Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska on November 12, 1893 · Page 10
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Omaha Daily Bee from Omaha, Nebraska · Page 10

Omaha, Nebraska
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Sunday, November 12, 1893
Page 10
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rywi'inS M n TIIF OMAHA DAILY BEE : SUNDAY , NOVEMBER 12. 1803-SIXT EEN PAGES. CHA'iYITI1 \ THE BOXERS Glimmering Goes the Last Hope for Oharllo and Jitn. A BATTLE. ROYAL ON THANKSGIVING DAY Dentil of I.onBfollotr nol | > r Ho" " Talk The Occne ntul OucUn Aimitcur Ath- lutlcn Continuous Pool mill tlm L" u l Weekly I.ocnl Sport. The latest Intolllffcnco nnont the fit-cat wind jamming match liotwccn Clmrllo Mltclicll and Jom Corbott li o the oflcct tlint this precious pair of worthies have at last agreed to ndjiiit their differences In the lihtoilc arena at Now Orleans for the paltry sum of 20,000. They mluht Just as well agree to pull off tlio affair at Philadelphia , KoUomo , Yip- Blluiitl or Knlnmnroo. Olio place Is nt avail- nblo as the other , and the advertisement would bo Just as effective and the agreement just as binding. The truth of the matter Is the great commonwealth of tbo United States Is surfeited Ith tbo bruiser , and tbcro Is about ixs much fhonca of this alleged International battle belnf * fought under the auspices of nny Incorporated club lu this country as tbero Is that It will snow In hades on the Fourth of July. From the start 1 took no stock In the Mltchcll-Uorhctt light , as all my roadc'rs will bear mo out , out 1 did say thai In case I , was mtstakon and the big mill did como off , that it could only l > o In Now Orleans oren on the turf. It was not long after this declaration , however , until tbo clergy of the Crescent City mndo nn onslaught on the cohorts of Flstlana , and the result was to blot out the last hope of over again witnessing anything liito either ono of the previous carnivals within the confines of the Pelican Bttito. Consequently 1 included Now Orluiins in my litt of interdicted cities. Now Governor Foster comes out Hat Coo toil tuul says that if there Is any power on earth thut will prevent the Mttehcll-Corbett light from taking plncu In the metropolis of L.oulManu. thut it will bo invoked and that the parties who nro now presuming to negotiate for the same might as well desist 11 rat us last. In this connection the States says editorially : Ninctccn-twcntl'iths of the brutes who make WK money by prlzo fighting , and wtiom thu country disgraces itself by lifting into national notoriety , indeed , In , after a fashion , apotheosizing , arc personal cowards : men utterly destitute of that uoblo and generous spirit which h'ros tho'beart of a truly bravo man , who is over ready to stake his life in Uo'cnso of his honor orof the wronged. Nor is this to bo said only of modern prize lighters. It is stated by ull the historians that the prizci lighters who took part in the Grecian mid liomau games wcro notoriously unlit for soldiers , being goncr.illy dovold of the courage to encounter the dangers of the battlelleld. AnU iot , it is the proud distinction of Now Orleans that , of late years , she ' bus bocoino the arena wherein these creatures moot to engage in their briituLcontests. Wo trust , however , the hist of these dc- pruvod and disgusting exhibitions has been witnessed hero. The legislature of I utsi- ana should enact a most stringent law against prlzo lighting , and ono that the Now Orleans clubs , as they cull thcmsnlvos , cannot ovudo under the pretcnso that they are giving glove contests ; and , in the iner.ntinio , no good citizen of Now Orleans should give his countenance to aiy future cxhloltlons of this sort that mf > y take place in a Now Orleans arena. " IVhllotho above goes to sho.v how the great "moral engines" of Now Orleans .stand on the question , thoj attitude of the States is quite funny. I well remember the ultfht of the Sullivan-Corbott light , and how 1 mut at the ring side the whole stuff of the States from the proprietor and editor down to tbo counting-room boy in fact , every Hv- Inc soul connected with the shop , but an extra paid force , who remained at the oflico for the purpose of netting out the very full and very complete extra inidnicht edition , which they had on the streets In Jess than ten minutes after the BIp i > oliow hit the sands for the last time. For one , and tlioro are n whole lot of { rood people in Now Or leans who will endorse what I s y , I think the Olympic club has done incalculably moro good for Now Orleans than n number of other institutions which the States has so capably ehumplonrd In the past , and whoso memory it still reveres. I sco that the Motropole club of Provi dence Is endeavoring to match Hilly Smith and Tommy Kyun , and notwithstanding there Is little moro tliun cigarette niouoy in the purse , it , looks as If It might bo a fro Uyan Is willing , in fact , moro than willing , as ho agrees to .light the Mysterious for trulnlng expenses , It nothing better Is forthcoming , but Smith demurs. Ilo freshly claims that ho is a card second to Mono , and must have the ducats or ho uon't light. See ! Boston "Billy , however , found himself in a position a few days ago where ho had to light , notwithstanding the faet that tncro wasn't oven 11 beer insight. Ho and Dick O'Brien , the Boston welter , with whom was as good us matched while In this city it year airo , mot on Washington street ana bcguu discussing their chances of faoinc cai-h other In the ring. What grow out of this discussion h best told in the following clipping from a Now York paper which ft friend enclosed In a loiter to mo : "As usual , Smith blustered and used profane language and applied some Indcuont opi- thotH to O'Brien and aroused the lattor's Ire O'Brien then started in to chustiso Smith and , according to eye witnesses , succeeded admirably , IIu punched the "Mysterious" ono to a ( .tandstlll , closing ono oyo.'and severely cutting Smith's mouth. The latter then , soil isubsorlcil. bit Q'Brlen "on the neck. Tl.o affair was disgraceful , but was all the fault of Smith , who could not refrain from using vllo language , Appreciating the fact , thut Smith imu provoked the light and that bo was getting what ho deserved , the spectators refused to Interfere , and lot the men b.Utlo until ono or the other cried peeoavl , which 1 mil informed Smith aid when thuv had lought for U.lrty inlnulos. This would Indicate thut Blily had none of the qualities of u porltor , and knows full well when ho 1m * had enough , something 1 SUSIKJCHH ! utter UlscoulCHt with Tommy Uyan , at Conov Is land , l.lito many other men possiisalng Krcat strength mid a knowledge of boxing , is unreal iUhtarun long us the tlilo of lultlo is In hlb favor , but ho scorns to inivo a mopping point. Whllo this Indicates lack of courage , it certainly shows Bood I cusp , whli'h latter quality Billy was not suspick'd of having , " J. J , Qulnn , the Plttsburg snort who won u jiijo on Homer ICd Smith in his tigut with Joe Ooddiird at Now Orleans last spring , U going to talio lid ever to Australia , so it U Mid. for the purpose of tuclsliug the Harriot' champion in his Julr. Oh , my ! Oh.niu ! if this bo true a walloping Denver has in Btoro for nimsoir. for of all the tlukes In llsllc annaU hU gatttn * the beat of the i-uggod old nero of thu silver llclds down lu the Crescent City lust March wus tlm big- gcaU In reply to my sporty friend , K.V. . T. . all 1 'uivogot ' tosny Is that It is exceedingly chcoky in hint to Uslt mo to ai.sutno hlx trials end tabulations , I also inform him that Utcso columns nro not ouen to him or any- onu chui to air their venomous opinions of * tbjmcbody eUo. If you want to call somebody u horao thief and ussert that Ilia natural Habitat Is iusldo the walls of u jail , wrlto liim u letter. The publlo prints are no place for such stuff as Rv. . T , desires to ccc in stud hcjrso type. TIIK BKH is ot > cu to nil lionust sportsmen to discuss their legitimate theories uud Ideas as to the merits of both man ai'd beuit. but they are not open to him or anybody also for personal quarrels , for iltuperutloit or YillUii-atlait. JlV. . T.'is a ( rood big huuuy sort of a fellow himself , mid ought to bo pretty uoarly ublo to take care of nltnsclf instead of endeavoring to saddle the Job on disinterested newspaper wen , Go sot him , Deb FHisliurnons U in u bad box , not only fistlcully , but conjugally , Ills WHO for blx wooki past has boon cmloavoring to uppercut - cut him in the ? Jc\y Voric dlvoroo mill , and IlpfereoOIIdonileoTo has Justilccrcod that the Inflammatory hnlrW mtdolfiwclght clfftmplon must pay his recalcitrant frnu twonty-flvo cases n wrok , and also piy her lawyer's fco. Kobcrt kicks nnd savs tin's brnko and that if tbo order of the court is enforced ho will Imvo to co ; to jail. Ho adds , howovcr , thnt ho will bo enabled to pay ( ill demands If ho cnn got on n mntch with either Corbott or Mitchell. The latter ho Is willing to knockout In ten rounds , but demands a finish fight with Jimmy , SASUT QniswoLD. . Tlm IIdino or tllmmplnim The o'nc thing wbloh has made the little city of t\illorton known abroad Is the fact that it Is the homo of the champion trotting norse sires , Woo-IIIno (3:10) ( : ) , byNutwood , and Shndeland Onward CJ:18MO : , b.V Onward. Thcso two great norscs have known to horsemen wherever horse racing Is admired , occauao of their rcmarkaolo ability to nrouuco ciirlynnd extreme spocd. Woodllno Is now but C years old nnd is the champion slro of that ago. Ho , as n. 4-j car- old , was the first slro of that ago In America to produce a 3:00 performer. Ho Is the slro of Klto Woodlino , yearling record , 2UO : , 2-year-old record , 2:33$5 : } AUltno , yearling , JJ : ! ; ! , and CapploWoodllnoyearling. These three Allies are the only fouls of Woodllno tbat have over had n. harness on and they have started in thirty-six races , being out- sldo thomonoy pnly onco. They have mot the greatest yearling nnd 2-yrar-oltis from Maliio to California nnd have won sorcntccn llrst moneys , llftcen seconds , once divided first nnd second , once divided second ana third and got third tilaco twice. Slmdelnnd Onward is slro of Belle Acton , the champion yearling pacer of America. As a yearling this luly look a record of SSOX , a record which this year , as a 2 year- old , she reduced to 2:17f : } , and in all her races she has never been beaten but once. Sluuloland Onward is also thu slro of the champion 2-yoar out pacer. Onllno , 2:11. : nnd of Ontonlan , S:07Jif : , Fro.t K. , 2ll : > { , aud two others. . . . Oit Saturday lust the owners of Woodllno and Shadelnful Onward had advertised to glvo n public exhibition of speed on the part of those two sires nnd scvei al of their got , and this called out a crowd fron. Fuller- Ion and the surrounding towns. At 3 o'clock , , when the afternoon's program was started , fully 5,000 people were on the ground and showed their appreciation by frequent and rapturous appluuso as the different horses were exhibited. Shadoland Onward was driven three- eighths In :17 : # , :17 , :1" : . Woodllno followed with thro eighths in :10 4 , :10 , :1G. : Neither of these horses had had any previous preparation , and Woodllno was hitched to an eighty- pound cart. Shade-land's last two eighths nero at a 1:10 gait , whllo AVoodllno's wore made at a 3:03 : gait. Moutroso , a green colt bySlmdohind Onward , and Dictate , by Dictator , wcro driven : uiilloin237i : ; { . Fred K , by Shadoland Onward , was started to beat the track record of 3:10 > , and went the in Ilo In 3:15. Chantward , by Shar'clnml Onward , was started to beat 2:28 : , and trotted : i gaino mlle In 2-.27K. Barney Allen , to beat 2:2 : ! > ; < , went In 3:28 : ! , . Atallno and Capplo Woodllno were sent an exhibition half.tho former going in 1:20. Ata- line wus later sent to boi t 1:20 : and went the half easy In 1:15. A half dozen others of the get of Shade land were exhibited and sv faster lot of game youngsters were never seen. Woodlot , by Woodlino , dam Capulot , ( full sister to Dumas ) by Onward , second dam Mistress ( dam of Dunus , 2:18 : f , and Classcl 3:27 : > ) , by llainlin's Almont , was sold Saturday to Dr. J. W. Snvder , Osccolu , Nob. , for $000. Ella Woodlino. the 2-year-old filly by Woodllne , was sold to Mnddon & Welch , at Lexington , K.V. , for $5,000. At Lexington , the same woelc , sovonty-llvo head of Palo Alto stock sdlil and it is to the credit of Nebraska tlfat this filly sold for tnoro money , by ever $1,000 , than any ono of them. 1 Dciitli of l.oiir' 'II < > vr. ' Longfellow , the mosl celebrated American race horse of his day nnd a famous sire of thoroughbred stoclt , died last Sunday night ofi old ago and colic at P. B. Uarpor's Nan- tura stock farm , Midway , Ky. The horse for years occupied a leading place on the list of winning sires and up to within the last few seusons clung on well up among tbo sires of winners , notwithstanding the vast Increase - crease in the breeding interest and the great volume of importations of the best blood In Great Britain and Franco. Longfellow's prowess on the turf jravo him a fame that few horses In the United States have ever had before or smco his racing career. Ho was bred by John .Harper at Nantura farm , which place still curries the numo of Long fellow's dam , and was foaluJ n. 1807. Among Ills'turf triumphs wcro the winning of the Monmouth cup two succcsslvo years , in 1671 and 1872 , boatlnir Ilolmbold and two others on the first occasion , and having only Hurry Bassett against him the uext year , when Bussclt sulked and Loncfollow was galloping two mlles nnd n half in 4:34. : His retirement to the stud followed a cut ho inflicted on himself with a twisted plate , aud Hrst of his' get brought him baclr into nrom- Inencont onco. The Bard. Freoland. Long- street , Thora , Linden nnd Leonutus Include n bout , the best of Longfellow's sons and duuehtors , though the chief merit of Long fellow's got , lushing and wearing power is not us apparent in the list of his star por- formcrs as In the hundieds of less notable animals thut in twenty years have curnud a total of $1,000,000 In round numbers. Lonc- follow WUB by Imported Leamington , first dam Nanturu , by Brawnor's Eclipse ; second dam Quiz , by Bortrand ; third dam Lady Fortune , sister to Woodpecker. Longfellow , Ten Broecl : and Jlls Johnson made up the celebrated trio of Nantur.v stallions which F. B. Hitrpcr several ycuts ago priced nt $250,000 , , and" then said ho did not want to A ItTittlo Jtnyul ThnnkHElvlne Day. Ami now for Thanksgiving' day football. What a grand rush there will bo all alone the line , and what a royal battle is in store for local lovers of the gridiron Held. The championship tussvl between- the teams of the rival universities of Nebraska nnd Iowa nt Young Men's Christian association pant thU city , will bo n sotto for your whiskers. Much speculation is already rife as to the outcome. Many loan toward the boys from over the rlvor , but the homo team will have no lack of patrons. They are showing up unexpectedly strong lu preliminary games , nnd will glvo us nil a run for ourmonoy. No time is being lost in preparation. , Both teams arc al It dally , and aro. * bpufid to bo wull toughened for the struggle. 'May the best team viu. Thu gaino is making rapid progress toward gencrarpopuhirity , not only in Omaha , but in ull the larger towns throughout the state. During the * past several years wo have had several attempts at championship gamoj ut the local grounds , but none of them wcro noted for any particular brilliancy in the way of play. The gunio on the lust day of this month , howovcr , between the well drilled teams of the university of this stuto uiid Nubrasku will bo a light royal , The battle will be under tlm management ot the Young Mon's Christian association , and noihlncr looking toward the comfort and on- loymcnt of the big crowd that will assuredly bo on hand will bo ncgleutod. Grounds , stands und everything else will bo- found in ship shape. Thu railroads will run excursion trains , and everything points to a day of unexampled sport , Tlm AfUilviiiyM tlrtt The Omaha Athlutlu academy will glvo its first public exhibition of boxing , fencing , alnglo stick nnd savatto ut Its rooms -In the Now York Life Milling next Tuesday even- In i ; Profs , Oulwlts ami Denis have worked Industriously with thulr sovorul classes and promise the admirers of manly sports an lu- icrcstiug ovoulug's cutertainmaiit , All Jlml U Nuuny lu llano Hall Cirijlci. Billy Armour has signed with Buffalo for 1801 , Billy will probably draw as high as jSl.ftU n day for his services : The Western league's trouble * have coim menccd. before tlio-organlzatloa has fairly been born. Charley Mitohell-tho Pitts- burger , not Uio pug bus already put la bis application lor umpire. Sioux City has raised fcGOO cash guaranty for a western league franchise and if Oinauu remains out and the league u consummated , xvhlch Is unlikely , the corn palace town will got thopio. Dan Cusntjk , who wns once n catcher for "Tho Only Nolnn , " is Itaylntf doarlv for his love of pugilism. Ho was ono of Harry Shnrpo's seconds nt Nawoskt last spring , and is still m Jallnt Edwardsvljlo , III. Frank Klllen will sloop on his contract nil winter. Ho hasn't signed and wants moro salary. Klllon Is different from a go-d many other IMttsbtir * people. Thc.v would bo thankful to got Jobs Just now. lion Mulfard- Tno B'.iltlmorcs huvo purchased the re- Icuso of Bert Inks of the Sprlngtlolds. The Orioles put up $ - ' 00. Ycnr before last Washington had Inks and dropped him. The whirligig of tlmo brings about queer changes. Whlto Wings Tobeau Is figuring on being ono of Qus Schmcli' sanatoria ! band next season , Well , it Is not unlikely that Gcorgo is yet capable of good league ball. 1 remember the tlmo when ho was the idol of all Cincinnati. ' There are letters at the sporting department of Tin : BKB for Fred Stono. sprinter , postmarked St. Paul ; K. Hamilton , ptielllst. postmarked Denver , and .loo Kelley , b.ill player , 2 , postmarked Wlsnor , Nob. , and Plttsburg , Pa. Mark Baldwin , referring to "" Clarke , the new giant , savs : "Clarko is about as big : is L'irry , the old Chic.igo pitcher. Ho has a line reputation for a minor league , aim ought to bo successful In the bin league. " ' Manager Gus H.'Schmelz has felt called upon to die out the old ink bottle and reply to some of his caustic critics who see In the now Soua.lor * material lit to shine In n team in the Buld Knob league. IIu sitjs : ' 'Of the now men signed Eagan Is a pitcher hulling from Media. P.i. Mercer was the leading pitcher In tlio Now England leasuo the past season , cartwrignt , wno piayeu nrsi for Memphis last season , has no equal among leugun llrst basomcn as a runner , no superior as a Holder and few peers na a hitter. Campau and Ward nrn hitters , base runners , hustlers and winners. Ducdalo has always been a llrst class backstop nnd thrower , and under the now pltchim ; rules developed into ono of thu best hitters in the Southern luaguu lust season. Big Bill ilussamor can play anywhere and , when ho behaves himself , is us good as they make thorn. Mc.- Muhon played short for Birmingham last season and Is a Held lug wonder. The season will bo started with probably twenty now men under contract , and In the spring the material will bo thoroughly tried out and the best retained. " Moro young players were signed by the league's base ball magnates for the past season tliun in nny other year in the history of cither the league or the association. This was because many of the veteran players became too aged for actlvo service. A singular thing , however , is the fact that few good pitchers wcro developed , Not that the young bloods didn't have n chance , as they did , lor under the now pitching rules many of the ola reliable twirlurs were urlvon their death warrants , bu' . because of ihcsu same pitching rules , which made it extremely difficult work for a man to pitch good hall. Of the pitchers developed Now York secured a good man in Gorman. Monufoo of the Louisvillcs must also bo regarded as a ilnd. Ho gives great promise. Comlskey got a good man iu the ungainly Parrott. For bo- hlnd the bat the Pittsburcs not Sugdon. He is us good as Mack , O'Connor. Clements or any other catcher. The Bultlmorcs got a irood man in Clark , out the best young blood inllelder is Ueitz , the second bascnia'n of the Baltimores , Uoitz's work was wonderful. Chicago got a coed inncldcr In Curap. He promises to muko a great third baseman. Poltn of the Browns mot with great success in his efforts to play shortstop. Pcltz , however , covered himself with moro glory in his great backstopplm : act. Frank of the St. Louis club Is u treed man , whllo Stafford of the Giants also acquitted himself vory'crod- itably. Cooley of the Browns Is also ono of the stars doveloped. Hurry Wright secured a good man 'or the Phillies in Turner , the hard-hitting outfielder. Then there are Motz , the llrst baseman , and McCarthy , the rightlicldcr of. the Clncinnatis. And the Brooklyns got La Chance , who is reserved for next year. . On the 1-iiUo and la the I'lolil. Colonel J. J. Dickey and George Hoagland are up in the neighborhood of North Platte after gceso. The story of the sporting editor's wildfowl shoot In South Dakota will appear in next Sunday's issue of TUB BEU. George Tzschuck of this city and Colonel Hoffmyer'of Council Bluffs nrd peppering away at the mallard and redhead Up at Raccoon lake , .South Dakota. George W. Loomls , who Is unquestionably ono of Omaha's bast shots , made the siico'nd best bag in the recent club hunt , forty-two quail in addition to considerable other gamo. Clark Button of Gothenberg was iu the city Monday. Ho said the Canadus were coming in thick and this week , the weather holding food , ho expects to check the Might of a fow.c Hon. Charles Withncll and party have rn- turned from a very successful week's geese shoot up about O allala. The made a line bag of honkers and small fry of all kinds and descriptions. The venerable Judge Dundy" has returned from his annual bear hunt in the mountains of Colorado. He had his usual rovul outing besides bringing down two silver tips , ( Sno of them a 'wtmlo. Veteran Captain A. H. Bogardus , the real champion pigeon shot of this country forever over seventeen years , believes Charles W. Budd of Dca Moines , la. , the ablest live pigeon match shooter In the states. W. H. Harrison of Grand Island , ono of the most popular and thoroughbred sportsmen in the state , was in the city Wednes day. Ho says there are moro quail about Grand Island than ho has known for years. Boventy-flvo birds is not un exaggerated bag tor a single good shot in a day , ' Fred Moutmoroncy of the B. & . M. headquarters bagged twenty-throe quail ono day recently just beyond the suburbs of the city. Fred always gets them when ho goes after them , und no mistake. Ho was ono of the party who captured the crippled geese down at Pcrclval last spring after an arduous day's chase. Assistant Superintendent Parks and Iko Dillon of the Union Pacific railroad , North Platto. were up in the sand hills of the northwestern part of this state within the past ten days and killed thirteen antelope , The unprecedented long dry spell has driven the animals down from the mountains , and many have ventured back into their haunts of former days iu Nebraska. A quartette of trap shots residing in Dun- lap , Charter Oak and Dcnlson , Iu. . have challenged any four snots of Omnho , Frank Parmuloo barred , to shoot them a inatoli race Thanksgiving day , llfty birds to the man , for & > 0 n corner. As yol the challenge has not boon accepted , but there Is little doubt but whuta quurtetto of local exports will go over to Dunlup and get the stuff. William Price of Council Bluffs came in a day or two since with thirteen down quail , which ho killed about eight mlles south of the Bluffs , iu the Pulmor settlement. Ho assorts tbat ho ran Jump twonty-livo distinct covlos la a day and that the shooting is line , as the young birds are pronu to take to the grass , whore it Is no trick to got your birds ono by ono. Dr. Galbralth ami Henry Homan of this city , and Dr. Klchurdson of Clarkos and Joe Brindle of We t Virginia , put In a day last weak with quuil out on Pralrio crcok. Dr. Galbralth bagged 80 , Hlchardson 31 , Brludlo 20 , while Ilomnc , who was in the inoit demnltlon tough luck , succeeded In slaughtering ono pearly little meadow lark , by the aid of a dead rest ever a barb wire fence. All talk about the Omaha club being dissatisfied with their annual club hunt Ian mistake. Four-fifths of the members are heartily in touch with tali fall's competition , and since the late hunt the organization has had several applications for membership on this account alone. A trap shoot for a supper instead of the hunt , whllo It it worthy of consideration , cuts no figure with the genuine sportsman who knows there Is nothing like actual work on game iu the Held. In regard to the challenge from the Iowa quartette to the Omaha shooters for n match Tnunksglving day John J. Hardin says there Is no grounds for their barring Frank Purme- Ice. Mr. Parmeloe , he acknowledges , It avery fine shot , but ho is distinctly an Omaha man and hud not ought to bo excluded from a match in which not a single ono of the challenging pat ties ore known. If the prohibitionists insist on shutting Parmolce out Mr. Hardiu says ho will shoot each ono of the Iowa expert * on the day mentioned , llfty llvo birds , for ? MJ a side , and toss up for choice ot shooting grounds. ot tli lloriouion. DCS Molncs , lu. , has two sons of Hamblo Ionian 10 ; no otlifira clly or town In the United Stntos ha a * many. W. A. Cole , onq pi the reliable turf writers of the country , now with the Chicago Horseman , drooped in on the sporting - editor ' ' * ing Monday.11' Nebraska's futurity stake has been declared off , i' ' ' 1 F. WooJal , Plorco , 'Nob. , has sold the valuable brood nurd , Lilly Vcrft , by Talavora , 2:80 : , dum by Sonwa Chlitf , to James Britton , WftynoL web. Western He- sources. , Nebraska's great stallion , Shadcland Onward , U 10 years old ; ho has six performers to his credit nnd thiir average time 13 2:10 : ; two of the six hold world s records. Qurdlon * nnd Aniwori. OMAHA , Nnv. 8. To tbo Sporting Kdltor of TIIK HF.K : rionso answer for mo tlm following question * : A , II , U nnd P nro uro pi ay I UK poker ; n jack pot comes up , A opens It. 11 Htay < nun raises t'io pot , U stiiys and rases A and II and then discovers ho has only four curds. Do ho losu his nionoy or Is no entitled to another card ? This U all done before the draw. Iliilix. Ans. Ho do not , nor Is ho entitled to another card. Ho simply draws his ralso and the bolting reverts to the original status bo * f ween A und B. AHI.INIITO.V , Nov.8. To the Sporting Kdltor ot Till : IIKK : I'kuso iinxwor In HU.NDAY UIK : , to decide a hut , If rundldutos for uluctlmi sit on the board as judttoor cloikof said ulccllon Is It Illegal ? And l ( clocti < it uro they legally entitled to thu olllce ? A Voter. Ans. It Is illegal. LINCOLN , Neb , , Nov. 9. To the Sporting Kd ltor of TIIK HKK : Has thu now \\estuinbaso Irnll lonttuucoinplutod Its orcunlrxtlnn ; If M > , vrlml dtlus have been granted franchises ? W. W. ilrown. Ans. It has not been organised and it is doubtful whether It will be.nnywuy , with the circuit mapped o.ut nt the Chicago meeting. Sioux CITY , Nor. B. To thu Hporilng Kdltor ofTllKllRE : Alicts U that lllll Poolc boat John Morrlssoy In n prlro light nnd that aftur- wuril Morrlssuy killed I'oolu. Wo huvo u crunk up hero who knows nil about tlm old timers , ami ho backs the uhovo assertions with Ins nionoy. Uo wo cot It ? Wo say no to both propositions. II. It. and I11. . Ans. ( I ) Bill Poole ivhippod Morrlssoy in a rough and tumble light for $100 a side on the Amos street dock , Now York , July 20 , 1851. (2) ( ) Poole was killed In an affray with Louis Bakor.Ilm Tumor nnd others at Stan- wix hall , Now York , February 25 , 1855. Morrlssuy was not In the light. OMAHA , Nov. 0. To the Sporting Editor of Tin : Hun : I'luasu stutn In Bundny.'s linn whcro Juck Uavls hulls from and also \vhuthor hoover ever bout Joe Clioyn's'.l In a fight. llllf. Ans. (1) ( ) Nova Scotia. (2) ( ) No. llKATlllcn. Nov. 0. To the Hportthg Editor of TIIK Hun : titiiloln Sunday's KMIO the distance covered by t'lurllo Aslungur In the nix-day blcyclo race ho won In lloituii and oblige Hafuty. Aus. 752 miles , 12 laps , eight hours dally. Information Wanted Can unv reader of Tim SUNDAY BUB let mo know through those columns the address of the owner of an Ethan Allen stud dog , orgivo the breeding ot that strain. II. W. Woods , Davenport , la. DoWitt's Little Early lllsors. Small pills , safe pills , best pills. Rov. Isham Mills , a Mussachuiutts ox- clorgymau , has applied for a patent for weltIng - Ing shut's. Ho hasn't entirely relinquished the care of soles. Hov. Josiuh Ward of St. Johnsbury , Vt. , recently deceased. * bcquea'ttiod 810,000 to the Vermont Methodist seminary for the foundation of a professorship . Dr. Knox , the roqen tly deceased primate of Ireland , is saidto ] , i have received his archiepiscopal promotion" through an error , the see having been intended for another Dr. Knox. ' \l \ Bishop Williams of Conhecticut is now the senior bishop in tho' order of consecration having Jurisdiction irutho ( Anglican communion in the world , haviugbeou consecrated In October , 1851. , The last of the mouoy jnocossary to make Dr. D. K. Pearson's gift pj $150,000 available was raised in Chicago , last week and now the Chicago Theological- ' Seminary enjoys an additional endowment of ; $550,000 through Dr. Pearson's generosity. Rov. Samuel D. Ferguson , missionary bishop of the Protoitanti Episcopal church at Capo Palraas , Afrfai' is in Baltimore. Ho is a native of Charleston , S. C. , und is the only colored member or the Episcopal house of bishops now in the United States. Uov. M. J. bavago of Boston preached a sermon whoso subject was Lucy Stone's lust words : ' "Make the World Better. " Ho said that not ono of the women mentioned lu the bible accomplished onu-lliousaiidth part of the good accomplished by her. That Is a novel and useful partnership which Hov. Mr. Wright of Brooklyn and his wife have established. Mrs. Wright is also a minister , and they have between them taken the pastorate of two churches und will alternate between the pulpits each week. , The days between Monday , November 12 , and Saturday , November 18 , will bo great days for the Salvation army. Representatives of the organization from twenty-six states will then moot in New York city and hold a Columbian congress. Commander BalUngton Booth , to wnoso splendid enthusiasm moro tliun to anything else Is duo the wonderful solidurityi-and discipline of the singular society of which ho is the American houd , believes that this congress will bo the most notable gathering ol the battalions In the history of his army. Among the prominent people expected at the yearly meeting of Friends In Baltimore this month is old Mr. Isaac Sharp , an Eng lish preacher. Ho is now in his 88th year. Ho has boon around the world once , nnd is now engaged in doing it uguln. Ho has been a preacher of the Society of Friends for sixty years , and has beon'on many missionary trips , among other places to Norway , Iceland , the Furoo Islands , Greenland , Labrador , South Africa and Now Zealand. Ho started on his present trip around the world three yours ago. Doan Hoffman of the General Theological seminary. Now York , has an income as larco as that of Cornelius Vuadorbllt. Ho inherited most of his property , which Is in the form of city real estate. The Hoffman house , containing the celebrated barroom , belongs principally to this worthy clergyman , and pays S5 porcenton the investment. Ho has given moro than n million to the church , and his brother , Dr. Charles F , Hoffman , built All Angela' church , endowed it juid gave it to the parish. Dean Hoffman was born In 182'J , was educated at Itutgcrs college , was ordained a deacon in Christchurch in Now Brunswick , spent two yours in mission work , held several appointments , and in 18C4 wont to Grace church iu Brooklyn Heights und afterward to St. Mark'i church iu Philadelphia. In 1870 ho becumo dean of the General Theological seminary , the chief theological school of the Protestant Episcopal church in America. tAiropean oxposltlonS bave awarded their premiums' to only ono American champagne. Cook's Extra Dry Imperial , Try it. Highest award , diploma and inpduf | Columbian ox. A clergyman of Few ! York , who was preaching in a neighboring village the other Sunday , ustonlshWtho congregation by saying , 'l wish to rotura to New York by the first train , as I havo'a wife and flve children there and have never icon ono of them , This declaration Qxcited the most painful curiosity umoug.i too peed people , which was allayed , howovcr , when It be- caino known that thoa 'tone'1 which the clergyman bad never , seoa was ono that had been born since bo lof . , hfouio the day before , Pills that cure sickjis4aciioj DaWitt's Little Earlv Ulsors. , j ] According to tho' 'AVashtngton correspondent of tbo St. , ; , ? - uls Hopublio , the Cleveland snub oauseclitUl the havoc , 186 MOTHERS- FRIEND * * CHILD BIRTH EASY. Colvln , La. , Doo. 0,188G.-Mjr vfita used MOTHEB'B FBIEND bifor her third confinement , and flays ube vrould not be without it for liundroda of dollar * . DOOJC MILiS. Sect by express on receipt of price , f I.BO per tot- tla Book "To Mothers "malted free. BHAOflKUi RfOULATOR CO. , en OAU or Alt pnuvawTt. _ ' ' COME'OUT'OF THE COLD. ! j > Secure a Home in the Unequaled Climate of Clarke County , Washington tote ington , While You Can. jr. ho The cost of winter's fuel in other countries will pay for a home that will give an income of A THOUSAND DOLLARS A YEAR in " ' Clarke County , Washington. 450 dollars saved and applied to the purpose during the next five years will accomplish this grand result for every working man who * reads this advertisement. There is no doubt about it , no chance for failure under our plan. Every man can accomplish it just so sure as he can save $450 in the next five years. After that hs is an independent man living in his own home , under j his own vine and fruit tree- reaping thereward , of his own frugality and \ industry , He then owes no man service , asks no man for wages , has | ian inheritance of productive land for his children in a country that ; i knows no heat , no cold , no thunder and lightning , no hail , no high winds or raging storms , This is new in immigration. We have this country. We want people for it. To get them we prepare homes for them , using our land and their money. We make these homes ready to give them incomes while they are yet following their usual vocations in other countries. We guarantee all we undertake and surround our guarantee with every possible safeguard in the interest of the home seeker so that therqi is no chance for loss or disappointment. We are open and plain in our operations , we invite the closest scrutiny. scrutiny.We We have taken one committee-of investors from Omaha to our land. The following is the report of that committee as published in the Sunday Bee of October 29th ; PORTLAND , Ore. , Oct. JB , 1893. To Omaha Investors in Clarke County , Washington Fruit Lands : Report As a member of your committee , I have this' day visited and examined the lands of the Stearns Fruit Land Company in Clarke County , Washington , about four and a - - half miles from Vancouver , and find them fully up to the representations of the company in every par- ' ; ticular. The land set apart for you is level , the soil is excellent , the location desirable , the whole country around it is beautiful with small farms planted to fruit ; the roads are good , schools and churches are near. The people living there are all Americans of the best class. In fact I am fully satisfied r with the land and the county. I find that the facts in regard to yield of crops have been underestimated rather than otherwise by that company in all its circulars. Respectfully submitted , S. R. MUMAUGH , For the Committee , John. Steel , Esq. , a member of the Omaha Cily Council , saw the land two days after the above and endorses every word of it over his signature. Only a payment large enough to show good faith is required till you know you are all right and can go ahead. The second free excursion will leave Omaha , Nov. 20th , via Union Pacific route and Gra.nd Columbia river , returning via Portland , Oregon gen , for the purpose of selecting lands. Each subscriber for twenty acres is entitled to go. Any combination of subscribers for smaller farms amounting to twenty acres , are entitled to send one representative. Each subscriber may take as many acres as is desired , from one to twenty. Each homestead , when completed , will give an annual income equal to its cost. See circulars and . application blanks , obtainable at the Bee office , the Union Pacific city ticket office , 13th and Farnam , D. V. Sholes Co. , 1st National Bank building , of D. H. Stearns , Paxton Hotel , or of Shriver & O'Donohoe , Paxton Block. This is a chance of a lifetime. Our present offer can never be duplicated. STEARNS FRUIT LAND CO. , 107 First Street , Portland , Oregon , . i ijfc i&a i.

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