Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1948 · Page 33
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 33

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 33
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Phone 4fiOO for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, BID., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 19-18 THIRTY-THREE Radio Roundup News Ami INolus On The Networks They'll Do It Every Time By Jimmy Hatlo ^yo^W^l^. YOUR. PIE A LA . MODE !5 PIE A LA GARBAGE MOW- HOLD ON THERE? i HAVEN'T FINISHED =ATIN6/ I. JUST Helen Hayes, the radio's first. ramatic star, has chosen one of, fcr most successful plays, James i w l. Barrie's "What Every Woir.iin! inows," as her offering on The; lectrlc Theatre Sunday night, j veccmber 12, over the Columbia! cuvork at 9 p. m. EST. "What Even- Woman Knows" hns ; ad two long and successful runs, | ne In London and one in New fork, before Miss Hayes chose it as i vehicle lor a short run on Broad- ay. It was so TV*!! received that it in 'or months and became one nf er biggest hits. In the play. Miss layes plays the part of a Scotsh trl, Maggie WyJle. Tiny, homely. neducated Maggie, dominated by cr two older brothers, can't find • husband until her brothers trick 1 young neighbor, John Sha'.ld, in- fc signing a wedding contract, l"hen John becomes one of Kng- ind's leaders, Maggie is account- bls for his success. She -has edu- ated herself and made herself a >vely, charming •woman. " When Dhn turns from her to a great eauty, Maggie's cleverness shows j nhn "what everj'- woman knows" — ia-t behind every important man ; iv -woman! "Gloria," "In The Valley Of loses" and the sentimental' "If You Pere The Only Girl In The World" fill be sung by Morton Downey n his program Thursday, Dee. 0, t 11:15 p. m., EST, over NBC. Carmen Mastern and his guitar rill accompany the quartet in "Who bows," followed by Downey sing&R one of his favorite hymns, Hear Me. Lorfi." On Saturday, Dec. 11, the Irish .-nor will keynote his program with aree old favorites, "Just Once fore," "Lavender Blue" and "S3 •ear To My Heart."'His final num- crs will be "I Still Gee Jealous" nd "Here I'll Stay." Pons, the lovely coloratura TURK VDUR. SACK 1 ONI . GOON, AMD H£ GIVES'THE HEAVE-HO TO AWTHINS NOT J V r>\' SOT A PIECE OF BAILED A PIS -ARM THAT ) R—rx^T HE'S NEVES BUVS UPALLTHE ; / ;/HEEE TO CLEAN OFF L-AVIN65 HERE J ' O * "W3LE \VMSM v O j ' /-I'-VCOME IN THE JQIWT.. /\\ ., ^—. . •^ /vjl ~ Jf.v'V tjX'b v Vj)l«><5/ -. SS^ lUf > \ I * ^ ? y\ XV— te^/M A SECOND CUP OP COFFEE /' GOT TO ACT FAST OR SIT TiSHT IN THESE EAT-IT-AMP-SEAT-ITS- DA TIP OF TUB LIP'TO GROVES MULLE2, CENTURY HOTeLN.V. Of Video Stalious Grows By C. E. BUTTERFIELB NEW YORK—(/Pj—The forccab': that, there will be 50 active television stations by Christmas ;s \vell on the way to actuality. Forty-six _ now are operating in 25 cities; four] ^ a f ew lno nths ago my husband have MC openias dates for this: ]lad a vcrj , affectionate demonstra- month. Still others are 10 start eai'ly I t j ve disposition. But now in January, Mary Haworth's Mail Editor's XOLC: Erstwhile exceedingly uflcctioniLtc husbHiici Is cnld to ivltc •\vlio forn^crjy slumtcci- aside lii.s JnoiJ- portunc Jovcmal:inc; Is he pouting? DEAR MARY HA WORTH: Un- A:non KOB the the partner's whole personality, keyed to humorous acceptance—if Lhe partner.says so. There is a time to cook, and f- timc to sweep, and still other more opportune times to celebrate conjugal unity. Thus your husband's moods oE ! treatment of n:e is impersonal and <- onc i cxuberanc-a in times past, ;u ' c 'I realize t-hat I brought this onj^.-,-,^^ O f ten co iii c ic<j -.yith counter- elling him not to bot!;or recent adc'ition.s 3-TV of Albuquerque, N. M., and i m y" S eif by ie) NBC station, WNBQ. Chicaso. i m ' c witl { ]lis fovcmaking When 1 This last has been operating under | was busy P r e paa-ins a meal or tiy a temporary permit by putting on a; in;j . to get my i 10 u£.:\vork dor.e. demands on your attention, by :io means imposed upon you a sentimental obligation to drop skillet or . , ,4,. •— =• — =— — « ------- •- mop and respond in kcid. Rather,] remote schedule pending the s.udJO] He stiu kisses ltlc O n leaving' for; rcas0 nably viewed, the conflict of I opening around January S. . I work and coming home, but this isij nlcr . 3S . ;s rfrom your angle) cm- Scheduled to get under way tnis| on]y a ma t ter O f routmc, as hPi phas i 2Cci ncecl j or . M{1 ] ac ic of, ap- month we: \VMCT of Memphis, : readi]y admits . All d when I U-y!pr 0 priatc resi,rain; on his part. Tcnn.. Saturday; KPJX of , Dpra'no will return to the Voorhecs I Francisco around Decembe ..... ..... _ ioncert as guest artist Monday, WDSU-TV of New Orleans. Docem- eilih . 31 . rcac n n >eccmber 13, at 9 p. m. EST over ber 18, and WHEN. Rochester. N. Y., he JCBC network. She will sin? an expected to open Christmas Day. . f Snn; to makc a :uss ovcr h ..m nowadays,! ; " 15 ;!he teils me not to bother, i.s he is;-* ' K "tired.": /V/a/l's IV ill. 'J O Lcaru ria from a French opera, a Spar.ioV. allad, a song by-an American com- oser mid a I9th century piece. Knowing liow ho he is will react .this score now, I feel like a. stranger i to him, instead of his wife. Obviously, however, he didn't see that wcy. He felt your preoccu- __ , T .„ - - pied rebuff to be a. disparaging re Topics tonight: NBC—B Henry I Has his lovc for mc vanished? jccllai- of his whole personality, and Aldrich: 0 Al Jolson show: 0:301 <-,,, is hc u -yj nK L0 get, even with'he elected resentfully i either un- For her aria. Miss Pom; has| Jack Benny with Do!. Laiiiour; J0 imo [or noti always accepting his, consciously or dcl'iberalc'.yi to hosen Meyerbeer's "Shadow SonK"|Claudcite Colbert in "Michael ••md; ][)vx , nl , lki , 1g j n whatever circum- "ttfnch yo'u a lesson." "pel, even," rom his rarely heard opera "Din-IMnry." 'stances he h:ippencd to offer it in | etc.,—:ind this preoccupation with rah." This number is from the sec-! CBS—8 FBI in Peace and War;, t | lc past? How can I make him; revenge is as grossly selfish tis his nd net in which the heroine dances -B:30 Mr, Keen, Tracer: 9:30 Crime 1 understand that his lattcrciny alii-1 prior preoccupation with "lovc- nd sings with, her own shadow in a Photogprahper; 10 Ida Lupino include j s keeping us from having :x'making" was. noonlit clearing in the woods. . James Hilton Playhouse; 10:30 First 'complete and happy mar-aige? His indifference to yc ' NETWORK PROGRAMS L 1 f* Time is eastern standard. For ccn- flral standard subtract one hour, lor [mountain standard subtract two I hours. Some stations change J hour of relay to fit local schedules. i Unit minute program chances can- I not be included. l«Khter play. • Hease help mc. ABC—7:30 Theater USA, Rise- Stevens, others; 8:30 Jo Stafford',.- T i r< , show; 9 Sec. of Commerce Sawyer. Mail Lacks Competence address at Detroit auto dinner; 10'In Managing Emotions Child's World. j BEAR, C. R.: Prom tlvj view-,. MBS—8 Name of the Son; quiz: .point of fidelity to justice in human| torjons than a problem in i :30 Better Half quiz; 0:30 Myster-. relations, it isn't strictly true that! and it will evaporate wlthou: i your contrition suggests thai lie may bo flirt- ins with someone else, as mur.y childish husbands do "in retaliation" yhcn their own shortcoming* vex l.lic ivifc; but i;' so. Hint is :nore symptomatic of his emotional THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9 ^ •'• - fp Ivening • TJr f:M-^->C«irs Eeport 33 .Mln.—nbc '* Newscast Evcrj" Day—cbs Npi'a'ork • Silent Hour—abc-east Kiddles Hour (repeat)—abc-wost Network Silent (1 hr.)—:nb£-eait " Kiddles Hour (repeat)—mbs-wcit 8:15—Sports: Music Tlmo—nbs You and Theater—cbs 6:45—N'sivscast by Three—Jibe Ixiwcil Tboma: (repeat 3D—cbs 7:00—Supper Club—:ibc-ba.sle Tho Beulah Skit—cba News ana Commentary—abc Fulton Lewi:, Jr.—mbs 7:1S—Xcw» and Comment—nbc Jack Smith ShOTr—cbs Daily Commentary—abe Dinner Date—mbs 7:30—Van Datr.mi Quintet—nbc Bob Crosby Club—cbs Theater USA—a be News Comment—nibs 7:45—HorkaoEi Comment—nb- XBWH Broadcast—cbs Sports Comment—mbs S:00— Henry AWrloh Skit—nl)C F.B.I, ia Pcaca and \Var-cbs Abbott <t Costcllo—abo Nine o: Sons Qul=—mbs 8:30—Burns a: Allen—nbc Mr. Keen's Drama—clis Jo Stafford Slion'—abc Better Half Quiz—mb* 8:55—By George Hiclib—ate- lly Gardner Says—nibb 9:00—Al Jolson Sliow—nbc Suspense Drama?—cbs Fenoiial Autograph—nl.'c Gabriel Hcuttcr CorBJni!nt--mBs g;l^-.Xcws Broadcast—mba fl:30—Dot Lamour Show—^ubc Crime Photographer—cbs My Job Is Manhattan—nbc Mysterious Traveler—mbs 9:5$—News lor 5 Minutes—nilo 10:00—The Screen Guild—nb>- HDton Playhouse—cbs Child's World—:ibc The loin ilan—mbs 10:30—Fred -SVarin- Mus!-— i.. First Xishter Play—cbs "S\"e Care Drama—abc Dance ilusic—mbs 10:45—Xews Broadcast—abc 11:00—News, Variety. = lirs.—cbs News and Dance Band—abc News. Dance Band i! -hrs.—mbs 11:15—NOTS & Variety to 1—nbc . 12;00—Dancla; Continued—abc-ive:t ious Ts-avclcr; 10:30 Documcntaiy, "Medical Detective." •1:00 •1:1 a 4:30 4:45 3:oo 5:30 5:45 c:0o 6:13 6:30 7:00 •\VTBO HIGHLIGHTS TODAY Wile iN'ECj. Stella Dunns (NSC'. Lorenzo Jones -KBCl. Youns Wlcldcr Brown (.NEC'J. J;VP at Five. >.'pws, The Old Chisholra Trail. you brought your husband's resent-iy he has capacity to grow. i'ul coldness upon your head, due to failure to accept his lovemakins •in whatever circumstances he han- ! pencd to offer ic in the past. Ac best, his lovc is childish: and as yet it belongs to you. His kisses, grudgingly labeled "routine." arc proof of that. He cares for you, dc- John GurL Trio. Tlic Sportsman 1 .-; Corner. The Suppcv Club '.NBC'. "7:li> News ot the "\Vorlc! 'NFJC1. 7:30 Adventure in Mubic iAUc£r.ny County Schools', E:0n The Aldrich Family i.N'BC. 1 . 8JO Burns <t Alien iNBCj. 3:00 Music Hull >NEC). 0:3D Dorotliy Lamour Variety SJtoiv ' (NBC). 30:30 Scrcrr. C-UiM I.NBC.i. Pred Warlnj Show i.NBCI. Very possibly his aloof indUl'cr- pend-sntly, but it's problematic ! c:ice nowadays is a by-product of i whether, "he will ever mature into on jypur "don't, bother me" attitude in! emotionally adult' spouse. i times when you felt sure of his! For advice: It, isn't possible to ' wholehearted allegiance; but even ' -make" anybody face his faults and so, the essentiaJ significance of his i overcome them: but perhaps by behavior, then and now. is that he | sharing this article with your hus- -lacks understanding and psycholo?;- 1 band, you might kindle in him a ical competence for managing his 'realization that he is far off the emotions appropriately. i beam oC right thinkins. riplit feel- To explain.: appropriate manage- ing and right aclir.g. whereupon hc of one's emotions requires,; may choose to work his own way ' j above all, that one doesn't visit, up to constructive seU-ir.anagcmcn:. them on another 'in proprietary dc- j M.H. 10:30 11:00 11:15 11:30 13:00 Trades With Stiideul CARTHAGE, 111. — {ffl C:l)0 (i:15 G::o 7;:o 7:35 Sonps bv Morton Downey rN3C>. Roosevelt Grill Orchestra. (NBC). N'eu s I.NEC,'. T05IOEROU" Erenk-'ast on a Platter. Ereatrost on x Platter. N'ews, Ereafcfmt en .1-Platter. E:00 World N;v,-s Round-Up (NBC). E:1S The Minute- Parnde, H:fo Mornlnj; .Meditation. 0:00 Honeymoon In NCT.' York iNDCl. 3:30 Music lor rrlclny. 13:00 Fret] Wfirlnt: Shov: iN'EC.'. 10:30 F.oiid ot LUc 'NBC'. ln:4J The Erl;htcr Day -ir-iCCi. ll:no Thl.s i: Kora I5ral:c iNBCi. 11:15 ^Vc Lovc Mid Learn INBCI. 11:30 Jart 'Bcreh Show iNQC). iiS5 Music in Mid-Day. j^:lj M'.d-nay N-rivn. 12:40 n. P. D. 1:0(1 Concert. Airs. l:lfi Wills Creel; Hoe DOST.. 1 :30 News. 1:35 Etude.-, in BlacH ^ White. 1:43 To EC Announced, 2:00 Walter O'Keete'b Double or Noth- ir.5 iNBC'. n:30 Today's Children (NBC). i':4j Interludes. i!;55 -Nf\vs. 3:00 IJfc Car. Be Bcautilul (NBC). Ma Perkins inanding ways, with primary accent; on self-gratification. In marriage j especially, ar.d as applied to ]ovc-i making, i; requires cooperative con-! sicicrate regard and real respect for, IFitv.'orth counsels throupli h.r colun-.n. not by ir.all or persoral :ntcrv:cT. Write her :n care o:' The Svcr.tiis Timc.s. iCopyrisliu The V.'ashlnjton POLLI Distributed by Kin;; Features Syndicate) The Worry Clinic :By Dr. George W. Cninc = EDITOR'S N'OTE: L.llu'3 ca.'-C jnvolvc.s one of th? iiio^t inilcrJC Ulfcu^r.lons ovrr Included In this <:rtiicrulonnt coliunn, CVPII tliontrl'i Dr. Crrinr IMIN broil -.uisklnt; olir.crvrittons mul Intcr- vl<'\vliiR paticins for ovcr -5 years to obuir, ilic diiih. ,'rom whfcli tlif5(^ c;!- 1 -*; rccorris HIT clrnwn, Sn ^ustt: i. 1 !!-'- cii^o rfsorfi In your ficrupbook'. the mnritnl relalion. so be sure in such comparisons Lhac you note my emphasis on "iatisfactory" rein- Uor.s, Passivity in .such situations does not lead 'to the excitation and re- suiting physiological tor.ic to the , ! clancLs which will otherwise ensue, : CASE S-234: Lita B.. aged 1:0. is, |Jow ,,.„ S( . l} . Yl)U| , K ,n colleso coed with an eye defect, j u J3 al! , 0 ln]c lhal disl , iC of lhc "Dr. Crane, my eye specialist says' retina of the eye seems to produce I ought to have my eye straight-! uuophy and relative blindness. That cued," she ir.formed me, "for he is an accepted fact in medicine, says that in cross-eyed people, the| if the retina can thus lose its unused eye may go blind. i function because of lack of regu- •Is this true 1 ' And why does use'lar exercise Cwlth its resultin of an eye promote good vision while : stimulation of the nerves and en- disuse ieads to blindness?" ! richmcnt of the blood supply), then Use Builds Vlpor I IC seemS vor - v 10Eical l ° a£SUme lhac captured during the war arc being j the muscle tissue would disappear! down.; to a larse degree. i My experience with a wide consulting practice leads me to the oppos- ^or, traded places for a day. The bresy. chewing gum and wearing i pullover sweater, went to classes. The pupil, stirTish in a starched Commented Bickers: "Beinj: pres- dent is easy. I could call on three iccretaxics to do the work." Countered Nelson: "A student's ife is gay and carefree. I didn't realize coeds were so pretty." The Appian Way, one of the old-. .«t and most celebrated roads of! history, was started in 312 B. C many of them the huge GO-lon ci-s—have been on exhibition in the capital but have now been scni, to the junk heap. | The announcement .said tlic same Ifate awaits all other German tanks, ! mobile suns and other armament i which have been on exhibition. FOUR FA -: helpful to growth and strength of.'-- , vo '~ mav c i tc an analogy |s«"^s I ?;:,s v fi,S! = R'S's l s",s«»ss !ss^war3^i«««s ! s»n,'r' — ;H¥^sr^;l^=aS'"-' £ | . ou , | in constructive activity than to rust ''\*f nr Mm r-lards ; °' JC in disuse. Hypertrophy is I e'- milk have led tlioii atrophy in such fields. nci muK, jjd.\ e u.u -,^^.,_. . , ...,_. „ ,!„-!.!„. Q,.r/imn s Syr.dicaLc, Inc. AUNT HEX By KOBEUT QUILLEN thought that is probably new most of you readers. ; ,*'.•"".'."':;; ",,.:"V.,,"^,", Mnt If you ever lived on a farm, you: " f lhc bln ' n ' v ' c ' u ' ov ' -' lllat will doubtless rcca'.I that a cow doesn't give nx nvjch milk with its first calf as with its fourth or fifth offspring? Why? Because exercise which produce hei — — to what in medicine we call hyper-1 • trophy and hyperpiasia. i Hypertrophy means increase in ' 5Jzc of gland or muscle cells, while i hypci-plasia refers to increase in I the number of such ce!ls. j Value Of Exercise i A young mothqr with her first baby "may likewise not furnish jenoual". breast mill; to feed It, with "the second or third baby, she! may have an adequate supply of milk for complete breast feeding. Why? Exercise of the mammary glands hns produced improvement i secretion. II' you were to coir.pare 100 spinsters, rigcd '10, with :00 happily | married women. n?ed 40. which] group clo you think would look! joungcr. less wrinkled and' 'sed of more radiant complexions? ' We have no exact experimental data on this point to prove thai regular satisfactory marital relations prolong the activity ol the PCX glands, but thcvc is a greet deal "of empirical data to support niv hypothesis that such is the ca ' £C> I Nicolas Rimsky-Korsakov. Rus' Remember, however, that prob-,,si;m composer who died in :!)03. 'ably more than half of married|i;csan his career as a. com are only passive ajen'.s in .naval officer. You ilcm'l liavc tn bciit (in youn;rc]i>. ' always went by the old proverb: a spank in time saves nine. By Al Capp Ll'L ABNER - VO' IS ME-BUT AH IS CARRYIM'A .SHMOO-AN' Yd' ' ISCARHV , CLUB By Frank Godwin RUSTY RILEY WELL, THANKS /, BILL QUINN THERE, NOW. fir, TOM THIS 15 MY SHOR NES KS£P THE SAWMILL IN MAYBE I CAN H£LP OH'/ A COUPLS O- YOUN'SSTSSS TOO.' - A MINUTE.' CCVE IN9DS- I* iTEVE CANYON AtOYTUIM6\ONLY 50M£. AWI J| you CM sTAy.'VrnEK KEEP WEEO/ THE MATTEE, | WHO CAMS H=BE ftSK£P RR CHEETAH! — HE SAIP I QMS. HEEM A LE=FTj ESMSAABSE,1 <S£T LAST MONTH.' WAS- HESE W ; POLICE.' By AZex Raymond THAT R5W3K IS .SOT LI<E [AH, WELL...A PR= iT CU,=ITHER, SIR.' ANO 42agf = AC=...ANO ; BUT M3S.V.W DOOM IS A VcFJV IMPORTAS VYOA'iAN, DES... AN3 TCPS IN THE SOCIAL ROISTER; BUGS BUNNY • GiT T^iE 8EST C= TXXT , =W3S,LL VAX33IT /I . 'ONCE /A' A WHILE/ A\\ '! ELV,5Z'S CE53Y/ .BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Lyman Young TIM TYLER'S LUCK LOOK/ LOOK'WHO'S COMING ACROSS THE FIELD/ DESTROY WITH VOLJF? SPEARS/ tsy Merrill Blosser FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS — IMTO I CEMV-e. OiJF/' IM HOOSEGOWV INNOCENT/ YOU GOLD MINE/ ' Look-AT THIS SIMPLY PRICELESS ANTIQUE THAT, A Sl EARLY VOU CONVERT THIS IMTO SOWETHIMS.' MOOP- SKIRT FRAME — fa"> Dadlcv Fisher h'£LLO, SL'SlE / V/C'JLD YOU I STAYED MEPE AT T^E OFFICE UNTiL ABOUT NINE O'CLOCK ? -/ WEPE NOT AT

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