The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 3, 1939 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 3, 1939
Page 7
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'HURSDAY, AUGUST 3;. 1989 - BLYTHEV1LLE, (ARK..) COURIER NEWS CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION OPPORTUNITY WES THE WANT-AD5 PAGE SEVEN rale per. line for consecuInsertions: One lime jicr Jj n c .............. 10o Two tiinps per Mile per (lay ____ 03c »l>rcc times per lino per dny..,occ filx Ikies jwr line per day — 05e Monti; rate per line ............ (iOo Cards of Thanks... :....50e & V5o Mtninuim charge 50c Ads ordered Tor three or six rimes and slopiwcl before expira- Itoii win be charged for the niun- «fr of liiiie.s (he luld appeared and adjustment of bill made. All Classified Advcrlislni; copy >ubi;ilUed by persons residing out- ii(io of Hie city jiiusl IK nccom- iranicd by cash. Kates miiy be eas- ll.v computed from .above table. Advertising' ordered for irregular Insertions lakes the one lime nite. No rcsponslbili ly will be'tukeii lor more than oiic Innorrect. inscr- lloi> ot any classified ad. For Kent Nicely turnisiicd room< comicc'.h" l>atli. CJainiic. 715 Ash. Mrs. Bueham. ^ 3 . ni _ s 3 room furnislieil ;i[mr(nicnt. 2 licit- rooms' mid private liath. Will rent to 4 gentlemen or •! ladioi Phone 162 during day. z-c.';-fl 3 room newly furnished apartment Private bath. 535 No. Glh. Phone 52V. 2 . ck , 7 • 3 or -1 nicely furnished large rooms. Private bnlli. Downstairs. 1129 W. 1-ck-l Ash. '1 room furnislied house Reasonable. Hd W. Main St. l-ck-5 3 room furnished apartment, elcc- Irlc refrigerator, private bath. Giinige. Plione 20-1, 1117 W. Asii. - 27-ck-tf Office rooms for rent in First National Bank Buildlmj. Call Mrs. Miller at 60. 29-ck-5 3 room furnisher! apartment. dCB Hettm. Mrs. C. H. Wheeler. 29-ck-5 Four, -i-room apartments, each with bath. Garage. Mew building, 'Call Mr. Abraham at, 816. " 28-pk-4 2 or 3 room apt. 605 Chickasawba. Phone 17C during dny. M-pk-4 1 room furnished house, close in. Utilities furnished. 120 Dugan St., Mrs. Belle Wood. 22-ck-tf Nice large bedroom opening on sleeping- porch. Mrs, -Emma Np- len,; SlOr.vWi'-MYalnitt. , 22-ck-tf •/,„,,?•.. , 1 --„ J$ ' \ 3 rodm modern, furnished, npart- menf. Mrs. Henley, 1315 W. Malii. 13-ck-tf Con\forlable bedrcom. 1017 Walnut. Phone 102. ^ 15-ck-lf By Bi^Iiway To Alaska Notice Arctic Ocean Tills proposed roirl e would no through Polly river valley, which enjoys m.'ic) clitriato. VUKON TERRITORY This proposed route would cut through Cascades. It wo uId cost more lo build, but would be closer to major cities on coast. _ Petersburg J -iKctchi "Prince Rupert Highway distance f«m SecMle to Fairbanks, 2256 nr.'es. iPacific Ocean BRITISH COLUMBIA Vancouver "Seoltle UNITED STATES Uiiliolt,(erliig mid lic M. •fomlln, 2tt B. G-ck-8-« Personal Armijp SliiKlst, uvcr, ^ Die bile, lo rid yourself liuillon, BUS pains n , 10 llml | mink MISS THEM Star Watchers Spend I!"'. Nor !!^"! c ! lor : s - Tms IB tm<> <>i i 6 Years On One Group SonuMlmcs llu'y me rcwnnlril f ( ,t O. I - -....., ^y, I tj I /"- l"| IH ,|, J^Niissaii. director of Uusc School's « Kwasey ubsi-rviitory, Is dcsnlbe how two slurs WH rner (o Uu'lr y^llniU'c by IU, ap pl ,irHn w w shir or the explosion of a known ono. They ) mvi > ( || W ov ( »rc<( |in .iiuiswil pulr ol 6 | ms ,.,,„„, 11U eclipsing binary. Imve „ ^ new dot, 1ms appeared. lIOIIll) lluiKll, BltJSDANK, Austin"win; uflrr a , Imil ..... plwc cf metal ' lioundi'd it soldlci iu^!,, g by w« able tell him it VV!li , an acr i al bomt) Sltrc finlcsmnii for 5Z Years , f' . CI,KVKI,AN1), O.-(Ul'l-Charlw, ' Ij. VlUciiiliie .has teen selling ; ab . '",. " c r '"" le " deiwrt- Store for M . Krili , M j ^ s on cuslomcrs he mtl, « >cais attack (lie long-planned project, again' of highway already In existence and heavy bl.iek lines rcmlcs being conMdercd as new link. 'ear liigliti-ny from Alaska to as .survey parties prepare to nrokon linrs indicate'. Ice For Sale ICE-SCE Phone 10? WATERMELOiVS Welding AND ACETYLENE WELDING line and heaw welding Cypress Gum Oak. Ash limber or •ICO acres of woodland. 8 milci £0iill)en.<it, nij'Uicvllle. n. R. ncr, Arniorol. ;i-|ik-3-3 S liorscpowcr aencnillcicci- lor. Ilccn run 8 hours. $'15. 'Jlioni- as Land Co. 2-ek-l and heavy specially. aptM-iimy. Barksdale Mfg, Co. • rhorje la orJ ; Rcs. ; 1019' v.-H.,:Dairy,-•'..•. • •. . "Bt.t.'ifKr.tory quality snd service In Dairy product:;. Cattle free ol Baud's Disease. In best' of physical - - condition. Call Mrs. Grace l/ Afoderti 3 rocv.i unfurnished apart- I002-J, for Halscll's Grade A Raw 1 '-'"""•"' ™ "•"— M»k. Cream. Country Butter, Bui- termllk, extra or holiday orders, inspection encouraged nnylimc. Hnlscll's Dairy Promised Route 2 nicnt. Main and Second. F. Simon. ?": phonp Vfil. - - 3-ck-tr orace rooms. Smlbury Building. See Gralinm Sur"'.ijry. 3Vtf Washing, Ironing Kxpert wasliiii" and ironing. Cheap Dough dry and finish. 0 quilts 51.00. One day service. Willie 13cll Circen. lx.-li.nd City ]cc Plant. 7-i)k-8-7 for I CAN YOU STOP? You would not start an ocean voy- ngo without life preservers. Good brakes are your "life preservers" when you drive. Safety Service No. 1 FREE Brake Inspection It cost.-, nothing to KNOW the true condition of your brakes. Drive in it FREE Inspection. Safety Service No. 2 BRAKE ADJUSTMENT :omplcte and thorough Ford "rake Adjustment, rncludins; ..uj^tnicnl of Brake Rods $1 .35 or cables & Hand Brake I 'Replacement, parts )lol inci ,,dcd) Safety Service No. 3 Complete Brake OVERHAUL and RELWJNG JOB TORI) I'ASSKNGEK PAHS Uisasscmhle entire brake .wstini free up all brake corns— INSTAt r 8 NEW BRAKE SHOffi-S cIcarancc-Aitjusl haiitl brake-Ad just brake rods^-Lnbricatc C r O -= shaft — Adjust, psdnl clearance — Koad fest-One additional adiuit- inent aftsr delivery COMPLETP INCLUDING LABOR AND ^os 8 NEW BRAKE SHOES 3 PHILLIPS le 810 ' I'or Sale or Trade Cobble and Vcncorfns stuuc Dn- lirered $750 per Inn W fj Glenn Sr., ulack Koch. R(. I, Box 7. M-pk-S Milk fed fiyers. Battery raised Mrs. Russell. N. W. Coiner llol- ly^ and Division. •. 21-pk-8-21 •Extra good e.slalill.shcd huslTiess. B«st season startin;.;. Ixirge piof- its. No rampetitiQii. Lady or nvm can operate. $350 Walk out. Write Box ic, courier Neivs, • 28-pk Notice Fishing License foil y'owrt rroiN'VENJEN. ARK !>]();]',) It ED •)•() i'OUR FJSII1NG IJCEA'SF Ot!l( STORE SHOUSE-HENRY HARDWARE CO. riionc 35 Wanted Torraplane Sedan, oood .""V ^'," lmcie for 5Inil11 Ii<»™' womnii'"for" .[WANTED—Young couple for jvs- conrti-j lauraiit work. Man for clief aiic Siinp- •"• "mini ji,/iiiv- nuiuitn ior wniiress WT lot. Thoma.^n ti C o. 3 . c k-7 «,„ Oil Co., Charieslon EUROPEAN SCULPTOR ith & Walnut « Then HOKIZONTAL 1 Sculptor of the "Sliittic of Liberty." 9 His statue is of n woman holding a 14 Small wild ox. )51.iiac color. 17 Learning. J8 Distinctive theory. 1.0 Fracture. 20 Sour plum. 2J Ann part of a drc.^s. 23 To glide away dramas. 26 Measure ot -IflConsumplive. area. SO Network. 27 Pertaining 51 Adult insect, to a city. 5-1 To lond. 31 Harem. 55 Blackbird. 35 Person sub- 5G Challenged. jecl to a lien. 57 Lubricant. 38 Retinue. 58 His native 37 Trcusci.f. land. 38 Corner. 53 lie and 39 Sou Ib America. Aimvcr~(o Previous Puzzle r 12 The sliank. ~ VERTICAL 1 Term in . 1 Musical religion. ,„,,,„„, 2 Indigo shrub. 42 Fruit. 3 Red flower. 43 Healing vesse) 4 Domesticated. 4>1 Bridle strap. 5 Hood fish. 45 Pont, G Gibbon. 4G Mortar trays. 7 Song for two. 17 To choke up 8 Bugle plant. . .18 Tin foil executed "The 10 shrub. 49 Indolent -Statue or 11 Boisterous 52 Parent" Liberty. f ro K c . . 53 Driving word. (I poundK, » Bk'dKB hum. to break oil Its Icellni;. Tuke one KIKIIY'S .ivt'it nl nil Khby RECTAL DISORDERS Cllntail ttrtnl (llsordcr.i urn i-c.spiinslbli- f,, r „,„„. nervous nwiirins Ulan any oilier iialhoiinioi] con- dlllon. Many ciises of "i>n- MKN! KKKl, YOUNGKIt J'ut vl!!»r In ilmi "OKI •Iti" rundown lic'dy with Odivx 'I'aWnls. $1.00 today KSL: If not (lcli<,|,t.>d rrfiiiirls (Ills pi-Ire. Call, «-rilc Kir Bros. Driis Blore. by nvc dolcrmlncd fun,, || U , ,,„,.(„, ' f . ', ",'"' uslly of tliuii ivsprtilve musses. '"".' Ptars nro in Ili U.w-lmtk consllimlloii "i-o due to , Tl .|,|| pnlhoHif,y. Our modern offiiv many u,!,-,.,,,!,,,,,,.,. ,„„, MAN WANTUI) for liimlei-h ItoTite of 8011 families. Pules wuy up th| s yrnr. Write todny. Riiwlri-.jvs i),.pi. AKH-27-SA, Memphis Weri 0|>tomc(risf "HIO BIAKKS 'KM KKK" Olrr Jnc Isiuii's 1 Sinn, Plume SKI »ll HIBOS. 'Jin- rx liifi cnni-er mid Very lllllc ilkcom- fort .it id iiici)iiv('iileiic-e (,s cx- while "I. itrc.iiiav W oik niiiv be niiiliiiurd. N aOLDFL3ii MINNOWS , no Cruel ill inicfcllu-lli'. A very sufe nnil Km-,, imiliin'iil. PRIiSCRiPTiONS— Siifc - - A<:curiilc Your l>rc»cr)|>thni Fowler Drug Co. PRESCRSPTiOHS Freshest Sftu-k f>r8. Nics & Nics llljlhcrlllr, Ark. Tel. tl« f>ll niiiln Ml. Now f.ocatnl nt 101 North Si'cuml ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER i SERVICE BUREAU UO.N i;iHMHI>.S, All M»fc« rf Hrtul TmwrlC,™. A,,,,,,,, „„„„„„ J. L. GUARD Optometrist 0|.lunu> Only Cir.itli.iilc trlsl In f(ljll,c,|l|,.. <ila.ssc.s Fllteil (,'urrrcll.r iVntiMicr Si'fond ,»Y KHMI) UAUftlAN PR. WOMMU&'S PROJECTION OP PR. BRONSON MIOV - • THE PAST WAS A\ BRONSON , SUCCESS... BUT WHEN HE TRIED TO MATERIALIZE HIM AGAIN -- ONLY BRONSON'S HKT CA.ME BACK WITMABie j HOLE IN IT' THINK VOU'RE MO . PAPER IW TO OP C\OTV\V--=, >\\M" i WHO " i THE TRIP TO THE ME BSE THEY TeLL -, ME COULDWT JfMMKlUG OF *W... WM... AVID WOUOER1MS IF SUD-OEIJLV _! rm&wwASHALi IT WA5 TAkiNS OFF. CD HF.RE BEiCEE,S(JUCE6t HIS FIJIKNDH -ard Is Elimfnalcd BY MERRILL Me ,, I GOP TANGLED UP WITM IVY IS IICR I TVIINK WE OUQHTA x fJE FRIENDS, NUBSIN sop.r op PARTNERS ' rv\Y PEFSSOWALITY TPMff. BRAIMS.WE couuo eer PLEWY OF DATES GOOD IDEE .' Bur A PARTNER. OF MIMS WOULD HAFTA HAVE ^riBRAINS, TOO/ BG HSLPWO S K'OSOW u ; M.XJ THAT HURT IMG TOiSOlJ FROM A WAS JIJ3J- YOU I LAMD .' 10 To piece out. 21 This wot! fame last century. 22 Genus of butterflies. 2>1 Ship port duly. 25 Dislindion. ^8 Long inlet. 20 Oil seed. 30 Insect. 32 Eagle. 33 Shred. 3<1 To be sick. '•iOAparl.

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