The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on April 15, 1935 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, April 15, 1935
Page 4
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r ^^ T - j ' " -~ r H • Ginger Snaps, 2 Ibs., 19c 'Vanilla Wafers, Ib. . .15c McGraws' Food Store •. AUTHOR OP TEXT BOOK. Prof. John H. Matthews of Purdue, Has One in Schools. Prof. John H. ' Matthews, instructor in engineering, in collaboration with Prof. Phillip E. Sohcson, also an instructor o£ eu- 'gineering at Purdue, have issued .a text book, which lias already been adopted by four of the leading universities of the country. j The book us from the press of the McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., of Xew York City, nationally known publishers o£ text books. The volume is entitled "Analysis of Framed Structures," and it lias been most highly praised by those who have examined it. In commenting on the work 0110 writer says, 'in part: ("The author's paramount aim has been to train the student . to analyze a problem completely, to solve it by reasoned steps embodying the concepts and to arrive clearly at a sensible solution by deliberate dt- rr-'t stages." • Prof. .lohii H. Matthews, author of the book, who has been an instructor at Purdue university for several years following his k'nuluatiuii from the Tipton hign school and Purdue university, is ii soir of Mr. and .Mrs.'H. S. Matthews, of Columbia avenue. DISTRICT LEGION MEET. Walter T. Cohee Post Xo. 12 of Frankfort, to Entertain April 25. Commander Leroy Flake of Charles Sturdevant post, American Legion of Tipton, has received from Commander Tim V. Ransom of Walter T. Cohee post Mo. 12 of Frankfort, announcement in connection with the Fifth district meeting to be held there Thursday, April 25th. The Frankfort post has assurance that either National Commander Frank N. Belgrano or National Adjutant Frank Samuels will be the speaker for the evening meeting. A short business session is to be held followed by a dance at the Elks home. The banquet will be served at fi:30. Fifty cents -covers all charges and every post in the Fifth district will be represented. Tiplon and Kempton posts are planning to send large delegations and invitations have been sent to all posts of the old Ninth district which are not included in the new Fifth district. RIOTS IX IM>IA. Shirley Temple Perfect. Hollywood. C'al.. April 15. — Shirley Temple is nut only a pretty good film actress, but she is physically "perfect" as well, a lii'e insuraiU'U prysii-iau said yesterday in coinpletins an examination as part of 'her application for insurance. ' ' New Delphi, India, April 15.— Communal riots flaring throughout India took a week-end toll counted yesterday at nineteen killed, including three children burned to death, and at least thirty-five wounded. The worst clash broke out at Forozabad. where smoldering antagonism between Hindoos and Moslems flamed into fierce fight^ during a Mohammedan pro- With SJioeley Shows. W. L. lioi.'hovor ha.-; receivod word from hi.* son Robert Bockover staling he was with the Cleat Sheeley Shows, now playing at Aslleville. X. ('. The son writes that the shows uvo working northward and will be in Indiana in about six weeks. The Tipton man is in clu'rge of the display with the carnival, showing some, badly crippled and deformed persons as a result of automobile a<-Mdi-nt-; and is v.-ork- ing under tin; American Safely Society, which is Riving an object .lesson in the results of careless and reckless driving. Nineteen Reported Dead in Outbreaks Over the Week End. cession in connection with the Muharram festival. Bricks were hurled from rooftops as the procession passed in front of a Hindoo temple. This touched off a riot which was dispersed only when police fired thirty rounds into a shrieking mob. One Moslem was killed and seven combatants wounded. Three -children and eisht others were burned to death when trapped in a blazing house set afire bv the rioters. \V.4S 1>KESK\TEI> QUILT. Pocaliontas Kurhre and linnet Saturday Night Well Attended. Daily Hible Quotation. Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in thy sight, 0 Jehovah, my rock and my redeemer. — Psalm 19:14. The euchre party and dance given Saturday night by the Pocahontas lodge was a big success and members and guests had an enjoyable time. Music was furnished by the Donald Coy orchestra. During the evening the beautiful quilt which has been displayed in tbe window of the Boston store was presented by the lodge to Paul Kutz. The present was a most acceptable one in view of the cold weather being experi- SILVER IS SEEN Friends of the Metal Think Present Status Encourages Excesses. GAMBLING IS MENACE New York, April 15.—The silver group scored another triumph last week when the price of the metal made its sharpest gain in years to the best level since 1926. But the rise brought fears that speculative excesses and the attempt to "do something" for the metal in too much of a hurry might result in again discrediting it as a sound and stable basis for currency. Operations of the United States government in silver, it was apparent, have created a delicate technical position in the world market which makes price manipulation comparatively easy. • For almost a year, the United States government has been scouring the world for silver, and through" the accumulation of some 400,000,000 ounces in that time it has virtually stripped the world market of its immediately available supplies. At the same time an unwelcome speculative following has been attracted. Because of the tightness of the technical position, the stage is believed to be set for a speculative orgy in silver unless corrective measures are taken soon. As all operations are carried on abroad — futures trading was stopped here last August when the government nationalized silver—the federal government is not in a very good position to stop excessive speculation. Anticipating that the United States will continue to advance the price of silver, this speculative following is bidding up silver prices in such a fashion that the treasury department actually has been unable to obtain any important quantity of the metal in the open market for at least three weeks. •»•» HOOVER PAID VISIT. Former President. Called on Former Governor Goodrich Sunday. and ninth genera prehensive p MPtON DAILY f RlBttNB OOSSU MER CREDIT, j 1 -. —— | : 'i New" State Lt ws Afford Protection Regulation. (By United Press). Indianapolis, April IS. — With the enacttnei t by the seventy- LUST OF THE ill assembly of a com- ogram of legislation designed to 'bring all; agencies of consumer \ -credit under complete supervision of the department of financial Institutions, Indiana became the first state in tbe union to regular activities in this' field. Fulfilling a[ pledge made to the people of the* state by Governor Paul V. McNiitt, who termed this legislation "the Magna Charts, of Refunding of the Fourth. Liberties Announced by Morgenthau. | SEES BUSINESS SPURT the poor man buy on the who is compelled to installment plan," the group, is proponents to passage o£ the five measures in expected by their have important eco- cial institutions all and other finance nomic consequences by protecting the public froim abuses attributed to many unregulated operators in this field of finance, and by releasing purchasing power now used for payment for credit ' for the purchase ctt commodities, thus assisting in promoting recovery. The legislation brings under the direct control and supervision of the state department of finan- automobile companies, commercial banks, pawnbrokers, industrial loan and investment companies, riiiscellaneous unlicensed lenders, installment sellers and similar agencies of -consumer credit. Its" primary purpose is to put an end to exorbitant interest rates and superimposed carrying charges by which many uncontrolled credit agencies have waxed prosperous by exploiting consumers who have no other source of credit for financing deferred payments on installment purchases. A large percentage of the citizens; of Indiana, who buy automobiles, electric washers, radios, refrigerators, furniture and similar articles of "consumers' goods" on the installment' plan, are seen as beneficiaries of this legislation. j The legislation met organized opposition by | certain groups of unlicensed leaders, who due, to the la-ck of- any legal control 01 regulation, had been reaping ex- horbitaut profits by ejecting extortionate interest rates from borrowers. On the! other hand, it had the support ofj some o'f the more progressive agencies in this field of finance. > CHAMBERLAIN FUNERAI*. Indianapolis Woman Was Burled Monday at Windfall. (By Unlteil Press). Washington, April 15.— "A. large flow of private capital into business was seen today by Secretary of Treasurer : Henry Morgenthau, Jr., in announcing a completion of the federal government's refunding of $25,000,000,000 in war-time borrowings. The treasury last night announced a refunding of the last of the war-time bonds—$1,250,000,000 of Fourth. Liberty loan 4*4 per cent bonds-—into lower interest bearing securities. "We are now just on the eve of seeing substantial benefits of this change," the treasury secretary said. "There is no longer any reason why capital should not flow normally into the arteries of business. In fact it is doing so." The calling of the $1,250,000,000 remaining $25,000,000,000 war time bonds, Morgenthau indicated, paves : the way for the saving of $100,000,000 annually in federal interest charges., The bonds are called for redemption on October 15 but prior to that date a lower interest bearing security will be offlered instead of cash. Funeral services were conducted Monday afternoon at 2:00 o'clock at the Methodist church in Windfall for Mrs. Josephine Chamberlain, w if e of Frank Chamberlain of Indianapolis whose death occurred Friday evening at her home in Indianapolis. Short services were held at the home in Indianapolis Monday morning, after which the body was removed to Windfall, where Rev. J. T. Frost -conducted the services at the church. Burial was in the Brookside cemetery. Mrs. Chamberlain was born in Windfall seventy-three years ago, the daughter of John and Matilda Webber. Her entire life was spent in that town until several years ago when the family removed to Indianapolis. She had not been well for some time, and her death was attributed to cancer. Surviving are the husband, one daughter, Mrs. Harry Collings, and one granddaughter, Betty Jean Chamberlain, all-of Indianapolis; a sister; Mrs. Phillip Un- deriner of Windfall; and -two brothers, John Webber of Windfall and Sam Webber near Indianapolis. The deceased was an active member of the Methodist church, active in attendance whenever possible. She leaves scores 'of friends and relatives in « the Windfall community to mourn her passing. Kentucky Senator Says All Their Plans i to End Poverty Are Delusions. FEDERAL MOVE SEEN HAD BAD FIRE. Former Tipton <Jirl and 'Family Wukciied by Smoke During Xight. Relatives and friends here have received word of a disastrous fire sh - ' at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Al- In addition to this huge saving, „ Herman _ Av ~ the treasury amount the reduced by outstanding that "gold clause" bonds of the government to only ?S, 768,773, 850. thereby lessening its liability should it ever he-forced to "make good" its gold contract. bert Reis of 11SS Herman, Ave., Akron', O., Mrs. Reis'being a former Tipton girl and a daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Kiefe, who formerly lived here. Her father for years was employed at the Lake Erie roundhouse and her mother was a daughter of Mr. '•" ~ motner was a aaugiuer 01 ;v 'r. <t»u In addition to the refunding, MRJ Isaac Falconherry of Tip ton. rtnfntinn TVf rt f (TAT1 t Vl H 11 CO If? t II P ! ~ . • . , HAS BEEN" ACTIVE. Kemptoii Farm Loan Association Managed by J. W. Kemp. Mr. and Mrs. Honi'o Henry and granddaughter, Anita Henry, all of this city were guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Blazier near Kokomo. " : Stomach Gas One dose of ADLERIKA quick, . 9 « relieves gas bloating, clean: out BQTH upper and Iowa bowels, allows you to eat anc A BteeP sobd. Quick, thorough ac- Ugn yet jgentle and entirely tale Windfall by jSchell's Drug Store. Washington Maid Hosiery Chiffon or Service 79c and $1.00 LANE'S SEEK RELATIVES. Man Believed to Be Harry Miller, Railroad Employe, Died in Ohio. Officers here have been asked for information regarding the identified as Harry Miller, about 60 years of age who died at Greenville, O., Thursday. Miller is thought to have two sisters residing somewhere in Indiana, in the city or town, ending in "burg" or "boro." Letters and cards show he was employed on the Santa Fe railroad at Fairview, Okla., from 192-1 to 1929. Winchester, April 15.—Former President Herbert Hoover stopped off briefly here Sunday morning to call on his old friend James P. Goodrich, former Indiana governor. The visit was purely social, Mr. Godrich said. Shortly afterward Mr. Hoover motored to Fort Wayne, accompanied by a secretary, where he intended to make a brief call on another friend, Oscar Foellinger, publisher who was Mr. Hoover's Indiana manager during his presidential campaign. Chicago, April 15. — Former President Herbert Hoover, journeying to his home in Palo Alto, Calif., reached Chicago last night by motor from Columbus, O., and went immediately to the home of a friend. Arch W. Shaw, in suburban Winnetka. Farmers of Tipton, Clinton and Howard countiies have subscribed more.than §42^965 in the stock of the Kempton National Farm Loan Association wljich is located operation, Morgenthau said the government might have a national debt of "considerably less" than $34,000,000,000 on June 30. 1936, as has been estimated in the budget, because the : new works spending program has scarcely started and because tax col- 1 lections in the first nine months of the current fiscal year j were $145,000,000 ahead of estimates. Morgenthau said the government was now carrying its present record national debt of $28,800000,000 for less money in interest charges than the $20,800,000,000 debt in 1925. Washington; April 15. — The| Townsend old-age pension and Sen. Huey Long "share-our- wealth" plans were held redicur lous "delusions" today by Sen. Alben W. Barkley, D., Ky. Some Democrats saw last night's radio address by Sen Barkley, 1932 Democratic national convention keynote speaker, as an administration "keynote" attack cm the Townsend and Long plans. • t _ Ji _ j _ Barkley assailed both plans as "fantastic nostrums" and as a "sort of twin assortment of,Kickapoo Indian salve, guaranteed body, the spirit, and mind or the to cure everything from which the imagination can suffer. ' Or Dr. Townsend's "new discovery," he said: "No greater delusion has been fabricated out of the heartrending extremities through have r been 'passing Townsend prescient which than we this for the at- that "to hold out'such a hope tof distressed and deluded people i*: , to hold before them the sham instead- of the 'substance. The fruit' of such misguidance is bitter di illusionment an'd blasted hopes. • •• •'BALL MAKES DENIAIi " Has Xo Romance With Mrs. Elizabeth Donner Roosevelt. New York, April 15. — The Daily News quotes Curtis B. Dall, former son-ia-law of President- Roosevelt, as denying a reported romance with Mrs. Elizabeth Donner Roosevelt, former wife of Elliott Roosevelt. "Why, I haven't seen Betty in two years," Dall was quoted as saying. He added, according to the Daily News, that he found himself "in the embarrassing position of denying an engagement, to a charming girl." Skeleton Found. tainment of mythical millions." He referred to Sen. Long as the "generous Don Quixote from Louisiana" and criticized his "share-our-wealth" plan as "vis- Hamilton, 0., April 15.—Fin'd- ionary hallucinations." Kempton, .according to J. Kemp, secretary-treasurer. "This stock; has been at W. sub- 1 Brought From Hospital. A newspaper clipping received from Akron by Mrs. W. L. Bockover, shows a picture of a light trellis at the side of the house, up which Mr. Reis went and rescued their 6-months-old daughter Barbara from the burning house. The fire started below from defective wiring and cut off their exit by way of. the stairway. Mr. Reis is a mail carrier at the Akron post office. A neighbor hurried over with a ladder and rescued the other members of the family including Mrs. Reis. and a son Robert, 7. scribed to the extent of 5 per cent of all federal! land bank loans made through j the association. The association was incorporated in 1919, and on April 1, 1935 had 220 first mortgage land loans outstanding for ^he sum of $859,000," he states. BIG SALE i NOW ON! Home Trade Shoe Store Hulleck to Speak. Washington, April 15. — Representative Charles A. Halleck, Republican of the Second Indiana distri-ct, has been invited to deliver an address over the NBC r$d network at 4:15 o'clock Tuesday afternoon. He is to sharre time with Senator Byrns (Democrat, South Carolina). The two members are to speak on the program "Congress Speaks." Is Improving. Mrs. George Kinnett, who has been ijulte ill at her home near Tipton for some Ume, was reported Monday morning to be somewhat Improved. Jackson Funeral. The Liberty Baptist church in Prairie township was filled Monday afternoon when loving friends and relatives" gathered there to pay their last respects to Miss Nannie Jackson, life-long resident of that community, whose death occurred Saturday. The body was surrounded by an abundance of beautiful flowers, tokens of the high esteem and affection In which sire was held by all. Following the services, burial was in the Liberty cemetery. ' «• » '— Were In Lima. Mr. and Mrs. Leater Aaron of Dearborn street spent Sunday In Lima, Ohio, with the Matter's mother Mrs. Earl Koblson, who has W»ff seriously 1H for 1 the past week. They found her quite 111; *lth: Tittle^nottc&ble " • ••-'- On Visit. Mrs. Ralph JPhares and two children of this city left Saturday afternoon for jshelbyville, where they will visit! until Easter with relatives and friends. Mr. Phares will go to Shelbyvllle Sunday, and return home w|lth his family. Lyman Kinnett of this city and Donald Shook of near Mun-=ie spent the weeK end in Muncie and Versailles. Saturday Mr. and Mrs. Ray Parnell were at Indianapolis and returned with their 'nine-months- old son, Allan Ray, who has been under treatment at the : Riley hospital. When 1 taken to the hospital the child had a severe case of pneumonia .and spent several days in an oxygen room. He is now getting along nicely. The chiia is one of twin sons his twin brother, Alvin Fay dying at the hospital March 9, following a mastoid j trouble. Hat Found. A lady's brown straw hat has been left at the Tribune office, after being found on North street between Main and Independence streets. The owner may have her property by calling at this office. Disclaiming any disposition to indulge in personal abuse or vitu- p'eration against Sen. Long, Barkley said: "I abhor his unfairness and his apparent indifference to accurate statements when he is discussing others, and especially his grotesque references to and his malicious misrepresentations of the President of the United States." - Dr. Townsen'd's "absurd pro- •posal" to give every person over 60 years or age $200 monthly pension would cost ?24, 000,000,000,000 a year if only 10,000,000 of 'the 11,000,000 persons over that age drew pensions, he said. He said Long proposed the government seize $165,000,000,000 in wealth from 7 per cent of the people to be distributed among 93 per cent. The government, he said, has no power to do this. He challenged Long to introduce his plan in congress and said ing of the headless skelton of a man, in a culvert north of here yesterday provided Butter county authorities with their latest mystery. The bones, party clothed, were found by John Ross, a farmer who only seven weeks ago reported the discovery of a. skull in the- front yard of his home, which Is.j near the site of yesterday's gruesome find. YOUR UVltWiE- WITHOUT CALOMEL Visited Here. Mrs. Eleanor Urmston and daughter. Nancy, left Sunday afternoon for Ann Arbor, Michigan, after spending Saturday and Sunday with friends here. Mrs. Urmston is taking special work in the University of Michigan and her daughter is in high school in Ann;Arbor. They stopped in Tipton i for the week end after' spending; "the spring^ vaca-. tlon in New AJbany with friends and relatives. ; i Hot Cross Buns * Butterfly Rolls Assorted Cookies DePasse Bakery SEE— MildredSmiley at SLAUTER'S for Your Easter Permanent Ground Beef, Ib ..... 14c Loin Steak, Ib RUST'S Tonight Tuesday Change of Program AndYoiilMi the tioo! Out of Bed IQ -Rarin' to Go At the Diaiui. | A new picture, "The j Swell Head," > featuring Wallace | Ford, Kent. piana theater Monday {and Tuesday ov- Dicky Moore ami Barbara will! be the attraction at the enings. "The SwelJ Head," is built -around a basetail story, with u plot to thrill tbe hearts of kll. T Miss Helen ib* week W guest • AilDT jr -of Leeiburg EXTRA SPECIAL PROGRAM EASTER CARDS To members of; the J family. To Friends. To Sweetheart. , • oiuuor y or ]• With Wallace Ftrd, Tuesday, ApeU 16, is the . sport »«Se--pASKBAU^- tare for tha* occasion. jtp heads hi baseball, tnoap tto^J m» pUjf, «nd atta»*lu* Uke bant .Be* IfrJo^oply one

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