Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas on June 9, 1926 · Page 7
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Iola Daily Register And Evening News from Iola, Kansas · Page 7

Iola, Kansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, June 9, 1926
Page 7
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MakeliEMyfyr PAGE SEVEN _'rlc«* JMIM HhiirpM LPudertJilit of Ihll Htat«m Common. I.'nilfr (I York, Jukw; 9.—Slijck prices siarply (hlH ^aflcrnoon un- Umlcjrship of UnKed Stales coninion, after an earUdr of hedvlness. Trailing f5f- I in f^olume .the upward .^ent 'pirogi;e8fled araeittii^ :«t 'end of ibe third hour 'th (s *«lay'« total was about 200000 shares ijc- lo»r,tIiat of yesterday. Hravy buying of Unitecl States St<;el <:omnioh, which touched 182, a new high on the <,'uri-ent retoy- ery. was attributed In some quarters to a pronlinent autoniobile niauufactnrer. The closing was firm. • Rail shares extended (heir gains in the late trading. under the leadership of Louisville and Nashville, which sold 4>1- points above the! previous close. Advances of 1 to more than 2 points embraced BiUimtire and Ohio. Atlantic Goast Lino Chesapeake and Ohio. IMttsbiirgh- and ••Vtosi Virginia and Canadian Pa< ific. United Slates Steel and Cj-u- cibl<! ruled 1 to 2 points above nlgiiCs final prices. Total .sales approximated l.-i.'iO.OOO shares. Kansas Clfy Hay. Kansas City. June: 9.—flay un- chaiiKed; it'i CVLTA: Timothy So. 1, ^123^ standard $22 iri22.r.O; .No: 2, i'HX&l21.ul\; No. 3. ?i-5.5()«i'i9 .no; : - - i Prairie .No. .1. $l6(!ji iV-'-n; .No. 2. JHC J ir..r.O; ..No;"3.:$l<Jf(( L -L .'iO. AlfalM. choice, |l7.&0(fiJ.S..'>0; No. 1- $i«.riO(fi'17.00. •' . .Siaiidaid $U..')0^/Ifi.OO; .No. 2, JI2..'iOiIi,H.«0; .No: ;!,. SllUrtll/12.00. Clov.-r niixe(i lisht, No. i. $21.00 (f(21 ..'iO; .No. 2 JlS.llOi/2')..Vt. HnnsjisTIf;: IJwstoi-b. Kansas City. .Jonc !(. U'nit'MV Slates fJeparlnient of A KI I< II 1 IIII''> Caitle 7 .r.00; i,calves 1,000; fed sicfr.s and: yarllnKs steady to siroiiK: top niedJum weight steers $10; nninerous loads yearling:! and sleer:H. $!».2r .ffi!l.7 .'i: Texas griisseps fiiMy .steady. i$7'(r7.2.';; she stock and bulls firm; veals steady to.'iOc higher; top $12; stockers anil .feeders uhchanged. Ilogs 12.000; fairly active. 10 to !;".(• lower _ than Tu^ average; light irgT)ts '2nr Ibwor; top $l-<.75 on ICO pounti weiglits; bulk <)f sales $14 .10 (irl4.6 .'i; desirable IMJ to 240 pounds $14 ..';r .f/ 14.i;.'»; assorted I.'JO to ICi) • pounds up to $14.7.'.; 2.".0: to .125; pounds SM.20(f /i .14 50; . packing isows $^12.50''»» 1-3.10; stock pigs steady $14 .7.'.(i745.75. Sheep 4,000; killing classes generally strong to 2 .'ic hjglier; ^top ft i^ative/lambs $17.7iV: better grades 'largely $17 .2 ,")fi/17.50; Texas weth­ ers carrying end of breakers $9.25; oth<r aped offerings $8. GO. Kansas Cjty, June 9.— U. S. nepf. Of Agriculture—Closing cattle quotations: Fed steers and .yearling.-^ .steady to strong; bulk $10 .00; nu- ' Bierous loads $9.40fi9 .7i 'i; Texas grassers steady to strong, JG.OOffii 7.25; 1 - • Iniostly •sday's THE TRAP BY TAYLOR llTTLC •pdes P OOR.. A .MV » KMOtO SHE IS IM XHB HA MDSOF K IDNAPPERS \wrm ONLY . F ATTHFOL. 8o\wse<2 •To PRoTecT HER >.. ; I NEWS OF HUMBOLDT W. 1>. (ARTKK CHjtNCTE MAN, KILLED IN FALL HEKE. Ciihle .Saves J. .M. Floyd From Heath—5ews X«1 M and Perr siiiial .Mention.- ! (Francis Culver) i ,,."ss%";.«;ir™s;|iv .„»ss .s .stantly killed in a faII»from'a ce- , curefiil .:itti-iuioii. Kiv<-n to mull "r- menl storage bin at the plant of • - ' '"• —1. wuh ..r.ior. ,tlio .Alonarch Portland • wmiiiany CLASSIFIED ADVERTI8- !.>« 1XF0R.1IATI0X. «" — . AiIvertixinK ordeml for Irregtilnr In- sorlliinK takes the mio time rate. Nn ad I.H taken for 1I'.«H than a Im.sis of three lines. J'HO.NK YOITR CIJ\SSIFIKI> j\l> TO IK I An All T:rker will f;la<ll.v assi .Kt yon If ileHir<<I. so th:il the eopy fur your :ii| Is preiKired in such n manMCr as to lirinK the ^Kreiiiest- rennlts for you. Kansas City Grain. Kansas. City. June 0. — Cash: Wheat: Receipts ?.l cafs. Market unchanged to. 2c lower. Xo. 2 dark hard $l.G7fil.70; .No. 3 dark bard $l.G4*fj 1.G7; LNo. 2 hard Jl.CG Ti 1.70; .No. 3 liard $l.G4'fil.G6: .No. (2 red $l.C2«i 1.63; Xo. 3 red %lX>%Tt, l.Gl. ' Corn (Urichahged. .No. 2 White at 74«i;74Hc: No. ^1 white 73 (a .73%c; -No. 2 yellow 74 %(ri75i /6c; - .No. 3 yellow 731ft 74'^c; .No. 2 mixed _at 72i,4ifi73^4c; No. 3 mixed 72«J2V6c. Oatii: Unchanged. ' .Vo. 2 white 42i4f/'43c: .No. 3 white 42«,42'^c. iUye S7';6c. liarley fi0irrC2c.. , ; Kafir $L2r.S/l,26. • i . .Milo maize $1.2 'Jif7 1.30. ! , ' Kansas City. June 9.-'Close: Wheat July $1 .33; Sept. ^1/29V4; Dec. $1.32'A.. ' • •• Corn. July 72%c: Sept. 7.")',4c; Dec. 74%c. - : r ; ; . . ClilrHirn (>rnln. Chicago, iJune 9. --Wheat .Tt(ly $1.42; .Sept; ,$1.37%; Dec. $1 .39%. Corn. July 74T !t<': Si -pt. 79'/ic; vDoc: 79^1;. i Oats. July 421/jc^ Sept; Dec. 4.V"5i,c, ' i Rye. July .91-%c; Sept. Dec. 97c. , 43-%;c; 94%c: Chleairo. ITJvesilock Slnrkets. Cliicago, June S-—tl'nited Stales I'epartment !of Agriculture)—Hogs 1."'.000; mostly lAc lower than Tup '8 best prices; packing sows and killing pigs little changed; majority 24f) to 32.5 pound . butchers $14.0,5^014.55; bulk jde- pirable 220 pounds down .14.S5; top'.$14.90; packing sows' largely $13.00<5;^3,35; Ijnlk sorted killing pigs i $14.75ff?l,VO0; heavy weight Jiogs $13.S0&'14.G0; medium ?I4.:',0r?,l4,85:.ltehl :$14.00 W 14.90; light light $14.00@14.90; packing lOlA HIDE, FtB & WOOL CO. Ill S. Ohio - Phiine 1807 Eggs . ,_.^-21c No. 1 Hen. No. 2 Hens i„.-20c . . ._18c , Cocks LI ^^;._09 ' No. 1 .'Springs ... 1 -i-27c No. 2 Springs 22c Will Come After Poultry. We IVlll Appreciate Y.onr Bislness. B. A. JOMES, Prop. here last night. J. M. Floyd, a fellow workman, esr-aped death by clinging to n afeol cable. Carter pIiinB<'rf ninety feet to death when eehient forms holding tlu-finishing section of the storng^ bin collapsed. .Mr. Carter was a resilient of Cliu- nute where his family resides. J. KIrtyd of this I 'lty, who was working on the same frame Carter, narrowly escapfd Just siich a dea'lli a$! Carter's.. Keeling the frame Rive Jimt beff^re (the collUpHe, l''l (iyd grasped a Hinall I 'able jnear him and citing lo It. He thus Haved hinisoff froth falling, (hough .hei also was Hwuriglto the side of the wall before his 'fellow workmen were able to aid him. Floyd suffered only with briused and lacerated at nis where he scraped the wall, .Mr. and .Mrs. Louis llrake are (tntertaining tlie eVenfng bridge [jlub at their home pniN..Twelfth .SI -eet. ' • • ' • : Sirs. T. D. Culver was hostess to the Twentieth Ce'iitury Club Tuesday afternoon. This dub has had many interruptions so completes itr, prograii ralher'later than usual: Mrs. ! J. J. Amos had charge and gave a; book review of "Barren Cround." by Kllen Gla.sgow, with .Mrs. O 'Brien giving a brief resume of her lifif and cither work.s. A tv/o course luncheon at quartette tables followed the program. The rooms were profusely decorated with American I'illar' roses. Mrs. Fred W. Rhoades and .Mrs. Mansfield Miller vv'ere guests. Mrs. Cul, ver was assisted in serving by her ' niece, .Mrs. N. A. lArmel. . -Delphian Chapter met with J. M. O'Hrien on Tuesday, Juno 8; at her home on the corner of 9th and ('entral. The topic, "American Lit- prattire," was in charge of Miss Chamberl.-iin. Those assigned parts were .Mrs. T. I).' Culver. Miss O'Cimnor. Miss Bird Chambers and Mrs. Payne. Plans were made for a soi-ial evening to be held at the hi me of .Mrs. Raclsbacli In two' wfceks. i.Mis. A. n. Cranzer, of Phillipsburg, Kans., was a weelc end guest of .Mrs. .Mansfield Mills. She came to Humboldt from Kmporla, where ."•he has been visiting her son. Dr. H. A. Ciraijzer. Mr. and ;.Mrs.',U. A. Armel accompanied by Mrs! W. T. darvie lind son (ieorge motored to Kansas City <m a business;.trip for the week end. Miss Lucile flarvie returned to City with them, return;- ing from a trip to San Antoiilo. Texas, where she has been for the last eight weeks. «• .V i MOXTEVALE. J (Norma Isaac.) •U 'o.are glad to hear that Mrs. .ToUif ;wa8 able to be brought home from the hospital Saturday. Mr. and .Mrs. Louis Isaac called at Charley^Jsaac's Tuesday eveii- ing. The Ladies* Aid will, meet with -Mrs. Stinnct Wednesday afternoon. Miss Bessie Rogers went Sunday evening; to! slay this Week with Mrs, Mary-Houk, who ia on the sick list. Mr. and Mrs. Richmond spent Sunday at Ed Smith's. The Isaac relation had a picnic Thursday on ex-governor Davis's land. Tliere were eighteen present and a very nice time was had. Mr. Clarence Houk and son, Clarence Allen, called • at John Rogers's Saturday afternoon. . Tansy Smjth and Hope Williams spent Monday" • night with Pauline and Lucille Dozier. The cliildren's Day exercises at the Ghairel will be next Sunday afternoon: ! Mr. antl Mrs. Jamea McCoy called 01) their daughter, Mrs. Logan Frame and .Mr. Frame Sunday ev- etiing. . Miss Wilma Brow'n is helping her grandfather with his form wqrk. iters whieji, must ho eiisli with onlcr, • •LASSIKIKIt RATIOS I*.'illy nitf |HT line for eon.4erntlve in.scrlions: Charge Cn ^li Hlx ilny .i* 7i' fie\ Three iliivs In: * 7e ')iie <l;iy ,.' l;;i' lij.- Mliiinium ili;ir )ce. riili- on any ml. • .Mtnlninni eahli. .'til.-, fount five W.MIIK II> a line. The iMillriilii.'il ailvertl-onient < nn- <Ier I Ih" followInK elas-ifli-iit loin ;ire arr.iiiK.-.l In AI.I'IlAlil'.THAI, i.i.lei for l(lllik refiTiliee. All mlM !in- ri-:trl <lMr lo llnlr i r>- iT il.mMlfliiillon nixl l<i the regiiLir lially ltei;i,'<iir style of Ivfie. The imh llslierM refierve tiie TIKIII to e,||( or tejeet any elaKslfleil iidverlHlnK eo|iy. JCiior-* In mlverllxenn-iii.ii .IIIIODM I,,' re|iorle,l IniliDillutel.v. The lte»!i»l< r will not Ix- resiMjnsihle for more tli:in oite Ineorreet Insertion. Alts ordered fnr'slx llnieMninl rlop (M-d heffire explniMoii will IH- ehiirKed for only the nnniher of- times the :i<J niipeareil. and adjustment'liiaile nt tlie rate earn*-!!. ' The lohi rtrKlsfer ofTlee open C(|lHDI/S DO IJOf: RETAIL. Eut koaroB and Kim. P]ion« We paid the follonliv prlMi todart Eggs,' loss; oft 21c A'o. 1 liens -—20c ^<o. 2 llenri — 17c Br.ollers 27c Leghorns and Blatik Hroilers..22c Cocks ——— .08c Ducks : —10c Oreen Hides -—— 1- -Be MoTBe HMe« — — ' _ ^ to reieive'aiivertls-ments froiii S :i. ni. to r, p. ni. dully. All inls r.i-iive.I up iin- iil 1 p. in. will apl>ear in all eity i<ll- loiix the '^tarne day. ' ^ ANNODNCEMENTS Personals NO'l'lCK—'.Anyone caught fishing or hunting on my farm one mile east of Prairie IJell school house will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law. J. C. Butcher. »>traycil. Lost, Found " 10 TimA. DOG—C nvontlls old, bobbed. Reward. A. G. Speegle. Phone^ 9C4F11. ' _____ TAKK.N IIP— Cow im Wilson farm east of.hosiiital. Owner may have by paying for ad and damage done. Plmne 925-3. \ , ' AUTOMOTIVE Built on Confidence The clock in the worJd wonjd be useless unles.s it kept accurate time. The fastest limited train in the country would be deserted-if it were" The finest .surjjeon in the world would have no patients if he were careles.s. ^ And the i)erfectly arranged Cla.s.sified Section—the A-R-C (las.sified Section — would not be worth the luiper on which it wa.s printed—if it.s offers and wants were not guai'aiiteed by strict cen.sorship. Rut the reatlei'.s of thi.s new,siiaper KNOW that the Rpjfi.ster's watchful ad ceVi «or has pjis.sed on every ad in tht^ (:!a:-?sified columns fjefore it is preseiited to the public in this t'ataioyue fH' wants arftl offers. This (ijmi? and money .savinj? stTvice is backed by munity confidence. It's yours for the using! community The A-B-C ClatMliled AdH . Alwayii the Same-ln Service AlwajH Dlirerent—In Upportunltr Poultry and SnppUes 4» BABY CHICKS—R. I. Reds. June li. 15 and 25, 9c each. Order now. Triibey's. Gas^ Wanted—Livestock SO HOGS—Of any kind wanted: also load or twnr of oats. Phone 945-11. MERCHANDISE, Artielc*! for Sale SI BINDING TWINE:—Giinuine Plymouth binding twine. Hobart- Stcele Motor Co. . BLACK BEAUTY AXLE GREASE. Closing out our stock Black Beauty axle grease at cost, and below; Hobart-Steele Motor Co. BOOKfy-IG Vol. The ;B6 <Jk of History^and complete set of The Book of Knowledge. Write <5. W. Curl, Humboldt, phone ,*{92. ROOMS AND BOARD RooBia for Honsekeeplhg 69 ROOMS—For light houseiceeping, modern. 602 S.; Cottonwood .street. TWO ROOMS—In modern house nicely furnished. Call C09 North Washin|ton. Phono 846. REAL ESTATE FOR RENT BnslnesH. Places for RgJLt^_^7j IJOGALS l,egnl .'MilU'es »1 STORE ROO.M—Adjoining Krausc Cafe. Will rent part or all of it. See W. F. E. Krause.^ • CAMP' SUPPLIE.S—Aiito covers, canvas covers, -trunks, suitcases and iKigs! Henninger'H Furrtlture Co., 118 West .Madison. HoBsett for Rent-_ _ "2 im.NGALOW—Five rotim' niiulern garage, close in. .foiin ^{eiitlier. irUNGALOW' .Modern fiiriirsbi il: also furnished lioiise, modern .N. Cottonwood. Iniiuire .lol S. f'OURTII.'N. 3111— Small furnisheil. house; large ra.-tpberry p.'ilcli. Inquire 421 .North_f Motion wood. I.IOU.SK - Five room niiulern furnished, cast front, ganlen sjiol. close in. Call IJXa. iiolI .Slv—Furnished 5 room rnoil- ern, garden spot. $:!0 mo. Ini |<iire 816 N, Sycaraof'o. I'hope \uw. Barter and Eschnnire »1A AUTOMOTIVE Automotjiles for .Sale II (;AKLANI) 'B1 X -'192 I sport tolvV- ing. duco finish, like new. I wheel brak'-?. etc.; 1926 i-'oni coupe, like new; 192", Ford touring; 192.^> Ford coupe, lots of estra:!; extra good; 1921 OlilKUiobile 0 timring, cheap: 1919 Oakland touring; good coiiditiori: fJuick six touring, clicap. Hobart-Steele .Motor C-o^ Anfo Tmrks for Sale 12 DF.LIV.EBY TIJIICK—1921) Ford ilc- livery. canopy top.'goocf Wly s<:ll at a bargain. Can be bought on easy payments. .Mi-Carlhy .Motor Co.. 212 S. W:i.<Ii. I'liolie SS.'i. Arce,<sorlos. Tires, Paris l.'l EMPLOYMENT GROCERY—And general; merchandise stock to exchange for tola property. First class stock and fixtures. See M. A. Schllck. Help Wanted—.Walc_ .MAN— Wanted, live energetic, with some capital, interested In opening a retail store, catering to fanners' trade. Ideal location. Write Box C3 lola.'- Kans.N Help--Male and Female _JM STENOCiUAPHER—Arid bookkeeper, experienced, wanted at once. Address Box 272, lola, Kans. Sftontions Wanted—Female 36 ^JtKaPONKII'.LK WO.MAN — Wants tjiirsing; children to care for by hour or week or will care for elderly persons. Inquire 422 South Colborn. evenings. " Automobile Aftenrlcs: l')()DOE BROTHERS .CARS—Gra- ham BrritlKiri? trucks. Sales and service. I Ellis-Swonger Motor Co. Automobile .i< for Sale 11 CHEVROLET-1925 Chevrolet coupe, best of shape, a bargain. B. T. Barber, 211 West street. CARS—See our line of used carsi They are priced right and terms can be arranged. Naah Motor Sales Co. FORD TOURING—In good condition;. $50 will buy it 310 South Walnut. FOR!)S, FORDS. FORDS—All mod- •els. Third down payment. Tlp- nl« Motor Co.; 206 Soujh street. • Phone 682. GOOD" USED CARS—Thousands of unused miles. In open and closed models. Cash, terma. trade, Marr Auto Supply Co. HIGH GRADE, USED CARS—At attractive prices; terms to suit. Used Car Exchange, 212 S. Jeff. SAVE MONET ON f)tIR GUARANTEED USED CARS- FORD, 1926 tudor «edan, like new. FORD, 1925 TOURING. FORD, 1924 TOURING. ^ . FORD, 1921 SEDAN. FORD,; 1921 ROADSTER. Bl^D WHITTE MOTOR CO. ~ Chrysler Dealers linws $32.90^13.50; slaughter pigs ri4 .3,5(fil5.00. . : .MORE i Cattle 10,900; fed steers fairly active: fully steady;! best heavies $10.60; medium weight on yearlings order- $10^40;; yearlings $l6;i5; - several loads medium weight and heavies $10.25 0 10.50: sfockrrrs and feeders scarce, firm; she nlock steady to strong; bulls 10 to 16c higher: weighty bolognas upward to $6.40-:, vcalers. very p.lov. mostly 50c lower; balk to pnekers $12.00 12.50. Sheep; 14,000; fat lambs slow; huyerS bidding sharply lower:.few oarfy 'iialeg'desirables natives $18.; locks 25 to, EOc lower, with norfs nothing done more severe; nothing done on yearlings: fat ahecp steady; aever- ,al sizeable lots desirable native Poaltry Hut B« Emptr Cnired. ^ewes 16.00 @ 6.50;. heavies 15.00. GABRIEL SNUBBEUS—Let us install a set jand enjoy motoring. .McCarty Battery Station. TIRE SPECIALS—This week only new cords, .12x4 $19; 30x3'/G. $10. lola Auto Wrecking Co. Kepalring^ServIce Stations 16 AUTO REPA|LR1N (^—Welding and storage. City Garage. )f\ B. Goodale. 214 N: .Teff. Phone 172. BUSINESS SERVICE Business Services. Offered IS FARMERS ATTE.NTION —Get your binder canvas rei)aired now, reasonable prices, at Helgele's. WATER WELLS TO DRILL-W. L. Mar pie & Son, 602 N. Kentucky. Phone S56W. ____ Insuninrc nnd Surety Bonds 2Sj AUTO INSUILV.NCE—Cheapest nnd best in Kansas. I .K >sses paid without red tape. C. L. Wiiitaker. Agent. I . STliNOGRAPHER — Thoroughly competent railroad transportation, legal, fire insurance and commercial lines desires perma- .nent or part time work; also do tvping, all kinds, at home. Phone 1057W. WO.MA.N—Wants work of any kind. Inquire 435 South Third. FINANCIAL Money to'Loan—JfbrtiraBes 40 1 FARM LOANS—Quick service and reasonable rates. A. D. Hawthorne. 213 S. Wa.shlngton. [ FARM LOANS—5',T-> base rate, 5, 7 or 10 years. Prepayment option. Stewart & Funk. FARM AND CITY LOANS—Base rate on farms 5%, city 69? . Long or shiirt time. R. M. Cunnlng!-am. Jlovini;, Trncklnff, Storage 25 Hudson-Essex, 219 g. WASH. PHONE ISO CORK TRANSFER CO.—Packing storage, long dlstanpe hauling. Reasonable rates. Phone 110. Professional Services 28 SURGERY— Medlcme, X-ray. Dr. F. Lcnskl. Phones: office, 886; residence, 1126W. SURGERY-And consultation. Dr. G. S. Lambeth... Office phonir 256; residence phone 615J; Hours. 1:30 to 5:30. EMPLOYMENT Help Wanted—Female .18 DI.NING ROOM, GIRL—Wanted at once. K-elley Hotel. Call in person. GIR^—Wanted for house Work. Call in person. 419 S. Jijfferson Ave. MONEY-To loan on farm and city property. Jackson Realty Co., over Brown's Drug Store. PRIVATE MONEY—To loan on city property, low rate. long or short time. Stewart & Funk. LIVE STOCK Borsem Cattle, VehlcleB 48 HOLSTErN COW—Fine six year old, giving milk. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. SOWS—Ten nice piggy sows, will fallow right away; white, red and black ones; 6 extra good milk cows, just; one riding cultivator; one walking cultivator; one disc; one mowing machine; •buggy; one surrey; four wagons; one set work harness; one extra good bay mare, 6 years old. will weigh 1300 lbs.; 10 good Ford ears, all kinds. J. C. Butcher. I,IGHT CAR—Touring, tor sale or trade for good cow; • radio set, complete, for Ford car. Smitb's Garage. Phone 20. ' BnildInK Materials SSI LATH— 20 bundles good second hand lath, 25c bundle. 510 .North Second. Phone 1292W. , Farm and Hairy Products 'M yiU.K CUSTOMERS —About 50 more for morning delivery; good thoroughbred Guernsey milk. Phone 976F22. Farm Equipment OuA GRAIN BINDER—-New 7 ft.. McCormick binder. $20 less than new price. Call at Allen County Implement and Hardware Co., 207 South Jefferson. .MOWl.VG MACHINE-!-New Emerson-Brantingham standard machine. 6 ft. cut. Hobart-Steele Motor Co. Good ThlBfr* to Eat 57 GOOSEBERRIES—For sale. 60c per gallon delivered. Pho. 979-32. GOOSEBERRIES—For sale; raspberries la-st of next Week. 1119 North Jefferson. Ilonsehotd (idods 59 FURNITURE—Cnoslng out at cost, all my new furniture: kitchen cabinets,^ breakfast sets, duofolds; • rugs, dressers gas ranges. Big cut on all ftirniture. Bryson Fiir- nilure Stoi-e^ \ - Machinery and Tools 0| WALKING CULTIVATOR—Almost new 4-shovel, $20. Good buys in used binders, mowers and rakes, Sh.innon'B. - • Muslckl Merchandise 63 SAXOPHONE—C melody, cheap; also fries, 2'/t to .3 lbs. .Mrs. J. E. Fisher. South Kentucky. HOUSE:—Seven room modern, witli garage, east front, large lawn, inquire A. W. Anderson, .')02 .N. Second street^ REAL ESTATE FOR SALE Business Property for Sale S2 GARAGE—And filling station, five room modern cottage in North Ottawa, on Red Star Route. Will take lola property as part payment. John Renther. Houses for Sale HI FIRST. .N. 209—Five room. w:f:er and electricity; or will tr.ide. See John Reuther. fFir .Kt P^Misiied in The fol.t Dally , Register .May 26. 19261 ; NOTHE OF FiXAL SETTLEMENT ; State of Kansa.^. WU'n County,, ss,. In the I'robale Court in and fOr • said county:. In the pialler of the. Estate of V. .M. Browiifiold. deceased, i Creditors and aU other per-^oiis interested In the aforesaid E.state are her<!by notified that I shall .ippjy to the Pr.ibate Court; in and for .said County, sit'ting -at the. Court Hohse in lola. County of Alien, State of Kansas, on the 26lh dhy of June. A. D.. 1926, for a;fuH and final s.ettlement of said Estate, and for an "order finding and adjudging who are the heir.!, devisees and legatees o£ said d'jceased.j . ; MARO B. BROWNFIELD, \ Administrator of the Estate of V."M. Brownfield. deceased. ' (5) 26 (6) 2-9-16. ^ (First Published in TJie lola Daily RegisU.T .May 26. 1926) \OTI<E »F FIVAL .SETTLE.]IE5T State of K;insas, Allen County, ss.' In the Probati; Court in and for .said county. In the matter of the' Estate of Joseph -M. Page.. deceased. , ' ; Creditors and all olhiT person.i' jinterested in the aforesaid Estate : are hereby, notified, tliat 1 shall apply to the Probate and for said County, sitting; at tbe- Court House-in Ifda, County j>f-. Allen, State nf Kansas, on the 2B|h il::y of June. A. I). 192(J, for a full anil fi.nal sefilenieiit of said Estate, and for ap order liiiilin;; and iul- jiidgiii;; wiio are the lieirs,* ^le- vi .sees, and Iej;ati es of said lie- (•<^a:;eii. NA.NCY K. PAGE, Ailiiiiiiistraliir of lhe-'Kst»rte of. Josnjili ,\i. I'a ^e, ijeci 'aseil. . i:>> 2i\ (I-,) 2 -y-i';. ; NOTICi: (IF FI.VAL SETTLE.>fK.\T The .Si.i^e of Kansas, Allen ('oiiniy, ss. in the i',ol)ate Court in and for sajii County. In the mailer of llie estate of .Vels I', .\ri.liiie. i|ece:is!'ii. Ci editor •! and .-ill oilier prersons iiUeresteil in the afiiresaiil estate .-ire liereiiy notified tbat 1 sh:lll apply to the i'coliate ' Court in and. for_ said county, silting at ' tlie Court House in tola. County of Alien,'Stale of Kansas, on,th«"2.Sth day of June, A. ()., l!»2i; for a full :ind final settlement of,said e.state, .•ind for an order tifidiug-ami aii- jUilKin^ who are Iliejieirs. devisees and legatees Of salil deceased. j A. F. OMLFf-rST, . . :<\dministrator of the estate of -N-ls 1'. '.Vloliiie, deceased. (.•;i-l!)-26 (6)-2-9 I .HOUSE—Seven room modern east front, garage, corner Int., $l,Si)i); .gooil term.s. A. 1). Hawthorne. HOIISl-]—Good four room electric lights, water at door; also good building lot. east front. Inquire 604 North Sycamore. HOUSE—.Modern five room, ne.vly papered and painted, or will rr^nl to responsible party; garden spot ami garage. H. A. Laymon. WALNUT, S. 320—As v.o have decided to move in apartment over cafe, will sell our seven room modern home; can be handled with part cash. See J. U. iiart; at Hart's Cafe. Lots for Sale 85 LOTS —Two residence lots,- on South' Washington Ave., rebson- able. Phone 263. 'To Exchange—KeiH Estate 88 COTTAGE—For sale or exchange; dandy modern, basement arid garage; also.partial modern cottage; best terms. Dr. .Mitchell. NOTH:E OK APPOINT.HE.NT, AdniinMratriv. State of Kansas, Alien Cminty, • .s.~. -, • In the matter of tiie estate.' of .Samuel K.' Walter, late of Allen County. Kansas. M)TI( E OK .\PPOINTME>r, .Notice is li.rehy given, tiiat on the 2,Sth d:iy of .May. A. D.. 1920, the undersigned wa.s, Iiy tin; Probatoi Court of'Alien County, Kansa.s, : duly appcjihted and qii'jilllied as Ad- mini'Jti^atri.v of tlu> estate of Sam-, tiel J:, Walter, late of.Mlen t'oiin- ry, deceased. All parties interested in said estate will take notice" and govern themselveir arcordingly. LILLIE H. WALTER. Administratrix. f';)-2-9-i(;.i HOUSE—For Sale, to be .moved from .present lot'a- tion, cheap. Inquire 116 or 202 EA^t Jackson. J. CLASSIFIED DISPLAY Wanted To Buy. 6< Poultry and. Snppllcs • 49 BABY CHICKS—Several breeds, summer prices. Sturdy Chick Hatchery. Phone ^46. -DESK-Good roll top; also adding machine; must be priced right. Address Box. 107, lola. Kans. FURNITURE—Wanted. Bird's new and second ' hand store. - Humboldt phone 173 or lola 1138W. FURNITURE—Of all kinds for cash. We sell on payments. See us before you -buy or sell. We also do draying • and plumbing. Phone 903. Chimney Sweep Store. WANTED TO BUY— Furniture of all kinds. We will pay higheit cash price. See us befOre s^llinit. Bishop Sales-Pavilion. Phone 367. DEPENDABLE USED CARS Yon take no chances when you buy one of our used cars. Wci can not afford to sell any otiier kind. 192.1 OYERLAM), 2 door Sedan, like new. 1926' yOKir COIPE, lots of extras. 19»1 WILLTS-K.Mt.'HT SK >A.\. 192» HJPMOBILE Sedan- I • 1924 IfOLLIXS COIPE. » 1923 t'HA.MH.ER SPOKT TOrRl.M;. 1 L'ood IWWiV. ROADSTER. I DOIM.E TtMRI.X.'.S. -Several other cheaper Ised Cars at bargain prices. CASH, TER.MS OR TRADE Open Day and Alght. 'FU U Llrie of :<ew Miller Cord Tires. GRAND MOtOR CO. llfi W. JacksoB HUPMOBILE—HILLTS-KXIGHT OTEKLAXD Phone m 'TRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS 1 WHAT'S THIS? BY BLOSSER WAATirWAS ^ 1? 4 ..,i,.'.i. MArs";M VJMO CAAi 6PBSS? PAPER f-9j

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