The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 26, 1974 · Page 11
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 11

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1974
Page 11
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tfldi Kim urtf ftin ») hu »»«. flA»6» J9.9B 2L&JS1&.1- !«' £BS5?K .«» .•»**! di n wrgtt«st|6fMr. ( torn pigs' 10) W«|»«», A., Bin Ffrtfclta 'Start. 70.M 108.04 1«.00 C*lH«r. ,. 6.42 BlirtCfoiii, Insurance.. CUfk, Afle*«, Mileage- Clover Farm Store, Groceries• Opportunity Center 108.34 Coast to Coast Stores, Supplies-Opportunity Center....... 81.96 November Care & Dsttal-Lafry Shephard... 664,80 Corner Drug Store, Drugs. Dflhtld Bordwell 7.25 Firm & Home Distributing , Co., Materials- Opportunity Center 18.33 Gibson Products Co., Supplies- Opportunity Center 12.70 Great Plaint 0*9. Gas- Opportunity Center 142.03 Hidden, Constance • Opportunity Center Director, Mileage 59,40 Handicap Village! November Care & Services-Donald Bordwoll, Susan Janssen, Tom Caryl & Larry Pl»ce 1,431,46 Hope Haven, October Care & Service-Jerry Rlley, Marilyn thane & Phyllis Wood..,..,. 1,369.36 Humboldt Printing Co., Supplies-Opportunity Center.... 22.63 Humboldt Reminder, Ad- Opportunity Center 3.00 Iowa Medical Supply Co,, Equipment-Opportunity Center 33.30 JOrgenson Hobby Craft, Materials-Opportunity Center 52.11 Kelllng, Lois • Assl. Dlr. of Opportunity Center, Mileage 74.70 Kruae Foodland,* Groceries- Opportunity Center 2.38 Larson Drug Store, Materials- Opportunity Center 6.20 Legan, Mrs. Wayne, November Care & Clothing- Gary Bordwell 166.00 Livermnre, Town of, Lights- Opportunity Center 46.07 Morse, Raymond, December Refund-Orlan Bordwell... 117.80 Murphy Custodial Home, December Refund- Wayne Bordwell 117.80 North Central Alcoholism Research Foundation, Inc., October Services- Carol Fcdkcnheuer Basta, Paul E. BasU.-Bonald F. Klinger & Gail D. Rosendahl 552.00 North Central Mental Health Center. Inc.. October Care, Mlg., • .Clothing & Misc.-Virginia . '- Larson ....,....'... 209.05 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service- Opportunity Center 32.00 Olson's Plumbing & Heating, November Rent-Opportunity Center. 100.00 Tommy Dale Memorial Hospital, November Care & Medical- Faith Truelson 132.50 Webster County Home, October Care — Medical- Alfred Charlton, Lester Rummens & Gerald Wadsley 1.887.38 IN THE MATTER OF THE MENTAL ILLNESS GAS'S OF THOMAS DEAN KNIGHT As* S. A rent. Physician Fee. 25.00 Franklin Jaqua, Attorney Fee 25.00 Marvin J. Andersen, Sheriff Fee 13.00 Harlyn A. Sloebe, Attorney Fee 25.00 LOCAL HEALTH FUND Humboldl Care. Center South. Supplies-Nurse 6.00 Humboldl Pharmacy, Supplies- Nurse 4.25 Humboldt Printing Co., Supplies-Nurse 68.54 Iowa Medical Supply Co., Suppliea-Nurse 5.90 Knutson. Donald S. • County Sanitarian, Mileage 40.70 Laraon Drug Store, Supplies- Nurse 6.46 McCormick, Madonna • County Nurse, Mileage... 84.40 Midwest Carbon Co., Suppliea-Nurse 8.14 Northwestern Bell Telephone Co., Service-Nurse 27.58 Whittleiey, Marilyn • Part- time Nurse, Mileage 37.60 VETERAN AFFAIRS FUND Joiner, Charles A. • Commissioner, Fees 55.00 Telford, Desn • Commls- • sloner, Fees £ Mlg 9.20 City Clerk, Water 39.18 Cash Award 150.00 Iowa Public Service Co., Service 74.84 Cash Award 100.00 Cash Award 88.00 Cash Award 50.00 ELECTION FUND Boone Blank Book Co., Supplies 284.11 Hudek Printing Co., Printing Ballots 34.45 Humboldt Printing Co., Ballots 4 Notice 320.29 Matt Parrott ti Sons Co., Supplies 233.03 BODE David H. Engel. Judge 28.00 Judith M.Hoover, Judge.... 28.00 Oliver Lee, Judge 28.00 Pearl M. Barber, Clerk 28.00 Lucille Torgerson Clerk 4 Mlg .: 33.90 -BHADGATE Kathleen Jennings, Judge; Delivering It Returning Supplies 36-20 Florence Madsen. Judge.... 28.00 Merna Benjamin, Judge 28.00 Sandra Edler. Clerk. 28.00 Gertie Brandhoij. Clerk 28.00 DAKOTA CITY Andrew Walluksit, Judge. 33.00 Gerald Smith, Judge 33.00 George Solbeck. Judge 38.00 Carol Fortner, Clurk 83.00 Lorraine Lowe, Clerk 33.00 GILMORE CITY Dorothy Gleason, Judge 80.00 Frances Willttt, Judge 30.00 Peggy Miller, Judge 30.00 ».10 &<% ill* tiff* am) pfte* nWlire. AdeUtVett re»f»rt» «ig»... J.E. Burner, Judge Perry Morse', Judge: Delivering Supplies . Bertha Dailey, Clerk Beverly Neubauer, Clerk 28.00 28,00 29.00 28.00 26.00 Shirley Wollderly, Judge ft Mlg 34 40 (CatherineSmith, Judge....' Sz'oo BeulahErdrtian, Judge 32.00 Uclle Olson, Clerk 32.00 VlfglnlaPaeper, Clerk 3200 OTT09EN AldeanJ, Olson, Judge.. 2700 •Luella Watnem, Judge 4 Mlg 31 00 Dorothy K. Struthers, Judge 27 00 Diana F. Summers, Clerk... 27,00 Mildred L. Enockson, Clerk 27 00 PIONEER Estella Walsh, Judge,. 30.00 Vllda Peterson, Judge... 3000 Paul B. Lynch, Judge 30.00 Lillian Meyer, Clerk 30.00 Bertha Prank, Clerk 30.00 RENWCK Darrell W. Matteson, Judge * Mlg 47,00 Donald Glazier, Judge 31.00 John Swanson, Judge 31,00 Robert Plndell, Clerk 31,00 Benson, Ralph, Clerk....... 31,00 RUTLAND Ann Salmon, Judge 28.00 JeanHirsch, Judge & Mlg... 29,20 DollicBonde, Judge 28.00 Barbara Gregory, Clerk 28.00 Gladys Vesterby, Clerk 28.00 THOR Constance L. Thorson, Judge 28.00 Luella A. Carter, Judge 28.00 Margaret A nderson, Clerk.. 28.00 Margaret Blondahl, Clerk... 28.00 BANG'S DISEASE FUND Harmon, Dr. D. C., Vaccinations 57.25 Linn, Dr. S. D., Vaccinations 14.50 Stoakes, Dr. Jack D., Vaccinations 6.60 Lemly, Dr. L. K. and Dr. R. A. Howland, Drawing Blood Samples 27.00 Owen, Jo Anne, Drawing Blood Samples 7.20 SANITARY DISPOSAL FUND Humboldt County Sanitary Landfill Comm., Apportionment 8,950.00 FAIRGROUND FUND Humboldt County Agricultural Society, Apportionment 3,250.00 REFUND FUND Warren, Mrs. Hazel, Refund-1972 Taxes Payable 1973 Gilmore City • Gil-Brad. Comm 87.79 MENTAL HEALTH CENTER FUND North Central Iowa Mental Health Center, October Services 1,961.19 TUBERCULOSIS FUND Hormel & Co., Geo. A., Indemnity rrr. 51.23 Hygrade Food Products Corporation, Indemnity... 380.88 Rath Packing Co., Indemnity 54.68 Rath Packing Co., Indemnity 54.13 DRAINAGE FUND Dlxon Humboldt County . Lumber Co., Materials- DDNo. 88 4.60 DDNo. 13 2.25 Giese Construction Co., Inc., Eat. No. 9 Sub Final-DD Humb.-Wr. No. 3-47 5,923.59 Eat. No. 10-Final-DD Humb.-Wr. No. 3-47 19,905.03 McClure Engineering Co., Fees-DD No. 9 384.84 McClure Engineering Co., Fees-DD Jt. Humb.-Koss. No. 1 858.54 McClure Engineer Co., Fees-DD No. 6 Miller. Shumway, Fristedt & MacDonald, Fees-DD Humb.-Koss. No. 1 P & M Stone Co.. Inc., Stone-DD No. 5 Secondary Road Fund, Labor, Equipment Rentals & Materials DDNo, 4 Sub 1 of DDNo. 7 Sub 2 of DDNo. 11 Sub 5 of DDNo. 11 DD No. 13-A-r DDNo. 18 DDNo. 23 DDNo. 59 DDNo. 67 Lat. 3 of DD No. 4 Ext. of DDNo. 77 DDNo. 98 DDJl.Humb.-Wri. No. 3-47. 'Zcldlers, Inc.. Drain Tlle-DD No. 32 177.69 6.00 11.21 22.20 24.17 84.68 52.99 45.80 28.74 19.64 69.13 16,12 160,36 16.04 358.28 20.65 Moved by Christensen and seconded by Hart, the Board adjourn. All voting aye. Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Marvin Sawyer Chairman 1-30-1 R-46-1 BOARD PROCEEDINGS HUMBOLDT COUNTY, IOWA DAKOTA CITY, IOWA Supervisors Room Courthouse Dakota City, Iowa The Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, Iowa, met In a December session held December 4, 1973, with the following members present: Chrislensen, Day, Hart, Holland and Sawyer. Moved by Holland and seconded by Harl lhat Humboldl Counly provide 1226.19 as mstchlng funds for the North Iowa Area Crime Commission. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Holland. NOTICE OF HEARING TO AMEND CURRENT BUDGET The Board oj Supervisors of Humboldt County, lows; will meet at Board of Supervisors Room. Humboldt County Courthouse, December 18, 1973, at 10:00 A.M. for the purpoae of amending the current following budget adopted August 28.1972. by increasing expenditures for the following reasons and In (he following funds: Secondary Road Fund from 1970,000 to 1990.000; Fair 4 4-H Club Fund from 18,000 to (9,300; Mental Health-Institution Fund from $210.000 to (224.500; County Fund from 1327,292 to 1352,500; Court Fund from (73,990 to (76,990; Veterana Affaira Fund from (20000 to (21.500: Road Clearing Fund from (35,000 to (36.000; We«d Eradication Fund from (10,750 to (11.750, The increaae in expenditures set out 'above will be met from Increased receipta and cask balances not budgeted or considered in the current budget. There will be no increase in taxes to be paid in 1973. tt ft ttW Mtttlftm of tlltfc an of ctttuttttoft In tn* CAnmy, W»orttSc«lent (fl b* Irt the foffll employed for tnat at tkt Ptettdlntffttal Jeat, disBwum-ohu, hwtK pw M mm- billed, will to availifcle tl kit tltfWIt. /»/ Liwren« J.. L« Sal All vMIng «y*. Move* By CflfltteTrteB a fid *»Mnd«l by Hun thai tM MfowHrr* reWltitfoft be adopted: RBSOLtf IttN ASlfi A»t«!A*t6K FOR APPROVAL Or fHR PERMANENT TRANSFER Of WHEREAS, -th*f< tt'lnw, Ifc tn*' hands of tR* irVasufef ihr'snW of* $143,085.00. credited to the County fund, and • WHEREAS. lhcf« is no* In the hnnd* of the treasure? (he sum of -$1.143.58, credited to the Weed Eradication fund, and WHEREAS, It is desired to transfer $1.000.00 from the County Fund, for the following reasons: In order to properly control weed during the past year It wai necessary to spend more than the ' maximum levy for weed eradication. The .addition's! moii«y is necessary so that the Weed Eradi- Smitm 2. tint nil prior resolutions of ofdVrs, itoofnr it* tn« s»rhe may be Ift frohfllel h»few!ih, be and the Ja*e are hereby repelled atid that ihu resotoiintt »n«fl o* effective forthwith ufm% It* BnMntre and approval. PnMwS and approved this ioih day •of ftecerthpr, 1911 /</ MaHin F. Sawyer Chairman, Boftrrf of Supervisors AltMl! /•./ L'n*f>n*e J. Urdal County Auditor Moved by Holland and seconded by Hatt (o approve fur immediate payment the County Indemnification claim to the Treasurer of State in the amount of $794.18 for taxes cnllpotcd thru October. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Chrislensen lo nulhorixo the Trustees rtf HumholHt County Memorial Hospital to invest the proceeds of the bond sale and to award the construction contract. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Chrislensen lo approve payment of the Hnmcmaker Health Aide Service cltten Fund may show a balance —Halms when they are presenle*~AII at the end of the year, nnd WHEREAS, said transfer is to be permanent in accordance with Section 24.22. Code of lows, and WHEREAS, there Is sufficient money In the County fund to meet all demands thereon, and WHEREAS, all laws relating to municipalities have been complied with, NOW THEREFORE, be it resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, Iowa, aubject to the approval of the State Comptroller, that said sum of (1,000.00 be, and the same is hereby transferred from the County fund to the Weed Eradication .fund, nnd the Auditor (Secretarial officer) is directed to correct ' his books accordingly and to notify the treasurer of this transfer, accompanying the notification with a copy of this resolution and the record of Its adoption.. The vole thereon was as follows: Ayes: Christensen, Day, Hart and Holland. Nays: None. /s/ Marvin F. Sawyer (Presiding Officer) /s/ Lawrence J. Lerdal (Secretarial Officer) Moved by Day and seconded by Holland the Board adjourn. All voting aye. Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Marvin Sawyer Chairman 1-30-1 R-46-1 BOARD PROCEEDINGS HUMBOLDT COUNTY, IOWA DAKOTA CITY, IOWA, Supervisors Room Courthouse Dakota City, Iowa The Board of Supervisors of Humboldt County, Iowa, met this 10th day of December, 1973, in a December session, with the following members present: Christensen, Day, Hart, Holland and Sawyer. The matter of offering for sale County—Public Hospital Revenue Bonds of the aaid County was discussed, whereupon Supervisor Hart introduced, caused to be read, and moved the adoption of a resolution entitled, "Resolution providing for the ' advertisement ot $450.000 [.County Public Hospital Revenue Bonds." Supervisor Holland "seconded the motion and after due consideration, the Chairman put the question on the motion and the roll being called, the following named Supervisors voted: Ayes: Day, Christensen, Hart and Holland. Nays: None. Whereupon, the Chairman declared the motion duly carried and the said resolution adopted. Moved by Day and seconded by Christensen the following Resolution be adopted: RESOLUTION Providing for the advertisement of (450,000 County Public Hospital Revenue Bonds WHEREAS, this Board of Supervisors has heretofore, on the 16th day of October, 1973. provided for the equipping, Improving, operation and maintenance of the County Public Hospital (the "Hospital") by Humboldt County, Iowa, (the "County") and providing for the issuance and sale of Revenue Bonds for the purpose of paying the cost of such equipping and improving and pledging the revenues from the Hospital for the payment of interest on and principal of said bonds; and WHEREAS, notice of the adoption of such resolution has been published in the Humboldt Republican, a newspaper published in the City of Humboldl, Iowa, and of general circulation in the County, at least once t'urh week for two consecutive weeks, and no petition responsive to the provisions of Section 347.27 of the 1973 Code of Iowa, was filed within 30 days following the date of the first publication; and WHEREAS, it is deemed necessary and advisable that such bonds be offered for sale at this time: and WHEREAS, it is contemplated that the bonds be dated November 1, 1973, und that they mature serially and in numerical order on November 1 of each of the respective years as follows: Year Amount 1974 (20,000 197? (20,000 1976 (20,000 1977 (25,000 1978 (25,000 1979 (25,000 1980 (30,000 1981 (30,000 1982 (30,000 1983 (35,000 1984 (35,000 1986 (40,000 1987 (40,000 1988 ~ (40,000 provided, however, that the County reserves the right and privilege lo call for redemption and prepay bonds maturing in the years 1984 lo 1988, inclusive, as may be outslanding from time lo time, prior lo their maturity as a whole or from lime lo lime in part in inve'rie numerical order on November 1, 1983, or on any inleresl payment dale thereafter, upon lerms of par and accrued interest at the coupon rate. NOW THEREFORE, Be It and It Is Hereby Resolved by the Board of Supervisors of Humboldl County, Iowa, as follows: Section 1. That County Public Hospital Revenue Bonds of the said County in the amount of (450.000. lo be dated November 1, 1973, and maturing as aet forth in the preamble hereof, be advertised for salt- by Ihe County Treasurer at 2:00 o'clock P.M., on Ihe 8lh day of January, 1974, and that Ihe County Treasurer be and he is hereby authorized and directed to publish notice of sale once each week for at least two successive weeks on the same day of each week, in the voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Chrislensen the Board adjourn. All voting aye. Lawrence 3. Lerdal Auditor Marvin Sawyer Chairman 1-30-1 R-46-1 BOARD PROCEEDINGS HUMBOLDT COUNTY, IOWA DAKOTA CITY, IOWA Supervisors Room Courthouse Dakota City, Iowa The Board of Supervisors of Humbnldt County, Iowa, met this 18th day of December in a December session, with the following members present: Christensen, Day, Hart, Holland'and Sawyer. Moved by Holland and seconded by Hart to recind the November 20, 1973, motion regarding the acceptance of the insurance bids as recommended by W. W. Kllchell, Inc. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Day to conditionally accept the bid of Smith Realty and Insurance Co., Ltd., in the' amount of (14,799.02, payable annually for three years, for the County insurance coverage. All voting aye. Moved by Christensen and seconded by Day to approve the following: RECORD OF HEARING AND DETERMINATION ON THE AMENDMENT TO BUDGET Be it remembered on this, the 18th day of December, 1973, the Board of Suprvisors of Humboldt County, Iowa, met in session for the purpose of hearing on an amendment to the current operating budget adopted August 28, 1972. There was present a quorum as required by law. Thereupon, the Board found that the notice of time and place of hearing was published (or posted) according to law. Thereafter, and on said date the amendment was taken up and considered and taxpayers heard for or against the amendment as follows: Thereafter, and after hearing all laxpaycrs lo be heard, the Board took up the amendment to the budget for final consideration and determined that said budget be corrected by chanifing the proposed expenditures as listed ,ltl the, priginal budget, in the Mental Health-Institution Fund from (210.000 to (224,500; County Fund from (327.292 lo (352,500; Court Fund from (73,990 to $76,990; Veterans Affairs Fund from $20,000 to $21,500; Road Clearing Fund from $35,000 to $36,000; Weed Eradication Fund from $10,750 lo $11,750; Fair & 4-H Club Fund from (8,000 to $9,300: Secondary Road Fund from $970,000 to $990,000; to be paid from additional receipts other than laxation and cash balances at the close of Ihe preceding fiscal year. The amendment does not increase the taxes to be collected In 1973. The vote upon final adoption of the amendment was as follows: Ayes: Christensen, Day, Hart and Holland. Nays: None. /a/ Marvin F. Sawyer Chairman /s/ Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor CERTIFICATION The Auditor was thereupon directed lo correct his records accordingly, and to certify a copy of the proceedings to the Counly Auditor and lo the State Appeal Board to be attached to the original budget for record. ~ I hereby certify the above to~be a Irue and correcl copy of the proceedings of the Board relating to the conaideralion of an amendmenl for expenditures and receipts (other than taxation) of the original budget adopled on 28lh day of Augusl, 1972. Dated this 19th day of December, 1973. It/ Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Moved by Christensen and seconded by Day lhal Ihe laxes be and hereby are suspended on Ihe East 45 feet of Lot 12, Block 9. in Ihe Town of Dakola City. All voting aye. Moved by Hart and seconded by Day thai all Homestead exemptions and Military exemptions are hereby approved or disapproved as checked thereon excepl Ihe following lhal are hereby disallowed; Homesteads: David A. & Barbara J. Beebe, Gertrude C. Ramaeker, Raymond J. 4 Shelda E. Everhard, Paul 0. & Belly M. Byro, Leslie' V. 4 Phyllis M. Anderson. Joseph W. 4 Marvel Arnold, Michael J. & Diane E. Farrell, Gordon & Fleeia Page, Gary L. & Donna L. Schluler, Guy C. Giddings, Harold E. 4 Marvis A. Carter, Raymond L. 4 Ansil Erickson, Tedmar Brodale Jr.: Militaries: Joseph W. Arnold, Boyd E. Crees, Ron Defenbaugh, Glenn S. Jennings. Mrs. Fred C. Jensen, Guy W. Lathrop, Robert MarcelluR, Anna Newbrough, Bernice S.mith, Paul E. Stoddard. Eugene 0. Thompson, Delmer K. Zinnel, Michael J. Farrell, Edna Stafford. George B. Donalds, Ro«er E. Isacson, Guy C. Giddings, Richard B. Zanders and Floyd L. Htim. All voting aye. Board Chairman Sawyer appointed Hart and Day to count cash in the various offices on December 31, 1973. Moved by Hart and seconded by Day the Board adjourn. All voting-aye. Lawrence J. Lerdal Auditor Marvin Sawyer Chairman 1-30-1 R-46-1 Bradgate Prtday tot hef fcwwe It Albtrqwftirtiiity N.M. t sptstidlftg stfowal wesks fief daughter* 1 *nd and MM. Vifftl Hacktf, Dave Alien, AureHftj ««d Rick Langfefd', La Porte Gtty, visited wfUr^lbfen MfiSofi. The boys were en route Mek to Westmaf- College at Le Mats. LorefJ JohftStth '.'• f§- tuffied to sSfttfel Weditesdity, Mr. and, Mrs. Zola Pjsel entertained tnfe Gilmore City- Bradgate seWjaol board members Sunday evening. Those attending weffe Mr. and Mrs. Gordon Jehsfe^. Mr. and Mrs. Dee Dodd, G|lmore City, Mr. and -Mrs. Afttold Torkelson, Pioneer and Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lawus. Mrs. Alvefta Odland ehter- tained the Get-together Club at Val's Cafe at Datota City, Thursday evening. Guest couple was Mr. and Mrs. Donald Haley of Missouri. Prizes were won by Mrs. Gordon Lanning and Bob Marchant, Mrs. Elmer Naeve and Don Haley. Ted Lee won the trick prize. Miss Beryl Dickey will be hostess in February with Mrs. Emelia Benjamin assisting. Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Spielmann, Julie, Darcie and Dana, Marshall, Minn., spent the weekend in the home of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Behnkendorf. Joining them for the evening Saturday were Mr. and Mrs. Bob Behnkendorf and Alan, Algona. Potluck dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Pedersen Sunday to help Alan Pedersen celebrate his birthday were Mr. and Mrs. Darwin Pedersen and family, Webster City; Mr. and Mrs. Myles Pedersen and boys, Plover; Gene Pedersen and Marc, Gilmore City; Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Westberg and family, Rutland; Alton Mitsven, Humboldt; Mrs. Irene Hemerson and Dennis, Ted Lee, Mr. and Mrs. Leon Erickson and Mr. and Mrs. Herman Bleich and boys. Mr. and Mrs. Duff Peterson, Rolfe, entertained their 500 card club Thursday evening. Mrs. Gerald Pedersen, Leon Erickson, Mrs. Leon Erickson, Gary Pedersen and Mrs. Le Roy- Rude won prizes. Mr. and ;Mrs. Delmar Johnson and| ; Loren visited Sunday afternoon with Mr. and Mrs. Metrlfe Halsrud at~ Ottosen. Mr. and Mrs, Leonard Lanus called • on Mrs; Leo Flaherty at the Pocahontas Community Hospital Monday afternoon, where she is a surgical patient. At the annual business meeting of Rutland Trinity Lutheran Church held Jan. 16, the following officers were elected: president, Jay Vesterby; vice president, Stanley Benjamin; secretary, Russell Jensen; treasurer, Gene Madsen; improvement fund treasurer, Elven Dornath; head usher, Donald Madsen; decon, Marvin Kubly; trustee, Virgil Williams; Sunday school superintendent, Glo'ria Strickland; and assistant Sunday school superindendent, Janeice Paulsen. Officers will be installed Sunday, Jan. 27, by Pastor Marc Engelhardt, who is presently serving as pastor. ALCW of Rutland Trinity Lutheran Church met at church parlors Jan. 10. Hostesses were Janeice Paulsen, Dorothy Isacson, Oleda Entler, Dorothea Watnem, Bonnie Watnem and Merna Benjamin. President, Rose Stockdale, conducted the meeting. Other new officers installed by Rose Stockdale were vice president, Ardis Dahl; secretary, Delma Guderian; treasurer, Carla Fal- tinsen; education secretary, Beulah Benjamin; and stewardship secretary, Gladys Vesterby. Program "Listen" was given by ALC officers. Next meeting, Feb. 14, will be an all day sewing session from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. with potluck dinner at church parlors. week Mrs. Cotjper ateem- pftnieti tfottts CdttjfSer t6 Pott Dodge where she visited Mrs. Hollis Cd6pfcf, a surgical patient, Mrs. Bessie Cooper, and Mrs. ErneM Eno«ksofl both medical patients At Trinity Regiofial Hospital East. Mr, and Mrs. Lorry Ellis, Lylton, were Sunday supper guests of the James Ban- warts. . Mr. and Mrs. Roy En&cksofi were Sunday evening visitors of Mr. and Mrs. John Satern, Bode. Stanley Fowler, Chicago and Edna Fowler, Humboldt, were Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs, Kermit Fbwler. Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Yovmgworth returned Tuesday from a months vacation. They spent most of their time with their son, Gary Youngworth at Ellicott, Md. While there they went to Ocean City, spent some time in Washington, D.C., and went through the White House. They then went to Fairmont, W. Va., for two days to visit friends. Evening canasta met with Viva Wittmier, Jan. 17. Substitutes were Faye Lichty, Dora Schipull and Sharol Hefti. Sharol Hefti and Faye Lichty won prizes. Rev, and Mrs. Young entertained some of the bachelors at the parsonage Sunday for supper and entertainment. Those attending were Harold Schipull, Francis, Walter, Clarence and Lester Hinz. Four others were not able to attend. Ottosen Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Lanus and Wanda and Mrs. Edna Marchant were Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Walter Brockway and family, Sunnyvale, Calif., were Monday afternoon and evening guests of the Lenhard Holdens. Oliver Christiansen, Clara Solberg and the Richard Bakken family were visitors especially to see the Brockway family. Mr. and Mrs. Roy Taylor, Austin, Minn., were weekend i'iii"sts nf the Howard Hellicksnns. Mrs.' Cooper spent the weekend in the Hollis Cooper home, Dakota City. Several times throughout the Hardy Tony Anderson flew to Las Vegas Friday evening. Saturday morning Jacob was baptized at Christ Church Episcopal Church. Mrs. Anderson's brother-in-law, Father Rick Simpson officiated. Sponsors were Father and Mrs. Simpson and Jim Chandler who was proxy witness for Alan Anderson. Saturday afternoon Mr. and Mrs. Cledis Anderson attended the wedding of Mrs. Tony Anderson's sister, Liddy Chandler, and George Robert, held in Christ Episcopal Church, Las Vegas. Sunday Mr. and Mrs. Anderson visited MGM Hotel Casino. Sunday evening Mr. , and Mrs. Cledis Anderson and . Mr. and Mrs. Tony-Anderson 1 and Jacob flew back to San Francisco. Mr. and Mrs. Anderson visited other places in San Francisco during their stay. Mrs. Annie Amerson accompanied her brother and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Nels Rasmussen, West Bend, to Goldfield Monday afternoon where they visited in the home of Mrs. Amerson's and Rasmussen's sister, Mrs. Minnie Severson. Other visitors in Mrs. Severson's home that afternoon were Mr. and Mrs. Fred Rasmussen and Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Rasmussen, Wesley. Mrs. Bill Walkner and Mrs. Evelyn Mack attended a postmaster's meeting at Hillcrest Restaurant, Humboldt, Monday evening. Mrs. Walkner was one of three postmasters presented with a Certificate of Appointment, for recently appointed postmasters. Mrs. Ella Jensen and Mrs. Loyd Larson, Humboldt, attented the Garden Club program committee meeting in the home of Mrs. W. H. Pannell Tuesday afternoon. Bill Walkner went to Des Moines Monday afternoon where he attended a fertilizer convention in Veteran's Auditorium, returning home Tuesday evening. Mr. and Mrs. Herman Krause were dinner guests Monday in the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Vorland, at Clear Lake. Mr. and Mrs. Dean Kitley, Kevin and Kelsey, Renwick, were supper guests Wednesday in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Kitley. Mr. and Mrs. Eldon Walter visited Sunday afternoon in the Gail Wigans home. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pannell visited Monday afternoon in the R. G. Saxton home. Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Pannell spent Thursday in the home of their daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Petersen, Humboldt. They also visited their grandson, Peter Gabba, who was a patient in Humboldt County Memorial Hospital, Humboldt. Mr. and Mrs. Howard Rasmussen, and Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Rasmussen, Steve and Kevin, were coffee guests Sunday :iiu-r church services in the Lylu Kitluy home. Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Nielsen took their son, David, back to Ames Sunday to resume hfS studies at tM ifoM State University aftet spending the holidays in his home. En route hoffre Mf. a'ftd Mrs. Nietseh visited in the John Vought home at Clarion. Mr. and Mrs. Lewis Johnson visited Sunday afternoon with her mother, Mrs. Odessa Ersland, at the Health Center of Friendship Haven in Fort Dodge. Mr. and Mrs. Lyle Larson and Brian, and Jon Matteson took Valerie Larson ba<*k to Des Moines Sunday where she is in nurses training at the Iowa Lutheran Hospital. Miss Larson spent the holidays in her home here* vfsftar Mrs. Richard ttovlatid attended a bridal shower for Maflbeth Arndt fit the Zion Lutheran Church at Httftt- boldt Sunday afternoon. Mrs. Omer Andersdfti Mi*. Hannah Johnson, Mrs. Anna Wergeland and Mrs-. Elmer Saboe attended a birthday party for Mrs. Ed Askelahd in the Rotary Ann Home at Eagle Grove Friday afternoon. Mrs. Arnold Thorson, Sioux City, visited a few days this Mr, M Mr*. AffiS§8, Wfirt! In tU0 L/arryi Mbojiamuu iiumv?. Mr. and" Mw. L*o Kuehnasf attended a card party to *** Vfrgil Davis home," Saturday eveiitaft, Rhonda Htppen, ttaney Nelson and Steve foessa of Utfl, Cedar Fails* are spending a Week's semester break ft their respective homes. Mr. aAd Mrs. Manly Bion- dahi spent several days the past week in the .W. J. McDonald home at Bettendorf. ANEW SUBSCRIPTION PUN For Subscribers of HUMBOLDT NEWSPAPERS The Humboldt Republican (Wednesday) The Humboldt Independent (Saturday) TWO SUBSCRIPTIONS FOR THE PRICE OF ONE RULES OPTION 1. Renew your subscription for one year at the regular rate and send the Humboldt Newspapers to a non-subscriber in Humboldt or an adjoining county without additional charge. The non-subscriber must not have been a subscriber within the preceding 12 months. OPTION 2. Renew your subscription for one year at the regular rate and send the Humboldt Newspapers to a non-subscriber to any point in Iowa outside of Humboldt and adjoining counties for $3.50 per year. The non-subscriber must not have been a subscriber within the preceding 12 months. (A) The subscription records of the Humboldt Newspapers will determine the eligibility of the non-subscriber. (B) You must declare the non-subscriber to whom you desire to send the Humboldt Newspapers at the time you make your renewal. (C) Options 1 and 2 are also available to new subscribers. (D) Regular subscription rates are as follows: $7.00 per year in Humboldt and adjoining counties; $8.00 per year to other points in Iowa; $9.00 per year to all points in the U. S. outside of Iowa. The Humboldt Newspapers P. 0. Box 157 Humboldt, Iowa 50548 I am a new subscriber. I am a renewal subscriber. Name Address Please find enclosed my subscription payment for one year in the amount of $ Please send the Humboldt Newspapers to the following non-subscriber: Name. Address Who is eligible for the following option: Option 1_ Option 2 .$No Charge $3.50 ,

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