Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 11, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1926
Page 5
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t: 1 / MILDRED NEWS NttTES JtlGHTXDiG PUT TELEPHOJiES ; OUT OF COMMSSIOX. Let! Brown Taken to IoI« Hospital to Have Broken Arm v Reset. Miss Lnia Hickman, one pf Mildred's most popular and taleajted young ladies, and French Booher of Kincaid. were married by the f'rfsbytcrian. minister at Garnctt, May 2S. They were accompanied by Jliss Haze! HiclcBian arid Jtliss lya Van Bu.sklrk. Immediately aft .r the ceremony they^ left for PiiTsburg to enroll in the State . Ti »a( hers Collpge for the summer (•.•nicsr<-r. The bride is the ^eldest il :i !ight .?r of Mr. and Mrs. 11. D. Hirknian. She Is a graduate pf wurk In ()irc>^ jcarit nad Krudrnt^* ing with the, cl:i.«» of/Wio. SHo. afK-rwaj-fl: wan U sfudinivof Km- ii>o poria and ;P1llnburK •jrejifhcTH |i 'Rr>j« and'a ni>>mb>'r (t|^ ltu» Tbeta .'^iRma l.'psllon SOrOrti^, She lauRht 1(1, ihf primary ijrpnrtment of fhe Mildrt 'd xihocil and'fo.r Ihw pant two yoHrM has lauRhl thwh Kutw gnlde 111 Ih'; KlncalJ Hcltool. She IH a Hiid 'eKxYiil sclmol tt-Hcher and a v(?ry popular yoiinn woman, of most 81 tractive p^^rsonnlity. The brldecroom is the son of Mrs »Mary BOOIKT of Kincaid. and is one of Andprsoii_coumy '8 most popular Kchool teachors.. having taught i In the; Kincaid school for some time past, where he is held in the highest ftsfeem -by his friends and as- socifltes. They expect to attend school at- Pitlsburj: this winter arid he ixili receive his degree in the spring. We join their many friends in wisliini? them a long, happy arid successful life. : Clarence Isaac and family visited Sunday afternoon^ with her uncle, ex-govecnor Jonalhan M. Davis and famfly. • H. n.' Hickman is in Eldorado i Springs. ' • ' Tilt* lightning burned out a large percent of the telephones and put : the, system in had. shape. The mariacep is worlilng hard to get the lines back in sHap^ ami will soon have thenl fixed ifi another, storrf does not come alonfe and put. them out of coinmission again. .Mrs. Willis Sutton and children • spent Thursday night at Preston Patterson's. Mrs. Carl Wild came from Kan. sks City to join her husband, who . Is a civil engineer at the plant, and they will make .Mildred theii- home for a While. ; Jliss Thelma Kelly has accepted the position of night-central on • the switchboard. Thelina hals served, as central before "and made 'many fiii-nd.s who will bp glad to weh om« Ii<>r hack. John Barley l^ft,fur: Chicago and- othfT. points In llfinols Sunday oft a hiislnesH trip. Mr. -and! .Mrs. .fdliii Bush -y (if Pratt. Hpetit Sunday at (lill Hux- lon's. . .Mr and..Mr)«. C '-n. StVpli'MiK and ^rI •M. Bailiiniuigi)" fly mok .li>(! Hurlock let lniii Suildiiv >>'<'nltlK -MlrtH Itiiby HHKI Mg U vlHlilng MiHK I'lielinii Kdly (".'rant .OlikorHon 'i* went to Iida •Tin"^<l»y. ; K'-v ThcndDi'o UudUIII vhiUcd his •<i .'<leT ,..'.MrK. In .-iai- Iit ^m 'y 'I'liurH- i!ay nlRlil and lorliibid at llu> '•bur' h OH; Ills nxpi 'rlt'n''es In the Spanl .'jh American War ovijruoitH. He K,-ivf> a good lecinre. wlijcl| those present; pnjoVfd very niii<-h. Mrs. Prank. Jolliff can\f • hrnire from the tola, hospital Saturday evening, Friends iirc igfad to know khn gnt al'>ng so nicely. Miss Mable Dickenson visited , at. Jerry HacketCs and Karl Hiclc: man's Monday afternoon. -Mr. and .Mrs. Preston Pal' r )n were loia visitors Mnmlay. There was .i' piciiic supper at Ernest Harris's SuAday evening. Those present were: Mr. and Mrs. .larorae! Carrom. Mr. and Mrs. Emere Drury; .Mi;, and ^Irs. Preston Patterson ani\ Sirs. Fred Hoddy. The ladies of the M. E. church gave a birthday so<Mal at the church Friday night. Each person was asked to brinpa sack containjug as many pennies as he was old'. Otherwise than this every thing was free. Ice cream' and cake were served. Large, generous dishes of home-made ice cream coated over with strawberries were served. The following program wa.>; Riven and every number wag splendid: Jtead- ing, "Welcome."" Dora Lee .McAdam: vocal .solo. '"Somewhere a: Voice is Cjillinc," .Mrs. Lewis I.saac: piano solo.' Florence Kuxfon: reading. "Entprlaining the Uidies* Aid" .Norma Isaac; .folo, Betty Lou La-, .Miinyon: HOIO .\ "nose \n the Bud." -Mildred .McCre ^rly; piano solo. "In Sprinctime," Eugene .Miller: reading. "I'lller FigK'H." Harlan Buxton: solos. "I Will Walk With the KIUR " anri •'.Mother'a Prayer." fllen Thompson. A "male quarJet, .M. J. Keeuin. Floyd .McCnrmaclLchaun- I I 'v Trlnible .nnd Cirlton /Stlcklley Hang Ask Not Wliy."(^A largo I rtiwd was present and everyone ^•''•med to enj'iy himself. The Lirile^^ found they barl alnioHt $70 when the birthday offerlnRs weri' rnuiife'd. Thi'< ni'iui -y will he usi-j to finish pnying for the work thai tia.; been done on the church re- '••ti'ly and on the par .sonaRe., ^rs Bell.,. .Vorton of Kirksvllle. •••'•I . here viisiting her parents, . : nd Mrs. Sam .Mc .\ilam, Ln u Pugii. who has b «en atay- iiiR Ut Tom I,ewis 's an4^'«olOR. to THE lOLA DAILY REGISTEB, FRIDAY EVENING. JUNE 11; 1S26 PAGE FIVE Photographing la City at Night Time This reraarKable photograph ohowr the city of air service photographer by the lichi of onejipf tire homb contains 60 pound.s of magneaium and niakes only f fiftieth of a second arid [>4 Ohio, as It tooks at 9:45 p. m. It was taken by an army neriai flashUght bombs, dropped from a plane. The M .lse that can be heard for miles, but the'flash tists ^ hackly visible to the naked eye. li-'ol. Iiaj5 gone to Sun Ctty. Kan- aiinf, ijnd the .«ummer-|l«TOtiher Mrs. Roy SJumbaugh of K*!???* - f'i'v. \.i iiet^e-visiting in^the home of i>rr .•,)u:?ins. Mr. and iira. Fern Cmuinrr. # • i. Brock' .nnd fimily!?'"** inz relatives in lola Pffffay. Mrs. Walter Burnett has been visitiric her father at Bonner Sprinp.s and her son. Leland and timily. at Kans.-i.- Qjty. H_er little pranddaiiphter Billie Anne came home with her. 'i !';. Ruth Brown spent last we^k with • her grandparents'"in the couhtrjf. .Mrs. Harry La Mimyoi. . and d.aughter. Betty Lott. arcivW Ing at the parental Sam JNicwam home- Leo Brown, who broke ikis arm; some time ago. was taken to the lola hospital Friday. It was a bad break at the joint atid the. iwnes liave refused Jo_knit' together as, they ahbuld and it. IwUs^Utoaglit' they woMid have to wire them together. ' The W. C T. L'. will meet with Mrs. Ritta Hunsakcr Friday afternoon. ' Mr. and .Mrs. ,Iohn Vickers attended church here Sunday and spent the remainder of tlie day at the Ater ^lorae. 'Noel ('.till of Ilumbolfit, is hero visiting his grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. Sam McAdani. .Miss -Vildrod Clark, who mtikes her home at l'>rn f!oo<lnor's. "arrived here Saturday. She has finished her school term. M. M. .-Vdam.s and Lucine are enjoying a visit from their sister-in- law and aunt. Mrs. Hellard, of Pleasanton. Miss Grace West spent the week between the.semesters of the Pittsburg Teachers ColIcRe, with hei^ parents,- Mr. ami .Mi"s. Lincoln: Westi .lamos Hosley is at Piltshurg attending .-jchool. About fiVty .Mildred folks went on a picnic near rnlout(j\vn Sunday. ' ; I Mrs. .fleorge Itiixioii, .Mrs. "(^tjr- ley" .Meyi-rn. .Mrs.'I'rle.fa .N'rvitt and .Miss .Mary .I -iff 'Ti.-, .ire IraiiiliiR the children (or a ('hllilre,ir.s Day pm- Kriiiii .Hmiday. ; .MrM ...Motii Miller iiiid Pauline went trt Itoy fotjk 'N fit .'»|ir1iiK Valley. nelRhliorliiuHl Friilay and helped cclebrillii .\ddle Ciiok'ri blrlll- ilay, ! :.MfS. Cecil rbi(i *Ifoti xpent, Satlir- illlV 'tilght Willi liiT parciiiH near W»-"ldli; ^ 'Ralph'LeRoy Ross ami a i/niiiR Indy 111 fola were recently tnarj ried. W wi.-h them h;xpi)ini!ss and success^ Mrs. Ka^I Hiekman ami children spent SutfHai- at the parental .lerry Il.-iVkett lionie. -.Mi.s.^ Haz>!l Hickman was .-Ml afternoon caller.Isaai: Drury: .imi Frank .lolliff were at I(da last weik serving on the jury. • • .Mrs. Preston Patterson and Mina Lucille went to Bay:ird Thuf.s"- ilay and attendeil a family . dinner at Chaune.' Trimble's. .Marshall llavenhill of Kansas City came down and joined his wife who has been; hero visiting her mother. .Mrs. C." E. Wilson. They returned home by the way of Lawrence. Rubel Sinclair ancl ftimily and .Mrs. C. W. Sinclair drOve to Kincaid and Lone Elm Sunday afternoon. .Misses Mel ha atjd Tholma I-;imb and Ruby arid pii'Ifly Swisher of Oarnett, visi^oil at I.saao Drury's Siinday afiiirlioon. Lewis-and Miss Inez Wilson left Wednesday for Colorailo. "^Miss',"Elsie Hite and c;<.'orge Slease of .Madison, were dinner guests; at" Preston Patterson's Sunday. 1^ • . j Mrs. Lucy Siyohger of; Kansa.s City visited her mother. Mrs. C. K. Wilson over .'^iinij;iy. Mrs. .lolin Barley .-indJohn Niclj and Mrs? R. R. .N'eviit .Ir., moturcd to Ottawa Monday. .Mrs. Simon .Marrow and d.iiii;!i- tei',': Mlriaiii, who are lieri' frnin kiinsas City, visiting at the iiarem- al Keelon home.-went to Bush f'i'ly s wei 'k to vi.sit liiT sl.ster. Mr^. Ciirl McColliini. | .Miss.Kmnia 'LotiR came up from PlttsbiirR and spent the nvcek end with Mri.-^. Kdiia Warren. .Mrs. Riilli r »avls .itiil j dallghlnr Kvalyn of lol.i: visiieii ovfr Siind.iy at Don Bay'.'*. .Mr. and Mrs. riifford ('."ill and children drove in Geneva Siinilay aid Vlsili'd at- the tMireTital Call home. They also called at Tom Shcrwoofrk enrnnte home. 700 Bullseyes Miss Helen LIghtburn, 17yoar-oM •:rrsillne (0.( high school Rlrl, has set > ncwsworld".^ record "for Junior girls a marksmanship.. She scored TOf •Jlaeyea In succes!<ion, and quC fKln? Ijccause of darkness .intf/'.t. fcfifliusc she mLssed. M. GTOOI , the ominent violinist, hju been presented by an ;id- pflHrW with a Strad nf irriieless Tahie on conilitloui that he never liets it get out of his sieht. The artist complies wfth the conditions ot the gift to the letter ami even tukes the valuable instrument to bed with him.' SOI Til LOf;.\>-. . f.Mrs. .r. B. Conkliu.) .lune 9.—.Mr. and :Mrs. Ro.iiier, J .Mr, and .Mrs. Kay Dean visited .Mr. Reider's sisl,er in Emporia Sund.iy. . .Mrs. .1. (H. Conkliti' vi:iife,| .Mrs. "Tom Hogan Sunday afternoon. -Mrs. Wannainaker anil daughter. TlH-liiia. of lola. visited the wi>ek end with her si.ster .Mrs. Ben Cal<(well. The Emporia sto< k .selling dri^i; ended .Monday. ; .Sumething over l'it'> shares were,sold. .Mrs. Swanson : and Mfs. GilbcH Muss .spent .Suiid;iy afternoon with ilr. and .\Irs. Gi"i-en. taking l-hem for .i drive in the evcninir. .Ml". ABison. ,John Hart, Mr. Chaniller, Mr. Stuckey and Jno. (.'oiikliii are helping Ben Caldwell with his alfalfa. Mr; and Mrs. Rumbley and daughter visited .Mrs. Van Cun- niiigham \yciliiesday evening. -Mrs. diainbers is visiting in Ottawa anri her sister from Ottawa came hotni- with .Mr. Ofiambers to keep up the housework. .Mr. and .Mrs. i\rlams spent Saturday and Susjilay in Kansas City. .Miss" .Madge jAdams and .Mr. Fred Laiv*.on Wire uiarried S:tturday by Rev. .M. Todd <if Chanute. They left .Alonday for Lawrence to enroll for summer school. .Mr. and .Mr.S. I. O. Barnard and family .-pent 'Sunday ut .Mr. and .Mrs. Kiifus Barnard's." .Mr. and .Mrs. Joe Snider of Ponc.-i City. .Okla.- came uii last W<'d- iiesday and returnei^ to their home Tuesday uftr-r visiting relatives near Humboldt anji I.,iiHarpre. .Mrs. Riggs-.ilid t>aby Edward, visited .Mrs. Ben Cal'lwell .Moi^iiay. .Mrs. Pope ;ini| grandson, Geo. are visiting in Kansas City. Sir. and .Mrs. .Jim Richardson spi-iii Kn'il.iy in Fort Scott. .Mr. .iiiil ,'VIrs .lirlow ami. two cliililriii vl.siied sevi:ral day.s In I 'l -trolia last wiek. .Mrt, ,lerlow uai .MjNs Kliintii e Baltb before her tiiarrl.'ige and laught ih'; Pelrollu HI hool. ^ .Mrt. It.ivlrtioii's mother from llartlcsvllle Is rooming at .'\IrM. I'n- ile.rwood'n iiiid viMltInK her son, who fs working" at Hit* plant. .Mr-i. ,Si-nit l.s vl!<iiinK her hii:t- biiiil ami sluylni; at the hotel. He has work ;it the Empire. ' .Mrs. .lolin Green gave ;i birfh- d:iy dinner for .Mrs. .1. B. ("rtnklinj ami herself Thursday, their birth- d.iys biini; so near the same date. .\ shower w;is Kiven Mi.s.i .Mai|-,;e .Ailains Wednesday of last week at the home of .Mrs. Rufua Barnard. Ifefreshnients were served to .Mrs. ("has. Record. Mrs. Barr. .Mrs. Alvie I'uckett. Mrs. J. B. Conkliu. .Mrs. .foe Snider of Ponca City. (Jkla.: Mis's Ruth Lar.son, .Miss flattie Burrow. .Miss .Madge .\ilaius. .Mrs. JIni Adams and .Mrs. Riifus Barnard. Burden—The bome in which Mr. and .Mrs. .L T. Conrad had lived for forty-eigiit years was destroyed by firv? jrecently. It was'on their farm south of here, j So vast has been tho improvement in euRine boilers and fire- bo .vis .that the power derived from''»» a |)ound ctf coal today Is nearly three times as great as it was fifty years aRo. Wf CAN RENEW rOUR C- '< NOT YOUR n ^ SHELE RLMWED (JIASSES— —are liistinctive in appearance, permit the use of large lenses; and protect the: lenses against breakage. Cdme.Jn and view the latest styles. . -pfOMETRI^TS's. OPTICiiiiN^- Judge by Results The only real test for any baking .powder is in the oven. For best results use BAkiNG POWDER Guaranteed Pure Same Frke forever 35 Years 25 o«nce^ for 25® l ^ore titan • iKMuid and a^alf feraiiiMrtec MUUans df pounds used by our Government . • I • • • i . ^ N" NEWS OF; HUHB0L9T XAXT LEATI5G ON SUMSTEB YACAHOX TRIPS. Basfness Xea Me«t to Orgatnlte Boj SCOBA TnMpM. Persoaai Jf enfioB.' (Francis Culver.) HUMfiOLDT, Kans.. June 10.— Miss Alida Braucber started from here this morning on an emended trip to the; Pacific Coast. She will make the trjp alone and will travel through the West and into Canada. „ Mrs; IL P. G, Wulf. Miss' Amanda Wuir. Robert Wulf and Miss Helen Grother left today on a motor iri{r through Texas and thie southwestern states to the Pacific toast. They will be Kono for an Indefinite length of time. The Humboldt buslnesit nich aro all thorouKhly arc^uscd to action In aiding the Boy Scout campaign in this city. Humb<ildt has not had a Boy Scout organization for severaf years, and such an organization Is one of her grc^ttcst need.H. Tonigh't a special meetiiig"-wad held at the City Hall fo make plans for orgiinizing the scout troop here. Miss Jane .Moore, having finished this y -itar 's work at the State Apri- ciiltufal. College at Manhattan, is here with her sister. Miss Kate Moore. Junior McKinlcy and family of Emporia are here visiting Mr. and Mrs. George AlcKinley., Mr. and;. Mrs. H. B. Blair and cliil«frea«left today for ;DenTer. Tbey will make the trip by motor. Mr. Blair will attend the National Rot^rian convention at Denver. . Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Hunre started yesterday on a trip to Colorado. They will visit several points tfeere and will; be gone Indefinitely. Miss' Xorva Barrack'man left this afternoon for Mi/imi. Florida. She will be employed there this winter.. •: Misa Mary W. Schmidt sUrted today for Chicago where she will slpend a vacation of several weeks. Good Advice. Editor Register: Upon reading your item in yesterday's Register aboiit the success of William Gropmer as a farmer. I was rcmintied of something. Aboutforty years ago I was talking to a bunch of young ne­ groes on the street and Bill Groont- er was in the bunch. I told them in effect that the only salvation for the future.of the negro w."is ten acres of land and a niuii.-. Bill Grfx)mer was than a- young man IlvinR in lola and ho was the only one of the bunch who took my advice. All of the rest of them arc old men | now but Bill could buy thcni all and have plenty loft. OLD TIMER. The dlstfhction of being the first woman railroad prresident in the Southwest belongs to .Mrs. Sarali Edcnborn. 'who has been elected to succeed her husband as president of the Louisiana railroad and .N'avlgation Company, which operates 3.50 miles of orad in Louisiana. SPAIN WONT ATTEND SpalB Wni Not Att«nd September XeetlBK of League Unless a Permanent Seat.Is Given. (By the Associated PriBsa) , Geneva, Jijne M.—A speech which 'league officials interpreted as ah anhouncement that Spain will not : attend th& ' September league assembly nniess named to a pci'manent seatjon the council was delivered before the council today by Senor Querboul. Dr. Afranio Mello Franco of Brazil announced that he would abstain from voting on the report of the. council's reorganization commission. This means that the commission will continue to study the problem and that meanwhile then; will he diplomatic negotiations" with Spain and Brazil. .M. Paul-Boncour of France said lie hoped, the Spanish announcement did not mean that Spain's seat in .the council would become vncant. Sir Austen Chamberlain. JSrilish foreign secretary; Foreign .Minister Vandcrvelde of Belgium, and SlRBor Scialoia of Italy spoke in sUniiiar vein, urging Spain to remain in .the league. Geneva, June 10.—Spain is unable to accept a classification in the composition of the League of .Nations council whie(i: places her in t)ie secondary rank oC powers. Senor Querboul declared before the council this afternoon. The attitude of his government, he stated, had not undergone any change. ' 3 to 5 minutes needed to cook a rkh^h^ breakfast TSIDTOO kaoir yaa am am pre. pare a .boC ooorisbiiif brakfuft iutcr tfaio pl^uo tout ? ' Get Qmdc Qnaker—the wnrhrt faal. est aod nxwt ddicjous of all btulD. SoppBiu the exeelkntty baboeed Ibod ratioo of proCcio. carbobydrates I and vhaminea — phts the "bad^ to make lanthrcs seldom needjol—da^t becoDoe the orge of doctor* and an- tiidntics everywhere. All that rare Qoaker Oats flam b there. Cooks tn a harrj.. Von wffl' lie Qmdt Qtaker. Quick Ouaker —Phone your Want Ads to 18. Mathed potatoes, made in large quantities the flavo control process and Hills Bros the process! 1 The light, fiuffy kind made at home K«. U.S. Fat. Off. 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HILLS BROS XOFFEE f. |, Hills p Bros HniS BROS.. Bflil. 214 ^ I10« UnioQ Ave.. Kaosi* City, ViK Send me yoor booklet, of ciiaitB. -Tbe Art of tMOUaiTkm \ei926.HlliBn. Is the •ripnd Vtaatm Pack mMch ittft thtnSee freilk Stact -V

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