Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 10, 1926 · Page 5
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 5

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1926
Page 5
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-V ! THE lOIA'vDAILY yEGByg^^^grog^Yff^<j^,_J PAGE FT MARKET 'TESTED RECIPES -—i- . i IIALK.UOrR III.\>FK MEMS (^raiTofriilt CocktaiU Cpusoiiitne ' DiK k Sw.'efi Potatoes 5?aute J c"i)rn with (Jrppn PrppiTS ' i' ' Striiigl.?ss Bean Siilnd. Caiili^d Apri<"Ols with : Whij)t«'il Creai»| Coffee Hdrs d' OeiivrP!^ . ; I Sardines. Olives and jCeleryj Crtam of Tomato Sjiip • Stilnion Soufil» Spinach and Eggs Pineapple ajid Cheese Salad Fruit Cake • ' Coffee Mixed; Fruit Cocktails I Chicken Broth. 1 [Irish Stew ! ' Eutferefl Striiigless Beans I •, Asilaragus Salad ' ( j Apple Whij) . Cheese ' Coffee WINNER OF FIRST PRIZE. Los Angeleii FrnU Salad. , ; ?i oup marshmallows,-pinch salt -?i cups white cherries : • i •-J can slicea pineapple »i cup English walnut meats . " Cut marshmallows in thin strips, brain i>iueapi )ie. and cut in small • ' cubr-s. Pit cheriiies'and cut in haivrs. - ChOjf the nuts, mix with " the fruit, add- the salt. .Mix fWith the ireaiiT salad dressing. • Serve uu lettuce leaves and garnish with a few dots of piinento.—H. L. .' TSfiuvUfrlte S«innre!C For till" I'astrj: 1 cup iloiiV 'a lup butler (or shortening)' cup cold vvaler. Pinch of salt Fxrthf KHMtlliit:: I'v ciijis s (i({iir '* clllj coc ()aillU ''.•cup Wali.-r. U tia«|icMiM vauHla 1 ;i cut/ lurraplti (oi'raisins) IJ niacHlimalfiiwa Z <»;i{ whlli 'M ! M ix iiuKiry uit.Uir binciiil.t. roll 4Mil >. luih tlil >r:k and cut iti J-ln< li iii|iliiri -M. Ilaki-iln a lint rivcii until nliKlltly liriiwMtvV. ("oiil, hjircfid; wIlli 'friiHtintc ha'VWiK-II come nvlifly In ilic of tlic li.ifiiry. HciiiiHi to di" (ivcti.. to fiiiHti bukiiuc. For I he frost 1 (1^. li>oH Migar ami w .:|cr until-it. will spin a lonK thrciiij.. Turn out rirc; add mhr .M)i- rhallows cut in Hlghtlis .'Poiir in'auii- aliy while healing constantly over stiffly heat.11 . white.s. When well blcjiilf-d, add cocoahut. currents and vanilla. If carrying out a color scheme, color as desired.— K.h.\ StjrawlK^rry and Pineapple Conserrt iUse eqital quantities of [Strawberries and sht^euded piileapple. Cook the shredded irineapiJJ; iii the lea .Ht possible quantity of -water. When t(>nder. add the strawberries aiirt coflk Until they afe soft. .Measure the ^ruit and add three-fourths as much sugar as fruit and a small quantity of salt.. C6ok until thick. Poir into sterilized glasses and seal—H.. t- - Cawba Salad. . 3 Cagaba melons •I can grapefraft \ cup.chopped nuLmcatH ' 'i packages cream cUeoso Vi cui» (1-3) packaKPj chopped dates , 1 . Shredded lelture. Cut the melona in halves, scoop oiit tho pulp with a toa .tpoon orq rrench ball ctitt^ir and chill. .Mix <Ji^ eheese, Tfuts ami dates together and makB smalt balls of the niix- tiir»>. Wnicn re.ndy lo serve, fill tho empty melon HhellH with the chill••li inelon balhi and grapefruit pulp. Arrange line chee .se ballis oij top and garnish with lettuc<? cut Into ribbons. Serve with mayoimaise, if desired. ; GAS Cin NEWS NOTES .MEKTIMJ ATTlKXU THE BKOWX AT lOI^, yir. and .Mrs. John Berdln« Enter< lulu KriendH and KflallVM at- IMunrr-^l'crsonul >'ew<<. \ fom»>lnaH»n Sulad. cup sliredd(jd pineapple 1^ cups sliced bananas 1 cup strawberries i ^2 cup oranjge pulp! ',•2 «up shredded cocoanut U cup> gjrapefruit pulp >i cup halved maraschino cljer- ries V. , 1 cup sliced peaches [ I dozen marsJimallows Lettuce. I Drain the grapefruit and mix •horouglrfy with, the other fruits ind the .marshmallows • which should be cut into .small pieces. Chill and serve on crisp lettuce leaves. Sprinkle with plain or brow'nert cocoanutj ,X'RESCENT VALLEY. (Georgia F. Brooks) Junp " 7—.\tr.' and .Mr;;. Piigh spent Sunday with .Mf. and Mrs. Craft near Leanux .Mrs. Ed Hittton ^and .son and Mrs. i. N.Hutton of Emporia are visiting. at the home of Kd Iluttoh's parents .Mr/andj.Mrs. K. L,,:Swearingeit • Sirs; Belle Adams and J^i^nie called Friday afternoon on Mr, itnd .Mrs. Frank Doty. .Mr.s. PuBh. spent Friday aflei«oon with-.Mrs. Balr. ' ' .Mr. and .Mr.s. I.. O. Simmons and family, .Mr. atid Mrs. S. Hriney anil fniniiy spent Sunday evening at I hit T. .\. Slmmon .H hom.i, , Mr, Kern Doty s|ieni the wi-i -k end wltb hlH jianinH. Mr. and .Mm Frank llloty. and i'iIui'ihmI ' in IiIm'i •ohool in Tiiroiitn i^utiday. .Mr. alul .Mrx. Itoy llronkH iip.r'iil. Wj-dnt'yiliiy I 'Vi'-nliiK .with .Mr. ii^id MrK. Frank Hr!>okn. f .Mr. iniil MrM, , Archie Sinimotix , and fainlly, Mr. jtuicr .Mr .H. Siewanl j Hrlnvy spent Sujiday with Mr. iiiid .Mrs. I,. O. SInimiiinM. ' -Mr. nnd Mr-*. Ki'aiik llriMikK :md family spent .S'liiday nrtdrnnon with .Mr. and Mi;s: .lames hennanl. Sunday afternnnii callers at H. W. r.urwell's were .Mr. iind .Mrs. Oren .•\danis anil.Joetta Ksta and Hazel. HallK'rt and Uuth Wile.v of Humboldt. Miss .Mildred Doty .<;pent Sunday riight with Ine? Clarke-rfn Humboldt. (Mr*. A. F. Holtfen) GAS CITY, June 9. — Mr. and .Mrs. G^cn Day of Garnett took dinner Saturday with Mr. and Mrs. Le.slie JJeedlng. Sevei^l from here attended, the John Brown meeting in lola Saturday «-vening. Mr.i. Shaw and son and family of Vernofl. Kan., .spent Sunday with Mr. anil -Mr.s^. Goble. Mr. and Mrs. John Cloud of lola were afternoon callers. .' Mr. -Laun HarlMJur and sons of Hiimboldt. Xeb.. are here visiting with his sisters, Mr.s. Charlie Osborn and Mrs. Henry Potter. Mr. and Mr.s. Arthur Beeding and .son Cylde. Mr. Joe Nelson of Parker, Mr. anil .Mrs. Arthur Cundy of Dt»nver. Colorado, and Mr. and Mrs. Le.slie Beeding were dinner guests of Mr. and. Mrs. John Beeding Tuesday evening." . Mr. and Mrs: C. Canitsey, Kary and Darlene called on Mrs. Lowe Tuesday evening.' Friends hare have received word that Mr. and Mra. Will Kline, who hove started on a trip out west, have reached Ldmar, Colo., where they will stay for some time, MiHH Katherlpe Miller arrived Sunday morning from Sidney, Neb. to spend ^he siimmer with her mother, MrsT Jamta Miller. DnMleii!! DoHteri Y'ou can make a very' satisfactory dustless duster by saturating cheese cloth in kerosene oil and hanging it in jthe annllgbt to dry. Borax Bleaciies.. Add a teaspoonfuli of powdered >borax to water in which handkerchiefs ar« to be gashed. It will whiten them preceptibly. WrinuBy Hand. . AVhcn laundering table linen never put It through the.wringer as that makes creases that are almost impossible to remove. More Eiilctent. A cheap whiskbroom i.s an excellent medium for .iprinkling clothes and it keeps the hands absolutely dry. \___ " St -MMi:k salads. Fruit .Salad. 1 can crushed pineapple 2 riiie.'<antaloui>rs . 1 can grapefruit 2 dozen fre.^h fherjries.' iettuce i ' •Cut the^ cantaloup.^s into long . slendir s>>cti6ns. Ken'ioii.. rinds and iiiedible jpoi^tions and marinate in the grapfjfruit syrup for a few liour.-?.-Thea^ drain and mix with the grapefnlit pulp. Arrange in nests of leitufe' leaves, sprinkle lightly with pineapplejand garnish with cherrifes; ' Plepse.the Eye. . Cdlijred glassware i.s very at- traciii-e in summer lime. Summer, irrink.s served in tool green or invftin? colored amht-V f;la .»i .-es are infinitely mnr<! attractive than in ijrommbn glass. ; } ; Strawberrj' Se^jon. A delightful dessert is made by Serving crushed strawberries, ice cream and whijiped cream -on a .foundation of ansel food. Sponge cake 2nay also be n.sed thiii way. UruptJiruit and Celer}- Salad. 1 can grapefruit ! Lettuce ' . ' ' ' Jflt »yonnai .s^ ' 1 jcup diced celery ] Paprika j . ! Drain t)t^' grapefruit arid arrange on lettuce. .Midsfen tjie cl-lery with niayoHBaise and place uu top of the grapefriilt. (iarni.".!! with celery tips iir curled, celei^y ai:d spripkle wUh papr ika. \ ll'lneapple Ire. "iup.grated pineapple Cup cold water. teiisifoon lemoiji Juice. H cup syrup. 'i MIxuiid freeze.—II. L. • Novel .Iriihip Shade*. Very a.ttractive lamp:' shades iare made M cretonne stretched in place and \ viritishea with several ciats or while .varnish. KEEP THAT GOiTER AWAY WITH -i— ^ BE VIS IODIZED SALT It^iaket It Fkmi •Aak Your Grocer. DWtribnted bj ; R. C. XcKianeyiF^ed^ Stare Our business has shown a wonderful gain the past week, which is convincing jevidence that the public enjoys the pleasure and profit derived by personally selecting their own merchandise, especially fresh fruits and vegetables of which we always have the best. SUGAR CRACKERS RAISINS APRICOTS, PEACHES OR PINEAPPLE COFFEE LEMONS PEN-JEL CERTO i:, lb. bBff ('. it fane S-lb, bx. Loose Wile* Sodas •i lbs. tirahjimM »>c S his. Seedless "$1.69 35c 30 (r 4 No. Size Cuns In Myrup Self Seriire Brands Fancy Santon I'ea- herrj, .1 lbs. 4.S.IIJ. bag Expansion Ask any user about the quality. 4.S.II1. bai; Peerless Flonr, every sack gnaranteed _ On the Square at the East Side 95c $i.20 PER DOZEN 27c 2 FOR 25c 30c $2.55 $2.25 A Real Biargain! $2#00 ^^^^^ for only ^ Wdte Entmel Pml Full of Printer & Gamble Soaps 2 takes Ivory •!») 2 (iakes Guest Ivory 1 pkg. Ivory iFIakes 1 pkg. Chipsb (l>rt*ai.) I i and 1 White Enamel Pail 1 only |$1.45 WHILE THEY LAST The above is a splendid soap assortment, careful^ selected so as' to supply every neej about the house—^brands famous for their quality the countiy oyer. The pails are. un- tisually attractive. The black enameled wood handles make them easy to lift. . With their triple white enamel coat applied over heavy ^oge metal, they are beautifully white and sanitary—fine enough to contain milk or axii/ food—usrful for many purposes in the home. ; -'^j ' • . ' ^ Far and Friendly Warning: ~ Act immediately, wi^e this bargain lasts—it will go fasU Sec or telephone your grocer before they're all gone! On Sale Tomorrow, Jiline 10, and for one week only, at these ' 'stores: M. & M. Grocery Fryer Bros. Grocery McKenna's Cash Grocery Foster's Grocery ' 1 ^. W. Anderson Thayer's Grocery Greenie's Cash Grocery RiL-Hart GAS— > E. E. Wright L.4HARPE— ' Ransom Brothers . . • - • .. I MILDRED— C. E. Sincbir Gooi Cbtor Schene. Always keep your ' while aatlh shoes, and your white silk lingerie wrapped in blue tissue paper. This prevents yellowing. Only one-third as many women die of pneamonia as men. For Cleanlnf. : Old pieces of Telvet and velveteen should be saved as they make excellent polLihing cloths and pads. More than two hundred and fifty vbrieties of cheese are made in Frunce. NO MORECONSTIPm FOR HIM ' KeUogg's ALL-BRAN is 100% bran and 100% effective Hr. Dunbar tried resorts and mineral! apringS'in vain. Only Edlogsr's ALL-BRAN rdieved him. Bead his teatimonial: *7 nffcnd from ladiacctiOB and coo- •tipstJon and vfahed acaibor* mud mincrml •princs. which onlr'ssn tcBVorary.rcUaf. Mooe save permanent rdiaf euept KaUon'a ALL-BRAN. I «onaklcr yoor bran ooe of the gicatat inmntaoaa of thfa age" YootB alneardr. Xb D. Ddxb^s, Spartaalmiz. S. C. Constipation is the bane of Health. Over forty diseases may be traced to it. It fills the system with vile poisons and saps strength. You can't afford to ignore its warning signalfti Ditrinws, bad breath. spots berore fS» eyes, are jfnst a few of^h^'^sy nptoms. KfiHc^s AIj;-BSAN is guar- ianteed to relieve constipation or yoor grocer will refund the money. A debeions cereal, ready to serve. Pin^ vrith:milk or fruit. Use in cooking tob, i KeUogg's ALL-BRAN isj made by EelloKg in Battle Creek. IMichi- gan, and sold by grocers ; every- 1 vrhere. Served at leading hotek; and restaorants. % ALL-BRAN TODDY A rich creamy malt food drink. Nature's greatest 'liealth builder^ Gives vigor and vim to young and old. A Meal in 9 Glass. TODDY. Mb. can ^_-d-i—-i-- F.F.O.G. Peach Butter, can . F.F.O.G. Fear Butter, can F.F.().(;. Apricot Butt(?r, can - F.F.O.G. Sandwich Filling, jar F.F.O.l}. I'iunt?s, large 2-11?. pkg... I 'Hl ).st-ftt Combination Chci'.sc, pkg. Hluhiil Gi-«'en Chilli Chee.sf, pkg... FiliilillJ I'imunto Cheo.s pkg. ; Monarch Spaghetti, can -1 r.'ineapplf! Pre-servcs, Imitation, jar kovnl FViiit Gelatin, pkg. SPECIALS! New Caljbage, per lb. M Xfw i'otatoe.s V-i Ib.s. ^25e Green Beans, lb. _.. 15c FRESH FRUITS and VEGETABLES Strawberrie-s, Apricots?. Cherries, Blackberries. Banana.s, Orange^?, Grape-Fruit, Canta'loupe.s, Head J^ttuce. Fresh Tomatoes, Beet.s, Carrots, Ciieumbers, Fresh Peas. . 60c 2.'>c ._25c --.2 .')C ....-.-25f - -.:<.')c 2.''.c ._15c ir ,i.' ...... -loc ^.p.r,c .15c RUB-NO-MORE For Scrubbing Cellars, It Kills the Mould Large Package 30c The Basket Store When the Housewife Buys the Groceries AT Andevson^s Grocery —she has time to prepare and do other work, when she phones her order to, us. Our service and quality you're .sure to like. Usciyoiir phone'. Fresh Fruits and Vegetables Every Day! Marshmallows, per lb._- 2.5c Large Pork and Beans, per can ^ 1.5c Sandwich Spread, F. F. O. G —25c Imported Cheese, per pkg 10c Or Carton 50c New Potatoes, 10 Ib.s. for-_ . 50c SOAP SPECIAL! Kirk's Flake White Soap — a real value. 12 bars Kirk's Flake White Soap and 1 bo.x Soap Chips, PRESERVE SPEpfAL— QPfc/» 1 Quart Jar Preserves (all flavors) per jar OtfC RUB-NO-MORE SOAP FLAKES For Washing Overalls it Cuts the Grease and Oil .We are firing free tickets to the Elite Theatre with ererjr STtc cash pnrc)ia.«e. Ask tor them. Plenty Parking Room for Your Car. Shop with Ease. A. W. Anderson GROCERY & MARKET Comer Second and Lincoln. Phone 292, 291 We Deliver [fc^Have Yon a Honse for Rent? Or for Safc? Want to buy 'Jwythuig? Use the Classifled Colamiis! McKeima's Cas1i& Carry Gro. 1|L2 South Washington BARGAINS! BARGAINS! BARGAINS! Who says bargains? We do! Come lo Our store Friday and Snturday and you'll-say "Bargains:" 1 lb. Folger'.s Golden Gate Coffee 1 ib. Gooti Bulk Coffee. . , 1 .3f5c can Del Monte Sliced Pineapple—^.-1 35c can Del Mbpte Sliced Peaches. _ 1 35c can Del Monte Royal Anne, Cherries. . 1 45c can Del Monte Red Salmort _ 4 large cans Sliced Pineapple .—^. 1 large lx)ttie Heinz Ketchup 1 large can Heinz Oven Baked Beans 3 rolls Waldorf Toilet Paper 4 rolls Victor Toilet Papei;.. r 2-lb. box Iodize 1 Salt 1 5-lbi sack -Cornl ileal 1 10-lb. sack Corii Meal 1 48-lb. sack Fanchon Flour • Our Counters and Tables Are Loaded with Come In and Look Them Over. 55c -^>5c 29q . 29c ._____-29o- JJ.5c ___90c 25c ^ 19c 25c __25c __10c ____i__22c 35c- ___._$2.35 Bargains. 200 Calories Health authorities estimate that from 1400 to 2400 caloi'ie.s are needed each day to supply the enei-^ used by an active child. A slice of bread, well spread with Shady Brook butter, contains almost. 200 cal()}-ies, in such form as to be quickly turnt'tf into en('i'^''y, ov to be in body buildin.t,'-: Enjoy the Best—Insist Upon Shady Broiok . "It's the Butter That Betters The Bread" All Good Grocers Sell It. CONVINCE YOUfRSELF atth^A.6(P. Stop in. You will affect a saving worth having. Always the purest and best in| foods—priced unbelievably low. r : • . . lona Brand White Jliinse BrM $1.09 Wiscdnsm Fall Cream LB. SOAP P. & G. or Crystal White 10l>ars37C Campbells BEANS 3 cans 25c A. & P. BAKED BEANS, J2can.s_ — 15c QDArUUTTI Franco-AmPrlcan % % i» arAUflLrlll Knourp Branii,-Hk'. can **t Milk ie.r -S"*"-3taU-c4ns25c ^Va CC aa R<'<< circle Br'd. in Triple VO «««e Scaled I'onnd Ifkg. ..Grape Juice Pt. Bottle 29c Fig Bars Fresh Baked 2 Ihs^Sc Karo BlaeLabeliyz lb. Can lOc PeairiutButter LkPail 27c Clicqnot Club Ginger Ale 3 bottles 50c KeUogg Bran Flakes pkg. 10c ROYAL Baking Powder 6 oz. can 25c Old Dutcli 2 Cans 15c Z Atlantic 13 X. Jefferson - TEA CO. lola, Kansas

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