The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland on March 12, 1947 · Page 4
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The Morning Herald from Hagerstown, Maryland · Page 4

Hagerstown, Maryland
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 12, 1947
Page 4
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Exchange Continues On Downgrad Extreme Declines Reduced At (lose Steels Lead Selective and Feeble Comeback, Then Back Away New York, March 11 ({?} — For the fourth successive session the stock market averages today continued on the downgrade. The proceedings were more or less erratic. Steels led a selective and feeble comeback around midf day, then backed away. Motors were in front of an active sell-off in the fourth hour. Dealings then quieted. Extreme losses were reduced in most cases at the close with a smattering of i?lus signs in evidence. Transfers of 1,19.0,000 shares compared with 830,000 the day before and were the second best since Feb. 26. International Business Machines dropped 8 points to 202 on only 400 shares. Allied Chemical was off 3 at 167, U. S. Gypsum 3 at 96, Eastman Kodak 4% at 233, Pullman 2% at 54y 2 , Electric Auto- Lite 3% at 54V 2 , General Motors IVfc at 57% and Union Pacific l l /> at 123. American Telephone and Penn sylvania Railroad were among a number of pivotals to touch lows for the year or longer, other cas ualties included Santa Fe, N. Y Central, Youngstown Sheet, Chrys ler, Goodyear, U. S. Rubber, Mont gomery Ward, Commonwealth & Southern, American Smelting, J. C Penney, Texas Co., Standard Oi (N*. J.) and United Fruit. Start Right With HOWARD'S BABY CHICKS Blood Tested 5-7 T-: Baltimore St. I'h. *OG Excellent P:.iver.v Service Closing Prices Stock Market New York. March 11 (AP)—Stock isi.-—Today's Close: American Can .-... 93V& American Tel. and Tel 167 \i \mericun Tob B 75 Vi American Woolen -Works ..... 16V^ Aviation Corp $Vi Baltimore :uid Ohio 14 3oeing Airplanes 21 ,'elanese Chesapeake and Ohio Chrysler Continental Motors 10 Curtiss Wright ...' -j 5 * Douglas Aircraft »' DuPont iSai/fc Firestone 5o^» Jeueral Electric -™ eneral Foods 40^ General Motors 5''A Goodrich Rubber 64V.! ( oodyear Rubber •• !>•*•>« Kennecott Copper 45 Glen''' L. Martin 29 £ Montgomery Ward nb% National Biscuit -fl% National Distillers 19£, New York Central -ISVs Norfolk and Western 242Vy Packard Motors *>^ K Pui American Airways 12 vx Paramount ~> >» Pennsylvania Railroad Pullman Pure Oil • 2., Radio Corp JJ Republic Steel *(% Reynolds Tob B •>'> Sears Roebuck Socony Vacuum Southern Pacifl<: Standard Brands Standard Oil N. J Studebaker Ttdew Oil Union Carbide United Aircraft United Carbon United Corp U. S. Rubber U. S. Steel "Warner Bros Western Maryland _ .. - Westlnghouse Electric . CHICAGO C.RAIX Chicago, March 11 (AP)—Closing <l Wheat: Mar. 2.72V:; May 2.57%'58>/2- J>'1>' 2.33%-2.34%: Sept. •> 9514 -'> 26 "'"Corn: Mar. 1.65-1.64 Vi: May 1.K2- l.jTlVs; July 1.60^-1-60; Sept. 1.5S%- ^'"oats: Mar. 98-3.7%: May S9-S3 1 /!; July SO%-*1: Sept. 7fi$i-77W. Barleyr Mar. 1.47; May *-*\*K- 4 I^rd: July 29.05; Sept. 2S.30; Oct. 27.00: Nov. 24.25. 14 tt 40% 97% 17% 73% 11% 6 4ft 25% LOCK! Price* Paid I'roAvvtrm HAGEUSTOWN CHAIN (FiiniUhtd by Kline Brother*) Wheat (at 1 barn) 2.57 Price* Paid Farmrri LOCAL PRODUCE (Prrces vary slightly every few days) Country Butter lb. 60c Shoulder lb 40c Eggs do*. :i7c Country Ham (old) lb. 75c Guineas u,. 9Qc Lara ib 20c Honey section 25c Onions per bu. SI.25 A]>pJes bu. J2.50 Potatoe? bu J2 25 Country B.-.con )b. 35c «AJ/J'lMOltB LIVESTOCK Baltimore. Mar. 11 (AP) —(United Stales Department of Agriculture.) Cattle—100, Odd head lots low inedium lightweight steers 17.75- 1S.OO; scattered lots common and medium cows o£ dairy breeding 11.50-13.50; canners and cutters 9.0011.00. strong; weight canners 9.50 up; bulls scarce, quotable steady: medium and g-ood weighty, sausage bulls 15.50-1G.GO; light and medium weights 12.00-15.00. Calves—75. Mixed lou Rood and choice 150-220 Ibs. largely 23.0027.00; strictly choice 2S.00;'common and medium 12.00-18.00; culls down to 10.00, underweights as low as 5.00. Hogs—600. Active, but 25 cents lower than Monday on all weights and sows; practical top 28.25: good and choice 120-140 Ibs. 25.50-75; 140160 Ibs. 26.50-75; 1GO-1SO Ibs. 27.0025; 1SO-220 Itfs. 28.00-25; 220-250 Ibs 27.50-75; 250-300 Ibs. 26.50-75; 300350 Ibs. 25.50-75; 350 Ibs. up 24.5075; good and choice sows 22.50-7 with heavy sows selling consider ably lower. Sheep—25. Good and choice woolec lambs quotable from 25.50 down good and choice slaughter ewe; 9.00 down. FOR MOST ANY PURPOSE INCLUDING TAXES 15 Summit Ave., Hagerstown, Md. Phone 3320 NEW YOUK EGGS -New York, March 11 (AP)—Eggs 34.S24. irregular. New York spot quotations follow (Based on wholesale sales by re ceivers to jobbers and large re tailers.) White: Ex. fancy heavyweight 51-52; exs. 1 and 2 largfe 50-51 exs. 1 and 2 medium 47.5-iS. CHARGES PREFERRED . Thomas A. Fdnkhouser. 31, Ma gerstown, was charged with failin.. to signal and Wayne Alter, 22, al so of this city, was charged wit! following too < closely as the resul of a collision Sunday afternoon a 3:15 o'clock two miles south o Greencastle. According to Pennsylvania Stat Police, Funkhouser slowed to mak a right turn without signaling an Alter plowed into the rear of th vehicle. No one was injured. LOANS TO SALARIED PEOPLE Autc - Furniture - Signature. For Quick Confidential Service Phone Hag. 250. General Acceptance Corp. 49 Jonathan Street ACROSS I. Large hazelnut ,4. Cut the hair short 7. Desert (Asia) -8. Wine receptacles 10. Tumult II. A faint color 12. Drop 13. Abyss H. Type measure 16. Public notice • 17. Chest containing the Covenant 18. Tiny ' 19. Capital of Saskatchewan 22. Slope 23. A firedog 25. Job 27. Furnish 30. Mischievous • " person 31. A splicer (Naut.) 32. Greek letter 33. River (It.) 34. Confederate general 35. Bark of mulberry tree 37. Den 39. Female horse , 40. Always 41. Precious stone 42. Some 43. Babylonian god DQWN 1-Wind cylindrically 2. Greek coin 3. Morsel • A. Method of executing color designs 5. Leave out 6. Forbid 7. Classify 9. Metal 12. Distant 13. Tract of grassland 15. Snare 17. Particle of addition 18. Breeze . 20. Pant 21. Writing fluid 22.2,000 Ibs. 24. Brilliant , color . 25. Apex 26. Plant with cleansing properties 28. Eject 29. Narrow inlet (geol.) 31. A river boat 34. Right to . control property (Law) Vlt Yesterday's Answer 35/Narrow woven strip 36. Inland sea (Asia) 38. Topaz humming-bird 39. Crowd 1 TF i 17 14 Reckless Driving Fine Is Imposed The ]a\v gives the pedestrian the ri?,ht o£ way at cross walks although many motorists seem to think it doesn't, Magistrate Harry E. Snyder said Tuesday in convicting Earl C. Shank, Buena Vista avenue, of reckless driving, whose auto on March 6 struck and injured an 8 year old girl at the corner of West Washington and Ross streets. He was fined ?10 and costs. Shank testified that he did not see Bonnie J. Baer, 500 block Ridge avenue, when he made the left turn from Washington to Ross street. The girl was on her way home from school. She suffered lacerations about the head and hody and was treated at the Washington County Hospital. The Morning Herald, Hagerslown, Md. " SEVEN March 12, 1947. PUBLIC INVITED The new fire engine of. the Junior B'ire Company will be tested this, afternoon between T. and 4 p. m. at the City Park lake in the presence of the Mayor and Council and city officials. A representative of the Juniors issued an invitation to the public to view the latest in fire fighting equipment. MUCH IMPROVED Chief Judge William A. Huster of the Fourth Judicial Circuit, who has been ill at his home in Cumberland with pleurisy since last Wednesday, was reported much improv ed yesterday and back at his office. GRANTED DIVORCE Philip Lee Teach has been granted an absolute divorce from Aileen Virginia Teach. Ugly Eczema No Joke The itching torment o£ eczema is enough to make anyone wretched and anxious for relief. If you suffer from the itching of eczema, pimples, angry red blotches and other irritating blemishes, get Peterson's Ointment, 35c all druggists. If one application does not delight you, money refunded. Peterson's Ointment also wonderful for itching feet, cracks between toes. Adv. During the 16th century, Poland extended from the Baltic to the Black Sea. Vll Meeting Called On Election Law For the purpose of discussing suggested changes in "the election laws of the town, an open meeting of citizens of Williamsport has been called for S o'clock Thursday evening in the council chamber of town hall. Mayor Richard G. Hawken in announcing the meeting said that a number of suggestions for changes have been made and that everybody will have an opportunity l/1Y JEWELRY CO. 40 W. WASH. ST. LIFE TIME GIFTS ON EASY CREDIT o consider them at the meeting. It is said that one suggestion alls for using the Australian bal- ot and another for changing the evision day. If a definite decision is reached bill will be prepared for intro- uction at the present session of he Legislature, the mayor added. The Amazon river is sometimes -cnown as the "sweet sea." Fruit Growers Attention Slats for repairing field crates, solid tongue and proved bottoms. Immediate Delivery. Blue Ridge Box & Shook Co. Rear 114 N. Potomac St. Hagerstown, Md. The famou* words, "It might have been,'' The saddest ever known . . . The years of rent now represent What might have been your home, Home Builders Savings & Loan Assn. 128~West Washington Street Phone 3233 DIAMONDS WATCHES LUGGAGE — GUNS Joe's Loan Office 42 N. Jonathan St. BUY YOUR COAL —FROM— t GUSHWA'S Phone 2200 and get THE BEST Public Service of New Jersey COMMON' STOCK: have available for distribution an analysis of this company, copies of which will be sent to investors upon request. Duckley Brothers Members Xe«- York, Philadelphia and Los AntjuleR Stork Exchanges New Tork Curb Exchange HOG SPECIAL for brood sows A sow is a walking pig feeder — she »tarts feeding her litter before it is bom. She depends on you to see that she gets what she needs to produce a living,' healthy, litter; also, to have plenty of milk for the pigs: Make certain about essential minerals: You can ^provide them by adding Hog Special, a Dr. Hess product, to her feed. Give the sow and her litter Hog Special for another reason. It's tonics stimulate body functions, help hogs make better use of feed. Figure 2^ pounds Hog Special for each brood sow for 60 days. R. A. KESSELR1NG Williamsport, MdL ONS FALL LIST GIVES M MAYBE ITS , ' CfiAMP.' SORRY.' NO MORE AUTOGRAPHS.'-' THATS mELLO!BILL?THIS IS ANfMONY NEOCW ELL / CANCEL MV PLANE RSSER. - VOU'EE' MY FAVOB1TE AUTWOfc! I ACTUALLY fi DEVOUR EVERYTHING Wareham Building Hagerstown, Md. Telephone 2353 Philadelphia New York LOB Angele Hanover 0. [ WILL NOT SHOOT YOU, KENT. [ OTHER COME WE TAKE A/AERICANS TO THE HOLD THE HILL BANDITS WILL PAV ME MUCH / BARRY. MONEY FOR THIS < SHE CARGO. THEY ALSO ) MUST PAY WELL FOR J' MEAN SLAVE LABOR. "IV U*'// WE'RE DRESSING TONIGHT. FORMAL. HOW NICE.- OP OUR GOWNS SHOULD I WEAR? I MUST LOOK PRETTY FOR MANDRAKE- QUILT/ NOISE MAKES MY GUN NERVOUS I HAVEN'T MUCH TIME. MANDRAKE'Ll BE WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO 00 ? YOU CAN'T- SMART, AREN'T YOU.? PUT YOUR HANDS BEHIND YOUR BACK/ YOU LOOK- JUST LIKE ME. 1 YOU'RE THE--BRASS MONKEY/ VOICE- 5WE SOUNDS EXACTLY LIKE ME. fJJD WAT'S WAT DO! OW tiOSLDtfT Kilt MM! HE'D GO (OGfn t/P TO TH' POLICE fJf EXACTLV/7 SIGN HERE. r . r t HAVE THE ENTIRE WILL ALREADY MADE OUT-E.V A PECULIAR COINCIDENCE/".' SUPPOSE-1M SOME. SUDDEN TRAGEDY, ALL YOU YOKUMS A*D DAISY MAE TOO WERE WIPED OUT 7. WHOM WOULD YOU LEAVE SALOMEY TO, IN YOUR" ^ THET- WERE A PEE-KOOLYAR COINCIDENCE, SHO' WHICH HAND WILL AH SIGN IT W1F? BUT, SHECKS- •TA1NT LIKELY THET WE'D ,M C-Htiff ' ALL GIT KILT IN TH' SAME: WILL? WHO'D LOVE IT ENOUGH TO CARE FOR IT PROPERLY ? MEBBE THET MOUNT'! N rr v FELL. ON us rr -,-VOliR WOWVC or HOSBA- 15 PAST-TlMlkiG AT A CM-VED x> ,.«,OF COURSE, MOflE OF VOU CHICKS ViOLJLD CARE TO KA«£ THE BUT— 1 HAVE 8EEW WA.IT1UG FOR/''-.THIS REPORTER TU£ WHEREABOUTS .OF SAYS SHE DOESN'T LIVE OM HIS BEAT HE'S SUT5S.' JUST HAPPENED TO BE PASSING- THATS AT^ IDEA- R_L GO ID THffl' CORNER- WAIT- TLL WAIT DAV-ALL NIGHT-FOR A WEEK IF I HAVE TO- V-JELL. THEN MAYBE SHE'LL PASS THAT SAME WAY AGAIN- COO OLX3HTTO KNOW WHO OH, I THOUGHT OP THGT- HE SCVa SHE CALLED HIM BY NAME-HE5 SEB-4 HER BER3RE SOME PLACE'-BUT HOW HOW DO WE CATCH A \ WE'LL AdoOT THE OMLY TH/H& STILL R.UUJJIAJ& OMA _ I •flw i~T,i f / L 1 j-^ r^B*>* IF rT'-5 ASOiT THE BLACK. WCKET IM CIGAEETT&i, EVT; IF yoj WANT TO ?E £, rr COL'LD SE SD TO CUT VOlJ IN' FCic .,. TWE-VW FECC&»JT OF THE C-CO«. DE CAN 15 1 DERE AlMT NOTM1N' TO DIVIDE! GiT IT OPEN! iQW FIFTY- FIFTY, JOE ? A M&TTEZ. GIT IT OPEN/ I CALLS FOR! IN HOW'Rt WE 601N 1 ' HOLD.OM ENOUGH! ILL TELL YOU TO DIVIDE DIS°

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