Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 11, 1926 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1926
Page 7
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of j)lk. iIIip^essiv Ingtli aftef rregularity. f'-c^ FigijifiL -ant features of the* bCBsion wa^ the fact that the litfJn .b6dy pf sto (^ks showed a more 'general tiniiency to follow the raise in the i;iarket leaders. As a reBult trading , increased in breadth'Jand »ol- urii (j, the ^lillion share Kiark. being j crossed before llie end of .the third hour. , , TJie closing was strong' The upvf 'ard movement gathered fresh uionientum with a reduction in'the. ^ali money rate to .T,<! per cent. Indiisirial Ifca<leps maintained a . ."iniiig tone, and Soutliern Railway, vMlanlic-Coast I.ine, Hock Island; }'i -re Marguette and (Hilf. Mobile and Northern f-xtended •their gains 1 t(J -1 '^ poinlN. (Jeneral Klectric a,Vi» sold more il)an four points ' hUiier. Total sales approximated l .Ci'D.uoo shares. ' Kunsus City llay. Kaijsas. rily.'June 11.—Jlify mar- kt-i Htead.v; .')ti cars. - Tlmothr No. 1,. $23; stani|ard :$2:;'ii22 .r.«: .\o. x l-'ufi2i .so; No. ! Prairie No. 1, $lCftl7.50;-Xo; 2, $H4il5 .nQ; No. 3, $l(iiii 13.50. i\|f!ilfa,' clKiiCe, 117 .5011 Is.fio; No. 1. llS.S/C}/17. •• .Siandard. ! SHSO-fi'lB; No. 2, UJMdi H.OO; No.- $loifi I".;.... 1 • Clover'-mixed llgUf; .No. 1, $i;Ki I'l.SO; .Vo. i'.$J5!fiL'0f,i). K. (. (Jraln. KfinHUs City, .lune 11.- Cash v.l.Hat: receipis.Ca <.Hr .H: 'unchanged to Ic lower. ' . S>,. 2 dark hnrd Jl.!;!*'-: ft'i.CP/i; Nil. .t dark hard %\S>f. & 1 r.U;"; .No. •> l.iinl $l .r .!l .4/ l.t;i; • No. 3 hard Jii 1 .5 .S: .So. 2ivd *I.0O; .No. ;( nfil Jl.l.S (<v 1.50. • iirn, »iic:li;ing<d lo.'ic higher. No. 2 while T3 and 73No. 3 wrii^e 71',v '(17;;',].; No. •> yellow 7J 'i "ii ,75',.; .No; 3 yellow. 73iro ' 7 -)o; .No. i 2 mixed. 72 "ij 73c; .No. " 3 uiiied Si (ii 72c, . . Oats, unchanged. .No. 2 white 43 44c; No. 3 wliite 42 III 42>.i. \tye. S!<c. Harlb- CO St 62c. Kafir $I;2C ifi 1.27.-Milo maize %VH3 M 1-31. Kansas City, June 11—Clcse: W'h.'at: July $1.3i»4; Sept. $1.29%-: '» Jj.uember $1.32',i:; Torn: July 72 ^c; Sept. 75',i.c; December 74'.*.c. JeAI^V4HtLE .IN A MANSION ON 'AW ISOCAtED ROADWAV, VIE FIND AlAy VOELU GUARDED BN HER ABDUCTORS Kunsas City Llretttoclc. ' Kansas City. June 11.— H. S. Dept. of .'Agriculture—Cattle l.OOO: caltes 200; all .killing clakses steady: receipts niostly Texas grassers; best mi'di/im weight fed steers at $9 40-; Texas grassers on native side $7.25 ffj7.7ii;' veals .steady; top $11.50; Klocker and feeders scartw, nominal; fifteen cars Texas grassers in quarantine, division mostly $6.40© ; 7 .;!o.' ' ' • - : , Hogs 6.000; slow, steaidy to :10c lawei tha^ yesterday's 'average; : top $14.90 on 160 rpound averages; bulk of sales $14.'15(& 14.75; desirable 170 to 240 lbs. $14.65@14.S0; light lightW' up to $15.00;- 250 to 32a poujids $14.25^14.55; packing sows. $12.50(!i 13.00: stock pigs are >^ready $14.75®^.76. Sheep 4,500; laiubs generally 50c (o 75c lower; top native's $16.60; better grades largely $16,00® 10.50; with numerous. sales lat^ at the low end lif the price spread; sheep :-low and' weak; Texas weathers curyiug a few'2-year-t)ldfi, $S.75. Chicago; June 11; (llnitod Department .of Agriculture)—Mogs 17..000: (Hill, few early sales around steady to shipix-ra ani^ yi»i''d traders; later undertone low*-T.: packing sows 10 16 26c off: early bulk desirable 220 pounds ilnwn-$14;50«15; practical top $15; mid lots choice 160 pounds down fo . *'jr ..lO; fi-w 240 to 325 pounds t.W.itchera ; $14.20(^:4.75. packing M )W8 largely i $X2.^5ifi 13.20. heavyweight hogs ^l.l.Sfift 14.7S. medium $14.45(515: light $i4.lotil5: light light $14.1(i(fi 15.10; packing soiiys $12 70(4,13,25; slaughters $14.50C • i .-.,Jo.. ' ; ; Cattle 3.000; fed ."steers scarcej yarlings and medium weight are J^iiiiig; heavies alow, a^out steady with Tljitrsday'a lat* decline;' $111.:J5 pa d for load ];251 pound steers; hi xed yearlings $10.10; she -.stock and bnlls fally stiead.v; bnik bologna tulls. $6((i«.40; vcafer.4 are .>-tr«<ly io 25c lower; largely $12 '•tViia; pac'kers;. grassy "fft lings' scnling 150 to ICO pounds Ik Auward to ;$10. ."^heep 11.0(10; fat lambs opening 2r>'«i r.Oc Imver: part of discount dlie to wef .fleeces; few nativi>s 17.25; lest Held above $17.60; choice: 74 pound Idaho's to outsiders $J8.3Ji; three decks fct this pricey; balance 6f four cars to packers.. ^8.23; yearlings sharing fat lambi'decline; few early ^alca $15 <}>15.25; fat sheep steady; iAesirable uative ew^ $6<f G.50. ChioMro (.'rain."' Chicago, June 11.—Rain west and northwest affording r^'icf from drought tended to easeidown wheat values today dufing the early dealings. In 'Nebriiskai eHpecially, the moisture was, [reported as baViug improved whe^M prospects over all piirts of tli<» State, where received, except west of Jiastlng.i. Starting %c off" to Vic iip, the wheat markei later showed moderate decltnes kll around. Corn and oats vvere weaker, corn opening unchanged to <^c off, and then sngging all around. Provisions lurned stronger; • Will) harvest expected to be gen- in southern Kansas tne first of next week; reports were received lhat some Kansas,wheat Is being botighr ever^ day' for latit of Jiine aiul rirst.^ of Jnly dellvct]y. On the other haiiil, advices wero nrs(i'cur­ rent that farmers are not; ^keen about offering new crop wheat on llie ba.His of present bills vjU^n uld wheal Is bringing In 25 to35.cents over the July delivery. According to some trade authorities. he <Islug pressure in the wheat market is du.e to Increase soon and to jacl as a drag on values. Re- g.ii dlPss of nfti .ssibiltties for ihigher pri'es later/s)i!5|p'traders ciintend- e'l that pwnei-ship of wheat during thetnext two'weeks would be under a decided handicap. Chicago. June 11.—Close: Wheat July $1.40%; Sept. $1.36%; December $1.39%; Corn: July 74%c; Sept. -ire; December 79%c; Oats:: July 43c:. Sept. 44c; Deceniberi 45%c; Rye: .luly ^VAc; Sept. 96!^;; I 'ecember" 99c NORTH MAPLE GKOYE 'CtNTRAL AVEXrE, AXD Mr. spent iOLl tiroE, FOB k WOOL CO. Ill S. Ohio Phone •. Kggs . 21c No. 1 Hens Sic No. 2 Hens _„ ^ —18c Cocks 9c No. 1 Springs ..I .-.27c No. 2 -Springs 23c Wm Come Afler Ponltry» • We Wni Apprecbjte Tour iMineiB. - Bi A. JONES, Prop. LL'S MARKET IrSl DO HOT RETAIL. East ]t4njroe and Elm. FhoM 87C . We paii:tfc« following pricea today: LKggs. loM bff — : 22c ^Alo. 1 Hfens -' -'21c No. 2 ReOB :- 17c Broilerg" : • 27c Kegliorhs and Black BroUers „22c Cocks — -—.^ 8c Iloraa Hides! 1^ PoBltry Uny Ii« Kaptr Ct^Ui and Mrs. Elmer Thomas Thursday evening at JoUn Pranklin'.s. ' Miss I.,illian Lambert spent the week end with iiome folks. The Busy JBee tlub met with MIS. Reeman Thursday. . Mr. and Mrs. John Franklin and Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Raish 'spent Sunday evening at Paul Lassman's. Mrs. ' Collison gave a birthday dinner Sunday In honor iof Mr. Collisoa's birthday. . Thode who enjoyed the day were Mr. Ad Mrs. Floyd Collison and son. of Yates Center; Mr. and Mrs. . Frank Sievers. Mr. Ben Collison and Dale, Mr. and rMs. Clarence Collison, .Mr. and; Mrs. Collison and Oren. Mrs. Fred Moore and Floyd, and Bernice SieVef's visited Saturday night with her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Collison. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Ralsb spent Friday morning at Mr. Cochrane's. Mr. and IMrs. Pauline I^assman and Pauline and Mr. and Mrs. Ar- tiiur Raish and Bemlce spent Friday evening at Elmer Thomas'. Mr. and rMs. Charley Beeman and family spent Sunday at Harrison Bland's. ctiildren spent Wednesday evening at Arthur Ilaish's. Mr. and Mr"- Carl Hnnser and Okah spent Tuesday - evening at Mr. anil -Mrs. f;uy' Wing and Cuy Wings. ^SAfiE VALLEY. (Mrs. P:dward SisBon.) Howard McCloud and family and Edward Si.sson's were Sunday visitors at i^itbur GUlliam's. Sunday visitors at Joe Gillham's were:!Lynn Bell's, Charley Cooper's, Roy Oillham's, Floyde Gillham of Tola. . Charley Robb and wife visited at Earl Newman'p Sunday. Joe Talley's visited at E. O. Wor- den'8 Sunday. Albert McBeB and family visited at Roy Giliham'a Snsday. Eugene Bennett of K. C. is visiting at Cy Watkins a few days this week. • I Ethel Worden spent T4iesda ]r afternoon with Lulu Newman. Arnold Smith spent Saturday night with Mike Worden. ' .Mae Taley and Ethel Worden went,^strawberring Tuesday afternoon. «, ; Earl fiisson and wife and baby visited ait Edward Slason 's Tuesday. . . ' Roy Gillham and; wife and Delmer McBee called at Edward Sl9> son's Tuesday evening. , ' Lester Gillaspie and wife visited at Joe GJllbara 's Tuesday afteW- noon. I Joe Gillham purchased a registered Jersey heifer from f Jess Booth near Lone Elm. . Retla Gillham ;is visiting; this week with Lynrii Bell's near Blue Mound. Earl SIsson ..pitched ball for Broqsoni Sunday. Daisy TInsiey returned to her boma^Suiub^ osar XaHari^. Siio has b0en helping eare for tte babr Siri at Cari'BlssoflVi - Delmer McBee has jbeen helping Roy GlHham plow com this week. CiOLDEN VALLEY. Sunday school every siinday morning. Preaching evfery second and fourth Sundays. Everyone Is invited. ; •» Mr. and--Mrs. Raymond Jackson are' ihe proud parents [of a baby boy it their home since Wednesday morning, j Mr; and Mrs. Pearl Baker, Ira oiid Russell Mprrlson and tbeir families enjoyi'd Children's Day program Snnllay. in the morning at Prairie Chapel and ifi the afternoon at Salem. Mr. and iMra. Clips. Hawkins and faraily were Sunday guests of Mr- aud -Mrs. Tom Davis. Mrs, Marlon Edwards has remained this week at the bedside of her motiier, Mrs. Robinson^ of Lallarpe, who Is yet very ill. The many friends iin Golden Valley of .Mr. W. J. Rnmbel were deeply grieved to hear of his death. Mr. and .Mrs., Uarrisng Ollphant and liltl« daughters spent Sunday, with Mr. arid, Mrs, Moyn« Knapp. In the Qflenidon MeMlames Knapp and Ullphan'tiand daughleni visited their parenlk; Mr. hnd Mrs. Smith. H. V. Adams, wifw and daughter, Hiiih, (nlled Saturday' eveplng at the (illmore iinme u^id allfsilent a lileaHaiil time yislting willi .Mrs. Nora Tlurtzog-Ilolenmn! of New Mexico. The drilling r«n the P. Relslrof- fer lease is progressing rapidly. Tliey are down about 400 feet. .Mr. and Mrs. Clias. Pierce at- teriited Ihe funeral of Mr. H. H: .McIJaughlin at Ploa.santon tlast Sunday .Mr. .McLaughlin was the, grandfather of .Mrs. Pierce! •Mr. and .Mrs., W. C. Walker and daughter, Arlene.. Helen arid. Ruth Adams made a short visit In Mildred Sunday dfternoon and later at the Adams home.' Mr. and Mrs. John Manbeck and Delbert were Sunday gwsts of Mrs. Mary Manbeck* at Moran., In llic afternoon the Mesdames Manbeck and:Miss Ida Manbeck visited at-the Cliff Isaac home to-seeMIss Avis Isaac, who teaches In the K. C. schools, also- Mrs. Mary Mc-i Knight and l)aby of Oklahoma. .Mr. and .Mrs. E. J Baker and Wanda were afternoon "guests of the' Isaacs. Mr. Sam Baker and smaller children .attended Children's Day at Prairie iCbar»el and weTe dinner guests of Jim Mattox's. The W. M. S. met at the home of .Mrs. Pearl jBaker. . The lesson study was about our neighbors Just over the i border, the Mexicans, and was led by Mrs. Huscher. It was Interesting and Instructive. .Mrs. Aira Kerr-.Mohr, a former member of the society was present and gave a splenilid talk on the work in her home town. There was election of officers. fil^EVA ITEMS.' (Clkra Tnrman.) . Miss Flordpce MilUr went to Manhattan Simday where she will attend school this summer. Mr. and Mrs. Robt. Wa.rncr of lola spent I Saturday night and Sunday here at: the Tarman home. .Miss Florence Simpson entertained llie young folks with a party Saturday iilght. All report a fine time. - ; Mrs. Abe .Settle of visiting h<»r sister) Mrs. L. S, Perkins and family for a few days. • Mc Irwin Tippin Is In Manhattan this week attending the various things going on at the col- Miss Myrtle Miller and Lulu Tarman were Humboldt and lola visitors Monday. •Mr. Edd Fllzpatrick shipped a car load of hogs to Kansas City .Monday night. Mr. Fre<i Childs went to City Sunday with a load of lambs. Quite a tew farmers around l»ere The Line Is Out of Order, Now" You know the annoying feeling when your tele- ; phone operator gives you that report on the import; ant number you are calling. And can you imagine a day in which every.^ ^ person you wanted to. call wa,s "temporarily discon- ' nectcd?" -Feel sort of hopeIes.s and helpless, wouldn't ';y6u?i > • . And when, it comes to the .buying and .selling ana renting need.s of scores of every-day varieties — is •thei'o any reason why you should be "temporarily dis- conneclotl" from opportunities that can save your* time and your money ? Koop connected with this daily circuit of thrift and good luck. Kiiow where to get what you want, when you want it—and for the price you want to pay. The A.B-C ClassIOed Ada AlwarH Ihe Same—In Serrloe Always Different—Io OpportuoJty Bnsinera Serrlees Offered 18 FARMERS ATTENTION—Get your binder canvas repaired now. reasonable prices, at Heigele's. WATER WELLS TO DRILL—W. L. Marple & Son. 602 N. Kentucky. Phone 8.^6W. AIJTO l.N'SURANCE—Cheapest and best - in Kansas.. Losses paid without red tape. C. U Whltakcr, Agent. • ' SURGERY—And consultation. - Dr. O. S. I .Ambeth. Office phone 256; residence p6one 615 J. Hours. 1:20 to 5: SO. tLASSIKIEI» AUVEKTIS. ISU l.NKOHMATION. ri.,\.>4HiKii-.i> n.\TK.s Dnily Tilt,' iii-r liiif fm- i-uas'-rullve ; ClnrKe <"':ish Six ilay .M T'- d- Tliree <I:iys ; UiK- J.iy .II'.- )"•• Mbiiniilm chaixt'. r.Oc on .-iiiy ad. AfliiifTidm cash. .111,-. \<Nmiit fiv." words to .-i lltic. Till- iiidividiial .-i<lv<-rtisi-ni'-rit-< un- d'T.the fiilUiwini; H:iss.-<ifi<-iitii)lis rin- arrantjeU In AI-l'H.\tU;TtC.\l, urdvr for Mulrk rvf-r-niH-. All nils :iii- riHlilrl .-d to lh<-ir iir.ip- ir i-l :iH .:<lfiiNitI*iri 'and "to f!i»- ri-;;iit ;ir iJaily K*-;^i!st .-r styl*- of tyiM*. Thi* puli- Usht-r.s r ,'.si.rvir the riKltt to i-dit or rejpct aiiy cla.ssifii*d :idvi'rli.<l!»;^ copy. Krrors In udvi-rtisi-ini-ntsi filioiiM 1 J<- ri -iHirt 'il Imnii-diiiti-lv. . Tin- Ki-^ will nut Iw ri -.^iMitisilili- for inori' than otii- Inforrw -t lusi-rtlon. ANNOUNCEMENTS Personals NOTICE—Anyone caught fishing or hunting on my farm one mile . east of Prairie Dell school house will be prosecuted to the full e.x- . tent of the law. J. C. Butcher. AUTOMOTIVE Auloniobiles for Sale 11 GOOD USED CARS—Thousands of unused miles. In open and closed models. f;ash. terms, trade. Marr Auto Supply Co, HIGH CRADE USED CARS—At attractive pricies; terms to suit Usefl Car Exchange, 212 S. Jeff NEW STAR CARS—Also good.used cars; 1 Chevrolet coupe; 1 Elcar toiirlng; 1 Chalmers roadster) Foiirtouring. Beckes Garage.: OAKLAND SIX—1924 sport touring, duco finish, like new, 4 wheel brakes, etc.; 1926 PonI coupe, like new; 1921 Oldsmobile 6 touring, cheap; 1919 Oakland toiiring, good condition; Buick six touring, cheap. New .Miller .IOX.T cord tire. Hobart-Steele .MotorjCo. AUCTIONS Anrtions lOA AUCTION-^I will sell at public auction Saturday, June 12, at 1 p. m., at Bishops Sales Pavilion: horses, cattle, miiles, hogs, chick-^ ens. several Ford cars, farm ma- Ichinery, wagons, buggies, harness land lots of first class household 'furniture. C. S. Auct, AUCTION— Win aell "at public sale Tuesday, June 15, at" 1:30 o'clock at 8S.1 .N. Jefferson: one dresser: one china closet; one Iwikcase; office desk; • one parlor suite, good; 2 rockers; one ga.<» range, extra good; 2 healing stoves; yard' swing; high chair; chiffonier; 2 reznors. extra good;. 2 tables; one baby pen: 6 new dining chairs; 2 rugs 9x12;.lots of other articles. This stuff is extra.good. A. C. Oliver. Auctioneer. . theless we sure were needing the rain. Mr. James Irwin who Is in the real estate business in Pratt, Kansas, wa.s here the first of the week with some men looking the' country over. - AUTOMOTIVE Antonobile Agendes GRAND MOTOR: CO.—Ilupniobilc- Wlllys-Knight-Ovfirland sales and service. Dependable used cars. HUDSON-ESSEX. CHRYSLER — Sales vand service. Bud White Motor Co., 219 S. Wash. Pho. 180. WDiie a lew farmers aroona nere ; cut their alfalfa Monday, and of S^ASH MOTOR SALES CO.—Sales course. It got rained on but never- service. See our line of used cjrs, open and clo.sed models. AvtMMMIes for Sale 11 FORD TOURING-rln good condition; $30" will buy it. 310 South Chestnut. 1924 FORD COUPE—Lots of extra etinipment. -priced low; % down, balance payments. Tipple .Motor Co., 206 South'St. Pho. 682. GUARANTEED USED FORD CARS 2 1924 COUPES—New paint, good condition every way. 2 1921 COUPES—Good tires, real bargains. 1921 TOURING—Starter. FORD TOURINGS—Two, priced cheap. Just the thing for the trip to harvest. Pay one-third, balance easy terras, MCCARTHY MOTOR CO, ;f2 S. WASH. PHONE 893 Anto Accessories, Tires, Parts IS Pl»R-0-LATOR—Gives clean oil to your motor at all times. See us. n.o obligation. ycCarty Battery Station. ; , TORTAGE CORDS — Full ^Ised 30x3>/i tSeiberling built) at mall order prices. See them at B. T. Barber's Garage, 209 West street. Phone 51,'), TIRES—New cords, 32x4, $21; 30T3V6. $11.25; limited sufSply. Tola Anto Wrecking Co. Phone 782. Kepalrin (r— Servl^ SteUoag • 16 AUTO REPAIRWG—Welding and storage.; City Garage. F. B. Goodale, •iZK^N. JiBff. Phone 172. • • ^ Insarance arid Surely Bonds 23 Movintr. Trncklnir. Storage 25 CORR TRANSFER; CO.—Packing storage, long distance hiluifng. Reasonable rates. Thone 140. Professional Serrleei ' 28 SURGERY—Medicine; X-ray. Dr. F. Lenskl. Phones: office, 888; residence, 1126W. . foMltry and Supplies BABY CHICKS—R, I. Reds. June 11. 15 and 25, 9c each. Order now. Trubey's, Gas •MERCHANDISE Artleles for. Sale •A BINDING TWINE^enuine Plymouth binding twine. Hohart- Steele Motor Co. FURNISHED ROOMS—For sleeping or housekeeping. 319 South Chestnut or phone 1029\V. Rooms for Housekeepinu FURNISHED ROOMS —• Kitchen privileges, modern house. clo.s«in, double garage. 301 N. Washing- tori." Phone 793. ^ TWO ROOMS—In modernhouse, nicely furnished. Call fi09 North Washington. Phone S46. REAI. ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats 74 APART.MENT—Three room modern, 210 East Jaikson avenue. , BOOK.S—16 Vol. The Book of Jlis- tcry.and complete set of The Book of Knowledge. Write G. W. Curl, Humboldt, phone 392. • ^ LUBRICATI.VO OILS—Special price for Saturday' only. B. Sjjiiare Service Station^ 423 N. Wash. SPECI'AL—For harvest, bulk cup grease'. Bring your own container. B" Square Service Station, 423 North Washington. APART.MENT—3 room modern, close in; nice cool rooms. Phone mc. 210 street. " / Brisines!! Phwes (or Itent 7."» QROCEaiY— Ana igeneral merchandise stock to exchange for lola property. Flriit class stock ami fixtures; See M. A. Schllck. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanfed—Female 82 DINING ROOM OIRI.r-Wanted at once. Kelley Hotel. Call In person. LA'TII—20 bundles good second hand lath. 2.')c bundle. 510 .North Second. Phone 1292W. . - MIDDLE AGED WOMA.V^To work on farm. A. L. Townsend. Phone 992-42. ' Help Wanted—JTale 8S .MARRIED M.\.N'—For farm, close to city, house fuj'nished. Pho. 327. MA.N'—Wanted; live, energetic, with s.ome capital, interested • in; opening, a retail store, catering to farmers' trade..- Ideal .locatios. "W'rlte: Box G3 lola,' Kans. Help—Male and Female 34 STENOGRAPHER—And bookkeep-i er. experienced, wanted at once. Address Box 272, tola. Kans, • Barter and Kxehanux olA Bnilding .UuterInN .'>:i Farm and Balry Produp|.«« ~ ."iS GOOSEBERRIES—For jtaUon. Phone 1170J. sale, eOc Frti-m Equipment 55X GRAIN BINDER—.New 7 ft. Mc- Cormick.binder, $20 less than new price. Call at Allen County Implement and Hardware Co-. .207 South Jefferson. BTQRK ROOM—Adjoining Kraiise Cafe. Will rent part* or all of it. See W. F. E. Krnnse. Ilonseii for Rent HU.N'CALOW -Five room modern, garage, close in. John Ueiilher. GOOD .MODEIl.V llOI.'.Si:—For fent or will sell cheap and on easy terms; <;. It. Card. HOUSE—Five 'room modern, fui-- nislicd, front, garden spot, close in. Call 12S.-.. HOUSE—Seven room modern, with garage, east' front, large lawn. In'liiir»' A. \V. Anderson, .''ip2 N. Secdnd street. IlOl'SE- I'nfurniaheil or pai:lly furnishcil 7 room moili-ni. garage and garden: reference requireif. Call 210 -V. Colborn or phone 19.'). MADISON, W. IOC—Will be for rent after July 1. Inriuire 402 West Madison.j \ HARVESTER AND THRESHER— ..International combinatioip harvester and thresher, good condi- ,tlon. Lehigh Fortlapd Cement „Co., lola. Kansas. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Business Property for "Sale 82 Situations Wanted—Female 3C RESPONSIBLE WOMAN — Wants nursing; children to care for by hour or week or will care for elderly persons. Inquire 422 South Colbom, evenings. STENOGRAPHER — Thoroughly competent, railroad transportation, legal, fire insurance and commercial lines desires permanent or part time work; also do typing, all kinds, at home. Phone 1097W. • • . FINANCIAL Money f« Loan—Mortgages 40 FARM LOANS—Quick serrice and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne, 213 S. "Washington. FARM LOANS—5,% base rate. 5. 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart & Funk. . FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms 5%, city 6%. Long or short time. R. M. Cunnlng^am. .MO.\"EY-^To loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty I Co.. over Brown's Drug Store. PRIVATE MONEY—To loan, on city property, low .rat^. long or short time. Stewart & Fank. , INSTRUCTION Xasleal, DaaclBg. Dramatic 44 LVNDITH GEERY—Pupil of Prof. Pieyer at K. U., will accept piano pupils for the summer term only. LIVE STOCK Hwses, Cattle, TeUcIes 48 COWS—Two Jerseys, both fresh, one with heifer calf by side. Inquire 302 S. Fourth after 6 p. m. Poultry and SnppMes 49 BABY CHICKS—Several breeds, summer prices. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Phone 446. MOWING MACHINE—New Enier- son-Brantlngham standard machine. . 6 -ft. cut. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. 4 <ood Things to Eat CHERRIES—For sale. P. J. Southard,' S. Kentucky street. Phone 968-2. GOOSEBERRIES—For sale, .60c per gallon delivered. Pho. 979-32. Honsehold Goods 59 ICE BOXES—And refrigerators, •good ones, priced to sell. 219 N, Jefferson. Bryson Furniture Store; REFRIGERATORS — Ice chests, new arid used. At money saving prices. Henninger'^ Furniture ' CoJ. IIS West Madison. Wanted To Buy 6« DESK—Good roll top; adding machine; must be priced right. Address Box 107, lola.. Kans. G.A.R.\.GE—And fillin.g station, five room modern i-ottage in -North Ottawa, on Red .Star Route. WiU take lola property as part payment. John Reuther^ ^_ Houses for Sale • -r SI FIRST. N. 209—Five room, water j and electricity; or will trade. See John Reuther.. •' Lets for S^Ie 85 LOTS—Two residence ^lots on South Washington Ave., reasonable. Phojje 26:;. To Exchange—Real Estate 8S COT'TAGE—For sale or exchange; dandy modern, basement -and garage; also partial modern cottage; best terms. Dr. MitchelL HOUSE-^or Sale, to be .moved from present location, cheap. Inquire 116 or 202 East Jackson. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Dodge Brothers Dealers Have Better Used Cars 1924 DODOE COUPE, a real buy. 1924 IIOIXiK SEDAN, a guaninteed car. 1933 DODfJE KO.U>STER, an e.itra Kixid boy. 1924 OLHSMOBILE COIPE, looks and run« like new. r 1923 flUPMOBILE TOlfRLNG. a family car. 1924 STIJIEBAKEK liuHJ Sl.V, a keen car. 192« FORD TOlRlXt;, new. VOi FOKD TOURIXU. pracfkally new. 2 1925 FORD ROAD.STfeKS. like new. 3 1925 FORD TOIRIM .S, fine shape. 1924 C;ilEVROLET (01 PE, refinlshed and reconditioned. 1925 FORD TRICK, six months old. 3 good nsed DODGE JTOIRING VWIS. that will give the liesf of service... J 10 other goo^ nsed cars from $2.'> up. EllisSwonger Motor Co. ' Dodge Brothers Caw—Graham Brothers Trucks 214 JfortB Washington Phone 301 (Open Evenings and Sunday! : 'FRECKLES AND HIS FRIEJTOS • IS-lT? THE SUSPENSE IS AWFUL. TVUjBETAWJUAMAOrr ) OP6M ITKEAUaMJCli • A»' SEE UlMAT V BYBLOSSER < ->» I UlNP OP )S"TUIS I t VMAS 1>J DiB BO>C PAPER— ......

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