Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 10, 1926 · Page 6
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 6

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1926
Page 6
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PAGS SIX FMLS Di'. S. A. McCoot Arrani; Give Free Clinic This Wwsk— M'cddin^ and Personals. k , (Mrs.lW. V. Heath) NEdSflb FJ,\'LLS. June 9.—Dr. Sj IMcCobl arranged with DK Fred. • LjiGrquge, authar of the fa- ^ufl ;i.a (JTaiige systcin: of rcfrac- W%k ^ ^'"'•''^ eiinic at Dr. •MK 0 I's office Tliursday, Friday Wm 5 iturday, June 10, U, 12. •'&( 'Kcv. .Mr. (jrantlum .and vl-nl -Ove boys from! i Neoslip and'^ Vcruon went -camping ^ ai y old friends tt^d pioneer ^es [ic Its visited "our; villnKc ^Decca ic 1 Daji. At evcntidu the cenic- ^rj avc evidence that hearts do ot forKCt. '• Scariely k grave that Bfas not decorated ivith flowers. Many from here ' w.ent; to (ieneva, wola, ; Yate** Center jand other lilaccff Ur. MicCool ; had l^harge of tli'c program [and tc^ hini tliunks are due fur the liianagomenl of the decoration lliis >^L'ar. Three of tlio Civil U'ar vetfriuis still main with us and many of {lie AVorld War veteran's' arc' here Uo help complete tlie unfinished task. Beautiful garlands of flagrant . ': flowers, • Ctivcr our heroes so true, AVhij) faithfully, lovingly stood at i their tasks. AV;itfliing the long night through. \Vhat tli'5ii.!!h the storms of shot aiid shell, Covered tliem round al)out; Tlicir's was the courage of hearts j unafraid,' Who know not a fear or doubt. •' THE ioLA DAILY BEGISTEB, THUESPAY. EVENING. JUNE XO. 1936. > Jiff ^sumes^I^iidfers^ of Drys Bi'noith roses, lilies and poppies red. CM Icr the sky so blue, Wilh tlie old flag waving abov,c • tiuiir heads, • : Rest illie hearts to their country ' ; so true^ . * Lawrence IJivcr shipped a load of calves to Kansas City .Monday. .Mrs. Faiilley,returned lo her home here IwhiTC slie wili spend the Kuniincr.;. She has been em- plovod ut Lawrence during the winter. Dr. "Williams -and wife attendeii ] the mail carriers' picnic at Yates ^.Centel-. Sunday, 'i'liree counlies were represented: Woodson, Coffey anil Wilson. ' Miss^ I'Uizalielh Scott, .Mr. .Max Sallec ai"^d .Mrs. IJeynolds spent Sunday ill Kansas City. .Mr. Stales Srott .•iiciinipaiiicd tlicm as far as . Paola ivhere he maiie a business visit.or pleasure trip. .Mrs. Itou^^hfon and JVIelta spent Sunday at Emporia, giiests of relatives, i' lir. Wm. llfdiiday spent the week end';jt home. .Mrs. • Oaffney^ of • Wichita an<l Cli;i::. tiulfier of Lawrence are guests at the home of'their par- eni^. -Mr. and -Mr.s; .lulin Collier. , .Miss Kditli tJolliiT and Kltia Sehaede went to Kmporia .Monday where they will attend thcf siinihier Echmd. ' .Miss llortense Slavcns is speiiil- Ing vacation aT^ home. She will return to Lawrence lor the summer- term. .Mrs. MVeiure and Kdwin of Iilla were guests at tlie Tlirall home Sunday. 1 )1. and .Mrs. ••.Mct'oul entertained .Mrs. Slavens- xih.^ Ijortense .Slav«us. Air. UonalU l^'iiiViey and .Mrs. 1). W. Kinney w -iih Ji- picnic (llniier at Itiver.'ide Park Sunday evenliiK. ,\ few aclmrd iglrl friends of .Miss Wiiiifnil ll (i (l;;es gave her Ji sur- prl^V pii-nlc diiiner at* lllversbh! Park ! Tliursdav* evening. Miss' Hodges Is one of our li... S. grail- Uiiles and expected io return to her. home at I'aolu Friday. While here slie was a general favorite and her^schoolmales; regret her departure.' 'flic girls of the party Were^ -Vitjla .Martin. Daisy l!urt /in, Tlielvia Petcr.son. Juariita Donn'ell. Naoiii ' ln;;e. .Naomi .Meliaiiiels, aebel IHeatli. Senator William E. Borah of Idaho, by recent speeches,, has pla«|ed .lilw self i In the. front rank of prohiblUon forces and is expected In ;poUttcal circles to base a candidacy for the presidency on that Issue. _Thte if_W« most recent photograph. ; KANSAN IS, APPOINTED (Jnidiiiifo <»Sf Tin* JSfalo VnI»<TsIfy Chosen 'I'u Iloiid Wisronsin JouiiiHli^ni .Sehool. i (l!y till! .\<-:i«-!.tle<l I'iv>sl .Minneapolis, .June • 10.—Appuinl- menl of Kilward .Alarion .lolinson. ahsistanl professor of journali:-ni. ay. head of the new school .-of JDiirnalisni at the l.'niversity! of .Minnesota was announced today by the Iidard of regents. j Tlie nahiing ofjMr. .lolinson, who will have the raiik of a full prot fessor, ciilniinatl'S a two' yea|.search by univet'sily officials for a man to head (liP school lo be cst;;ldis)ied -next; f;ili uniler a i:;.",i|.(i(ltr eminwinent-provide<| by the late W. ..L-Miirpliy dl' liie; Minneapolis Tribune.; Professor .biliii.4on is a graduate- !'f the rniversiily of Kansas and lias eompleled work l?ir his M. A:, degree in" journalism at the llniver- s.ty of Wisconsiij. He had prae^ tical.experienee tjn ciuiutry dailies in Kansas anil Iowa. eltn nbiighton and llaebelIlleath. C. |.-\. Hall a!id son of Elgin visited at the Wolf, Underbill and Itay Tidd; Rev. Stanley Orantham, sim of the Tuesilay. He remained at niont Need homes Monday. Mr. tJrantliani! eanii) home Alta- to complete'bis H. S. year, ess tQ. say :iie <was given a he;irtj.v welcome' home. Mri liobt. Lieurance and family . of Kansas •City visited, friends and relatives Ihfre last weci. Dr. htTd Mrs. Lienrance aeeonipanied them homej for a visit. .M<-s. Norden of Eni)ioria iis caring forj the honse in their absence, Mrs.: I^ibbv Wolford, .Mrs. Geo. Wolford. ^Jr. and Mrs. S. A. .MCCOJI attended jtljc \fo<lding of Mr. '^cr- . non lveninierer'''and .Miss Kopper • at Hiiiaboldt last. week. Mrs, Lib- 1ft- Wo41 'o)-d remained for a longer visr.f. . ' Si^ciiil ;it (ii - .\1( lliodiif parsiiiiasv l'"riday i-veiiiiig. 'I'lie evening waft silent, singiiig \tt\>- .sonr.'R and play' Ing jtniiien. Uefri .sliiiieiiis or_ i'-e cream anil • c.ike wereJ ;serviMl. A.boiil. flirty young people were in atlelidaiiee. Dr. ilobt. Maclean will : hold qiiiirterly ciiiifereni.e hero Wednesday evening. His always, a source of pb'asure and profit to our cliunli jie<)p!e here as well as the i lunTiniiiitw at lar,i;e. i;iiildren's r )ay cxercisfs will be licld here Sunday evening. The eliildreli will liave tlie l services during the entire day with a special prograin r.l nigiil. .^11 irv invited to attend. : Mr. and .Mrs. .1. C. Wilson are being congratulated on the nuir- Tiace of their graiidda'uglit'er. Huth Dick«'rson. to Mr; Uooiie of Colony. Kiith litis been • a vi.'vitor ii'.auy limes at the biiine of her grandparents here and is held in bi.nli esteem by. those wiio have been 'favored by litr aciiualiitance., Tlic best wishes ot lier many frieinls are freely given. • M:O.SIIO VALLEY, (C. Ir. Arnold) .Iiine Service ifnnounccments at Saleiii Chapel: Sunday school on Sunday. loth, at 10 a. m. Preaching by the pastor. Kev. .N'. L. Vezic, at 11 a. 111. C. E. at 7 p. ni.. Quarterly meeting services at S'f p. ni. conducted by Rev. Mc.Aferty, dis- liiet superintendent. No prayer nieetiiig this week. By reason of an urgent demumi the pliiy. "The Irish Stew," was again given at the Neosho V'alky sc^lool liousc Ti».'silay evening. NotwiUislaiiding tlrfeatening weather a good crowd was in attendance .iiid all were kept in a happy frame of mind. Strawberries, ice cream and cjike were served. Proceeds were turneil to the ;.Mipporl of the cliurch. Tin; Children's Day service at the cliurch oil Sunday evening lirouglu logelher a concourse of people that Could not bo ccjnven- ieiiily accpuunoilated wWiin the cbui-ch. .Mr.s, iiniard Crook had a leading band lallliu tirrangemrnl and drilling coiirso., of the program and her.tnsie brought the jirogr.ini. wbieh was delightfully rendeTid, In perfect accord and harmony wilh the objiiet sought In this kind of an exerc'isu. JHO flilK was an hour of enlerlainnieht In profit.ible line ot Ihoughti .Mrs. Sailie Shultz's mother. Mrs. Oldridge, has' been .In bed for several days. .Miss Kalhern Dugan spent last wc(;k with .Miss Hazel Conger. Mr. .lolin Wilson and .Mr. Raymond Bohcr spent Sund.iy afternoon witli Mr. Carl Conger and Roy. • Mrs. A. O. Cornell, who is teri.K dprly solicitous of :virs. Ipabel Con- gert welfare, c«iled on beir several times daring the past<week..' t Mrs. !W. 0. Hlllbranfs ;:iiro\her an^ slster-lii-jiiw, Mr. 'and Mrs. "hltaker, returned, to their home Kansas City more than ,a week 0, ^ifler spending some time ei-e. • • ' iv. D. Arthur was among His acquaintances on the West Side the (irst of .tlie week, working in the I nterest of the Farih Journul. This a his first etiqrt in sol'icitiilg paper subacripUons, bat those jwhom ne lias visited have no doubt ot bis ijatural gift in the work, and velleTe. with practice he will soop l^ecoMk''quite an' expert, "j It^'B. Patilotlc and" family were .with .Mrs. Pauletlc'si folks at the west edge St Liberty'neighborhood liist Slihday. Mrs. Isabel Conger wishes lo Jhank neighbors and friends for .ihclr kindnes's and flowers during l|er sttiy at the hospital. <"MiBS MelvB Tbomas spent the week .end at the home 6f Mr. and 4Mrs. .Millurd Crddk. .•, On TJinr^day of last week Mrs. MoJly Miller, who is here from To- pefta, went down to Humboldt to Visit her sIAtef. Mrs. Neai Van Fos- Bcn and Mr. FySscn, and on Sunday Mr. and Mrs. K. H. Crook and E. Crook went down and visited and brought Mr.-^. Miller u^ and as Ihey' came past the Scott .McKlnley hotnc they topk Mrs. .McKinley on and) brought her up to take in the' Children's Day' jierv- iccs at the' cnurch. On Monday Mrs. Millei' went^^nto lola to visit hpr daughter!~3lrs. Krannich. and Mr.' Krannich. .Mr. and Mrs. Frank Davenport took Sunday dinner widi .Mrs.' Davenport's parents, Mr. and .Mrs. .\lbert Cleaver. . Mr. and Mrs. Peter Johnson and Mr. and .Mrs. Tat Smith and .Mrs. •loc Butcher and her mother of lola were at the J. W. Johnso^ home Sunday. ; Mr. ami .Mrs. W. O. Hillbranfs children came in and helped pick strawberries during the ripening period. In this neighborhood strawberries as a rule yiade a poor yielil, hut the liillbrdnt patch was an exception. On .Thursday of last week S. T. Baxle.v's folks took; his brothbr John (lilt to Picpia to visit friends and on Friday they took him to Humboldt, and from there he left on Sunday for Chicago to visit his sister. -Mrs. Frank Mull and .Mr. Mull.. John seems to be having a good time on this long round of visitii. -After retnrnitig froin the East late In the summer ho' will again stop here before going to his home in California. . Mrs. Roic I..clgh and da'-Jghfor. (>rlenc. of Okniulgcti, Okla., were visiting with .Mr. nnd Mrs. U. V. Bale tiie first ot the week. Mr.- and Mrs. Earl Croley and Earl, Jr.. of Blackwell. OUIa.. w-jic at the Baxley. home- .Monday. Mr. and '.Mrs. Jim Valentino hrougljt (irandma Creadon out from fovyn Suntlay to spend a week with her son, W. C. Creason and'family. .Mr. and .Mrs. Aucel ClarJf' and daughter and son of California were at- the home of .Mr. and Mrp,. Albert Cleaver the latter part ot last week. They rented n farm northeast of lola so ihoy are anchored In ;i business that at pres?- eut Is quite promising. Mr. and .Mrs. Clayton HIrks, 'of Iol«|, took sapper at thbl Shultz home one evening last week. .'Mr. and Mi-s. G. W. Coni^ll were at the home of their son, Fred and [iVite, Sunday 'afternoon. 5 Mr. Thayer Cleaver went from tfio Agricultural Manhattan to Moline, III., to work in the t. & O. Plow' Works during school vacation. In his line of education this will be an advantage to him, other than In a financial way. Alvin Lutz came out from town on Friday of last week and remained at the home of Mr. and .Mrs. R: V. Bale,until the middle of the present week. Frequent showers arc making it bard to get the alfalfa hay crop taken ' care of, but otherwise ' the showers are Just a fit. / M'r. and Mrs. -Sam Dale nnd their wo daughters. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Smith of. lola and a grandsim of Mr. and Mrs. Smith of Chahute Were at the Willlams-llicks home Sunday. f , ; ActlngiOavprnor Be«bc. W'hllc fiovernor Paulen Is in California, his private secretary/ Charles P. Beebe of Neodesha, is acting, governor. For the second time in history a Bcebo is acting governor of Kansas. (Seorgo W. Uecho of i.e<u>nipton was the last territorial "governor" of K.insas, acting for Gov. Samuel Mcdary from December 17, ISCO to February 0, 1S(51. ' - KEWS OFMHOMBOEni VACATION BIBLE SCHOOL sli LARGE ATTEXUAXCE. ? 3Ionarch Ceaient Co. Declares Four Per Cent mtfldend At rectors Meeting. HtJMBOLDT,. Kansas, June 9.—A meeting §f the board of directors of the Moiiarch ' Cement Co. was held at the Monarch office^ here yesterday afternqon. Perhaps the most important. \^ork of the board was the declaring ot a four pur cent dividend. After the meeting a dinner for the directors was held at ,the Hotel Monroe. The- first Division of the Women's Socfe/x of - tht Presbyterian church gave si lea at the home of .Ml-8. Weiny ifh.' There was a good urogMm-'guffifl and a large at- TI»e. vacation Bible School held •jn die Presbyterian ' church /• in. irha^' of thie Bev. .Mr. .Mills with a cCT^s ^fy^^S^. teachers, is t>ro- prts'Sing^^^jSIJst favorably, about fifty nicriibers being irt daily, at- iendancc with splendid interests sliown by the young people. Mrs. \\'. I. Hess entcrtaineU a number of young ladies and yoiini iiiutrons at her home this: afternoon at a party in honor of 'her (iLUghter, Miss 'Verona Hess. Pla^ ing of bridge was the diversion of the afternoon. Miss 'Hess has re- cfnUy -returned here from' l^nsas City where she has been teaching this •jrinter and- siWng.'' . . Mrs. Walter Ekel, who has bcen^ here the .past few weeks visiting lier mother, Mrs..P. M. Hall, re- tUrned'toiher home in Kansas City. Mo. Both Mr. and Mrs. W^alter Ekei were former • residents of Ilumholdt having mpved to Kansas city several years ago. Reginald Carter of Emporia arrived here today to visit' friends sad to be occupied with busiucss for a short time. He will leave tomorrow. - ~ Miss Margaret Amos, John Kop-' pers. Frank Hooper. Charles Reynolds, Frederick Amos, and • Ro­ land Leimenstbll have all returned jto Hnmhnldt fapm Lawrence wliere they "hav§.'attended Kansas Uni- " versity.' Henry Schaffner aiidOrlo 1 Choguill, Iiave returned •from! the -*? College of'Emporia.. ' ^ In area the Pacific Ocean ,18 greater thaa that of all.the land in the world. < , i, ' , SKATING RINK IVcjjt Street—lola AftrrnooBs 2 lo 4; Nights 7;30 lo 10 Children^ Saturday Momlnjr 9a0 to 11 15c GOOD ORDER MATINEES 2:00 p. m. ? Home of better PJctore: XIGIITS 7:15—9.: 15 p. m. 'Saturday 1 to 11 •Music By Elite Orchestra . Mr. and Hoy .Ha/.zard and son Billie of Xewlon, Kansas arrived- yesterday for a visit with Mrs. Hazznrds parents. Mr. and Mrs. AVilliam Dinginaii of -^2:! South Ciiesliiut street' and wjlii Mr.iHu'v:- zirdls parents, .Mr. and i-Mrs. E. T. I!a7.7.sird of west <il'it!ie river. ' Before ieoniing. here llu^y visited Mrs. -• Mr. anil .Mrs. DeWitt of llumbold^ • HazzLrd's sister, Mrs. A". E. Curtis are oc<-iipyin{^ rooms jjt .Mr.s. Lib-1 and (family in Kansas jcity atid by Wolford's at present. ' :;pent someliinc in the Ozarks. .Mr.-i. Hi )lsi;ahd cliildren o['Kau7 Tlieyl expect' to return home the sas City are. vLsiting :^t the'home last (^f the week, taking.Mr.s. D'ing- ot Mr. and Mi*; Slatl for several weeks. t ' • .Miss Lena Muninger of Neosho Falls and'.Mr. 'i'erjion Tannabiil of Yules reiiiTn- were marrieil al Bu-!- iiiglon Sat|tirilay. .\ wedding dinner .was .served at the home of the bride's parents here. D.ii .Siinduy nioriiing they left for Ni -w .Mexico : and oilier points in the west. Tlie bride is one of our H. S. gnidiiales and lias been very popular here where she has lived pradic-illy all her life: The groom is a well re- specie* farmer who livi-s ne::r .Yates Center, the best ^virlies of their many" friends go with tliem when ver theyi may choose .to- locale. On Tluinsday a miscellanmns Blijwerwas given the bridu ify a dolmen of the If. S. girls. TIiftj?irls : niM iU t b'o home of .Miss Viola .Martii) and motored-to Riverside P;(rk where an elaborate picnic svupper was served. Many' pretty gifts, such* as jSchool girls 8el?c;t, • were-- given, showing their affection f<,Vr her. - ' The Epwprth League had a lawn with, them I lor ) short Childbirth Hwe b ft wonderful metsa^e to all exp«tont mothen I •When the Little One arrives, yoti can bavo that momenC odore^free from sufferim? than yon have Derbaps imagined. An ^minent 'physician, expert in this science, has shown the way. It was be-who first produced theKreat remedy "Mother'* Friend." Mrs. 'C. J. BarttDan.ScnatOD,Pa4 •an: "Wilh my flimt tiro children I had a doi^r and- a nurse and then they had to use iii- _ •trumcnts. but yn& my „ I usL -d 'Mother's Frjcnd* and bad only la nurse; we had no .time to got a doctor because I wasn't very sick—only about tm or fifteen minutesiTUsc "Mother's Friend" Tonight—Again Friday—2, 7:15, 9:15. RIN TIN TIN . • the Wonder Dog in "BELOW THE LINE" Reckless, desperate, ferocious; the man willi murdt+ on his soul stopped in his flight to steal the ijiouey tliat jiad been en- trusleil to the village boy. Tlie. boy and bis frail little mother l'ou.i:ht in a frenzy to save Ibeir trust. 'I'lien, savagely beaten, they See Rin-Tin-Tin in "Below tlie Line." ALBEKTA YAl-(;iI.N In "FK-'lITIX; IIEAKTS'' ComPdy—2 Acts—"Peaeeful Sleepers" . • I- >latinecs l(h'-20c ' Sights l«c-2.';c " : ANNOIPNCEMENT! ' Attention Mdtoriksl I liave taken over the management of the South Street Garage and am able to give you repaii; service of the very lughcsL type. We liave the complete hne of parl.'i and acce.'^.^orie.s in town. Our .skilled mechanics have the facilities with which to repair your car promiitly and efficiently. Wc Recharge Ford iMagnelos. two diUdrcn ns our mothers and jrrandmotheis did. Don't y'';«*!?^«*™^'' """^ meanwhile write to Bradfield Bctrulator Co.- BA46, AtlStaL Ga., for a free illustratifl hodk iontaim'nic In/^miitfon every expectant mother shoDld OATARRN • , .trf- h^-or thrgat is ninaUy benefited the vapois of- VIC ~ Keep your foods as cbld as Greenland /wi7/i Friigidaire anid without ice. Keep them iall at the same even, col(l temperature. PJvafige your f)resent ice-bo:ff|6to:ffl> electric leifngerator or select one 6f the a^plete metal cabinet models. Pay for cither, out of income, on the GMAC monthly jpayrtient plaii. Frigidaire ia produced by the lafgeat makers of electric refrigerators— Delco-tright Company, i ' ELECtRfC© RrEFRlGERATlbN ij' L. S. BUSTARD SCALES A>D SERVICE 112 £i Brondnur! r <U )iie loin S31 A A Ulitipcw See What ^Wolideif^ bpfiWg thb SURGE wm Do! 1 CAN'T teU you why the SURGE milks better. I only know fiiat . it DOES. I also know that there were a lot of particular breeders ' who would never allow any of the old type miUEers on their cows; But many of those same men ai^e now lasing the SUR&E, and are delighted with the way it milks their valuable pure bred animals. When you see the SURGE operate, perhaps YOU can figure out. why it does sudi a riamarkable job of milking. At any rate, you will, see at once that its milking action is entirely different from tiiat of any other milker. It sucks from the front. has a snappy release. It surgcis back and forth, with the pull becoming: stronger and Stronger as the cow milks oiit It gets ^e strippings as no mother machine ever got them. And whenyoutkkethemachineloffthecowl ,warit you to examine the udder and teats. You'll.^Qdjtti^ soft, with a healthy color, without any blue ring around uie top of the teats. You'll know then that this machine .do(^«ome^injr that no milker ever did before. < Phone Me Abonf a Demonstration • Give me a chance to make this demonstration for you. Call me .up> and we will arrange to run out to see some of my SURGE mstallations in actfpn. For your own sake, be sure to do this before you even think of buying a miiyng machii^p.' A FIRE PEOOF STORAGE. OILS G.'VS PARTS ACCiiSSORfES . i SHANNON'S Hardwai;e and Imple^ente 30th Year in Ida KELLEY THE rOOLti.ST Sl'OT l.\ lOLA -Watlnoos 10c anil 2(|ic; Mi?lils lOt and 30c. TONIGHT and FRIDAY John McCormick Presenls IVlalii 10cr20c You've got an old fashioned^ slant on things until you see "We Moderns." To see the rending in mid-air oJ^ the giant joy-ship, monarch dirigible, is only one of the si^ctacular treats. ' \ ; Added—"Flying Wheels," Two Reel Comedy — Also Fpx Nevis. •lit A

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