The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 15, 1981 · Page 57
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 57

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1981
Page 57
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Page 14 The Salina Journal Sunflower EVENING 6:00 flOO®O(I)®O(I)O(lD(!3) (10) (13) (B (D © 13 CD News GD GD (D) © Nightly Business Report O Weatherman Bowman (6 ) Electric Company (R) Q Doctor Who ( 9 ) Barney Miller ID Human Impact On The Environment CD Laveme & Shirley & Company HBO Movie *<rVi "Foolln' Around" (1980) Gary Busey, Annette O'Toole. & John Ankerberg 0 Sports Center 0 Alive And Well! 6:05 (0 Carol Burnett And Friends 6:10 O News 6:30 O O QD (10) QD M'A'S'H CD O (B flD (ED CD MacNell / Lehrer Report O Entertainment Tonight An Interview with Dudley Moore. QD CB O) 13 Tic Tac Dough O Family Feud ® CD The Muppets O O (!!!) IB Entertainment Tonight An interview with Sally Field. (6)DoctorWho Q CD P.M. Magazine (9 ) Laveme & Shirley & Company CD Hogan's Heroes Q Another Ufa ID Sports Look 6:35 (B Sanlord And Son 7:00 O O O © CE CD Father Murphy Murphy reluctantly accepts custody of a hate-filled black teen-ager, g GD (D fjB The World At War ® CB O CD (H) 13 Happy Days Fonzle takes over a school hygiene class and teaches an unauthorized lesson In sex education. Q O O 02) (10) (D ID Skokle The events surrounding the attempt by members of a neo-Nazi party to demonstrate in Skokie, Illinois, are dramatized; Danny Kaye and John Rubinstein star. (6 ) Over Easy O Nightly Business Report (9) Movie it-hft "Coogan's Bluff" (1968) Clint Eastwood, Lee J. Cobb. (13) ABC News CD (D) Cosmos "Journeys In Space And Time" CD Movie -bir'/i "White Lightning" (1973) Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Billingsley. 0 National Geographic Special 0 NFL Game Of The Week ID Tennis "Benson And Hedges Men's Championship Singles Finals" 6 Bizarre 7:0500 Movte -b-Cftr'A "The Sons Of Katie Elder" (1965) John Wayne, Dean Martin. Four brothers avenge the deaths of their parents and the loss of their ranch. 7:30 ® © O 03 © 13 Laveme And Shirley A bank robber handcuffs Shirley to him when he escapes from the police. Sunday, November 15,1961 ,6) Business Report O Wild, Wild World Of Animals (13) You Asked For It 0 Sports Forum 0 Laff-A-Thon 8:00 O O O (D GD 0) Ultra Quiz In the conclusion of a two-part special, contestants in a super quiz are seen competing in mental and physical games in various locations around the globe; Dan Rowan and Dick Martin host. (D O GD S) Cosmos "Journeys In Space And Time" (D CB O <D OS) 13 Three's Company Jack and Janet mistake Terri's coworker for an escaped patient from the psycho ward. Q (6 ) MacNell / Lehrer Report (13) Happy Days (D CO) Odyssey "The Three Worlds Of Bali" HBO Oeathwatch: Six Who Walt 0700 Club 0 College Football Notre Dame at Air Force G The Wacky World Of Jonathan Winters Guest: Wayne Newton. 8:30 (D ® O (D © 13 Too Close For Comfort Muriel undergoes tests to determine the sex of her developing (6) Dick Cavett Quests: Agnes de Mille and Dr. Fred Plum. (Part 1 of 2) (13) Laveme And Shirley A bank robber handcuffs Shirley to him when he escapes from the police, g O Come Blow Your Horn 0:00 O O O CB (B ffl Flamingo Road Sam Curtis befriends a Cuban girl, and Sheriff Sempte attempts to cover up a secret that could destroy the Weldon family. CD (B (B S3 Odyssey "The Three Worlds Of Bali" The Indonesian island • of Bali, where the arts influence almost every aapect of dally Hie, Is studied, g tuesday November 17 6 p.m.-end ® (B O <D ® 13 Hart To Hart Jonathan Hart's look-alike and his magician brother plot to murder Jonathan, g (6) Cosmos "Journeys In Space And Time" (9V News (13) Three's Company Jack and Janet mistake Terri's co-worker for an escaped patient from the psycho ward. (ED The Duchess Of Duke Street "Shadows" CD Benny Hill HBO Movie ft ft it tr "Ordinary People" (1980) Mary Tyler Moore, Donald Sutherland. 9:20 QB News 9:30 O O O <B8 (10) (B (D The Mike Wallace Profiles (Premiere) The life of the late Jean Seberg, the controversial actress who became the subject of an FBI probe, Is chronicled. (13) Too Close For Comfort CD Independent Network News 0 Sing Out America 10:00 O O OfDOlDCBOCBOCO®) (10) (BOD 03)13® News QD OD CO SB Dick Cavett Guests: Agnes de Mille and Dr. Fred Plum. (Part 2 of 2) O Weatherman Bowman (6 ) Odyssey "The Three Worlds Of Bali" O Soundstage The Oak Ridge Boys perform old and new hits including "Elvira," "Dig A Little Deeper In The Well," "Dream On" and "Trying To Love Two Women." (R) g (9 ) Barney Milter (13) Hart To Hart (D) American Government CD Saturday Night & Nashville R.F.D. 10:05 <D All In The Family 10:10 O News 10:30 O O O CD CD CD Tonight Host: Johnny Carson. Guest: Joan Rivers. QD QD CD © Captloned ABC News QD CB (D O) 13 ABC News Nlghtllne 8 Hawaii Flve-O O O <BB (10) (B (B Alice Alice forbids Tommy to go on a camping trip with Mel when she learns that hunting Is planned. (R) O M'A'S'H ( 9 ) Saturday Night ©Milter's Court O Another Ufe O English Channel "In A Rehearsal Room" / "The Little Humpbacked Horse" / "Ballet Adagio" 0 Marvin Hamllsch: They're Playing My Song 10:35OB Movie ft-h "Under Ten Flags" (1960) Van Heflln, Charles Laughton. 11:00(11 ® CB American Government Survey (D CB CO O) 13 Fantasy Island A young woman becomes the head of the corporation she works for, and a man avenges his father's death. (R) (8)DaveAltenAtLarge O Captloned ABC News . O Barney Miller (13) News CD MacNell / Lehrer Report (Q) Dick Cavett Guests: Agnes de Mille and Dr. Fred Plum. (Part 2 of 2) CD Serial 8 Bums And Allen 0 Sports Center 11:05 Q O ® (10) fB <B McCloud McCloud's search for missing beauty contestants leads him to the Middle East. 11:10 HBO She's Nobody's Baby "A History Of American Women In The 20th Century" 11:30 O O Q (£ (£ ® Tomorrow Guests: Lena Home; guitarist Llona Boyd; former White House Chief of Staff Hamilton Jordan. CD (D CB American Government Survey O The Rockford Files (6) All Creature* Great And Small O All In The Family (9) Movie -kit* "Triple Cross" (1967) Christopher Plummer, Yul Brynner. <TJ) Captloned ABC New* CD Twilight Zone O Jack Benny O NFL Game Of The Week 0 Movie tr-k-ti'A "Last Tango In Paris" (1973) Marlon Brando, Maria Schneider. Directed by Bernardo Ber- lolucci. 11:35 (13) M'A'S'H 12:00 O ABC News Nlghtllne CD Movte -fr-fr-fr "The Road To Morocco" (1942) Bing Crosby, Bob Hope. O Life Of Rltey Q College Football Review 12:05 (13) ABC News Nlghtllne 12:10® (SCO©13 News HBO Movte tr-h "A Change Of Seasons" (1980) Shirley MacLalne, Bo Derek. 12:30 ( 6) Captloned ABC News O Fantasy Island A young woman becomes the head of the corporation she works for, and a man avenges his father's death. (R) e My (Jttle Margie 8 Best Of The NFL "1975 World Champion Pittsburgh Steelers And 1975 Cincinnati Bengals Highlights" CD College Football Oregon State vs. Stanford 12:35 (13) Welcome Back, Kotter ID Movte -bit "Five" (1951) William Phlpps, Susan Douglas. 12:40 O Movte £*</4 "Do You Take This Stranger?" (1970) Gene Barry, Lloyd Bridges. 1:00 O OO (BOD News O Bachelor Father 1:05(13) Fantasy Island 1:20 O O 05) (10) 09 ID News 1:30 O Let's Make A Deal 0 Burns And Alien C§ Sports Center 1:50 (B Pastors Study 2:00 (9 ) News CD Movte 66V4 "White Lightning" (1973) Burt Reynolds, Jennifer Bllllngs- ley. 0 Jack Benny 0 This Week In The NBA 0 The Wacky World Of Jonathan Winters Guest: Wayne Newton. 2:05 (13) News 2:15 O News 2:30 ( 9 ) Movte 66Vi "Curse Of The Ply" (1965) Brian Donlevy, Carole Gray. 0 Life Of Rltey 0 Sports Forum 0 Come Blow Your Horn Elliott Gould and Alice Ghostley star In this Nell Simon comedy about a reformed playboy who finds his younger brother following In his footsteps. 2:35(13) Movte -tt-tt-hH "The Gambler" (1974) James Caan, Paul Sorvino. (B Movte -fr-h-tr "Eagle Squadron" (1942) Robert Stack, Eddie Albert. 3:000 My Little Margie 0 College Football Michigan at Purdue 0 Sports Probe 3:30 0 Bachelor Father O College Football Alabama vs. Penn State Concerned About The Cost Of Glasses? We maintain our optical dispensary exclusively for our patients to provide glasses of Highest Quality at a realistic cost. All frames and lenses are supplied to patients at WHOLESALE LABORATORY COST. Lenses from Highest Quality Nationwide Laboratories. American Optical & Bausch & Lomb Frames From Avante Garde Prestige Menrad-Society Optiks Safilo-Elasta American Optical Swank Bausch & Lomb Tura With Our Laboratory Cost Method, Glasses Will Cost $20 to $30 Less Than Other Optical Dispensaries. You will be given the itemized laboratory invoice showing the wholesale cost of materials. For Complete Information On Costs Of Frames & Lenses CALL 823-3203 DR. ROBERT FALTA — OPTOMETRIST — 620 S. Santa Fe Salina, Ks. 823-2109 Off ice Hours; 9-6 Daily, Mon. 9-8, Thurs. 9-1, Sat. 8-12 Noon

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