Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on October 23, 1956 · Page 14
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 14

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, October 23, 1956
Page 14
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PAGE FOURTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, OCTOBER 23,1956 Wardrobe By George Six to .By John Cullen Morphy BIU BEN BOLT NOW, WHAT D'VOU THIN INTO THAT NEW KID f SHE COSSM'T / YK/U— -WELL , ,., WITH KE1.U5-WBU., )'MBP'Vl'T H4V6 WOTHiPJ'7'03, SOT j THIS It A A /SXS HIM T'CMOW WITH US. IT'S 5UWIS6, 1|\ THE L6A«t » PAL CCVLP PO CO? DONt T«WK DOM't VOW* we WITH wo EPUCAT-CU weC A UTTuR £>US*I t By Carl Gnibcrt By Wilson Scruggs THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE THE BERRYS THEY'RE ALWAYS READY • -- ' INITIATION CUES AMD LETS SEE ...THERE'S GIMA, VO THAWS" f JUST (XCKTCD DOST J MEW KOWWCF TO' SHOW FIGURES TO PROVE IT' THE SHAPELIEST \V0MEW BV TO vJIVF TWS TO JlL. DIANE, ANITA,SOPHIA,MARTA / PETER, WHAT DO rOJ THINK URSULA AND ZSA ZSA... OF THE CURRENT CROP OF FOREIGN ACTRESSES? By Walt Disney By Edgar Marfin Delight a little girl with this pretty wardrobe— to fit her favorite 74 inch doll! Party frock, 2 school dresses, housecoat, 'jnmas, crinoline petticoat and panties! Pattern 613: Pattern, directions for 7-garment wardrobe, to fit any 74 inch doll. Use scraps! Send 2ft rents In coins for thU pattern — add live cents for each pattern for mailing. Send to Alton Telegraph, 66, NeedleernM Dept., P.O. Ro.x 161, Old Chelsea Station. New York II, N. Y. Print plainly Pntlprn your Ntinie, and Address. Our Rift to you— two wonderful patterns (or youi-self, your homt —printed in our Laura Wheeler Needle-craft Book . . . Plus dozens of other now designs to order —crochet, knitting, embroidery. iron-ons. novelties. Send 25 cents for your copy of this book now— with gift patterns printed in it! BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES DONALD DUCK ,NJ/~ xi'^f ••' lV; w( ! r^(u ^ .'./ i , j- \ ^^^^.-i^ POC-eONt IT.lj^-l-, 5(-\t^^_sr l I'M PUTTING V 1 f • i ~r- i-J t " I,' I *"•*. ("S' i VVHATISIT... '...ON THE .STREET BEHIND THE FLXWHEELP 5 IRON WHEEL.'\ 1 iT5 IN A\V CAR ) 'r NOW/ f\V.\,VME TO HEV-P— W>O\N A LOLO NOISE! ) 1956 b| HI* hnWfc Kin. T.M, Ri t . U.8. ftl. Ofl.|jtJ Bv Carl Anderson By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith THE SAIITH • FAAIILY TWEN 1 SHEEZEO »AY TROUBLE, POOOR.VS OVER TO W\PE 09 TvAt M\LK TWM RKK OUT OF- Half -Size Fashion ALL FEXU OUT THE. <S\PEWA\.K.<"' BUY ONE CAN GET OWE " .vva-C." - «fyj6.sMmife By Dick Turner CARNIVAL TODAY'S ASSIGNMENT By V. T. Hamlin ALLEY OOP JUNIOR EDITORS YES, FOR PETE SM<E,GET 'IM/ D>OLI AWAY FROM / THINK THE SFCOK WHILE / DIGS ANVW/\Y.' i ENGLISH? I PUNNO...BUT HE SURE SEEMS TO SAVVY A EH? WHAZZIS? WHWT OO VOU ABOUT FLIES, FOR CAT5AKE? THIS NNT NO PLKCE FOR K SPENT WIMG...AN OL' V\COLY WORM'S TH' THIMfi... YOU WATCH/ C'MON MI2OOLJE, OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J.R. Williams GOOPV-6OOPV.' HE AAAPE (T/ HOORAV, TH' CUTE THIMG VOU LOOK LIK6 SOU'P LIKE USE THAT GUN ON ME, BUT I'LL BET I COUL17 AVXKE tT TOO IF THERE WAS A HOLE TD THE AGE OF CHIVALRY - 2 ANSWER AM6HT BE IF t -M -ru- ASKED MARTHA WHETHER V K ^Mr^A^AT CUc ^AIT> TMKlinD /-i, rroi/iivr )\ 15 6IVINS <>• frAT 5Hj5 60LD JUNIOR OJTKiemT TO /WK. KLOTZ OR S!A\PLY ASSIGMED THE BUTCHER TO PRE-PARe MlA\ FOR US/ COMFOUMD IT/ \N'HV AW I \MITH 6UCH A ME MOOSE/ TH£ v ^ ^ M < HORNS LL60Y5/ OFFAyOYMn-r,; 1MASIMATIOM? ARE NG A A DELICATE m (:,- ^/ll^y 1 ^ " ^M-*; FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser TKAT , N£\AJ DAI^4TV Dl&H/ OBSERVE 1 CLOSELY NOW--VOU SHOUUP ^MOW WHAT TO oo fe / M ^; W//*<''™$ w// ^-^. M *A ^' The lord of the caatle governed his small community like a king, having absolute power over the people in return for hlB protection. Because his life was often In danger from the envious he usually wore body armor beneath his rich robes. The king's throne was carved in fantastic shapes and richly gilded, he wore a jeweled crown, and carried a scepter, or baton. Many stories of great kings have come down to us in legend. Most famous of these is King Arthur and his knights of the Round Table in the castle of Camelot. Use your brightest crayons to color thia picture, and then paste it down on cardboard. Cut out the parts carefully, and slit, aa indicated, on each side of his hands. Then you can slip the scepter Into his right hand, or slip the sword under both hands, so It lies acrosa his knees. Cut the opening In the crown and put It on his head. Fold back the Jion chair on the dotted lines and king will alt on hla throne. (For contributing this idea first, Ricky Smith, Oakland, Calif., wins $10. Send in your ideas care of this newspaper. Violet Moore Higgins; AP Newsfeatures). 10-23 "For instance, PoUleby there got promoted to office manager because he always did a little more than his job required—caddied for J. B.—shined his shoes!" True Life Adventures PUTS OM HIS K6SY BEAK ROK HI6 WeCT7)Me. ONlV AT S<ATIM6 TIMB 16 TMB 811-t- 5<3 PE^TIVB 1NJ AX1P Tomorrow: A Squire CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner MMM...NOBOOV IN TH 1 OUTER OFFICE, POOt? TO A SACK ROOM IS OPEN. HELLO, ANVBOPY INI? FUNNY BUSINESS By Hershberger "Beat U! Here comes that goofy dog that always points at us instead of birds!" Half-Sixers! Just two main pattern parts plus lacing and pocket sew this dress in a jiffy! You'll love its scaloped neckline, simple bodice, graceful 8-gore skirt! Proportioned for perfect lit—no alteration worries for the shorter, fuiler figure! Sew it now! Pattern 4574: Half Sizes 14H, 164, 18',i, 20'i, 22^, 244. Size 16'i takes 4% yards 39-inch. This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete Illustrated instructions. Send 35 cent* In coins for thlc pattern—add five centa for each pattern for fir*!-HUSK mailing. Send to ANNK ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, n7, Pattern Dept., 243 \V. 17th. St., New York 11, N. V. I'rlnt plainly Name, Address, Size, and Style Number. LITTLE LIZ The lazier a person is, the more he intends to do tomorrow. LATER, HB SHBPg. THE 6AUPYAPPEK J^ KEV6AL. HIS Good Ulhgulsc Aids Convict to Francesco Boschi, a convict, recently made the first successful jai! break in 11 years from San Vittore Prison, Italy. A lawyer group was being shown through the prison. Boschi joined them, wearing a nutty gray flannel suit and stolen sunglasses and sporting a beard skillfully made from shaving- Honey Gt<U limit')' DETROIT A } — Mrs. Margaret Seidelman won the husband calling contest at the Michigan Slate Fair for the eighth time. She advised. "Take a little honey first, it does wonders for your throat." brush bristles. So good was the disguise that the prison guards treated both him and the visitors to a salute us ho kit. This Carp, Jimnila, Drinks hike u Kinli Juanita is billed as the world's only wine-drinking lish. She belongs to Francisco Roig of Villa- netiva y Geltruz in Spain and is visited annually by some 7.UUO people who want to see this odd- looking car,p eat out of Roig's hand and take a daily sip of wine. The fish is 15 years old and every noon pops her head above the surface to eat vermicelli from her master's hand, After the meal Juanita opens her jaw above the -vater while Roig pours a tot of wine down her throat. In Russia, children go school six days a week. to

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