Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 12, 1926 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, June 12, 1926
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'st ^T .E> HIST I-' 3~ -pO'iFt 4 .KfN«^ V0LUME XXIX. No. 188. The Weekly Register. Established 1867. Tho lola Daily negister. Kstablished 1897. lOLA, KANS., SATURDAY EVENING, JUNE 12, 192€ Successor to The Iqla DkHy Register. The Iota Dally Record and lola Dally Index felX PAGES TRAILLERS ON PARADE AS IMPRESSWE CLIMAX TOCONVENTION OF ORDER • for Special Legislative Session CONVENTION IN A SOCIAL WpL Dl>\EKS AM» I)A>TKS K.NTEK TAI.\ THE r.lIKSTS. STUNTS PROVED HIT RE riTTSBrR(5 CONTRALTO CEIVED OVATION. j Lmon (."rJham .Starred In ETPnlLi • Protrrarii Open to tlie General rnWIc. 1 the utmost and Social almospnere etijoyaWe tri event .'after event 4 woH planfied to provid^ the frlcnd- - llnoKs .tnd good isiiirlt whichj Is so , -SKintiiil a pari!, of a convention ; "las 'ni;iiki;d tq ail ouCsfaudlriK do- firy<i ilio two days meeting here of tlie'-statf' i-otuuil of thei United CVimmeit laJ Travellerrf, The ladies auxiliary to tlie;stale (outKil flRnrcd it) an lnip(irtant wajt ill illic .i;lannitiR :an<l exeiiuMon (if Aoirial affairs and tlii^ dUinnrs amlj dani'f'H s.rorcil remarkable HUC'•(•M larg(?ly because of tlie splein-;' did (l/iiTiativc and assistance of t'lid ladljf?*. CJir.l narties, managed by ' the ladies, aided in an approp^ia^e way lojlAt general plan for inlerestlns and);enlertaininB lola's guests and these affairs given at the b'Iks club drhv large grouiis and were very enljoyable. . I i'rsterday ovefiing's banquets, ii gnoup (»f three given simultaneotis- ly jvei 'e niosl^ejijoyable. I At th,» Baptist temple, guests toi a number ivhich required most of! th? Keats at the dining table, a most delicious meal was served. Mr. J. O. ^lajor was loastmaster. The Rcv.iJi H. Sovybrby, pastor of - .Yif Baptist chiirrh'was the speaker! and in hi.s address he einplia- si ;pd- the' inyjortance of the niis- Bi 'in of (he travelling man and directed that the first utterance of jQsus, as recorded in one of the gospels, was centered tipon busi­ ngs.'; under the Inquiry, " ye not that-I must ^e about my Katli- eij's business?" Dt. Sowcrby st tossed t hp fact that 10 be successful o^p must know his line,- be wlUing tO; serve and to serje unselfishly. HarriNon M'as ToaKtmaKler. >Ir. R. Yj Harrison, of the Brigh im-Harrison^lard^arc Company, THE WEATHER .FOR KA\.SAS: .^mewbat nn. untied toDlffht and Sniidar, possKIy With local thnndentArms; not ao narm Snnday and In north portion tonight. For lola and Vicinity: Unset- tledt poHsi^ly iw .Ilh> thnnderstorms tonltcht and .Snnday; cooler .Sandfly. Temperature—Highest yesterday 92, at 3 p. m.; lowest last night, 73, at 6 a. jn.; normal for today, 73; excess yesterday, 9;' excess siiice January Ist, 198 degrees; this date XtaX year/ highest, 91; lowest. 59 r • iPreclpItatlon for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. m. today, .00; total for tWa year ^ to date, 12.26; deficiency since January Ist, 0.91 "inches. Relative humidity at 12 noon yesterday, 54 per cent; 7 .1. m. to- dny, '77 per cent; barometer reduced to sea level, 29.85 Inches. Sun rlges, 4:58 a. m.; sets, 7:45 p. m. TiUal precipitation for the week ending 7 a. m,, .69. MYSTERY HAS BEEN SOLVED KA>SA8 CITY KAJf. MAN WAS THOUGHT DROWBiEin THIS CERTAINLY IS GETTING SERIOUS RoadN and Y»n(h«>r Elfjcnhere. Clear roads good: Kansas C|ty, Kmporia. Hutchinson, Salina, Cot- feyvUle. Pittsburg. Arkansas City, Wichita. Ottawa, Topeka. THE BODY WAS.FOUND COIXCIDEXCE PUZZLES OFFICERS* THE Body Of RTan Thoogrht To Be John| Kalehanfrh Taken From RjFer Kear Salina. RECORDS FOR DAMAGES COFFErVILIiE REALTOR LS i»EEKINQ LARGE A.VOUNT. A $(m .3ott Damai^e Suit Filed In the ..Vontgomery foonty District . Court Afnilnst Doctor. (By the A .isoclJited IVPSS) -CoffeyvlUe, Kan., June 12.—A new high record for personal damage cases rh Montgomery county was established today.when a $65,250 suit was filed in district court, against E. G. Coyle. "M. D., The plaintiff ;ls ArfhurC. Bow;man, real estate broker and World War Veteran. I 11 Is alleged thai-the physician used caustic soda instead of epsom salts in treating Bowman for colitis. Bowman Is said to be in a critical condition. Bowman has been examined by medical experts in Kansas City, and their testimony will be the bulwark of the plaintiff's case. Bowman claims damages as fol- fows:- i For past pain and suffering, $10,000, for loss of time'$3,500; for medi<\al care and attention^ $750 and 'Vhatever amount the defendant may claim for any services by him rendered," for permanent in- Jury $50,000; and for such other relief as the court may deem jusL . CBy t'he Associated Pre .i -s) Salina, Kana. June 12.—When J. C. Kalebaufih, Kaiisaa City, Kan-{ aaa, arriveci In Salina last night to Identify a body taken from the Smoky HUt rlve^ as possibly being |)Ts soh. Jamcis Kalebaugh.' he found the son James walking on the station platform to meet him. And there ended a series of incidents that confused not only the Kalcbaughs at Kansas; City, but Salina 'officials' as well.. John and James KaI6baugh had come to Salina and John later disappeared. James appealed to the police, thinking John might have drowned as they had canipedlalong the river. Instead, John Kalebaugh had returned to his home, unknown to his brother atad officers here.; A mes.sage from Kansas City brought the am^ing information that it was Janjes and not John Kalebaugh who was missing and a description of J^mes was sent out. James, not knowing John had gone, was at a loss to understand why his name had been .sabstituted'for John's as missing, and why a description of James was sent. He admitted," however, not having written home, fearing to alarm his parents, and thus they did hot know he was ^ safe. The coincidence of the finding of a body in the river a few days after John had been r^gported missing and possibly drowded,. started the chain of incidents that alarmed a Kansas City family and caused officers here much confusion. The body reii^ins unidentified. DECISION IS REVERSED .Sed(o»Ic.k Connty Court Decision on Corporation Case Reversed by SiU'reme Court. t .T. C. Johnntorlllntchinson, Junior GrnnC Councilor. presidedaJ toastmaster at the ban- qiiPi in the Presbyterian chiirch haspment *lPhlch was attended by about a hiindred men and |Wj )iucn. A menu of fruit cpckfall, chicken, HfW iwtatoes. peas, fruit slierlict. iVe cream' and cake, served most v prom pti)} and efficiently, by about ' fjftoon of the young girls of the chtirch, "went over big:* with the diners and was the occa- Hinri for many favorable comments! The only speaker of the cvenity; was Judge R. K. Cullison, who was "11 his feet for about twenty mih- iite.-*. After devoting-a large part nf hit time to (lersiflago. and en- iirtainriient. he'iconcluded With a .'Sincere word of welcome th the visitors and a cordial wish that )hcy might find their stay here ploasant and profitable. Ovation for Miss Graham. The most attractive feature of ttie program at the banquet served, in. the dining rioom of the Flrsfc; "Hi church. a.^ide perhaps' fiom the banquet itself which was ; >ip to the high standard the lola ; (OoiMinued on Page 6, Col. 1.) - (By the Associated Press) Topeka. Kans.. June 12.—The Kahsas law prohibiting boards, of tifade from denying membership to cooperative marketing ( companies, which distribute profits to their own members, was declared valid today by the supreme court. '> The decision, reversing, the Sedgwick county district court., permits the F'armers Cooperative. Commission Company to retain a Wichita board of trade membership* The supreme!'court ruled that an individual or corporation is entitled to .relief in a court of .equity despite the fact that it urged enactment of. legislation which makes relief possible. , Airman Cnuhed rny tho :A.«»ociated Prp.<:.'s> Spesdway, Altoona, Pa., June 12. ~A great throng of fans, gathered here this afternoon for the 250 mile automobile race, was given a thrill a half hour before the motor bat- le started, when. an aviator, doing stunts, crashed In the'mid field of (he oval. The airman, Harry Yost, wn.s able • to walk to the emergency hospital.' There was a threat of rain in the air when 17 of the'country's leading automobile race drivers were sent away by Starter Fred Wagner in a 250 mile battle of motors. Peter De Paola bad the post position, with Harry Hartz beside him. GOLF XEXT TCESDAT. Scotch Foursomes Will be. Order of the Day. the The committee in charge of golf tournaments for the lola Country Club wish to announce that the next All-Club affair will be held on Tuesday, ne}^^ June 16, and as previously intimated will be In the nature of a contest between "Scotch Foursomes." Mc^Seward Bixby and Mr. George S(adler have been asked by President'Fronk to "choose up sides" and it is their intention to put on their lists every member of the' club who plays golf. These will then be grouped into foursomes, a Veteran on each side to^ gether with a tyro being paired against a veterftn and tyro on the other side. Cach pair wllj play one ball and*points will be reckoned the same as in a two ball match. A luncheon will be served in the club bouse in the evening and will be. paid for by the losing side. It is' 'expected that all the matches wilL be played off in the afternoon, although any foursomes which can more conveniently play their games in the morning will be permitted to do so. . NEXT SESSION AT DODGE CITY IVE.STERX KA\.S.iS GETS CO.>VKNTiOX. MANHATTAN MAN WINS C. J. GARRETT IS ^lA.HED GRAND COrXClLOR. Line Of; March This Afternoon Included Chunnte and (Mtawa' Bands As Well As lola. WILL KLAN PARADE? ATTEMPT TO MARCH DOWN MAra STREET OF EMPORIA. Information from Topeka States* That' a Parade In Regalia Would Be nietniL CHAEES A. BENSON SENT TO MU$Kb6EE _ t ' ' • Ynnthfnl^ VleUni Wf Accident Recovered Sufficiently to Travel. Cliarlcs A. lUnsun 16 ycftr old yuutli.' injured whru )iis fool was taupht betHetn tliei bumpers of two cars in a Missouri, KTansas & Texas railway train at Moraih'a few days'ago, left St. John's hospital yesterday and was sent to the home of his.mother, Mrs. C. Stevens in Muskogee, Okla. .Mrs. Stevens telegraphed Jjloney for a ticket. In the opinioii of Dr. C. B. Stephens, county health officer, who was called by! aothorltifs to take care of Benson, the lad will not be able to iise.lits left leg for moi^ than a month. Schedule Lowered (By tiK- Assoi-l;itc<l I»res.s1 Wichita, Kans. June 12—Effective tomorrow two and one half hours will be cut from the. running time of a traiii opferating hetween V\fichita and Denver on the Rock Inland Lines. The train which leaves here at 4 p. ip.. will arrive in Denver at 9 a^ m., the next day instead of 11:30. More direct connections makes the cut i possible, officials explained. .Vellon Elected Chairman. ,(By tho Assm -lated Press 1 Philadelphia, June 12.—William L. Mellon, of Pittsburgh, nephew of the secretary of the treasury, was elected chairman of the Republican state committee today In succession lol W, Har?y Baker, of Harrisburg. ' I Mr. Baker was elected secretary, a position: he held for years before he was elevated to the chait- manship four-years ago. A last minule agreement to avoid a fight and so go.into the fall campaign, with a united front, resulted in the.election of Mr. Mellon to the chairmanship. Vnclsts Fight. fBy thpj As-sociat'ed Prr.s.«!> Geneva. June 12.—Fifty fascists and anti-fascists were receiving treatment frnro physicians today for confusions received during a mass iheeting held by socialists to protest against the killing in Italy of Anti-Fascist Deputy Matteottl. I Judge Rankin Files- Papers. (By the A».soclatpd PrMsS Topeka, JCans., June 12.—Judge J.i O. Rankin, Paola, of the 10th judicial district, filed today as a candidate for Republican nomination. % / COLORED LAD JAILED FOR THEFT OF A GUN (By the AsROclal'ed PreBS) Emporia, Kans.. June 12.—Steps) were .being taken today to'prevent a parade pf the Ku Klux Klan in Emporia Wednesday night for the klansmen having announced their intention of marching dow^n the main street of the city In a demons' stration to show that the ranks of.the'klan were still Intact, and there had been no deflections from their rolls. Immediately after application had been made to Mayor O. T. Ath- ertoh for permission to parade, the attorney general's .office at Topeka was notified, and Mayor Atherton was advised by Captain W. A. Smith, assistant attorney general, that any parade in mask or regalia would he illegal and an attempt w;ould be made to enjoin the klans­ men. "Under the recent Valley Fajls Injunction it was held that a parade in masks was illegal and a permanent injunction was issued," Smith said today. "We hold that a rj^radc in klan regalia without masks also is illegal and will take steps to prohibit such a disturbance in Emporia." An advertisement in an Emporia paper states the parade will be in uniform and that klansmen from all neighboring glaverns will take part- Last week klansmen in mask and regalia paraded on the streets of Americas, a small northern Lyon county town. HELD IN BLOOM CASE DESPIBITO AND MILLER, SEA. . . MEjr, ABBESTEl). . | Tno Men, Held by PoUce and >'aral Antiij>ritie8, Said to Knfow Bltfom. th^t T. C A.XDERSON . Lawrence, Treasurer U. C. T. DOLSON HAS RETURNED Absconding Bank Cashier, In Company of Sheriff, ArrlTCs at Girard. Kansas. Robert Markbanna Bound Over fOr Trial In the Allen Connty District Court. is. C. McDoT^eil, Clay Center, Betk' log Fast CInuid iComicilpr. Following a hearing In the Justice! court of C. L. Whltaker this morning Robert Markhanna. colored-youth, was bound ovfer for t;rlai in the Allen County district court in the sura of |200i charged wfth grand larceny. , Markhanna is accused of stealing a pistol from Mrs. .Mary Roff. .Senate Is Judge of Membership. . (By the Associated Prpwi Washington, June 12.—One or several of many fates, up to and Including expulsion may befall any senator who in the Judgment of his colleagues expends excessive amounts to further his candidacy either In a primary or general election. In connection with the present activities of the senate campaign Investiisating committee, it was pointed out that the constitution makes the senate the 'sole Judge of Us membership and by a majority, vote may expel anyone whose campaign expenditures are held to be excessive. , : To Have Air MalL : (By the As.s-orlatcd Press* Wichita, Kans. June 12.—Winfield, Arkansas City, Ponca' City an.d towns as far south as Perry, Okla., will have direct connection with the Chicago bound air mall, it was announced today. Effective June 15, a.clerk authorized to open pouches, will meet the Santa Fe train due here at 11:20 a., m.. and take air mail to the flying field in time to caitcb the north liound air mail which leaves 30 minutes later. (By the Associated Pres-s) Girard, Kans., June 12.—Ed S. poison, long missing absconding bank cashier of McCune. came back to Crawford county early today. When a train from Kansas City pulled into the station here at 2:30 ttUs morning Dolson, in the custody of John D. Turkington, sheriff, got off. There was a brief grcetr ing with his daughter-and her husband. Then' Dolson was taken to the Crawford county jail. No announcement has been made by the county attorney's office as to proceedings against Dolson who is alleged to have stolen $200,000 from the Farmers State Bank of McCune, wrhich closed September 22, 1921. • Dolson, as H. E. Jones, was arrested at Louisville, Ky., Monday night. (By tlie Associated Press) San Diego, Calif., June 12.—Two more names figured today In the Inquiry into the death Tuesday night, last, of Francis M. Bloom, Independence. Kansas, young apprentice seaman from the naval training station here, whose body was found in a local hotel room. W. H. McAvee, sailor from the U. S. S. McCawley, had previously been arrested in connection with the case after It was alleged by police that he had registered, at the hotel, with Bloom. McAvee's defense is an alibi. Two other sailors were placed in Jail yesterday and held for investigation by Uent. Tankse of the naval patrol. They gave their names as Charles Despirito and Irving Miller: They were arrested aboard the U. S. S. Marcus. McAvee was-brought ashore yesterday and questioned by naval and police officers. He is said to have admitted renting a room at the hotel where Bloom was found dead and that he used the name W. H. Smith, but denied any knowledge of Bloom's death end said he had never known the boy. Bloom was foand dead in bed. He was unclad except for his shoi'es and socks. Under the bed was found a bottle which police said might have contained poison. This is being investigated. The room indicated a struggle had taken place. Police also said McAvee had been seen with Bloom prevtoAsly and had been aj>atlent in a hospital with him. LIKE A RUN ON BANK "OA?f CARRY PITTSBIRGH IF lOU HAVE ENOUGH MOXEY." Beutel, a Supporter of Pinchot, Tes. tifies Before Senate Campaign Funds Committee. Storm Damage In Illinois. (By thp A.ssocl!»tod PresS<» Chicago. June 12.—Chicago and northern Illinois today counted the loss of three lives, >njury of scores of persons and several hundred thousand dollars In property damage done by a severe electrical storm last night. William Henry Smith Claims Matiy Errors at Trial in His Plea, Jury Verdict Be Held Up ' Because other court bij^iness could not be cleared away in time William Henry Smith, convicted of fourth degree forgery by a jury in I the Allen county district court, did not get to hear his motion for a new trial argued before Judge Robert E. Cullison this afternoon as hac^ been scheduled. Judge Cullison continued the motion foe hearing to next Tuesday morning. Sihlth, whose penalty for forgery wotUd be not less than six months in Jail nor more than Ave years in the state penitentiary, coip- plainS'ln bis motion for arrest bt jii Igment and a new trial that the jniry which convicted him was guilty of misconduct, that the verdict rendered was against the law, that Judge Cullison erred "in admitting evidence, that the verdict is the result of bias and prejudice^ that the judge misdirected -the jury in bis instructions and that .the jury qsurped the province of the court hn that it asked what penalty was involved in the event of conviction. Practically all .of these reason* cited for a new trial are statutory and of the usual type filed in motions for a new bearing in criminal cases. KELLEY TO PUT IN MODERN COFFEE SHOP New Service Will Be Open to Pub'- lie and In Addition to the Regular SerrJce. An up to the minute coffee shop is to be opened to the public at an early date' in the Kelley hotel building, by Ira 'D. Kelley, of the Hotel Kelley. The coffee shop is4o be located inUhe north room of the Kelley hotel ballding and will have aji entrance from the street and from the hoteL The shop will be conducted along the line of the big city shops' and will be open to the public at all hours. White enamel fixtures for the shop have been ordered and will be received in a short time. The coffee shop will have tables for ladies. Mr. Kelley said today that a complete stattment regarding his new business venture would be available soon. DIs'frfbotes Box Cars. (By the Associated Pre .ss> •. •WijchiU, Kans., June • 12.—The Kansa; City-Mexico and Orient railroad started today to distribute 900 box cars to take care of the wheat harvest in Texas end Okla- hon^ , (By the Associated PrP.«s) Washington, June 12.—"Pay day' at political headquarters in Pittsburgh was like a run on a bank, the senate campaign funds committee was told today as it began to go into: details in its inquiry into the Pennsylvania's expense Republican primary. Frederick R. Beutel, a supporter of Governor Pinchot In his unsuccessful campaign" for the senatorial nomination, testified that both at the Pepper-Fisher and Vare headciuarters in Pittsburgh there always was great commotlfn when campaign watchers and workers were drawing their wages. At the Pepper-Fisher headquarters In the Hotel Henry, he said; "the men were paid in cash, and there was much activity on Wednesday. Thursday and Friday." He watched the paying off, he said, and estimated that between 200 and 300 men w^ere paid each hour. I saw one man come out with a roll, aiiparently of |10 bills, which was three inches in diameter." He said, "it was all he could hold in his hand." He added he thought the paying off was being done by S. J. Topley, treasurer of the Pepper-Fisher organization in Pittsburgh. The committee has been told that the Pepper-Fisher-Smith-Woodward campaign cost at least (1,046.000. On Wednesday morning Beutel said, there was a "great clamor- iiig for money at Vare headquarters.. The line of payees there was three deep, he a(ided, and extended for 150 feet in the street outside the building. The Vare system of paying off was "not so efficient" and did not work quite so fast as the. Pepper-Fisher headquarters, he added. "Like a run on a bank," asked Chairman Reed. "Oh. yes." Beutel, who was chairman of the speakers committee at Pinchot's Pittsburgh headquarters, was preceded on the stand by another Pinchot worker, T. Henry Wa.lnut, in charge of Philadelphia headquarters, who put into the record a stateme'nt of showing receipits of J28.397 with expenditures of $24J71 by the committee in Philadelphia. Beutel told the committee he knew of no case where' an offer outright r of $10 was made for a vote "but instead they hire you as a watcher." . He then described for the committee the "Pittsburgh cheater." a very low type of individual, who is paid to work or "watch" for one candidate and then Vote for another. "Then you have ^ code of morals in Pittsburgh," Senator Reed remarked, "if you are bought, you ought to stay bought." The witness expressed the opinion that anybody with sufficient money could carry Pittsburgh. High Spots of Closing Session. ' C. J. (iarrett, of.. Manhattan, named grand councilor for Kansas. Convention adojit.s resolution calling,on Governor Paulen to Issue call for special • session of legislature to submit Kood road.--: amendment to the people. , Resolution asking tlrnt all councils name good roads committees was adopted. With a parad<' of organization members moving on foot and fu motor cars and led by thrpo bands, the state convention of th<' I'luted Commercial Travollcrs cama- to close this afternoon, ropistering one of the sucres.sful meet,ing3 in the history of the Kansas coun-. cil. Walter "W. Lani. of the lola roun- cil, directed the parade and the line of march opened-at Mctnorial Hall on Wii.sliington avenue. The pqaraiio ;wa.s about six squares in length-and the order of march was as follows: Motorcycle Police . ; Grand Marshal, W. AV. Lam. Color Bearer. ~ City Officials, lola Concert Band. Grand Council, in cars. Ladies, Fire Department, Ottawa Band. Visiting Councils. Chahute Band, lola Council. The Chanute High School band attracted much attention and led b^- its director, Emil Michaux, pia/ett several .seleirtions in the downtovin district and serenaded the Register. The band is one of the best juvenile bands in this section oi' the country and Chanute- may w^H be proud of the boys in this organ'"- zation. L. C. Webb^ Salina, Conductor. H. Unmh, Channte, Executive Committeeman^ Early morning hours of the convention were devoleii to the •election of officers and the consideration of council Ic.qislative affairs. C. J. Garrott. rif .Manhattan, won the - race for grand cdiincilor ..'f Kansas and the ronvontiou ado'ptv'l a resolution ' calling on Governor I'aulcn to call a'spccial scssi.on "-rf the Kansas legislature for the purpose of/submitting a good roai:, amendment to the lyeispre of th" state. i Garrett Is Grand CoinucIIIor. A complete roster olj the. grjinvi council offic(>rs: ' C. J. Garrett. .Martliattan. Grand Counciior; J, C. Johnson. Hutchiii-' son. junior qouni'ilor; E. C. Curtis, Kansas City, past councilor; J, C. Anderson, Lawrence, treasurer;' A. Seitz, Leavenworth. I secretary; L. C. Webb, Salina, conductor; Y,', W. Brown. Wichita, page: -M. r. White. Arkansas City, s^entinel: K. H. Thompson., Ottawa, member 01 the executive committee. (Continued on Page 6, Col. 1.) RED STAR STICKERS FAVORED BY PUBLIC Thousands of Smaller Pieces of Ad< Ycrtising B(»ng Sent Out By .Maniiger. The Red Star th>- whishleM marker of the R<'d .Star Iiighwcy. seems to havei mot Instant favt'ir with the motor .'it. -Mnrii Red Star.'^ are seen on cars passing along ttie middle west than any other mark- ~'' er, tourists report. . Floyd Elliott, manager of tho Red Star; is distributing thousand" of the flaming red stars and is ' pissuing a smaller marker beari^t" a small map;. ' • These latest pii.'cos of exploila-;^ tion devised by the Red Star h.avci' . quickly won 4 place Avith the tor.r- ist and seem'to be the only v:\v .i'- shield stickers that will roaUy sUck.

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