The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 15, 1981 · Page 61
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 61

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1981
Page 61
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Page 18 The Salina Journal Sunflower MORNING 5.-OOQP.A.C.E. CD Rookies HBO Movie irir "Good Guys Wear Black" (1978) Chuck Norrls, James Franclscus. 8 The Blackwood Brothers 8 Golf "World Match Play Championship" (Match 2) from Great Britain. 5:0509 Movie -Ctit-b "Allegheny Uprising" (1939) John Wayne, Claire Trevor. OD It's Your Business 5:30 O P.A.C.E. (13) The Lone Ranger O Space KIdettee 8 Movie •&£ "Deadman's Float" 5:35 OD Infinity Factory 6:00 O Hearth Field 8 U.S. Farm Report (9)Cartoons (13) Six Million Dollar Man CD Flipper 8 Count Of Monte Crlsto 8 Sports Center 6:05 OD Vegetable Soup 6:30 8 8 8 CD 0 The Fllntstones CD QD CQ CD 13 U.S. Farm Report 8 Or. Snuggles CD At Issue OKkteworid (9 ) Three Score / Community Calendar (10) BulMnkle 09 Sunrise Semester CD Gentle Ben 8 Bible Bowl 8 The Ballad Of Canonero II 6:35 OB Romper Room 6:45 ( 9 ) Buyer's Forum 03 Pastors Study 7:00 CD CB ® Sesame Street (R) g (D CB O (13) (S> 13 Super Fun Hour 8 O 8 0® (10) 03 OD Kwlcky Koala ( 9 ) U.S. Farm Report 03 The Lone Ranger CO) Princess Knight CD Big Blue Marble HBO Movie £& "Baby Blue Marine" (1976) Jan-Michael Vincent, Glynnis O'Connor. & Contact 8 Professional Rodeo From Mesquite, Texas. 8 Scholastic Sports Academy "Basketball: Conditioning, How To Shoot Off The Dribble" Guest: Carol Blazujowski. 8 Movie ft-to-tr "Coal Miner's Daughter" (1980) Sissy Spacek, Tommy Lee Jones. 7:05 OB The Partridge Family 7:30 8 8 8 CD CD CD Smurfs 8 8 8 ® (10) 03 OD Trollklns ( 9 )The World Tomorrow 03 Leave It To Beaver Cfl) Polka-Dot Door CD KrorN Superstars O The Lesson 8 Best Of Calliope 7:35 CO Movie £ "All Baba And The Seven Saracens" (1964) Gordon Mitchell, Dan Harrison. 8:00 QD CB ® American Government Survey ® CB O 03 (13) © 13 Fonz / Laverne & Shirley 8 8 O OS) (10) 09 09 Bugs Bunny / Road Runner 8 Captloned ABC News (9 ) Rex Humbard CD Math CO) Etectic Company (R) 8 Financial Inquiry 8:30 8 8 8 (D CD CD Kid Super Power Hour CD CB ® American Government Survey 8 Crockett's Victory Garden (9 ) Issues Unlimited OB Math (Q) Studio See CD Battle Of The Planets HBO She's Nobody's Baby "A History Of American Women In The 20th Century" 8 Weekend Gardener 8 Best Of Calliope 9:00 CD CB ® Contemporary Health Issues (D ® O 03 (13) (S) 13 Richie Rich / Scooby Doo (6 ) American Government Survey O The World Of Cooking "Mexico: A Family-Style Menu" (9) Charlando OD Sneak Previews (R) CO) Once Upon A Classic "A Tale Of Two Cities" In Paris, the fury of the poor people continues to grow against the aristocracy; the Marquis St. Evre- monde is murdered in his bed. (Part 3) Sunday. November 15.1961 Saturday November 21 5 a.m.-5:30 p.m. CD Tom And Jerry & Here's Formby 8 Sports Center O Movie <rftV4 "Rough Cut" (1980) Burl Reynolds, Lesley-Anne Down. 9:0500 Movie <r« "Tender Is The Night" •(1962) Jennifer Jones, Jason Robards Jr. 9:30 O O QE) Tom And Jwry GD CD ffl Contemporary Health Issues 0(90 Spider-Man O O O (OHIO) QD 09 Popey* ( 6) American Government Survey 8 Magic Method Of Oil Painting (9) Abbott And Costello OD Quilting (0) This Old House HBO Movie tr'-Cr'A "Foolln" Around" (1980) Gary Busey, Annette O'Toole. O This Week On Wall Street O College Football Review CD Best Of Calliope 10:00 O O CB One Of A Kind S) CB ® Mister Rogers Talks With Parents About Competition O To Be Announced (D QD O 03 (Q) 13GoWk» Gold / Thundarr O O O <H> (10) CD OD Blackstar CD CD Space Stars (6) Interaction O E) The Woodwrkjht's Shop "Log Construction" ! 9 ) Superman 13) Kldsworid OD The Woodwrlght's Shop CD Woody Woodpecker 8 University Of Michigan Football 8 CFL Football: From The 55 Yard Line 10:30 O O O CD (88 To Be Announced O New Zoo Revue 8 O (10) 09 Tarzan / Lone Ranger (6) Interaction O The Guitar With Frederick Noad ( 9 ) Voyage To The Bottom Of The Sea (13) Nine File OD The Photo Show (ED The Photo Show "A Change Of Lens" 09 Whizzo's Saturday Circus 8 College Football Preview Hosts: Jim Simpson, Bud Wilkinson. 8 Scholastic Sports Academy "Basketball: Conditioning, How To Shoot Off The Dribble" Guest: Carol Blazejowskl. 11:00 O O O © ® CD Daffy / Speedy Show GD CB ® It's Everybody's Business ® ® O O 03 ® (13) OD 03) 13 NCAA Football (6) Understanding Human Behavior 8 Power Game CD The World Of Cooking 0 The World Of Cooking "Mexico: A Family-Style Menu" CD Bugs Bunny 8 Sports Center Plus 8 Swimmer 8 Movie *6-6V4 "Time After Time" (1979) Malcolm McDowell, David Warner. 11:30 8 0 CD Perspective CD CB ® It's Everybody's Business OdJBulMnkle 8 Movie it-tt-h "The Day The Earth Caught Fire" (1962) Janet Munro, Leo McKern. 8 (10) 03 Tom And Jerry ( 6 ) Understanding Human Behavior 8 Quilting (9 ) Movie 6#V4 "Four Faces West" (1948) Joel McCrea, Frances Dee. QD The Victory Garden CO) Power Game CD Cartoons HBO Movie 66« "Bite The Bullet" (1975) Gene Hackman, Candice Bergen. 8 English Channel "Lady Policeman" / "Coleridge: The Strangest Voyage" / "City Lights: Robert Hays" AFTERNOON 12:00 8 8 (D (D College Basketball "Hall Of Fame Tip-Off Classic" Brlgham Young vs. Virginia (D (D 33 Washington Week In Review O Movie ftft "Reptilicus" (1962) Carl Ottosen, Mimi Heinrich. 8 (10) 03 Fat Albert (6 ) Humanities Through The Arts 8 What's Your Line? "Writing To Relatives" CD Sesame Street (R) g US Iowa State University Extension Q) One Of A Kind CD I Dream Of Jeannie 8 700 Club 12:05OB Movie £#£ "All This And Heaven Too" (1940) Bette Davis, Charles Boyer. 12:30 CD (S ® Wall Street Week "Fun And Games" 8 (10) 03 30 Minutes (6) Humanities Through The Arts 8 Old Houseworks dD Quitting CD We're Movln' CD Leave It To Beaver 1:00 QD (£ Cfi What's NU? 8 Movie &AV4 "Pardon My Sarong" (1942) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello. 8 Leonard Repass (6) Prime Time 8 Sneak Previews Roger Ebert and Gene Slskel review "The Pursuit Of D.B. Cooper" and "Tattoo." (R) (10) Kidding Around OD The Righteous Apples CD) Magic Method Of Oil Painting 03 Wild Kingdom CD Movie ££Vi "Tarzan's Three Challenges" (1963) Jock Mahoney, Woody Strode. CD Andy Griffith 8 Women's Tennis "Federation Cup" from Tokyo, Japan. 8Movie £<r "Double Trouble" (1967) Elvis Presley, Annette Day. 1:30® CB ® The victory Garden 8 Movie it ft "Blondle's Blessed Event" (1942) Penny Singleton, Arthur Lake. 8 03 Nashville Music H i) The Victory Garden Washington Week In Review I) Movie <rftV4 "Pardon My Sarong" (1942) Bud Abbott, Lou Costello. OD As We See It "Hope, Arkansas" (R) QD Beginning Piano CD Beverly Hillbillies 8 The Blackwood Brothers 2:00 8 8 CB Wrestling (D ® 03 Quilting CD Hogan's Heroes 803HeeHaw ( 6 ) Nova "Artists In The Lab" 8 Wall Street Week "Fun And Games" (10) Great Space Coaster OD Getting To Know Me ©Ulias, Yoga And You CD Lucy Show HBO Movie £•£ "Good Guys Wear Black" (1978) Chuck Norris, James Franciscus. 8 Western Classics 2:30 (D (D Q3 Stttch-A-Long 8 Movie -tt-tt'A "Coffee, Tea Or Me" (1973) Karen Valentine, John Davidson. dD Western Outdoorsman 8 U.S. Chronicle "Nuclear Disposal: Where? How?" (10) The Lone Ranger CD Soccer Made In Germany Argentina vs. Germany (S3) Motorweek CD Dick Van Dyke 8 Alive And Well! 8 Jamboree In The Hills 2:45® ® O O CD IS) (13) 09 OH 13 NCAA Football 3:00 8 8 CD CD £D SportdWorld Women's World Powerliftlng Championships II (from Honolulu); Charlotte "500" auto race (from Charlotte, N.C.). 3) CB ® Sports America "1981 Big 8 Women's Volleyball Championships" 8 09 Hogan's Heroes (6) The Duchess Of Duke Street "Shadows" The Hotel Bentlnck Is turned into a home for recuperating officers and, to the delight of Louisa fV HOUSE OF 1300 S. Santa Fe and the entire staff, Charlie returns. (Part 10)(R)g 8 John Callaway Interviews New York City Mayor Ed Koch discusses what he's doing about poverty, mass transit and saving the city In general. (9) America's Top Ten (10) In Search Of... CO) Matinee At The Bijou Featured: "Little Tough Guy" (1938) starring Huntz Hall and the Dead End Kids; a cartoon; a 1932 short; and Chapter 7 of "The Phantom Empire" (1935) starring Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette. SSIx Million Dollar Man WyattEarp 8 Sports Center Plus 3:05OB Movie -bit "The Cavern" (1966) Rosanna Schlafflno, John Saxon. 3:30OShaNaNa 8 (10) 03 Sports Saturday 15-round WBC Lightweight Championship bout between Alexis Arguello and Roberto Ellzondo (live). (9) Soul Train OD Matinee At The BIJou Featured: "Little Tough Guy" (1938) starring Huntz Hall and the Dead End Kids; a cartoon; a 1932 short; and Chapter 7 of "The Phantom Empire" (1935) starring Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette. (R) 8 Wagon Train 4:00 O Charlie's Angels OTheWaltons (6) Masterpiece Theatre "Edward And Mrs. Simpson: The Little Prince" 8 Movie -d-Cr "Saga Of Death Valley" (1939) Roy Rogers. CD Emergency HBO Movie *£'/* "Foolln' Around" (1980) Gary Busey, Annette O'Toole. 8 Movie -Cftt'A "Rough Cut" (1980) Burt Reynolds, Lesley-Anne Down. 4:30 O 8 (!) Nashville On The Road ID (7) 89 33rd Street Sessions "The Neo-Classic Jazz Orchestra" CD Backstage At The Grand Oto Opry (9) You Asked for It CO) Training Dogs The Woodhouse Way CD Wild Kingdom 8 You: Magazine For Women "A Look At Six Terrific Women Over Forty Their Jobs, Beauty Routines, Clothing Style And Attitudes" 5:00 8 8 CD Happy Days Again ® (D 03 Survival "Secrets Of The African Baobab" 8 (10) News 8 Wild Kingdom CD American Forum 8 03 Omni (6 ) Smith And Lynn "Neo-Nazis And The Ku Klux Klan" 8 Matinee At The BIJou Featured: "Country Gentlemen" (1937) starring Ole Olsen and Chic Johnson; a cartoon; a short "Olympics Highlights Of 1936"; and the final chapter of "The Phantom Empire" (1935) starring Gene Autry and Smiley Burnette. (9)TheMuppets CD Sneak Previews Roger Ebert and Gene Slskel review "The Pursuit Of D.B. Cooper" and "Tattoo." (ED Sports America "National Cycling Championships" ffi Nashville On The Road CD Kung Fu 8 This Week On Wall Street 8 Idea Notebook 5:05 OB Wrestling 5:30 8 8 8 ® 03 News 8 Perspective 8 (10) CBS News CD NBC News (6) The Lawmakers (9) Welcome Back, Kotter CD Jazz: An American Classic ® Nashville Music (Continued on Page 19) —•—"•"—•• m—mmmmm Is Looking For Your Kind of Music Like Searching in a Haystack? —Come to Us- IPs, Tapes, Cassette 6 49 & 7 49 Cutouts 2" Imports • We Special Order, too &SOUND

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