Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on June 25, 1963 · Page 6
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 6

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, June 25, 1963
Page 6
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6 - Tuesday, June 25, 1963 Red lands Daily Facts Self-Planting Flower Each seed of the flower AllH aria has a coiled tail that hooks rides on passing animals. When the seed falls to the ground and sets damp, the tail uncoils, sometimes twisting the seed into the earth and thus planting itself. Papal State Flag The Papal State has a flag of its own. It consists of two equal vertical stripes of yellow and white ' with the arms of the Pope on the white stripe) and a triple crown over two crossed keys, one of gold and one of silver, tied with a red cord with two red tassels. ... guaranteed PERFECT center diamond, or replacement assured. Lifetime trade-in privilege toward a larger Keepsake. BOYD $175.00 We invite you to inspect and use our shop service developed through years of experience. The quoltty required wtth the economy desired 118 E. State Phone 793-4806 'Moisturize' For That Cared-For Look Actual beach tests by ^ SUJil*^ proved Bronztan 5T£S7EP< CAea/77 lets you stay in the V> mid-day sun up to 4 hours J ^-y^ )ffjthout burning! ronztan Gives you a fast, lasting, safe tan in the form you like best SUNTAK; LOTION bronztan SUN-STOP For maximum protection from stJnburn Ak oz. |50 Do you pamper your skin with the moisture it needs by using : fine beauty creams. . . then, un- I wittingly, undo much of the bene- I fit with a heavy make-up founda- I tion that may dry out your complexion? Doesn't make much sense, does it? Yet, thats just 1 what many of us do. Women who've discovered the blessings of a "misty sea atmosphere" wonderfully incorporated in a superb moisture cream for j parched complexions, know the ; importance of fluid balance at the i skin's surface — a recognized dermatological fact. Now — new- cause for rejoicing — a companion product to Secret Of The Sea — a brand-new make-up foundation containing precious ingredients and moisturizers, created and beautifully presented by Dorothy Gray. Elegant Fashion Touch is a superior make-up for mulated for the discerning woman of impeccable taste. It is, admittedly, not for everyone. But, if you are one of those persons who prides herself on not being typical. . . if you just naturally gravitate toward the finer things in life, you'll love the luxury of this flattering foundation. Here is a make-up for your skin. . . light in texture, lastingly lovely. . . to conceal imperfec tions with a gossamer film that lets your natural beauty show tlirough. Not a hint of masklike heaviness. . . only a soft touch of heavenly color to give the illusion of absolute perfection. This exquisite fluffy foundation will do right by your complexion in a choice of six delicate Colours ... Natural, Cream, Peach, Rose, Beige or Cocoa. One will perfectly complement your own skin tones and never ever streak, cake or change hue. Ideally, a second more vivid shade for evening will give the ultimate in flattery. Beau­ tiful for all cared-for complexions, Fashion Touch is especially rewarding to the thirsty skin that treasures moisturizers. Imagine the "all-day" beauty treatment now possible! At night Secret of The Sea cream or I emulsion will silken your skin, jmelt away aging dryness. Use it before make-up too, if need be. Then, smooth on new Fashion Touch, the only foundation especially formulated to continue these unique beauty benefits. See the elegantly flawless, radiantly alive look your complexion takes on. Notice how naturally smooth and soft your skin is to the touch? Powder can be used to intensify the matte finish if you prefer. The thoughtful beauty will moisturize her complexion 'around the clock' with a marvelous assist from this luxurious make-up foundation! SNAPPY CHICAGO (UPI) — It's a snap taking pictures of tots when you give them a piece of cellophane tape as a "toy." Mary Martin, reporting in "Nurses Notes," a publication for the nation's nurse corps, says the sticky stuff keeps the tots busy and "very natural." Common Corns Mean Irrifafion A com is a collection of hard, dry, dead cells of the skin piled one upon the other. A corn is not a disease but a symptom which indicates that an area of the foot is being irritated. The most common com is usually found on the top or tip of the toes. Others are the soft corn between the toes where perspiration mascerates the area and seed corns are found on the sole of the foot. These can be further complicated by extreme inflammation, infection, or a sinus sometimes penetrating to the bone itself. Indirectly, the cause of a com (pressure and irritation) can be due to improper footgear, foot im balance, hammer or distorted toes, honey growth, etc. Daily, the podiatrist-foot spec iaiist sees the disabling results of "bathroom surgery", with result ing infection that sometimes endangers the life of the victim. Do not be misled into applying socalled "corn cures". Many of these ointments, liquids, and pads contain powerful acids which can bum the skin. Extreme pain and possible infection can result. bronztan Use after swnning, to meto- turize, soften and glamorize your etcln, banish peeling and flaking. |00 ail pricec pfaic tax WINN'S Oail/ 8-9 DRUG STORE Sunda/ 9-5 Corner Colton and Orange 793-2804 FREE PARKING FREE GIFT WRAP S & H GREEN STAMPS Keeping fresh during warm, active summer weekends is a problem. This model packs a compressed powder deodorant with added anti-perspirants for more protection. Janet & Elaine are Happy to Announce that Top Stylist . . . Tillie Ungaro (with 15 years experience in Beauty) has joined their staff Phone Tillle for Evening Appointments • SPECIAL OFFER FOR ONE MONTH ONLYI F n p p Styling Brush to each Patron C C with every Permanent $15.00 & up! BROOKSIDE BEAUTY SALON 263-C Brookside Ave.. Redlands 792-2893 Keep Auto First Aid Kit Handy Spring is here along with beau liful warm weather, the call of the open road beckons, and this means traveling, visiting and va cationing are on the upswing. But, at the same time you succumb to the travel itch, thousands of other motorists will have, too. Roads will be more crowded, you'll have to drive even more carefully ttian usual — and there will be the inevitable mishaps large and small. Emergencies do happen on the road, so it's a wise family that al- waj's makes sure there is a well- stocked first aid kit in the car before starting out Even if you don't have a mishap, your kit may help someone else in trouble on the road, possibly even save a life. Expression's Start The expression "breaking the ice" to denote an initial contact started with the whaling boats of the Arctic area. They have to get special boats to break the ice so they can continue fishing all year round. SELL IT TOMORROW With an iiie.\pensive Classified Ad Moonstruck Make-Up Gives Luminous Look There is nothing as frankly romantic as a June moon, and also nothing that can be so devastating to a girl's looks if she's not careful. Medemoiselle this month says you need a make-up especially for evening a moonstruck make-up that will give you a look as luminous and romantic as that June moon. When the mgnt lights turn on and the setting is mood music and the perfect dinner, your best make-up choice for the evening scene is one with its own built-in lighting effect. The magazine says reach for toned-down colors that shimmer. Here are the components: first, bring a night-blooming skin to light with an iridescent foundation that adds an inner glow to your face, then, a serving of granulated moonlight in the form of a frosted face-powder. For an eye-catching eye, you might try lighting up the eyelash- to-eyebrow area with an icing of white shadow. Follow this with a ribbon of eye liner just above the lashes, and a tracing of one of the frosted pale shadow sticks. Blend this subtle coloring into the white. Fmally the whole eye is shadowed in thick, mascara-ruffled eyelashes. And for a mouth that will outshine artificial light, all it takes is a generous, ungimmicked application of the most succulent lipstick shade you can find. To brighten any smile, a topcoat of pearly white adds the gloss. Going along with a pretty face is a pretty figure. Especially in the summer, for summer is a prime time for doing nothing, which is a pretty thought, but not necessarily a pretty picture. You're rested, relaxed, tanned — and probably flabby. But Mademoiselle's Beauty Editor has found an e.\ercise cure that requires more thought than energy and it doesn't even involve getting off your beach tow- eL The series of exercises in this month's issue can be done lymg on your back or stomach. They give you the same amount of toning you'd attain after hours of calls tbenics. TREASURE HOUSE Your unused furniture or appliances will find a ready market through Classified Ads. I Brake Carts ! XEW YORK (UPI) - A super- I market with a hilly parking lot solved one traffic problem by in; stalling brakes on the right rear j wheels of shopping carts used by 1 customers to carry purchases to their cars. Instruction for easy operation of the brake is welded to tha pushbar and on the baby seat. reports "Progressive Grocer," a trade publication. DOWNTOWN REDLANDS Escorted Orient Tour October 2nd ... 31 Exciting Days VISIT JAPAN, HONG KONG, IVIACAO, BANGKOK, SINGAPORE, HAWAII BOOK NOW - LIMITED MEMBERSHIP CLEM SERVICE Clem Lau 298 East Citrus Laura Creatura Redlands 793-2555 Better Hearing improve my golf game? Yes, sir, because we have WINDSHIELDS now! If YOU en{oy outdoor activities YOU'LL find Better Hearing with "windshields" HAROLD L. PAHL Certified Hearing Aid Audiologist 16 • 7th St. Redlands 793-5646 r/o Today's Woman Needs One Superb Wigs Human Hair June Special Reg. $137.50 NOW ONLY Complete with Styling Undoubtedly the best thing thot ever hoppened for the busy modern woman of today. Toke a swim and just minutes later have a perfect hair-do and in your own mood color. Our experts will give you personol- ized fitting and styling suited just for you. We olso have wig carrying cases, $13.50, $17.50 and $22.50 Ph. PY 3-3960 -PY 3-2366 BEAUTY SALON - MEZZANINE - HARRIS' Elizabeth Arclen Sleek The cream of depilatories. Sleek gendy removes hair from face or arms or the Eizabeth Arden Salon way. Sleek is sure to remove every trace of hair so effectively that r^rowth is discouraged and the skin stays smooth much longer. Sleek is also safe to use on the most delicate areas of the skin for it is as pure and mild as the finest face cream. And Sleek is so swift to give yon the perfect results that you want! Sleek in lU or. tube, 1.25; Sleek in 4>i or. tube, 2.00. ptasica mo PHARHACISTS Paul Hallum Jerry Haislip 12 E. State Downtown Redlands Ph. 793-3195 3M .ixa.ble, i23.a,tcliable MAKE UP YOUR OWN CAPRI SET FOR «2.58 COMPLETE SET COnON BLOUSES Sleeveless or roil-up sleeve styles. Reg. to S2.0S conoN CAPRI PANTS IN ALL COLORS SIZE 8 to 18 Reg. to $3.98 pr. $164 LADIES' NYLON HOSE Reg, 99c pr. 560 THIRD ST. SAN BERNARDINO PAIR

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