Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 10, 1926 · Page 1
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 1

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, June 10, 1926
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• %^\r'z H rsTOP .'icAii soft -4... VpLUME Xp^IX. N6. 186. The MSJeekly Register. .EsUblisbed 1867. ; The tola ©ally Beirister,' Established 1847. lOLAi KANS., THURSDAY EVENING, JUNE 10, 1926. Successor to The lola Dafly Register. The lola Dally .Riecord aiid Tola Daily Index. EIGH'T PAGES ,11. it: NIGHT TO THE GENERAL PUBLIC NIGHT LEDBYACHTER H.4LL ARENA RESERVED VISITING GUESTS. FOR DELEGATES IN TODAY SKt KtyiUKIES OF K A X S A .S } (dlXCILS REGISTER. Iiiln ('oancll Arrangem «>ntH Coin- plefe ,For Ent«rfiilnnient of Travelers. The public will participate in more of the.United Com'• mei-cial Travelers state convention than at first announced. Official idecision to open Uie stunt program to the pub- j lie wkg reached at a meeting , of the; executive committee of the local councihthis morn-: ing. ^ ! As a i-esult, the people of the community are invited to be the guests of the y..(j3, T. at Memorial Hall tomorrow night,at 8:^0 cj'cloclc wherta program t)f entertainment, directed by William iH.Ach- ter, will be^pre^ented. ^he entertainment will be furn- islied by the Parsons, Pittsburg and Wichita councils, and there Avill be special numbers by the girls' glee club of junior high school and by l\Iiss Elizabeth Sifers. The dance which follows the program will be for dele- 'gates and visiting guests iorily THEWEATHEft "FOR KANSAStc Tinnderttonhs thlH afternoon or tonlgtat; sU^htly cooler tonight (ni extreme oortli portion^ Friday partlr clondy and MomeMrhat cooler. For lola and Tklnlty: Thnnder. storms this afternoon tor tonlglit; Friday partly dondy and cooler. Temperature—Highest yesterday 85. at 3 p. m.; lowest last night, 68, at 6 a. m.; normal for today, 1^.73; excess yesterday. 6; excess since January Ist, 180 diegrees; this date last year,, highest, 88; lowest, 87. . Precipitation for the 24 hours ending at 7 a. m. today, .00; total fo ij'this year to date, 12.26; deficiency since January Ist,, 3.53 inches. Relative humidity at 12 noon yes- Jerday, 63 per cent; 7 a. m. todfly. 88 jjer cent; barometer reduced to sea; level. 30.01 inches.' Sun rises, 4:58^ a. m.; sets, 7:44 pJm. Cin ENGINEER RESIGNS PLACE c. W. BOULSON LEAVES POST AFTER.JO TEARS. LOOK FOR SUCCESSOR CITY COMMISSION HAS NOT DECIDED ON APPOINTMENT. Road Conditions Clear, roads good; Kansas City, •Salina, Coffeyville, Pittsburg, Ar- liansas City, Wichita, Ottawa, Topeka. Clear, roads rough to ^ood; Hutchinson. Clear, roads rough, Emporia. DIVIDEND TO BUYERS PATRONS REAP PROFIT IN lOLA BARGAIN CENTER; Ttfnely Sales In ProgTe!i5i at Three of the Important Stores In Doif-n'Ktwn District. rdulii (V CurfiN; KanHas City, Kaii. <irand CouncUor. and the conclusion of the stage entertainment will indicate when the public :is to retire .so that tJie ai-ena may ; be I cleared for the dance. . " The arena arid such other .sections of the auditorium as •may be necessary willbe reserved for t^e traveling men and guests but the entire ; balcony will be open v to the I)UbIic. After the guests are .seated on tlie. main floor, any .seats remiaiining will also be a^ailabe to iKe public. • Public At J0i )enln? SesHlon. Till' formal {opening of the con- v.-ntioii will take place, tomorrow niornihg at''9:30 o'clock ; ini Me. iiiorial ,Hall. when Mayor" Harmon Ilribart will deliver the address of Hfltonie and the response will be !>>• Kdwjji C. Curtis, of Kansas City, Kaiis.. grain! counselor. Music will h.' by the lola iband and the aS- ^i -iiibly .singing Will be led by Wil­ li;.m II. Aohtcr. ' The public is iu- vii"il;t() this session. , Ivxci-mivt' se.stiluns follow and tliisi- an- for roiivontidn delegates. 'Coniiiiiii-d oil Page 8, Col. 3) Selling; events which stress the impdrtance of lola as a bargain center arid where nr'.ce.o are made m accord witli the policy; of re- iturnlng practicaly what amounts to a ,dlvJdend on the Investment made by the patron are: In progress in this city. _ '' With three of the Important stores in the downtown section holding real special sales and other merchants offering special re- ductioJiB on standard stocks, attention ot the people for miles around' is fixed upon lola as providing one or the most accessible and modern markets in southeast Kansas. The crowds in town today demonstrates that not only lolans but the pdoplf? at Alien county rely upon the Register for store news, that they consider RegiHter adver- tlsiug a I guide to best'buying. The three dry goods sales started lu fola yesterdsy and" today, all attended by eager crowds ad- vlHojl of the bargains by Register advcrtlsfn^. ^ The Loader, Ramsay's and- Richardson's are the three Stores staging the sales. HIchardson's sale started yesterday and the store did a recor.d breaking business for the first day. This event will continue for fifteen days. The.Leader's sale, which is conducted by the Henry Durst Sales System of Topeka, opened this morning at S o'clock. Before the doors were opened crowds jammed the sidewalk in front of the store to the curb.' This sale, also, will continue for fifteen d&y^. Ramsay Bros, dry goods store started its annual June Special sales today an event which is looked 'forward to by every housewife in Allen CQunty each year. This morning every department of the store was crowded. In addition to these salesj events^ The Seneker Dry Goods Co..! and The Palace Shoe Store are making attractive offerings, the first In their millinery departmei^t and the second in shoes and men's .wear. DATE SET FOR TRIAL Doiy to be Tried June 1(8 Charged with "Abandoning HLs Post Before Armed Rebels." >vnUam Jfonn^, Residing- West of City, FaTtared But .Way Not Accept. J " C. W. (Jack) Boulson, city engineer for ten years, has' filed a written resignation with thip board of city commlBsioners. I The resignation merely recites that Mr. Boulsoh wishes ta retire from ..the position of city engineer and it Is understood that the j^ngi- neer has made plans for th^ future which Involve his early ao> ceptance. At the city hall today It was said that engineer Boulson hadjirelin- quished bis office and 'that the position was vacant. It is understood that the. city commissioners are agreeable to the appointment of William Young, who resides on a farm j^ist west of (he city. ; The appointment comes within the province of Roy 1..; Mather, city commissioner of public utUities and it is considered likely that if he wUl accept! the appointment. Commissioner Mqther will look with fafvor upon the proposal to submit Mr. Young's name to the commi-ssion. Mr. Young was the man favored by Mayor Harmon Hobart when the biennial appointments were made last May. It was considered however that Mr. Boulson's long period ot sen'ice to the city would fit; hiin especially for the position hc; filled and he was reacpolntefd city engineer by a two to olae vole in the commission. Mayor Hobart voting no on Boulson and Commissioners Mather and'pecox voting yes. . i The position of city. engineer pays only >185 petTnanth and the probability that engineer Young will accept the appointment wanes with the passing of days. Mr. Young frankly states that he /cannot afford to accept a position :which pays only $125 a month. He iwould consider the place if he could have the appointment and Berlenbach Ha.s Advantage. . (By the A.^soclated Press) New York.-June 10.—Paul Berlenbach wlH have another advantage of pounds tonight when he defeuds his world's light heavyweight championship against Young Strlbling of (Georgia In a 15 round match at Yankee Stadium. : The champion scaled 174Vs and Strlb­ ling 171. The champion and challenger both appeared In excellent condition when they were examined and weighed before the state athletic commission. The: difference in their poundage came as a sur-r prise. It had, been expected that Strlbling would be closer to the class limit of 175 pounds. Kansas Bank Fails (By the Associated Press) Topeka, Kans. June 10.—Because of the failure of the. wheat crop in frhiilips county, the Excliange State Bank of Kirwin began voluntary liquidation today. All liablU ties will be' paid in full. John M. Gray, presdent notified the state banjiing department. The liquidation win leave Klrwfn with one bank; The Exchange State Bank, with $50,00 capita,!, did not operate under the depositors' guaranty law. ASSAULT MADE ON HUNGARIAN PREMIER SLAPPED ON FACE BY ASSAILANT. STRDCK BY DE JUSTH -HE DOES : N 0 T PROPERLY REP. RESENT HUNCUtY." Scene Occnrs As Ilnnirnrian Prime Minister-Was Leavinc: Sessr<>n Of League Of Nations Conncll MELLON-WON'T AGREE still live on his farm west of town. ATTEMPT T0> INTEBSJKP THE SECB^TAKY FAILS. -FalhicleB In the Eeononilc Prind- pie of the Eqnalbstlpn Fee^ , Says Treasury HeBd. Fire Destroys a Plant , ^ ttty the Associated "Press > EadoradOi Ark., June 10.—Fire at the Kettie Creek oil 'Tetinery tool^ "'destroyed twelve stills and An axaminatlom of the lan^ governing the qualiricatloiis of municipal department huadsi revealed the fact thut It Is rctjulred that the city engineer shall reside/ Vlfhln the <)lty. ' ! I Engneer Young, upon learning this phase of' the low, announiced that he probably would not oujept the apjrolntment. Meantime, commissioner Malhis Is seeking a capable man who. will be agreeable to the remaining members of the commission. i Engineer Boulson Is practically the last of the '.'old feuard", which "fought, bled and died" with former commissioner of jiublic utili- (Continued on Page 8. Col. 6) DISTRICT EPWORTH LEAGDERS ARE HERE One Hundred and ThJriy -.Keven Yodng People Attend Ji.E. Church Session. (By the Aa.iooluted Pres.<i) , Damascus, iSyrIa, June 10.—The trial: of Bennett J.] Doty of Memphis]" for desertion from the French Foreign Legion in Syria was fixed dci;inltely for June 16. "The charge remains 'abandoning his post before armed rebels." Freigfit Car Bumpers Crush Foot Of Youth Hewing for Kansas City With his left foot h«Id fast be-; i\\i-<u thi- bumpers of two'freight <';iiH,on tlic Missouri, Kansas apd T« xur< rullwuy at Moran yesterday .•iMiTimoii, CliarlvH A. Benson, Iqsed ! ixti'cti. tried to explain to ah ;iiiKry trainman what bad , hap- I'lHil. Fully fight thioutes eldpised, HiMiHon .says, before he waa re- Icast'd fruiii his excruciating pain !) nil perilous position and even tb^n it was due to the normal movement 'of the train and not because:the train understood and aided in his iplief. ' - ' Benson is at Sti John's hospital under treatment for a crushed foot. Me will be unable to walk for months. ;, ( The youth waa' brought to lola fr <im Moran by two youiig men who interested itbemselves In Bensoa'a. case when It appeared no one, else \-iiuId do so. Benson said he started to "hop off the train at Moron to avoid bRln« seen by a brakeman. In stepping nn the bumpers, the sudden slowing of the train caused the two cars to"run together" and catch and-hold the youth's heel. "While I suffered Intensely from pain," Bensqh iiald to a visitor at his'side this morning," the brakeman assailed me TCrbally for stealing a ride on the train. He was nidet. : I was bumming my way but I felt if he would only understand what was' holding me and how t wa^ ^uf^ring, he would have the trtiin parted so I could be released. . , • •JPerhaps, the brakeman did It, (Continued oa Page 8, Col. 4) | t • -• 1 • * The opening session ot the annual Ft. Scett District Epworth League ConV'eniion was held this morning with !an att^ndanc^ bf one hundred thirty seven delegates. Garnett had the honor of having the greatest number of delegates here although' Uer ntileage ' was not. as great! as several .othek- chapters. The program Includes addresses by Dr. Wilbur N. ;Mason, pastor of the First Methodist church at Pittsburg, Rev. A. E. Peterson, Kansas City, Area Secretary of Epworth League work and Dr. J. |W. SumwaJt pastor of Country Club District .Methodist Church in Kansas City. Dr. Sumwair has the evening address as well as one this afternoon. This address at 7:00 at tlie dose' of the Uinquel In the church concludes tlfe program ondjls open to the public. The nun(fier of murdem eommlt- ted eyery year in Kngltuid and Wales hois remained almost constant at tBO for the last fifty yearn, and An 1923 and 1924 the figure was exactly correct. CHARIER IS REVOKED Birmingham Lodge, of B. P. 0. E. Has Charter Snlpended For . Liquor Tiouitlon. (By the'Aa»o<te»4a Press) Dallas, Texas, Vune 10.—The charter of' the Bfmlngham Elks lodge was suspended today for 15 days by Federal Judge William H. Atwell of Dallas, exalted ruler of the Elks. ' The suspension is effective June 12 and ends June 27. The Alabama' lodge was. reported to have bieen tbargetd recently with violation of ilie prohibition, lam. ' (By the AssocWted Press) Washington, June 10. —The attempt to enlist Secretary Mellon in the campaign for a farm relief program based on thk equalization ^ee apparently has failed. Appealed to by house supporters of the rejected Haugen bill, the treasury head has found what he regards^.Bs fallacies In the economic principle of the equalization fee. The sbcretary does not relish being brought Into the controversy raging aboyt this question at the capital, and he still has under consideration what he ought to do about the' request of house farm leaders to render an opinion. He fears he will not be able! to outline any. conservative program at the present time. : Mr. Mellon has discussed the equalization fee with Sljr Jostab Stamp, the English economist who, with Vice President Dawes has Indorsed the proposition. .He indicated, however, he could not agree with Sir Josiah and General Dawea. i- " / Mr. and Mrs. Martin Holler and daughter. Miss Genevieve Haller, arrived yesterday fronji SpringCleld, Mo., for a visit with Mr. :fu>d Mrs. Wilbur Dennis, of 607 South Jefferson avenue. "They made the trip by motor car. ' RATIFIES THE TREATY Reichstag Ratifies Unaalinonalr The Treaty of Amity Between Rnss^ And Gemuuiy. (By the Associated Press) Berlin. June 10.—The Reichstag today ratified almost unanimously the Russo-Qerroan amity treaty which recently was signed. The vote was taken after an address by Chancellor Marx In which he emphasized German's desire to maintain friendly relations both with the east and west. •ereral cars of oils and threatened the entire plant. Oncmiin whose name was not learned; was slightly burned. Officials would make no statement as to the probable loss. SAILOR BLOOM DEAD INDSeUlDBSCE BOY IS, D^AD IN HQTEIi K003L CHURCHES OF CHRISTjJ TOHOLDSUNDAYMEET Annual One Day, Ail Hay Sesntiiu ot Allen and Anderson Counties, Here. The Churches of Christ in Allnn and Anderson coiintlci will liiild tfaeJr annual all daylicAsion in the lola church on Sunday. Juni' 13. Air churches of the denoniination In the two counties are expecica to dismiss their Suuday services and come to lola for jthe annual meeting. The meeting .J ojwns "at 0:M o'clock with the praise .serviof led by Miss Dora Adams. At 'J:?>T>. an address ot welcome .will be given by'Dr. C. Z. Montgomery, the rer fliXtnse will be by ;('.. M. Herod, of SaTOnburg. County Co-operation Wjill be the subject of an address by C ,d. Scitern, of (Jarnctt and at 10:10 the usual Bible nehool .s«udy Will be held. The conimuulDii service will be at 11 o'clock. The sermon at 11:20 will lie delivered by Bqv. C. H. Barley, of Humboldt and th«>noon hour will be set apart for a basket dinner in the church. In the afternoon tht; praise service begins at 2 o'clock and the address by district : superintendent Babb is at 2:15. lA song service follows and at 2:50 A. P. Sherman, of LaHarpe talks on "Cooperation Between Two Part Time Chun'li- es." Religious Education will be the subject of an address by G. .M. Herod, of Savonburg at 3:20 and a song iservlce at .'J.TiO wfll precede a sutler in the church. The night meeting will beat' the president's address by Rev. .J. E. Reynolds and, a sermon by V. C. Scitern. The song service will bo led by Mr. Fred Steele. AiMhtirilies Wonder If Case Is Sui: cide—Companion Is Being Sought. FIGHT'PARTY TONIGHT The Register has made special arrange• rnents to receive the Stribling-Berlenbach fight tonight round by round over its ciated Press leased wire—and the whole town is invited. The Register's wire willopen at 7:30. The mdin go is scheduled tb start at eight (i'clock, lola time, but it may start a little before, so come plenty early, i Park •your car in front of the hew Register building or come right on inside. Tke bulletins will be read so that every one #11 be able to hear. You're Invited (By the A -ssixiL -ited Press) San Diego. Calif., June 10.—Xa- :val authorities and police were in- ve.stlKaling today the death of Francis .Miltcju DIoom,. 17 year old naval apprentice, of Independence, Kan.sii.s, • nearly nude body wa.s found in a hotel room here ye.siey<lay afternoon. An effort Is lielnK made to determine whether lilooni conimitted suicide or was niunicred. Ills clothes were found badl.v (li.slipveled and torn. Underneath the bed was a bottle which contalnecl a small quantity o{ liqiii'l; Search is being made for another young man In a sailor's uniforui who registered with Ulooia.> Bloom was born at Bonner •Springs, Kans. Would Have Been 17. • Independence, Kans., Juno 10.— Francis Bloom, son of Mrs. Catherine Bloom of this city, left here about two months ago to join the l.Tnited States marines. He received hi.s' ipducation here in the St. Andre^v'parochial school. On leaving school he was employed in the lociil office of the Western Union Telegraph Company until a short time bjffore he left to join the marines. His father.O.M. Bloom, an oil field worker, died here in 1922 from an attack of the flu. Besides his mother he Is survived by two brothers and a sister. He would have been 17 years old his next birthday. He was a likeable young man "and his friends - here wilt be .slow to believe that he ever took his own life. BRAZIL HAS RESIGNED BRAZIL WITHDRAWS FROM THE LEAGUE COrXCIL. She Resigns From The Council bnt'lDpes Vot Relinqiilsli Her Membersliip In League. tBy the As.soclated Pres.s) Paris. June IQ. —Havas dispatch from Geneva says Dr. Mello Franco today presented Brazil's resignation as a member of the council ot the League of Nations. Some members of the council interpreted Dr. Mello Franco's statement as Indicating that Brazil would resign from the league unless she obtains a permanent seat. Signer Scialoja of Italy and M. Paul-Boncour of France said they interpreted the Brazilian statement as an immediate resignation from ih» councilbnt said that the assembly alone could accept It Declines Be-electlon Geneva, Swjj.zerland, June 10.—. Brazil has d^Ided to decline reelection as a non-permanent member of the League of Nations Council, Dr. Mello Franco fold the coL-ntii this afternoon. As to the ultimate attitude of his country to ward the league he was vague, saying he would await the • final report of the council reorganization commission. Resigning From Council London. June 10.—Aij Exchange Telegraph dispatch from Geneva says Dr. Mello Franco told the (..cague of Nations council this afternoon that Birazll was resigning from the council, but that this did not mean she was relinquishing her membership in" the leaigue. FUDGE ENTERS PLEA AND IS: SENTENCED WHITTEMORE TO DIE .Million Dollar Crime Trust Leader I'nder Sentence of Death By .Maryland Conrt. Baltimore. Md. June 10.—Richard Keese Wlilttemore, "million dollar crime trust" leader, and slayer of u Maryland penitentiary guard, today was sentenced to die on the callows. He killed Robert H. Holt- nian in attempting to escape from the penitentiary in February ^925. Sentence. wan pronounced by Criminal Court .Judge Eugene O'Uunne behind locked courtroom doors. 1 DEFEAT OF RICHARDS Cocliet Defeated American Net Star, Placing Last American Oat of Tonmaihent. Paris. June 10.—Vincent Richard, American tennis star, was eliminated from the singles of the international tennis tournament in the semi-final round today by Henri Cochet of France., 'The score was 6-1, 6-4. 6-4. y With Richards's defeat the lost .American disappeared from the men's singles of the tournament. The New Yorker played a mediocre game, while Cochet, who has been brilliant during the present, tourney, was at the top ot hia form. Hundred Dollars and Thirty Days Penalty In, Municipal^ Court Today. Ed Fudge, lola youth, arrested recently by Police Chief Dodd and charged with the possession of liquor entered a idea of guilty before J. C. Edwards, municipal judge, this ..morning'and was sei fenced to pay a fine of $l()Q.ja£d to serve thirty days in jail. Judge Edwards said that he was considering an application for a parole and might release Fudge from jail late this afternoon. The judge said that Fudge had a good record prior to his arrest, that he vas the support of the' home In v.-hlch he lives and that under proper restrictions, it was probable he would free Fudge, Ammerman Is President. (By the Associated Pressj Montreal, Quebec, June 10.— Ralph A. Ammerman of Scranton, Pa., was elected j»resldent of the International Klwanls, in convention dere today. (By the Assocl.-ited Pres-s) Geneva, June 10.—Count Stefan Bethlen, Hungarian premier, was struck in the face today by a Hungarian as he was passing through the lobby of the League of Nations headquarters. His assailant waa arrested. As the man was taken out by detectives, he told the correspondent that he had assaulted Count Bethlen because he did not properly represent Hungary, He wishes, he said, to ' give a public- demonstration of Bethlen'sun worthiness. The assailant is supposed to be Ivan De Justh, secretary-genera! of the Hungarian Republic paur. .\tter striking Count Beth'len with his hand, he threw a manifesto into the air signed by De Justh and giving the address number 10 Rue do Montdore, Paris. Count Bethlen was entering the class room, where the league, council session was about to open, [When the man, who is about twen- ity-eight, slapped him violently. jThe premier staggered but did not fall. His assailant was immediately surrounded by officials pending the arrival of a detective. The manifesto carried by Count Bethlen's assailant declared that its author for years had followed the bad acts of the Hungaria reactionary government, which my- der cover of Christian and patf iptlc phrases, was holding .the Hungarian nation in slavery under an oligarchy. ' .' . "After the policy of ;subjugatlbn observed by this oligarchy fear a thousand .ye"ars of which the consequence for Hungarians was the World War. its numberless victims ond the dismemberment of Hungary, it again is' the reigning class which is, Imposing ty.anny and is preventing the regeneration of. Hungary," the m.inifesto said. • The declaration scattered by the count's assailant said thati the' largest part ot Hungary's national fortune belonged to the' high clergy, some hundreds of industrial magnates and the descendaiits of the Hapsbiirgs. while the niiddle class was reduced to a state of . beggary. The Hungarian govern- . nient was described as corrupt, the recent French bank note counterfeiting scandal being cited as proof. ':• 3fcKechnle Suspended. (Br the Associated Press) • New York. June 10.—Bill McKechnie. manager, of the'World's., cbampioii Pitt.sburg Pirates, tod'ayV was indefinitely suspended by President John A. Heydler of the National League for using offen- ctve language to Umpire Bill Klem at Philadelphia yesterday; BEDLAM IN REICHSTAG Chancellor afars Defends Pr»»8l- dent Ton Hinderburg Against SoclaUst Attacks. (By the Associafcf) Press) , Berlin, June 10.—Bedlam broke loose in the reichstag today when Chancellor Marx defended President Von Hinderburg against socialist attacks for his recent pro- nouncemeht against confiscation.of the former ruler's property. „ Fist fights threatened between deputies of the righ and left,parties. The trouble was started by • former" tT-han^ellor Hermann Hueller, who charged the president with at)andoning a non-partisan policy. The Valu4 of Corporation Assets In Allen County Up a Miltion The value of corporation hold- ngsl in Allen county Ipcreased last year nearly a million dollars according to reports filed in the office of George Seymour county, clerk, and ex-offlcio county assessor. The two . largest corporations from the standpoint of yilleh county holdings are the Pralfle Oil and Gas company and the Missouri, Kansas and 'Texas railway. The total valuation of corporar tion property as returned by the assessors for the year last i>ast is J9^S3,968,00, alm()gt a. million dollars In excess of the record last year. - • - The valuation is divided as follows : I Railroads . 0 Telephone 351,317.00 Telegraph J-^ . 30,435.00 Transmission lines of power companies 355,845.00 Gas" and Pipe Line companies . 4.336,440.00 Express companies -—- ;tf05.00 The return on the valuation of coriwration property is made to clerk Seymour who in turn prepares a ccunprehensive statement.of Allen couhty valuations and sends * it to the office of the state tax commission. Th» .Assessors who make these valuations also report on the population but clerk Seymour said today that all of the reports on the census were' not in and 8uc"h reports as ho had were not in total.

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