Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on March 10, 2004 · Page 12
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 12

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 10, 2004
Page 12
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12 - WEDNESDAY, MARCH 10, 2004 TIME OUT Puzzlers ACROSS 1 Sheet of plywood 6 Canyon 11 Just 12 Take aim [2 wds.) 13 Muss up 14 Wrapping up 15 Luau welcome 16 Bewildered 17 Have the nerve 18 Dell order 19 Move slowly 23 Sweater material 25 Wine valley 26 Natural resin 29 Finish second 32 "— Rhelngold" 33 Oh, gross) 34 Long-distance charges 35 Serpent 36 Close 38 Solemn promise 40 — spumante 41 Cable channel 42 Peed the kitty 46 Thrilled 48 Canine warning 49 Quarrel 52 Warm greetings 53 Decks out 54 Comfortable (2 wds.) 55 Utter happiness 56 Cheers Answer to Previous Puzzle DOWN 1 Actress — Prentlss Knight attire Brother's son She, In Seville Drain cleaner Chromosome unit Decree King (Fr.) 9 Whitney Invention 10 High school subj. 11 Metal fastener 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 J A M S A L O U C A A N 12 Keen enjoyment 16 The whole time (2 wds.) 18 Western necktie QTI IMDPn9 01 UiiliLU i for answers • Touch-tone or rotary phone 95c per minute (900) 226-4344 code 000 20 Goose egg 21 IRS employees 22 Briefcase closer 24 Make a decision 26 Moon goddess 27 Long periods 28 Talk 30 Laird's household 31 N.Y. hours 37 Lassos 39 Grimm youngster 41 CBer's "bears" 43 Kind of congestion 44 Lock or curl 45 Otherwise 47 Fellows 48 Locality 49 Apply makeup 50 Web addr. 51 — Lanka 52 Kendall or Starr 3-10 © 2004 by NEA, Inc. THE LEARNING CHALLENGER by Robert flamed DIRECTIONS: A. Using each "Chaos Grid" number with Its letter one time, arrange the numbers with their letters for the "Order Grid" so each vertical column, horizontal row, and two diagonals each ADD to numbers Inside thick lined cells. B. Some correct numbers with their letters have been put Into the "Order Grid" to get you started. Also, above the "Order Grid" is a "Decoded Message" clue. C. After you have solved the "Order Grid" doing as direction "A" says, put the letters from horizontal rows, from left to right, under "Decoded Message" and make words to form the answer. CHAOS GRID 58 U 28 E 22 X 86 C 80 'E -8 E 82 N 88 O 52 I 26 Q -4 F 32 N 50 S 2 E 56 T -2 N CLUE: CONTIGUOUS ORDER GRID 28 E 52 I 80 E 58 U 162 162 162 162 162 MUM •!£• •!£• •!£• •!£• 3/10/2004 DECODED MESSAGE: ANSWERS IN NEXT EDITION © 2004 Robert Bamett Run in papers of Wednesday, March 10, 2004 CELEBRITY CIPHER by Luis Campos Celebrity Cipher cryptograms are created from quotations by famous people, past and present Each letter In the cipher stands lor another. Today's clue: A equals K "VBUZSKY BUZ KFZ CTKLWBKZ UHTZ WHXZTY NHU MFLTXUZS; ZEZUO GHUX, WHEZWZSK BSX BMKLHS FBY BS ZNNZMK." - MBVKBLS ABSJBUHH PREVIOUS SOLUTION - "The truth is not always dressed for the evening." — Margaret Lewerth "Never assume the obvious is true." — W. Saflre (c) 2004 by NEA, Inc. 3-10 Answers to Previous Learning Challenger DIESEL AND DAIMLER 32 D 35 E 35 D 36 M 32 I 39 L 31 D 36 L 36 E 33 A 35 A 34 E 38 S 31 N 37 I 32 R 3/9/20O4 THAT SCRAMBLED WORD GAME by Henri Arnold and Mike Argirlon Unscramble these four Jumbles, one letter to each square, to form four ordinary words. ILDOY 2004 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved. TWAHR Vs. ENFADE THUGOR A: Joyce Kilmer was right 10 A 0009 THING TD PO 3EFORE BUYING A eoox ON TREB5, Now arrange the circled letters to form the surprise answer, as suggested by the above cartoon. IT Yesterday s (Answers tomorrow) Jumbles: DITTO AFOOT RECTOR SINGLE Answer: What Junior got when the cell phone bill arrived A LOT OF STATIC Reader tired of mother-in-law breaking her things Dear Annie: My mother-in-law is in her 70s, but she acts like a little kid. She has to touch and mess with everything. She breaks things all the time and embarrasses me beyond words if I ever go with her to a public place. Mom plays with computers, cash registers and anything that catches her eye. She looks into everything, including closets, cabinets and jewelry cases. When she visits our home, I have to lock the door to keep her from entering the bathroom while I'm in it, and have told her to keep out of my kitchen because she knocks things out of the pantry. | Believe it or not, Mom is mentally stable. There is nothing wrong with her, she's just a pain in the neck. I have two children and don't have an extra set of arms and eyes to watch out for a grown woman. I'm tired of her breaking my things and not bothering to apologize. What can I do? - Fed Up Daughter-In-Law Dear Fed Up: Mom sounds like an overgrown child, and a klutzy one at that; Has Mom ANNIE'S MAILBOX By Kathy Mitchell and Marcy Sugar always been this way? If her behavior is recent, you might want to alert her physician. If this is "just Mom," try to be tolerant. "Mom-proof" your house when she visits the same way you would keep children out of cabinets and drawers. If she breaks something, call it to her attention and ask her not to touch your fragile items. (Insist that your husband back you up.) And while you might want to keep an eye on her in public places, there is no need to be embarrassed. You are not responsible for her childlike curiosity and clumsiness. Dear Annie: You recently printed a letter from "Lonely in New York," a 36-year-old virgin who couldn't meet women. He said, WEDNESDAY EVENING 3/10/04 1 6:00 BROA ffl SJ ED a si m BD E) m CD m CABL EQU AMC COM DISC DISN ESPN FAM FSB LIFE NICK SCIFI TBS TNN TNT USA WGN 6:30 DCAST CHANNE iE^^HEEEEI News CBS News [News SB News SB News-Lehrer Calles News-Lehrer Fresh Pr. Cops SB Raymond Raymond Frasler A Noticias King of Hill Cops SB Will-Grace King Entertain 7:00 LS IJEBBil Extra (N) Evening Jeopardyl Heartland 7:30 1^ Seinfeld A Hollywood Hollywood Fortune My Hero (6:55) Ventaneando Business King-Hill 70s Show Seinfeld A Raymond News 8:00 8:30 9:00 9:30 mmmmmmmm 70s Show [American Idol A SB [CrackUp The Apprentice A SB 60 Minutes II ASB My Wife [My Wife Law & Order "Blaze" King [Yes, Dear Extreme Makeover (N) 10:00 10:30 11:00 TeKtesrtSffl Law & Order A SB 48 Hours Investigates Kingdom Hospital News News' SB News SB Frank Sinatra: 01' Blue Eyes Is Back | Andre Rieu Live From Dublin A S3 Callamos las Mujeres Cher: The Farewell Tour A SB Dharma 70s Show Raymond Simpsons Raymond Small* "Relic" SB Cops SB 70s Show Game Over Movie: *» Cops S3 Historias-Vida [Amor Noticiero Josh Groban in Concert A SB Small* A SB Osbourne Show American Idol A SB [CrackUp Mullets | Star Trek: Enterprise 'Picture Perfect" (1997) Drew Friends A Dharma Spin City News A SB Simpsons News King Raymond Ojos Performnc Blind Date Ripley Will-Grace Will-Grace News E CHANNELS (5:00) Movie: **** "Zulu" (1964) Late Night A SB American Mobster Barbarian [Sister, Sis. Movie: * * * "Von Ryan's Express" Daily Show [Mad TV OK Go. A SB [Yankers The FBI Files SB Sister, Sis. | Lizzie King Herod: Madman? (1965) Frank Sinatra. Insomniac [South Park Mob Scene (N) Movie: "The Other Me" (2000) Andy Lawrence. College Basketball: Big East First Round •• Teams TBA iSportsCenter (Live) SB (Outside Full House. [Full House 1 7th Heaven A SB NBA Basketball Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz, The Nanny U-Pick A Designing Arnold Golden Rugrats A Golden SpongeBob (4:00) Movie: * * * "It" (1990) John Ritter. Home Imp. Real TV A Charmed A Seinfeld A Real TV A 3B Walker, Texas Ranger (5:00) ** "Best Men" Seinfeld A | Friends A Star Trek: Next Gener. Law & Order "Punk" A JAG "Family Secrets" Feed the Children SB Movie: ** Live) The Nanny Oddparent Movie: ** "Down Periscope" (1996) The Best Damn Sports Show Period The Nanny Nicktoon Movie: *S South Park Movie: "Zulu" (1964) Chappelle Boston's Big Dig D Sister, Sis. [Boy World SportsCenter (Live) SB Whose? FOX One 'No Higher Love" (1999) Full House | Full House "Pet Sematary Two" (1992) A Seinfeld A | Seinfeld A Star Trek: Next Gener. Law & Order SB (DVS) Law & Order Cosby Crossing Whose? Daily Show King Herod Kim SporlsCtr. 700 Club Best-Sports IS Cosby Twilight Z. Movie: * * "The Craft" (1996) Robin Tunney. Movie: * * * n "The Hunt for Red October" (1990 Movie: ** Law & Order "Blade" (1998) Wesley Snipes. [Monk SB Golden Roseanne The X-Files "In Crowd" m Law-Order Law-Order Becker A [Becker A |Elimldate |5th Wheel | Osbourne Show |Rocklord | "Please don't say try a church group, as I'm not religious in any way. And since I don't drink, bars and nightclubs are out of the question." You suggested he try, among other things, the Internet. There are plenty of people who sit in bars but don't drink. They go to meet people because that's where people are. "Lonely" needs to make the effort to go where he has the best chance of finding someone, and that might mean stepping outside his comfort zone. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. - Not Lonely in New York Dear Not Lonely: We're not so certain he would be interested in meeting women in bars, and frankly, there's no reason he can't find suitable women in other places. But "stepping outside his comfort zone" is a good suggestion. Here's one more letter with some helpful ideas: Dear Annie: "Lonely" struck a note with me. He should know that there are more of us around than he realizes. We are not the beautiful people or the social butterflies. We are the plain and the painfully shy. We may be overweight, gawky, too short or too tall.. Confidence? Forget it. We haunt the libraries, video stores, pet shops and bookstores. We do our grocery shopping in record time, wishing we could be part of that cute couple in the produce section and, at the same time, praying that no one talks to us. The Internet allows people to pretend to be what they are not. However, it also allows us to! get to know the inner person without the physical trappings getting in the way. Some amazing friendships can come about in this manner.' Befpre "Lonely" gives up on life, he should '. remember that there is always another flower, to smell or road to travel. If it's not in the cards to find someone, so be it. He can help out at a community center, mow a neighbor's lawn or, volunteer at the Salvation Army. Each act of, kindness may put him closer to that special 1 someone he so deeply wants to meet. -> Painfully Shy and 49 in Detroit HBO MAX SHOW "Walk" [Movie: * * * * "A Beautllul Hind" (2001) Russell Crowe. |The Sopranos A (5:45) Movie: "Hall Past Dead" A [Movie: *** "Sleepers" (1996) Kevin Bacon. A'R' (:15) Movie; * * "Playing Mona Lisa" (2000) [Movie: ** "Bad Company" (1994) 'R' [ Movie: * * "Cradle I the Grave" Soul Food (N) SS LWord i The Ukiah Mendocino 0Ctl Newsp

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