Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 11, 1926 · Page 3
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 3

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, June 11, 1926
Page 3
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Miss Opal Osl)orne left on an early moruing train rfor dkmulgce, Qkla.. for a visit wftli her slstef. Mrs. Ricliard'A. Siaints and family. "Mrs. Alice Kelclnim anil ilaiigh- t ;r, Florence of .Vowaua. Ok la., wlio » lave been visiting in tlie home of Ir. .and Mr 'B .''UalIpu HelRelc and riamily at 520 Soulli Sycamoi'e 5 treet, left this morning for Eurela to vi^it before.returning borac, —n. C. McKinney is unloading a lar of ice cream salt hide salt.-fly s alt, and stock salt. Phone' 3S9. — I Mrs. B. R. Davidson and daiigh- iMv .Miss liella .Miller and -Mrp : .^slie Osborne of Wiohiia are in .oia'for a visit with, relatives. They formerly lived ih lola. Miss Della^ it one (inie being aicarriiT for;th*; Jola, Register. ! Mr. andl^lrs. Tom Oslmrpc. Jr. ire the parents of a daughter, born tVedne.sday. ^une ninth, at the iiome of Mr. Oftborne's parents. Mr. and Mrs. Tom O.sBorne of 7U1 South .Sycamore I strei-t.'' D.anre! : . i—Cr.vstjf 1 Pool Friday niRlit. Music by: Harmony Aces. Uanc- Ing, 1U(;. "' UTbc third <iuarlerly meeting will , ., [)c b<;ld !tonight at tlie United hrotiiren churcli with ijie lU;v. .Mr. ^IcVferly ot Lawrciie« presiding. Kvrry member ol tlio cUurch Is a-VKed to attend. i .MTss .Mary Uemslierfi. who left tw(i weeks ago for i'hila<ifiphia to attend • the . Synoili<;al .Missionary convention the Reformed eliiireli. arrived- liome yesterday. Wliile "=<last, Mls.-j • Ri-msberg also visited relatives; in .Mar.vland. ;| - • I —Expert Floor Waxing with elei- tjric "machine by the boiiri. Call ISl. Ifry'.s Unig Store, for appoiotineuts. ; ii. H. Miller. W- \ Mr. and Mrs. IJ. P. Smith of 213 \ { South Tennessee street announce i « • ipe arrival of au; eight and (ine- iialf" pound sini liorn Tuesday, , > Jiune 8. whom they have given the 5^ i name, Clifford Kdward. Mrs. Smith . was forpierly Miss flazel Johnson. i; Alr.'^and Mrs. Martin Haller and 'daughter. Miss (Jeupyii've, motored roni SpringHVId. ."Vlo,, yesterday, to : pend the week end with their ••.'laughter aiidsisti'r. Mrs. Wiibert )ennis, of 6(iT South Jefferson • ! treet. , . # * • * t..* *• * * * • • • • • • • \ You Ought To KnuH—' * our happy family of effi- cieiit workers.. They are justly proud of the work they turn out. : Plione 105 Abl^Kon ('leanerH j Mr. Melvi'n Wise is engaged In the work of painting a garage in Gas fcity. today. .Mr. : Paul Klein ^was compelled to go ' home from his offlj:e ithls morning-on account of being 111. Special : for Saturday: Peanut Brittle. 20c lb. HoVard's, Candy Shop. lAfrs. Beia Woodar4 returajed last night .from Hutcbinson,: Kansas; where she went 'a' sliort time ago to' visit her ^lotiier who was ill. Mi;s. Woodard is ^e beauty specialist at Wolf's barber shop. ^ Mr. D. M. Lynch, traveling auditor for the Mo. Pac.. railroaiii company, was an lola visitor today on business. —U. S. L., Batteries and battery repairing of all liinds.i A. H. Davis Electric Service.; 202 N. Wash. Miss Viola Dalgarno returned to her work as bookkeeper at the I'aul Klein lumber yard office after a few days illness at her home. 202 north Elm street.- . Mr. Board, inspector on the new road Heing' built from Moran to .Mildred, says work Is progressing .very 'satisfactorily. The bridge at the Katy lake, about three miles norlk of ..Moran, has been com- j/JeU'.(3. The cement being poured yesterday.- F. B. LEATELL, 9L p. _ Special, attention given bls- I eases of Colon and Rectum. Electro-Therapy and - Physidtherapy'. . Office Tola State Bank BIdg. Phones—147 and 705, * • • • * Mr! Silas Lbng was S". pars of ige yesterday and in h"MOr of the )craslon, his son. .Mr. D. D. Long ind .Mrs. Long prepared'a little airiirisi' for him. Tlu-y the lome of Mr, Long, Kr.. wiiii ice .Cream and rake and enjoyed a jiicei. social timji.. Mr. Long, Sr., .ers'edi with honor, two .vijars in lie Union .\rmy of lhl^ Rebellion. Mr. 4). D. Long is his younge.* son. \ handsome bouquet of .ro .se$ was ircsented to .Mr. 1-ong. Sr. in! hon- ir of tlie occasion. .Mr. and .Mrs. tx)ng live at 821 north Sycamore street. —Raspberries- red and black; Blackberries, long.pinl.=! and quarts, big berries. ItC N. Fourth. Warford Nursery. Come to the nursery. Fresh berries ripe June 14. John .M. Warford. , Mr. and.-Mrs. R. L. Heiman oE |217 .South Slate street and little son . .returned from Pawhuslta,' Okla.,1 Wednesday, where they,; had 'been to attend. ilie big Indian-convention and pow wow. "They'were honored by introductions to all the big chiefs and Indian princes-ses 'and they attended their grart'd ball. They visited llio Indian . village- where five liumlred Indians were encampfe 'di many of them of the ! Sioux tribe, coming fijom the Da- 'cotas Jn covered wagons drawn by i.horses. It took two months for • the^jh; to niake the trip. .Mr. and ; Mrjj. Helinan. wJille ;it Pawhuska. met .Mr. .Mark Rev .Trd of lolai. who Introduced ihem; they also had a nice visit J '^uth Clayton Allison, who lis in bu .sjnesB in Pawhuska. They report a big crowd arid a fine time. . .1 •. ^ •• MEN'S • Collar Attached SHIRTS in novelty effects,, stripes an(3 plaids, made of madras and broadcloths, and ithe^. are priced very reasonable. $1 to $3 The Hub Mr. and Mrs. Frank McCarthy left this morning, for Denver, Colo., on a vacation trip andt to attend the International Rotary convention which convenes there this week. Mr. McCarthy is a delegate to this convention from the local club here. They are 'driving through in their car. There seejns to be something wrong with the locar potato crop as there Is pomplaint that very few potatoes are. "setting" bn-the vines. —The "Savage Woman" is here, right from The Savage Anns Co. She's an expert, markswoman i^ith a Savage gun. ' Can shoot clay pigeons at any angle. Now employed by The K. C. Plumbing & Electric Co. to make free demonstrations with the famous Savage Spin-Rinse Spin-Dry Washer, which washes, rinses and -drys all in one unit—no lifthig of water, Dpentting wringer or bandling of tubs. The fastest washer in 4he world. Call 65 for the Savage Woman. .Mr. .ind Mrs. George : Stewart, custodians o^ th^ Allen county cnurthoufic are real lovers of flowers as is evidenced by the display they have on the north uside of the building. They have a flowering factus that is. very beautiful in bloom. They also have I^glish ivy. Angel begonia and many others.." These flowers" belong to the IM-ivate collection of Mr. ^nd Mrs. Stewart and are highly prized by thera. XPt JJWWJ. on bttrinewi., Mr.: J. li. Maffatt. of |ile BapUst Temple barber shbp, wfcs'a Pi.qua visitor today 'pn > ^tt^|lnesB. . | -rJust like Angel Food Cake, Van Hooser'a.-Bread, 2 for 15c. ; Mr. Joe Elastwobd, one of AU^n county's first grade farmers, wits in' lola this morning anfl> took o^t a fine new cream separator with motor attachment. lyirs. Freeman, the wife of a former pastor of the' First United Brethren church of lola and lier son, came up from Coffcyvillc<yes- terday and stopped in lo'^ foi* ^ short time to greet -oUl friends. They were on their w ^ay to sonie eastern city. • —For a Veal meal go to Hart's Cafe. Chicken every day; Rev. Bascom Robbins. who gqvo an address at the ISpworth League convention at the M. EJ churph here yesterday, leit on the 4:28 northbound Santa Fe yesterday for bis home in Kansas City, Kansas. Rev. Mr. Robbins is financial secretary of Bethany hospital. .Mrs. Hattie 'Durborow of Dodgo City, Kansas, left yesterday after- nooii on the 4:T2S Santa Fejlfor her home after, a visit injola with her granddaughter. Mrs. Anna Beasley, of 220 North'Tlilrd street. —Dr. Montgomery, Chiropractor, lola lAundry BIdg. Phone 13S. ^; Mr. Jack Sutcliffe returned to lola yesterday ttom Atchison where he had been in attendance uiwn the last term of school, at the Catholic academy. He is a graifu- ate from the Junior College" of ihJS' place.' Mrs. Smith Jackson of Carneit left for her home icip the i:2S afternoon Santa Fe aftdr a visit in I ^Ia With her parents, Mr. and Mrs.*A. H. Hecox of S12 North street. .Mrs. Jackson also visited Mrs. W. O. Lenhart of 316 SuuUi Cottonwood street while here. —Dr. A. B. Twadell, Q/(teopatb. New Globe BIdg. Phone'191. Mrs. Ralph Pine of Olathe. Kansas left yesterday, on the 4-.28 afternoon Santa Fe after a visit with her parents, Mr. and Mrs. A. Gillaspie, of Bronson. —Farm Loans. See us for Farm Loans. R. L. Thompson Agency. Mrs. George Gillas|))e and two small children came over from Bronson yesterday afternoon to accompany Mrs. Ralph Pine to the 4:28. northbound Santa Fe train. COOL .SWEET.S For Hot^^Veatber NdRRlS Summer Swbets. 1 lb "i>c Saving's Batik ...GOc * Delia Robbin .Mints. 1U.-.$l.(i(i * Pecan Crisps, 1 lb. _.-.$i.«0 * Glace Nuts, lb. 73c BROWVS DKIG STOKE The Nyal Store I* Mr. Ollie Sutlierland who has made trips out of lola in every ili- rectlon, reports tliat croips "all 'round are looking'fine. He .'?ayH wheat is heading gQod and. filling out well and present indicatioua point to an early harvest. Corn and oats too, Mr. Sutherland snys.j are coming along In good shape. street; w tlon 'at todw. ^ rf-lipeStt . j :indar »B' a.'Aalpropeffa- Wosley * hbipltai; WlaUta. 2 Mr. n. sr. Stewart, wllj go to Pittstnirg totnbrrpw .Ut 'apen^ JSpn- day With Mrs.. Stewart BQd dangb- tor. Miss-Rowjena. who are alftend- ing tho' State 'Teachers College. , —Try- It once—yoa will hare no other. Van Hoonfa i Bread. Mrs. Wade Smith of Enid, Okla-, was in lola a short time yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Smith had b4en'^to Moran w^ere she visited |ber parents. .Mr:. ami Mrs.. Henry Smith. .Mrs. Wade Smith went from lolia to Yates Center to visit her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. —-Dr. O. L. Cox, Speciallat Bye, Bar, Nose and Throat. Miss Gussie Shelton of Ottawa, who had been visiting friends at Nevada, Mo., left lola on the 4:28 Sanfa Fe. yesterday afternoon for her home. Mrs. a E-I^nii^dftiatlyle'wa^ an lo^ . bnataesafyMtar (,tod^. —Auto tops and trimming Heigele's. at Miss Dollle JLaForge, who has been visiting her parents, !Mr. and -Mrs. Joe LaForge in Qirard, returned tin's afternoon. -^liss Nona Nell'Kennedy ot'Den- ver, Colo., who has been visiting ifplatlves in Coffeyville, Kansas, ittupped In lola this afternoon for a short visit with Mrs. Ruth Groyer and Mr. Grover of 410 West .Madison, avenue. , .•1.1 —Speciar chicken dinner Svnilay at Lewman's Cafe.' ' ' . Miss Beoiah. Yonag, . who ^iaa been a guest in the home «>f Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Vbnng, ,624 North Valnut street, returned this aflor- iioon to her home In Kansas C'ly- Miss Carita Sanchez of St. Jfo- •eph. Mo.. >ho has been in Yates >«nler on bnsinesa. passed through :old this morning lome. AT BE! onj her way —IMiifler Heigele's. canvas repaired at _ Mrs. C. W. Hackett df 221 South iimerators have been appointed and h^vo begun their Wbrk. Mrs. 4- O. .Men has charge, o^ the w-ork t id her assistants are Miss Gila all. Miss Nellie Walters aiid Miss Rthel Strong. The enumerators are appointed for the sole purpose of obtaining the names and ages Qf all citizens under the age of 21 years. The general piiblic should greet the enumerators cordially :uid cheerfully give them the desir- eil information. They have notb- vug to sell and are making the canvas, as required by law, for the purpose of getting a complete and' accurate return of {he school population. In all cases the enumerators should be treated civilly ,by everyone upon whom they call. * —Marcels, 50c. Kathryn Clev- tnger, 517 S. Sycamore. Pho.- 729. The,^isses Fern and Ethel Smith of Fort Scott, wfap came over-yesterday to attend the Epworth League convention, will'be guests for a few days in ^Ihe home of Mn and Mi^. O. Knnkleman of 230 Sojlth Tennessee. Mrs. C. A. Walker, of LaHarpe, Kan., went to. Brie on the noon train today to visit her two daughters, Mra. Hallie Beard and Mrs. Aiuui Mooi« iahd her son, Bert Walker and family. Miss Lillian Noljind of Lawrence wa^ » visitor in lola today enroute to Coffeyville. Kans., where she will visit her parents, Mr. and Mrs. J. W. Noland. Mrs. W. H. Con-well land daughter. Miss Gladys Connjell, left on the poon train today ifor Coffeyville; Kan.s.. to join .MJr. Con well and make their home. WALL COVERINGS The most complete stock of-Wall Papers and fin^; Wall Coverings in lola .f Rowden^s ing from her .son Moore, ot Sao Poulo, Brazil, that he had been recently appointed by the Board of Directors as president of the Studebaker Corporation in Brazil. This is a fine promotion for Vernon and his many friends in lola and vicinity congratulate him upon his success in the business world. 5 Fancy strap patent, good fitting and flexible sole. i^conomy ntjComfort rtrtiVrataTorMoft * UoUn B. PaTbi BMoUlcail ean- didate For (Bovernoi-' Badly Burned When' L%htenlng Striken Bafn. COLONY, June 11.— Miss Loree Snnford is taking a two weeka vacation form her work at the post office and is visiting with relatives at Kansas Cty, and Apptetpn City, Mo.- Willard Marshal, who belongs to the Cariyle township calf ?lnb is spending the week at Manhattan, going up Monday, with the rest of the club in a bus.' " Levi Keiley of Liztown neighborhood,. Is having" his., house ^newly painted, which adds' much to the appearance of hii^ farm property. The June meeting of the Fed- crated cinbs of Colony will be held Saturday aftemoont June 12 at the city building. The^Aour is three o'clock and all club; ladies^ or any others interested ^in community work are urged to be present. Golden' B. Davis, whose big barn was struck by lightening Tuesday night and burned, down, received some quite bad burns himself.' lie carried harness from the bam, which was ail be was able to save, as the whole building was almost immediately in flames. Mrs. drosby and daughter Miss Je.ssie drove down from Kansas City tho last of the week to look nftpr business connected with their firm". They, were accontpanied back to the .city by Mrs. Bryant, ^. K'* leSr-dayii OHIdre^ itiiya: will (ie: oboerred at tha UiBtliodfBt diareb' next Avm-, day ere and all are invited to "attend, i . A county meeting was held at .Gallia school honse. , last Saturday evening iVtaich was quite well at- fended. Several musical selections and readings were given and Mr. on the roBd .tanpr (>Ten}ent qnertloain »ikfhjt^'et*»'^«M4 'aa* erfM^^Wfc^ been proTl4ed and. was partattofc ol! at a laii^ hour. .'Ehey .TOteft;. to have their .annual 'POnrtJl ^ flC* Jiily plcnlt jjl BeiiriettV grove^d- the next cooiny meeting wUTJjer the first Saturday in Angnst' at^^i Amiot. ^4: —Get the ClasslQed M Hai^ Dafly MlMJm.M 'JLA Satnrdax 1 to uB Horn* ef Better Fk!taue»-^sle Br. EUte Oiehertn LASTTIMES—IT'S A{ WOW!? - t RIN TIN TIN ^ the Wonder Dog "BELOW THE LINE" Krazy Kat KartoonKb|nedy—Comedy, 2 Acts, "The -Dam Gosh Mortgage" C.hUdren 10c— AdnlU 35c SATUBDAY MATIKEE—1 TO 4 P. M- 10c Tom Tyler In "Let's Go Gallagher*—Blmo LIOCOIB In "AdveB-, tnre« of Tarzan"'—Krasy Kat Kartoon Komedy—Ceniedr^ 2 Acts, "Donkey." Matinee 1 to 4 p. m. 10c. I?lglit lOc-SOe. Com&e»ri)r. June Toilet Goods Satlei During June the Rexall Company has arranged to. hold a Special Discount Sale on the foll6wing Toilet Needs: This is an opportunity to save oh high grade items and we feel certs^n that you will be more than pleased with every value offered.' Regular Price June Price 75c lb. Rexall Theatrical Cold Cream.... 59c 25c Jonteel Talcum :. 1% 25c Gentlemen^s After Shaving Talc .... 19c 39c Klenzo Shaving Cream 5pc Harmony Toilet Water ... ..; 50c Jonteel Cold or Vanisliing Cream 50c Lemon Cocoa Butter Lotion 35c Tooth Brush i ............ '50c Narcissus Face Powder . — 50c Shampoo : ........... $2.00 Cara Nome Face Powder— $1.00 Cara Nome Talcum—both for ... $2.00 25c Rexall Foot Powder 19c \ ...29c ...39c ...39c ..•.39c ... 19c ...39c ...39c And Many Other Real Bargains DRUGSTORE re With a Rush!! J-.l 9:30 a. m. 24 inches wide. IQ neat chicks. • " i • • . Limit 8 yards to a costomlsr People came fo^ a longj distance—a big crowd waited for the doors to open so they would be first to partake of these wonderful bargains. AU Aboaifcl for Safufd^y si^d Next Tliousands of Yards of Received—All Go at a Tremendous ; L •• . • Savu^. '• 5€fO Season's Newest Styles at Sweeping Reductions^ lOLAi IL4N$AS 10:30 a. m. CHED MUlSLDI 36-inch. Good 15c qiulity. ' jBsk 10 yar&io icnstomer m m hi

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