The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa on January 26, 1974 · Page 2
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The Humboldt Independent from Humboldt, Iowa · Page 2

Humboldt, Iowa
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 26, 1974
Page 2
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Lu Verne Lions ploy in North Star finals Saw f Wdik's Lu Vw«e Lioni will play to tfie finals of the North Star Conference Tournament at CAL, Latlmet, Saturday night» after they beat C»fwltfl-Wesley, 71-61, Thursday night, in the boys semi-finals. Action for the Lionettes ended Thursday as they were defeated 66-81 by the Boone Valley girls in the semi-final round. Boone Valley Will now advance to the conference finals Saturday night. Jeff Hanson provided the score-power for Tvjdik's Lions as he tallied on six from the field and seven of eight from the line for 19 points. Behind Hanson with 16 was Terry Froehlich who netted, eight buckets for the Lion cause. The next two high- pointers for Lu Verne were Kerry Stripling and Kirk Nielsen with nine each. Mark Sorensen led Corwith-Wesley and all scorers with 24 while Mark Shipman added 12. iThe Lions led from the start by taking a 17-15 first quarter lead which they upped to nine, 32-23, by the half and 13i 50-37, by the end of three quarters. Froehlich led the rebound- ,ers with 16 out of the 57 total. Other rebounders included Nielsen with 11 and Hanson with 10. Tvrdik called the bound effort "the best so far this year." •' The Lu Verne girls didn't fare as well as Coach Bruce Simpson's team lost to the Bobcat girls 66-51. '. Linda Crossley led the winners, and all scorers, with 10 baskets and eight of 14 from the field for 28. Diane Dow was next with 10 baskets and a free throw for 21 while Michelle Easier scored 13 points on three buckets and seven charity tosses. Denise Kiley led Lu Verne in the loss with six baskets and 11 of 14 from the line for 23 while Becky Hefty scored . 10pn five buckets and.Sandy Nefeon hit 16 on six from the field and four of nine from the .line. : ^Boone"Vaire"jned from' the start with a 14-6 first quarter lead which they upped to 32-17 by halftime and held 44-33 at the end of three quarters of play. Leading the rebounding in "one of our poorer games of the year" Simpson said, was Laurie Hefty with 11 while Deb Wolf had nine and Barb Marty grabbed eight. Next regular season action for Lu Verne comes Tuesday at Rockwell-Swaledale. BOX SCORE Lu Verne 51 FG FT F TP D. Kiley 6 11-14 J. Wilhelm... 1 0-0 B. Hefty 5 S. Nelson 6 C. Kiley 0 B. Marty 0 D. Wolf 0 D. Gjerstad.. 0 L. Hefty 0^0-0 TOTALS.. BV66 L. Crossley.. .10 8-14 D.Dow 10 1-4 M. Easier.... 3 7-9 C. Hansen.... 2 0-0 D. Brock 0 0-0 S.Sa 0 0-0 0-0 0-2 4-9 0-0 0-0 0-0 0-0 23 2 10 16 0 0 0 0 0 Need for human lib (Continued from Page 1) working parents who spent their day with their professions and enrolled the child or children in daycare. "What happens when you farm the kid out?" he asked. "The family is bound to suffer." Ms. Beason replied the choice is up to the couple and that a woman should decide "before she is married if she wants a career or a family, or both. She should be allowed to .choose between them." Citing'the exposure to the world of both working parents, she commented, "Both parents working can strengthen the family through the ideas and learning they bring home every day." Concerning the amount of time spent with children and the difference in hours a working mother vs. a nonworking mother has, she said, "Being a parent doesn't mean being motherly. It means caring for your children. It's how much you care and how much you want to put into it that^cpunts^ not just the Hours."—Liuehan. H.-SehipulK.. 0 0-0 40 M. Glaaie'r,... 0 0-0 00 TOTALS,. 23 18-271966 Storing by Quartern , Lu Verne....... 6 17 33 51 Boone Valley... 14 32 44 66 8. Uronbaeh. R.GrMbaeh. o d-0 6 6 0 0-0 0 6 6 0-0 0 6 2815-281671 FG FT F TP LO Verne 71 J. Hansen.. K.Nielsen.. T. Froehlich, B. Pedersen. K. Stripling. D. Froehlich K.Vaudt... L. Trauger.. D. Kiley 0 7-8 5-9 0-1 0-0 1-2 0-4 0-0 2-2 0-2 ff 3 19 0 9 16 ew5i M. Sofeftsen.. 10 4-? D. Widen.... 1 0-1 J, Meyer* 0 0-1 M.Shipman.. 6. 0-1 P.Rasmussen 1 0-0 P.Tindall.,.. 2 0-0 D.Widen..., 2 M M. Heard.... 1 0-0 TOTALS.. 23 5-11 25 61 Score by Quarters Lu Verne 17 32 60 71 Corwith-Wesley.16 23 37 61 2 24 4 2 1 0 6 12 3 2 4 4 5 6 1 2 Honor Marvin Pearsons with house warming RENWICK-Friday evening a group of about 30 people surprised Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Pearson, Doug and Lisa for a house warming party. The self invited guests brought refreshments and a gift was given the Pearsons for their new home. Mrs. Dick Weed and four of her Britt students took part Sunday afternoon and Mon* day in the Dorian Music Festival held at Luther College, Decorah. Delta Deck bridge club met Tuesday at 1:30 p.m. for a dessert luncheon with Mrs. Mary McPeak. Prizes went to Mrs. Pete Sadler, Mrs. M. M. Green and Mrs. Walter Hoffman. Guests were Mrs. Milford McPeak and Mrs. Carroll Packard. Mark Block is home from Cedar Falls to spend the week with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. Mel Wilson, Humboldt, and Mr. and Mrs. Don Lerdal were Monday evening visitors in the home of Mrs. Martin Kleve and Anna. Mrs. Martin Kleve and Anna were Sunday dinner guests in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Don LerdaT. In the afternoon they were visitors Doubleheoder split with EG The Humboldl Junior High School 7th and 8th grade teams split basketball games with Eagle Grove Wednesday afternoon. The 7th grade won 27-20 and the 8th grade lost 49-41. Scoring for the Humboldt 7th grade were Mike Giddings 10, Michael Day 2, Casey Albertson 8, Tom Law 4, and Randy Rich 3. Bjornson was high for Eagle Grove with 6. Dennis Blanchard and Greg Thorson led the Humboldt 8th grade with 13 each. Other scoreres were Steven Anderson 4, Terry Christensen 5, Randy Allen 4, and Terry Thompson 2. in the Jean Kleve home at Humboldt. Other callers were Mr. and Mrs. Rodger Kleve and daughters and Mr. and Mrs. Jim Feyold. Return Welch to NWF board Thomas P. Welch of Humboldt and Harold H. Howe of Spencer were returned to the board of directors for another three years at the annual meeting of Northwest Federal Savings and Loan Association of Spencer and Humboldt held Jan. 16. Thomas C. Mehesan, chairman; Ivan Stienstra, Jerry Cheek, Kenneth Kayley and Robert K. Snyder, all of Spencer, continue as the other members of the Northwest federal board. Assets of Northwest Federal at the end of 1973 stood at $40,945,244.79, a sixteen and two-thirds increase over a year ago, it was reported by Howe, association president. At the close of 1973, savings deposits at Northwest Federal amounted to $36,026,195.26.'This was up $5,609,859.31 from a year ago, a gain of almost 18'/2 per cent over 1972. During the past year, Northwest Federal paid $1,853,237.50 in interest to its savings depositors and added $376,376.66 to its reserves and surplus, making a new total of $3,448,000.14. In 1973 Northwest Federal invested almost $8,000,000 in mortgage loans, bringing total loans to $32,921,838.47, the over-whelming majority of which were on both single and multi-family housing. "The most important development of 1973 was a new policy of monetary stringency adopted in early July which produced an immediate and general rise in interest rates. In response to the increased competition in the money 18 15-25 23 51 FG FT F TP 1 28 0 21 4 13 1 4 4 0 5 0 THANKS! I would like to thank everyone who made it possible for me to earn my Ford "300 Club" award for outstanding sales .achievement for 1973. Special thanks to our service manager, Les McPherson, for the courteous, fast service he has given me and all my customers. Also many thanks to Bill and Earl Garrison for all the many wonderful things they have helped me with to achieve this outstanding award. Most of all a big THANK YOU to all of my customers that made made it' possible for me to be able to serve in the last 7 months at Garrison Ford. Once again MANY THANKS. Brad Strutzenberg market," Howe concluded, rt thS ftiSUeiatfon IntfeftSfctJ fates OH savings accounts and certificate* of depdsit. flieSe interest fateS we afe paying arie MM the highest «tt ir record." the Hambofdt manage* *rf Northw%si Fedef al is Chafles Carrier. HIGH TfcAM GAME Hawkeye Sffflttum Hawfeeye Structures Humboldt ftetnindef..,., HIGH INOIVrotJAL SERIES Helen Miller 818 Sylvia HaflsM 602 /, t u * *i * ' ' LttttttfM«f.,,:> Hft- Bowling Standings FOUR LINER LEAGUE Week of 1/11/74 Henry's 67 23 Hawkeye Structures... 48 32 Beacon Motel..... 44 36 Mareellus New Homes i 43 37 Humboldt Reminder,.. 39 41 Laird's .36 44 Pagen's Furniture 28 52 Ora's ..26 66 HIGH TEAM SERIES Henry's.. 1838 Beacon Motel. 1836 Mareellus New Homes.. 1787 HIGH TEAM GAME Beacon Motel 664 > Hawkeye Structures— .' 651 Henry's 638 HIGH INDIVIDUAL SERIES Bonny Goodell 530 Sharon Robinson 508 NormaOlsOn 494 HIGH INDIVIDUAL GAME Sharon Robinson 195 Bonny Goodell 191 Peggy Grebner 189 POUR LINER LEAGUE Week of 1/18/74 Henry's 60 24 Hawkeye Structures... 51 33 Beacon Motel 45 39 Mareellus New Homes. 44 40 Humboldt Reminder... 40 44 Laird's 39 45 Fagen's Furniture 31 53 Ora's 26 58 HIGH TEAM SERIES Hawkeye Structures 1828 Henry's 1788 SVVINGfc&LEAGUfe Weekofl/7/?4 'StephenCl&trfer*....'.,4ft 23 Winter Played ,41 81 Mary's Wig Fashion* .'.'.37 36 Laing's Aut6Supply. /. 36 98 Silhouette fieauty Salon 32 40 Johnson's Texaeo 30 42 Kampen's Dufocs 22 60 HIGH TEAM SERIES Stephen Cleaners 2281 Winter Playland...' 2222 DAD Wash- A-Rama... 214? HIGH TEAM GAME Winter Playland 797 Stephen Cleaners 781 Stephen Cleaners....... .771 HIGH INDIVIDUAL SERIES GinerPutney. ',;.'.. 6lO Barb Peterson:' 607 .6128 4681 ,4234 .898? ftlon 35 41 43 63 ... 2131 Stephen Cleaners. .,.'... 2073 Laing's Auto Supply . . . . 1993 D&DWash'A.Rftffia,,,. 764 Stephen Cleaners........ 737 Johnson's Texaco ........ 715 MIGH INDIVIDUAL SERIES Luetta Poster... ....... 607 HK3H INDIVIDUAL GAME Helen McKenna.. .. v ,. . . 206 P^ggy Qrebner. . ;>.,.... 201 Helen Miller.;...,..^ . isg t»u ettii attract th* attention «f \ only two kindi of tuitomofi ' V 1 ' ' with Humboldt New*pap«r* advortiiing -f •'.i,' Senior Citizens in this area will get a welcome break starting this Jan. 28, 1974 when the Cotoftel Sanders' Senior Citizens Club discount program begins at Kentucky Pried Chicken store at Highway 3, Special cards issued to golden agers by Kentucky Pried Chicken will entitle them to $1.46 meals of fried chicken, mashed potatoes, gravy, cole slaw and a hot roll for 96c a saving of 34%. Discount cards are available at the KPC store on Highway 3. Willis Wellmann, the manager, asks that those applying bring some proof of age. "We are embarking on this program for two reasons," Wellmann says. "For one, our Senior Citizens are among the most severely pinched economically. Their fixed retirement incomes make it difficult for them to keep pace with steadily rising food costs and we feel it is our community duty to help. Secondly, the Colonel Sanders' story is a source of inspiration for our Senior Citizens. "The Colonel started his present career at age 66 with nothing more than a $105 Social Security check in his pocket. And today at 83 he's as active as ever." i MALE and FEMALE REPUBLICAN THANKS Our Belief in YOU is Justified • •'!• • i Thanks to Humboldt's progressive merchants, industries, and individuals and '^^L'/ £:;. ". ••••'• ' ; .. . ; ' '',.;' Humboldt County farmers and feeders, the First National Bank has experienced' the fastest growth in its history during 1973. 1971 1972 Growth in Assets $1,793,000 $2,588,OOO Rate of Growth 14% 18% 1973 $4,326,OOO 25% Since banks only reflect the economic activity of the community they serve, this record growth indicates the very healthy economic condition of the entire Humboldt County Community. Kinda Justifies our Slogan AT FIRST NATIONAL WE BELIEVE IN YOU NATIONAL A FULI SERVICI BANK (and we're here to serve your financial needs) WE BELIEVE IN YOU

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