The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 9, 1947 · Page 10
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 10

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, April 9, 1947
Page 10
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PAGE TEN BLYTHEVILLE (AKK.) COURIER NEWS FELIX A. CARNEY Dominion Automatic •Elcetric Irons II Yr, Guarantee Line • ;of Ui«trical and •Rattery Radios • B»?«rt Radio ^Repairs • S\'c Pick Up and Deliver 324 iL Main Phone 2407 Sight 3518 'Let Us He!-) You— iSTOP DRINKING Tliqre Is 110 medical .remedy for drink . . . but we can help you resist its influence! No cost ta you —only co-operation. ! JUST CONTACT Alcoholics Anonymous Box 873—Biytlievlllc, Ark. FARM LOANS / Procnpt BwvU* WORTHINGTON Tune In Prudential Fn> Sua day >t 4 p.m. OT« WREC Setun^_TJiis S«\ton for II !lo,S»«3»4 s- UBJHheTUto, Ark. Paraguayan Civil War Continues President Moringo Reject Archbishhop's Offer to Mediate Revolt ASUNCION, Paraguay, Anrll 9. (UP)—President Hlglnlo Morlnlpo continued yesterday to hold oi:t| against ;i negotiated settlement of. the country's month-long civil was as rebel forces were reported vir- tnally entrenched throughout all of Southern PaniKixiy. 'J'iio President rejected an offor by the Arehiblsliap of Asuncion, Monslgnor Juan Sintorlnno Ung.ii'- fn, to mediate the civil \var. Sueli a settlement. Morlnlgo Insisted, \v:ir, impossible when dealing with .1 political force aligned "ngninst ihe basic institutions <>f Ihe Pai'nRiKiy- nn state." At tlie siime' IJnic the president, stated that an acceptance of mctl-j lation by an outside power—Urn-1 gnay, Argentina or—.wilder "only serve lo mcnunige. the nox-| lous work of Communism In Pur-. Morlnlgo lias m a i n t a i n r. t\ throughout that the revolt which began with the uprising of the Inrge army garrison in Concept-Inn' was "Communist inspired." i Meanwhile, the rebel radio. The Voice of victory, broad:astini; from Coiicnpdoii appealed to Inhabitant's of the capital to "Intensify s:il>o-i tase action to facilitate a decisive assault on Asuncion," The Provisional Revolutionary Government issued "Decree No. 1" setting up ft five-man cabinet with rebel army chiefs holding all posis. Ndined to the now cabinet, were: Maj. Eitigarrlbln-Inter- ior; Maj. Cesar Agulrrc—ForelRii AWairs; Maj. Cesar nio.s—Economy and Plnan'oc; Col. ipranclsco Martinez Ycd'ro—^Justice and Public Instruction nnd Col. Mnrlo Clo- vero—Public Health. 'Die decree pointed out that Maj. ABiiirro Is Interned in and said Ks- UgarriWn would be A'cllng Minister ,of Foreign Affairs. A; brief robel cornimmlque denied government claims of a victory jn the Pirlpucn zone nnd said iMorlnigo's troops on the contrary hart been driven South of Plrjmni. Resignation Accepted King George of Greece Dies Al )e(L I If h< lit U( C( so) ._Ui£—l,i 11 r:\lhire. He urns Br> years old. At rlKht Is Crown Pri to Ihe throne of Cireece. (NEA Telephotos.) • WASm-NGTON. April 9. (OT) — President Truman tmlny uccepled the resignation of Harry D. Wlitle as executive director nf the Tn- ternatlounl Monetary Pinul. Adviser Hopes Germany in UN Within 5 Years WASHI.VfiTO.V. April 9. fUP) — Dr. J.unes K. Pollock, special adviser to Gen. !-ueius 15. clay on military uovernuient hv : Gennany, said yes!ei day he hoped Germany may become u member of the United Nation.; within five years. ^oIlo.'V: held a news-conference, to report on :i 2-I-2-months lour of duty In the American Zone. He suit) the present sluttilion in Germany Is "nftnormal", anil will remain so until a peaceful German government 1^ created and the occupation forces (ire removed. Until that Is done, he sale!, the world slltmflon will rcmnln. upset, lie admitted there nre "many hurdles" before n Democratic Germany can be realized. "II. might be many years, bill hope it could lie iii 10 01 five." 'pollos-k said. Pollock, a profcx-sor of political science at tin; University of Michigan, said his experience, hud convinced him the Germans had 1 inttde pruprer..; In detnocracy. Thei'e is no "mils enthusiasm for the American conception of democracy, he said, bul enougl Germins officials mulci'xtnnd oiu way of life "to have it percolate down t" (he others." General Backs Pol icy to Aid Small Nations ATLANTA, Oa., April. 9... (UP) — Gen D«l|<lit~D Flsenhotfer subscribed to president Truman's policy of aid to smaller nalions and said that the United states should be prepared to "help the people cveiyAIiese Alio "ant to iUe_ihelr own lives; ' — — WL'hout mentioning Itussla or Oommniikm rismlionci said 'We b l!e\e tliuc > 5 -v Uu«r>t somewhere. The future conflict developing is in idtolopical^one I don't • belltvo It has lo-tiieak-QUt into * 11 I still have hope for \\niM peace -but I^am certTiiily likln,! no pollynnna ajtltiide about _ rl^enhOAer, on in Inspection toui or Army Installations, sa'.tl that 4'sc \O4l(K—V/<"—Hjt_iea_ ' s~ wlth the United Nations Oi'ftanl- xalion bill tlie Army Is "keeplnrr il.s powder dry" in th,. event ihu WEDNESDAY, APRIL 9, 1947 UN falls. ••"•"• '• : --•-.. Eisenhower Bald lhat he had "no. fear or immediate war with Russia or any other souWry," He scoffed at the Idea of a "fust biiton" war in the immediate future durii% * press conference. i ""Ttie-vrorUj is'troubled'und' fear- fu),' 1 lEsenliowcr srt[<l,_ "and crie • thing we Jeai_ls 'he. jcdnSsiW; snuggle democracy is expoi fencing. ' The United States Is ready to help awl nation that wants to live its own lUc and practice a system of government similar io ' ours. 'We— ure~ not challenging nny- uudj, vo~TH~ simply fl-Kiy lirllflp." Y/e UusU government, where its power Is derived. Irani Die people." We do not-trust "dictatorships." Ex-Musician, Wife Jailed , rn, April 9. (UP) -- Fonnei handle ider To;u Cluistcivcn an Tils f flle 'Rcha j(.stc-rday pleaded feulltj j liSRf to j^'it larc"j\y nnrl wcic cutenced to serve six months each. — 'inn 1 id ben cljarscd with tin fti of e<j tunic! j iit-tiy and other Items from Jacksonville Arkansas /•'CDTICICf* Planting -State *~ tK I I T I tU Seed Grade W D. & P. L. No. 14 — - ' Cleaned Trealed - New Satks Purity 99.5 Germination 85% LIMITED SUPPLY 700 PER TON RDSELAND GIN CO. Roseland, Ark. 1 even Not Much Left 8 years old anil still going slrany! Ami. believe me, I'm goSJl "core^of (leT 'Jfl I gel o now onn I in cooing fo c«fe for my new cnr like ci new-born bnliy! / know I'm lucky—and I intend fo stay _lhal vvoy' Geologists read "the record ol the rocks", reconstruct the e-story of a mountain. Consumers read "the rec-^ , irdi' of pfoduds from their , >rafnd names. The brand larae of a responsible man- ilaclurer stands lor good tjudlity and value, backed , by experience and research. | j PLANTERS IV\RDWARE CO., Ino K6 \V. JTain . Phone 511 ATTENTION ;• VETERANS! If yon strreS oreraea.1, yon stuald join [he V.F.W. now! ' Mecljugs crery W«dncsdaj night, 7:30 at the Wetcnkarap Cotton «fnce. Brine a veteran with TOO. VETERANS OF • FOREIGN WARS Karris McCalU, Commander whatever Hot weather driving's ahead ~ . and it's tougli on cars ol' any ago. When the thermometer pushes 90, make sure your car is prepared for punishment. Help make sure it's riyhl and rcudi/ by seeing your iicai'by;EssD_I3ealor.iQdiiy_,,Drlvc JQ___ at the fnmiliar Esso Sign fdV "the kind of care'•that- will-Ucli) protectyour cai^djiriug tlie^hoL.wcather.. miles ahead — the kind o f f protection-that \vili_ mean real "Happy Motoring" this summer! THtRE'S IONG MILTACC Tor IllOKo sp» inj^jind summer trip-, 1 \vith famous I'isso (iasolines—phis jmwev anil pep that you'll feel cyefy inih-! Aiul iHilrtitcil - KKSO .Solvent- Oil in evc'l-y Kat- If»i Kiyes j-on extra c'ligiiie-, protectum, loo3 "For Work Done'Right"' €AU_ 474-475 .^ _Co/d Storage for Furs and Woolens LAOlftY-CLEANERS ^GENERAL CONTRACTORS MAIN OFFICE—NORTH TENTH Phone 3151 ;Si«i::s - 'iVj Curious spectators, some or thrjn nvvakcuetl by the bias!, wnen a dynamite truck exploded in Dallas, inspect nil that wn; left ot me truck, This piece ot the motor block was the largest. slni;!o piece \vliicl\ could be found. It was lym i: about a block nml a h:i'f nw.-.y. •riiiw icrsons were injured, but .10 one was killed. (NEA TeV-photo.) FOR DEPCNDflOlC ENGINE PROTECTION ask for unexcelled lisun Motor Oil.IYolc'ctm'Intjn'eatiimwith lonjr-lastiiij; economy. Out- slaniHiifr \-:ilue iti one of the world's lineal motor nils! 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Main St. NOTICE TO THE PUBLIC - - _ All dehtoi-R lo OIG estate! of Di-. ~C. C. Stevens may pay llioir 'accounts---at-Hubbard Furniture Company . . . books will be held open there until all accounts ni'G-,elo:ircil.^nr6nac_pay-promptly, as we wotiltl like to soltlc estate as soon as possible. - , . Mrs. G. C. Stevens ---.., :^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ SSMPSOfTS STATE LINE CAFE Under Management of StanleyJailer Curb SCTOTCC — Open 24 Hours - Fresh Seafood Sreaks — Chicken — Chops — Bar-b-que Hot Biscuits ~~ Truck Drivers Welcome HOT SHOWERS LOUNGING LET US FILL YOUR CAR WITH QUALITY GAS ~ WHILE YOU EAT! <SET THESE AIDS TO? ' TRUCK PERFORMANCE „ This Itlgn quality, itur- «iily-mad» rmirar M tit or long an<i n i HANDLING Often makti it ponibU for on a man lo load ond unload wheralwo would * «lherwiie be required. r Atloal occtden) | proved ^e lately feolures of thei* UaVprooE ond ipillproof tonkt. Ej» t«n»iv«ty Vted by largo fl«*tk. We hav* Tht type of danger jignatt thai wi(i bcir jcive your operation. Con b» purchaied individually ot in boxed t«r«. DELTA IMPLEMENTS Inc. 312 South 2nd Phone 863

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