Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1948 · Page 27
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 27

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 27
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Phone 4600 for a VVAiNT AD Taker EVENING T1MES, CUMBERLAND, MJ)'., THUusDAY, DECEMBER 9, TWENTY-SEVEN Woman, 120, Wants To Die By ALKAIOS ANGELOPOULOS ATHENS (INS) — "I'm tired 'of ' being alive and pray God to let me die soon," says • Katerina'. Slderi, Greece's oldest living' woman. • Katerina is 120 years-old, but ap- . pears to ..have enough strength left in her wizened body to live ten more years. She still walks a mile' or two a 'day with the help of a pine branch. . "I have had my share of life,'" Katerina. told me.recently. "Young girts are dying by the dozen.,and here. I am, awaiting my turn year atter year. But my turn never comes. It seems the Angel of Death has forgotten all about me. •..." Bora in 1828, at a time Vilen part . of her fatherland was still under Turkish domination, Katerina Sideri saw the birth o' modern Greece. Sb: heard the church-bells of her native town of Thebes toll for the death of Admiral Canaris, one of the heroes of • the Greek" War of Independence in -which the English poet Byron also fought and died. "When .1 was young and pretty," said • Katerina—her- leathery lips parted in the shadow of a smile, revealing her lost lingering yellow tooth," . . .'when I was young and pretty. I- saw Amalia, first Queen or the Hellenes,, when she came to visit Thebes. Sh'e was on horseback, dressed in a . peasant-dress and • wearing a-red cap such as used to be •worn by the people of Greece in those days. She was very beautiful. Her husband, King Othon, he was handsome, top. . ." Katerina.Sideri saw, at one time or other, all the Icings who succeeded Othon on the throne of Greece." . . . But.I haven't seen King Paul yet," she" remarked. "My sight is lolling. I no longer see "clearly." She Is also losing her memory. She had nine children and an indefinite number of grandchildren and great-granchildren, the majority • .of whom she has entirely forgotten. One of them, looks after her. • At the age of 120 .years, Katerina Sideri more.'than 55 pounds, because she eats very little —only some boiled herbs and an occasional ess. But she drinks 2 or 3- glasses of resined \vlne (the Greets'.national drink) every day. Celanese Strike At Rome Ended 12 Cent Wage Hike Accepted By TWUA The IT-week-old strike of Celanese workers at Home,. Ga., was •ndcd last .night with members of Local 689, TWTJA, accepting an increase of 12 cents an hour. James A. BlackweH, this city, national TWUA representative, said the settlement came after a day- lone meeting of company and union, representatives. Certain classifications .will receive addition two and three cent boosts. He said the 12-cent boost in base rates is equivalent to about 15 cents an hour for most of the incentive workers at the plant. George Baldouzi, executive vice president of the TWTJA, arrived In Rome Tuesday and headed the 1 union negotiations. . Baldand said; "The agreement yesterday- represents a fair and honorable settlement of this long rtrike. Blackwell said the news of the settlement s«t off a wild demonstration In the streets.of Home.,Police estimated the ' crowd of Jubilantly marching textile workers and their friends at about 2,000. The.union said the picket lines about 'the Celanese Corporation's viscose yarn plant -wore dissolved «t toon as tho settlement was ratified. The plant employing some 2,400, has about 1,800 hourly paid workers. Prior to the strike, the average wage at the Rome plant was about $1.21. Most bats have only one baby, but some have as many as four. Regardless of the number, mother bat carries them all along wherever she goes. Branch Office Jury Frees Two-Time Loser Who Quits Liquor., Joins High spot ol the Denver, Colo.. Christmas season will be- this 64-foot, 'homemade and handmade Christmas tree. It's made by boring holes in the trunk and inserting evergreen branches. Branches. have already been placed al the top. and more will be added until tree is completed. HAGERSTOWN, Md.—Thomas J. Schlotterbeck, 32, this city, who gave credit to Alcoholics Anonymous Jor his victory over drink, was acquitted by a Circuit Court jury r.ere b£ driving an automobile after -his license was revoked or suspended. Schlotterbeot told the jury that at the time his license -was revoked for said, it became nccessry occasionally to drive an automobile und he ud- inltted that he was driving an automobile July 23 when he was apprehended by a representative of the Motor Vehicle Commissioner's office. He described' the efforts oi the AA organization as a group of men .„„ „.,.„„„ „„ ,, v , who realize their sickness from using obligation to do so. drunken driving, in 1941, he could not stay away from drink and that he was constantly losing- jobs on account of his addiction to drink He testified that nine months' ago he decided to quit drinking and join the AA, Since then h? said, he hasjsomething to a man who is trying not had "a drop." I to rehabilitate himself" and asserted As a filling station employe, he!that it is under a higher law than those In .the statute Ijooks that makes it sometimes necessary for society to extend the hand of aid to one ol' its members of lesser fortune. Attorney Oswald said the only reason he was appearing to defend his client was because he felt an alcohol and who make a. common effort to "stay sober." Defense Attorney Edward Oswald told- the jury that "society owes He cited the fact that a jury in Man-land is Judge of both the law and tiie facts and that he therefore asked a verdict of not guilty. The Jury returned with a "Not Guilty" verdict in less than 10 minutes. State's Attorney Martin L. In- gram in his plea for a conviction of the man, asserted that the. laws of the state must be "upheld and that while he hoped the jury would "be generous" with the defendant, he expected a. verdict of guilty be- causeHhere -was no question of the facts in tlie case. ^Preserved Philip The head of the Indian Tying Philip, who led a massacre of New England colonises, .was kept on a pole in Plymouth for 25 years, according to the Encyclopedia Britannica. Hero Worship TOKYO—(INS)—Naming children .after heroes presents problems. A Japanese father named JUs children for Eideki Tojo, Japan's: wartime dictator. Tojo fell from power/ so the diplomatic fattier named cent he!r Masako—pronounced Mak- kasa—for Gen. Douglas MacArtnur. rigged", rigged". "br!g-rigg«l" and "•hip- From the Sea LONDON—QNS)—Laud-hungry Britain has seized 3,000 ' acres of soil from the sea. Two great . sea .• walls were' set up at the east coast with the result that fanners will be able to tin 3,000 aores of rich Us- colnshire soil Sailing vessels jtre classed according to the particular combination of Closets are where Idds inri spars, sail and cordage, and the Christmas presents hidden - there- words "cutter", "brig", or-"ship", by parents'to keep Idas from finding' are really abbreviations for "cutter-J them. OFFERS THE WRitiS FINEST ^,-. ^<"'"^&: Nil «*»• ^J..^^: .' • '.' VV. N -•«•- 'VI &_-^$^,.^^^.^ . \] ^£>^- ^ ' GILBEB.T CHEMISTRY SETS Joe Is jhowinff them irom beginner* size up to laboratory models to please children oi all ages. They come' complete with Instruction books. ERECTOR SETS Standard of the world in. point of construction value and educational cn- t a r in Iftmcnu The larifcr sets com* with electric motor. LINCOLN LOGS //A/ COLAS L.OGS/ Wr aiM showing all models of thk, plcftsinc construction hit. Builds lifelike loc cabin an<! the larjTCr sets reproduce colonial villrure*. An old .favorite has new popularity. ELECTRIC FOOTBALL i! GAS STATION A. very fasclnnllnK fame that Is very realistic and will provide: thousands of hours of pleasure. Sec the o> n ' 1 A ball move up and down field, y / /1U Complete ' £j»T£c/ Juat lilt* any modern UliJnc *taLion. Some have gas pump* thflt work, lubrication hoist, repair shoo, . office and car for service. A irrcat toy. at n very low price "1* MAGIC BANK SAFE Lode* tam, opc:in only when'you din]-the secret. combination. Sturdy mevU. rolling wheels. TJ&/A/S ^zJaH?^*. *-\V iSto C\ BIG 25 PIECE ELECTRIC TRAIN OUTFIT AT A SUPRISINGLY LOW PRICE This is truly one of Joe's super-specials' Outfit consists of irUam tj*pe locomotive with electric headlight, tender,'three freight cars and caboose, transformer' and damp- on switch. Outfit includes 12 curved sections • of. track,. 4. straight .and cross-over to make figure .. eight layout. One ol the great-- . . , «st train' outfit values /*• . * ovor offered! -" x ''^ ^ '^^ TW B k2ii POOL TABLE Gomes complete with -tflble, cuts, DOO balls ;tfid trianirular rack. ff-i ( Price* start ot w J..« Young Hostess'TEA SET r,r ^ l\Oi). ^u K« Sot conilotn of 2 Itnlvus, a /orkK, 2 yyoonc, - cups. 2 n»ucer«, ULIXO pltchi-r., !<U(jar nnd crcnniLT and 'i napklnn, 15 piece tint 1 ,^ STANDING BLACKBOARD ^s?» \|j S^ r^' COMPLETE Joe Carries a Complete Stock of Lionel . And Karx Elecinc Train Accessories Add n tevr ol these and you will have the most lifelike railway system you could Imagine. Get youw cariy, this year's supply IB somewhat liinfted. Up LIONEL TQAfA/S I.arze numbtr o£ models for selection. The larger ones Jmvc drop-leaf desk and in- stmetive re- volvinc charts r at top. An old . favorite. SEE JOE'S COMPLETE STOCK of Genuine LIONEL TRAIN OUTFTS Ice Skate Outfits Vor men. women, boys und t;irls. Ladles' Ou'JHs ure white shoes, choice oi tubular or flyurt; blitdL-s. Men's Hockey SUatea with ha.rd box toes or 'Itfuru skatea. Muny shoes have reinforced ankles. 0Q QO Prices V«i**O TINKERTOYS More piny valuo than ' most foyi;. 1 • hnve tlie com- uleto line ol tlicse Instructive construe- tion toys that will m a Jc <; many models. Prices start at COWBOY OUTFIT $4-98 For that 'wild bnd Wo oi y' chap on your Rift 31st, Consists o£ Chiips, P]ai d Shirt. Cowboy Vest, Nee kL-rehlcf. Sombrero, Pistol ii^d Holster, pLstoJ holster Jn chaps and 1 a J s o. Will ( thrill nnr younir boy! It IK a rtal pleasure to ict U'.c many, many train out- iila by the famou.i Lionel displayed in Joe's .store. Thu-y ran«c from the 'first' .train Etta for n boy UT> tn tho r-4 H rtP nioclelK trcfliiurcd by adult hobby- ) I II Un Istx Prices start ac . \\\ Jil IlVk-TAU COUPLHZ WITH 14-plfOl lATKntt * DOLL BABY WALKER Just ]lho tho rwl thing . . . the only difference is that Instead of-a baby you will place your doll baby Into 1L Has tray in front and play bead safety oupport. Rubber tired whMls and Dushinz handle. Complete for only IDEAL BETSY WETSY $5-98 Eeuy Wctsy will delii:ht the heart of every iittlL- clrj.-Sho's ihu cuddly. li£e-Hk« rubber doll tits:! from IH.T bQltk- jnd wets her dlaaiT. S!io can be bslhocl aiicl DOwderecI like a real )lvc baby. She moves her arms and lerj. She can turn her plastic Head, close Jicr loiiff-lashed eyes and go to sleec. Larger slza S7.3S—S!1.88—SILOS model with 15 Ice.v* which ary marked with scale for sc-li- <tG Q f> uu Beat al] of you friends wlUi tills fns climtlnc »in - pull hockey fiame that Is as cxcilins aj a contest on dec. Joe has a large oi them. They are all well-made to 'takc-a-real- bentinR*. Prices. THE MOTORISTS" FRIEND 173 -Baltimore St., Cumberland inr*!, ^115-111) S. Cankllnc St. Pa,, Ifi7 ,V, Hftjiovi-r St. N, Mnin St. I,uin:;tsttT, ^1 Li'W^towiI, ^.1 \\', lillig Sf, IJI CIiutnbiTNlinri; Si. S. 1'ront, Vu., JC'O U. Main Si, \'n.. t 0 N. Court St. VVIncliestrr, V; iiiiltiinoi-t:, :ui Cliiirlo(le>vMlc, i. t 1(U .V. Louilorin Si. -ia Greenmount. Avc. Va.. 107 \V, Main &i. J«H Carlisle St. W. 'Main SC. Joo-has a larc* selection of Ihe.flntst bi- cj'cics produced tod.iy for men women, boys and airls. They are highly enameled for lasttes bcnuty ond senerously trimmed with j;lcamInR chrome. The accessories ariv the flDest—Troxel- saddles, New Departure coaster brakes on<l oil tlint jfoci into * deluxe 'bike.' EASY TERMS • 3-MELTRIKE One of the best «\ ; tr made. L » r jf o overjlzo eoml - nneumatlc lirci', rubber ue<J- ala and crips, chain drive. Your best ulit for a cM]d 12 or under. large Silecflon of Velocipedes made tubular frames, comfortable saddle. Inrpc rubber tires, rubber grlpi, ball for easy pcdalinc. Pricci • tart at All Steel SCOOTERS ' Handsome 1 stroimlined new models in icooters. Stronjtly built ' for safety, A 'reef Sift for *ay youn*- Prices swtt *t- OPEN MONDAYS UNTIL 9 P. M.

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