The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on April 5, 1934 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, April 5, 1934
Page 3
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THURSDAY, AMHi 6, 19S4 Leaclivilli: Society ersoniu Mrs. Stanley Hancock, teaciior of music nt ire lilg!i .school, Is ill ni he;- home. 13r. aiiU Mrs. A. E. Rolriii!>o:i mid daughter. Miss n.rol^y, s|V'iit Kisler in Paragonld, tl:c guti'.s of Mr. nncl Mrs. J. i'. HoWnson. A Cotloii l)ies,s lU'Vie'A", sixiiisor- e<l by the Civic LxMaui.'. will b? Iielii al the cluljliom'.' icilay. Tlic high scr.o-1 debate team, consisting o( the Misses Lo'.a GiU- comb and Man- Hut anil Messrs, Richard lims; an;l p. I, McHancy will givi> the th-lms. -Ke- Mlv«l, 'l'i:ai trx- United Slate; Should Adopt li':e Essential FYalnivs of the llritisii System o( Radio Control anil Ouvratiuii." al l'::e P.- First Soviet Ship Greeted by New York "3* BLT-iTreViLL'F;. province, It was said by llev, Ncl- son A. Hnrkness Included me one Aboriginal PAQE THREE ndiiptiitlon. the Chlnlool;. Almost evciy KiiroiX'iin tongue and I'ci-- slan. Auiblc. llnulnslanl. Muluy. | 1'iiiijii'ji. Unhl iind Syiinn are u'p- '••"••>e and two lati"ii:i*'t\s. I'or Old Kits Raised l)oii»;liiiiil >; Many lecipcs luive been ylvcii a.; this jjjoi' lor iluu;!)>imis. Ui'.l a ireenl KIJIk-.-t w.l.s foi' the! '[hvif shu-.ild In' .spiiiiklnl x-iSgS****? 1 :,sSii-;*£ ' T. A. ineetiivj at the lush school ill i.-:n't oft:-ii an ordinary fri'ijjhier is .snlnlcd by whistles mill sirens The "-'«»> eoesJL.i :,n;ij,,; in New Voik. lint the reason tnis honor was accorded ,l)j I urn inuicifliip Klin, rliown slcumliijf into the harbor, is tluil it 1 ;! rcnifilndor of the noiir, ntirt knead II. The dough should be softer lhan 1)1 oad dough. Cover ntnl set In a waim place lo rise. Toss on a li-.liily iluiiml tuurd IIIK! roll until ilnee fimrilis of an Inch llili'l: Cut U mill a iloiiylmiit cutter l.l iliem (<„• lull iill l.niir. !i-ht|y covrietl. M< ii iiu> ii,i and hot put [inn. I'laiii mi thick layers P"l'l tiriilhl;-. KplllU'.le U illl .' I!' ..|". Friday afiernoon. to Riyoiii-villp fur the -stale eon- lesi April i:i an-i 14. Org; anizc Demonstration Club for Blackwatcr iliu lirsl Hii:i-:i:in vr.-sd to anive since 1917. The .ship, llyiiis a red ll:i;j and m::nricd ty a {Tew, ol 35 men and two women, carried a tni'to including wine, vhalk and cement. i e mid lea. Three iinii Ihrec-foiiHli.s lair: onv cup iciilded imlk; li-ii:.].uon sail; lln-Li'-fum-llis MIJIII; l',vo tulllesjHions .sin one cuke di.v.uhvd in finirlii ui|i lukewaim walir; I jui- Inli UM'Jpiiijn yral.d uniting;, jut ci:;,'. ' A Home Demonstration club for the Blackwai r _'r coniinunily \vii.s organize<l al a tn'.e'.in^ : rid rec-ntl. at the home o! Mrs. Julia Joilill. .\Trs. JollitI \va.s elected pre.s:d?nl Other clllccrs are: M:-;. Tucker, vicc-preiident; Mrs. Vio'.j; J):llinss. M'crelary. and Miss l!cs-s:e •Jolliir. vepnrter. The club was to hold its second')''.'" meeting this afternoon at the ho:ne ,,„ of Mis. I'earlic Tucker. Shcuse Book to Aid, Women Find Careers ' I want to find work for which they are .suited. "Cam.'is for Women." n ne book by Mrs,. .Jimci; btioiise Al]m!1 t' of Ihe'foniH'i- chairman <,|."' xl m ' te 'iotlors. lawycis. writers. •of endeavor, necessary preparations and <|LialifiC!ilions, information on proper^ training, advanl- aacs anil rtisadvnm.mes in each fli-ld. and tnianchd u]>iKirtiniilii-.s. It is ihe .second .such book nn- liioicd by M;-s. Slionse under her maiden name. Catherine Fileiv. 1 . 15U contributions lo Ihe v.'lfe Stamp Room May Be Papered With Xmas Seals CONWAY, Maw. lUPI -Harry Hinuclair. ut.use hobby is .slainn- C(<llectinu. l)op?s to pai»r the •com in which he kce;:s his col- etio]) \vith Cliiistma.s Seals. He buys the .surplus C'lirisimas Seals of ihe liolyoke Tittertnlosi.i nssociatiou ev"ry year. Sinclair is ollice manager of tlie Fair Alpaca company ol Ilolyoke. Democratic National Executive if i r n-i i in Lanada for Dlblc S'llvaiiur. u |.il'll.i ri'liti- lu In N lM [ Imluni. iiiis lioiiml.uii^. lucaiiM' on.:"'' 1111 "•tiuicutiv tup ~j — "— 'K- 1 'r:ili(;lll Hl'inifs ' »f .-oil thickly Nk-ara- It'sSmart to Be Thritty~It's Easy Here CRABER'fi ^^^ DEPT KTftPP.n ^^r BLYTHEVILLE, ARK. ASensaUonal OutstandingSaving Event in Our of 'J; \ K3 \ I f-'ClllMlmtiun IHiKlllcoli ninny ,1| S . Add ihe rculili-d milk lo Ihi'losm.Ml.V M-HSI.IIOII.S. Mvi-ial nl .sioili-nln/. KII • :in:l salt. Wllell | wlilili are iiuMiliniii'd bv Mr 'I' K ukeui:iiii i.dii Ihe yeaM. Add um.'| Stilli. m liuonrllle. ' Ind hiei' i.niu ii is .sn ligjiit thai .I will fall al i:>- .sli; toncli. Good News for Kidney Sufferers! writes- "1 have ired Ulaek-Diaiujhl many year.l who ills iind uther fthvii :i liixalive wus _ _ ^ ^ fcleiUbti, artists, hbnirinns, avia- Committee. "has" occ'nlidiie'd"wuie- tors 1 " 1 ' 1 l;uiiu !lmi wrrc-n star.- ; p]~e:Hl interesl. • Many nationally known women,' 43 Languages Used nclucliiig Secretary ol Labur, Frances Perkins, licp. Mary T. Norton. U..N. J.and Judge Florence S. Allen, conlribmed ihonght and VANCOUVER. ]i. C. i UP)—For- j suggestions to the book, which af- ly-Unce hinguiiyex are used by the fords comprehensive information piiblicaiions of the DriUsh and' 'or the youii'i woman who wants Foreign Society IhroiiKh its Erii- :o know what she can do. It con- ;sh Columbia auxiliary in placing . tains descriptions of various lines Ihe Uiblc ninony persons in the l ij.ln 1|.C linUUtj !) <ji::i-LI>. ytm tmu i.ccded. I have a liylii Urllni! In my chest when I net liillnus. i yel rii/zy iiiul feel very tired. Jim lion'i ^Icel like doi]i'; rtiy work. Alter | taking l>!iu-k-r;nmi'l.t, i u-i inneh I*'U.r. This is why 1 conlhiiii' 10 use il ivlieii lli'i-di'd.'.. ..'niHl- Inrd'.s Black-Diaiiyhl is n coun. liliri-ly \t^ttnble luxalive. ublalll- 3C In. Heavy Brown Muslin ID Yards 88c April Shower of BARGAINS fjtuulnv Hope Ikurlinl Muslin ID VMiIs $1.05 I-'HATDKINC T1MKI.Y SAVINC MKHCHAND1SK AT S 1'K C I A I, PRICES GOOD ONLY THRU THURSDAY, APRIL 12th OUARAsNTKKl) New anil Complete Line of Home PalnU. New and Complete Line of I : l;,tiiii|j Tacklo. Cit nulnv Aladdeii Uiiiip I'm is au^ HUKKI?; IIAKDWAKK CO. It's a LONG STORY! IT'S NOT a bedtime story,, either I There's so much length to a HAHES shirt tail that it can't inch up and bulge over the belt. ~ Which proves you can keep a good shirt down! But that's only part of the story. HANES Shirts are plenty pliant 1 They snap and cling coolly into place . . . without a wrinkle or droop. And washing won't weaken the stretchy knitt Now . . . here's the HANES short story. When you climb into a pair of HANKS Shorts, you won't be double-crossed at the crolch! You can bend and stretch as much as you want— nothing pinches or clinches. Colors guaranteed fast. Gentlemen— that is Wonderwearl See your HANES dealer today. . . . P. H. Hanes Knilling Company, \Vinston-Salem, N. C 39 C EACH for Shirts and Shorts Olhers, Me o:ul 7Sc ca. SAMSONBAK Otl»r>, 7Sc WONDERWEAR WH. R.MOORE'S "Tlir Smith's I-;ir^rsl \\1inlrsnlc Ilousr" MIDMPMIS M A X K s WilOLKSALK DISTKI1HJTORS of Enduring res of Pain Wlit'ii you've l:ik( u whMrvcT von Imppen lo have around (he house Tor your hf;i(!;tri:i' , : i p ;i iii ; ; IM || -(ill it keeps right on hurliiij; niitl ioriurin;; you, you liiiidly |<m,\v w h;il lo do next. Perhaps you are one () |' Ihr many who IVi-l like (hey have lo bear il iinlil il \vi-ars ilscll ,.:J. Wdi! Von d-m'l h ;)V e to lorkiru yoin-si'ir like Ilial any m<;:v. l.ead'u ; denlisls and phy.sieiaiis are piv.srribin" a nc\v ccnipornil \\\:\\\ will l>rin» you relief just as dependahly as a nar<-o!ic, yel il \y, not a lubil-formint,' drug. Afleryou have laken Ihe first l\vo lahlefs you will feel Ilio pain i;oiii{;away, nerves rahn down, and Ilia! awful depressed feeling lifted from you. Il is called MonoPirin Compound, and you can gel il by jusl asking for il by Ilia! name al any drug slore. Remember liie name—MonoPirin. KIHI1Y DRUG CO., Distributor EVIDCNCE OF PURITY INSTITUTE OF INDUS! RIAL. RESEARCH Laboratories REPORT— I have- just complclcJ a comprehensive an.ilysi> of tlm product and die a«iy sliowi ilut il con forms lo ihc higlirit stjndjrd of efficiency .inj in my u|>ini»n i: nicfls every drsirc in .1 |,crf«l (iiriur.nion. Suhsfrihcil .iml ^worn lo l»efore me *<</,. .J^so. Mr . i WASHINGTON, D. C. ., ilut il con- 'Ktsl C'okir HOUSE ~ DRESSES lienntlfnl New Prints In iillrncllvc i:lyles, In u quality that ordinarily rell for B9c, fealined for these few days nt S.l/n M to I 1 ! Trimmed llrnuilfluth, ["( Princess Slips In choice of iMiptilin- .shaikM, All si/e. 2Sc lluyon i'UlNCKSS SLIPS With California, anil bodice type, dainty lac.j trim, bias cut. exlr.i lull. For these few dnys only S6c Solid Color - [''asl Colur Broadcloth This h. -A ^rudi: we huvr hmidlrd fi>r yc^rs »l U y rreumnirnd. 4 A | In all wanleil si M' lljc yd. 17x;!f, - toloruil lionler Turkish Towels A iiooil weli;ht, hljhly alxsorbent towel with coloied borders. Niw I.; the time lo stock up. S for 44c Slttcial (iroun >4 New Hhitdev, Full Fashioned Silk Hose (Wds • ml Kndu In chltTon, n-ttUL[e, 4 IhrrxU, nil ,sl,k frt'm dip (« lixr, tn all slirs, i> R!£ to 10, iind In u wide 49c Children's Slippers Patent HlrajK ant) O.'.fordi i '. Tan and Elfc S)x>it Oxford.s filncl! Oxfinds It your child wears a shoe M«? from' Infants V to Grown Hoys or Girls Size 2, U will pay )i.« to i,].:l ;.. e the values we .sell al SI.I!) Value for 79c i'<trto Riran GOWNS With Applicine and Tland Kmbroldery In Pastel Shades. Excellent, ciimllty tn a full cut, serviceable garment at u low prico 24c .'Hi Inch Fas I Coltir PRINTS The largest .selectInn of ne\v Spring I'rlnLs shuMii anywhere in (his entire section. Hist color, vat dyed In every color and patlen, tiiiafjln- able. lOc Shades in Ladies' Silk Hose Rilk from top to too in :i Host ihiit h:ts bfieii l'i(,'hly pupulav aiul will sell fast at 12c pair ^^^H^^^^^^H llt'i-e Ale Twit Kniliy OuLstantling SHIRT VALUES .Men's l-'irsi (}n;ilitv [{I'Kiilitr SI Viiluo' Dress Shirts 4his«. are fast coliir broadcloth, In ta'.iil:; ar.l fancy patterns in jopular stjl.'s uith (he feature; if higher | riccd shirts. This • •xtniuriJinary v.ilue Ihes* tew ilu>5; al 64c are shin-, tiial were i;ot passed by tile inspectors; .'nine have stains that will wash out; oiliers had a stitch cr two out of line, but after one lanndcrin; you will not be able to detect the small unw that means a prcit •aving to you. That Were .Made tn Sell at 79c »nd lip. 47c Plain Toe - Split Leather "Z WORK SHOES Armortred Cord-Wear Soles Shoes are triple-stilch- id nnd reinforced and have inbbcr heels. Sell regularly at J1.79 lo $1.98 per pair. $1.37 Men's Genuine Calf Leal her Dress Oxfords The Kounl of Many $.| & $3 shocs I IK, gcmitne "W»lk-Aho,,f shoe «.h genuine i»ik Icain.r sules and leather Insoles. In innny aiir. ttylcs In MiLi quality not' with genuine $2.65 PLAY Sixes 3 to 8 in u \\- L .H , incut .sppi-mlly priced at B:U-- OVERALLS In Hoys' Sizes In solid blur and blur and white slrlprrt ilrnini; they are well made lo list tlic re'I bu., 1 who romp5 and pUyc »ml I; hard on dothts- A real barialn! 44c WORK SHIRTS Hoys' . AJcn's - Juvenile's - Alen's '.'m- tr si-s ,),,; (o „ >oulhs ind fnvriiilt .( zrs . rhh (liullly bought on today's mtr- kcl sells most places at :59c ,ind •.5., y.. HC .lainr.: u • lt .. ii,.,, srxclal event at 44c S-iop—Compare—Save at Graber's

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