Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 10, 1926 · Page 8
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 8

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1926
Page 8
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1' - PAGE Scattered :fiifiowert('K«llere Dronkht In the |I>laces l>1ierc Jfost 1 deeded. 1 <By the AssrVcInteiJ Prossl •• , Topcka, Kan., June 10. — Heavy raiiis this morning oroke up the drought "In spots" In.North Ccn- trak Kansa.s, where the niotsturc 'supply "iias be^n low sinoe last fall eel iwn and onerhair Inches at l{)-pub- The weather bureau horCf re- led the report pf a rainfall <if lie;! at. CUay. Center. Cltiij •'(In tern a .3.1 l.SC inches at Uololt. and l.L'3 Rxln In Cloud Cnuni}-. T^ipeka. Kun.^ June 10.- Crops in d coiinty,| the hoar|t of the Hfjht bult:' \it Kansas,'received ofiiry rolief lost niRlit, wliiai inch rajin fell there, f Jlut tlie THE lOIA DAILY REGIBTEg^^^ffiOtoAY-^nMiNG. JUNE 10,vl926. TO DEFEND HIS TJTL]^ other norlhWc'stern anil north con: tral jcounties remained dry, K, -li. Flora,, chief said. observer in Kansas Crop l ^idiniute. Topeka, Kartij June 10. —'Tiie ivansas wheaf Crop will yiold 12.40 bushels ah apre> the .state lipard of agriculturij announced tiid.-iy. ieno, SuinncT and Fiml counties, eacli with i^wspects of more Lhau five million bu.shels. promise to; Mad the state in producing .the laiJ.i 72,000 bushol Kansas crop. With the average, condition of Uie crop on June 1 rated ,70 JMT cent of normal, the board of afiri- cullure e.xpected the fifth larKtst prop in the" state's history. Tlie present; prospect haji been e.vcellcd iu realization in 19J4. lOlU, lli20 and 192-1. Last year's crop totalled 74.750,000 bushel.s, while I lie avcr- ase output for the last five years has been 11,1,920,'<UU bushids annually. About 100 million bushels; of this I'tars crop the board jireilii-ieil, harvested in the south central, south-western and central counties; Se<Igwick. Karton, iiice. Pratt, .Stafford, Paxynec. Kiunman. Harper, Ellis. ,Mc.PhePson, fTdwards .Uid iiusii counties were pro,' nounced "sood Jor three to four million bushels e .ncli." "Tlie he.Ti-i of the Kansas wheal 1 -elt, centerinK soiilh- of the big iiend of the Arkansas river, has lierfornied true t.o hisloriral precedent this year," the lioard's: <-roii rejiorl stated. "The month of .May was'decidedly too Hot for wheal; Hainfall [was almost lackirij; iu much pf tlifWheat bell until llie very cloi^e (if the ninnlh.' During the last two weeks of May. wheat burned very'badly west iif the P .lne river and north of tin- niainlihe of the I'nion I 'jKiific- railritad. Soiilli Paul Uerlenhach, light heavyweight chamnjon, will defend li^labr- els against Young StribUng, the Georgia sCMOlboy, at MadlaOi^Squard tJarden tonight. In Siribling the title-holder will meet a worthy oppo- iieni. a i.-crapiier who has been stepping up the pugilistic ladder at a fairly steady Kail. '.Vgainst Johnny Rlsko,"Cleveland bakerl"|«^-.Ber- bnliacli was lucky lo escape a knockout, while Slribling';ca8ily ontyoinl- e<l Iiiiii. If tile Kisko fight can be taken as a criterion, StribIIni^eia8 lo have a good chance of becoming the next^Jjght heavy king, i BANKER IS IDENTIFIED Sherlii Goes To Kenfiicby And Mdcniiiies .Hun Who Knibezzled '; .>lon'ey From KausnN Bank. Ml lired con- 111 (1 llie pnis- I not .seriour- .of tliiS dislriel. w!i .••iili-raldy in .spots.. peel wa.-? reduced 1 (1 • ly. I . - : .: "No possible bre.'ik in w(>all)er coubl now make a tiood crop in the northwest, but at the worst no liart of this section is as bad off as the north central C (iiinl|e.'? were .•I year ago!." Onlv Anil Barley .\rp Poor, < Topeka, Kans. June lo—'liie 'oats trop in Kansas this year \vilIMw> one of the poorest in bislovy. while the hariey'already "is almost.. T total losfi." .The stale. Iinard i)f itKricnUute ioday,:rated the oans crop .sixty six per cent of normal on June 1. compared with '/4 a year a?o. and , T ID year avera ^i' of 7S. Hot weather late in May daiiiased both the oats and barley. Other Kansas croj)s. comi'ared with 'normal prospects*were rated as fdllowa; • ' / Oriiin sorghums'74 per cent; rye 77; rias 7^:' Irish potatoes 71!; lame hay "O; wild bay 70: pastures 74; apples 50; peaches 4ij,: pears -44. i . • • , Allen Coiinljr Is Fonrlli. A table coniiiiled by tlie board of agriculture, ^nd isstied by the AsKocia^led Press, gives the information \hat of the counties of Kansas. .\llen rankf) fourth from the top in the matter of estimated percentage of the normal crop pro-- diiction of wheat. The way in which these coiiiillos are ranked i .S :by the percentai:i> id the normal crop. *In this way. .\l- lel! county is (dose lo the lop al- thouglu-the total number of bushels raised ihlght liot equal thiitof some uisger coiinly. F'ord leads llie list with .Oii pi;rcent of the nornial crop; .Moiitponierv and Wilson comities aro tied for second, each { Bi 'heduled \<f produce .sn perreni of ' their normal output. .Mien cminly, I'tdlows Miih an S7 perceiif crop lo her cre(lit. I'ord .Montgomery and Wilson cfjiinlics.' are li.sfed lo produce .WtiriflOO bushel .i li2fl.0lM). and 2('>9.O00 respectiv(>i>-. Allen, couuly Is "expected to market appro.viin-ij ntely Sn.OOd bu.shels of wheat afterl th<^ harvest. , ttansferms ydqr TooT; dnlleft floooi your «oov ber woodwork, your solleo* locddng fomltare will take on new life, duini and briUiance when you nae O-Ccdar. That'* the tc«tUnony of milHon*. At your dealer'a — 30e to $3.00. (IJy llie Assi >el :it«>d Press) l.oiiisville, Ky. June' 10,- Hherlfr J. n. Turkiimlon of Crawford 'uiiiily' Kansas, today identified llie man held jiere under the liame of II.-10. .Iiuies, as Kd 1) OIH(UI . l)ol- soii Is wanted for- alleged i'mbev!- /•eiiiH 'iit oV more i)ian'?2i)i »,ooo from iiK I' .Slate Ihmk of Mc-,- KiinhjiK, of whidi he was H-easiircr. I ('dlii-e said Midsiui apriM 'd to re- liirii wiljiiiiil i'V(|iii.dlioii papers. Slieiiii' 'I'urkiiiKiiui said Didson 'lad evadi'il officers In \i;w York, t;o ';-ioii, (.'Uica «ii. Sa.n Francisco, and oilier cities Iiefore he was lak. 11 here. ' , , : ' , N. ('.. Wbii'.ocU, a carpenter, vhii lost more $15,000 \vhen the liaiik dosed, made, the trip with 'riii-kiuglon and also identified Uol- soii. Iiidsoii disappeared September 22. 1921. whili- bank examiners were Koiiig. over the bank's records. The in.'-liMilion was closed the ue -.-r day. .-V iiatiiui wide search for I)ols(!n ended with his arrest he ,i-e 'Puesd-.'.y. • "Hello. Ed." .said Sheriff T.irk- ingion as he i)icU»'(I Dol.son from a gniiip of prisoners. Dolson appear.'d stupirfied for - a few mo- iiiein .s. Tl ;en he smiled and answered 'liMwdy." WliiiUicJv also greeted hiip and shook hands with llolson. I'rtvious to I heir arrival, Dolson sloiitly. maiulaiiied "there is .some mistake," sftid denied he Was Dolson. The sheriff said ho would leave today with Poison for Girnrd. Kan. Turkingtoii' and Whitlock said they had known Dolson a number of year .s; as he wius prominent in banking • and • civil affairs - of' Mc^ Ctme previous toNJils' disappearance. FOOT ISCRUSHED BY FREIGHT BUMPERS (Continued from Page i) but It seemed to me that i about eight mliiutcH afler iny foot was caught, (he engineer started the train and when the inovcineiit was such as to f re(^ my fool, I made my way to HID gnnnid." Itenson is the s(fn of IMrs..W. A. Stevensiui, 7l.'> North S •veiilli St., .Muskogee. Okln., :i .nd of W. M. Hensun, owner of the Kansas Auto Livery Coippany. Kansa.s, City. Kan. .Mr. liensoi^ and his wife parted aud both r(>murried. Young llejison wasjon the way to Kansas City from Muskogee. Dr. C. B. Stephens, county health officer, who atte.iidod IJensim. saiil the youth woiild be sent to his mother at Muskogee who telephoned she would like to have the lad. The father at Kansas City told Dr. Sleidiens over the phone that be could make no provision for the boy at prcsetit. MEETING LED BY ACHTEfi (Continued Irom page 1.) From 5- to 6 tomoirow afternoon there iwill be concerts by. visiting bands and banquets for visitors and invited guests as have been an- noiinced, in the Baptist Temple, In the First Methodist church and In the First Presbyterian church. . Thtf stunt night program at 8:.10 in''McraoHal HalJ followa 'the ban- quetk and at 10 oVlocK the dances in Memorial Hall and Klks Hnll. Vvdmis ^ions to these events will be by convention, badge only, as will theatre admissions. , Convention delegate^*) to a con- 8lderalil«! number are he At but larger ileltigations will come toiiight. ptu^undred and fifty from :the Westeni sectron of the state alono will reach the city on the Stin-. flower Special, over the Mis.souri Pacific, tonight. Other trains on other roads :will bring large delegations. Today?.-* meeting was largely routine and principally for secretaries I of councils over.the state. , Chairman Henry, of the transportation committee asks that all who have promised'iiiotor, cars'for the convention motor trip iover the city Saturday morning be certain to have their cars at tho hall by 9 o'clock. The following delegates ;h.-id registered up to noon: H. P.' Align, Wichita; J. H. OWroyd, Ottawa; R. B. .McConahey, Ottawa; W, H. JleCoin, Wichita; C. W. Stafford, Lawrence; G. W. Seltz, George H. Hearvey. E. S. Brewster, Leavenworth; R. B. Redfield, Chanute; BiJwin C. Curtis, M. Relchbach, Arkansas City; W. C. Benner, Wintie^d; Kd Fessenden, Emporia: N. J. Spencer. Norton; C. E. Pendleton, DdJgc City; W. W. Watklns, Coffeyvllle; P. A. Carriher, Fort Scott; S. C. Varner, Jr., Independence; .M. A. Witt, Manhattan: A. H. Reinhart, Parsons; M. O. Frend, Pittsburg: E. P. Bemardin, ]far- SOMB, and ,P. 1". Kreipe. Topeka. \ ASKS VISITORS IN BASEBALL (By the Associated Press) >'iitloiiaI league. Chicago^ .5b2 000 020—4 11 Boston 200 300 30x—8 12 a Bush; Blake and Uartnett; Benton and .J. Taylor. St. Louis .002 001' 000—3 11 )> New York 000 100 100--2 5'6 -Rhem land O'Farrell; McQuillan and Florence. . Pittsburgh 054 000 00 Philadelphia ..OIM 072 31 . Meadows, •- Oldbam. Adams Smith. Spnger: Wlllougbby, Dean Mitchell and HenllneJ and Cinelnnafci 210 010 000—4 9 0 Brook yn - 000 002 010—3 5 1 Lucjbe attd Margrave; Ehrhardt. McWeeney and Hargreaves. Barnes O'Neal American Leatnie. Washington OOl'OOO 0 Cleveland ...i .Oiq 001 1 iCoveleskie and .Ruel; Buckeye and Myatt. •Il^iladelphia ..010 001 2 Chicago OOC' 000 0 Quinn and Cochrane; Lyons and Grabowskl, Thurston. Miller bit home run 1st of 8th. New York 120 03 Detroit 000 00 Pennock and Collins; Johns and ?(lanion. Smith. • KegMilr Balldinfr Open to .U.-C. T., iind .SiMtlul Bid to Fight I'arly. .,Ui:idd Wins Tournunient. IXHy .llie Assoeiati'd Pre.ssi Liverpool. June 10.—Georee Gadd. British golfer, won tlie British northern profes.sional tournament, which ended here today, wiih an aggregate of 29fi for the 72 holes' of stroke play. One of the points of interest which Tim Uegister hopes will be attractive to II. V. T. visitors Is the Register building and the man- a({ement extends all visitors, their ladies and friends a'cordial invitation, to call. Inspect the building and eqiilpiiK ^nt ami make Ihem- Ives thoroughly at home. 'ron/vhl at 9 o'clock, the Ilcgls- fer will give its Bcrlenbach-Strlb- ling fipht parly and a special In- vitati(ui is sent the W. C. T. and friends to come to the Register building and hear the, round by round report by special leaded wire. The Boy.s* and Girls' Glee Cluba that left lola .Monday: morning by truck and autos; reached their destination. Manhattan, ut midnight .Monday night. They are being entertained' by the faculty members of the State Agricultural College in the way of demonstration con- li.'sts in agriculture and house economics a.« well as livestock,;.dairying, crops and home economics judging contests, health.con­ test. .Mr. H. .M. Coe Is state club leader and is giving the boys and girls a very interesting and profitable week. Tho Allen county crowd is expected to arrive home Saturday,night. Boston 4 St. Louis 0 Zahnizer and Bischolf; 'Vanglld- er and Hargrave. SEARS IN LEAD NO«i Prlniarr for Congre^lodill Xoml^ natioii In Floridiik UkelTlo Go . ^ to Repabllean. (By the Associated PresMi) Jacksonville, Pla., June 10. T -11« H vised figures Including twd' precincts missing from Monroe county and sixteen out of twenty five precincts in Brevard county with a minor change In the Volusia county totals gave Congressman W, J. Sears i lead of 426 over Mrs. Ruth Bryan Owen In the race for the Democratic aominatioo-. for congress from the fourth Florida district today. The revised totals were Sears 20,437; Owen 20.009. —Phone your Want Ads to 18. Cirr EXGDiEER RESIGNS PLA<^ (Continued from page 1.) ties Guilford Cresse Glynn to leave the: city hall. Commission Glynn was the first bead of the utilities . department under the commlBsion form of gov- femment and Mr.- Glyifti was one of the leaders in initiating the referendum which resulted in the adoption ot commission rule in lola. ' ' .. > • • Vene D. Fry was appointed city engineer by Commissioner Glynn and Enffirieer Boulson came to the city hall as Engineer Fry'^ assist­ ant. When Fry resigired about ten years ago, air. Boulson was ap-^^ pointed to the vacancy. : ' The contest over the adoptipn of commission rule was jspirited and~^ when its advocates were successful, proponents of- the'cause were ^ "given the principal ajypointments. > —Phone your Want Ads to 18. WALL COVERINGS The mcst complete stock of Wall Papers and fine Wall Coverings in lola. Rowden^s Welcome! If. a T. ALL L^0IES% MEN'S AND CHILDkEN'S SUPPER PRICES CtIT TO PLEASiB £yERYdNE'$ POCKET EVERY SLIPPER i OH LATEST STYLE FOR AND EARLY SUBfMER ALSO SPECLiL PRII^S ON MEN'S SS DONTMISS THIS SALE!! SALE IS THE LATE SPRING FOR PJEtlCES ates y LOW Summer Califoriiia—Colorado-^NeiiD Mexico and Numerous Other. Points Throughout the West, North, East Tickels on sale daily until September 30tli. Stopover any place—eitlier going or returning. Go one way—return another. THE FOLLOWING ROUND TRIP FARES APPLY FROM lOl.A: 1.09 ANtiELES Ka±3 SAX FBA\('ISl-(> SAX DIEGO - Vl%2» PORTLAND _ *;9.30 SEATTLE _ - - r*f>M DE.NVER Sir.-;; roLORADO srys SJi».3« BOt'LDER ST. PAl'L ATLA.V-nC CITY *h;.t« ThrouKli.Sleeiilng Car .Service lOIiA fo,Colorado .Springs and Denver, leaTip? at l:iNp.ra. dally, arriving Colorado Springs :i:l() and IJenver r>:l.'> next afternoon. Also Through .Sleeping Car for Chicago, leaving 1 :28 p. m. dally, arriving Chicago S:l<l next, morning in time for all Eastern ronnH -tlons.' Santa Fe We have lots of Vacation Booklets and will fe'latlly help you plan your trip. . . The Grand Canyon and Indian Detour are on your Santa Fe-Fred ilarvey way to California. W. E. RALSTON, Agent Phone .175 lola, Kans. OUK AIM: TO SERVE YOp WELL AND FAITHFULLY —ALWAYS BRIGHAM BLDG. . mtrrunoN- DEPABTMENT STOBES SOUTH ^DE SQUARE WHERE S.\VINf;S AKE aREATE.ST THHOIOli THE YEAB In these Men's and Young Men's Tropical Suits Without the Sacrifice of Style—the Style is BUILT- IN—thejjr're Shape-Retaining. YOUNG MEN'S Tropical Worsteds In the New Summer Shades and Patterns. These suits fae^ you face busy Summer Days—of work or play—with confidence. In shaiJes of grey, brown, tam and blue— plain and ctrqied effects. Other Hot Weather Suits at $9.90, $13.75 to $22.50 A Stylish^ Leghorn Hat Has Endurance and Good Looks . The hardest wear- ;injg^V4lf'ibe straw li. Of genuine 8t r aw — ltw<5|tht, stylish and* trimmed - with fan(7 b^ds. Ezc^itioailly wdl m a de.. timm ^^ioiit, well finiahed^ too, •Witli bwntifiil satm fining; 'AVakwtliat will appbal to men of cEsoeniiJMaL At our modente price of $2.98 Sennit Straw :^ts Ready Thif fine, white Sennit straw hat, feattiTes oor com- fort-fittingr -insert, excellent workmanship, trimmed with newest fancy bands, sa'tia lined. One-of our outstanding values at this popular prict>— $1.98 and $2.98 I* •-,1-

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