade, wear, turn yellow, rust—only Frigidaire ha* an all-porcelain dryer... it will Dry Clothes Soft, Fluffy Needs No Venting Has Ozone Sunshine Lamp All Porcelain Inside and Out Why Be Satisfied with Less Than Porcelain — Buy Frigidaire LIVE BETTER ON THIS ALL-PORCELAIN FRIGIDAIRE IMPERIAL PAIR PRICES REDUCED ON THESE 1956 MODELS w t.J hey FRIGIDAIRE WASHER Masons Declare Temple Unsafe Sholgtms 9 Bowling Halls Too! Man Arrested at Jersey Has V Car Full of Clocks, Clothing .IKUSKYVII.LK — A snbjfvt. Saturday evening hy hi* wifp. souftht for HII ,'tllcfcpfl offmsp | his rnothfr, Mrs. Verna \Vood-i Austria now has two flvfct- civil aviation companies, Austrian Airway?, established with the aid of Scandinavian Airline* System, and Air Austria, apon- srred hy tto.val Dutch Airline*, Vienna reports. Removes More Water Saves J to \ Drying Time No Belts to Replace Cleaner Washes With Frigidaire Lifetime Porcelain ^r DRYERS siQA SUPER MODEL AS LOW AS I J "T »ncu f^*tni/AHif»nf P«i/mr»rtf< ™ ^^ • 951 5 SUPER Easy Convenient Payments ELECTRICALLY Open Mon. and Fri. Night* 'Til 9 P.M. Open Mon. and Fri. Nights Til 9 P.M. CARROLLTOX - IJerscbel Gib- orson. Ihe master of the local Masonic Lodup. met with mcmhers of the huildinir commillep Monday evening I" determine the extent of Ihe damage to the Masonic Tom-j v irl pie as tlie result rif the fire at th# S. K. Simpson and Co. Sunday. Oct. 14. and it WHS decided lo de- cUire the Temple unsafe for use in it's present condition. The west wall of Hie buildmp is damafvd to such an extent tiial the. declaration was made as to it's safety. The extent of the damage to the Temple and contents is estimated at SL'O.fMK) and nothing definite has been decided concerning the possible repair of the Tompie. Members of the building committee; are John Voiles. George Price, T. A. Mai-tin and Carroll Sheets. Attend (iiicst .\ij-hl CARROLLTOX — Mrs. W. C. , Sheets, who is Worthy Matron of! the local chapter of the Order of; Ihe Eastern Star, served as or-' ganist at Guest. Night Monday eve-: ning of the Kastern Star chapter! in ScoHvillc, Mrs. Sheets was accompanied by Mrs. Adrian Ucarl lliiniired at Dinner : CARROI..LTOX — Rob'-rt Nash. : who is home on leave from Ib'.-! naval base at San Die^o. Calif., was guest of honor at dinner Mon- i clay evening at the home of ins i uncle and aunt. Mr. and Mrs. ! Froman Holtsxvarth. Other guests weru Xash's par- i year. field was a ^iir-M Sunday of her sisters, Mrs. K. McKvers and Miss Mary Wood. Mr. and Mrs. .lames M"ek ami Ixvo children of Bloornmglon. Ua- and Richard Meek of Decatiir were, weekend guests of .lames Meek's parents, Mr. and Mr«. Alva Meek. Mr. and Mi'.. Dale Wiles of DcsPlHinr's and Uarrell Ballard of RollH. Mo., a student at the School of Mines, were ueekend guests of Mrs. Ada Ballard. Mr. and Mrs. Louis Weber and commi'tpfl in U'hiteskle roiinty was trapped by .Tcrsnyville police Movidiiv afternoon as lie entered the northern <jty limit* bv way of Roule H7-A. A radio niessagp relayed throimh (lreerie enmity convened Hie information thai authorities \Veher of Springfield were guests ''''>' limits to i»lrrrcpt sons of Wood River and Miss Ruth | MHf|Uirp went, to \Veher of Springfield were guests Sunday of their parents, Mr. and Kelly Of man, at the latler's home on: Burr avenue. The rvont was in relehration of Pvt. Woorlmnn's : birthday anniversary which IIP I mai'kcd that flay, (iiifsfs inelurl-i ed Mr. and Mrs. HaymonrI Hatf'j en. Miss Theresa Roth. Miss: in \Vhitrside county \\fre holding ! Shir ley Isringhausen, Roger j a warrant i-haminp larceny for! M»or«>, Pvt. and Mrs. \Villinnij ihe arrest of a former employe' U'oodman and Mrs. Verna; of a sfpel mid wire company at StPrline. Chief of police Kduard lien- son anrl ollicers Dale Ogdcn, Kenneth \Vcller and Clam! S. 'IP northern the cat- said to be. driven by the wanted Mrs. Henry U'cber. Mr. and Mrs. Robert , man. \ The San Diego. Calif., who are visiting I • man was taken in custody ant' it was found his car Items, ., ,, ... „ ,. . including shot guns, howling bis mother. Mrs. \\. C. Kel)v ,„,,,.,„,_ M|lt rasps .% )olll|nc . fish . this city went to Barry Sunday to; , rods ,, ]o ,, tri( . ( , |ot . ks am , m| . spend a few days with Kelly's brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Woodman. Sheriff III .IKRSKVVILLK — Shrnff man C. Kirchner has IKPN cmi- fiiipd to his home since Saturday : evening because of illness. Chief ; Deputy Sheriff Kdward Klrnnr" : has been in charge «if the sheriff's office. OH PAID UP STOCK $100 PER SHARE ALTON SAVINGS A LOAN ASSOCIATION 620 E. THIRD ST. Mrs. L. A. Flick. . The man bo was en to join Ins REFRIDERHTIDn - . . CO. .'.- . •' •- • '; "/iufJIiorizetf Frigidaire Sales and Service" 550 Ev Broadway Dial 3-7721 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ToleRraph Want Ads "CLICK" Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" cuts, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Nash of White Hall and Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Nash, also of White Hall. Carrullton Notes CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. \ Arthur Ruyle spent the weekend in Peona with their son-in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Kibbons. Mr. and Mrs. Aiva Darr spent Sunday near Rockbridge at the home of Mrs. Darr's brother-in- law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Thle). Miss Julia Alice Wood of P;tts- merovis other thing' informed police that route to California family. HP was taken to Hi? county jail and a notice of hi? arrest was relayed to Ihe oft tee ol Sheriff Boyd Kinmi'-l oi Sterling. Tuesday morning SJic-riff Kim- nifl. aiTompuliied by Cbiel of Poli<->> L'dward Ohda of Sterling and Chief of Police <',. Keime of Roek Falls arnw-d to remove HIP man from the .Jersey County .Jail to the Whitesidc :,,,,,., , . ,. '"; VI '• county jail. Thev made a partial i to the Co leeo for tie ] lpjii-57 1.1,1' , ' check of the contents of the j man's car and reported that, the charged with Inr-^l^.r.V,:'.'.-"' 11 "'"'.^--!"-!: ecny in Wbiteside i.-ounty, the complaint arising out of the theft /. 7?. Fiilkcrsoti. Jersey, Nfiwcfl To t ' LI of I Committee B. Howard of the College of Agri- eultuie at (be I'tiivr-rsity of Illi- noi.s has. anriounced the names of the special advisory co We need 500 new accounts! and for a short time only you can "MAKE YOUR OWN TERMS" LET US OPEN A "GARRETT CHARGE ACCOUNT" AT TERMS SPECIALLY TAILORED TO YOUR BUDGET For a More Beautiful Kitchen In this group is Joseph R. '< Nev«r before In history ho» anything built by man traveled so far In so short a time —by land or **o! fcpcrtf OmmiwrtwrO, e i* TI PIC Arrarr •**«>" An announcement of decisive importance to anyone about to buy a new automobile Tht tn<nt exhaustive endurance test ever given an automobile hat just been completed by rwo ttock "57 Ford*— identical In every respect with can now being offered by Ford Dealers. Under ntpervision of the United States Auto Club and the Federation Internationale de Automobile, each of these two '57 Fords traveled 50,000 miles in lest than 20 days. Ford No. 1 averaged 108.16 mph for the entire run . . . Ford No. 2, over 107 mph. Th»»e averages include time for all pit In all, the '57 Ford smashed 458 national and international records. This test WM run on the Bonneville Salt Flats in Utah . . It was the longett left turn In history. A ear, like a man, is known by its detds, not tt'o Th*t if why, we at Ford, detpite our confidence in mir '57 out, let their de*di of accomplishment rpfak for themselves. We wanted them to prove to you-in »etion-th» ttamina and performance we had built into them. No words of win could (peak with equal conviction. Therefore, we engaged an independent engineering organi/a- tion to test our '57 cars more thoroughly than any other cars have ever been tested before-in this country or abroad. We provided them with '57 Fords-can Identical with those now offered by Ford Dealers. The rest we left up to them. H*rt it what they did: They took these cars to the Salt Flats at Bonnevilla, Utah. Here, twelve of the world's greatest drivers took over. In relays they drove these cars night and d*y for a distance greater than twice around the world ... a distance equaJ to 5 years of normal driving. Not in all history has a man-built machine traveled 10 far in so short a time—by land or sea! But tlu's was not a test of speed— but of endurance of the "Inner Ford." A trial to take the measure of Thunderbird Y-block V-8 power without qualification of any kind. A text of running gear—of brakes, of materials in body and chassis. Of steering and readability, yes, and comfort, too! A test, indeed, such us no can have ever undergone, let alone successfully concluded. \V« (eel that by theii deeds, you shall know the '57 Ford cart. Surely they have told you, in decisive terms, that they are irorth more when you buy ... and when you till! Your Ford Dealer will gladly place at your disposal the nttt kind of Ford that means » new kind of value for youi car- buying dollar—the greatest the world has ever seen. FORD goes First CARTER BROS., INC, 1400 C. Broadway—Alton Phone 5-5531 CARTER WOOD RIVER MOTOR CO., Inc. 315 N. Wood River Ave., Wood River Phone 4-4365 'of gasoline coupon books from a Fulkerson of Jerseyville, named , , ,... . ' prisoner uas as member of the animal science ' advisory committee. As member of the College of Agriculture. Fulkerson is also a member of . . the general University of Illinois i ta ' N1 r , ab ^pany in Sterlm^ and Citi/ens Committee. ! a Jiickct . val , uo ' t at Wn - ^longing Fulkerson is rounding out 55 j tu H taxl cab dnvcr ' years of service on the commit-1 tee which was first established in Chief of Police G. Kienip of Rock Falls stated there had been 1901 by acts of Illinois Legulla" ! an epidemic of thefts from au- ture. Since 1914 the Board of ' tomobiles in both Rock Falls and Trustees of the University has | Sterlln S during recent weeks. provided for a system whereby] " The 1ntevc!1 lookcd for cars with the windows left down," Kierne stated, "and would take anything they rould find inside the \ehicles. \V> have a long lis' of such losses in recent \vecks." Hike Hike. system advisory committpes are selectpd from agricultural interests of thp state, upon nominations of t.he departments. These committeps have served uithout compensation p\cept for expenses. T h P committees are consulted on matters of policy of the College JKRSEYVILIJ-; — A "Bike of Agriculture and on th? • ap- j Ilik?" was enjciyed hy members of pointmcnr of new men in the ex-1 (;-i-| Scout Troop 6 Monday. The ccutive and teaching position.", j fjroiip met at the home of Mrs. A. Last year the trustees of ihe ; ^. Schlotxlmuer and packed, leav- University honored Fulkerson ; inp al 4 .- M ,, m T!lc> , rodf , mr( . c with an honorary life appoint-i miW in the country'and ate merit to the Animal Science Ad- j sup- visory Committee of the University. So far as could be determined he is the only man to receive such appointment from the Board of Trustees. Fulkerson is known nationally for his interest in agriculture and has pioneered for agricultural in-; (crests in many fields. j Silver Anniversary j JERSEYVILLE—Mr. and Mrs.. Maurice Jacoby marked their silver wedding anniversary Sun-, day and were entertained at j dinner that day by Mr. and Mrs. | Rodney Jacoby. and in the evening by Mr. and Mrs. James J. Walsh and daughter, Miss Sally, and Mr. and Mrs. J. Francis Walsh, in celebration of the event. Before her marriage Mrs. Jacoby was Miss Mary F. Walsh, daughter of the late Mr. and Mrs. John F. Walsh, and Mr. Jauoby is the son of Mrs. Louis C. Jacoby of St. Louis and the late Mr. Jacoby. They were married Oct. 21, 1931, by the Rev. John J. Clan- , cy, pastor of St, Francis Xav-l ier's Church of Jerseyville. Attendants were the bride's brother, J. Francis Walsh, and Miss Agnes M. Sanders, who have since married. They liave spent all their lives in Jerseyville where Jacoby is associated with the Jacoby Bros. firm. j Kile* lor Infant | JERSEYVILLE - Graveside: services were conducted for Cher-1 ryl Aim Kirchner, infant daughter of Paul E. Kirchnpr and Lorraine Poore Kirchner, at 2 p.m. Tuesday at Hardin Cemetery. The Rev. | R. W. Hale, pastor of the Church of the Nazarene in Jerseyville, officiated. The baby was born Oct. 22 al the Boyd Memorial Hospital in CaiTollton. She is survived by her parents and one sister, Betty Mae Kirchner, of Jerseyville. ; per. Fourteen girls and two lead- Extra-Wide Wall Ensemble $39.95 Value! 29" Jujf $1 Wiefcfy Schlotzhauer. were present. This project was taken to gain credit toward a badge. Birthday Dinner JKRSEYVILLK: — p\-t. wn- liam Woodman who is stationed at Fort Leonard Wood, Mo., was honored at a dinner given TALL CROWN OR NARROW BRIM? left or Right Ind Cabinet, 24x26x11' $12.98 No. Th« hut !i juit 41 bro^d «i it ii till. Mciluf* il> He ptcluft eiiidi a nofRill optic*) illuiion. Vouf <vti C*A fool you—but don't loot with you, ive*' It poys to leam if you' «yes O'e serving you iofety. Come in for complete eye eiamtna- lion. II you do need glosses or change of lenses, we can fit you properly in your choice ol attractive frames. Prices O'e most reasonable. And we hove terms lo suit your budget. STOP IN TODAY DR. J. R. MURRAY Ol'TOMK'fRlST Center Cabinet 24x18x11" $9.98 Get 1 to 2 feel MORE storage space for LESS than the regular price of smaller wall cabinet ensembles. Contoured heavy-gauge steel in rich baked-on white refrigerator enamel. Space-saying double sliding doori move on steel channels. Gleaming chrome pulls. Eosy to hang as a picture. Buy now of comporob/e sovr'ngs ana" combine fo custom iii your kitchen. Be sure t,o see our 42" Wall Ensemble $21.95 value. . 13.90 Supet *(///% DO-AU' Serve 'n Store WORK CABINET Jusf SOt Wetkly Your sileot itep-sover in kitchen, basement, utility room or garage. Contour styled of heavy-gouge steel in pink or white enamel. Stove-high, handy porcelain work top. Full- width utility drawer, cabinet with built-in extra shelf space and appliance outlet, You Can Charge It Gflmvs DEFT STORE W- TWlnW • CLIP THIS HANDY MAIL COUPON FURNITURE CO., U W. Broadway, Alton, Illinois I'lCiiM) T-.'" Wall KilM'inbk' at ,yja.H8 1'lriiM' send Utility \\ orU ( ublntU at S !!).»» ") I'lcasf M>iul r.>" \\iill Kin.-iiitil,- at I \vi>.li to pay ........ tluwn, and Nullll) ................................... , O Open X«w Adiln-M ................................. Account City ..................... Plione ........ ! D Add to My Account by How Lang QCash Enclosed Plus Extra Savings With EAGLE STAMPS 'FURNITURE CO, U W, Broadway. Alton Phone 3-ie78 or '

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