Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on December 9, 1948 · Page 22
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 22

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, December 9, 1948
Page 22
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TWENTY-TWO EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, DECEMBER 9, 19 J Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker One Word Led To Another No Nobel Prizes For 1948 By AttTHUK "BUGS" BAER Hear it Is almost skinning the Ides off December. Ana once again the annual Nobel Peace sward evaporates by default. Nobel Invented nitro-glycei'ir.e. Which is a mild syrup carried in the saddle-bags of bucking' broncos. Cowboys set it olf just to tip their Since then our scientists have bobbed up with the atomic wallop 'that is the last word in- any pessimist's pockftt dictionary. It's an earthquake in capsule form, with an attachment for guessing- your weight, age, birth rate and. an extra gimmick for looking" you up In the telephone book. That's why there will • be no Nobel Peace Award in 1948. No- ibody came up with any samples. Winsome Churchill seems very much afraid that wo will scrap our atomized stockpile. We can as- sure Winsome that we have no more intention of doing that than he has of putting his scalp up in curl papers. Winsome, we have discovered the only way Lo keep your .neighbor peaceful Is to cook up a more violent form of peace Lhan he's got. . So, even though the Nobel Citation will again draw a bye we feel the gimmicks of diplomacy will be bulwarked by the amiable threat of our mysterious chemistry. After the little fisli fry at Hiroshima no- body seems anxious to get 0:1 our mailing list. It's only about two weeks to Christmas and goodwill is starting to snap at strangers. The peace is stretched thinner than a spicier bridging a wash tub. • No^el was, a peculiar fellow who first rolled dynamite in stick form. Although shaped like a pencil it was all eraser. Every time a boat, town, hospital or railroad was blown up Nobel became richer and richer. Of him I said, "II he has a it is a wire walker." Just the same when he got old his conscience started to bother him and he left his money to reward literature, poetry, science and peace. If, after Louis the Fourteenth—the deluge, then after Nobel the trickle. Once again the Peace Medallion lacks a legitimate claimant, There has been a lot of beefing about it in the -United Nations. The result is a mountain of oyster shells and not one pearl. 'Copyright. 1!H8. Kliitf Features Syndlcau*. Inc.) The center of population in the United States in 1790 was Baltimore. Refugee Report Made GENEVA W)—A total of 39,224 refugees left Germany, Austria, Italy and. other European countries for new homes in Europe and abroad in September and 1,810 more were repatriated, mostly to Poland, the International Refugee Organization says. Canada offered homes'to most of the refugees, receiving 5,888, Palestine took 3,811, Venezuela 2,100, Argentina. 1,183, France 1,155, Australia 1,032 and the United Kingdom 814. Smaller numbers of these homeless victims of the war -went to a score of other countries. The total number' of refugees reestablished since IR.O began operations July 1, 1947 is now over 300,000. At the end of September 555,300 refugees wcre'still receivia; IHO care and maintenance. • To Address Underwriters Joseph M. Naughton, president of the Second National Bank, -will address the Cumberland Life • Underwriters Association tomorrow ai noon at the Elks Club. SELF-SERVE Deep Cut Rate Corner Baltimore and North Centre Streets WITH 6 STROKED BLADES plotfk taxes n for Blondes; ;Bfun«tlBi, NEW FAST-ACTION RUB RELIEVES ACHES, PAINS of Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Neuritis, Chest Colds -UP HT ... contains Max Factor Hiilly- Gake Make-Up, Face Powder, Rouge and Lipstick... In rich pink, this plastic box Becomes a useful New fast-action Aruiphloeisunp Rcb A-535 relieving these muscular uches and nnd 'discomforii of cho&t void., moment K ii.rubbcil in.., and it rubs in fn*t. Almost m once' feel wiirm.cotr.forUnjr relief. lit'national)injrvcy. fnrr.ilie'x wrote 'Rub any Regular *2 bot+k ANTIPH1.0GJSTJN AT ' 9.95 Univex Camera and Flash Unit both * 75 2.49 Value tpecial 98' Large Size PIGGY BANK SHAVE BOWL _ egatajtroughne'st ondjchoppina PIPE Rack & Humidor ,, . fully ictn(«d. V*«y . i pfictd for li™[iVd'H«« T i3n1y, » Holds 6 pjpc* »j\d tobacco. Felt tffts* covered. Choose from 6 fly lei. °^ d ^5*. jg . doily keeps " Palmolive Men's Xmos Gift Set only 9| C Yardlcy Bond Str««* for X-MAS Williams jMen's Shaviftig Set ,o«fV rfJ . 4 . J . .«^«ll llA- rVe-Xmos Reg. 15.95 Electric Heofer A >*Bution*l viJu* fully leiUd and approved. Many «oion. While thty U»t Gillette Super-Speed Razor Set L • -.. ,,.v f ;•: contains tbe bjliCfcr .. plp», o»; tjjoll'^ up "nto** ip * comptatc Ij.»«atj(d;:>,t«t» and. d)'f(«rtnt f .-''dji SKIN can have LOOK'fl^Kve inutes nwiW!^ Xmos Gandk inSminufes ntw formvta brJ/igi of delicious obnormcJ condition! oifocJaftd w It }UL fOUIld AQ >"l U lbEly tffKtlT* fci for the &fi kiln ibd otbrr unMcbilj- fjt:cni»lly ctuird ind coadltloiu commonly knu*D u ri hiTt dlKOTfrfd lb»t In moot CAHI or li K tub-iurfic* iumf »nd If ib»r crrroi etc tc ni>oa«d tbtlr crotau Inblblifil Mntform cantroll'd, Tbr nmr foriqulu, coai*]n!ni LEATHER WALLETS 1* * $ 5 itit. Tbli "nonder ronaul*" 1* a? ictloo iMei plkct: (li EXCA'S flrsh*ilated fllm IniUnUr hlfln ua Pipe is S«re. to Yellow Bofe—Dr. 6rab«w Medico- Milano Duke of Dundae $ .00 EXCA'B RQtl-DlOlID IQindlC&U »!* btld la tkct \tlih ikla porn for boun u nixae remu : InUMt their powth. 13) WIUi c'nn iro\rth lohHiltrc. ^ilmt>)7 iklo MJJ Uct ._.. itndi to taproot. ^ttuiT *t* ftanffl \o rtjulUL You un fue 010 vcrtd coandrliH. MONEY BACK GUARANTEE Box Cigars for Xmas King Edward—John Fuikin —Blue Ribbon—Primoiio-— Areo Special—Pollack" M«lo Crown. **',• Becau<e jhe'j lovely, her fovorile Perfume, j why rJTer the huislllfcUar htudlctD ot iUn i\>iflliiflj™i«n«it luochntd *c«6 ncnoT Gft ENCA " from your dru«lit lodiy nncl UM tccord- 2C 10 dlrfCllOW lor one vwk. If you »rt noi «ih iciuil rtiulti, U UDftlcbUT tJUn doei Mfl look brtitt »d better, ititu r?tum uva Hr *nd fuU purcnuM prlc* will Your Choice Ifau.da Cologne and For Him . Old Spice SHAVING *,OTIQN SI.00 I For Her , Old Spice TOILET WATER SI.00 I His favorite Tobacco Prince Albert Half & Half Granger Model P««*rf Can Xmas Whopped pjft of Evening in tarh Perfume, Eou de Cologne, TakunvRouge and Lipiricli. 4.00 She Ireajurej Hi* t«ndtr frooronce of Evening in Pdrii! Giv* htr Perfume, Face Powder, Talcum, Lipstick and RoUQ* in Ihii iporkling box , . 7.50 1 G A R I T T E S Give Regent Oval, King Size Luxury Cigarettes In the Handsome Christmas Gift Carton Plus .52 ^ The only really distinctive cigareffe gifl m tr 300 AlSO IUCK> STRIKE. CAMELS, CHESTERfSELD, OLD GOLD, fmu? MORBIS, ETC

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