Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 10, 1926 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1926
Page 7
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THE pRKETS BYWIRE EAKtT iRREGlLiVftlTl. t TWc Tloslngr W«s Ffrto, Based on .^^i ^ssire Btddini; M the . ~ EQpipmeilt Slock*. (By thf- .*!i»«cl3t»il ProssV i New York, June 10.—Low^r call money rates and an unexpiectedly small decrease in the untiUed orders of the "iTnjted States Steel Corporation induced sufficient . buying in today's jstock market; to tunji the course of i)rices upwkrd after an - earl,v pertpd Of Irregularity. Trading was in moderate volume.; with puhlic interest still relatively . sfaiall. j . , • The-clojiing was firm. ! Aggressive, bidding for the equipment stocks, bksed on prospects for large orders' from the railroads, roarked tlje late trading. American Ix)conioti\je, American Car 4 Foundry. PresiigU ' Steel Car. Pullman, and naidwin advanced | tD.2 points. General Motors'mealwhlle •attended Its gain to 4% .ponltl, and was folloied to higher iground by Fisher Bdfly and DuPont. Total app£oxiHjated l.-400,000 shares. Kansas City LlTCsttM'k. KHnsas City. June 10.—(U. S. Oopt. of Afirli-ulturoK—Cattle, rc- ^ i(>i|tj? :;,.'.(»<»; laivfs 5'ji»: fed «tffr« ' and yparlinR!-; arrive, HironR to trie hlphfi; iliotie Koi poimd yearllUKH Jlii.;:.; 1,1'l!' pound ySlciTH llO.lri; n" ili'iiri! hcavli'M offered; Texnii grMKH-TK !.'> to 2r>c higher |f!.2.'i« 7T.'.: slii-jstock and bulln Kleady lo Hironc; Voalil- «tijady; "(op %UM; • KtiiikVrs 'and . fcitderK nominal.' ll<>c.-< jS.noO; moHtiy lOr blglwr to ^lifptjors - and .tradors; li«hi IlKliis i."> to i.^>c •hiehi.-rf litiavy welKhtH- dull; big parl (rr8 Inai-livf; top $M.nil on ItiO pounds: hulfe of saU? '$14.20(fil ?.7r.; desirable I 170 to ,2^0 pounds $l».«.Si§fl4.S5; assorted. ISO to 160 pounds up to 115."';;'packing sow .H JlJ..-.0^ 13.10; stock pigs steady,' IH.T .i 'ft 15.73. . Sh^ep.. .3.000: lambs are-gener: ally 25^10 50c lower; some closing sales pff more;, top Coloraaoa $17.75; best natives $17.50; hetter grades mostly ".$16.75 ig 17:25. .Closing hog quotations: clositig trade to -packers 5 to 10c higher than yesterday's- average : packer • top $1 t .7 .V on 200 pound; 250 to .325 pound butchers $14.25(5'14.60. N'o change in cattle or' sheep market. ,; ; ; MOM'S POP .- AJJDtALSoHeAIlD Otr^OMeCHlcOR&N TIMPANO rr.FEU-iN AJ40 Bl^EO tHEAil Kait^as City Grain. ' Jurie 1,0.—Cash 2.3 cars: '3 to , 6c Kansas _ City wheat receipts 2.3 cars: lower; No. 2 dark hard $i.61'S-1.6.3; No. .3 dark hard Ji.56rxl.S0; .\'o„2 hard $1.6001.6.3; .No. 3 hard $r .f5 . -§1.55; 'Xo. 2 red $i.5;;ifj 1.5?,; No.'3 V red $l..^.(i'^1.52. Corn. ',-2 to Ic lower: .No". 2 white . ;72'i'a 73iic; .No. 3 white 71 ft 72c: So. Z yellow 74-^-g75Jic; A'o. .3 yellow 73i(i74c; No. 2 mixed 72({i 73c; .No. 3 mixed-71 ifi72c. Oaf=, unchanged;.; .No. 2 while 43 <ff41.: No. 3 white •42'S42Uc. R .Vf .-SSc. Barlov. 605T62c. Kafin' J1.25!?i 1.27: Mill, maizn. J1.2S?n.30. ('Inyo: Wheat. Jiilv $1.3<'c; Sept. ^1.2Si,: Drc. $1.31%.. • Torn. Jiily 71-1,c; Sept. 74'-:-c; Dec. 74c. is Si). ?.. Kan«as ("Itj Hay. . Kansas. City, June lO.^—Hay Fteady> to $2 lr)wer; 5D cars; alf .ilfa J.S.tiOfi 12.00.; Timothy .No. 1. $23.iifi; Ktandard $-'«'f/22..".o,- Sn, 2 $20.0/i(f,21..'iO; ,.No. 3 iir,..'',(i/rii!>.r.o. I'rairir .No. 1. $10 OOTt 17..-.0; .No. "2. $14.00f/iri..^0; No. 3. JlO.Oflfi 127,0. • N . ! AlfHlfn.-choice. $I7 .50rf .lS .;n: .No. l.JIfi.iOfi 17.00. • .Sljuidard. $1 l .-'.Ofi lB,rid; Sn! 2. $12 Il.ttO; iSo. 3, $10.00^^12 .00. i'lovi>r mix.i<l light. .N.i. 1 $21.00 -ffi ^i.r .o:' No. $i5 .oo'fi .2o .r,o. ^ rhlrairo (imin. f'liicag.o. June 10.~^Closc': Wheat, J:ily $1.33k-; Sept. $1.36; Dec. $1.3S<.i. Corn.'July 74c; Sept. 7S>ic: Dec. 7j;-RC., i ! . . ' Oat^ July 41%c: Sept. 42'J.c; Dec.. 44»t:c. July 32c: Sept. 93',-ic: Bee. "' " most matured steers steady: some unevenness on kinds of value to sell at $10.00 downward: top 111 0.65 paid for several loads hcaVlea; niodiun^ jwegihc $10.45; best yearlings $10 .15; she stock steady tb strong; spots 10 to 15c higher on fed light weight heifers: bulls strong; vealers mostly 50c lower, largely $11.5O'S12.00 imarkot; to packers; light weight downward to $11 .00. Sheip. 10.000; fat lanihs lyid ytiarlliigs Miemly to 25c lower, (jifnl- ifi' and jsortN touNldwcd; cull latnbN wi'ak. xpoiH 25 to iiOc lower; bulk dealrable , nallvd laniba $n..''.0*( 17.75; few $l.*t.O0: choice 87 tioiinil fdalio lanibs $18,50; lighter weight ^('til higher: intHllum tir go<;cl yearling wcthera! $14.75(pi l.->.2r>; cull hativp lambH $n.50<fi 12.."JO mostly; sheep 'generally .steady; goot fat cwps $fi.flO(g'(K50. BELLEVIEm (Vivian Shockey) ..'-Vivian Shockey spent Sunday night and Monday with Mrs. Frank Heider of Mildred. Herbert Turner and F^ank Patrick spent Sunday evening ai Mark Shcrckeyfs. : Robtjrt Simpson gave a free dance Monday' night. A' large crowd attended and • all enjoyed themselves. The Garnett orchestra played-for the dance. Mcs.. Whittington spent Tuesdaj^ night at JIary Shockey's. Vivian Shftcke^ was a Tuesday eveniilg caller at Mrs. Frank Heider'.s: Harold Shockey left Sunday for Tulsa. Okla.. where he ha.s a position, pe will stay with hi.s brother. Wanion and family. Robert Barnes spent Sunday afternoon at Mark Shockey's. ' .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Heider and Mr. and .Mrs. Johnni'e Butler of .Mildred called on .Slark sHockey's -Monday evening. Upberl; Baraes ond Alta and Vivian Shockey called on Mrs. Frank. Heider Siiuday evening. Mrs. .John Heiden who is in St. John's Iio.spital at'ilola, is getting along fine. - ' Alta Shockey. "Ilta and Leo Holder were in lola shopping Saturday. .Mr. and .Mrs. Frank Heider,. Vivian and Alfa Shockey.: and Robert Marnes spent Sunday evening at Willard Hasfing-s. Uelleview Farmers l-nlon club will meet with Mrs. Hashbarger of near Kincaid next Thursday^ June 1(1. Cecif Turner is working for .\lf>nzo .Miller thi.s week. I.Mra. Will Turner is visiting relatives .in Pennsylvania ami (Jhio. She expert -H' to return home In about i! w'Ck. Chlrago Livestock. rhirago. June. 10.— (U. 'S. pept. of Agriculture).—Hogs. 27,000: 10 to Vii: higher than Wednesday's av^raie: patking sows unchanged; shipping demand moderate;, big'j' p:ukers inactive ;_240 to 325 pound brilrchers largely $14.25!?? 14,751 majority better 2i0 pounds jdown $14 S.i^S'1 .1 .00; practical top $^n.00; bulk packing sows $13;00@ 1.3.35; sorted killing pigs mostly. Jl^i.SOff l") Oi>: heat& weight hogs $14.00 I4 .7r.; mediuta $U.50 (f? 15.00: ' light $ 15.10; lig-ht:. light iU.l^'H' I^.IO: packing saws $12.S0«r 13:50; Rl .iugh'er rigs $14.50fi.l3,10. . '"attle ; 10,000; fat steer trade falrl .v inactivoq j'earlings strong, lU.U EL.SM O KE. June 8.—The Httlo .Misses Muriel and MoDit;!! Dick are visiting at the home o .r (hnin grandpar.nilt.s, .'Mr. and .Mrs. J. H. (.'olwell. while their mother. Mrs. Alvis Dick, is altend- iiig summer school at Pllisljurg. : .Mr. Otlio Ford anil children were at liongtfui last week vlsillng with Mr. Ford's mother. .Mr. aifd Mr^. Ralph T>udlum and baby and .Mr.iand Mrs. Russell Ludlum wore dinner guests ^t J. Wi Alderman's Sunday. I Next Jfunday. Is Chlldrcn'.'i Day. Everyone is cordialiif. invited. The children will have a good^program. I Miss Blanche Col well niotored to Pittsburg Sunday and brought her two little nieces home with her. Mrs. Otha.Ford jind Grace called on Mrs: Brightly Sunday afternoon. CL.VSSIFIEI) .4I)VRRTIS. IX; 1>F0R.MATI0S. IOL;V HIDE, FUB * yrnoL co. in & Ohio Fksat 1.W7 .Egss ..- —-' 21c\| No. 1 Hons \ „—:2lc No. 2 Hens 1 -i:-i.-l8c Cocks L_—-9c No. 4 Springs -iTc No. 2 Springs 23c wai Come After' Poattrr* We Will ApptMUite Toar llislKiB. B. A. J0?IE9, Ifrop. COGHILL'S MARfiET WE DO NOT RETAIL. ' EMt iVonrM and Elm. PhoM 176. We iMtfd the fnliowfac l»rle«« taiajt' Egga.'loss off o. 1 Hens ^ :21c No. 2 Hens —_i— ._l|7c Brbllers 27c, Leghorns and Black Broiler3„22c Cocks - 8c Duck<i Green Hia «s _. Horab Hides _ -Be -12 .76 .\iivfrti.«inc ordered for frrrKuIar In- s^rtinn.-' t.-tkes (he one tim-? rat.-. N" !i <I is t.-ik»n for lf.s« tlum a. IKISIS of thr>M' Ilnr.«. \ iniOSK VOI'R' CLASSIFIED /.' Af'.TO IS • .\n Ail Tak'lr will cLtdly assist y .iu if d*».'«ir »-tl. so lh;it tlip copy for. vour ad Is prepared In such 'a "mann'ef aa tu hrincthe- «rr«iteiit results for you. Spv«-ial nites for yearly ailvortl.'slnc. i';ir >'fid attenHon ..HWt ,ven to raiill or- diTsl whi''ti rnont \>f cSxh with order. 1 (•l .,VSSiriHI> K.XTES . r >:(IIy nite i>er lihe f'>r cuijsucutlve fn ?.?i;tioiis: Ch^irRe Casli. Six days 7c : Be Thriv days IK: 'f.': •<>ii.' day l::c 10c Miiiinium i -liarRi-. 3<i<: on any ad. .Sllnitiium ; ta.-'h. Z<K. > •toniit five words to a line. The Individual adverttspmenUi under the followjlnif clHitslftraUona are arfanead in AI..r'HABETICAt> ord#r foi; .<7jit-k ref/>renee. All Hils «re jrPKtrletcd to. their propr er' liajtjiifij-.itlhn and to . the -regutar Dally iReBlt'lin^.styl'! of typo. The put>- lIslK-rs , re.s 'iT ^'fl the rlRht to edit or reject any classified advertlslnf; rop>-, Krrors In aavertlsements should be reported Immediately. The Register wilt not IH" rc*pon.^n)le for more than one Incorrect Insertion. • - r Ads ordered J for «Ix tlmen and stop- pod before expiration wljl be charced for only the number of "times the ad api>eare<». and adjustment made: at the rate earned. - ; The .lola Reclsler offlro \* open to reeelvo advertl.sements from 8 a. ,m. to S p: dally. All ads recelred up until i p. m. will appear In aU cltr'etfl- tlons the name day. __ ANNOUNCjEMENTS Strayed« LosUFoiiHd 10 COIN" Pt'R^E—EUack. coutt^lalng bills and small change, etc. Find- ec I ntora-to Begtotor. Rclwaid. AUCTIONS Anrtloris AtTCTJO.N—I wJlI sell - at public auction Saturday, June 12, at 1 p. m.,' at Bishop's Sales Pavilion: horsCs, cattle mules, hogs, chlck- cns. scvt'ral Ford cars,­ chinery, jvagon.i, bug.-les. harn<;s!« nnd lots of first clabs houj«eh6lil furniture. C. SJ. Hi>hop, Auct. AUTOMOnVE AntftMobile AtrvtirlrK •VASH .MOTOR SALKS" CO.—Sales and service. See our lino of used cars, open ami ilosed ^nio.dela. Autnmohlit'!) for Sale 11 CHKVROLET—1925 C h c v r o l;e t coupe, best of shape, a bargain. B.-T. BaHer. 211 West street. FORD TOlmiNn—In good condition; $50 will buy it. 310 South Chestnut. FORD COUPES—2 1921 coupes, good tires, in good contlltlon. $150 each. These coupes carry the usual gjtarantee. One-third' downj balance: easy payments. McCarthy -Motor Co.; 21i2' S, Wash. Pho. 893. GOOD USED CARS-fThousarids of unused miles. In ci^n and closed models. Cash, terms, trade. Marr Auto Supply Co. HIGH GRADE USED CARS—.U attractive prices; terms to suit. Used Car Exchange, 212 S. Jeff. OAKL.WD SIX-1324 sport touring, duco.finish, like new, 4 wheel brakes, etc.; 1926 Ford coupe, like new; 1921 Oldsmohile fi tourinig. cheap: 1919 Oakland touring, good condition: Buick six touring, cheap. 'Xew .Miller 30x5 cord tire. llotiart-Steelc Motor .Co. SAVE .MO.VEY O.V OUR GUARA.NTEED USED CARS— CHEVROLET. 1921 foURIXO. ESSEX, 1924 SIX tOACH. ESSEX. 1021 sedan, rctinl.shcd. FORD 1926 tudor sedan, like new. FORD, 19.25 TOURING. ' FORD, 1924 TOURING. > FORD, 1921 SEDA.V. FORI), 19'21 ROADSTER. HUDSON. i925 sedan, like iiiiw. HUDSbN. 1921 SPEEDSTER. . ^lAXAVELL. 192.3 ROADSTER. OAKLAND. 1920 TOURI.S'G. ' OVERLAND, 1921 Red Bird tout;. OVERLAND, 4 1924 TOURLNGS. BUD WHITE .MOTOR CO. Hudson-Essex, Chrysler Dealers 21D S. WASH. PHONE ISO ' Antd Acressorles, Tires Parts 15 GABRIEL S.NUBBERSi-Let us in- sfali a «et;and enjoy motoring. .McCarty Battery Statiort. TIRE SPECIA.I.S—This week only new c<yd5, .32x4 $19; 20x3',^. $io. •jlola Auto Wrecking Co. 1924 FORDj COUPE—Lots of extra equipmenlj, priced low; tg down, balance dasy payments. Tippie Motor Co.i 2(T6 South fit, Pho. 682. Repalrlnp—SenriM SUUo*» 16 AUTO REPAIRING—Welding and storage. .City Garage. F. B. Goodale. 214 Jeff. Phone K2. Use It Like Your Card Index, Mr. Business Man! You have the data of yoqr 'arranged aJphalx'tJqlJJy under "A-B-C" ]ieiading.s in your files. When you want to find out; any particular fact.s —it's as as pres.sinjr a button to get what you need. You'll find the .servieeable and profitable information in the A-B-C Classified Sections—the. buying, selling and renting facta of this city—^just as easy for you to use. All the Classifications, whether they come under the Business Ser\'icc, Employment, Fipancial. Merchandise or Real Estate Groups, are arranged in con- venieiit "1 -2-3" order. And every offer and every warit under each one is alphabetically listed for your immediate reference. Make use of this business ,in >e service every dliy! The A-B-C UUssilied Ads Alvays the Same—In Sierrlce AlTvajTS Different—In Upportanlty HARVESTER AND THRESHER— International combination harvester and thresher, good c'omli- tion. Lehieh Portland Cement Co., lola. Kansas. BUS^ ESS SERVICE Bnriries* Serrlre* Offerfa IS f'AR.MERS AT/FE.VnoX—Get your binder canvas repaired now. reasonable prices, at Hcigele's.^ WATER WELLS TO DRILlV-W. L. .Marple & Son, 602 N. Kentucky. Phone 85SW. -. ' ' . 2S AUTO 1NSUIL\NCE—Cheapest :ii)d best in Kansas. Losses paid without'red tape. C. L. %VTiltakfcr. •Agent.• :• 'I-' CORR TRA.VSFER CO.-^Packing storage, long distance hauling. Reasopahle rates-.. Phone 140. ProfesKlonal Scrrlces SURGERV— Medicine, X-ray. F. Lenskl. Phones: office, residence, 1126W. Dr. 886: SURGERY—And consultation. Dr. G. S. Lambeth. Office phone 25fi: residence phone 615J. Hours. 1:30 to 5:30. i EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Femnle 3-.' DINI.NO ROO.M GIRL-rWanted at once. KeJley jHotel. Call In person. GIRU—Wanted for houtiework. Call] In person. 419 S. Jefferson Ave. MIDDLE AGED WOMAN—To work on farm. A. L. Townacnd. Phone 992-4 a- FINANCIAL Slonoy to^oan—Mortftares^ 40 FARM "LOANS '—liuicic, service and reasonable rates. A. D. Haw- tfiorno, 21.3 iS. Washington. FAR.M ' LOANS—5','!;. base rate. 5, 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart & Ij^unk; . , FAR.M AND CITV LOA .VS-r-Baae rate on farms SS^i, city S^f. Long or short time. R. M.J :^IIning^am. .MO.N'EY —To loan on farm and city . property." Jackson Realty Co^, over Brown's Drug Store. PRIVATE MO-NEY—To loan on xiity property, low rate, long or short time. Stewart & Funk. LIVESTOCK Dogs, tats Other Pets CA.VARIES^Fine singers, guaranteed. Call R. A. Davis. Diamond Barber Shop. Horses. Cattle. Vehicles 49 COWS—Two Jerseys, both fresh, one with heifer calf by side. In- (lulre 3o2 S. Fourth after 6 p. m. SOWS —Ten nice piggy sows, will fallow right away; white, red and black ones; 6 extra, good milk cows, just fresh; otic riding cultivator; one walking cultivator; one disc; one mowing machine; one top buggy; one surrey; four wagons; one set work harness: one extra good bay mard, 6 years old., will weigh 1.300 lbs.; 10 good Ford cars, all kinds: J. C. Butiher. Help Wanted—JTale MARRIED MAN—For farm, close to city, house furnished. Pho. 32". MAN—Wanted, live. energctU;. with some capital,- interested .in open- tag a retail store, catering to 'faVmcrs' trade. Ideal , location. Write Box 63. lola,' Kans. SALESMAN—Experience hot necessary, must have car. Harrison, Room 27, Portland Hotel. Call between .'i and S o'clock. Help—3Iale and Female %1 STE.VOGRAPHER—And bookkeeper, experifeijced. wanted at once. Address Box 272, lola. Kans. .SitnaUons Wanted—Female 36 RESPONSIBLE WOMAN — Wants nursing; children to care for by ttpur or week -or will care for cl: derly porsons?. Inquire 422 South Colborn, evenings. STENOGRAPHER — Thoroughly competent railroad tijansporta- tlon, legal, fire] insurance and cqihmerciut line's dcsirds permanent or part time work; also do typing, all kinds, at home. Phone io9-w. Poultry and Supplies ^49 GROCERY—And general merchandise stock to exchange for lola property. First class stock and fixtures. See M. A. Schlick. LIGHT CAR—Touring, for sale or tratle for good cow; radio set, complete, for Ford tar. Smith's frarage. Phone 20. • Uiilldini; Materials JiATH-i -20 • bundles good second hand latb, 23c bnndle. 510 .North Second. Phone 1292\V, Farm E(|nlpmept^ .MA GRAIN BINDER-.New 7 ft. McCormick binderj' $20 less than new •price. Call at Allen County Implement and Hardware Co., 207 South Jefferson. MOWING .MACHINE—New Emer- son-Brantinghani. standard machine. 6 ft. cut. Ilobarr-Steele Motor Co. Cood Things to Eat CHERRIES—For sale. P. J. Southard. S. Kentucky street. Phone 968-2. GOOSEBERRIES—For sale. 60c per gallon delivered. Pho. 979-32..I Le-raf .'^utire.s »1 aoH>>iv< lor Kent FOURTH. N. 31tt—small furnished^ house; large raspberry pat<h.. In quire 421 North Cottonwood. GOCD..MODER.V HOL'SE—For rent or will-sell che.-ip and on easy terms. G. R. Gard; HOUSE—Five room modem fur-i nishcd.' ea.«t front, garden spot, close In. Call 1283. (First Published In The lola Daily Register June 10. 1926 > ' >ptlre of Final Settlement. State of Kansas, Allen County, ss. Ill the probate court in and for said-i-ounti-. In the matter of the Estate of Amanda L. Thrasher, deceased. , (Creditors'and all other persons intere.sted iii the aforesaid E.-^tate. are hereby notified that I shall ap-^ ply to the Probate Court in aiid -fSr said County, sitting at 'the Court House in lofa County of Allen. State of on the lOth day of July. A. D.. 1926. for a full and final settlement of said Estate, and for an order finding atjd adjudging who are the heirs, devisees aiid" legatees of said deceased. .: i THOS, H. BOWLUS. Executor of the Estate of Amanda L. 'Thra.slier. deceased. (6) 10-17-24 (71 1.. HOUSE—Furni.-ihcd 5 room modern, garden spot. $no mo. Inciuire 8IB N. Sycaniore. I'hupe VW>. REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Business Properly for Sale S2 GARAGE-rAnd filling station, five ro<im mo<iern cottage in -North Ottawa, on Red Star Routo. Will take lola property as part payment. John Heullier. , , ' JInajes for .Sale .SI FIRST. N. 209—Five room, wafer and electricity; or wiU trade. See John Reuther. HOUSE—Good four room electric lights, water at •||<M)r: also .locid building lot. cast front. Inquire 604 North Sycamore. HOUSE—Modern fiv«! room, newly papered and paintcil. or will rent to responsible party: garden spot and garage. H. A. I.aymon. NOTICE OF .VPPOINTJftNT. (•nardlan. State of Kansas. Aljen County, ss. In the matter of thii estate of Martha J. Robertson, a (eeble mindeil person, of Alien County, Kansas. j ;M>T1CI>;0F APPollNTMENT. , "Notice Is hereby givun, that on the l.Mli day of .May, A. 1). 192C. .tiie U!i(ler.-<'igneil w;is by the I'ro- hali! r.'oijrt lit Alli'ii Coiinly, Kiin- .•ias, duly :iiipointc(l and i|iiali(ied as guanlian of tip- eslati- of .Martha .1. }lnhiTlni>n lit fei-We miiiil. of Allen Ciiuniy. All iif:irii«'s- in- terenled in vnU\ estate ivill take no- dee and govern arcordr Ingly. S. R. ROBERTSO.V, f;uardian (VXral Published In The lola Dally IteRister .May 27. 1D2»;). .>otire of ApiH'ihitnijent— AdniinNthitor. State of Kansa.s. Alien County, ss. In the matter of'the E:;tate-"or .lohn ty, Kan.sus. M. Drown, late of Alien Coun- Lots for Sale TICE OF' AFTOINT-MENT. -Notice i.-i herebv i4i>en Ttiat oii liie iith (fay „f yUy. A. D. 1926. the lindersi.snjed was by the Probate j(;ourt of .Mien County. Kansas, fluly appointed and ciiiaiified as .Vrtministrator of the Estate of John .M. Brown, late of Allen County, (<l.. -Ml parties in- tcre.sjcd in' saiil estate will take notice and govern thems'.dves ac- cordinslv. = ' HERBERT W. BROWN. S-liCT) 27 (6) 3-10. ; Admini.strator. Household Goods REAL BARGAINS—In furniture. Coni-r in and sec lor iotir^is-ii. -Nf>v goods at cost. Bryson Furniture Store. .North Jefferson .street. 59 i LOTS—Two resilience lots oh \ — I South Washington Ave., reason-! able. Phone 263, [ j 3Ins{caI '-llerchandisc G2 SAXOPHONE—C melody, cheap; also fries. 2tA. to .3 lbs. .Mrs. J. E. Fisher. Soutii Kentucky. • • Want^ To Buy DKlSK—Good roll top: also adding he priced right. Address Box 107. lola Kans. .To Exchansre—Real Estate 8S COTT.\GE—For sale or eixchange; '. dandy modem, basement and gar- j age; also partial modemj cottage: t best terms. Dr. MitchelL I HOUSE—Foi^ Sale, to be _moved from present location, ch^ap. Inquire .116 or 202 East Jackson. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY FUR,NITURE—Wanted. Bird'." new and second hand store. Humbo hltphonclTSroiMol^^ FURNITUilE—Of all kinds for cash. We sell on pa.vments. Sec us'before you buy or sell. We also do draying and plumbing. Phone 903. Chimney Sweep Store. WANTED TO BUY—Furniture of all kinds. We will pay highest cash price. See us before selling. Bishop Sales Pavilion. Phone .367. ROOMS AND BOARD Rooms Without Board 6S FURNISHED ROO.MS—For sleeping- or housekeeping. 319 South Chestnut or phone 1029W. - BABY—^CfH ICK.S—Several breeds, summer prices. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Phone 446. • B-\BY CHICKS—R. I. Red*. June IL J5 '^nd 23, 9c each. Order now. Tn'ihey'.s. Ga«. • MERCHANDISE Artrcles for Sale SI BINDING . TWINE—Genuine Ply- month binding twine. Hobart- Stcele Motor Co. BOOKS—le Vol. The Book of History and complete set of The Book of Knowledge. Write G. W. Curl. Humboldt, phono 392. CAMP SUPPLIES—Auto covers, canvas covers, trunks. Suitcases and bags. • Henningeffs Furniture Co., 118 W^est -Madison. H'BRICATI-NG OILS—^pecial price for Saturday only. B. Square Service Station, 423 -N. Wash. SPECIAL—For harvest, bulk cup grease. Bring your own container. B Square Service Station. 42C .North Washington. ; Rooms for Honsekeeiilng 69 ? FURNISHED ROOMS — Kitchen privileges, modern house, close In. double garage. 301 .V. Washington. Phone 793. TWO ROOMS —in modern house nicely furnished. Call 609 North Washington. Phone 846- REAL ESTATE FOR RENT Apartments and Flats APART.MENT-3 room modern, close in; nice cool rooms. ' Phone 1396. '210 East street. Bnsbiess Places for Rent I't STORE 'ROO .M— Adjoining Krause cJifo.- Will rent part or all of it. Sep W..F. E. Kraiise- Dodge Brothers Dealer^ Have Better Used Cars 192* BODGE COUPE, a teal buy. 19S4 IIOIMJE S£I»A >, a guaranteed car. 19S3 DOHtiE ROADSTER, an extra, good buy. I.W4 OLD.SJfOBILE COUPE, looks and rni :H like new. IW3 HUPMOBfliE TOURIM;, a famUy car. -STUDEBAKER LIGHT Sl-V. a keen rnr. 1J«8 FORD T0URI->«;. nen. 19*.-. FORD TOURIM;. prattirally new. 2 IDil FORD RtlADSTKRS. like new. S IW5 FORD tmuyos. fine .Nhape. -1924 CHEVRtlLET (<U PE, reflnNhed and rrcondltioned. 1925 FORD TRUCK, six m (in <hs old. 3 go(Ml used mUMV. TOURI.\(. CARS, that wilt KI»P the best of ^erTi «•e. ^ 10 other good n.sed cars.from ^2'i up, Ellis-Swonger Motor Co. Dndtre Brothers Cars—(•'rafanm Brothers Tracks 214 Xorth Waiihington ' Phone 301 (Open Evenings and Sunday) ... ' • Houses for Rent BUNG A LOW~.Fi ve garage, close in. rooni John modern Reuther. HOUSE—Seven room modern, with) garage,, cast front, large, lawn.' Inquire -^V. Vi. Anderson, 602-N- Second street. DEPENDABLE USED CARS Ton take no chances when you buy one of our used cars. We can not alford to sell any other kind- 1923 OVERLAP I>. 2 door Sedan, like new. . 1926 FORD. COUPE. lots of e.xtni.s. 1921 WILLYS-KMtaiT SEDA.V 1923 HUP.1I0BII.E Sedan. 1921 ROLM.VS ( Of PE. 1923 CIIA.>Di.ER SPORT TOURING, 1 good DODliF. KtlAPSTER., 4 DODfiE TOl RI-\«;.S'. ~ . ' Several other cheaper Used Cars at bargain prices. CASH, TER-MS OR TRABE Open Day and >lcht. FuU Line of New Miller Cord Tires. GRAND MOTOR CO. IIUPMOBIEK^WILLYS-KMGHT OYEKLAS'D* lie W. Jackson Phone 60 FRECKLES AND mS FRIENDS IN ON THE KNOW. BY BLOSSER see IF SHElXTEli- stoU WMAT CAMS >too vjHXTrr IS- BUT TAS.ALOWe VST/ HMISPEa-«MlSPEe. I

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