Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 23, 1956 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1956
Page 18
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23,1956 The Telegraph'* Daily Radio Chart TUESDAY RSD (NBO) MO KC KXOR (ABC) 880 Kt RMOX (CBS) 1120 Kt BWtt (MRS) 1380 Kt 1 :5 * 10 .00 M » M 11 6 s s 7 JO 05 » M 8 JO 45 I JOO I JO J5 JO M 11 M .45 12 JO JL5 1 JO OS .49 2 JO OS JO JO M N«»«, Sport* Freddy Martin News Notebook; Sioniti New*: Sport* Man On Th« Ge Morgan Bpntty One Man'o Family Bob A Ra? Show Mutle; Newt Ballroom Ballroom Sport? Dlg«t Lowell Thomas Flr»< Fiv» Newt Ballroom Ballroom Newt News. Queen Roy Queen Boh Burnes Ed Murrow First Five News Sports Bill Crnbla Robert Q. Lewll Suspense Sports: Allen nnve Allen Men-*; Crabl* Bill Crutila fed Heath'i Mutie Blng Crosby Hnwks-Kansas City Sport* News: Heatter Gabriel Hffttter Treasury Agent Election; Huntley World of Music Nordlne News Bill Crabla First Five Newt New» Musto Ballroom Ballroom GH New-Home World News Harry Fender Melody Time Newt Newt Night MusU Newt Sign Oft Music Hour Newt; Sport* Newt: Fender Harry Fendtr Rhythm Suite Smooth Sailing Thought for Day WEDNESDAY John Ro«<)*l Art'« Notebook Today'* Almmn* AP New. Burly Show We»lhei Early Show N«wt Country Journal Sunrise Sftlutt Ourk Vnrirtlet Weathct Jack & Jerry New* New* Weather Tune-Up Bruce Hannrd Weather Bract Hayward World Newt News; Weather Clockwatcher Sports Jack & Jerry Newn Ed Wilton Ncwa News Eporta New* Art'i Notebook Brucn Hayward World News; Da via Clock Watcher Newt Ed Wilton Newt Bandiitand Breakfast Club Arthur Godfrey Band tand Ed Wilson Newt Trua Story Girt Marrlw Whispering Strmtt Arthur Godfrey Kitchen Club Howard Miller News; Wilson Ed Wilson Bandstand Rovue News; Hentter Carl Mclnttre Art'* Notebook Carl Mclntlre Top Thirty W Warren; Newi Backstage Wife Helen Trent Songs; Newt Newt; Revue Gil Newsomtt .1 M Newt News; Weather Playhouse Party Bruce Hayward News; Headllnct Ma Perkins Dr. Malone Our Gal Sunday Jack & Jerry Newt Playhouse Party Queen for a Day Bruce Hay ward Right to Happiness 2nd Mrs. Burton Nora Drake Entertainment Jack & Jerry M M M •» ft •* Newt S-Star Mettnec Hilltop House Young't Family Bruce Hayward Strike It Rich Mouse Party Phil Stevent Ed Wilson Newt Woman in Hous« Mary McBrlde Carl Mclntire Ed Bonne* Phjl Stevent Mnttnee Ed Wilson Newt Carl Mclntlre Art's Notebook Carl Mclntire Ed Bonncr Matlne* N News; Matin** Matinee First Five News; Newsoma Gil Newsom* Newt TUESDAY EVENING 6:00— (4) News - Ed Keath (5) Weather (36) American Jewish Digest 6:05—(5) Sports - Ingham 6:10—(4) Weather - Brooks 6:15—(4) Les Paul & Mary Ford (5) News - John Roedel (36) News - John Daly 6-.20—(4) Political - Democratic 6:30—(4) Name That Tune (5) Jonathan Winters Show (COLOR) Dorothy Collins is Winter's guest tonight. (36) News, Sports — Hayward. 6:4S-(5) News, Swayze (36) St. Louifi Democratic Comm. 7;00_(4) Phil Silvers - Sgt. Bilko goes all out in an effort to stop an attempt to introduce culture at Fort Baxter. (5) $100,000 Big Surprise- Francis X. Bushman, silen screen star is guest. (36) Wrestling 7:30_(4) The Brothers - Gilly tries to get an invitation from a baron whose picture he is tak . ing lor Harvy to go to an ex elusive bachelor's ball. (5) Noah's Ark - (COLOR; A Marine Sgt. helps save the life of a dog which saved his in the war. 7:45—(9) Happy Page - Valerie Haynes and puppets put on children's show. 8:00—(4) Political (SPECIAL)— Adlai Stevenson speaks from Madison Square Garden. CALL 3-3500 ELECTRIC RANGE SERVICE GJC.—HO-i POINT NORGE riUGIDAlRE PHILCO Factory Guaranteed Peru Surface Unit* and Oven Element* For All Makes MILO WELLS, Inc. 2913 mate WE REPAIR Any Make of RADIOS, TVi. WASUEItg, DKYKRB GA8 and ELECTRIC RANGES. Fail and Dependable Hervlce. We Are A* Clo«t> AI Your Telephone. DIAL 2-1611 WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCES MB7 STATE ST. A^TON For Fas! TV Service Bring your »et to our shop in the morning. 1'ick up be/ore 6 P. M. Square Deal Shop 7*0 E. Broadway Ph. 6-0411 ALUMINUM tl9tm rVimiowi, DOOM, Atr alatlei TUt-O-Mktlo ALUMINUM /»|DVI|« Door Ui" Thick PORCH KNCU>SUHK J*l»»il* Doable Hool Window*. Free K«tl«*iti OftNAMJSNTAL IKON RAILINGS—OGLUMNS ALUMINUM AWNINGS H* »•»» Payment. V* Mo*. Ce*'* Home Supply Co. North Alt«n In the W«eic «>lfl» Bn MUM On TV! with John N. Jones (5) Jane Wyman Show — Miss Wyman appears in "Two Sides to Everything". A woman reporter is engaged to a reporter from a rival newspaper and they are firbidden to fraternize. (36) For Men Only - Hayward. 8:15—(9) Spotlight on Missouri— "Treasure of Frank James". 8:30—(4) Red Skelton — (COLOR) - Red protrays Freddie the Freeloader with guests Allen Jenkins and Johnny Carson in supporting roles. (5) Aluminum Hour — Hume Cronyn, Geraldine Brooks and Robert Sterling star in "Angel's Ransom". A group of people react differently as they are held for $100,000 ransom aboard a luxury yacht on the Riviera. (9) Adventure at Your Door (36) Movie - Gilbert Roland and Ann Lee star in "High Conquest". An American attempts to scale a high Alpine peak. 9:00—(4) $64,000 Question - Ha March emcee's this big money quiz. (9) Musical Forms - Series features the world famous Paga nini Quartet. 9:30—(4) Dateline Europe - Jerome Thor stars as Robert Cannon in the story "The New Regime" (5) Celebrity Playhouse- Janet Blair and Scott Brady star in "Incident in Rio". (9) Meet'Mr Candidate — League of Women Voters •9:45—(36) News - Hayward 10:00—(4) Danny Thomas Show Danny learns that a Father must keep promises made to his chil dren. (5) Science Fiction Theater - "Miracle of Dr. Dove" stars Gene Lockhart. Three sci enlists vanish into thin air. (36) Million Dollar Movie- Lee Bowman and Ramsay Anies star in "The Lie". After a night on the town, a man awakens to find a dead body in his room. 10:30—(4) Masquerade Party — Peter Donald is host. (5) Crunch and Des — "Crunch and the Golden Lure" Forrest Tucker and Sandy Ken yon are starred in this film ser ies. 11:00—(4) The Vice: Donald Gray stars as "Mark Saber" in the episode "Sing Softly Sister". (5) News • Bob llillie 11:10—15) Weather — Clif SI. James 11:13—15) Movie - Florence Rice and Kent Taylor star in the mys tery "Girl in 313". (36) Weather • Mclntire 11: a)— (36) Nilecap - Norman 11:30—(4) News • Ed Keath 11:40—(4) Weathervane - Allen 11:45— (4) Movie: Mary Bell: Hughes and Reed % Hudley star in the drama "Kirnfire". 12:15—(5) Weather 1:00—(4) Thought for the Day WKIJMKSIMY, Of! 1 . !Mth A.M. 7:00—i4) Good Morning — Will Kogers Jr. (5) Today — Dave Cairo way. 8:00—(4)Capl. Kangaroo 9:00-(4) (5) (9) starts at thru 3:30 9:30— (4) (5) 10:00— (5) 10:30— (4) 11:00— (4) (5) 11:30— (4) (5) Gary Moore Ding Dong School In School Programing this time and continues p.m. Arthur Godfrey Bandstand Home - Arlene Francis Strike It Rich Valiant Lady Tic Tac Dough Love of Life Search for Tomorrow It Could Be You Guiding Light WEDNESDAY AFTERNOON Noon—(4) Recallit&Win (5) Charlotte Peters 12:30—(5) As the World Turns 12:45—(4) News 12:50—(4) Community Album 1:00—(4) Our Miss Brooks — (5) Homemaking 1:30—(4) House Party (5) Tennessee Ernie 2:00—(4) Big Payoff (5) Matinee Theater (COLOR) A stepmother finds herself facing unexpected problems as she investigates the background of a prospective son-in-law in "And Then There Were Three". 2:30—(4) Bob Crosby 2:55— (5) Political - Democratic 3:00—(4) Brighter Day (5) Queen for a Day 3:15—(4) Secret Storm 3:30—(4) Edge of Night 3:45—(5) Modern Romances 4:00—(4) Gil Newsome (5) Russ David 4:30—(4) Fred Moegle (5) Variety Theater - Edmund O'Brien stars in "The Long Shot". 4:50—(4) Look, Listen, Learn 5:00—(4) Mickey Mouse Club (5) Wrangler's Cartoon (36) Movie - Lash La Rue stars in "Law of the Lash". 5:30—(5) Ramar of the Jungle— "Savage Fury". Report Marshall Field's Condition Satisfactory NEW YORK (If) — Millionaire Marshall Field, 63, was reported in satisfactory condition today fol lowing surgery to remove a blood clot on his brain. He was operated on Monday night at New York Hospital. His wife said afterward that his condition was excellent. She said he had been ill for about six weeks. Mrs.-Field was at his bedside, as was Marshall Field Jr., editoi and publisher of the Chicago Sun- Times. The elder Field inherited more than 160 million dollars from his grandfather. Field founded the Chicago Sun, now the Sun-Times in 1941. He also joined in establishing the new defunct New York newspaper PM. "AUOS" MAtfKS SOUVENIRS FOR OLYMPIC CROWDS Aborigines of a tribe at Erna bella Presbyterian Mission, 280 miles from Alice Springs, Austra lia, are busy making souvenirs for visitors to the Olympic Games in Melbourne. Included are beau tiful woolen rugs used by aboriginal families who tend flocks ol sheep in outlying camps. The pure merino wool is 'spun with a "spinning stick" twirled on the leg, dyed in attractive colors and then woven in traditional designs. Miniature spear sets and boomerangs are being made by the boys and men, and an old digging dish is being fashioned by the women. Former Film Idol Francis X. Bushman Is On 6 Big Surprise' Tonight Hlodora Mrdnra MKDORA - Mr. and Mrs. William Eckleman, Alton, were guests Saturday of Mrs. P. H. Snnrlrrs. Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Hodges, Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada, arrivnd Saturday night and nre visiting her brothor and sister, H. L. Clower and Miss Delia Clownr. They will also visit 1\vo of her other sistnrs here, Mrs. Arthur Gwillim and Mrs. E. T. Hunt, and with her brothers in Alton, Mr. find Mrs. Raymond Short of Allon wore guests Saturday ol Mr. and Mrs. Fred Fields. Guests on Sunday were Mr. and Mrs. Lee Whiteside, Mr. and Mrs. Lester Langer, Alton, and Mrs. Calvin Fields and family. Mrs. Edith Rhoads, spent Sun- dny at Carrollton with her son, Byron Rhoads. Mr. and Mrs. William Andereck, Peoria, 'were here Sunday visiting his mother, Mrs. Elmer Meritt, and the Rev. Merritt. Mr. nnd Mrs. Charles Twitchell, Springfield, Mrs. May Smith, Virden, and O. Twitchell, Colorado Springs, Colo.; visited Sunday with Mrs. P. H, Sandei-s. Mrs. Evelyn Burris and daughter, Mrs. Gene Murray, were here from Wood River Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Thad Loveless, Gillespie, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. H. E. Challacombe. Mr. and Mrs. L. E. Wilton and their guests, Mr. and Mrs. N. T. Palmer, Glenn Ellyn, visit- eo at the homes of Mrs. Nettie Bister and Russell Wilton, Sunday afternoon. On Monday they visited relatives in Palmyra and Chesterfield. Mr. and Mrs. Fred Downs and daughter, Miss Pauline, spent Sunday with Mr. and Mrs. Roy Snider, Palmyra. Mr. and Mrs. Earl Griffith lad as Sunday guests Mrs. Adolph DePasse and daughter, Vlrs. Irma Thatcher and Leroy Traub, all of East Alton. Mrs. Corinne Harlan and son, ary, returned Saturday to West Townsend, Mass., after spend- ng several months with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. L. C. Dough- 'riy. Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Maple, Mr. and 'Mrs. Nelson Milner and family and Mr. and Mrs. _«land Smith and family, spent unday at the Maple resort at Hamburg. The Misses Louise Cline and •lazel Griffin arrived Sunday rom Chicago and visited the ormer parents, Mr. and Mrs. W. E. Cline, leaving Monday or a week's vacation in the Ozarks. Mrs. Sadie Maska returned home Saturday from a week's visit with her daughter, Mrs. Sldon Joiner and family, God- : rey. Mr. and Mrs, Lowell Hubbard and family visited Sunday with icr sister, Mrs. Leona Parks in Alton. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Waltrip and family were Sunday guests of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. TELEGRAPH WANT ADS By CHARLES MERCER NFAV YORK UtV-Meet. Francis X, Bushman, 73, once the idol of millions of women, twice a multimillionaire, thrice renowned as one of the world's great, actors. Bushman has survived the vicissitudes of great success and sud den failure to achieve serenity. Tonight on The Big Surprise (NBC-TV) the man who once made six million dollars in five years as a movie actor starts a climb that could lead him to $100,000. "Whatever I win," he says, tapping his bride of two months on the hand, "we'll use it around the house out there in Pacific Palisades, California. It's a lovely place. You can sit there forever and look out over the Pacific , . ." The category of his questions? Love poetry. t • "It's appropriate," said Bushman with a wry smile. "After all, didn't I once have the reputation of being one of the world's great lovers? Furthermore, I like poetry and read a lot of it. When you're lonely, you read poetry. And I was very lonely after I retired. I read poetry and walked the beach and watched the Pacific . ., Now a neighbor told me about a widow woman who lived nearby ,, "That was I," said Mrs. Bushman. Hit-Rim Driver Must Visit Victim Weekly ST. LOUIS «V-A judge paroled a hit-run driver, but ordered him to visit his crippled victim every! week for two years, after saying he prays "for the wisdom of Solomon in trying to decide cases like this." The motorist, Cass Thorpe, 24, will be required to pay a minimum of $10 a month for the support of the victim, Jodie Lofits, 62, Circuit Judge Theodore McMillan said Monday. Loftis' right foot was amputated after the accident last Dec. 1. Thorpe pleaded guilty to felonious wounding and leaving the scene of an accident. GIVE The Priceless Gift- HEALTH! To Americans, vitamins flre safeguards that supplement a healthy diet. But to the undernourished victims of war, famine and disaster in ravaged countries overseas, they often mean the difference between sickness and health. Providing vitamins, food, clothing, medical care, are just a few of the overseas relief services of America's three great religious faiths. Support this year's Thnnksjriving appeal for overseas aid sponsored by your religious faith. Help freedom- loving peoples In desperate need overseas to gain health and self-respect again. In Protestant Churches, give to the SHARE-OUR-SURPLUS APPEAL. In Catholic Churches, give to THE BISHOPS' THANKSGIVING CLOTHING COLLECTION. In Synagogues, give to the UNITKD JEWISH APPEAL SPECIAL SURVIVAL FUND. GIVE THANKS BY GIVING THIS THANKSGIVING- GIVE THROUGH YOUR FAITH Ptlblithed at o public service in cooperation with Tht Advtrtiiino Council and tht Ntwspaper Ad- vtrtiting Executive* Aitoeiatian, pm^w^^r^^^v-^v- «'• ui -—•— ' — IP -^—-- - -TV—. tf ^v3nMSPHP YOUR CHOICE of Ladies' Beautiful 7-Pc. , WRIST WATCH SET! OR MAN'S 8-Pc. fj Wrist Watch Set 4 Exactly As pictured WITH Or MOMS ANY PURCHASE OF Where No Other Gift Is Given 4 4 44- 44-i 4 4«* 4* 4 4 * ;4' 4 « S 50 W¥en w ON ANY FURNITURE*' OR APPLIANCE! Just Look What It Includes Or 8-Pc. MAN'S WRIST WATCH SET With Any Purchase of S50 or More Where No Other Gift Is Given WINDSOR PRINCESS WATCH Mnde! Non-MftRncUcl • Flexible Matching Hand! • Matching Rhlnestone- Set EarriiiRs: • Oorifeoiis Matching Broocli Set with 6 (illttcritiK Khliipstone* • Hellenic Gold Nrcklacft • In IliMiiitlful Velvet Covered Gift Box Lynn Waltrip Sr., Wrights. Mr. and Mrs. Ruby Miller and daughter, Miss Glenda Millikin, Jerseyville, and Gene Stourers, Benton, were guests Sunday of Mr, and Mrs. Colonel Healey. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Carter, Edwardsville, were weekend ;uesis of Mr. and Mrs. George Holliday. Mr. and Mrs. Gene Bowker and family and Joyce and Jimmy Franklin, Alton, were visitors Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Truman Bowker. Mr. and Mrs. Charles Johnson, Nilwood, Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Maple and family, Alton, and Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Bowker and family spent Sunday with Mrs. Stella Johnson. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Bahr, Jerseyville, were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. James Strunk. Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Jones, Brighton, and son, William Jones, Ft. Leonard Wood, Mo., visited Mrs. Gertrude Gwillim Sunday. iTake It From...; JOSEPH L CONNORS Insurance Agency 25 No. Wood River Ave. Wood River Ph.: 4-3869$ "Homeowners JERSEYVILLE Homeowners.. Take It From THE CUTTING AGENCY | 120 W. PEARL ST. -1 Jerseyville, 111. Ph.: Jerseyville 116 "THE HOMEOWNERS * POLICY w lake it from me..." Dave Carroway explains on NBC's TV show 'TODAY,' why... Another break for families—Today! 'lake it from me../ your independent local agent "Save time, trouble, money, with North America's Homeowners!" (TENANTS POLICY if you rent) "Take it from us. say Mr. and Mrs. Clark "North America's Homeowners Policy is more for your money ,'"• <TEN ANTS POLICY if you tent) OLD WAY NEW WAY Insure with the company that pioneered this simplified broad protection. Whether you own or rent, costs less than buying separate policies. Prompt, personalized agent service. You can get credit on unexpired policies, too. 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TO tHE'BOTTOM OF tHE COLO FIOOR AS LOW AS 5l«g!er com you to Irttla to own and op«rot»...ffpay«ror *• Siegler is o revolutionary method of WARM FLOOR HtAJlHG in every room BUT WITHOUT COSTLY DIRT COllfCTINO PIPES AND REGISTERS OIL furnace HEATER THt HEATER MOTH THE MTEOT8) INNS HEAT TUBS CARLOAD SHIPMENT JUST RECEIVED ALL NEW SIMMONS BEAUTYREST Financing MATCHING BOX SPRING, $79,50 Innerspring Beau- tyrest — Twin or Full Size— AII Newly Designed Our- able Ticking. French Edge —837 Coll in Full Size Mattress. From Extra Saving! the Jolly irishman Any Kind FOR LONG, LOW EASY TIME PAYMENTS AT SLACK'S I YOU PAY NO Interest or Finance Charges of OPEN FRI. & MON. NIGHTS TILL 9 416 PIASA ST. PHONE 3-6619 SLACK Free Delivery to 200 Mile* FREE DELIVERY TO 200 MILES DOWNTOWN ALTON,IX.L.

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