The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 16, 1981 · Page 6
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 6

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Monday, November 16, 1981
Page 6
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Ptge 6 The Salina Journal - Monday, November 16,1981 Living Today Salina Journal Words being put in parrot's beak? Dear Miss Know-It-All: I gotcha this time. You said in a column several weeks ago that talking birds do not know what they are saying — they are merely mimics. Read the enclosed and go put on a dunce cap. It seems that Arlene Pepperberg, a researcher in the biological sciences at Purdue University, found an African gray parrot in a Chicago pet store. She named him Alex and is teaching him how to communicate rather than mimic. She will ask Alex a question and, instead of permitting him to imitate her, she gives him the correct answer and he must repeat it. When he responds incorrectly, Miss Pepperberg shows disapproval. When he gives the right answer, she praises him and gives him rewards. Alex can now call 40 objects by name, identify five colors and tell the difference between a triangle, a square and a pentagon. When he wants to return to his cage he says, "Wanna go back." Enclosed you will also find a spoon so you can eat your words. — Last Laugh in West Lafayette. Dear L.L.: Sorry you didn't send me your name and address. I would like to return the spoon. There are no words to eat. For openers, Alex is an extraordinary bird in that he is a student at Purdue University. The article states that Miss Pepperberg is involved in an experiment to prove that humans can communicate with birds rather than teach them to imitate sounds — which is exactly what I said they did. •fr -fr -tr Dear Ann: I can emphathize with "Sad and Bewildered," whose husband has put an end to their sexual relations. I, too, am a victim of the same rejection — much too early in life. Not only has my husband given up on all bedroom scenes, but he no longer kisses me hello or goodby. These past several months I have noticed that he goes out of his way to avoid touching me. I know there is no one else. He leaves for work and returns home on ann landers schedule and never goes anywhere without me. I have made several romantic overtures this past year, but his lack of response was so humiliating I decided never to try it again. This man who had been my husband for 37 years is a stranger to me sexually. Granted he is overweight and out of shape, but after four years of no intimacy whatever, I feel I have a right to tell him I want out of this brother-sister marriage. Do you agree? — Untouched in Pennsylvania Dear Untouched: I see more than a man who has slowed down sexually, which for males in their 60s who are overweight and out of shape is not uncommon. A hello and goodbye kiss demands very little energy. Moreover, a husband who goes out of his way to avoid touching his wife has a deeper problem. He needs to see a doctor for a complete physical. If the check-up reveals no physical trouble, the physician should recommend a head doctor. Should he refuse to investigate the reason for his hands-off policy, you have every right to consider your own life. Discover how to be date bait without falling hook, line and sinker. Ann Landers' booklet, "Dating Do's and Don'ts," will help you be more poised and sure of yourself on dates. Send 50 cents along with a long, stamped, self- addressed envelope with your request to Ann Landers, P.O. Box 11995, Chicago, HI., 60611. Club Calendar Mildred Minear Mildred Minear, Downs, received the first chapter-level certificate of appreciation ever awarded in Kansas by the Daughters of the American Colonists. Presentation was made by Beverly Baumer, regent of Dr. Thomas Lord Chapter, Hutchinson, in a recent ceremony in Salina. The chapter has endorsed the recipient as a candidate for State DAC Historian at the March 5 and 6,1982, conference in Topeka. Salina Jaycee Jaynes are searching for the Outstanding Young Woman in the area. The third annual competition is open to women 18 through 35 years of age who contribute to the Salina community by involvement in professional, church, service and social activities. Individuals and organizations are encouraged to make nominations for this honor. The local winner will participate in the Kansas Jayceettes-spon- sored program, and that winner is to be announced at the Outstanding Young Kansans Award Program Feb. 20,1982, in Emporia. Call Connie Hocking, 827-9502, for more information and to request nomination forms. Deadline for receiving nominations la Nov. 23. ' TUESDAY Working Women's Club, noon, YWCA. Bring salad ingredient. Sunflower Chapter 62, Mid-Kansas Life Member Telephone Pioneers' Club, 9:30 a.m. male life member coffee, Elmore Dining Room. Reserva'; tioni required. " YWCA Bridge Club, 1 p.m. meeting, ^ YW. All YW members welcome. V YW Mutual Club, 6:30 p.m. dinner ~ Hunting, YW dining room. Co-hostess- es: Pauline Polach and Ann Cook. Musical program by Inez Carlson. Salina Moose Lodge 721, 8 p.m. pool tournament, Moose Home. Women of the Moose, 6:45 p.m. covered dish dinner for all co-workers and spouses; 8 p.m. business meeting, Moose Home. Birthday night. Long or short dresses. VFW Auxiliary Post 1432, 8 p.m. meeting, Post Home. Elks Ladies Duplicate Bridge Club, 1 p.m., Elks Country Club. TOPS Kan., 76, 9 a.m. weigh-in; 9:30 a.m. meeting, All-Star Lanes, new members welcome; 49, 9 a.m. weigh- in; 9:30 a.m. meeting, VFW, 359, 9 a.m. meeting, United Methodist Church of the Cross, 1600 Rush, and 724, 6:30 p.m. meeting, William Bryan, 300 Maple. Al-Anon, 1 p.m. meeting, Bel Air Southern Baptist Church, 1100 W. Cloud (basement). Al-Anon Dumping Session, 8 p.m. meeting, 601 W. Crawford. Grateful for Al-Anon Family Group, 7:30 p.m. meeting, 643 Briarcliff Road. New Vista Chapter of Families Anonymous, support group for parents of chemically dependent children, 7 p.m. newcomers' step meeting; 7:30 p.m. regular meeting, Friendship Center, 746 Commanche. WEDNESDAY Displaced Homemakers Support Group, 10 a.m. meeting, 4-H Building, 710 Woodside, McPherson. Friendly Neighbor Club, 1:30 p.m. meeting, Bonanza. Mrs. Harry Gunzelman, hostess. New Babies Twins, Steven Lawrence and Laura Louise, were born Oct. 22 to Bob and Julie Quails, 2628 Bret. Grandparents are Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Bender, Bonner Springs, and the late Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Quails, Baxter Springs. Mrs. L.F. Bender, Kansas City, Mo., and Lucy Smalley, Vallejo, Calif., are the great-grandmothers. Designers unveil spring fashion NEW YORK (UPI) — The diversity of sites that Seventh Avenue designers chose to unveil their spring-summer 1982 collections reflects the diversity of the fashions that were shown. Show sites ranged from the blare and glare of Xenon, one of the city's flashiest discotheques, to the majestic main hall of the neo-Renaissance public library. Spring-Bummer 1982 certainly will be a season of choices — and not Just in skirt lengths, which range from mid- calf to super-mini. Oscar de la Renta has revived the gypsy-peasant look for several of his creations, Bermani was influenced by the Mideast, and Mary McFadden turned to the Indians of ancient Mexico. Besides his silk evening skirts with gold ruffles — a rich variation of the gypsy look — de la Renta showed designs ranging from double-breasted coats and linen suits with pleated-front blouses for the business woman, to long, striped silk tunic tops over matching pants cut just above the knee. He also showed colorful linen blouses with ultra-full, mid-calf-length skiits fitted at the waist that have a loose, gypsy look and a variety of straight, short skirts. De la Renta's trademark — meticulous tailoring and detail — is highly evident in his evening collection, which UP) Photo NANCY'S GOWN - The First Lady wore this designer gown last August when the late President Sadat visited the White House. offers a wide array of lusciously beaded tunic tops over silk skirts and pants and long gowns embroidered with jewels. One of the most dramatic presentations for the season was Mary McFadden's. She used the marble-laden, main hall of the main branch of the library to unveil her pre-Columbian inspired collection. The awesome pillars and graceful arches of the hall were an adroit backdrop for McFadden's creations, which showed the petite, Jet-black-haired pixie of a designer to truly be an artist. McFadden used plenty of off-white white, she says, ia the symbol of youth — throughout her collection. The silk fabrics she designed featured scrollwork, Aztec bird heads and human hands. For evening, she showed oganza and silk gauze skirts with sequined tunics and skull caps and lush pleated, lace- edged knickers. Albert Nipon's sportswear for Spring-Summer 1982 is indicative of his well-known detailed touches. A silk, floral-print suit includes harem pants and a top with three-quarter-length sleeves and a scarf that can be worn as a Jacket over a silk tank top, or snapped up as a blouse. His ready-to-wear dresses are in mid-knee and mid-calf lengths and he offers an array of whites in cotton and organza that look antique. Nipon By Night, which the designer just began last April, features silk taffetas, georgette and lace. Among the collection is the organza gown with huge puffed sleeves, full skirt, bowed waist and big buttons up the back that first lady Nancy Reagan wore at the White House dinner last August for Egyptian President Anwar Sadat. For the young at heart, Bermani used the famous New York discotheque Xenon and Jivey disco tunes to show a collection based on safaris and tales of the Arabian nights. Most unique were the cotton Arabian pants that billowed like a skirt all the way down to Just above the ankles, where finally there were two stubby pant legs. (The models did not demonstrate how to run in these.) There were plenty of minis — one khaki-colored, lantern-shaped mini was as short as short-shorts; the model did not demonstrate how to sit in the skirt — and for evening a wild, wonderful rainbow of sheer silks combined in minis, mid-length skirts, harem pants and tunic tops. Children's toys gift for a grandma Dear Heloise: A great gift idea for a grandma or grandma-to-be or for someone who has no children at home but has occasional visits from them is a cheerily decorated box filled with things for children: A small rattle, a box of colored pencils, coloring book, small box of modeling clay, plastic truck and doll, foam ball for safe indoor play, set of plastic dishes, a few decks of game cards like rummy and fish, a few small books with animals and other simple children's stories. All items make a minimum of mess and clean-up and are ideal for a small apartment or house. The box can be kept in a closet or under a bed and pulled out and used when needed. For outdoor use, you could add bubble soap and a pail and shovel. — Mrs. Ellie Bires Great idea! By having varying toys so there's something for every age level, all visiting youngsters should be very content. — Heloise t!r ft * Dear Heloise: A cookie baker I am not, but I keep trying! Even though I shape them into a ball, each time I bake oatmeal cookies, they come out of the oven as flat as can be and spread all over the cookie sheet. What am I doing wrong? Can anyone out there give me the secret of making this type of cookie? Thanks, and please use only my initials. I don't want my friends to know I can't make cookies! — D.D. Sounds to me like you're using too much shortening or oil and not enough flour. The more grease you add to your cookie dough, the more it's going to spread out on the pan. Greasing your cookie sheet unnecessarily can also add to your spreading problem. If the cookie calls for quite a bit of shortening, it may not even be necessary to grease the pan at all. Try lining it with aluminum foil instead. This should solve your problem amd make for easier removal. Anyone else have some tried and true remedies for D.D.'s dilemma? Can't have her doomed to a flat cookie now can we? A special hug to each and every one of you who try, fail, and try again until you succeed, and then share your success with us! You're all so special to me. — Heloise * * * Dear H*loi»e-. If you have to leave your plants unattended for out-of-town trips, and hate to bother your neighbors and friends to take care of the chore of watering them, here U what I do. I water all plants the day before I am to leave. The day of departure, I place each plant in a plastic bag large enough to completely cover pot and foliage. The bag is securely tied at the top. This even works for hanging plant*. Just slip the bag over the plant and secure around the hanger. This acts as a terrarium, giving the plants needed moisture, yet leaving them plenty of room to grow and thrive. — Janet •fr * * DMT HalolM: Do you have a file of heloise II hints from heloise your hints I could get? I keep forgetting to clip out some of the goodies and then, when I need them in an emergency, I'm lost! — Jeanne Jeremy Sure do have a "file." It's my new book, "Help! from Heloise" that's Just been published by Arbor House. Your local bookshop or library should have it. It's full of problems, the kind you readers keep asking me about, and solutions, and it really comes in handy when you're facing a household crisis, something all of us do now and again. Thanks for asking. — Heloise * $• -if Dear Heloise: Instead of just tearing old rags for household cleaning, etc., cut them with pinking shears and eliminate all the stringy edges that catch on things and leave strings behind. — Mrs. G. Martina * A- £ Dear Heloise: To let my family know the dishes in the dishwasher have only been rinsed and not washed, I hang a small picture of a dirty plate on the lever that opens the door. The picture came out of a magazine that was advertising dishwasher detergent. I just covered it with clear self- sticking plastic for longer-lasting quality. — Patricia Mohie * * -tr Dear Heloise: When bathing my little daughter, I use a sponge ball (available in the toy department) to rinse her off. She can play with it and it seems to hold more water than a standard cloth. The ball floats for easy access too. — Kim Clark Dear Heloise: Children love to copy adults, thus the use of salt and pepper was a problem when our children were small. To restrict the flow of the shaker tops, I painted the inside of the tops with clear fingernail polish. After thoroughly drying, I used a toothpick (or ice pick) to reopen a suitable number of holes. This treatment also helped prevent corrosion of the shaker tops that were metal. — Mrs. Alvin Pantke Letters to Heloise should be sent to her in care of King Feature Syndicate, 235 E. 45th St., New York, N.Y".", 10017. Once, I had a secret lave. Lovely Lockets. Tokens to keep love "close to the heart of thee" whether given or received. Many others to choose from in 14K Gold, Gold Filled or Sterling Silver. 108 North Santa Fe Serving Salina For Over 50 Years STORE HOURS: Monday-Friday 9:00 a.m.-5 p.m. Saturday 9:00 a.m.-12:30 p.m. "&t«SZf$t£&SH$&&^ Presenting Bell & Ho well's Super 8 TRAVELMATE" movie camera and projector with telezoom mike and peekaboo case C*m*r* fMiurM: •3X (8.5-J4mm) power zoom lens •Automatic exposure control •XL low-light capability •Peekaboo case— shoot movies without removing camera from case Projector features: •1/1.5 M-31mm loom lens •Automatic film threading 6 PIECE OUTFIT! Christina* Special A-SMILE A-MII\UTE PHOTO CO. Everything Photographic Linda Lost 48 Pounds Have You Been Shopping ., VERMIDA'S Lately? H4-A$Q.7lh I27.0t31 BEFORE I'm a pastor's wife and a gospel singer, and I'm in front of the public all the time. 1 was ashamed of my weight, I had tried every diet there is and exercise salons and classes too — but when I discovered PRC. it was my answer to Iosing48 very unwanted pounds. My husband encouraged me all along and he and my children are proud of my accomplishment. I want to thank PRC. and the friendly personnel for helping me see my prayer answered. Linda Vemon • No Shots • No Exercise • No Expensive Meals Tor TREE consultation and professional help call 827-7207 AFTER PROFESSIONAL REDUCING CENTERS

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