The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas on November 15, 1981 · Page 55
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The Salina Journal from Salina, Kansas · Page 55

Salina, Kansas
Issue Date:
Sunday, November 15, 1981
Page 55
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Page 12 The Salina Journal Sunflower Sunday, November 15,1981 MORNING 5:00 O P.A.C.E. (13) The Lone Ranger (Tue-Frl) CD News 0) Rat Patrol (Tue-Frl) & U.S. A.M. ID The Best Defense (Thu) 5:20 (S) News 5:30 O P.A.C.E. ( 9 ) Faith 20 (13) The Brady Kids (Mon) (13) Happy Days Again (Tue-Frl) 5:45 O O ® Kansas Today 5:55 Q Public Eye (Mon) O Minority Matters (Tue) O Christopher Closeup (Wed) 6 Human Dimension (Thu) 0 For Our Times (Frl) 6:00 O © O CD QD CD Jim Bakker (D © OD13 Ag Mart A.M. Daytime this week (0 S 10 13 Top O' The Morning Mows Six Million Dollar Man " GD 700 Club CD Greatest Sports Legends (Tue) CD Faster Than Witches (Wed) CD Swimmer (Thu) 6:05 CD Funtlme 6:15 Q Ed Allen (D Kansas Scene CD Pastors Study 6:25 O Jimmy Swaggart 6:30 (S © © 13 Jimmy Swaggart Q O ® (D KBS Morning ( 9) Bullwinkle CD Health Field ID Sunrise Semester O Idea Notebook (Mon, Wed, Fri) ID You: Magazine For Women (Tue, Thu) 6:45 CD CD ID (O CB A.M. Weather O Good Morning 7:00 O O O CB OB O Today (DCS® Sesame Street (R)q (D CD O ID IS) 13 Good Morning America O O O © ID ID Wake Up (9) Bozo (10) Morning Show (13) Stanley Stegel Show CD Electric Company (R) (Tj) Educational Programming CD Great Space Coaster & Romper Room CD Alive And Welll 7:05 CD I Dream Of Jeannle 7:15(6) A.M. Weather 7:30 O O O ® (10) ffi ID Morning With Charles Kuralt (6) American Government Survey (Mon) (6) Interaction (Tue) (6 ) Understanding Human Behavior (Wed) (6) Humanities Through The Arts (Thu) (6)Cosmos(Frt) (13) News (D Mister Rogers (R) CD Tom And Jerry & Gary Randall 7:35 CD My Three Sons 8:00 (D CD S3 American History (Mon) CD (D © Rights And Responsibilities (Tue) ' CD ® 03 World History (Wed) GD GD ® Couples Communication Skills (Thu, Frl) , (6) American Government Survey (Mon) (6) Interaction (Tue) , 6} Understanding Human Behavior (Wed) (6) Humanities Through The Arts (Thu) (13) Good Morning America ID Sesame Street (R) g CBPopeve & Something Beautiful 8:05 CD Movie 8:30 CD GD 39 Personal Time Management (Mon, Wed) CD GD ffi Facing Death (Tue) (6}L!lfas,YogaAndYou (9) Bewitched CD Leave It To Beaver 9:00 ® SQ CB Hour Magazine CD (8) CB ffi Educational Programming O CD Richard Simmons CS O ® O <H) ID <H> 13 CD Donahue & Donahue (Mon, Wed-Frl) @SYNDO:11031(Tue) CD Las Vegas Gambit O Wichita City Commission Meeting (Tue) 0 Sedgwlck County Commission Meeting (Wad) 1I Low Lucy (9) Movie (10) Romper Room CD Sesame Street (R) g (BUD One Day At A Time (R) (® 700 Club CO C-Span Call-in (R) (Mon, Tue) (S) Mouse 01 Representatives (Wed- Frl) 0 Mary Tyler Moore CD Romper Room (10) (D CD Alice (R) £B Blockbusters (Mon) 10:00 O O O CD CD Wheel Of Fortune ® CB © 13 Family Feud O O O O) (10) CD CD The Price Is Right (6) CD Electric Company (R) O CD (13) Love Boat (R) £D Richard Simmons CD Hour Magazine 3D Speeches (Mon, Tue) 10:05 CD Movie 10:30 OOd) Days Of Our Lives O CD Battlestara CD QD (CD 13 Joker's Wild (6) Educational Programming CD Math (Mon, Wed) CD Human Impact On The Environment (Tue, Thu) CD Why In The World? (Frl) CD Nancy 8 Another Life 11:00 O d) CD Password Plus GD CB <S> 13 All My Children O O O (08 (10) CD CD The Young And The Restless Q CD (13) Family Feud (9) Donahue CD Urban Sociology (Mon, Wed) CD Images Of Health Care (Tue) CD Planets And The Stars (Thu) 8 Jazz: An American Classic (Frl) O Independent Network News CO House Of Representatives 8 WCT Tennis (Frl) 11:30 O O (D 9) CD The Doctors CD 3D €0 Management Careers (Mon) GD CD CD Fred Friendly - Journalist (Tue) CD CD CD Aaron Copland (Wed) CD (B ffi Marketing Careers (Thu) CD CD 89 Farmsteads: The Dream vs. The Reality (Fri) ONews O CD (13) Ryan's Hope CD Theory Of Communications (Mon, Wed) CD Dick Van Dyke 8 Movie ©Laff-A-Thon(Wed) AFTERNOON 12:00 O O CD Noon Hour CD (6) CD CD Sesame Street (R) g (3 €B Days Of Our Lives (SO® (10) CO ©13 News CD Noon Edition Q Southwest Kansas Today O 3® Take 30 O Sesame Street (R) g (Tue) O (13) All My Children (9) Prisoner: Cell Block H (D Kaleidoscope CO) Educational Programming CD Midday CD Beverly Hillbillies m PKA Full Contact Karate (Thu) a Top Rank Boxing (Fri) © Movie 12:05 CD Movie 12:30 (D CD OD13 Ryan's Hope & 0 O <BD (10) CD GD As The World Turns S) Days Of Our Lives (9) Independent Network News Q) Andy Griffith O) Gymnastics (Tue) 1:00 O O CD Las Vegas Gambit CD (6) ® ffi Educational Programming Offi Another World CB CD O CD (S) 13 One Life To Uve O Wichita City Commission Meeting <Tue) (9) Dick Van Dyke (13) News 3) Petticoat Junction ©It's A Great Idea @ WCT Tennis (Mon) O College Football (Wed) 1:30 O O CB CD Another World & O O Hffi (10) CB GD Search For Tomorrow (9) Andy Griffith (13) Rhoda Q) I Dream Of Jeannle & At Horn* With Beverly Nye (Mon) Q Faith 20 (Tue-Frl) a CFL Football (Tue) 2:00 O Richard Simmons (D (S O CD (13) IS) 13 General Hospital , CD Pleas* Don't Eat The DalalM 0700 Club O Flying Disc (Mon) O Sports Talk (Thu) © Showtlme's Hollywood (Thu) ©Shorts Block (Frl) 2:05 CD Funtlme 2:30 O O CD Texas O Leave It To The Women CD Maude (9) Scooby Doo GD Leave It To Beaver a College Football (Mon) a The NFL Story: Line By Line (Frl) © Movie (Mon-Thu) ©Irene Moves In (Frl) 2:35 CD The Fllntstonee 3:00 CD CD CD Making It Count (Tue) CD CD ffi Fast Forward (Wed) CD CD CD Here's To Your Health (Fri) O Wonder Woman CD GD O CD CD (0) 13 Edge Of Night O Q O ® (10) CD Up To The Minute CD All In The Family O Wichita City Commission Meeting (Com'd)fTue) (13) One Life To Live CD Over Easy CD Hour Magazine CD Tom And Jerry 8 All-Star Soccer (Thu) a Professional Rodeo (Frl) 8 Movie (Fri) 3:05CDTheMunsters 3:30 Q O CD Tom And Jerry GOOD CD Over Easy GD CB ®) 13 Richard Simmons 0 a Movie CD Let's Make A Deal OO® CD Leave It To The Women 1I Am, I Can, I Will (Thu) O All In The Family (9) Bugs Bunny And Friends CD Here's Lucy (10) Merv Griffin CD Biography (Mon) CD One Last Song On His Mountain (Tue) CD What's Your Une? (Wed) CD Logan On The Solomon (Thu) CD Quitting (Fri) CO) Mister Rogere(R) CD Beverly Hillbillies CD Woody Woodpecker 3:35 CD Leave It To Beaver 4:00 O O CD The Muppeta CD (S CQ) CD Sesame Street (R) g & Charlie's Angels (D S) ©13 Bewitched (D New Zoo Revue & O ® CD Match Game © Movie (Thu) 4:05 CD The Brady Bunch 4:30OG<DM*A«S'H CD ® © 13 Bullseye CD Dudley Dorlght (HB O 33) 09 Tic Tac Dough (C) Mister Rogers (R) 0 Sesame Street (R) g (Mon, Wed- Frl) 0 Welcome Back, Kotter (9) Pink Panther (10) Beverly Hillbillies (13) Laverne & Shirley & Company O Villa Alegre(R) QD Entertainment Tonight & Gllllgan's Island (Mon, Tue, Thu, Frl) QJ Young People's Special (Wed) ED Scooby-Doo HBO Nlkkl, Wild Dog Of The North (Mon) © Irene Moves In (Mon) 4:35 CD Beverly Hillbillies 5:00 QGOGDGBGDCDCDGllS News CD C5D ffi Studio See CD The Fllntstones O O S® CB You Asked For It (6) CD Sesame Street (R) g O Wichita City Commission Meeting (Cont'd)fTue) Q (10) M'A'S'H f 9)TheMuppets (13) Hour Magazine (ED Electric Company (R) £f) Happy Days Again CD The Brady Bunch HBO The Nashville Coyote (Tue) B CFL Football: From The 55 Yard Line (Thu) a College Football Preview (Fri) a Calliope © Movie (Mon-Wed, Frl) 5:05 CD Andy Griffith 5:30OOOS) CD CD NBC News CD CD ffi Mister Rogers (R) CD CB O ID <S) 13 ABC News OOO COD (10) CD CD CBS News O Electric Company (R) (Mon, Wed- Frl) (9) Welcome Back, Kotter (D) Introducing Biology (Mon, Wed, Fri) CO) Understanding Human Behavior (Tue, Thu) CD Good Times HBO Movie (Mon) HBO Nlkkl, Wild Dog Of The North (Thu) BRossBagley 8 College Football Review (Mon) 8 This Week In The NBA (Tue) a This Week In The NHL (Thu) 8 Sports Center (Fri) © Movie (Thu) 5:35 CD Gomer Pyle TV Log Key i Quitting (Mon) The Victory Garden (Tue) The World Of Cooking (Wed) Magic Of Oil Painting (Thu) 6, 6 6 ,6) Presents (Frl) O Mister Rogers (R) (Mon, Wed-Frl) 0 Happy Days Again (9)ScoobyDoo § The Rockford Files )) Edge Of Night Mister Rogera(R) CB M*A*S*H ED Tom And Jerry (Mon, Tue, Thu, Frl) 0D Butter berry Hill (Wed) £D Bugs Bunny HBO Wild Babies (Tue) HBO Movie (Wed-Frl) ©C-SpanCalMn a Australian Rules Football (Tue) a PKA Full Contact Karate (Wed) OWCT Tennis (Thu) © Marvin Hamllsch: They're Playing My Song (Tue) © What's Up America (Wed) Salina Cable Station KARD WDAF KCMO KPTS KMBC WON KAKE KTVH WTBS KBMA USA SHOWTIME C-SPAN Location Wichita KanwCUy.Mo. KamaiClly.Mo. HUtCntfltOft turn* City, Mo. Chicago, II. WkMta HvfchlMon-WkMla Atlanta, Ga. tunuiCHy.Mo. NewVerk NawYert WatktagtaR, O.C. Network NBC NBC CBS PBS ABC INO ABC CBS IND INO Chanmi a o o Q (0) CD CD CD Station KCKT •KARD KLNE •WDAF KSNB •KCMO KHAS KTVC .KRMA me KAYS •KPTS KOMC •KMBC KPNE •WON •XAKE KLOE KOLN XTWU WIN •KTVH WIBW KHCI KBTV KHOL •WTBS KTSB KXHE •KBMA HBO CBN 'C-SPAN ESN 'USA •SHOWTIME Uxalton GwlBmd Wlchltj Itxtagten, N«. KMittClty.Mo. Superior, Ht. KtnwCHy.Mo. H«tlngi,M*. EmJgn Dtnvtr.Co. HayMdntir.Ni. Hap Hukhlmon McCook-Obtflln, H«. KimwClty.Mo. North Plitti,Nt. ChlMQO. II. Wlchll* Goodlmd Lincoln. He. Topik* Grind Island, Nt. Hutchlnun-Wlctilti Topta Ktamty-Histings. N*. DMW, Co. Kwrnty, He. MMi,6t. Top»k» Norfolk, H». KiMMCHy.Mo. NtwYork PortimouttiVr Washington, D.C. NtwYgrk NiwYork HtwYork llahitfirfc- fftnpon HBC NBC PBS NBC ABC CBS NBC CBS PBS ABC CBS/ABC PBS HBC ABC PBS INO ABC CBS/ABC CBS PBS CBS CBS CBS ABC ABC ABC WD NBC PBS IIJD _ _ _ _ • _ _ Chaml e o Q) O 3D e ® a w ® 0 O CD O CD (9) 55) (10) (D CD) (B (B CO) (13) 13 CD ffl ® CD HBO 19 CB Q CD e USA Network Sport* and C-Span are seen over Cable Channel *, KSMA It tesn on Csbls ChanMl 7. W6N I* SNA on Cable Chamial n and WTBS 1$ se*n <?.i Cable Channel 13 In Salina: •IndlcatM a channel seen on Salina Cable USA and C Span are Men over Cable J* 1 ?^ 1 *' KBMA '• »••" o" C«W« Channel 7. WON It seen on Cable Channel 11 and WTBS la seen on Cable Channel 13 In Salina. MOVIE RATING GUIDE * Poor '\t Fair •• Not Bad "V» Good "• Very Good ,"*\i Excalleot . "•• Outstanding

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