The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 16, 1935 · Page 5
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 5

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 16, 1935
Page 5
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TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOB SALE OR TRADE REAL ESTATE 'FOR SALE —Good 80 and 106- acre farms in Tipton county; special farm 'bargains on easy terms. Sheridan Clyde, Elwood, Ind. p-169 FOR SALE^80 acres, good build ings, Clinton county, $86 an. acre, easy terms; 40 acres, good buildings, electricity, new barn, price $100 an acre; 80 acres, near Sharpsville, fair improvements, good level land, price $85 an acre, good terms; write or phone Roy C. Purvis, Real estate Agent, Tipton, Ind. c-168 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—Double set harness, cheap. I. G. Tragesser. c-169 FOR SALE—Eight shots. Andrew McNew, Windfall, Route 2. p-167 FOR SALE — Lamson's Mineral Oil, 98c for naif gallon; only at Rexall Drug Store. T-Th-S-tf FOR SALE — Super clean hard coal for brooder stoves. Phone 66. Edna Burkhait Co. c-tf FOR SALE — Tip-Top chicks, proven the 'cheapest for farmer or poultryman; a few started chicks. Tipton Hatchery. c-tf FOR SALE—Samson tractor and plows; one 7-year-old horse; one wagon, box bed. Tipton Phone 1109. R. E. Mock, p-168 FOR SALE — Concrete gravel, mason sand, delivered anywhere. Ezra Overdorf, Phone 136R, Arcadia. p-S-M-Tu-173 FOR SALE — Old Hickory floor enamel, 69c quart; makes like new, and only at Rexall Drug Store. c-tf FOR SALE—Living room suite, dining room suite and kitchen cabinet. Beulah Clem, 414 E. Jeffefson street. p-167 FOR SALE OR TRADE — Remington typewriter, No. 12, .in good condition. The Tribune Press. tf FOR SALE — Two-year-old heifers, 2-row cultivator, two-year- old colts; will exchange colts for young mares. D. Glen Overdorf, Atlanta, Route 1 p-167 FOR SALE:—Shorthorn cow, fresh soon. Mary J. Shockley.'Phone Kempton. p-167 FOR SALE — 2-year-old Hampshire male -hog, a good one. William Flndling. c-168 FOR RENT FOR RENT—Rooms. Bockover. c-167 FOR RENT — Modern heated rooms as low as $3 per week Miller Hotel. Tribune Bldg. t' FOR RENT — Modern heated apartment, well located; apply Mrs. Cora Foster at Jewelry Store. c-172 WANTED WANTED—Household, yard, garden work. Call 4344. p-168 WANTED—Garden plowing; work guaranteed. . • Ira O. Baden. Phone 3536. p-191 WANTED — Everybody to know you can buy nice wall paper for 8c double roll. Rexall Drug Store. c-tf WANTED—Bookkeepers, accountants, advertising men, salesmen for courses in higher accounting, salesmanship, illustrating, advertising; courses endorsed by manufacturers, prominent men. International Correspondence Schools, Jack Cunningham, Representative, 1834 South Adams street, Marion, Ind. c-168 MISCELLANEOUS FOUR PHOTOS, lOc, finished in four minutes; now open; east of Rexall Drug Store. p-167 WHY GO OUT OF TOWN and pay $50 to $60 for 3-piece walnut bedroom suite? See ours at $36; other similar bargains. Foster Store. c-167 MONEY TO LOAN FARM LOANS—Reasonable rate Fielding & Fielding. c tf PAROLE DENIED. Petition of Ernest Angel] for Clemency Rejected by Board. FOR SALE—New Remington No. 8 noiseless typewriter, shopworn, regular price $79.50, sale price $61.50 cash. Tribune Press. tf IMPORTANT—Order chicks , in advance. Hatch each . Moh. Heavies 17.45 per 100; IJ7.25 per SOU; J7.00 per 3,000. f Large type White Leghorns 56.55 per 100; $6.75 per 500; $6.50 per 1,000. Few started chicks. Hoosier Hatchery, Michigantown, Ind FOR SALE—One Fordshon tractor and plows; 1 team mules; 1 Osborn 7-ft. grain binder; used Fordson tractor parts; full line of Oliver and Allis- Chalmers farming tools. Bntz Implement Store, Hobbs. Ind. c-tf Good Used Cars REDUCED IS PRICE To Fit Your Pocketbook- Priced From $50 Up Factory Bebuilt Maytag Ford Track With Back New Delco Batteries $4,95 Exchange ice Motor Co. — Olfl» — Pontiac CMC Trncte —' A United Press dispatch from Indianapolis to The Tipton DaMy Tribune Tuesday afternoon stated the state clemency commission had turned' down an application of Ernest Angell of Tipton for --Ic-m- ency on account of a previous iec- ord and failure to abide by the terms of a former parole. Angell is serving a sentence of one year at the state penal far.n. imposed in circuit court by Judge Frank B. Russell, and has served almost five months. The dispatch states Angell secured a parole in 1930 and did not live up to its terms after being liberated from the farm. The dispatch also states Judge Russell and Prosecuting Attorney N. A. Purvis refused to sign his petition for parole. Angell was sentenced on a charge of malicious trespass, it being charged he slashed the tires of an automobile belonging to his former wife, Mrs.. Ada (Morris) Angell. WILL FLY HOME. Wiley Post to Leave Lafayette for Oklahoma. (By United Press). Lafayette, April 16. — Wiley Post, glove-circling flier, whose third" attempt to cross the country through the stratosphere ended here Sunday, supervised installation of new landing gear on his monoplane "Winnie Mae" today. As soon as the- landing gear is attached'and his plane is looked over -carefully, Post plans to -fly back to his home in Bartlesville, Okla. Ernie Schultz. Post's mechanic, -brought the landing gear from California in a TWA plane yesterday. WABSAW INVXEBD. Addition of That School Would Make Ten Team League. At the annual meeting of officers of the Central Indiana High School conference held at Wabash Monday night, Adolph Mueller of Noblesville, was elected president of the conference, and Clem Bucher of Huntington, was elected secretary, succeeding L. H. Carpenter of Wabash and John Ward of Tipton. The meeting voted to extend an invitation to Warsaw to join the conference atnd if accepted ths conference will consist of ten teams. The nine teams already members are Peru, Huntington. Noblesville, Rochester, Elwood, Alexandria, Windfall, Wabash and Tipton. Noblesville won the conference trophy last season. The annual track and field meet of the conference is to be held at Huntington on Saturday, May 4, and Tipton and Windfall will both have contestants in the event. KILLED IN' STA5IPEDE. Seventy-Five Women and Children Trampled to Death. (By United Press). London, April 16. — Seventy- five persons, mainly women and children, were reported today to have been killed in a stampede on the island of Bahrain, in the Persian Gulf. Th'e incident occurred when a crowd of 2,000 awaiting the distribution of alms by a Persian merchant, thronged the narrow passageway leading to the inner •court of the merchant's house. They became panic - stricken when the outer door was closed to prevent more from entering. The victims were trampled tryinK to force their way out before the outer door could be broken down from the outside. PRESSURE OX CONGRESS. Leaders Believe Public Anxious For Sonic Action. (By Unitfil Press). Washington, April 16. — Leaders today put pressure on 1 congress to buckle down to work, clear up the important bills, and go home. Giving the house the severest lecture it has had in a long time, Speaker Joseph W. Byrns told members the people are criticizing their slowness and "it is important from the country's standpoint for congress to close up business at the earliest possible moment and adjourn." Byrns was believed to be reflecting the views of the President. CONFESSES CRIME. Harbor M an Killed Tiro and Wounded Three OtFere. THE JTtPTOH DAILY (By United Indiana Harbor, bert Ortega, 37, ibdiana Harbor, who killed two wounded three ol ters, was held today for action Press). April 16.—Al- persons and by the Lake county grand jury after confessing the crime. j • • One of- his victims was Mrs. Mosta Orta, 31, Indiana Harbor, who had been bis sweetheart. She was slain and thrown out of Ortega's car in the sand dunes near Gary after telling! him she had another lover. j Ortega's -car betame stalled in the sand so he walked back to an Indiana Harbor tavern where the woman's husband,; Enrique Orta, 39, was a bartender. Ortega opened j firo, putting three bullets through Orta's body and wounding him so seriously he may die, Pedro Laguna, 35, operator of the tavern, was Uilled when he grappled with Ortega. Two patrons of the place also were shot when they attempted to interfere. They were Francisco Chagolla, 35, and Eniillo Gonzales, "•!. Bothr are c-xpected to recover. j Police said that Ortega then shot himself through the hand and save up. Ho confessed when questioned at the Indiana,Harbor jail. . ! LITTLK 150V 1>IKI). Boy Operated for Upside-Down Stomach Dirs in Hospital. (Py Uriito.l! 1're.««.•>. Fall River, Mass.. April lii.-- Nine-year-old William Spiugel- blatt of Newport. R. I., died at Truesdale hospital today follow- Thirty-five members and gueets of the Excelsior i Sunday school class met at an aft-day party Wednesday with Mrs. Clarence Roler. An Easter [ exchange was given. Contests and games were enjoyed by all. .'! | Mr. and Mrs. Joe Cage entertained at a birthday dinner Sunday in honor of their son Kenneth's eleventh birthday anniversary. Games and contests were enjoyed in the afternoon and he received many nice gifts. Mr. and Mrs. Will Alexander entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Jud Alexander of near Russiaville, Lewis Spaulding and Raymond Alexander and family. Mrs. Minnie Hamilton and Clarence Hamilton and family motored Sunday to Elwood and were the dinner guests of ilr. and Mrs. Claude Gritton. James Spannuth of Bloomington was the Wednesday evening guest of his sister Mary Spannuth at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Hoffman. ' Mr. and Mrs. Earl Jordan were at Lebanon at the Witham hospital to visit Joe McGee Friday, who is in a critical condition. Death is expected any time. Curtis 1 Richards and family and Irene McCoy were the Saturday evening guests of Mrs. Richards' parents Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Covalt of Kokomo. Juanita, the six year old daughter of Mr; and Mrs. Auclla Maple is very ill with complications following the measles. Monday her condition was slightly improved. Sunday guests in the Maple home were Mr. and Mrs. Frank Maple of Center and James Harper. Uhl Ilutto and family were the Sunday dinner guosts of Wii- !ard Horton and family. Other dinner guests were Kd Adams and family of Torre Haute. Mrs. Laura Collins and Ivan until Monday with relatives Frankfort; . ! Mr. and Mrs. Garland Lewellen and family of Tipton, Spent Saturday with his father James Lewellen and family. . ; , Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rush and son: James south of Hobbs were at Kokomo Sunday spending the'day: with his mother Mrs. Alice Rush. Mr. and Mrs. Charles'Stucker and son of near Windfall 'were Friday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Guy Rush. Joan, their small daughter returned home with, them 'after a week's visit with the grandparents. Mr. and Mrs] Johnny Mullens and family of Alexandria visited Saturday and Sunday in Hobbs with Mr. and Mrs. William Mullen and family.. Mr. aHd Mrs. J. B. Smay and son Kent of Indianapolis, spent the week end at Hobbs with Mrs. Ella Good and family. ' Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Butz entertained Sunday Mrs. Ida Kimpel and Merle Lininger of Huntington, Mr. and Mrs. O. C. Murphy of Crawfordsville, Joseph Kimpel of Kalamazoo, Mich., Sheridan Clyde of Elwood, Paul Kimpel and Helen Warner of Tipton. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Weaver had as their Sunday guests Mr. and Mrs. Owen' Gill and family of Indianapolis. Miss Rebecca Holliday: of Alexandria visited over the week end with her parents Mr, and Mrs. Earl Holliday. Mr. and Mrs. George Wilkins of Atlanta were Sunday afternoon guests of Mr. and Mrs. John Brogdon and family. Mr. -and .Mrs. J. B. Smith visited Sunday in Atlanta with their son Guy Smith and wife. Mr. and Mrs. Basil Swinford had as their Sunday guests, Mr. and Mrs. Clinton Legg and family of Hobbs and Mr. and Mrs. Ray ing an upside-down stomach oper-| Cage and family were the Sunday Le gg and family of windfall. ation. The operation was similar dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Jack and to those from which ! Alyoo Jane M-'Henry. and Jiiinny Neilson arc recovering. Of 2fi such operations Truesnale, this was the first fatality in the caso jot a .rhild. family of Logansport. Mr. and .Mrs. John Cocliran of Anderson. Mr. and Mrs. Charles por . j Bowlby of near Prairie Center formed by Dr. Philemon Edwards j ami Mr. and Mrs. Garnet Pum- plirey were the Sunday dinner j guests of Mr. and Mrs. Albert | \Vooldridge. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Tollo and Mr. and Mrs. Olen McCrtary of near Hemlock attended the funeral of Mrs. Tolle's cousin Alva Swope at West Middleton Sunday afternoon. i Fred Jarrott and family ware Jesse Cage and Ivan Cage and family spent Sunday at Frank t on A. J. Biltz left; for IJroolcvillo early Tuesday morning to join County Auditor Brown of Franklin county and party to witness the opening of the baseball season at Cincinnati, ened the ssason with Pittsburgh with Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Hosier and family. Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Warner and Mr. and Mrs. Russell Hoover were Anderson visitors Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Harry Adams who have been living in Hobbs since last fall coming here from Arkansas, moved Saturday to the Leisure farm north of Elwood. Miss Mary Alice Barnes of Windfall spent the week end in Hobbs with Mr. and Mrs. Guy Barnes and other relatives. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Hobbs of Jimmy and ; Maxine, children of Mr. and'Mrs. Frank Smith, are 111 -with the whooping cough. Linda Lee, little daughter of Mr. " and Mrs. Glen Cottingham, is ill with the measles. Mr. and Mrs. Trank Currie entertained at -Sunday dinner, Miss Delight Miller., and Windsor Austin of Muncle, and Robert Currie of Indianapolis. Mr. an ,d Mrs. Fred Stern of Marion, are visiting at the home Of Mr. and Mrs. George Davis. .Mr. and Mrs. A. W. Legg spent the week end at Peru, the guests of. their daughter, Mrs. Cecil Miller and family. Mrs. Louise Kelso, who has been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Stanley Sweet and family at St. Petersburg, Fla., has written friends that she hopes to return to her home in Windfall as soon as the weather is warmer. Mrs.. Kelso has been bothered with rheumatism, but is improved at this time. Rev. and Mrs. Jesse Fox and daughters of Upland were the Monday- dinner guests 'of Mr. and Mrs: Alvin Askren. Mr. and Mrs. Claude Massey of Indianapolis, were here Friday and Mrs. Nancy Crum and daughter, Mrs. Donna Bailey, accompanied them home. Sunday they all attended a dinner party with relatives at St. Paul. Will Zehner of Tipton, was a Sunday dinner guest of Mr. and Mrs. Geaorge T. Summers. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Steidle and Mr. and Mrs. C. E. Dennis visited the circus at Peru Sunday afternoon. : Mr. and Mrs. Sam Brown and children of Wells county, visited Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Fred Lott, and in the afternoon they called on Mr. and Mrs. Ed Meyncke. Mr. Meyncke is confined to his home with a complication of ailments. Mr. and Mrs. Manse Hough and Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Kenworthy and son Herbert of near Center, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. W. R. Kenworthy. The latter is reported to be slightly improved. Mrs. Dora Mitchell of Indianapolis, js a relative guest of Mrs. Emma Mitchell and daughter. Ivy Spurlin. Mr. and Mrs. Alviu Askren entertained at Sunday dinner, Mr. and Mrs. G. G. Smith and daughter Phyllis .of Hopewell, and Mrs. Sco Smith of Tipton. two hundred twenty (220 M, the center of said Tipton-an< Un road, thence west ; aloji center of said road.'One' " three hundred forty-sir ,„. feet; thence south one tjioi . fourihundred thirty-seven'-(Ii4 feet to said Indian Reserve JU thence in a northeastely directlc along said Indian Reserve- the east line of the quarter (% ) of said section 1 ! teen (13), thence north along the east line of said northwest^' ' ter (%') nine hundred sixty-elglif§ and twenty-two hundredtna^ (968.22) feet to the place of- bee: ginning, containing forty and ty-seven hundredths (40.57) acres£.; more or less; ..^'. >,v Containing in all, sixty-four andSv ninety-nine hundredths (64-;99>; acres, more or less in JeffergqiL Township, Tipton County, Indiana" ^Kfjj?f If such rents and profits : wIU j ' not sell lor a sum sufficient to pay and satisfy said decree, inter? est. costs and accruing costs,'''.! will, at the same time and place expose at public sale the fee sim-. pie of said real estate or so much thereof as may be necessary tor. discharge said decree, interest, costs and accruing costs. Said sale will .be made subject to a senior mortgage, held by The Prudential Life Insurance Company of America, in the principal sum of four thousand six hundred ($4.600) dollars, without any relief whatever from valuation or appraisement laws, and by virtue of a foreclosure of mortgage on said described real estate. Dated this : 15th day of April, 1935. REUBEN A. CARDWELL, : Sheriff of Tipton County. GIFFORD. GIFFORD & APPLETON Attorneys for Plaintiff. . 167-73-79-S5 Cim-innati op- lht ' Sund .?>- dinner guests of Ish-| nea| . Kokomo were Saturday eve . SH.UtPSVIM.l-:. GIAXT POWDER. BLAST. Fifty Houses in Town Were Damaged by Explosion. Helenwood, Tenn., April 16.— Fifty houses in this town of 1,- OOOipopulation were damaged and several persons were injured, none seriously when a powder house exploded today. The powder was set off by a burning residence adjoining. Townspeople, seeing that the powder storage place was endangered, rushed to a safe distance. Will Sell Lund. Trade . V-8 Demonstrator Coach i&6W A. H. Hinton <Jbxy|10r foal ftjpmirath Sheriff Cardwell is advertising the sale of 64.99 acres of land one-half miles east of Tetersburg to satisfy a judgment taken against George and Maude Bauer In Circuit in favor of the First National Bank of Tipton. The judgment was for $7,660.53 and the land will be sold subject to the judgment, Interest and costs and accruing costs on Monday May 13, a the door of the courthouse and is subject to a senior mortgage of $4,600 held by the Prudential Insurance Company of America. Mr. and Mrs. Yern Booth and daughter Mary Beth were thfl Sunday dinner guests of her niael Dillman arid family of Prairie Center. Mrs. Uader Yoder returned to her home at Galveston Tuesday] after visiting for five weeks with | her sister Mrs. Bruce Peters and ! family. | Ben Porter and family and i brother, Mr. and Mrs. Fred \Var-jjir. and Mrs. Walter Light ner and son near Peru. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Alex- Lebanon were the Sunday aft0r-i noon guests of Mr. and Mrs. H. iB. ander were the Sunday evening j Pruett. guests of Mrs. Versil Tinder at Indianapolis. Martha Busslerjof Muncie was the week end guest of her parents Ernest Bussler and family. Vrigil Carter and family were the week end guests of ; Royal Watring and family of Indianapolis, i The Excelsior class will give the play entitled '-'The Last Daze of School" Tuesday evening April 23 at the South Side Christian church at Kokomo. Mr. and -Mrs. Oil Smith entertained at dinner Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Will Dillnian! of Kokomo. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Keller of the southern part of the : state came Monday and will visi}. for a few days with his sister and mother Mrs. Floydj Reel and family and Mrs. Armetta Keller, Lindsay iSunday of her mother Mfs. Will Paugh of Kokomo. i Victor Owens and family were the week end guests of her j mother Mrs. Hettie Luse of McCords- vllle. Mr. and Mrs! Lewis were the dinner guests "Strike" Continues. Columbus, o., April 16. — The "passive resistance" strike of more than IfOpO -Ohio penitentiary convicts continued today despite Warden Jajries Woodard's efforts to persuade the men to return to the prison workshops. ' *•• Mildred Shields and Mary Leap entqrlained the ; Haze Rebekah lodge at tho close nesday evening. 7 hero were j sixteen members pre lent. AI social! time was enjoyed with refresh-; nients of, pick! w; and hot chocolate. The following relatives ered Sunday at tnq home and remind' KirKendall at -her Mr. and Mrs: Albert Wooldridge were the Sunday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Wooldridge of Kokomo. HOBBS. Mrs. H. E. Caster spent Thursday in Tipton with Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Hobbs. Miss Cleva Decker and Miss ning guests of Mr. and Mrs. Ted Hobbs. Mr. and Mrs. R., C. Hobbs of Wabash were Tuesday guests of Mr. and Mrs. Hoy Hobbs. In the afternoon they visited at Frankfort with Mrs. Robert Hobbs and parents Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Campbell. Mr. and Mrs. Oscar Cliffton and family spent Sunday at Hemlock with D. K. Anderson and' Mr. and Mrs. Lester Beatty and family. WINiDFALL. Friends here have received the announcement of the birth of a" fine baby sou to Mr. and. Mrs. Arthur Kelso, of Crestline, O. He is the third child and was given the ! name of Jerry Fayette Kelso. Notice of Sheriff's Sale of Real Estate on Decree. Daniefs of Elwood were Friday! night guest of Mrs. Effie Ressler and family near Hobbs, and attended the high school paly "Here Comes Charlie" at the Windfall gym. Eva Lou Lewellen. small daughter of James Lewellen who has been ill for a week with cold complications and pneumonia in one lung is reported to be slowly improving. .: ., • Ray Pqrry visited, from Friday of lodge' Wed- COESTHEPWCEOF SHAVING Mrs. Rose Butner left Saturday for a ten days' visit with her grandson, Dr. Charles O. Butner and wife'at the Elyria hospital, at Eiyria, Q. Mrs. Herman Crouspre and daughter Lois Jean and Mrs. William JFisher spent the week end visitjng with the latter's sisters at Indianapolis, Mooresville and Milan. At Indianapolis they visited Mrs. Maude Ayres Friday night and; Saturday Mrs. Ayres ac-; companied them to Mooresville/ where tbjjay visited Mr. and-, Mrs.j Paul Rummel, and Sunday they; wece the dinner guests of Mrs.! Elizabeth Trultt at Milan. Mr., and Mrs. John' Higbee of Elwood, |Were the Sunday guests of Will Baker. ; ' Mr. and Mrs. Jesse Peasley of visited at the home- of Mrs. George Parrish on' James Carper I Muncle, Mr. and Sunday. if.-Mrs. Rose Butner, Hubert See- and Clarence Cook called on jljfrB. George Btttner at okomo Saturday afternoon. CBJtherJne 'M. 'Edwards, university, Js ing vacation -with >. and Mr]«. 8, Notice is hereby given that by virtue and authority of an execution, with a certified copy of a decree attached, to me directed by the Clerk of the Tipton Circuit Court, in a cause of action therein pending, wherein The First National Bank of Tipton, Indiana, is plaintiff, and George Bauer and Maude Bauer are defendants, the same being Cause No. 2342 In the Tipton Circuit Court, requiring" me to make the sum of $7,660.53 with interest, costs and accruing costs as set out in said decree, I will, by virtue and authority of said execution and decree, expose at public sale to the highest bidder, on Monday, the 13th day of May, 1935,- between the hours of 10 a. h. and 4 p. m. o'clock, at the north door of the. court house in the City of Tipton, Tipton County, Indiana, the rents and profits.. year by year, for a term not exceeding .seven (7) years, of the following described r^al estate in Tipton County, Indiaiia, to-wit: •Part of the southwest quarter ( % ) of the southwest quarter ( Vi ) of section twelve (12), and part of the northwest quarter ( V4 ) of the northwest quarter CM) of section thirteen (13) township twenty-one if 21) north, range three (3) east of the second principal meridian, bounded and described as follows, to-wit: .. Commencing at the northeast corner- of the northwest quarter •(%) of the 'northwest quarter ( % ) of said section thirteen (13) running ' thence north two hundred twenty-two (222) feet to the '.center of the road; thence {west with the canter of said road seven hundred- eighteen and five- tenths (718.5) feet; thence south •one thousand -five -hundred fifty- four and two-tenths (1,664.2) feet to the Indian iReserve boundary line; 'thence -northeasterly along feaid 'boundary line, seven hundred, twenty-seven and five-tenths ( 7 27 J>) feet; thence north oqe thousand two 'hundred 'fifteen (1,,215} feet to the place of beginning,' containing twenty-four and forty-two fcundredths (24,43) acre*, more or -lew; i ! I Also, all that part of the northeast quarter '(H) of the north- Notice of Sale. Notice is hereby given that the ! City of Tipton, Indiana, and the Electric Light and Water Company of said City of Tipton, will offer for sale to the highest bidder on the 20th day of April. 1935, the following described personal property, to-wit: One Ames Unifiow Steam Engine, 500 H. P., connected directly with General Electric A. C. Generator, 360 K. W. Two Stirling Water Tube boil- <•.. ers, 350 H. P. each, 150 Ibs. pres- , sure, including header line, .re- . ducing valves, blow off valves, all steam and water lines connecting • boiler feed pumps, heater .and Ames Engine, also Smoke Stack, 104 ft. by 5Vi ft. One Dean Boiler Feed Pump. One Gardner Boiler Feed Pump. One Water Heater for Boilers. One Force Draft Fan. Said property will be sold in bulk or in parcels as may be found to the best advantage, for not loss than the appraised value thereof, and pursuant to a resolu- - tio n of the Common Council of .the ; City of Tipton, Indiana, and &V-" : praisal made by appraisers ap- . pointed by the Tipton Circuit ;-; Court, said equipment being sol'd ' : as it now stands, the buyer to as- .! sume all expenses of dismantling 4/1 and removal. - "•• Bids will-be received up until 1 o'clock. Right to reject any and all bids reserved. Dated this 13th day of April, 1935. W. A. COMPTON, Mayor.- BESSE B. BEYERSDORFER, Clerk-Treasurer, City of Tipton. : Indiana. 169 See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 106 East Jefferson St. Radio Repairs LINEBACES BLUE BEACO A Coal With Rcmarkabte Heating Qnalitiea Don W. Coffin Erie Street .Pb See the New Electric Eefr H. J. SCHEADEE numrter ^ of *aid section JlCPEl lie-Sis ftmth: LEATH;

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